PythAcademia Daily Schedule


Daily Time Distribution at the ARIUM

Three periods of 8 hours, with regime of vegetarian alimentation, compulsory daily sport, and no permission to go out from Monday to Friday:

·         8 hours of sleep (7 hours at night and a possible one-hour nap after lunch)

·         8 hours of EthoPlasìn discipline (minimum 4 studying, and minimum 2 exercising)

·         8 hours of socializing and attending personal needs (one of which helping the Arium)


Typical schedule from Monday to Friday


06:00 / 06:15

Wake-up. Chair CoPHLE meditation with expression of gratitude for a great new day

06:15 / 07:00

  • Compulsory: shower, shaving and fresh daily laundry, including shirt

  • Attending bed making, shoe shining, personal area cleaning and garbage

  • Attend possible fresh linen needs and dress in full uniform

07:00 / 08:00

Breakfast in the cafeteria and socializing while eating

08:00 / 09:00

PytHour: Philosophical exercising hour at the Arena, compulsory for all members of the ARIUM, all together. This is the only compulsory hour all together. It is usually preceded by a few minutes of administration notices and matters of internal discipline, decorum and behavior.

  • S. Att-07 (in the Attachments) for a sampling of the subjects being addressed in turn by various speakers in the form of a Socratic Dialogue.

09:00 / 12:00

3 hours of ‘study’  (minimum 2: one studying and one for sports)

  • Typically divided in up to 3 periods of one hour each (45 minutes of studying or exercising and a 15 minutes break) but nonetheless fully flexible.

  • Periods may be decided freely on a daily basis, by each student differently. PythaC ID cards will follow and register all space use with the central server. 

  • Periods can take place in isolation cells (small rooms that include computer, sofa/bed and a piano or other musical instrument), for the loud voice practice of a language, the study of a musical instrument, video-conferencing with site or off-site tutors, even for private meditation or nap.

  • All routine studying not requiring full isolation must take place at the fully equipped workstations of the open area of the ARIUM with use of BLAC.

12:00 / 13:00

Free time for resting or attending personal needs like washing, ironing etc.

13:00 / 14:00

Regular lunch time in cafeteria and socializing while eating

14:00 / 15:00

Free time for resting (or more socializing or attending needs), including a possible nap

15:00 / 19:00

4 new hours of ‘study’ (minimum 3: two studying and one for sports)

  • (same comments as for the 09:00 / 12:00 hours above)

  • However, in the afternoons, periods can be combined for longer concentration on a particular subject of study or sport, like typically uninterrupted periods of 2 to 3 hours.

  • The last hour may include group ARIUM choir practice once or twice a week.

19:00 / 20:00

Free time for resting, attending extra personal needs or helping the Arium

20:00 / 21:00

Regular diner time in the central CafetARIUM. Every night, some 50 members take turn for a formal diner in the KallosARIUM dining room with the acting Grand Master.

21:00 / 22:30

Free time for socializing, or early retirement to the dormitory for ironing or reading

22:30 / 23:00

Compulsory shower and chair meditation with expression of gratitude to CoPHLE

23:00 / 06:00

Strict bed time. Late activities, like concerts, only take place on Fridays or Saturdays

Saturdaystwo hours of ‘study’ (minimum one studying and minimum one exercising)

Sundays:  (no hours of study required)