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PythagorArium Project


EthoPlasìn Academy


In a Nutshell


The PythAcademia (or: EthoPlasìn Academy), is the most important component of the PythagorArium that aims mainly at a return of the great classical philosophy, as invented by Ancient-Greece, in our contemporary cultural life. As such, it wants to ensure the return of best possible holistic education, called EthoPlasìn, and consequently the creation of best possible social environments. It also aims at the promotion of a third-generation form of democracy of its own conception, called EthoCracy, that is meant to make our western democracies go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". It also promotes a new universal auxiliary language of its own elaboration, called EthoGloso, that is meant to facilitate routine worldwide communications while encouraging people to concentrate on perfecting each their own national language instead of spending too many efforts in mastering many difficult foreign national languages. It is a private university, but of a unique type, operated as a fulltime boarding school, in full uniform, and as a kind of superior military, or rather soldierly, ethocratic formation environment. Students enjoy full board and best resources, all free of charge, including compulsory uniform clothing, at certain tough but simple conditions, in order to hopefully become the Adonis and Venus of best civic behavior (as per the symbol of the beautiful sculpture of Canova to the right). The Admission Process of the Academy is also unique. For the first few years of its existence, in order to ensure an essential and solid common affinity of all its students with the philosophy at the base of the Academy, and a common background language (apart from also a good basic knowledge of English), candidates will be selected exclusively from the children of Greek families of the Hellenic Diaspora, from all countries around the world. After proper consolidation, the Academy will most likely be able, and willing, to integrate also a growing number of students from various other backgrounds, in order to better spread its beautiful culture of ethics worldwide. Their Admission Contract dictates that they must:

  1. Submit happily to the severe EthoPlasìn discipline (mental and physical), and willingly promote its Demône Values (Decorum, Merit and spirit of planet Oneness), based on the ethics of the original ancient philosophy, with an aptitude, and a sincere engagement to do so, for the rest of their life;

  2. Acquire, over their normal professional university degree, a supplemental certification in the new EthoPlasìn science of Civitas Management (being capable, and allowed to proceed, and complete university studies, only on the basis of this double qualification);

  3. Receive their formation mostly on a Socratic Dialogue basis, as opposed to from classroom lectures, in the spirit of the best philosophical schools of Pythagoras and Plato's traditions (absorbing harmoniously all their instruction [professional knowledge] and their education [the various levels of human virtues and ethics that these schools formulated so perfectly] in a joyful and holistic way);

  4. Accept intensive sportive physical training, and to be fed essentially on vegetarian food, helping producing their food all biologically, on the campus, along with caring for its many animals, and assisting the recuperation of persons victims of civic violence being attended temporarily in the CivicArium of the campus;

  5. Accept to study seriously a music instrument, or opera singing, and to willingly serve, and/or perform music, or sing, at least twice a month, at one of the two public entertainment components of the PythagorArium (components no. 5 and 6: both used for its overall self-financing, and to train students in attending people with ethocratic elegance, with permission to keep all tips as meritorious pocket money);

  6. Accept to be expelled without discussion anytime the Academy decides so in a formal final manner because of incapacity or misbehavior (with of course the right of all students to leave freely anytime they wish).


The PythAcademia compound is a biological farm, a major sportive center, and a sophisticated recreational and cultural entertainment area, as much as it is, first and foremost, a formal university. The Admission Process is quite demanding, but strictly on a pure merit basis, and life at the Academy is even more meritoriously demanding.  The whole compound is entirely autonomous and  self-supportive, with private and public parts. The farm land produces the pure biological food for the campus in collaboration with some of the work provided by the students. Two of the components of the seaside entertainment area, operated commercially, with full access of the public at certain conditions of decorum, produce the self-financing for the current expenses of the Academy. Its fulltime students must give an average of four work days per month, in exchange for their free room and board, free clothing, free holistic training, including sports and music, and free sophisticated studies at university level. It is a mixed environment, with both young men and women sleeping at strict hours in separate dormitories, but with available daytime rooms for loving couples when required; Its main location is seaside, in Greece, some 30 km south of Athens; It operates in English at its lower common-denominator level, and in EthoGloso at its highest levels (It also teaches the Greek language, modern and ancient, as a voluntary cultural perk); The Faculties of the Academy on the campus are limited to 9, plus a special additional certification in the new EthoPlasìn science of Civitas Management that is compulsory for all its students, of any faculty, along with the study of EthoGloso, but many students have access to additional faculties, as some are professionally trained at distance, for part of their time as externs, at other universities with which the PythAcademia has developed agreements and, in such cases, in full uniform, and under strict conditions of ethocratic behavior, in order to achieve special objectives for these students, and to promote an exemplary public image, outside the campus, of the graceful EthoPlasìn civic discipline and lifestyle. The Academy also has a membership association, the PythAssociation, for people interested in its discipline, but who have not been chosen to be, or cannot be, fulltime students at the Academy, and the Academy trains them all at distance while studying or working in their home environment.

The above holistic
EthoPlasìn education is the dominant and unremitting short-term objective of the Academy, and the kind of reform it sponsors at other interested schools around the world, under its guidance, and for as many association members as possible in any country. Its middle-term objective is the promotion of EthoGloso as the best worldwide IAL (International Auxiliary  Language), not only in all schools, but in all private or public working places with multi-culture personnel or clients. Its long-term perfectionistic objective is the promotion of EthoCracy, albeit maybe in a gradualistic way, as per the pace of the spreading, and consolidation, of the 'critical mass' of the EthoPlasìn movement members around the world. Ultimately, the implementation of these 3 objectives together will bring about a new world of Ethics that, sometimes, we like to call EthoGaia, and a new worldwide culture that we love to call ELJSM.  


P.S. - Development of this project is temporarily suspended because of the serious economic crisis in Greece and the uncertainty this places on the essential self-financing requirements of the Academy, as mentioned briefly in the bracket of point 5 above, and in section 3 below. For those interested in the meantime to comment or exchange views on the project, the home page offers some Contact PointsAlternatively, just sent an email to: Jacques@Vassiliki.it 



Expanding the Nutshell


To get quickly a clear picture of what EthoPlasìn is, the above nutshell, in less than 2 pages, should be enough. For more curious people, reading the rest of this short summary, in less than 7 pages, should be more than sufficient. For the more adventurous ones, reading the few website links of this summary page might be a good second step. The rest of the comprehensive information under the Index Tree of the home page, totalizing about 600 pages of text, is only for valiant researchers, or for serious candidates intending to join the EthoPlasìn Academy or its EthoMovement.

1-- The Return Of Philosophy.

The EthoPlasìn Academy is a special international university formed and based on a new and unique concept. The BeLovArium Foundation, financing the property investment, has given the Academy a specific mandate to provide not only instruction, for the formation of the "Intellectual Center" of its students, from a professional point of view, like all other universities do, or rather reduce themselves doing, but to also provide them, at the same time, a special type of holistic education for the formation of their "Emotional Center", from a human point of view, including the harmonious development of two of the most beautiful and exclusive powers of the human being: Imagination and Memory. By the same token, it integrates a strong and harmonious development of their "Physical Center", through various sports and its own special discipline called EthoPlay. This holistic education is based on the "Return Of Philosophy". That is to mean "the" Philosophy, as invented, or conceived, in Ancient-Greece, in the optimal tradition of Pythagoras, Plato and their best followers for many centuries. That philosophy was, first and foremost, a "System of Values to Help Guide Human Living", as opposed to only a "System of Concepts to Help Understand the World", like modern philosophy has basically limited itself being. As seen in our Description page, Ancient Philosophy was both aspects, perfectly integrated, and it used to permeate strongly, for centuries, at various degrees, but always most positively, the education provided by all levels, of all schools, of the Western World. Modern philosophy, along with the culture and the educational systems it permeated, gradually abandoned the first aspect completely, in particular since the pseudo-revolution of 1968. It is precisely this first aspect that needs to return today, reoccupying its vital place, and its essential guiding role, to give a hand to the second aspect, in order to help improve contemporary education, and consequently improve the quality of our civic life. Thus the outmost importance of The Return Of Philosophy to, again, Guide Human Behavior and Civitas Management. Nothing is more important today to improve the world we live in. 

2-- Holistic Education

The EthoPlasìn holistic education on the human side, as opposed to the professional side, is founded on the harmonious formation of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human being. The Tetractys, or Quaternion, refers to the four levels, or components, of the human being. The first three components are the Body (with its instincts and related passions), the Soul (with its rational intellect and related passions), and the Spirit (with its judgment and pure intelligence). The fourth component has its location in the Spirit, but is available only after hard work of the human freewill for harmonizing, equilibrating, and mastering the best potential of the first three parts. This conquest is symbolized by the Victory On The Minotaur, and grants the conqueror the fourth part of the Quaternion, called philosophical Wisdom. As explained in our page Science Of Being, this holistic education corresponds to only the first degree of virtues of the Ancient Greek Philosophy, or the Civic Level. To be concerned with the three higher degrees would involve the formation of kind of spiritual or contemplative persons, which is not the intention of the EthoPlasìn who only wants to form good real-life persons and citizens best fit for our modern world. The intention of the EthoPlasìn Academy is thus to ensure its students come out of university with a harmoniously integrated combination of two assets: best professional competence and best human Tetractys development at the Civic Level. Achieving this integrated objective gives an EthoPlasìn student the title of "Civitas Manager" in addition to his normal title corresponding to his specific university faculty degree. To obtain this double qualification, students have to meet Basic Entry Requirements, then submit themselves, freely and serenely, to a severe Pythagorean Man Emulation discipline for at least five years, let alone a not less severe pre-selection process of a couple of years (one externally at home, and one internally as the EPY), and follow strictly the Ten Precepts and Grades of the EthoPlasìn life style. In compensation, for those trained locally, once admitted at the Academy, all their studies are done on full and free scholarship, including full uniform clothing. Some students can also be trained abroad, on full or partial scholarship, at foreign universities with whom EthoPlasìn has developed bilateral agreements. 

3-- PythAcademia, PythAssociation and PythagorArium

The above names, with the prefix "Pyth...", all refer to Ancient-Greece philosopher Pythagoras. The campus of the EthoPlasìn Academy, also called PythAcademia, was conceived for its best location, in Greece, directly on the seaside, some 30 kilometers south of Athens. For its routine current expenses, it is operated on a self-financing and a no-profit basis, through the appropriate commercial exploitation of two adjacent entertainment centers on the Mediterranean coast: a more formal "Enjoyment Center" called the ApolafsArium, and a more casual "Recreational Center" called the DiaskedArium. The Academy has also a membership association called the PythAssociation. Its role is to form members who are not university students at the Academy but simply persons interested in the EthoPlasìn discipline, independently of what they do, working or studying, in their own countries. It trains most of these members as externs, at distance, but also some of them as interns, on the campus. The PythAcademia and the PythAssociation are two components of the PythagorArium, (or the Pythagorean World Center as per its full name). The PythagorArium as a whole aims at spreading best "Pythagorean Pollen" [the symbol to the right], in terms of Human Tetractys Education (leading to the best management of self, and of interpersonal relations) and Civitas Wellness (leading to best civic and political management). The eventual "Critical Mass" of all the EthoPlasìn members, with both their harmonious Tetractys and their expertise in Civitas Management, let alone their optimal professional qualifications, is expected to become a magnetic phenomenon of "Good Example", stimulating the spreading of a positive sense of "Emulation To Excellence", with an important "Domino Effect" for the improvement of human behavior and all educational systems, and consequently for the improvement of all environments around the world, be they civic, cultural, political, institutional or ecological. From the point of view of the Critical Mass for civic improvement purposes, the PythAssociation is, at least quantitatively, probably more important than the PythAcademia itself as, over time, its members will be exponentially much more numerous around the world than the flow of fulltime students at the Academy. 

4-- EthoPlasìn, EthoGloso and EthoCracy

 The "Pythagorean World Center", often nicknamed "PythArium", but with the official short name of PythagorArium, of which the "EthoPlasìn Academy" is the best known component to the public, has 3 levels, or areas, of objectives:
       a)-- EthoPlasìn - This is its short-term primary objective: the improvement of the instruction of all schoolBLAs, influencing it, as much as possible, to become "Holistic Education", instead of just plain instruction, and consequently also to become a vital tool to improve "Civitas Management", mainly through the propagation of "Better Decorum, More Meritocracy, and Planet Oneness Responsibility" (as per its logo). In addition, EthoPlasìn trains all its members in a new defensive and appeasing discipline called EthoPlay, in order to equip them with the best tools to help them resolve conflicts and harmonize civic environments when required, through a physical component (EthoJudo) and a mental component (Socratic EthoDialogue). By the same token, the PythagorArium promotes improved Philoecosophical Values and a Social Olympic Spirit of pursuit of excellence in all fields of human activity. All this is achieved by the formation of the "Emotional Center" and of the "Human Tetractys" of its members, through the so-called Emulation of the Pythagorean Man, and the domino effect the eventual "critical mass" of all its associates may have over the years on a growing number of non-members.

       b)-- EthoGloso - This is its middle-term objective: the propagation of its own International Auxiliary Language called EthoGloso. The PythagorArium is an international environment, inevitably functioning in English to start with, as a temporary and secondary common denominator language but, by the same token, it has developed, teaches and promotes its own IAL (International Auxiliary Language) called EthoGloso, for the complete facilitation of daily routine communicationsGlosaSymbolFlag between all persons worldwide. EthoGloso is a kind of "Esperanto", but better, simpler and easier, from the point of view of the EthoPlasìn. Members can still go on learning foreign national languages as they wish but, as members, from a language point of view, they have two priorities: first master EthoGloso as the best way to communicate perfectly for routine current affairs between themselves, on the campus or wherever they happen to be in the world, and second, concentrate on improving proudly the perfect command of their own national language. This second objective, of perfecting one's own national language, is also an important priority for EthoPlasìn, in order to help improve social decorum and cultural refinement by stopping, or diminishing, the growing and ugly process of bastardization of most national languages, like it is happening now, because of the world globalization. The bastardization of the modern Greek language itself is the best example of this destructive trend, and a particularly sad one, in light of its unique historical richness. As for EthoGloso [its symbol logo to the right], it is definitely intended to be the primary common auxiliary language of all members as soon as possible. EthoGloso is also being promoted by EthoPlasìn as the ideal common auxiliary language for all international organizations, and for all national governments having to operate on a multi-language basis. Eventually all multi-national companies may also follow suit, and a growing number of schools, in a growing number of countries, may start following the trend and hopefully teaching it more and more in the near future.

       c)-- EthoCracy - This is its long-term objective: to prepare and facilitate the advent of a type of third-generation democracy, improving even meritocracy, that the Academy calls EthoCracy. Hopefully, by the same token, EthoGloso will also have become "the" ideal IAL of a new world of EthoCracy in due time. The EthoCracy Reforms Package, defined in our EthoCracy page, involves 30 changes in Civitas Management that are admittedly drastic, and consequently quite difficult to implement. For this reason, EthoCracy can only be a long-term objective. These important reforms aim not only at improving democracy, through full transparency, but also civic environments, through the formation of a "Critical Mass" of better disciplined citizens with improved civic behavior. From this point of view, one can say EthoCracy aims at improving the world, but this is a misleading projection, and completely mistaken if intended with a connotation of any kind of negative 'New World Order' in the ugly sense of this frantic expression, in the popular way it is used at the moment. EthoCracy aims, first and foremost, at improving persons, not the world, and only consequently also the world, through 30 good reforms, and the new institutions, that these more dexterous persons will be ale to set up and manage for better Civitas Management. Consequently it is only indirectly, and as a cascading effect of the "Critical Mass" of the changed persons involved, that it shall improve the world in maybe a new kind of  positive 'New Ethocratic World Order'. Its additional efforts to promote EthoGloso are meant to also improve all world interpersonal relations [Thus the EthoCracy symbol to the right, with the double "E" (The straight and reversed Greek Epsilon of Delphi as its white part) standing for EthoPlasìn and EthoCracy]. In short, EthoCracy reforms aim first at making as many persons as possible achieve best personal and civic behavior, thus their best efficiency in Civitas Management, and consequently also making them achieve maximum possible social meritocratic justice down the line, but without the involvement of any kind of world ideology or hegemony, only through the Return Of Philosophy and its powerful positive influence on individual behavior from personal, civic and political points of view.


EthoCracy is an early acronym used by the PythagorArium Project in its pursuit of better democracy. This acronym has later on evolved in two more explicit names. The first one is TruthOcracy, as a first stage of better democracy, and its concept has been developed in an entirely separate website. The second one is Aristarchy as a second and final stage of fully accomplished better democracy based not only on truth and transparency, but also on merit and beauty.


5-- EthoMovement of EthoCrats

A good way to start achieving all its objectives, in particular its long term one, is the creation of a strong socio-political EthoMovement, through the reinforcement of the PythAssociation, worldwide, and of its "Critical Mass" of members around the world able to push for the spreading of better human behavior in the basis of Platonic Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics, and for the implementation of as many as possible of the 30 reforms formulated in the EthoCracy Reforms Package, ideally all of them as a package. Being such a promoter is being an Etho, and the fans and followers of the EthoMovement are called Ethos,  or Ethocrats, and their movement the EthoMovement, or the EthoCracy Movement, or again the EthoCratic Movement. In the same manner, an affiliated school becomes an EthoSchool, and its students become EthoStudents. All these promoters wear a right-wrist EthoBracelet at all times. A good second step, as explained in our page on EthoCracy, might be to start building a growing number of NECA (National EthoCratic City Area) suburbs, wherever possible, attached to a growing number of cities, in countries attempting to gradually implement EthoCratic governments. In the meantime, the EthoPlasìn Academy, and the overall PythagorArium, would keep on forming as many people as possible on the basis of their philosophical holistic education, and would constantly further their research on how to improve their concepts of best Civitas Wellness, and their best application.


6-- EthoGaia

Finally, a new world managed on the three above levels of improvement, as a cumulative package, including EthoPlasìn education, EthoCracy politics and EthoGloso IAL, implemented all together at the same time in a majority of countries, becomes EthoGaia, or a Planet of Ethics, built from Ethics in their best quality and tradition. And EthoGaia, or EthoCracy at a global level, is the ultimate long-term objective of the PythagorArium.


eBook: For this reason, there will soon be a new eBook on sale, on this website and through Amazon. A previous version, called "Periphania" (which means "Proudness" in Greek, in both a personal and a national sense, on the part of an ethocratic citizen), has been withdrawn to be re-written on a different basis, and with a new title. The new book main title is now: "From Democracy To EthoCracy", with the subtitle "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". The second subtitle is "Periphania", as the force of proudness with which to counter the new JewZuit Power of Global Enslavement, and to improve the world with the EthoCracy Reform Package (being elaborated for Part II of the eBook). The book is an essay written by Jacques Drapeau, the only author and developer of this website. The first version of "Periphania" had been put online a few months ago as a PDF download, but contained only a limited package of political reforms to achieve what we call EthoCracy. It was thus withdrawn for being restructured with a more comprehensive set of reforms regarding also economic, social, constitutional, educational and ecological reforms to achieve what, overall, we call EthoCracy, through the birth of a new culture that we call ELJSM. For now, you can only look at Part I of this new incarnation of the eBook, but as a webpage this time, for advanced promotion purposes, at this link: From Democracy To EthoCracy. Updated versions of that webpage are being provided on a regular basis with a date stamp at its top right corner. The final full version of the eBook is expected during the Spring of 2015, to be sold as an eBook through this website and through Amazon. 


Long Live the Spirit of EthoPlasìn!

Be it spread with EthoGloso!

 Well Come EthoCracy!

Be an EthoCrat!