The Great Return of Philosophy and Beauty


The Sacred Marriage of Science with Philosophy


PythagorArium Academy promotes


(Full Truth And Knowledge Aristarchy)

-- A new form of digital Assembly Democracy as opposed to Electoral Democracy  --


Do not fear death, only life without truth


The PythagorArium Project and its PythagorArium Academy have to do with three main new cumulative ways to improve our civic, cultural and personal life. This improvement can come through the above mentioned new form of digital assembly democracy called FtakAristarchy




  1. PythagorArium SymbolEDUCATION: this part of the project has to do with the holistic education of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. This holistic education is based on the formation of the three formable levels of of the Tetractys and a return of philosophy for its marriage with science. Without this marriage and its ensuing pregnancy, science remains virgin and sterile, as developed as it may be, and schools provide no pro-creative holistic education for the best possible overall wellness of all Kingdoms of Life on beautiful planet Earth. This first part of the project is defined here in this website called EthoPlasìn (which is what follows below). This new holistic education also includes new concepts of good sexual freedom promoted by FtakAristarchy.

  2. GOVERNANCE: this part of the project has to do with a new form of governance based on Truth, called TruthOcracy at an initial stage, and Aristarchy based also on merit and beauty in all aspects of life as a second stage. This new form of governance is well defined in the synthesis of the above book on FtakAristarchy

  3. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: In terms of language, the third part of the project has to do with promoting a return to the use of the best language that ever existed on planet Earth, and still exists today, for the best possible expression of cultivated human thought. This is Katharevousa, which is the higher level of the Greek language that has played that masterful role beautifully for well over 1000 years and, in any case, has had a clear continuous superiority over all other languages for at least 5000 years. Unfortunately, over the last few centuries, its role has been taken over mainly by English which, in comparison, is a very primitive language tool. As having the bulk of unsophisticated people using Katharevousa is not possible, the project also promotes to the uncultured masses the use of its own new auxiliary langue of extreme simplicity that shall enable anyone to communicate freely for simplistic practical purposes wherever they may be in the world today. This is a new auxiliary language that we call GLOSAN, as well explained in Part 3 of the synthesis of the above mentioned book on FtakAristarchy. In terms of sexual activity, the fourth part of the FtakAristarchy project also offers a new approach that respects better the complex nature of the superior animal that is the human being, as an animal who, contrary to other animals, can enjoy sex not only for reproduction but also for pure divine pleasure at certain easy natural conditions applying equally to both women and men.       


This website on EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (what follows below) is an essential requirement and the proper route to follow to understand better and approach more easily the above mentioned new form of digital assembly democracy called FtakAristarchy.




Background EthoPlasìn  Academy





The Return of Philosophy And Beauty

Η Επιστροφή της Φυλοσοφίας και της Ομορφιάς

The Marriage of Science With Philosophy

Το Πάντρεμα της Επιστήμης με τη Φιλοσοφία



A New and Unique International University of Pythagorean Civitas Wellness Vocation *

The EthoPlasìn holistic education described here is the short term objective of the Pythagorean World Center, while EthoCracy is its long term objective.

In honor of its two main inspirers, the short name of the Academy combines the prefix of Pythagoras with the word Academia (Plato's school) and is thus: PythAcademia *

Because of its unique nature, and its foundation on the ELL culture of Ancient-Greece, the special type of Pythagorean Holistic Tetractys Education provided by the PythAcademia deserves a new name and is called "ELLducation".



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The New EthoPlasìn Holistic Education of Pythagorean origin is linked, at a preliminary level, to:

EthoCracy / EthoKratïa

At a higher level, it is linked to:

TruthOcracy / AlithiOkratia

The ultimate objective of the overall Pythagorean Project is:



(Full Truth And Beauty Aristarchy)


Temporary Suspension of Activities



1 - The Mission

                  Tetrahedron / Fire

PS_TetrahedronThe Return Of Philosophy To Improve Civitas Management - This short opening title, in 8 simple words, could very well be our complete "Mission Statement". Only philosophy, as PhilosophELL, can ensure best possible education; Only best possible education (or: ELLducation) can improve civility and social meritocratic justice; Only improved justice can enhance civic and personal happiness through more impartial politics: these three mounting stepping stones (philosophy, education and justice), form what we call the Chain Of Best Civitas Managementat the root of the EthoPlasìn Movement. The word 'Civitas' is intended here as the whole body of citizens and institutions, part of the civic environment of a nation, a city, or a community. As for 'Civitas Management', it is intended in terms of managing both persons (for best meritorious education and most ethical behavior) and institutions (for best service and fairest treatment to citizens), but as a whole, persons and institutions harmoniously integrated together, as a unit of expression of the best meaning of what one can call 'Civilization', in a state of Oneness, manifesting a civic environment of best possible Civitas Wellness. The EthoPlasìn Academy is a unique international university offering Holistic Education (or: ELLducation) as opposed to plain instruction. It forms both regular university students, and non-student members, as Civitas Managers, so giving them an additional qualification, over and above any other professional qualification they may have already, or are acquiring, training them as such, locally or at distance. This may mean also their acquiring a special form of Civitas awareness through having been involved and formed as 'soldiers' in the so-called PythArmy of the PythagorArium.


Its special education (or: ELLducation), and its related discipline, are founded on the exercises, and on the Science of Being, of the PythagorArium based on the philosophy of Ancient-Greece, combined with 21st century whole brain accelerated learning techniques. Ancient philosophy since Pythagoras, and for some 2000 years after him, was influencing, and ensuring, the propagation of the best possible 'Human Being Education' (Tetractys Education [or: ELLducation]: more below on this, in sections 3 and 4), and consequently the best possible quality of Civitas Management of all environments, be they civic, economistic, cultural, political, institutional or ecological. Ancient Philosophy was in fact, first and foremost, the definition of a "System of Values to Help Guide Human Living", that is to guide Civitas Management (persons and institutions together) and, consequently, to help improve all environments, instead of just a "System of Concepts to Help Understand the World", like unfortunately modern and contemporary philosophy have gradually reduced themselves doing in the last 400 years, in particular since 1968; and it was both aspects together, perfectly integrated. In fact, for Ancient-Greece, the second aspect of philosophy (understanding clearly) was inconceivable without the dominant and leading role of the first one (living virtuously), in a state of oneness. The "System of Values", the first aspect, that was the foundation of all good education, and very successfully so, for centuries, is entirely missing today: schools and universities, let alone contemporary philosophy itself, do not 'form', or 'educate' anymore, they only 'instruct' (and not always all that well...) through the acquisition of knowledge. This first aspect, the "System of Values for best Tetractys Education" (or: ELLducation), is exactly what needs to return today, to be spread like a bountiful 'Pythagorean Pollen' [the symbol to the left], in order to help implement best "Human Soul Education" (or: ELLducation), along with, but over and above "Best Brain Education", forming human beings holistically, guiding virtuous human living, and consequently helping to improve all human environments, bringing about the best possible form of Civitas Wellness in the short term, and an eventual world of EthoCracy in the long run. This is the mission of the EthoPlasìn.


In short, the EthoPlasìn Academy of the PythagorArium Project was conceived to:


FIRST, be a university that not only instructs at university level, but also educates, from a human and civic points of view, in a holistic way, on a Pythagorean philosophical basis, forming all kinds of normal professionals who are also Civitas Managers, from whom to extract an eventual crop of EthoCratic Leaders, and


SECOND, be also an association of equally formed members, from a holistic education point of view, of all nationalities, who may not be university graduates but nevertheless equally support the work of the Academy, assisting its worldwide Civitas Wellness Mission in the short term, and its pursuit of EthoCracy in the long run


The Promotion Of DEMÔNE Values - (which are: DEcorum, Merit and ONEness). More specifically, based on a clear comprehension of what Ancient Philosophy really was, and in direct relation with the opening paragraph, the EthoPlasìn Academy's mission, while forming normally its students at university level, consists in also promoting, through the holistic formation of these students, three civic concepts united like the triple TripleHandShakehandshake shown to the right:


  1. Decorum - First, the concept of a new type of Decorum, based on real holistic "Education", or: ELLducation, itself based on the ELL philosophy of ethics and virtues of Ancient-Greece, the inventor of both Philosophy and Education), as opposed to the plain "Instruction" being provided today by most schools. This 'Real Holistic Education' , (or: ELLducation), is a type of Pythagorean Education that should give a growing number of them, as future citizens, a more vital role in a marked return to better Civitas Wellness;

  2. Merit - Second, the concept of a special worldwide membership association that should help bring about a growing application of the principle of Merit in all aspects of our society, if not the advent of a MeritoCracy in more countries, let alone an eventual world environment of EthoCracy, like Ancient-Greece (inventors of Democracy and of the Olympic Spirit) really intended it;

  3. Oneness - Third, the concept of a Planet Oneness sense of responsibility for all that happens in the world we live in, in particular with regards to our Philoecosophical values, as intended in the Physics part of the inventors of Philosophy, a Philosophy that was, first and foremost, a Science of Being, before it was a Science of Understanding.


These are the three keywords, the three fundamental concepts, of the EthoPlasìn Mission: Better Decorum through a return to 'Real Holistic Education', as opposed to plain instruction, More Merit through a better application of ethics in our society and institutions, and a clear, and strong, sense of Planet Oneness in assessing our responsibility with regards to oneself, society, government, interpersonal relations, the world community and all our environments, be they civic, economistic, cultural, political, institutional or ecological. These 3 concepts pursued together form the 'One' and fundamental EthoPlasìn objective of the advent of best Civitas Management:

Better Decorum, More Merit and Planet Oneness Responsibility

 It is essentially an objective of Beauty, Kallos Beauty, more Beauty in all aspects of life. Its 3 components also form the Logo of what EthoPlasìn pursues, unpretentiously but proudly, from a civic point of view, as its

Pythagorean Civitas Wellness Worldwide Mission





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2 - The Context

                 ↓ Octahedron / Air 

PS_OctahedronNetThe Nihilistic Mentality Of Today's Social Environment - According to the dominant mentality at the moment, in our Western World, with regards to human or civic conduct, everything is quite permissible, nothing is really bad, and any behavior can always be considered acceptable, or at least justifiable, for a pretended good reason of the 'politically correct'. Nothing really matters and whatever fact or action takes place, as ugly or as bad as it may be, simply forms part of what 'reality' is, without questions needed to be asked. As explained in more details in our Background Page, it is for this reason that our civic world today is dominated by city dwellers who are proactively messy, and arrogantly sloppy, by aggressive bullies and stalkers, by employees and managers of coldly irresponsible conduct towards clients or citizens in general, and by a substantial mass of individuals involved, vagrantly or not, in constant micro-criminality. These categories all share Ethical Relativism, sometimes called more simply Cultural Relativism, even if it is really in fact a full fledge Nihilism, as a common 'philosophy', or way of life, and they all  affect the quality of our daily living most negatively. Their 'best' representatives also try to make us believe that nihilism is 'the' modern philosophy of life, that we just have to adapt, be 'modern', and, in advancing their opinion, they are so 'politically correct' that the rest of us feel, most of the time, that we cannot even raise questions about it, let alone criticize it, certainly not in public. More than tolerated however, anything is just plainly 'let go', or ignored, with a strong feeling of complete impotence. Most people, including the politicians elected supposedly to resolve our problems, feeling incapable of taking corrective measures or suggesting solutions, simply accept or tolerate sourly this kind of "Dictatorship of Relativism", living in fright and frustration, at the bottom of their hearts, but with a mild face of politically correct do-gooders on the surface, letting this most disturbing mess go on unattended, and worsening, on a yearly basis. While the last few generations might have made an immense an undeniable progress from a technological point of view, they not only failed to match the same kind of progress from an educational and social point of view, but rather achieved a serious regression, allowing the nihilistic deterioration of all the values that could have prevented the current human disarray and civic disorder; They trashed the traditional Tetractys formation, and consequently they over developed the "Intellectual Center" of the human being while under developing its "Emotional Center", or forgetting completely its development. Even in relation to the "Intellectual Center" they have been grossly incomplete, neglecting for example completely the development of two incredible human powers called Imagination and Memory. All this has caused a serious imbalance in human soul development that is the main cause of most of our problems today. In short, they concentrated on instruction (and not all that well) and forgot education (completely). This is the context that EthoPlasìn wants to correct and improve.



The EthoPlasìn Reaction With The "Pythagorean Man" - Contrary to the current nihilistic laisser-faire, EthoPlasìn believes there must be a solution to proactively redress this destructive imbalance, and comes forward with a strong corrective initiative through two complementary means: a special International University, PythAcademia (or: EΠAcademia*), and a related worldwide Association, PythAssociation (or: EΠAssociation*). Relativism, or rather Nihilism, is certainly no philosophy of life, not even a 'modern' one. It is in fact, by definition, the absence of any rule, of any principle, of any leading set of values or consistent philosophy of life: the negation of any guiding Philosophy of Life, good or bad. The only way to correct this situation is through proper holistic education (or: ELLducation), that can happen, in an exemplary way, through the combination of a special educational institution and a private membership association, both of World Civic Wellness Vocation. That kind of special education (or: ELLducation), includes, in addition to the normal routine of university instruction, the serious teaching of civic education and the pleasant inculcation of a virtuous discipline, and philosophy of life, leading the conduct of all students and associated members in an emulation of the Pythagorean Man, on the basis of the examples and precedents of the best moments of history of education and civilization: the Pythagorean and Platonic traditions. There is nothing our society, or the whole world, needs more today. It is quite obvious, to anyone with common sense, that the solution to most of our 'modern problems' stems precisely from such reform where, in particular, schools will finally get back to provide real Education (or: ELLducation as opposed to the plain Instruction provided today), like they did quite well for the better parts of many centuries, before the 1968 nihilistic revolution came about, in a catastrophic way, with its roots in the Faustian Renaissance, to bring down all traditional values, without even attempting first to improve them, or to substitute them with better ones. This is where the EthoPlasìn project comes in to help, with its small but meaningful contribution. This new kind of real holistic education (or: ELLducation), if well implemented, will soon spread to, and influence, the political class, "correcting the politically correct" accordingly, lead to affirmative policies like some of the ones mentioned in our pages on Lobbying and Hot Issues in relation to Family, Immigration, Governments, Politicians etc., and promote the propagation of more Meritocracy, possibly even the advent of EthoCracy, in the world in general.




§ H - 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 §

3 - The Project

     ↓ Hexahedron (cube)  / Earth  

PS_CubeNetHolistic Education (or: ELLducation), Leading To Civitas Wellness - Today's schools, and universities in particular, only have the dry instructional role that the dominant 'culture' of nihilism has reduced them having, and no more a real loving educational role like the one they have had during the best periods of civilization of the last two millennia. Our society today needs the resumption of such a loving educational role on the part of more schools, the only type of real holistic education (or: ELLducation), that can bring back the DEMÔNE  values (better decorum, more meritocracy and a sense of planet oneness responsibility) on the part of as many persons as possible. It is with this dire need in mind, and as a constructive reaction to the negative Background of nihilism mentioned above, along with the desire to substitute the Faustian Man with the Pythagorean Man, that the EthoPlasìn Academy was conceived as a new and unique type of International University of World Civic Wellness Vocation. The Academy is a Charter School and has a explicit mandate from its Charter and Foundation to specifically "Educate" its students, as opposed to simply, and only implicitly, "Instruct" them, like it is the case with all other modern universities. The Pythagorean World Center under which it falls is a 'no-profit' organization and the PythAcademia itself is even a 'no-fee' institution for its well pre-selected students. The mandate to the Academy is to educate its students as good human beings, and as good citizens, while also forming them normally as good professionals at university level.



The Twofold EthoPlasìn Education - Studying at the Academy is thus unique in that it is formally twofold: after the first year at the PythAcademia, compulsory and common to all, students selected to proceed with their free education are faced with a double duty. First, students choose a normal curriculum of study and follow that program in the corresponding faculty of the university of their choice, similar to what all other students do at all other universities; This is their normal 'Instructional Formation' that can take place either at the PythAcademia or at another university. Second, students must also, at the same time, study the EthoPlasìn personal and civic discipline, at or outside the Arium. The study of this special Science of Being and their formation on the basis of the Pythagorean Human Tetractys, are mandatory requirements in addition to their regular curriculum of study, and these educational elements are strongly rooted in the Exercises of the Philosophy of Ancient-Greece; This is their ELLducation, or their special 'Educational Formation'. This special Educational Formation, of the first common year in particular, but of all other following years, is holistic: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, artistic and civic, not to mention 'spiritual' in its philosophical sense; It is also 'philoecosophical' from a 'planet-oneness-responsibility' point of view and 'pro-Meritocracy' from a short-term political point of view, let alone 'pro-EthoCracy' from a long-term political/institutional point of view. The overall effect of these two duties and objectives of holistic formation conducts students to a double qualification: one as professionals in their field of study, and an additional one as Civitas Managers, whatever their profession might be. In addition, for those studying at the Academy, the Campus itself is of the ARIUM type, as opposed to the traditional classroom type. This requires highly socializing facilities, with strong internal decorum and discipline, where their holistic education (or: ELLducation), is provided mainly on a Socratic Dialogue basis, and mostly standing up, similar to what happened in the old peripatetic school of Plato. In our page on the Private Arium Area system, we explain how, with the special Community Life Style of the Arium, the Learning Process becomes a Living Process that in turn becomes a Loving Process for both the acquisition of knowledge and the parallel development of friendship, in order to produce a better incarnation of the intellectual notions of the university and the concurrent philosophical values of the EthoPlasìn Science Of Being and its Pythagorean Tetractys formation. This is the special human environment, and unique formation process, whereby, finally: 

Instruction becomes Education (or: ELLducation), and

ELLducation brings-in the EthoPlasìn "Demône" values of

Better Decorum, more Meritocracy and a stronger sense of planet Oneness Responsibility


A Selective Admission With Full Scholarship - Admission at the Academy is very selective but, once accepted and committed to its discipline, all students are educated on full scholarship, as 'no-fee' students, with full and free room and board, including full uniform clothing. For this reason, students are considered "Guests" of the Arium, admitted under the full authority of the BeLovArium Foundation for as long as they respect its rules and discipline and for as long as the foundation considers their presence desirable at the Academy, or at other universities as extern members of the Academy. The "price" to pay for all these free services is in terms of respecting a strong internal discipline and in providing the equivalent of about 8 hours per week to help the Arium in various ways, like growing their own vegetarian food, and assisting campus animals and people victims of civic violence hosted temporarily in the CivicArium of the campus. In terms of money, students at the Academy are only required to provide for the little pocket money they may need when going out of the Arium, and there are even ways and occasions to earn such pocket money in AdonisVenuscollaborating to various aspects of the campus, both on the private studying side, closed to the public, and on the two Commercial and Public Entertainment areas, that are open to the public (The formal ApolafsArium and the casual DiaskedArium).



A Pythagorean Philosophy Of Life - Before it is a University however, EthoPlasìn is first a Science of Being or a Philosophy of Life based on the Pythagorean Man Emulation. Its Academy wants to be Modern in conception but, at the same time, provide an education firmly rooted in the type of education that used to be provided by Ancient Greek Philosophers (or: ELLducation), using the best of both worlds: a kind of Modern Platonic 'Academia' of clear Pythagorean descent, thus its short name: "PythAcademia" (or: EΠAcademia*). The Academy wants to provide a holistic personal formation and in particular a harmonious civic life-style discipline. While undoubtedly forming good professionals normally at university level, the Academy wants first and foremost to form better human beings, better citizens and better inhabitants of Planet Earth. Through them, it wants to improve in particular the civic environments where they will live after graduation, including their philoecosophical and pro-meritocracy aspects. In addition to being a school at University level, EthoPlasìn is also a private Foundation, a ThinkTank, an Academy and an Association:  all these components of the Pythagorean World Center collaborate to provide a new kind of holistic formation, and to promote the related discipline and philosophy around the world. The short name of its Association is: PythAssociation, while the short name of the university proper is PythAcademia through which the campus is mainly known to the public at large around the world. Members freely impose the Academy's discipline upon themselves and engage promoting it through discretely being good examples of it. With its special ELLducation, EthoPlasìn also contributes in the end to the general improvement of all Educational standards around the world, as opposed to the 'only-instructional' standards that are used at the moment by most, if not all, modern schools and universities worldwide. Down the line, it contributes to the improvement of all environments: professional, cultural, political, institutional, civic, economistic, meritocratic and philoecosophical, longing for an eventual EthoCratic world.


The TEUC Cyber Club Of The Academy And Its Association - The PythAcademia forms students intensively locally on its ARIUM campus; In turn, the PythAssociation forms members at distance while they study or work in their own countries, and it links all of them through a private and powerful EthoPlasìn Cyber Club: in fact, in addition to having, to start with, a kind of traditional type of university on the EthoPlasìn campus, the PythAcademia and the PythAssociation collaborate between themselves, and with other universities around the world, to also offer best supplementary Telematic University teaching to all members, for the purposes of both its Faculty Instruction and its special Holistic Education (or: ELLducation), and discipline. From this point of view, the Physical EthoPlasìn Campus is supplemented, and extended worldwide, by an additional virtual campus, called the TEUC (Telematic EthoPlasìn University Campus), and this virtual campus is controlled, and tested, by the physical campus located in the historical geographical area (in Greece, south of Athens) at the source of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy and Science Of Being.  


§ H - 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 §

4 - The Difference

                 ↓ Icosahedron / Water 

PS_IsosahedronThe 'Victory On The Minotaur' And The 'Civitas Qualifications' - These two elements combined, constitute the fundamental difference between the EthoPlasìn and all other contemporary universities. They are also, both, requirements in addition to a regular curriculum of normal university study.

of difference is the so-called "Victory on the Minotaur" through the development of an equilibrated Pythagorean Tetractys of its students, over and above the normal development of their intellectual center leading to the acquisition of professional qualifications, which is what other universities limit themselves doing.
This first element of difference is acquired in many ways and in various stages. The EthoPlasìn, as a First Stage, 'steals' one full year of the life of its students, as their EPY (EthoPlasìn Propaedeutic Year), for test and reciprocal evaluation purposes, usually at age 18, or just after their PPS (Patriotic Paramilitary Service), between the end of their pre-university schooling and the beginning of their university proper. During that dedicated EPY year, as fulltime interns, the PythAcademia initiates them, and trains them, in its special Pythagorean Tetractys formation, imposing them a discipline that leads to a better knowledge and control of their passions and emotions or, in other words, to the "Victory On The Minotaur". As explained also more extensively in our page on Description In More Details, the EthoPlasìn does not form only the Intellectual Center of its students, like all contemporary universities limit themselves doing, but also in particular their Emotional Center, along with the equilibrated development of their best physical and artistic aptitudes: it provides them with Real Holistic Education, (or: ELLducation), as opposed to just Instruction. It does so under full scholarship, preparing them for better university studies, and for a better role in civic life, through their holistic formation based on a strong sense of excellence, decorum, merit, cardinal virtues, philoecosophical values and planet oneness responsibility. In an EthoCracy, this year of preparation, the EPY, can be combined to a special version of the PPS (Patriotic Paramilitary Service) done from within the Academy. Then, as a Second Stage, at the end of that dedicated propaedeutic year, the better students get chosen to proceed Canova_TheseusAndTheMinotaurwith their university study in various ways, with scholarship assistance, while keeping on, at the same time, with the acquisition of their EthoPlasìn Discipline formation at higher levels.

of difference, the acquisition of Civitas Qualifications, is explained briefly in the second paragraph after the following notes; of course, the two stages mentioned above, in relation to the first element, apply also to this second element, mutatis mutandis.



Interns And Externs - At this second stage, after the EPY, a first group is admitted to proceed with university study at the PythAcademia itself, still under full scholarship but, of course, only if the students involved are interested in the few full EthoPlasìn University Faculties available at the Academy. A second group is allowed to do so at other universities of their choice and, if there is a bilateral EthoPlasìn agreement with the chosen university, under full scholarship, including lodging and uniform clothing. A third group is allowed to do so at other universities with no bilateral agreement but only under partial scholarship. All those continuing with full or partial assistance have to wear the EthoPlasìn uniform, similar to what some military students do when frequenting various universities, and abide strictly by its prestige, decorum and discipline. A forth group has to leave the Academy with no further scholarship assistance but with still some occasional privileges, as members, when visiting, or collaborating with, the PythagorArium. A fifth group of course has to leave without any further financial assistance from the Academy because they are clearly incapable of following its full discipline. Some of this last group are nevertheless allowed to maintain membership in the EthoPlasìn Association, with still occasional minor privileges, while others get rejected outright, and denied membership, because of incorrect behavior or obvious incapacity to comply with all the basic requirements. All this is part of their formal contractual agreement signed when joining the Academy at the beginning of the first stage of propaedeutic evaluation, during the EPY. Because of the very strict pre-selection screening process before Admission time, the rejected students are usually rather few at the end of any given year. The big majority will have wisely invested a year of their life, the EPY, to harvest a prestigious holistic education, even fully free in most cases, that should help them jump more easily into the best employment opportunities, and hopefully influence the improvement of all civic environments around the world.


All EthoPlasìn Members Have To Acquire Civitas Qualifications - This requirement applies to both students, Interns or Externs, and non-student members. This is THE SECOND ELEMENT of "The Difference". In fact, both the "Victory On The Minotaur" (the first element), and the related Acquisition of Civitas Management Qualifications (the second element), apply to all members, subject to loosing membership. The first common year of propaedeutic formation, the EPY, usually starting at age 18, completes the Civitas Initiation level with the title of Civitas Technician at age 19. The following three years consist in a Civitas Apprenticeship leading to the title of CivitCivitasas Professional at age 22. The following two years lead to becoming a Civitas Manager at age 24. This is where most members will stop their Civitas Training. However, with two more years of internal training, a student can become a Civitas Administrator at age 26. Finally, a Civitas Administrator can become a Civitas Master at age 28, the maximum level, after ten years of intensive Civitas Training. The Interns admitted to the faculty of Civitas Administration at the Arium, and in consideration of their privileged internal training, can, and should normally, become Civitas Administrators after only five years instead of seven, at age 24 and possibly complete a Civitas Mastership at age 26. In any case, with two more years, all Civitas Administrators can become Civitas Masters, either at age 26 or at age 28. Externs can only become Civitas Administrators at age 26, after returning at the Arium as Interns if necessary, for one or two years, after the completion of their study at other universities. The alternative is for them to stay Civitas Managers while starting their normal professional life in their chosen field of activity outside the Arium. All these Civitas Qualifications are always on top of, and in addition to, a regular curriculum of normal university study. The approximately ten years involved to reach a Civitas Mastership are also closely related to the Ten Rules and Grades of the EthoPlasìn discipline. A Student has to reach and maintain at least a minimum level of Civitas Manager, after five years of formation as a student. A Member (non-student) has to maintain a minimum title of Civitas Professional after three years of training, at or outside the Arium. These minimum levels are required in order to be able to maintain membership. Civitas Managers, Administrators and Masters are also often called generically "EthoCratic Leaders" in honor of their extensive EthoPlasìn formation and the expectation they could eventually play a major leading role in a new world of EthoCracy. For the privileged long-term students at the Arium, the type of formation received in the EPY (the first year of propaedeutic initiation) is replaced and/or supplemented in the following years mainly by the so-called "PythagorArium Hour" (or PytHour), that is the first studying hour of the schedule of each day at the Academy, discussing various elements of discipline, and complying to additional disciplinary exercises. This intensive internal training explains why Interns can often become Civitas Masters at age 26 instead of at age 28. All this is explained in more details in our page Description In More Details. Hopefully, this holistic formation will also involve the will to maintain a proud life-long membership to the EthoPlasìn Association on the part of all members.


Financing - Financing is also completely different from all other universities and rather unique in nature. It becomes a kind of THIRD ELEMENT to "The Difference", albeit maybe a secondary one. The intensity of the dual-training of the EthoPlasìn students requires them to be psychologically free from any kind of financial preoccupation. On the part of the EthoPlasìn, providing full scholarship to all students at the Academy ensures its complete freedom of action for the purposes of both admission and dismissal of its students at any given time. The PythAcademia is in fact a no-fee auto-financed university, or a full-scholarship university, for all its students. The BeLovArium Foundation of the Pythagorean World Center finances the long-termGold Laurels Crown real-estate part of the overall project. In turn, the full scholarships, and the routine operational expenses for all students at the Arium, and for part of the EthoPlasìn students at other universities, are completely auto-financed by the revenues of the two important Entertainment Centers of the ARIUM open to the public, on a competitive commercial basis, on the Mediterranean seaside: the smaller and more formal Enjoyment Center (the ApolafsArium), and the bigger and more casual Amusement Center (the DiaskedArium). A brief description of these 3 financing components (BeLovArium, ApolafsArium and DiaskedArium) is given in the Campus Components section, further down on this page.  



§ H - 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 §

5 - The Objective

                 ↓ Dodecahedron / Aether 

PS_DodecahedronThe Worldwide Improvement Of Personal, Family And Civic Life - In short, the main EthoPlasìn objective is to form members who, while being highly qualified workers or professionals, and after having received a special human formation on the basis of the Pythagorean Tetractys and Platonic Philosophy in Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics, will also want, and be able, at the same time, to pursue the spreading of better Decorum, more Meritocracy and the improvement of all Civic and Philoecosophical environments around the world. It is essentially an objective of Beauty: personal beauty, civic beauty and overall Kallos Beauty in all aspects of life. To achieve this objective,  Students who will have graduated at the PythAcademia, or elsewhere under its scholarship, will always be limited in number but, Members at large, trained at distance by the PythAssociation, can quickly become thousands, if not millions, with the two categories contributing, all together, each their own way, to this important objective for the new generations of the third millennium. These together, students and members, may be able to build the "Critical Mass" necessary to spark the development of a new EthoCracy, or at least certainly a better Meritocracy, based on the DEMÔNE values (Better Decorum, More Merit and Oneness Responsibility at Planet Earth Level). The nature of that "Critical Mass" will be essentially one of "BeLovArium" (the name of the foundation behind the Academy, the body that formulated the Ten Grades of the EthoPlasìn Discipline), creating a critical space, or "Arium", filled with the "Belief" in the above objectives and the "Love" of each member for oneself, the humanity, the planet Earth and the Universe, in pursuing these same objectives. Seen from another point of view, the increase of this "Critical Mass" will be built and weighted in terms of a growing number of Pythagorean Man type of individuals in our society, and a corresponding diminishing number of the "Faustian Man" types, from a civic and ethical points of view.


The Critical Mass And The Domino Effect - In addition, the Good Example and success of the EthoPlasìn Academy, with the force of the Critical Mass of its members around the world, is expected to have a inevitable and significant Domino Effect on a growing number of schools in a growing number of countries. These other institutions might not adopt a discipline as strict as the EthoPlasìn, but nevertheless start to integrate to their programs DominoEffectimportant elements of civic, meritocratic and philoecosophical education and discipline that have been completely ignored or grossly neglected in the last half century in particular, gradually pushing, along with the EthoPlasìn students and members, in the direction of the final objective of improving all environments around the world, let alone the advent of a possible new world of EthoCracy



The Chain Reaction - The above Domino Effect 'between schools' around the world would also provoke an important Chain Reaction of mutual help 'between school, family and society':


  1. Schools - If school improves, or education improves, and becomes 'Real Holistic Education' (or: ELLducation), in a growing number of institutions, influenced by the reputation and success of the EthoPlasìn initiative, all our environments will start to also gradually improve, be they civic, economistic, physical, ecological, institutional, political or cultural, let alone their important civic, meritocratic and philoecosophical aspects;

  2. Families - If the environments in general start to improve and become more receptive to the requirements of real holistic education, let alone the schools themselves, families in turn will also have an easier role in understanding, pursuing, or at least backing up passively, these same objectives at home with their children; Good Civic Education will gradually return, finally, to be again "politically correct".

  3. Society - If both schools and families improve their education, and the environments return to request it as "politically correct", the overall society will quickly make gigantic progress in improving proportionately all aspects of the daily civic life of all of us. This is the meaning of the Pythagorean World Wellness and the related EthoPlasìn Civic Vocation and Mission.


§ H - 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 §

6 - The Method

     ↓ Pythagorean Human Radiations 

HeartInHandsThe Force and Beauty of the "Pythagorean Man"

The method is the overall enhancement of all Pythagorean Human Radiations through:

      - The Emulation of the Pythagorean Man     

      - The formation of the Tetractys for the acquisition of Philosophical Wisdom

      - The Victory on the Minotaur for the Control of the Emotional Center

      - The attainment of more Kallos Beauty and its spreading in all aspects of human life,

      - The reinforcement and promotion of the DEMÔNE Values

      - The study of Platonic Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics for more merit and justice,

       - The spreading of PhiloEcoSophical Oneness for the benefit of all living beings, and best Civitas Management of all citizens, institutions and environments.

- The formation and maintenance of a PythArmy dedicated to promoting, applying and spreading EthoPlasìn education in as many places as possible around the world.

- The promoting, applying and spreading of FtatAristarchy around the world in as many countries as possible.  


Being EthoPlasìn

↓ Fibonacci's Metatron with all 5 Platonic Solids 

MetatronThe six sections here above have defined the various aspects of the EthoPlasìn Mission. The Pythagorean World Center will pursue that mission by pushing for Excellence in all aspects of the life of its members, in particular in relation to their Civic Behavior, and by promoting the phasing-in of progressively higher degrees of Decorum, Merit, Oneness Responsibility, Ethics, Kallos Beauty and Philoecosophical Values in our society, with each new generation to come. Such personal pursuit, in the early tradition, was called being a "Pythagorean Man". In the later tradition of Plato, it was called being a "Responsive Virtuous Counselor" (Αγαθος συμβουλος). In our contemporary world, it could be called being an "EthoPlasìn Member", or simply "Being EthoPlasìn" Ladder.

Be it clear however that this "mission" will never be in terms of attempting to change the world, at least not directly or forcefully. This would transform a philosophical mission into an ideological one, which is totally excluded from the EthoPlasìn culture. It will never be in terms of trying to push, or to force, people to change their behavior. It will always, and only, be in terms of attracting, like a magnet, or inviting, people to get better Pythagorean Education, (or: ELLducation), in terms of reflexively promoting the related values, and in terms of members of its association giving the best examples of them, in an attractive emulation process for those seeing them, as enthusiastic champions of these values, in their own lives, as much as possible, in all circumstances.

EthoPlasìn members believe the main way to improve the world, or to improve others, is to discretely improve oneself and consequently put many others in a situation of desire of emulation. This is the meaning of the famous saying of Ancient-Greece philosophy, "Know Thyself", as the only source of knowledge for any possible level of human perfection, and consequently the source of the wisdom that is the only possible path to human happiness on Planet Earth. Trying forcefully, or even only proactively, to improve others, is the best way to deteriorate oneself, let alone the others. Consequently, EthoPlasìn does not try to change society, or the world, through the global applications of more or less unconscious social policies, but rather to give citizens the best tools to know and improve themselves, as individual persons, through the conscious self-imposition of a philosophical discipline of merit and ethics. Members do not loose time with those who are simply happy complaining about others, and unhappy thinking about themselves. At best, members give them good example, and gentle indications about the right path, while they keep escalating the ladder of Pythagorean self-improvement, in isolation if necessary. Isolation however is only temporary as, through good example, many others will eventually convince themselves to undertake the escalation and, up there, they will also find the pleasant company of many other joyful persons who have already reached an upper floor, through the same or a variety of similar ladders, at a superior level offering new friends, better opportunities and greater love. This "Critical Mass" however will eventually, and inevitably, have positive cascading effects for the construction of a better world environment. This is the "Civitas Wellness Vocation" of the EthoPlasìn. This is "Being EthoPlasìn", and longing for EthoCracy.  

Being EthoPlasìn is very close to the ethical life of the true philosopher, as described by Plato in Gorgias (527BD) and in Republic (500CD), from which we can extract the following quotes:

- "There is no other life one should live than the one which will clearly turn out to be advantageous to the world".

- "Doing what is unjust is more to be guarded against than suffering it, and it is not seeming to be good, but being good, that a man should take care of, more than anything else, both in his public and his private life".

- "The second best thing, after being just, is to become just by being disciplined and paying one's due".

- "Every form of flattery, both the form concerned with oneself and that concerned with others, whether they are few or many, is to be avoided".

- "Oratory, and every other activity, is always to be used in support of what is just".

- "Then, as a philosopher, let someone despise you as a fool, and throw dirt on you, even confidently let him deal you that demeaning blow. Nothing terrible will happen to you if you really are an admirable and good man, one who practices excellence; then, after you have practiced it, if you think you should, turn to politics. [...] This way of life is the best, to practice justice and the rest of excellence, both in life and in death".

- The above quotes from Plato's Gorgias are well summarized by what Plato said in his other work, Politeia, better known as Republic: "The Philosopher, by consorting with what is ordered and divine, and despite all the slanders around, that say otherwise, himself becomes as divine and ordered as a human being can".

Being EthoPlasìn means being an ETHOS (or an EthoCracy Servant, in the common sense of a Public Servant but for an EthoCracy, promoting Ethics and practicing the EthoDiscipline), or an Ethocrat. EthoCracy is also often called EthoKratia (often abbreviated as "EK" with the reversed "E" of 'Epsilon'), as above, promoted by an EthoKratic Party (often abbreviated as "PEK"), with words spelled with a "K" instead of a "C", for better respecting their Greek origin as new words, as in "ΗθοΚρατια". An Ethos takes membership in PEK (or the political party promoting EthoCracy) whenever possible and, in any case, joining or not formally, promotes EthoPlasìn holistic education (or: ELLducation), EthoCracy public governance, EthoSpeak (with Katharevousa as its master language and EthoGloso as its international auxiliary language), hoping to become part of the best possible CoPHLE Co-Creative Participating Force, in a state of Oneness, for the benefit of all living beings. As such Ethos pray, after their morning and evening Know Thyself EthoDiscipline exercise, concluding with the so-called Laconian Prayer of the Palatine Anthology [X108], addressed to Zeus, or to Apollo, but that everyone can address to his own God, Internal or External, as quoted in Plato's Second Alcibiades [143A]:


Whether we pray or not, give us what is good for us.

What is bad for us, give us not, however hard we pray for it. 



>> Contact Points

We post this website mainly to attract interest and suggestions, let alone possible candidate contributors to the Foundation. Until the Academy is ready to go with its full implementation, which will likely only be after the worst of the economic crisis will have passed in Greece, if you have any suggestion, or want to get in touch with the founder of the Academy for any reason, please use the following email and Italian cellular phone:  


ITALY: (+39) 320-6487-020

ELLADA ("Greece"): (+30) 698-5881-483


Jacques Drapeau




...You May Say I 'm a Dreamer
But I'm Not The Only One
I Hope Some Day You'll Join Us
And The World Will Be As One...

(John Lennon's famous song: IMAGINE)


  • Distant recruits sailing to join the Blue EthoPlasìn Realm of Pythagorean World Civic Wellness, dreaming, as per the words of Lennon's song, that if they reach their objective, "...the World Will Be As One". Contrary to what might have been Lennon's intent however, let it be "As One" like a beautiful mosaic of different nations, each with their well preserved cultures, not like a nihilistic global melting pot, but nevertheless "As One" in terms of being all led by the fundamental principles of a holistic form of EthoPlasìn education,(or rather: ELLducation), and by an EthoCracy form of government, hopefully also communicating better and more easily between all of us at world level through EthoSpeak, as the easiest universal auxiliary language, while dedicating more time deepening the perfection of each our own beautiful national languages.

  • This website is already accused, by many, of being the beautiful utopia of a dreamer. Admittedly it defines a high objective that is difficult to reach, and all but 'politically correct' in the present context of rampaging nihilism. For the author, these arguments are only good reasons to better justify its need. Its existence, even at this early virtual stage, will mainly disturb those who already gave up, or even maybe enjoy the present civic muddle; It will however, most probably, also encourage those who still have hope for a civic revival, and for the advent of a new era of better social meritocratic justice and wellness, inviting them to take participative action or, as an alternative, or in a supplementary way, invent themselves other useful initiatives that might be more realistic from their point of view. In both cases the EthoPlasìn project will have had its meaningful utility, let alone the joy its development will have brought to its developer, dreamer or not.

  • Ελπεσθαι χρη παντ, επει ουκ εστ ουδεν αελπτον

    "Always hope, as no situation is so bad as to ever be without hope"

    EthoPlasìn hopes that humanity will be able to overcome ethical relativism, through a better development of the human Tetractys in its educational systems, to enjoy again its Pythagorean Demône Values of better Decorum, more Merit and a constructive sense of planet Oneness responsibility





>> Campus Components in a Nutshell

Once admitted at the Academy, after tough selection, students study free of any expense, on full scLantanaholarship, including full uniform clothing. In fact this no-fee policy applies to all students and members present at the campus. For this reason, the Pythagorean needs good sources of funds to finance the project. As described below, it has 3 financing source components, but operating overall all together on a no-profit basis. From an educational point of view it has 8 more components described after the financing ones. Finally, it has a main umbrella container, for a total of 12 major components. It has however also various other minor components  described after the educational ones. The overall body covering all the various components of the campus is the PythagorArium (its short name), or the Pythagorean World Center (its official long name). The PythagorArium website is mostly private, reserved to members, but this EthoPlasìn website can give you a good idea, here below, of all the components of the PythagorArium. The page links indicated in the tree-structure, under the description of the components, will provide more detailed descriptions of the various aspects of the PythagorArium. Here is first a brief description of the 12 PythagorArium components. 








  1.  PythAcademia - The PythAcademia is the short name of the University proper or, as per its full name, the EthoPlasìn Academy. Its students live in a reserved area called globally the ARIUM, with strict hours and a severe internal discipline, sleeping in dormitories, with no visits being allowed, in or out, from Monday to Friday: the AndrArium for males and the GynecArium for females. They thus receive modern Arium Education, essentially on a "Socratic Dialogue" basis, as opposed to traditional Classroom Education. To their normal curriculum of study, in exchange for their full scholarships, they must freely and willingly integrate the elements of a very special discipline meant to educate them as better human beings, better citizens and better inhabitants of Planet Earth, as opposed to only as knowledgeable professionals, like all other modern universities do today worldwide. Students must also give some hours (about 8 hours per week) to help grow their own vegetarian food and take care of the animals of the campus and the persons victims of civic violence hosted in the CivicArium. The PythAcademia itself issues normal and full university degrees in loco, albeit in a limited number of subject matters (see our page on EthoPlasìn Faculties). However, it can also issue university degrees in just about any other subject matter, in collaboration with other universities with which it has developed bilateral agreements, maintaining its students under scholarship at these other universities. For some of these degrees it also works from the campus, but online and in close touch with the faculties of these foreign universities, combining local and telematics facilities into a holistic formation process. As mentioned above, the special EthoPlasìn educational discipline is a mandatory requirement in addition to the regular students' curriculum of study and is strongly rooted in the Philosophical Exercises of Ancient Greece Philosophy. An EthoPlasìn Graduate is thus a fully qualified professional, with a normal and full university degree, but with the additional perk of Civitas Qualifications, in having also received a holistic education (or: ELLducation), as a person, as a citizen, and as a responsible Planet Oneness Inhabitant.

  2. PythAssociation - The PythAssociation is the membership association that trains non-student members at distance in the same EthoPlasìn discipline. These members are not university students at the Arium and they only concern themselves with the special educational discipline and Civitas Qualifications provided by the Academy. They get their EthoPlasìn formation while studying or working normally in their own countries. They also enjoy some privileges when visiting the PythagorArium.Philosophy Principles by G Freman

  3. PythInstitute - This is the ThinkTank of researchers on the Pythagorean Way of Life and the philosophy of Ancient-Greece as a Science of Being. Every year the PythagorArium brings in the best experts it can find in the world for this purpose. Their research is guided by the LogosArium and their findings form a potential base for the formation of all the teachers and trainers at the ARIUM. These external experts however do not have the final say in training and formation issues: the LogosArium does. Their findings can be used as such, or re-elaborated by the LogosArium who has the final say. 

  4. LogosArium - The LogosArium is the final authority in providing the ideas and the training material for EthoPlasìn formation. 'Logos' can mean various nuances of things like: word, law, rule or concept. The LogosArium is the special center of study and activity for the recovery and the propagation of the best of the "Know Thyself" culture of Ancient-Greece, to make sure the EthoPlasìn has the best knowledge and tools it needs to pursue its important mission of best Civitas Management. In other words, the LogosArium provides the thinking, the leading EthoPlasìn concepts and elements of discipline, for the Academy students and its Membership around the world, in terms of philosophy, science of being, discipline and World Civic Wellness. The LogosArium has a limited permanent staff at HQ, but is fully assisted by the PythInstitute ThinkTank mentioned above. You can also visit our EthoPlasìn page on the LogosArium.

    • Salon de Philosophie': lesson of Ethics (Engraving by G. Freman).

  5. ElinArium - From 'Ellin', that has the meaning of 'Hellenic', or 'Greek'. The ElinArium is a 'Salon de Philosophie' taking care of public relations, general decorum rules, official events like the annual Graduation Ceremonies, presentations and shows of various kinds. The Salon de Philosophie also offers a sophisticated variety of ongoing cultural and social activities to promote the EthoPlasìn culture and objectives, along with Meritocracy in the short term and EthoCracy in the long term. As a direct consequence of this role, the ElinArium also promotes the spreading of the Hellenic culture of Ancient-Greece, in modern Greece itself and worldwide. Finally, one of its important functions is to make the appropriate selection, and to assign two yearly World Prizes, of EthoCratic values and Pythagorean life recognition. The first one is the PytHarmony World Prize, assigning 3 medals to the 3 members of the worldwide EthoPlasìn Association who have most contributed, during the past year, to the spreading of the EthoPlasìn values and/or to the progress of the advent of EthoCracy. The second World Prize is the WACEM (World Award for Civic Education Medal), to be assigned to three persons who are usually complete outsiders (not EthoPlasìn Association members), as described in the ACE section of our page on EthoCracy. WACEM is the public external name of this world prize. Internally, if a WACEM prize goes to a member, it is called the PythACEM World Prize (Pythagorean Award for Civic Education Medal). The two series of candidates, for both PytHarmony and PythACEM world prizes, are ranked by the ElinArium and the 3 best ones receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, like in the Olympic games, but yearly, and with a scholarship or a money prize attached.  

  6. AmilArium - Students must also receive full physical education and integrate intensive sport activities in an AmilArium set up with full Olympic Sports Facilities. 'Amilla', as the root of AmilArium, means 'Emulation' ("άμιλλας"), which is better than the word 'competition' in describing the real spirit of the Olympics contests of Ancient-Greece. An Olympic contest was often described as a "Polite Emulation", as a gentile process of emulation of the best ones, their friends and idols, as opposed to an anonymous competition. When students 'fight' between themselves, like when practicing EthoJudo, they do so in a reserved area of the AmilArium called the AgonArium, as 'Agonas' ("αγωνας") has the real meaning of hard competition. The three main student buildings (the AmilArium, the AndrArium and the GynecArium) all have the hexagonal shape of a honey comb on the Campus map, as a symbol of strength. Students must also appear and perform 'publicly' in the AmilArium in relation to their study of a music instrument, and in group exercises related to the mastering of EthoPlay, civic education, meritocracy and better interpersonal communications through EthoSpeak (with Katharevousa and the international auxiliary language called: EthoGloso). See the Attachments section below for an outline of the Campus and of the typical daily ARIUM schedule.

  7. CivicArium - The EthoPlasìn also provides social assistance and related social recuperation to complete outsiders who are neither students nor members of the ARIUM. In fact the ARIUM includes a CivicArium with symbols and live elements of all kingdoms: mineral, vegetal, animal and even human. It includes for example a mini "Social Recuperation Center" for persons and animals victims of civic violence. It has many gardens with plants and animals of various species in its BiosArium that includes a barn, a stable, a mini-botanical area and a hive. Animals can move freely between all gardens of the campus through a set of passageways and underground tunnels; Animals can even be used as good company at any building on the campus on request, including hotel rooms and entertainment areas on the public side. The BiosArium also serves a vital function: the growing of all the vegetarian food of the campus. Students are expected to collaborate to this important function a few hours every week, and to make the campus self-sufficient for all its basic food grown in a perfect biological way.

  8. ErgosArium - The ErgosArium provides orientation and ultimately helps find employment for the students of the PythAcademia. As such, from an orientation point of view, it is conceived as an important educational component. 'Ergo' ("έργο") means 'work'. The ErgosArium ultimately helps students to find work at the end of their studies and disciplinary formation. In the meantime, it helps students to choose the best university faculties and specializations for their aptitudes, and the best centers of study when they cannot achieve their university formation objectives at the Arium itself. The ErgosArium also handles the selective Admission process at the Academy. Considering the top-quality facilities offered at the EthoPlasìn campus, all free, only on full scholarship, and considering also the most sophisticated and holistic formation provided, a strict selection process was put into place to face the inevitably very high demand for admission. Students can visit the EthoPlasìn page on the ErgosArium for more information.




The series of all the special names mentioned above, along with all the new words coined by EthoPlasìn and used in various pages of this website, appear in an electronic dictionary online, called the EthoPlasìn Dictionary. Here are some other important ARIUM names not appearing in the description of the above components.

  1. ManagerArium - This is the short name of the Directing Consortium of the PythagorArium. It includes the 12 Masters of the first 12 PythagorArium components mentioned above. It is not a separate body as such, but a regular meeting of all the Masters of the 12 voting components of the Arium. The ManagerArium meets briefly everyday at 18:00 for resolving all the current problems of the ARIUM. 

  2. MasterArium - The MasterArium is the assembly of all the living ex Masters and ex Grand Masters of the Arium, living at or outside the ARIUM. They act as an experienced consultative body for the current Grand Master. It is not a separate body as such, but rather a meeting of the most experienced senior officials of the PythagorArium held for consultation and guidance purposes when required.

  3. DidaskalArium - This is the corps of teachers and trainers formed and living, or operating occasionally, on the campus. It is not a separate body as such, but a meeting of all the teaching and training people present at the ARIUM at any given time. 'Didaskalos' ("Διδάσκαλος") means a 'Teaching Master'.

  4. KallosArium - This is the main representational building of the ARIUM. It is basically the HQ of the current Grand Master and its team of closest assistants. It also includes the ElinArium, the LogosArium and the PorcelainArium. 'Kallos' ("κάλλος") means 'Beauty of both Body and Soul harmoniously enmeshed together'

  5. PorcelainArium - This is a small museum as a special area of exposition of fine porcelain art work. It exposes exclusively entirely hand-painted pieces produced on the basis of the best classical tradition of painting on fine white Porcelain. The base of this small museum is the collection of artist Vassiliki, a world expert painter on porcelain, and concurrently the head of the ElinArium 'Salon de Philosophie', as most of her pieces have been inspired by the philosophy of Ancient-Greece.

  6. AlogArium - This is the special horse riding place of the BiosArium. 'Alogo' ("Άλογο") means 'Horse'. The horse is the main symbol of the ARIUM from the animal kingdom. Students have a special relationship with horses. They care for them and use them for both sport and rides of pleasure on the grounds and the beach of the PythagorArium.

  7. PythArium - A first abbreviation of the "Pythagorean World Center" is "PythagorArium". A further abbreviation of the latter, as a nickname for daily current oral business convenience, is PythArium.  In turn, the full official long name is often abbreviated as PAWCEN (standing for: PythagorArium World CENter).

  8. PreEdenArium - The mainland hosting and screening area that includes the DiaskedArium and controls access to the EdenArium of the PythagorArium.

  9. EdenArium - The offshore ecological and bio-diatomaceous land on which the main core of the PythagorArium is built and where its students are formed.

N.B. - When requested, EthoPlasìn HQ will be willing to provide guidance to all empathizing schools wherever they are. The Academy is also willing to become a Central EthoPlasìn Controlling Institute, at world level, for all the schools who will freely request the negotiation of a formal association agreement with the ARIUM. Such an affiliated school becomes an EthoSchool. 




>> A Tree-Structure Of Pages With More Information

For a very short summary of the meaning and the content of this website, please see the SUMMARY page under the relevant button, at the top right corner of this page. For a more substantial overview of what EthoPlasìn is, reading the above presentation of this Home Page should be sufficient. The website however includes a lot more information.  This additional information, for those who may be interested, is presented in the tree-structure of dependent pages here below.  



> Jacques Drapeau, appearing in the picture to the left, is the founder of the PythagorArium. As such, he is the temporary acting director of three fundamental components: the PythAcademia (the EthoPlasìn Academy, as the  International University), the BeLovArium (the Foundation and main financial authority) and the LogosArium (the philosophical conceptual body). A Grand Master for the overall PythagorArium will be elected and appointed officially as soon as it gets to be fully operational. On the basis of the EthoPlasìn constitution, the Grand Master will then nominate and appoint the Masters of the 12 PythagorArium components who will form the ManagerArium (the Directing Consortium). The ManagerArium will vote at majority on each decision, with the Grand Master coming in with a decisive vote when necessary, in case of a tie, and also, at his discretion after consultation of the MasterArium, with a right of veto on any of the decisions taken, even retroactively if a decision was taken without his presence.

Jacques is retired in Italy, as an ex Canadian career diplomat (thus his choice of retaining legitimately one of his diplomatic titles, the minor one, for convenience purposes, as Consul, because it is probably the oldest and most universally known such title to the general grand public, and also the title by which he is still called by most of his contacts and acquaintances). Jacques graduated as a lawyer at the University of Ottawa. His experience of the world, and of human behavior, is extensive, as he got to know well over 100 countries, and he lived and worked for years on all continents except Oceania. He speaks 7 languages, 5 of which fully fluently and is an educated pianist as a hobby.


Jacques' wife, Vassiliki, is a graduate psychologist and a long-last adept of philosophy and, as an artist, she is also a world expert painter on fine porcelain. As a kind of background co-founder of EthoPlasìn, she is the first-choice candidate to become the director of the 4th fundamental component, the ElinArium (the 'Salon de Philosophie' in charge of decorum and public relations) and the curator of the PorcelainArium that, for the most part, will include the production of her own collection. Jacques and Vassiliki have three university graduate children living in England, Canada and Italy. At retirement, Jacques established his main family residence in Rome, Italy, but because of this project (suspended temporarily at the moment because of the Greek economic crisis preventing the project to have chances to become self-financing) they regularly spend a lot of their time in Greece, which has been elected as the best physical and logical location for the Academy, on the seaside, few kilometers south of Athens.

The EthoPlasìn conception started as an idealistic fantasy, but this virtual project has the potential to soon become full reality, after the worst of the economic crisis in Greece will be over. At this time, the concept is well defined, the core land for the Campus is available and many of its collaborators have been identified and committed to the project. As shown in some of the attachments that follow, the campus outline has also been designed and its final configuration firmly established.  

Only the commitments for the initial financing of the project, in building its premises, need to be completed for its full launching. Once it will be fully operational however, the Academy is well planned to be completely self-financing through an accurate exploitation of the commercial operations of the two areas of the campus that are open to the public (the formal ApolafsArium and the casual DiaskedArium) with all sorts of top-quality entertainment facilities for touristic, sportive, cultural, recreational and social activities, directly on the Mediterranean seaside.

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Do you want concrete examples of suggestions on how to improve our civic environments? Our EthoPlasìn Suggestions Registry already contains hundreds of them. Some are quite provocative, or drafted in a humoristic way, and consequently could probably not be implemented exactly as formulated, but they can nevertheless serve as good 'food for thought' in terms of the problems they raise and the original elements of solution they suggest. If you are interested, then go and navigate the following Hot Series of 9 more pages where we have grouped many samples of these suggestions around 9 different subject themes:

>>>>>  Hot Series


For related issues that are, maybe, less "hot", but nevertheless very warm to our heart, as a more rational selection and package of reforms that we are proposing as a long term objective, see our page on:

>>>>>> EthoCracy




** NOTES on the Pythagorean Sacred Geometry

Fire         Earth         Air       Aether     Water        


                         Metatron Cube      =         Fire         +    Earth         +       Air         +      Aether      +          Water                                



Έρρωσθε και ευδαιμονείτε!

(Erotically Pursue Philosophical Wisdom and Enjoy Undisturbed Bliss!)



Preview freely the Part I of an eBook being prepared, as an essay, written by Jacques Drapeau, titled

From Democracy To EthoCracy

regarding our global enslavement by the JewZuit Power
and our possible liberation through a new holistic education and culture called






Part 1: The Mission

Part 2: The Context

Part 3: The Project

Part 4: The Difference

Part 5: The Objective

Part 6: The Method