“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,

it will make more progress in one decade

than in all previous centuries of its existence”

– Nikola Tesla –


Science Of Being

A Science Of Being is a way to be: a particular way to be, first as a way to think and then as a way to live, and help others live better, based on an agreed set of concepts and values. The EthoPlasìn Science of Being includes many new and difficult concepts, like: CoPHLE, Archetypes, Co-creation, Oneness, Music Harmonics, Holographic Molding, Philosophical Virtues and Exercising and their Levels of Formation, Human Tetractys etc. These concepts will not be defined here in full as their integrity is part of the internal manuals of study and training material reserved to Academy members. You will nevertheless find here below a hint as to what these main leading concepts are. 

Religion - A preliminary note of clear warning on Religion is important before we get more specifically into the concepts of the EthoPlasìn Science of Being. The EthoPlasìn Campus is, overall and formally, an a-religious environment. No religion! The Academy believes that society in general should ideally be a no-formal-religion entity in a no-formal-religion environment: ReligionSymbolsno religion in terms of formal and dominating religious institutions. Religious institutions should ideally only exist for exegetic and background spiritual guidance purposes, but never as organs of dominating power over their faithful. Religious institutions should never be organs of power, but only organs of consultation on a freewill basis. Religion, when it exists, as it does most of the time in most human beings, should be essentially a strictly private affair based on the natural conscience of the human soul, who is perfectly capable of assessing properly the nature and quality of its relations with oneself, the society and the universe, let alone God in its various appellations. In practice this ideal is not realistic and consequently it will not be pursued by the Academy as a global objective. History has also long made clear, in many famous cases of the last 4000 years, that opposing a clerical cast could even be dangerous, as shown for example by the fate of the first Pharaoh, Akhenaton (poisoned in ~BC 1350 for opposing the Egyptian clergy), by the great Greek philosopher woman of Alexandria, Hypatia, (lapidated by the Judeo-Christians of Egypt in 415 AD), by Giordano Bruno (burnt alive by the Catholic Church in Rome in 1600 AD), and by the sagas of many more well known individuals of more recent times, like Galileo and Salman Rushdie. This unrealistic global objective is however quite realistic and achievable in the confines Privacyof a private environment like the one of the Academy. Therefore it is one of its requirements for admission. Incredible abuse, with mortal violence, has been committed for centuries for religious reasons, and it is still the case today. This violence nearly always came, and still comes, not from the religions themselves but from the religious institutions, through some of their overly agitated institutional leaders, rather than from the simple human beings born in a family, or an environment, that made them 'automatically' members of these religions. The Academy does not oppose any religion privately practiced normally outside the ARIUM and, in the case of members, in complete privacy. At the Academy however, for all practical purposes, formal religion practice is simply non-existent, and must be non-existent. The campus is formally an a-religious environment. Religious proselytism in turn is completely prohibited to its registered members, in or out of the Academy. Needless to add that EthoPlasìn is not a religion but a Philosophy developed as a Science of Being. EthoPlasìn is a strictly private school and association, and the first step to have any active participation in the related Arium life, as a student or a as member, is to become formally a member of its PythAssociation. The above requirements about religion practice and proselytism are fundamental ones for admission to the PythAssociation: they are well known in advance and formulated as explicit clauses of the written contract agreement freely agreed to, and undersigned, by all candidate members being admitted. Those who do not agree are free to simply not/not to join. Breaking these contractual clauses after joining would mean automatic exclusion and formal cancellation of membership. As a last point, there is no need to add (as well stated in our previous page on Description In More Details) that, in spite of its deep concern for virtuous and meritocratic behavior of its members, in both private and public matters, and in spite of its strong desire for the development of a democracy (or rather a meritocracy) based on the philosophy of Pythagoras and Plato, EthoPlasìn has nothing to do with any kind of moralistic or puritan movement. Rather the opposite, as EthoPlasìn fundamentally means joy, harmony, justice and pleasure lived and shared legitimately with decorum and a sense of proportion and oneness. The negative exploitation of Pythagoras and Plato in moralistic, and/or anti-democratic terms, has been used extensively, and wrongly, by many political or ideological movements in the past. To the contrary, EthoPlasìn is only concerned with the positive exploitation of their ideas, values and discipline, as they really were in the minds of these two great philosophers. In practice this is translated into the harmonious formation of the Human Tetractys, for the acquisition of philosophical wisdom and self-control of one's emotional center, along with the full enjoyment of all good pleasures of life within reasonable limits.

Politics - A preliminary note of warning on politics is also important. Let's just repeat here one of the paragraphs of our page Description In More Details:

...if EthoPlasìn is not related to any current political party, it has the pursuit of more Meritocracy as a short-term objective and of full EthoCracy as a long term objective. These are really political objectives pursuing better Civitas management. EthoCracy does not exist yet in any country, nor is there any EthoCratic political party formed yet in any non-EthoCratic country. If however EthoPlasìn gets to be successful with its basic objective, from an educational point of view, it will also get to be successful soon after that from a political point of view in the pursuit of more Meritocracy and full EthoCracy. At that time of course EthoPlasìn will be closely linked to all EthoCratic political parties being formed in the world, as political parties of its own trademark name and philosophy, leading their political programs, reforms and orientation. This will be the only clear and direct political affiliation that EthoPlasìn will eventually ever have.

Correct Thinking vs. New Age Thinking - This webpage and its concepts have nothing to do with the New Age movement. From this point of view, it is rather related to what one could call an 'Old Age' movement in as much as it calls essentially on the philosophy of Ancient-Greece to help revive and improve contemporary education and civic environments. This webpage has mainly to do with the Science of Correct Thinking, which is the most important science to master in life, before attempting to master any other kind of science, in order to achieve best education and thus best self-realization.

Modern Science Meets Ancient Philosophy -  The EthoPlasìn Science Of Being reveals a perfect and harmonious junction between the Physics part of Ancient-Greece Philosophy and the most advanced Modern Science of Quantum Physics; It took 2500 years to finallyHorsesBW achieve this communion between Philosophy and Science and this new communion puts into evidence the perfect actuality of Ancient Philosophy for all of us, even for the most materialistic scientists, to better understand the world and improve our comprehension and role into it.

Elements to be considered -

  1. CoPHLE - In its fundamental perspective of Oneness, regarding humanity and the universe, the EthoPlasìn Philosophy believes there is only one common source of fundamental and creative Energy and Goodness. Most people will just call it "God". In our context of ELL culture, if we needed to be more specific with a god name, we should probably call it "Apollo", but we generally use a more generic acronym: SDAVLOL (Supreme Deific Arranger Vivifying Loving Omnipotent Logos). In terms of "creative energy" specifically, the Academy calls it with another new acronym of Apollonian meaning, coined as: Cosmic ordinance Pan-forming Holographic Loving Energy”, or CoPHLE. In their heart, everyone, including members, can freely call this fundamental Energy differently on the basis of their social, or even religious, background, be it NOOS, Tchi, Zeus, God, Brahman, even Christ, or Buddha etc. For the purposes of EthoPlasìn membership and activities, it is an Energy, or a form of "Anima Mundi" called CoPHLE, and only CoPHLE. CoPHLE by itself sits still and quiet, like ethereal and untamable ether, but, at the same time, as an 'all-potential' Force, when Consciousness, that is 'Thought', comes-in to animate it as a 'Pan-forming Force'. This animating consciousness, with some good educational training, can become Infinite Awareness, or make us rediscover the real Infinite Awareness that we fundamentally are. As such, it can be superior or inferior to the average human consciousness but the top level of human consciousness is certainly the most capable of animating this CoPHLE energy, and 'plasmate it', or 'plasmate through it', that is 'give it form', for the creation of 'Good' for all living beings, using it at various levels of vibration, like word, sound, sight and thinking. The achievement of a return to our real nature of Infinite Awareness is an eminent part of the training of the PythagorArium members through a system of STRA (Step-Thought Rising Awareness) that are the essential base of the training of the so-called PythArmy of those who are not fulltime students at the Academy.

  2. CoPHLE is a "Mens insita omnibus" as opposed to a "Mens ultra omnia". It is a 'mental force' within everything as opposed to above, and separate from, everything. This "Force", or "Energy", expressed at our simplest level as thought, of an essentially mental nature (to avoid saying 'a spiritual nature', which would probably be closer to its real nature), is the most fundamental "Fabric" of "All That Is", including us and the entire universe. Although we, and the universe, appear 'solid', we are nothing else but individual expressions of a 'bundle' of that pure vibrating ethereal energy, held together by the 'idea' of its corresponding loving archetype. This 'bundle' of ethereal energy, corresponding to each archetypal 'solid thing', is fictitiously perceived by the mind as 'solid', but only because of the special mediation of the five senses that come into play in order to render our reality 'solid' for the practical purposes of our routine daily life. TetractysWe are all, and only are, atoms floating in an immense, and apparently void, container of CoPHLE, and atoms are anything but 'solid', let alone any kind of 'matter' at their intrinsic level. Quantum Physics clearly demonstrate that all that exist, in all dimensions and aspects of reality, is ultimately a bundle of Quanta, Pure Energy, Vibration, and 'Mind Energy' or at least certainly 'Energy Obedient to Mind', just like a car is ultimately a bundle of energy, or atoms that stay together, in form and function, in strict obedience to the 'idea' that put them together. As we will see in more details further down, Quanta or Atoms are rather a kind of 'spiritual ethereal fluid' vibrating at inconceivable speeds and resembling pure emptiness (thus very 'spiritual') rather than any kind of sensorial solid matter. Each of us is a consciousness spark, or bundle, of this same (thus 'Oneness') overall mental force and, with proper training, and proper exercise of our freewill, we can use each our own bundle in various ways to animate part of this 'Pan-forming' mental force for our own benefit and the benefit of all other living beings. Through our Solar Plexus, our individual mind becomes part of the universal mind and participates directly to its unlimited CoPHLE 'Pan-forming' power. The highest part of our own mind power, in the Pythagorean Tetractys (with its graphical representation to the right) of the human soul, is not different to it in nature, but only in degree, and that degree can vary a lot with proper training. This is where the EthoPlasìn holistic formation comes into play. The related formation of the Human Tetractys is briefly explained in our page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation. On that page, you find more information specifically on the Tetractys (or here), along with additional comments about man being a Co-Creation Participator in our page on Platonic Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics.    

  3. CoPHLE as a name - Why the name CoPHLE? - This fundamental Creative Energy we coined as CoPHLE is only the name the EthoPlasìn gives it but, as a philosophical and physical concept, it is not at all new. What is new, as mentioned in the above introduction, is the recent communion of thinking between Ancient Philosophy and Modern Science, after 2500 years of complete separation, and the fact that Modern Science, at the level of Quantum Physics, finally meets Ancient Philosophy in agreeing on the definite existence of this 'un-measurable' Creative Energy. This agreement is so new however, on the part of modern science, that there is still no agreement on a common name to call it. This is why we felt free to call it "CoPHLE". What we call CoPHLE was called  simply "Aether" by many Ancient-Greece philosophers, from Hesiod on, around ~BC 700 or with the descriptive expression of the "Air Breathed By The Gods", that is the special "Imponderable Light" represented by god Apollo Hyperborean in the previous tradition of the Greek mythology, serving as an intermediary energy between spirit and matter. EtherFieldPythagoras (around ~BC 510) and Aristotle (around ~BC 330) also called it the "Fifth Element". Paracelsus, around 1500, called it the "Astral Light", as did a long suite of other scientists in the millennia before him, translating the concept of "Akasha" of many ancient religions and philosophies. The great genius and philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burnt alive by the church in 1600 for his ideas, and who anticipated many of the discoveries in modern quantum physics made 400 years later, called it "Anfitrite". Newton called it, around 1700, the "Invisible Living Spirit of Matter" responsible for both gravity and body sensations. It was later called "The Ether Field" by early modern science until 1887. The famous chemist and philosopher Karl Reichenbach, around 1850, called it the "Odyle Force". After 1887 it was often called simply "The Field". James Clerk Maxwell, the formulator of the classical electromagnetic theory could not name it but described it as the "Necessary Subtle Invisible Substance of the Empty Space". Einstein himself called it by its ancient Greek name, "Ether", and admitting he did not know its nature, he affirmed: "Space without Ether is just Unthinkable". Stephen Hawking was so puzzled by its own discovery (even if only through indirect detection), and the positive absolute need to affirm its deducted existence, that he could not call it in any better way than "The Mind Of God". Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell called it "The Nature's Mind". Other scientists called it recently "The Quantum Hologram". Max Planck, the founder of Quantum Physics, who was both a physicist and a philosopher, was the first on to use the name "Matrix", meaning to him the unifying field of force that resembles a "Conscious and Intelligent Mind". Famous physicist Michio Kaku called it the "Quantum Hologram". Famous best-selling author Gregg Braden recently called it "The Divine Matrix", which is the title of one of his most beautiful books. Others called it "The Reality Matrix", or "The Living Matrix". David Bohm, a great contemporary physicist and philosopher who died in 1992, working in collaboration with neuroscientist Karl Pribam, called it "The Implicate Order", describing it as a unifying force of "Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement". Physicist John Wheeler, a collaborator of Einstein, described it as the force of consciousness that makes us a "Co-creation Participating Force" instead of simple observers of the universe. Nobel prize for Physics in 1984, Carlo Rubbia, might have discovered the basis of its composition in what he called the "Z-Particle", following up on what his predecessor Enrico Fermi had called "The Thinking Light". In the absence of a common name, but in front of the definite existence of this Creative Energy, finally affirmed in full agreement by both Ancient-Greece Philosophy and the most advanced modern science, EthoPlasìn felt free to coin it its own way as: "CoPHLE". This name best describes its nature and power from our point of view, and we will use this name until a final agreement emerges on another best common name to call it.

  4. CoPHLE as a Creative Force - Now that this Energy has been 'discovered' however, that is affirmed as an 'All-potential Creative Force' ("Pan-forming Energy") with the same positivity by both Ancient Philosophy and Modern Science, the only important question is how to best use it for the benefit of all living beings. This is where EthoPlasìn intends to make its own little contribution. This magnificent 'Field', or 'Force', or 'Energy', can still be only 'positively deducted', but still not 'positively measured' by scientific instruments. As sophisticated as they are, these instruments are all too gross in nature to 'positively measure' such 'Ethereal Force'. This Field is however the realm from which seeds, pollen, sperm and other life-generating organisms, including DNA, draw their instructions, guiding or leading the holographic development of all corresponding forms of life, and these instructions all come from a form of consciousness that 'lives' or 'acts' in and through that 'Ethereal realm' as their holographic source. These forms of consciousness are very similar to ours, superior or inferior in graduation, but similar in nature, and all contribute to 'animate' this Field as a 'Pan-forming' Force, like it is defined in our CoPHLE concept. This CoPHLE force in turn is the foundation of all the other EthoPlasìn concepts described further down. As such, in can be used in particular as what we call the "Torus Speech Creative Power" for health purposes.

  5. CoPHLE as "Torus Speech Creative Power" Used For Our Health - This beautiful creative energy can be used for many purposes, hopefully only good ones, but eminently for our own health. This should be the subject of another webpage or book. However, we should not miss the occasion to briefly expose in this sub-page on "Torus Speech Creative Power"  how it can be used specifically for health purposes. 

  6. CoPHLE and Creative Thinking - Our mind is the static energy corresponding to passive, but all-potential CoPHLE energy. Our thinking is the energetic energy animating the all-potential attribute of the CoPHLE energy. Our mind is linked directly to the great CoPHLE realm through our subconscious and our Solar Plexus. Our thinking comes in to play as the creative force of will that animates that Pan-forming attribute of CoPHLE: being what Physicist John Wheeler, a collaborator of Einstein, described as the force of consciousness that makes us a "Co-creation Participating Force". Love gives vitality to this co-creation animation. Thinking by itself is an extremely dangerous power. Combine to Love, thinking becomes necessarily creative and constructive thinking. Constructive Thinking and Love put together make an invincible field of Pan-forming force, or a combination of power, capable of giving form to all that is useful for the happiness and wellbeing of all living beings. The Pan-forming power of this combination is infinite and unlimited. It makes us practically omniscient and omnipotent for all our purposes at our own level. This is, in part, an explanation of the overly simplistic Law of Attraction, that we have heard so much about in the last decade, but it is much more than that. It is a Law of Co-Creation through the proper animation of CoPHLE with the power of Creative Thinking and Love. The 'Law of Attraction' is fundamentally a Law of Love. This superb and omnipotent Law of Love is the one behind all manifestations in the universe, from the sub-cosmos of the atoms, holding together the electrons, to the macro-cosmos of the universe holding together the stars and galaxies, via the medio-cosmos of our planet holding together each living being on our beautiful Earth. Gravitation, the nature of which scientists still cannot explain at the beginning of the third millennia, is simply the pure 'Cosmic Love' of CoPHLE, and is itself nothing but the best scientific manifestation of this Law of Love holding the universe and all its parts together in a state of beautiful Oneness. Love, as it does well between human lovers, 'attracts' and holds together all the elements that are formulated by our creative thinking for our realization and happiness. It will even attract together all the elements necessary for the manifestation of things yet only imagined in our mind. This is why real creative thinking can only be effective for oneself if based on Love and thus formulated also for the benefit of all living beings. Thinking cannot be constructive without Love and selfish thinking can only be destructive on the long run.         

  7. World of Archetypes - The above paragraphs brought us frontally into the World of Archetypes as defined by Ancient-Greece Philosophy, by Plato in particular. We are touching here the 'Secret of Life', and of the origin of all 'Life Forms' that draw their 'instructions' in the form of DNA from the Archetypes that live within this 'Ethereal Realm' of the CoPHLE Energy. The key to start understanding this 'real world' is not to take anything for granted: not what you see, nor anything you sense in any another way, not the earth you walk on, not the apparent functioning of a knee or a heart, not the shape of a flower, not even the disease you feel you may have, nothing! Everything is first an idea and as such nothing but a representation of a sublime Archetype or its ugly distortion. These Archetypes have a life of their own, that is a form of consciousness, through which they 'Love' to express themselves in all life forms, using seeds, or sperm, or human thinking, in a holographic way, as their vehicle of expression, eachArchetype through their corresponding 'act of love', or 'act of procreation', or act of 'co-creation' at their specific levels of vibration. Realizing the existence of these Archetypes, and using our creative thinking, makes us participants to their role and become co-creators. This is where the Holographic Molding component of the EthoPlasìn discipline comes into play. This is why this Energy has been coined CoPHLE with the various elements of its name, including its 'Loving' attribute. This is why a "thing" is a happy carousel of atoms lovingly held together by an archetype, that is by the "idea" that created it, or gave it its form.    

  8. World Illusion - CoPHLE formation and meditation is thus part of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy as a Science of Beingthat helps understand the world and our role into it. It affirms there is No Time as we think we know it; No Space as we think we know it; No Matter as we think we know it; No Emptiness as we think we know it. No Separation as we think we know it; No Locality as we think we know it. No Death as we think we know it; No Birth as we think we know it; Consequently No Body as we think we know it. There is only Cosmic Holographic Energy to which we, and all beings, and things, all belong to, at different “PEarthOnenessan-forming” degrees, through the infinite manifestations of an Eternal Now, and in a state of overall Oneness in which nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is preserved albeit in a state of constant transformation. We perceive the world in a very limited way. For example, we do not perceive the infrared waves (while reptiles do), we do not perceive the ultraviolet waves (while honey bees do) and we do not perceive the infra and ultra sounds (while bats do). All these waves that we cannot perceive, and many others from both the physical and spiritual realms, nevertheless exist, just like the fundamental ethereal CoPHLE exists even if we cannot perceive it directly through our common 5 senses. Modern Physics has taken 2500 years to 'prove' what Ancient Greek philosophers used to say, that the apparent emptiness of 'space' is in fact full of 'Ether', the "Air Breathed By The Gods" mentioned by Hesiod, a 'spiritual ethereal fluid', that modern science eventually called  'black matter' and which, in fact, is denser in substance and power than the 'white matter' we think we know through our five normal limited senses (and we think that 'Black Matter' is an ugly and negative name for what should rather be called 'Hidden Energy', or simply 'CoPHLE'). This is in fact the realm of CoPHLE that waits, lovingly, for us to use our thinking consciousness to animate all its archetypes in order to manifest the best of ourselves for the best benefits of all living beings. This however implies the use of our freewill and without the guidance of an appropriate philosophical discipline, we too often become like the 'onion-man' pursuing the various strata of the 'Peer Gynt' illusions without being even aware of our central core of unifying nature with the cosmic Oneness. This is where the EthoPlasìn Science Of Being and Discipline come into play to try to help. The Pythagorean discipline of regularly meditating on these most fundamental concepts of our existence is called MASTOM.

  9. Power of Co-Creation Corroborated by Quantum Physics - Like Ancient-Greece Philosophy affirmed (like in the Timaeus of Plato), confirmed by modern science (like by the Implicate Order of Bohm, mentioned above), all things, including us as bodies, are not only made of minuscule atoms but these minuscule atoms themselves are enormous constructions running in an infinitely more minuscule substance that we called CoPHLE. If you set an atom to the size of St.Atom Peter’s dome in Rome, a neutron of its nucleus in the center would be smaller than a grain of salt. The in-between space is “empty ether”. If you now go within the nucleus itself, within its little 'grains of salt', the space between their own sub-particles is also “empty” by the same kind of proportion, which is way over 99,99%. And this is believed to be only the beginning of a long chain of “emptiness” at an infinite number of levels. In other words, in appearance, practically only infinite levels of “ethereal emptiness” do exist, one within the other, like Russian dolls. To make things worse, modern Quantum Physics tells us that an atom does not even exist at all as an atom until a form of Consciousness, typically the human consciousness, is used to attempt to measure it or simply to observe it. Until then, it is practically “pure nothingness” and "pure potential" in the middle of "pure ethereal emptiness" and, after then, it returns to be “pure nothingness” in the middle of "pure ethereal emptiness". And this is what we are all made of: practically only "emptiness", except for our level of that one powerfully and creative 'ethereal little thing' that fills the vacuum, and that we call consciousness. In other words, matter as we normally conceive it, just does not exist and its apparent 'infinite emptiness' is in fact full of a hidden energy waiting lovingly to be used for co-creation power purposes. The most important thing to realize however is that it is us, as our consciousness, who “materialize” the reality as we see it and thus 'create' it as we think it exists in our daily life. In other words, “created matter”, or "created reality" is subjective, not objective, and it is our consciousness that is the power that can turn it into “reality”, or what we 'see' as reality. The same kind of reflection made over "Matter" mutatis mutandis can apply to “TiUniverseOurGalaxyme” and to the power of “Now” as the only time element that “is”. The same kind of reflection can also apply to “Space” where relativity of movement and non-locality of distance confirm that only a “Oneness” does exist, engulfing all of us at the level of the overall universe, with Space having no reality or role of its own except to allow consciousness, according to the BeLovArium Logo, to "Visualize with Belief and Love to Fast Fill the Arium", the ethereal emptiness, with its holographic creations. Finally, the same kind of reflection can apply to the apparent "Separation" between oneself, the others, the humanity, all living beings and the rest of all things in the universe, where in fact no separation does exist and where we, and all things and living beings are only different expressions of the same fundamental Oneness. The cascading consequences of this understanding are enormous. It means that with proper control of our consciousness we can control our reality, let alone 'create' it as we wish it to be. This is where imagination and its creative power comes in as the most important attribute given to human beings, and granted to us at 'maximum level' compared to all other living beings: thus the importance to "educate" it correctly, and control it positively, through appropriate discipline, in particular in light of our freewill. All the above allows an important extrapolation: this understanding means much more than "The Secret" or the Law of Attractionthat we have heard so much about in the last few years; As mentioned previously, it is fundamentally a Law Of Love and a Law of Co-Creation. It also means a kind of "Law of Expression" or rather even a divine-like "Power of Co-Creation" that we own at our prominent level, and share, at various lower degrees, with all the creatures of the overall Universe; For the Academy, it is the law of “Cosmic Ordinance Pan-forming Holographic Loving Energy”, or CoPHLE. In short, we were created as divine entities and, as such, omniscient and omnipotent for our purposes at our own levels, and our fundamental purpose is precisely to be effective co-creators: we are not simple, separate and insignificant creatures but rather participators in the creation process in a state of oneness. Physicist John Wheeler, a great scientist and collaborator of Einstein, explained he could not describe the unifying building blocks of the universe [what we call CoPHLE] in a better way than in terms of "Consciousness", and he added that consequently, man being the most eminent source of consciousness of our known created world, we are "Participants" as co-creators of the universe. To be good and effective creation participators however, in a positive way, we need a special kind of education and discipline for the harmonious development of our Tetractys and the acquisition of the necessary Philosophical Wisdom of its 4th level. This is precisely what the EthoPlasìn intends to contribute to provide. And the Platonic foundation of these concepts is exposed in our page on Platonic Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics. Our Mission of Co-creation is expressed in particular in the Second Paradox of that same page.

  10. Oneness - If understood correctly, and used appropriately, CoPHLE can help human beings create better life for all living beings in a state of overall Earth Oneness. The reflection of the previous paragraphs, and their understanding, sits in fact at the source of, and behind, the meaning, of all the concepts and tools of the EthoPlasìn discipline and philosophy as expressed briefly in this page on 'Science Of Being'. The organic brain has no intelligence or consciousness of its own. Its consciousness and related intelligence come from the part of the "CoPHLE Field" we integrated into our aura, from the 'human archetype' we use, and manifest in our own way, from the cosmic world, or the CoPHLE Matrix, to which we all participate at a greater or smaller degree. We participate to it in a state of Oneness with the rest of all human beings but each with a freewill. This freewill has to be educated to ensure it makes the best choices for the best of the 'whole', or the 'One', the 'Source' to which it participates. This participation is nevertheless the magnificent gift of a chance to be original in our individual contributions. Such a gift, from whatever 'Source' it may come from, should be a reason for immense gratefulness. Through proper Education, as opposed to 'only-instruction', the contribution of each of us, different in degree and different in quality, becomes vital for the benefit of all of us in a state of Oneness at Planet Earth level. Thus the kind of holistic Education provided by the Academy. Thus the meaning of Rule Six of the EthoPlasìn discipline: "Lead all your thoughts by a sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness". Greater the number of people receiving this kind of education, as opposed to receiving only 'instruction' while studying, greater the critical mass of the overall related co-creative CoPHLE Force will be at the human archetype level, leading to improved human environments, more happiness, or at least certainly better civic life, with clear cascading benefits for all beings living on this beautiful Planet Earth in a state of Oneness. The Planet Earth has to be seen as the common home of all living forms but in particular as "One Organic Living Entity", as we are "ONE" with our environment. In turn, our Cosmic Oneness is not less evident and important if we give proper 'attention', that is 'consciousness', even for a single minute, to basic facts like the following: if we cannot walk off a table and expect not to fall to the floor, it is only because of the cosmic attraction of this planet on our body; if the Earth was bigger or smaller, that minor cosmic change would make our bone structure, our size and our body appearance look entirely different; without the oxygen of our planetary atmosphere, we would die immediately; without the Moon and its cosmic influence on sea tides and climate, we would also die very quickly; if our Sun was minimally closer or farther away, that sole cosmic change would again make our life and existence impossible. We are thus closely enthralled in a Cosmic Oneness. This is our cosmic entanglement. Some of the greatest modern scientists (like Niels Bohr, Karl Pribram, David Bohm, John Wheeler, Fred Alan Wolf and Alan Aspect), in perfect conformity with the thinking of Ancient-Greece philosophers, do confirm that All is One, All is Conscious and All is Interconnected at Cosmic level. Self and Earth Oneness is of course the main concern and focus in the education provided by the academy, in order to provide its members with 'a sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility' but, to stress its vital importance, it is also useful to place it in the overall context of the not less real Cosmic Oneness to which we all belong and that cannot be fully appreciated if we do not first attain Self Oneness (in the formation of our Human Tetractis). If you hurt a part of you, you hurt yourself. The opposite is equally true. If members are trained for their 'life participation' to reflect this concern, and to spread this sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility, the rest of humanity should be grateful for this new type of holistic Education that, at the moment, is totally excluded from all schools and universities around the world. Human beings formed with this type of education can have an immensely positive influence on the evolution of the quality of life for all living beings on Planet Earth. This is eminently true even from a civic, meritocratic and philoecosophical points of view. This is consequently an important aspect of the EthoPlasìn mission and of the unique type of Holistic Education it provides to all its members on the basis of a Pythagorean Man Emulation at the four levels of the Tetractys, of which the 4th level is the attainment of the superior virtue of "Godly Self Oneness", through, in particular,  a process of Amalgamation of Eros, Anamnesis and Philosophy, as expressed in our page on Platonic Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics.   

  11. PhiloEcoSophical Oneness - We must state clearly that, in spite of its important rule and concept of 'Self and Planet Oneness', EthoPlasìn is not an ecological movement. The Oneness we are talking about is much more than the usual 'green planet oneness' of the ecological movements. In as much as it is related to ecology, EthoPlasìn considers itself rather a "blue" movement, as opposed to a "green" movement, as it involves not only the natural physical environment, but also the human environment, including eminently its full human soul dimension at its 4 levels of Tetractys. Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility is a priority for EthoPlasìn, but not at all an exclusivity. In turn, for EthoPlasìn, Self and Planet Oneness is only a part of a more comprehensive Oneness that spans from the 'atomic' to the 'cosmic' levels, via its philosophic Onenesslevel of expression within the human being at the 4th level of its Tetractys. However EthoPlasìn spreading of this sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility (as an early priority in Rule Six of its discipline, with full comprehension and use at maximum level as per Rule 10), has connotations of a highly ecological nature in their  best sense. From this point of view, EthoPlasìn is what we can call "Philoecosophical" (which means 'friend of ecology', just like 'philo-sophy' means 'friend of wisdom'). To live in a state of Self and Planet Oneness Harmony, and with a sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility, all actions and aspects of living on Earth have to be well balanced and contribute to the wellbeing of all living beings, let alone the overall planet itself. Members are thus being educated to observe, love and respect nature and the Planet as a whole. Oddly enough, this is not at all a recent phenomenon, nor a trademark of modern ecological movements. Ancient Greek Philosophy had it as an important part of the education of its students. This "philoecosophical" education has nothing to do with the catastrophic scenarios formulated by many ecological movements, often based on incomplete or contradictory information, and most of the time used mainly, or mostly, for political purposes (and their attached financing subventions) or for the public exposure and 'fame' of those formulating them. It has rather to do with an educated state of mind that includes elements of love, respect  and responsibility toward nature. Nevertheless this philoecosophical state of mind and education do contribute highly to the prevention of the worst scenarios formulated by the most active ecological movements. From this point of view, all members of the EthoPlasìn can also be considered important allies to the most serious ecological movement leaders. As a last point, in our page on EthoCracy, which is the long term objective of the EthoPlasìn Academy, the implementers of EthoCracy have to base all their new legislation on a special annex of the constitution that is called Fundamental PhiloEcoSophical Law, or FPL.  

  12. Creative Force - Our divine-like Power of Co-Creation, as seen above, is the foundation of the maximum level of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy as expressed by rules 9 and 10 of the discipline. Combining the various types of creative harmonics, word, sound and sight, to the powers of Thinking, Imagination and Consciousness, gives trained members the best creative tool and force in the form of Pan-forming CoPHLE Energy to be used for the benefit of all living beings. This is the meaning of the “…best co-creation forceof Rule 9. More than 'Repositories', our brains are Decoders, Receivers and Transmitters of CoPHLE Energy. They receive, possibly transform and reemit. They have to be taught to screen out and only receive the right energy, transform whatever they receive the right way, and reemit, or transmit, positively the transformed energy with maximum power. This is the culminating point of personal improvement and empowerment in reaching the top level of the EthoPlasìn Discipline, and becoming an EthoPlasìn Master, that is becoming someone mastering the Philosophical Science of Being based on CoPHLE and Philosophy as mentioned in Rule 10. OnenessHandsTreeUp

  13. PanForming - CoPHLE  has nothing to do with “PanTheistic” religions or movements, thus the coining of the new adjective: "PanPlasmic" or “Pan-forming”, which stresses the absence of connection with religion institutions or sacred books, but still affirms a “Divine-like” Cosmic Force, or a Universal Energy Field, behind all expressions of creation. This Energy is “Pan”, i.e.  all-pervasive, or all-invasive, and the foundation of the ...sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness” of Rule six, and also the principle behind the best co-creation forceof Rule nine. This Pan-forming attribute is where Mathematics and Quantum Physics come in as essential elements of formation of consciousness in the EthoPlasìn discipline and philosophy.

  14. Holographic - This Energy is also “Holographic” in nature: the part is in the whole, but the whole is equally fully into each part, whatever small it is. This Energy is first and foremost “Plasming”, or "Forming", that is rooted in the fundamental sub-atomic Plasma at its peak and purest level of ethereal refinement and subtlety. This is where the Ancient Greek Philosophy concept of Ether, and the Modern Scientific Physics concepts of Plasma and Quantum finally meet after 2500 years of separate history. This ‘plasming’ power, or 'forming' power, is at the source of the creation of all things and beings, be they considered "real", only "perceived real” or "imagined". This Pan-forming, indeterminate, but all-potential, substance is then the ethereal energy that Consciousness can use to “plasmate”, or "form", that is to 'give form to', conceive, visualize and create anything, using mainly waves of sound, waves of sight and waves of thinking. This is where Music Harmonics, Kallos Beauty and Holographic Molding come into play at the higher levels of the Rules and Grades of the EthoPlasìn discipline. In a holographic world, separation and locality cease to exist as we think we know them and consciousness, that we usually associate wrongly in exclusivity with human beings, is present equally in all parts of the CoPHLE universe, from the constellations to the sub-atomic particles. 

  15. Loving - This Energy is “Loving” in that Love is the particular CoPHLE attribute that attracts and maintains together all created things and beings, and all their internal components. It is the same element, or force, that attracts people in love. This attribute acts like a kind of fundamental 'Glue' or Spiritual Gravity force of attraction and expression, that gives a Oneness sense to the whole universe. Paraphrasing the sayings of James Jeans, one of the greatest physicists, mathematicians and astronomers of the last century, and Physics Nobel Carlo Rubbia still working at the CERN of Geneva: 'the more we dig, the more the Universe is getting to resemble a Great Spirit in Love, with clear Mental Attributes, and not anymore just a great piece of mechanic like we so far considered it'.

  16. We Create our Present from the Future, not from the Past - The above paragraphs, put together, trigger an important final realization: that the present does not come from the past, but from the future. The Future creates the Past from the possibilities and tendencies we place into it through our beliefs and creative thinking in the Present. This movement of time, from Future to Past, via the Present, is the reverse of what people usually assume, but it is the right one. Everyone can thus create in the Present what the Future will put into the Past. This is the only way to understand the Oneness Boomerang Law mentioned above, the CoPHLE Pan-forming power to which we participate, and our related Co-Creation powers. From this point of view, and as much as we do it with Love and a spirit of Oneness, we are all top expressions of this CoPHLE Pan-forming force, thus able to put in our future all we want, without fearing of being greedy, conceiving it freely in the most glorious way, in order to call it into our Present, and make it part of our past, for the benefit of all living creatures. Anything we project clearly into our consciousness with sufficient force, including positive e-motional force, impresses the Pan-forming CoPHLE energy accordingly and the "Love" attribute of CoPHLE attracts it inevitably into our Present. Our ability to think is our power to act upon this infinite Pan-forming force of CoPHLE. This is our Co-Creation Power. It is also another way, and the only good way, to look at the power of 'prayer'. To use it, we have to first become conscious of it and then use it only constructively. Our choice!

  17. Cosmic Gratefulness and Responsibility - Rule six of the EthoPlasìn philosophy says: "Lead all your thoughts by a sense of Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness". It is a major level and turning point in its discipline. All we think, every single thought, is never lost but rather well registered in the ethereal cosmic layers of the Planet and of the Universe. Considering our freewill, our WorldInLovingHandspower of Co-Creation through thinking can certainly be used for the good or for the bad and, because of the Oneness principle underlying all life, it is then for the good or for the bad of All, and consequently of Oneself. This rule and responsibility will find their outmost importance and usefulness in the higher rules and levels of discipline that follow: Rules 7, 8 and 9, which express the best means to use to intervene and co-create the best world possible for the benefit of all. This responsibility however will not be assumed seriously if we do not first understand our magnificent participation to cosmic life, in a oneness way, and do not feel a deep gratefulness for that participation. This responsibility is important, as a first priority, at Planet Earth level, but has direct connotations and consequences at the overall cosmic level. All is "life", including the mineral kingdom. Life would certainly be impossible without the mineral kingdom. Man could not even exist without stone. Stone, or surrounding matter, in collaboration with the ethereal layers of the planet, becomes the Cosmic Repository of all we think at the very moment when the present becomes the past. This is why people with special mental attributes, like Stephen Ossowiecki, Gerard Croiset or Edgar Cayce, can visualize and reconstitute de past related to the things they touch. The EthoPlasìn formation wants to make sure members provide the Cosmic Repository with their best contributions for the benefit of all, including themselves. Before they contribute to the Cosmic Repository however, they also contribute to the Ethereal Repository of their own cosmic aura, which constitutes their personal Auric Repository. However, as mentioned earlier in the context of our 'Creative Power' founded on Rule 9: "more than 'Repositories', our brains are Decoders, Receivers and Transmitters of CoPHLE Energy. They receive, possibly transform and retransmit. They have to be taught to screen out and only receive the right energy, transform whatever they receive the right way, and reemit positively the transformed energy with maximum power". From this point of view, the quality of our thinking (trained by EthoPlasìn) is also a fundamental factor in the determination of the quality of our wellness, both on the side of our physical health and on the side of our mental wellbeing at the 3 levels ('Topoi') of philosophical formation mentioned further down. The above shows the vital importance of proper 'Education', as opposed to only 'Instruction' in the formation of students and this is where EthoPlasìn intends to provide its best contribution.    

  18. Kallos Beauty - Beauty in all its forms and places is also eminently part of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy and Science Of Being. For more information on this concept, you can read our separate sub-page on Kallos Beauty. The pursuit of Beauty is not only an objective 'per se' but, even more so, a vital tool in pursuing and implementing the overall life-style and philosophy promoted by the Academy. The sub-page on Kallos Beauty also shows how 'Beauty' is not a simple subjective element, dependent on passing fashions, but the result of the application of a set of objective criteria founded in the essence of nature itself. Expressing real Beauty is thus a matter of applying founding criteria thatHarpaFaceCaterinaRibeiro have to be studied and mastered by all of us if we want to be able to improve the Beauty of all aspects of our environments. This study is also a part of the EthoPlasìn formation.

  19. Music Harmonics - Harmonics is a specific field of Pythagorean formation, later on continued by the Platonic tradition, that we talk about in our page on Pythagorean Ways when dealing with the subject of "Harmonics of the Quadrivium". Sound, like speaking or singing, or music, is the most accessible and stimulating form of sensory energy humans enjoy, from even before they are born. It is thus a very special ally in assisting creating better enlightenment and living. It is the reason for having special facilities and a great interest in various aspects of “Musicology” at the ARIUM, including loud-voice meditation, participation in a multi-voice choir and the mastering of a musical instrument, let alone the use of harmonic music and Arias of Opera in its environment, both on the public and the private sides of the Academy. EthoPlay (Socratic Dialogues) is also part of this sound realm. It serves ARIUM students in particular but also all members in a cascading way. Your soul, like any soul, also has a definite and unique personal sound wave that resonates into the world like 'your' piece of music, or your own music composition. Through Socratic Dialogue (EthoPlay) and other techniques of discipline, soul resonance can be harmonized, and acquire more power and positive influence on all environments, civic environments in particular. Harmonic sound propagates, and activates automatically, in corresponding frequencies in other places of the environment, in a chain reaction of growing vibrations of the same length, or of multiples or subdivisions of the same vibrating harmony. Just like playing a central DO note on a grand piano will activate harmonically, and automatically, all other DO cords of that piano, even if they have not been hammered, and even propagate to cords of the same vibration length from other music instruments that may be present in the area. Music Harmonics is also an important tool for fast and better learning assistance, not to say also a special healing tool. They are proactively used in various aspects and places of students life, including dormitories, as explained briefly in our page on the "Private Arium Area of the Campus". Slow Baroque String Music in particular is extremely useful. The famous Goldberg Variations of Johann Sebastian Bach for example were specifically composed with this kind of preoccupations in mind, to help people link to the best creative energies of the cosmos and enjoy their maximum benefits from various points of view (in this case, Bach gave his music composition the name of the harpsichordist he chose, Johann Goldberg, to play the Variations during the bed time of his client, the Russian envoy Count Kayserling, who wanted to both resolve his insomnia problems and increase his mental lucidity and productivity).   

  20. Holographic Molding Sight energy works the same as Sound energy but is a purest vibrating energy and less spontaneously manageable. It is however even more creatively powerful, as a more elevated form of energy linked to Kallos Beauty. Human beings have the ability to positively activate and mold this sight Energy through techniques related to mental visualization. Visualization, practiced the right way, is equivalent to a form of 'creative manifestation through prayer'. Thinking is a form of subtle but extremely powerful creative energy, in particular if accompanied with loving and concentrated visualization. Consequently, through the most powerful and divine gift of Imagination given to us, and its harmonic CoPHLE use, along with "Holographic Visualization Molding" techniques, members can contribute to creating better living for themselves and all beings. Used this way, holographic molding sight energy has also a see-through power to perceive the real essence of things and beings behind the apparent 'reality' of what is in fact only the 'illusion' of what they really are, and consequently the power to also influence the transformation of this real essence for the benefit of all beings. As per their BeLovArium logo, members can Visualize with Belief and Love to fast fill the ARIUMwith their ideals, or the manifestation, or "materialization", of their intended good wishes. And this Belief power will only work if used concurrently with Love which is the essence of CoPHLE. Thus BeLovArium. This was the real meaning of what great human educators like  Buddha and Jesus said: "Ask and you shall receive". 'Ask' does not mean begging, but rather Holographic Molding, or sculpting our own life and environment, with a powerful combination of Belief and Love, like the sculptor who brings out the beautiful statue he already sees as an imprisoned image and entity in tHeart in Handshe rough block of marble. Through Holographic Molding, and our related Co-Creation Power, we become the skillful sculptors of our destiny, each one of us responsibly in their own way: "Quisque faber fortunae suae".  See the Site Map, Notes and Links page for interesting links on this subject, related to the 'Global Coherence Initiative' and books from authors like Gregg Braden.

  21. Three Basic Areas of Formation - The Science of Being of the EthoPlasìn, based on the teachings of the Ancient Greek Philosophers, involves a complete Enhancement of All Heart and Mind Radiations through Pythagorean Formation. There are 3 'Topoi' or 'main areas of work' for the harmonious development and formation of the human soul, corresponding to the 3 major sectors of the Ancient Philosophy: Physics, Ethics and Logics. These are really only the three main areas of the first level of formation of the 'soul' of the human being, conditioning the perfect harmony of its integrated Physical, Emotional and Mental centers. The 3 areas refer to the fundamental relations that define the situation of human beings: Relations with Oneself, Relations with Others and Relations with the Universe. Seen from the point of view of the daily life, these areas refer to 3 different domains of involvement: the Realm of Desires (and Events), the Realm of Action (and impulses) and the Realm of Judgment (and assents). These are the 3 spheres of activity of the human soul. From the point of view of the various divisions of the Ancient Philosophy, these 3 areas or spheres have to do correspondingly with Physics, Ethics and Logics

  22. Wisdom, or the Fourth Element and Level of the Tetractys - To the above 3 areas of formation, there is a 4th one, called Wisdom, crowning the harmonious formation of the first three levels. The holistic formation of the philosophy of Ancient-Greece, as first implemented by the Pythagorean Hemicycle School ("Omakoion"), included the four areas composing a possible 'perfect' human being. These 4 parts composed what Pythagoras called the "Sacred Tetractys" (The "Holy Quaternion"). We have seen this more explicitly in our page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation. For consistency purposes in reading this difficult page, we repeat here to the right an excerpt of that page: a graphical representation of this Tetractys, with an appropriate comment.

  23. First level only, or the Civic Level - Be it clear however that these 3 areas of educational formation form only the first level of formation to virtues and ethics, that is the civic level. In Ancient-Greece, there were 4 degrees or levels of virtues. EthoPlasìn, as a modern university, cannot be concerned too directly with the 3 additional superior levels that would involve the formation of a kind of 'saints' instead of 'good human beings, good citizens, and good inhabitants of Planet Earth', let alone good modern professionals. In our page called Description In More Details, we talk about the 4 cardinal virtues that were the subject of formation in ancient philosophical schools and thus in the EthoPlasìn formation inspired by them: Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude and Justice. These 4 virtues all re-appeared in each of the 4 levels of formation, but quite differently at each level, with different characteristics or degrees. EthoPlasìn is concerned only with the characteristics of these 4 virtues at their first level as it is not its intention to form contemplative or spiritual persons, but rather good real-life persons fit for our modern world.

  24. The first area is closely related to 'sound energy and harmony' and consequently also Music. This explains the presence of the indispensible 'Music Harmonics' component of the discipline and the requirement for members to sing or studyThreeLevels, and hopefully master, a music instrument. It is eminently the Discipline of Desires linked to the Physics part of the Ancient Philosophy and to the proper appreciation of Events and the desires they cause. It also deals with the understanding of death in the life cycle. In short, relations with oneself

  25. The second area is closely related to 'sight energy and harmony' and consequently also the Fine Arts. This explains the essential components of 'Holographic Molding' and Kallos Beauty of the discipline. This level is closely linked to the power of Eros, not in its modern sexual meaning but as a creative force of artistic beauty and a procreative force of human Kallos beauty. It is eminently the Discipline of Action linked to the Ethics part of the Ancient Philosophy and the appropriateness of positive or negative Actions. It includes the delicate sector of the so-called 'Tendencies' intended as orderly or disorderly ways of dealing with other human beings. In short, relations with others.

  26. The third area is closely related to the 'pure soul energy' of the harmonious philosophical mind and the quality of its use in resonance with the overall vibrations of the cosmic universe, and consequently also to Mathematics. This explains the presence of various aspects of Mathematics and Quantum Physics in the overall formation of the consciousness of members. It is eminently the Discipline of Assent linked to the Logics part of Ancient Philosophy, to the quality of choices made in life and in particular the objectivity of Judgments. In short, relations with the overall cosmic universe.

  27. Harmonize Three to Get Four - The harmonization and control of the functions of these three levels or areas (Three 'Topoi'), and consequently the corresponding harmonization of the Pythagorean Tetractys, along with the harmonious development of two of the most important and exclusive powers of the human being, Memory and Imagination, is basically what constitute the so-called Philosophical Science of Being or the Discipline of the Philosophy of Ancient-Greece conducting to Philosophical Wisdom. In turn, the integration of this discipline to other more modern aspects of the holistic formation provided at the Academy becomes more specifically the EthoPlasìn Science of Being. In other words, this Science of Being involves the regular practice of a sophisticated series of "Ancient Philosophical Exercises", along with other more modern elements of discipline, so as to help students achieve the harmonious and full realization of their best talents and personality as human beings and as citizens before, or while, they get their instruction as best professionals.

  28. EthoPlay - EthoJudo is the new physical discipline corresponding to the mental discipline called EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue). Both together form the new discipline of EthoPlay. They are based on the same kind of philosophy and techniques. 'Loving' is expressed eminently in acts of caring. Caring for beings of all Kingdoms, where every single day is a kind of Saint Valentine's day. This is the meaning of having on the campus many representatives of JudoPlayMasterall Kingdoms to be loved  and cared for on a daily basis. However, the 'Loving' attribute of CoPHLE is not just 'sweet easy caring'. EthoPlasìn Loving has also a more proactive and powerful side of 'loving' involvement. It is a kind of intolerance to violence, or a positive reactive force with appropriate skills to neutralize violence and combat ugliness. This reaction or combat force however is always used, and only used, in terms of neutralizing the negative forces, using skillfully the very force of the 'bad interlocutor' or aggressor against its own self, and just enough for its neutralization, doing it if possible in a playful way, hopefully with an ending smile and handshake; hopefully also having taught a positive lesson to the interlocutor. In the face of aggression, ugliness or sloppiness, it is reestablishing the missing harmony in an environment to its best potential Kallos Beauty. This is the fundamental meaning of EthoPlay and where this new discipline comes into 'play'... as not only a new physical sport, but also as an important mental tool. In fact, EthoPlay is not at all just a new sport discipline. There is also a highly mental side to it, based on the Philosophy of Judo originally included as an integral part of the old original Discipline. This mental side has its best EthoPlay expression in what we call EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue). This best side of Judo has been completely forgotten by all modern gyms. It is being resurrected in a modern way through the combination of EthoJudo on the physical side and the EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue) on the mental side. As such, EthoPlay is eminently part of the overall Philosophy and Science Of Being promoted by the Academy. ( See the separate sub-page on EthoPlay for more information).

  29. CoPHLE of all Kingdoms CoPHLE is the one and only Energy that 'plasmates', or 'gives form to', or generates, beings of all Kingdoms. This is why all Kingdoms are highly represented at the Academy. Each Kingdom is a degree or a level of belonging to CoPHLE and a different way of expressing CoPHLE. Within each Kingdom there are also levels of being. For example, vegetarian animals are superior beings of the Animal Kingdom, and in fact three of its representatives are symbols of the Academy: the Honey Bee, the Swan and the Horse. The same applies to the Vegetal Kingdom which has Lavender and Lantana as two of the main symbols of the Academy representing two superior plants in terms of resistance to time and strength in fecundity and spreading fertility ability. The same applies again to the Mineral Kingdom. Pure rock crystal is a precious tool to accumulate CoPHLE Energy and the first symbol of the Academy from the Mineral Kingdom. Such crystal is like pure light materialized in rock. Another more precious stone, the Blue Sapphire, is also useful because of its special 'sky' aura. The kingdom of minerals is also part of the CoPHLE Energy. From this philosophical point of view, they are also “living beings”. Those who practice CoPHLE meditation can use these stones positively for their own benefits and the benefit of all living beings they meet. These stones can be CoPHLE energized by those who wear them, just like the water they drink can be CoPHLE energized before it is absorbed for the integration of its intended qualities or powers. They all have an aura that can be charged positively to help their owners reach superior levels of enlightenment and Kallos Beauty and spread these energies with corresponding positive cascading effects on the persons they meet and on the environments they live in, let alone on the persons receiving them as gifts and gestures of best wishes. These symbols of all kingdoms are explained in more details in our page on Ways and Symbols