Premises, Accommodation and Facilities

  1. Types of accommodation: The ARIUM has 7 types of room accommodation. First, regular Spartan rooms for visitors or visiting members who cannot be accommodated in the dormitories. These can also accommodate interns or living-in PythaS in special circumstances. Second, small isolation cells for intensive study, equipped with piano (or another music instrument), single sofa-bed, lavabo and anti-noise walls. Third, dormitories where all students, and in principle all living-in members, will sleep, including visiting members when possible. Fourth, normal hotel rooms in single, double or suite size to be rented out. Fifth, special rooms to be rented by clients of the public pool of the DiaskedArium for their day hours at the pool or their overnight stay in the public pool-and-bar area. Sixth, special rooms that can be combined into apartments if necessary for persons admitted to the mini Social Recuperation Center. Seventh, special rooms and suites in the KallosARIUM for VIP guests of the Academy.   

  2. Hotel Rooms: Rooms and Suites in the HostelARIUM are rented to clients for fees that are meant to become one of the non-profit self-financing tools of the Arium. These public hotel rooms for clients are still offered at a preferential price, compared to similar hotelBlueSeaSkyClouds room rates in the area, out of Academy premises. Their prices vary according to the current self-financing needs of the ARIUM. Hotel rooms are promoted out, but their booking and access is nevertheless limited to persons recommended by a member, or by a collaborating organization taking responsibility for the good behavior of the guest while in the ARIUM premises. These clients have to always wear a visible guest bracelet indicating their name and the name of their recommending member or organization. In addition to members, certain organizations, collaborating with the ARIUM, can also recommend Hotel Room clients and the list of these organizations will be on the EthoPlasìn Internet website as soon as it gets to be fully functional. All hotel room clients can have access to most of the surrounding sports facilities but for a fee to be paid by non-members and a priority of availability always given to members. 

  3. Pool Rooms: There is also a separate public pool at the DiaskedArium, adjacent to the public CafetArium, with direct access to the sea for swimming purposes. Clients can also rent special rooms for their day hours at the pool or, assuming recommendation by a member, rent a room by the night if they choose to sleep in the ARIUM hotel accommodation facilities. All these services on the public side have a fee helping the self-financing process of the Academy.

  4. Cleaning: All room-accommodated are received clean and with complete room linen but clients have to make their own beds, including recommended hotel room clients. Rooms will be cleaned in advance and guests will receive fresh linen and have their rooms refreshed by cleaning staff after every third night or on their departure. All have to bring back their room linen to the ARIUM laundry when they leave.

  5. Garbage: All members at the ARIUM, including recommended Hotel clients, have to meticulously take their own garbage out, daily, to the appropriate recycling bins. The only exceptions are the VIPs of the KallosARIUM when accommodated as official guests of the Academy.

  6. Equipment: All rooms of all categories have free full-time access to broadband Internet, world satellite TV, video lessons equipment, stereo music, air condition, balcony and animal passageway.

  7. Animal Passageways: The normal member’s rooms, and hotel rooms all have direct and individual animal passageways so that animals can be cared for, entertained at will and returned easily to their shelters as required. Animals can also enter and exit dormitories under certain conditions. Animals of both the ARIUM and of the clients can be taken at tables and rooms of the public ARIUM Cafés and pools, even booked in advance for a fee in the case of the ARIUM animals, for the company of the client hosts.

  8. Guests – Guests, male or female, are always welcome at the Academy, and allowed in normally, even for sleeping accommodation purposes, but in principle only during weekends: Friday and/or Saturday nights. They must be sponsored and/or accompanied by a responsible member as a friend, guest, companion or spouse present at the Academy. Guests will always have to wear a visible ID with their name and the name of the PythaS member responsible for their good behavior while in the premises. Guests at the Academy will also have to dress similar to members as much as possible; women for example, will only be allowed to wear covering knee skirts with jackets (hopefully blazer-like and PythaS-like), or skirt suits, with no trousers except when given access to exercising areas. If needed, guests can borrow clothing or wearing apparels from the Arium wardrobe for this purpose.

  9. Facilities: The ARIUM includes a normal and fully equipped Olympic gym and pool, sauna, tennis courts, squash courts, and sea canoeing access, available to all. Members have access  without a fee. Non-member guests may have to pay a fee.  

  10. Gym: There is an additional and separate gym for studying and practicing EthoJudo and CoPHLE meditation which is reserved strictly to members: the ArenArium. However, a raised gallery is available where the public can be invited to various EthoJudo exhibitions, indicatively quarterly sessions, and to the yearly meritorious graduation ceremony, including the following grand dancing ball and banquet.  

  11. Financing: The original funding for the construction of the ARIUM was provided as a donation, from its BeLovArium Foundation. However, once build, the ARIUM is intended to be self-financing, essentially through renting rooms and entertainment facilities (at both the formal ApolafsArium and the casual DiaskedArium) to non-member guests recommended by members or by collaborating organizations.  

  12. Fees: Once admitted, there are no fees whatsoever for all the education being received within the Academy, for both the Students and the non-students members living in the ARIUM. Students are only requested to provide for their own pocket money when they go out of the ARIUM. There are however opportunities to earn pocket money while at the Academy. For distant non-ARIUM members, online courses and services are also entirely free except for shipment costs of material that cannot be provided online. In exchange for a small part of all these expenses, members living at the ARIUM are required to give some 5 hours of their time every week to work collaborating with various aspects of the ARIUM, like growing their own vegetarian food, caring for animals on the campus etc. They are also expected to serve on request at two occasions per month as music entertainers at the ApolafsArium or the DiaskedArium, exposing their talents to the public.  

  13. Donations: The Foundation wants its full independence and thus no financial donation can be accepted directly from members or from any outside organization of any type, including governments, in particular from acting elected politicians or their parties. Private individuals who registered as PythaE (Empathizers) can be screened, cleared, and possibly approved with gratefulness, for final registered donations. The same principle applies to close relatives of PythaS. Donators cannot become members for at least 2 years, nor students at the Academy at any time in the future, after their donation, but they can acquire immediately the official status of EthoPlasìn Donator, if they so wish, with a special PythaD  ID giving them access facilitation to ARIUM premises, entertainment facilities and activities.