10 Guidelines and 10 Grades

(These Guidelines, formulated in the form of ethical precepts for convenience purposes, and corresponding to Grades of EthoPlasìn discipline, contain many new concepts. Some have been briefly mentioned in previous pages. They will all be better explained in other pages, like the one on Science of Being, and better clarified in the light of the background EthoPlasìn philosophy expressed in yet other pages, like the ones on Pythagorean Man Emulation and Platonic Philosophy in Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics. A short EthoPlasìn Dictionary is also available online)

The EthoPlasìn Science Of Being, and the Emulation of the Pythagorean Man, as promoted by the BeLovArium Foundation behind the Academy, and by the whole PythagorArium, is based on 10 guiding Precepts or Educational Directives, often called Rules, or Commandments, to be freely and firmly adhered to at 10 different grades. Each Guideline corresponds to a Grade. Grades can only be acquired sequentially and cumulatively. For easy recollection, each Rule starts with one of the letters composing the Academy's name:

"E T H O P L A S I N" (1)

Grade   GUIDELINE Note
1- E Enlightened Liberty (ELL) be your Lightpost of ELLducation to always be a figure of smile, joy, neatness, elegance, inspiring harmony and Kallos Beauty. (4)
2- T Truth be your main guide while promoting TruthOcracy objectives like Justice,  Freedom, Decorum, Merit, and Philoecosophical Values. (5)
3- H Host only love for all beings, as for yourself and, Eros permitting, freely enjoy divine sexual pleasure in a well-controlled rejuvenating way. (7)
4- O Observe a regime, at least NABALSOK vegetarian in nutrition, and with daily exercising in music, gymnastics and philosophy. (3)
5- P Picture vividly better living, visualize and meditate daily on it, and tutor persons, animals and plants accordingly.  
6- L Lead all your thoughts by a sense of Self and Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness.  
7- A Animate all relations at your best, using Mental EthoPlay (Socratic Dialogue) and the universal EthoGloso language. (6)
8- S Still all environments with Music Harmonics and Physical EthoPlay (EthoJudo) to protect actual and potential victims of civic violence.  
9- I Integrate Kallos Beauty and Holographic Molding in your best Co-Creation Force for the benefit of all living beings.  
10- N Navigate all your life using your CoPHLE energy to master the EthoPlasìn Philosophy for managing a full TruthOcracy. (2)

Guidelines as opposed to Commandments -  The above guidelines are not precepts, nor commandments coming from a kind of morality but rather concepts coming from a guiding philosophy. This whole website, in particular its page on EthoCracy, as part of the overall PythagorArium Project that promotes TruthOcracy, talks a lot about what could be taken wrongly as coming from a kind of religious morality, but such superficial deduction would be completely mistaken. In fact it talks about Ethics, thus its name "EthoPlasìn" (meaning "Formation to Ethics"), coming from a philosophical understanding of fundamental concepts like Justice, Goodness, ELL (Enlightened Liberty) and Kallos Beauty. Morality and Ethics are very different from each other in various ways:

Ancient Philosophy as opposed to Contemporary Philosophy - Ancient-Greece philosophy, contrary to modern philosophy, was not mainly the definition of theoretical concepts helping the comprehension of the world. It was also that, but it was first and foremost the definition of practical guidelines leading to a way of life that in turn would help the understanding of oneself, of society and of the universe, assisting along the way the best qualitative evolution of the human soul, and consequently, in a cascading way, the improvement of all living environments. Every philosophical school of Greek culture, from Pythagoras up to when they practically disappeared during the Modern Ages, had a series of specific living discipline guidelines to be adhered to, and followed closely, by all pupils and disciples of that school. Most interestingly, candidates who badly wanted to attend a specific philosophical school applied on the basis of the appeal they felt for its ethical guidelines, with a kind of Platonic Love for the Archetype Ideas of the ideals they represented. In turn, candidates selected and admitted were chosen by the Master of the school on the basis of the evaluation of their ability and willingness to follow these ethics. Once admitted, in most of these schools, there was usually no school fee as such. Benefactors were often helping with donations, otherwise most students would take care of their own expenses. EthoPlasìn was conceived on a similar basis. The most important philosophical school of Ancient-Greece has really been the first one, the Pythagorean Hemicycle school. As seen in our page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation, this is the one the EthoPlasìn tries to emulate, with a holistic formation based on the Delphic "Know Thyself" and the harmonious development of the "Human Tetractys". 



  1. The EthoPlasìn Academy was first known by the name of its Foundation, which was, and still is: BeLovArium. EthoPlasìn is the name of the Academy financed by the BeLovArium Foundation. Consequently you will often see BeLovArium and EthoPlasìn used interchangeably. Both the Academy and the Foundation are only two of the twelve components of the Pythagorean World Center.

  2. CoPHLE, as explained in more details in our page on Science Of Being, means: (Cosmic ordinance Pan-forming Holographic Loving Energy). That same page also deals with the concepts of Holographic Molding, Planet Oneness Responsibility and Mental EthoPlay (Socratic Dialogue). See also the page on EthoCracy as the long-term objective of EthoPlasìn, and in particular the website on the overall PythagorArium project on TruthOcracy

  3. NABALSOK vegetarian means: No Air-Breathing Animal Long Suffering Or Killing. It is the basic vegetarian entry level. Members pursuing seriously higher levels of discipline should normally be KNAOP (Killing No Animal or Plant) vegetarians by their reaching level 4, as explained in our EthoPlasìn Dictionary.

  4. See page on Kallos Beauty.

  5. See pages on Meritocracy

  6. See page on PhiloEcoSophical Values.

  7. See page on the EthoGloso language.

  8. See page on Rule 3 and EthoPlasìn Love Life

  9. See the website on the overall PythagorArium project on TruthOcracy.