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"The highest function of government is

to give "Truth Education" to the public

so that they can self-govern"



From Democracy To EthoCracy

or to


or, in its full implementation, to





From Fear At The Bottom To Fear At The Top

Think and Sloganize Wisely

with effective Patriotic Proudness, or with

Periphania / Περηφάνεια

neutralizing and democratically dismantling

what is commonly sensed, deceitfully, as only the

JewZuit Power

but is rather, globally, the Luciferian


of Global Enslavement

of all peoples and nations into a

Collectivist New World Order of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism





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How to Reorder the Disorder of the New World Order

and Improve the World with the EthoCracy Reform Package

(as a first step to implementing a full TruthOcracy)

Going from Serf to Sovereign with a New Freethinking Culture of


ELJSM vs. Collectivism








- This is Part I of an essay on EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), and still only in draft form, in a process or daily elaboration. An early draft of Part II follows. The two parts will probably be published as an eBook after a final overall review. This essay is not stand-alone, but related directly and closely to a main website on Holistic Pythagorean Education (or ELducation) that integrates the concepts of EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). That special kind of EthoPlasìn education (or ELducation), provided at the PythagorArium, if and when applied within a country, is meant to make that country go "From Democracy To EthoCracy", or "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards" (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). Thus the meaning and utility of this related essay on EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). The main website on holistic Pythagorean education (or ELducation), to which this essay is related, is called EthoPlasìn (at: http://www.ethoplasin.net/), with its main theme being "The Return Of Philosophy", as PhilosophEL. The word "Philosophy" in that context is intended strictly as the one-and-only great philosophy, the philosophy invented 2500 years ago by Ancient-Greece, but still perfectly valid today for its universal and timeless applicability in directing human and civic behavior, let alone the human mind. That philosophy, contrary to modern philosophy, was first and foremost a way of living, a "Philosophical Way Of Living", before being, also, a way of comprehending the world, instead of just the latter, like modern philosophy has unfortunately reduced itself being. In fact, each school of that original philosophy had a particular virtuous way of living, like for example the best known ones, still today, Epicureanism (the school of Epicurus, founded in 307BC) and Stoicism (the school of Zeno, founded in the colonnade, or Stoa, also in the 3rd century BC), based on a chosen set of specific virtues to be fully integrated to all members' daily life. These virtues were meant to make members create, from various approaches, the most ethical civic way of living, along with the most possible humanly perfect personal way of living, in order to achieve the best possible level of personal and civic happiness on this beautiful planet Earth, and the most enlightened comprehension of the world we live in, and our place into it. Only The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophEL, of that kind of philosophy, within our education (making it ELducation), and within our civic life, can save the modern world today from its current total corruption and complete decadence. EthoPlasìn is one of these philosophical schools, adapting to our contemporary world the ancient philosophy that existed, in the best Platonic tradition, for over a thousand years, from Pythagoras (~525BC) to the abolition of the Platonic schools by Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 529AD. From this point of view, The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophEL, means the return of harmony and beauty in our life, as both harmony and beauty have been practically cancelled, and intentionally so, by the new Luciferian JewZuit Power, from all aspects of our life. Within the above-mentioned EthoPlasìn website, there is a specific page on "EthoCracy" (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). This EthoCracy page (the page that you are reading at the moment: http://www.EthoPlasin.net/EthoCracy.html) is what constitutes the base of a forthcoming eBook that will integrate, as its Part I, a reviewed version of all that follows. An EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is an improvement to what we call today Democracy, but as a meritocratic, direct and participative real democracy. As such, it is at least a so-called MeDiPartic democracy, based on a philosophy of virtues, or ethics, in the way it was, or certainly was intended to be, when, and after, Ancient-Greece invented both philosophy and democracy. Ideally, when well implemented, an EthoCracy is at least first a TIDMOcracy, based also on Truth Information. This improvement of what we wrongly call democracy today, is based on The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophEL, in our life, the real living philosophy that existed at that ancient time, but a philosophy that is also equally valid today, as it is eternal in value to achieve the best possible form of ethical government of both ourselves and of our societies or nations. The EthoPlasìn philosophy, discipline, and holistic education (or ELducation), involving both the left and the right brain, based on the formation of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the soul of the human being, along with the concepts of the EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), will eventually be taught formally in a forthcoming university being created, as a brand new and unique type of boarding university described in the above-mentioned EthoPlasìn website. This new boarding university will be the EthoPlasìn Academy (or PythAcademia, standing for Pythagorean Academia, with its logo shown to the right). All these components are part of the PythagorArium. In the meantime, as a foretaste, its philosophy and concepts are intended to be spread through the EthoPlasìn website, and through its related forthcoming full eBook "From Democracy To EthoCracy" that is based, for Part I, on what follows.






1 - This essay has nothing to do with Conspiracy Theory. However, there are many real situations in the world today that are disqualified, and strongly discredited, as "Conspiracy Theory" by those few who have a vested interest in the rest of us not knowing that they are "Conspiracy Reality" or, more simply, by those who are fully immersed in the matrix of the current political correctness and will not wake up before it will be too late for them to react to the damage they will have suffered from these situations. From this point of view, this webpage will describe situations that can be qualified, properly, as "Conspiracy Reality", or "Conspireality", as based on a combination of historical facts and solid logic in analyzing and assessing what is going on. Those who do not agree, or for some reason do not like the fact that some devastating and shameful realities be reported openly, should refrain from the futility of using the easy way out of the "Conspiracy Theory" accusation, and present evidence contradicting the overall history being reported, and/or the logic being used in evaluating the facts. We are sorry if we may disturb the lazy comfort of many good souls of the politically correct, but we have no way out, because inevitably, as George Orwell so well said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act". On the other hand we hope that our effort to expose some hard realities may help those who are still capable of peeking outside of the matrix, and consequently will be capable of reevaluating their situation correctly, on the basis of a background they were not yet aware of, or not quite conscious of, in order to take their best decisions for the benefit of themselves and of their loved ones.



2 - This essay is overall a very positive one. It may appear negative at first approach, or even extreme is some of its statements, but this is not the case. This Part I is indeed very critical, and thus appears very negative, but only because it consists in a realistic description of the negative situation of enslavement that we are in, today, explaining the history of how we got here, and what the resulting facts are at the moment. Unfortunately, reporting realistically this sad history, and these sour facts, cannot be anything positive. This reporting is nevertheless necessary to understand our current problematic situation and what actions we need to take to correct it, and hopefully improve it, as much as possible. If we do not succeed, we will at least have had the satisfaction of having tried in the best way we could. The comprehension of this sour reality is certainly not the product of an old sour man, rather the opposite. It comes from the unique and serene experience of a very positively minded author who has not only travelled extensively in more than 100 countries around the world, but has actually mainly worked and lived abroad, for nearly 50 years, on all continents except Oceania. This comprehension has also been facilitated by the acquisition of assets that few other people have had the possibility to acquire: a full fluency in 7 languages, a solid knowledge of world history and philosophy, as two particular personal interests since secondary school, and a solid computer database expertise to accumulate and process information, and to be an independent webmaster. From a professional work point of view, this comprehension of the current world has also been facilitated by a unique work experience in evaluating and processing assistance to refugee movements around the world. This involved the author in a direct association with the type of people who have suffered the most from the enslaving situations and persecutions described in this essay, from Uganda to Chile, from the ex Soviet Union to Mexico and all of Central America, from Kenya and Tanzania to Thailand, to name only a few core places, and more recently even from... Greece. This sour and negative reality is all included in Part I of this essay. The Part II, not published yet, as opposed to this first part, is certainly all positive, as it introduces a set of concrete and democratic reforms that, if applied as a package, can transform our false democracy, or our current debtocracy of global enslavement, into an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) of real freedom, and thus can transform our present negative situation into a very positive one, for the benefit of most of us around the world, as little or as much as this benefit may be on an individual basis.




 Explanation Of The Main New Words


JewZuit , ZioZuit , ZioZuitZlim, LuZioZuitZlim, LUZJIPWA, JangloZaxon

The words JewZuit, ZioZuit (or: ZZ), ZioZuitZlim (or: ZZZ), and LuZioZuitZlim are not orthographic mistakes. They are brand new words, being coined here. The first one is the combination of three words: Jew, Zionist and Jesuit. The following 2 are coined through the combination of parts of three other words containing a 'Z' or a 'Z sound' in them: Zionist ('Zio'), Jesuit ('Zuit') and Muslim ('Zlim'). The last one is coined as a combination of "Lu" "Lucifer), "z" (Zionist) "uit" (Jesuit) and "lam" (Islam). The new word JewZuit is pronounced similarly to “Jesuit” except for a “Jew” sound, instead of a “Je” sound, at the beginning. The word JewZuit refers to the new world power that is the collusion of the Zionist Jews with the Catholic Jesuits, a new power that was formed through a recent alliance of the Zionists and the Jesuits, in order to more easily enslave the peoples of the whole world, in particular since after the rapprochement brought in by the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II, and the recent crowning of this rapprochement brought in by the installation of the new Jesuit Pope Francis in the Vatican. We will see that this rapprochement is so advanced that, for all practical purposes, we can now legitimately talk about a kind of single Judeo-Christian entity sitting behind this new JewZuit brotherhood that replaced 2000 years of enmity, making the Jew go From Enemy To Brother, to paraphrase the title of the book of author John Connelly. Some other authors,  like Michael Collins Piper, argue strenuously that the real enemy hiding behind the New World Order of global enslavement is the Zionists. Yet, some other authors, like Eric Jon Phelps, argue not less strenuously that it is the Jesuits who are the main enemy commanding the Vatican, or the Black Pope commanding the White Pope, using the Knights Templar and the Freemasons as their puppet tools to infiltrate all the centers of power managed in appearance by the Zionists. Under close scrutiny, these apparently contradicting authors do not at all contradict themselves. What they do not realize is that the Jesuits and the Zionists have a common source and culture. They do not realize either that the Vatican has always two sets of policies: an open agenda and a secret agenda. The secret agenda is very often the exact opposite of the open one, and often even totally anti-Catholic, managed by the Jesuits behind the Vatican. That secret agenda of the Vatican, managed by the Black Pope of the Jesuits, usually corresponds exactly to the open Zionist agenda, because by now, they are one single JewZuit force. The best examples of this agenda are probably the questions of abortion and homosexuality pushed openly by Zionist-dominated Hollywood: the open policy of the Vatican is against them (but very mildly so under Pope Francis who said explicitly that we should not be obsessed by questions like abortion and homosexuality, while he does not seem to be very much obsessed either about the more traditional questions of virtues and sins dear to all his non-Jesuit predecessors of the last 2000 years), but the secret policy of the Vatican managed by the Jesuits is stealthily in favor of them as they contribute to the UN objectives dear to the Vatican (with Pope Francis in particular), including the one of world depopulation. As we will see, the Jesuits were founded by a Jew, Ignatius of Loyola, supposedly converted to a Christian. We will also see that later on, the Jesuits were clearly behind the foundation of modern Zionism. More recently, since the Council of Vatican II, we will even see that the Zionists have infiltrated completely the Vatican with the help of the Jesuits and their puppet Freemasons. The Jesuits and the Zionists were both born from a common fundamental culture and have now become a common force through what we call the JewZuit Power. This common culture may even involve the Sunni side of the Muslims, through what we call the ZAJAC connection. The crowning of this long process of the creation of a single force between the two of them was the installation of a Jesuit Pope, as Pope Francis. All top level Jesuits are crypto-Jews, like their founding father, and thousands of Jews in situations of power today are "Marranos", or crypto-Christians of Judaic affiliation, let alone the openly Zionist-Christians. In the background, the top Jesuits and the top Zionists are now a unified bunch of conspirators, a new unified power, controlling all world centers of power in the fields of politics, media, culture and finance. Consequently they constitute what we can rightly call the JewZuit Power fighting for the advent of a New World Order of world domination, and of enslavement, of both nations and peoples, through debt or rather DDD, and through a type of dictatorial collectivism based on a common ideology of Fabian Socialism. This is the MOWOP Master Plan. As such, and with this type of enslavement agenda, that new JewZuit coalition and power, can only be qualified as Luciferian.  

JewZuit Power or ZioZuit Power

This was the "Monolithic Conspiracy" that Kennedy was talking about. This essay has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. There are many conspiracy theories, mostly foolish ones, that can, unfortunately, prevent us from understanding reality, especially when it happens that the conspiracy theory corresponds to a reality, like the reality called "Monolithic Conspiracy" by Kennedy in his famous speech of 1962. In his mind, this was certainly a "conspiracy reality", and not a "conspiracy theory", as it was a conspiracy that assassinated him only a few months later. Some 7 days before his assassination, he re-denounced, openly and explicitly, this "Monolithic Conspiracy" as an "Enslavement Plot". His words were: "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot". What he was referring to was an enslavement plot through debt, through unduly indebting both countries and peoples after having transformed our alleged democracy system into a clear system of debtocracy. And what JFK was mentioning about his country in 1962 and 1963, has, by now, become a worldwide Debtocracy system gradually establishing a global "New World Order" of enslavement through totalitarian Fabian Socialism. This is what this essay is all about. More specifically, this essay deals with a real JewZuit Power sitting behind this enslavement plot, and documents its formation as a world power, and its harsh reality, with history and facts. This new JewZuit Power can also be seen as the new global power of the 1% enslaving all of us 99% today.



The word JangloZaxon is sometimes used as equivalent to JewZuit Power  or ZioZuit Power. This means the mainly Anglo-Saxon elites at the top of the NWO (New World Order), but with its main protagonists, acting in the background for these Anglo-Saxon elites, being the "J" (Jesuits) and the "Z" (Zionists). The nationality of these protagonists  of the JewZuit Power is mainly English (or of English descent, like the Americans, thus "Anglo"), but also Germanic (or of the area of northern western Europe, thus "Saxon") and consequently, with the infiltration of the Jesuits and the Zionists in their highest ranks of power, they compose an elite that is mainly "JangloZaxon". The British Empire was dismantled only in appearance: although it appears, geographically speaking, to have fallen through the loss of many territories, it has not lost any of them, and even conquered many more, from a financial enslavement point of view. And this new Financial British Empire of the JangloZaxons is much more powerful today, nearly one hundred years after its apparent fall, than the old Geographical British Empire was at its height in 1921.



In the New World Order seeking our enslavement through a One-World-Government of totalitarian Fabian Socialism, the 3 main monotheistic religions are involved, but only as useful idiots for the top levels of the common Luciferian Power hiding behind them all. See: LuZioZuitZlim for the identification of its main agents. Because of the evasive nature and existence of LuZioZuitZlim, we speak mostly of the more obvious JewZuit Power, or the ZioZuitZlim Power, that are easier to grasp and understand, but these various forms of NWO power are only agents of their common Luciferian Power, or the LuZioZuitZlim Power, that hides and makes itself known only to the very top levels of the 3 main religions and of also only the very top levels of the main international and supranational organizations also serving it, like the UN and the EU (European Union) along with other more civilian centers of Luciferian Power like the TTIP, TISA and TPP, or the TTT excluding the BRICS countries.



This is a more explicit way to say "LuZioZuitZlim", insisting more explicitly on the main objective of that power, which is world domination, or world ascendancy. See LUZJIPWA for more information.


The monosyllable word "EL" is not really a new word, but rather a very ancient one that has been nearly forgotten today, or transfigured purposely in order to discredit the people of Greece. It will be explained in details further down. It refers to the "EL" people, or the Greeks of ancient history, and even of prehistory, the people who eventually invented democracy, philosophy, education, and brought us all that we, today, call 'Civilization'. We will also explain how the EL word has been used by Jews, distorting its original Greek meaning. "EL" is typically the prefix of the word "ELEFTHERIAS" which means "Liberty", or "Freedom", both in terms of physical freedom and of a culture of freethinking liberty. It is also often used in English as a hidden prefix, behind a preceding "H", as "Hel", in words like Hellenism, meaning the Greek culture, or Hellas, meaning the country commonly known as Greece.   


The word ELJSM is a new word being coined here on the basis of the above root "EL". Its central "J" is an educated form of "i". The new word is thus pronounced "EL-ism". It will also be explained in details further down. It it the new name of an ancient culture of freethinking brought in by the EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) being promoted by this website in replacement of the false democracy that we have today in the western world as a global Debtocracy.

EthoCracy or EthoKratïa (as a first step to a TruthOcracy)

EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is a form of improved democracy, or rather of real democracy as it was created or intended by the Greeks as the founders of democracy. A Nutshell of its substance is formulated further down. It is based on the concept of "Ethos", or "Ethics", thus the prefix "Etho" of "EthoCracy". It is a new form of public governance based on 10 fundamental EthoPrinciples. What we call democracy today, as a distant representative democracy, is a complete fraud, and certainly no democracy, but rather an enslaving debtocracy. An enslaving debtocracy means Evil. No form of democracy will ever be perfect. Good and Evil will always exist, and we can only hope to strike a good balance between the two, in favor of the Good. This is what EthoCracy aims at (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). The EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), to start with, is at least MeDiPartic (meritocratic, direct and participative) form of democracy that places the slavery, if any, not at the bottom of the social pyramid, but at the top of it, with its leaders being the executive slaves, or certainly the dedicated public servants, of only the Truth will of the people who elected them. When nearly fully implemented, on the basis of its main EthoPrinciples, a democracy becomes an TIDMOcracy, based mainly on Truth Information, as being OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant. When fully implemented, it becomes an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). Thus the title of this eBook: "From Democracy To EthoCracy"; and its main subtitle: "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". To respect the Greek origin of the word (as "ΗθοΚρατïα"), EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is also often called "EthoKratïa" in English, written with a central "K", and with a reversed "E" (Epsilon) on its logo symbol, as per the example shown below. The "ï" means that the accent is on that letter in "EthoKratïa". As a result, the political party promoting EthoKratïa, or EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) for that matter, is commonly called PEK as shown below.

The word EthoCracy was coined here independently of Paul-Henri Holbach, a philosopher and prominent social figure of the French Enlightenment, who used it in many of his writings of the 1700s, in his relations with Diderot in the context of the creation of the Encyclopedia. But his word had a much more revolutionary meaning than ours, and probably even influenced the French Revolution. Our word EthoCracy is used in a much more democratic way, and as a first step to a TruthOcracy, mainly in relation to the package of democratic reforms that we first called the “EthoCracy Reform Package”, elaborated in Part II of this essay, meant to make the subjects of our false modern democracies go “From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards”, or “From Democracy To EthoCracy”.


All other new words: Dictionary EthoPlasìn






Prometheus Symbol


Prometheus can be a symbol of EthoCracy promotion, let alone of  TruthOcracy promotion. Prometheus was punished for the Theft of Fire that he brought down to Earth, from Mount Olympus, for the enlightenment of man. This is a mythical figure who defied the gods by bringing the Apollonian Light to humanity without previous due preparation of the latter. This Fire, or the Apollonian Light enabled progress and civilization, but was also quickly abused by men who pretended to use it to become gods themselves. As a punishment Prometheus was attached to a rock, and each day an eagle would come and eat his liver, which would regrow each time over night, causing him constant sufferance. In particular, Prometheus was regarded, in the Romantic Period, as embodying the lone genius, or the lonely mind, whose efforts to improve human existence could also result in personal tragedy if misinterpreted and misused by unprepared receivers.


May this essay and eBook be well received as a successful Prometheus of today's world.


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ZioZuit Power & Debtocracy


"Rest not.  Life is sweeping by; go and dare before you die.

Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time.

... Dream no small dreams, for they have no power

to move the hearts of men"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


"The safest general characterization

 of the European philosophical tradition

 is that it consists only of a series of footnotes to Plato"

- A.N. Whitehead

(Philosopher and Mathematician)


The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity,

under the name of funding,

is but swindling posterity on a large scale.

- Thomas Jefferson


"GOLD is the money of the KINGS,

SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN,

BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but

DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!"

- Norm Franz




The need to go "From Democracy To EthoCracy" (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), or "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards", stems from the world of global deception in which we live at the moment. The final and most modern form of global enslavement of humanity through Debtocracy, or Deceptocracy, or DDD, has started many decades ago, mostly in the third-world. As of recently, it has set foot in the first-world, for which Greece is the primary example of this enslavement process through debt-money. We will see how Greece is the chosen victim that, in the western world, has to fall first in the global debt enslavement trap. The rest of the western world is not far behind, but a matrix of global deception prevents it from being conscious of its own much advanced enslavement. The poor little Greece, some 2500 years after having invented democracy, has tried recently to give all of us again in the Western World a lesson of democracy on how to break the matrix of enslavement, through a referendum on austerity, but dramatically failed, at least so far. For now, the crisis, for the JewZuit Power sitting behind it in a kind of Cryptocracy, is a complete "success" from the point of view of the enslaving forces, and many other western countries, like Spain, Italy and France, not to mention even Germany and the USA eventually, are deceivingly and stupidly queuing in line for the same kind of debt enslavement. The JewZuit Power is using the Greek crisis masterfully as a tool of deception to lead other individual European countries to subserviently renounce their sovereignty, and as a pretext, for justifying the advent of a totalitarian EUG (European Union Government) central government that shall be a good example for deceiving other regions of the world also under attack for a similar fate, like the NAU (North American Union) and the PAU (Pan-African Union). These various "Unions" will be the building blocks for the establishment of a global One-World Government of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism pushed by the UN with the help of the New World Order Pope Francis who, as the UN's brand new acolyte, is himself pushing for a "Panthriskia", or a kind of Luciferian One-World Religion based on a new "inability to judge", even at the Pope's level, a maximum moral tolerance, and a uniformed ecumenical credence. A quick glance at the principles and main reforms that sit at the foundation of an EthoCracy, or TruthOcracy once it is fully implemented, in order to prevent, or dismantle, this global enslavement, can be found in a relatively short Nutshell further down, at the end of Part I of this essay. For quick convenience, an even shorter version precedes that Nutshell as the EthoCracy Reform Package and Discipline Summary In One Paragraph. For better understanding the importance of an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) to get rid of our global enslavement, it is essential to first look at the various aspects of the global deception that affect all of us at the moment in our so-called false democracy. 

A Fake Free World With a Hidden Slavery via the Middle Class


The pendulum of Liberty-Tyranny tends to swing back and forth in the history of most countries. In the last fifty years, in the western world, since the Zionist Vatican Coup that gave birth to the JewZuit Power, and in the last 15 years in particular, since the false flag of 911 that reinforced the sprint of that JewZuit Power, the pendulum has clearly moved faster and faster toward tyranny and the enslavement of the populations of what used to be the only part of the world that was still relatively free, the western world. As a result, the whole world is now becoming enslaved. In the West in particular, we now live in a completely fake free world, or in a world of growing global slavery. This slavery has three new characteristics never used before for enslavement purposes. First, it is done through debt of both persons and nations. Second, it is done through the middle class that is enslaved first and foremost, and by design. Third, the new enslavement, also for the first time in history, now applies equally to both men and women. Until WWI, it was nearly only men who had to be slaves through their work. Starting with WWI, with the creation of the debt-money system accompanied by the creation of the new income tax system, and in particular since WWII, the masters have this way started to enjoy the double slavery, of both men and women equally. Women, intended as women from the middle-class, also systematically started to be slaves through their work and the accompanying debt-money and taxation systems. The false Women Liberation Movement had only stealthily served that hidden purpose of additional enslavement, inclusive of women on a par basis with men. Because of these three new characteristics, the masters of the new JewZuit Power got to have the best and most abundant type of slavery that ever existed in the history of humanity. As an important benefit for these JewZuit masters, this new type of slavery was also rendered invisible through political correctness. It is maintained by a powerful matrix of political correctness that prevents us from seeing the reality of deceit, and complete deception, that affects the most important aspects of our life. People, both men and women of the middl-class, are also running so fast on the treadmill to pay their own debt and the debt of their governments, along with their ever increasing bills and taxes, that they have no more time to think. They live completely isolated from their community, even from the members of their family, completely obsessed and absorbed by their difficulties. When few of them finally wake up to their sour reality, then they do not know what to do about it, and they have no more any ascertained community with which to consult, draw the right conclusions and take the proper actions.


As the result of these 3 new characteristics of the modern enslavement, the JewZuit Power has made a step forward in the refinement of the feudal system of slavery. We also have more slaves today than ever before in the history of humanity, and these new slaves now have to maintain themselves. In feudal times, there were two categories of serfs: the "Serf regardant" and the "Serf in gross". At least the "serf regardant" was a slave only with regards to one specific lord, and for one specific time, otherwise he would be free when allowed to leave that master. To the contrary, the "serfs in gross" were slaves always and everywhere, independently of where they would go or of whom they would work for. The "serfs regardant" that constituted the old middle class have been eliminated by the contemporary JewZuit Power, because they had a higher degree of autonomy and were always a risk for their masters in terms of revolt. In turn, the "serfs in gross" that constituted the old low class have been promoted to a new kind of new middle class of slavery, to make sure they would be more productive, but a new middle class of slavery that has to maintain itself and is entirely subjugated through the DDD process of excessive taxation, extreme legislation, and fearful disinformation. As such, western workers of the contemporary middle class have all become a more effective kind of "serfs in gross", but mostly through debt, in a more sophisticated system that renders their slavery invisible to them, and even gives them the illusion of democratic liberty. This can only be described as a masterpiece and a major success from the point of view of the new world JewZuit masters.


We will see further down in more details, that this best type of slavery, for the first time in the history of humanity, is not based anymore on the lower class of society, but on the middle-class, and on both men and women equally of that middle class, but it must be stressed here, at this early stage, that it is an absolute newness that never existed before. This is also the secret of the new efficiency and assured stability of the service provided by the slave class from the point of view of the commanding class. The Lower Class of the ancient slaves is now well, without working, because of Social Welfare, and can ensure its continuous wellbeing without working, simply through voting regularly for their benevolent welfare providers. The High-Class in turn is also better than ever before, because of Corporate Welfare that comes as a wide spectrum of tax exemptions and legal loopholes regarding wealth accumulation. The Middle-Class, producing all the wealth for both the lower class and the high classes, is now the brand new Debt-Slavery class, as an absolute novelty that never happened before in the history of mankind. This productive middle-class is kept under not only excessive debt and taxation, but also under extreme legislation, consequently without having much time left to think, let alone revolt. As such, and being composed essentially of people with a productive mentality, that over-taxed and over-legislated middle class naturally bends its back quite willingly and works harder than ever before, without too much recrimination. It does what corresponds to its intrinsic culture of productivity, and will do it better and harder than ever before. The current Fabian Socialist elites commanding our countries, or the new JewZuit Power, pulling the ropes over the puppet politicians that they use as useful idiots, have developed this new scenario of worldwide debt-slavery via the middle-class as the result of a hard lesson learnt in socialist countries where their system failed. And it failed precisely for not having applied this new slave scenario, or for not having maintained the productivity power of a solid, but enslaved, middle-class. What failed for this reason in the East, mainly in Communist Eastern-Europe, has now moved West, and is having a new start in the EU and in the USA, but without repeating that fatal mistake. This Fresh Start in the West will be well explained to us in details, further down, by an eminent dissident of the Soviet-Union of the early 70s, Yuri Bezmenov, as an ex top official of the KGB who was granted political asylum in Canada when I was serving abroad as a political refugee evaluation official. Bezmenov explained how what he called the "Fresh Start" in the West, without the above mistake made in the East, would be rendered invisible to us as the New Normal, and achieved in Four Stages that would bring both the EU and the USA under a full and Totalitarian Fabian Socialist Power. What he called the "Fourth Stage" is exactly what we are in, today, some 30 years after I last met Bezmenov in 1984.


What appeared to me to be a gross exaggeration of Bezmenov, or even an impossibility, when I first met him, some 30 years ago, is now already, for the most part, our exact and sad reality. At the time, Bezmenov was very conscious of the book "1984" of George Orwell, written much earlier, in 1949. In 1984, when I last met Bezmenov, the predictions described in that book had not yet fully materialized, but Bezmenov was convinced they would fully materialize in the next generation, even if slightly differently, adjusted on the basis of his theory of the Four Stages. Well, what Bezmenov told me in 1984 is certainly very much like 1984 come true in 2014. This reality is mainly in terms of the near complete enslavement of the middle-class of the most productive western world, through the Cerberus of debt-money, through excessive taxation, and through extreme legislation, let alone fearful disinformation accepted as political correctness in the overall DDD process of social engineering. In the meantime, social engineering is even rendering our enslavement invisible, and making us accept it as the New Normal. In addition, we are, at this very moment, in the last of the Four Stages required for the formation of a One-World Government of Totalitarian Fabian Socialist Power over our heads. Already, most of our extreme legislation is not national anymore, but imposed by external structures of supra-national bodies, like typically the EU in Europe. Excessive taxation in turn is also on the same path, through typically the UN being involved with enslaving programs like Agenda 21, and initiatives like the worldwide Carbon Tax to be imposed globally, in spite of the well debunked false flag of the Global Warming, in order to facilitate bringing down the whole world in a state of full debt-enslavement under the totalitarian New World Order. In the meantime the middle class, that used to be the most supportive force of a nation, is not only enslaved, but also totally degenerated in its values of personal and social morality, in its disappearing sense of the natural family unit, and through the Genocidal Engineering of the Male-Man. This degeneration is not only coming from economic enslavement, but also from forced cultural bastardization, through the well-planned disappearance of ProRacialist national cultures that used to offer us so many beautiful differences and characteristics in each different country, and through the stupid tolerance of the formation of no-border melting pots of illegal immigrants who did not go through a PISA process, and consequently the sufferance of unacceptable levels of highly destructive multiculturalism in most western countries. What else is needed for that middle-class to react? Should we wait another 30 years to talk freely and responsibly about all these destructive factors, and take the necessary counter actions? Are we prevented to do so because of the stealthy political correctness that makes us afraid of being tagged as racist or extremist for even only talking, or raising legitimate questions, about these destructive situations and factors? Considering the above predictions of Bezmenov, not only 30 more years will be much too much, or much too late, to take corrective action, but even 3 more years is too much, before it probably becomes too late.


We, the middle-class, are by far the majority, and the only ones who still have the drive to counteract. Most of the lower welfare class is useless for counter actions, as it is enjoying more and more benefits without working, as the lackeys providing welfare votes to their benevolent corrupted politicians. In the USA for example, there are already at least 35 states, out of 50, in which it is better to accept welfare than work at an entry-level job. As for politicians and government officials, they are only a small minority, even including the ones of the supra-national officials, like those of the EU or the UN, but all living lavishly. And we, as the middle-class, also pay all the unnecessary huge salaries, and the luxurious benefits, of that minority, as benefits that they have granted themselves unilaterally, with our taxes, but without our democratic permission. Consequently these officials should all be our public servants, not our public masters using us a slaves, in particular when using us as slaves with arrogance, which is most of the time. We will see that most politicians are also, for the most part, only the corrupted public puppets of the private elites of the new JewZuit Power of the New World Order that we have stupidly allowed to create money out of nothing, as a private cartel. These false and unnecessary elites can thus most easily afford to literally buy practically any public official with their corrupting money created out of nothing, in particular politicians or journalists. Most journalists have also become the Presstitutes of the mainstream media, as basically stupid repeating mouthpieces of the politicians and the JewZuit elites. These journalists are traitors of their fundamental natural mission of investigating these politicians and private cartels in order to provide the taxpayers with Truth Information instead of disinformation. At the moment, because of the corrupting publicity money the journalists receive from their master-elites, regarding important political and economic events, we receive practically only disinformation, or biased information, or partial information from these presstitutes, except with regard to the routine and unimportant facts of chronicle. Unfortunately, it is a fact of today's life that the mainstream media are not run by journalists anymore, but by corporation managers, CIA collaborators etc.


Because of this sour reality, no member of the puppet politicians of the much smaller "high" class should have any right, under any law, to prevent us from talking freely, and from acting freely, perfectly democratically, to correct these enslaving situations. Typically, in an EthoCracy, and even more so in a TruthOcracy, on the basis of the EthoCratic FOLIPET Principle, not only is it not a crime to use freedom of speech, but it is a crime to prevent, or try to prevent, a citizen from using full freedom of speech. We have to reverse that overall situation, but not by revolting violently. Violence is not only not needed, but always counter productive, like most violent revolutions have clearly demonstrated. Physical violence is just not necessary, but verbal violence, if need be, can be a good safety valve when it expresses freedom of opinion. What we need is not a guillotine, but first and foremost a better, easier, safer, more enlightened, freedom of opinion, through FOLIPET, Truth Information through OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance), and a more obligatory voting process through the BAVED EthoRule. This is very easily possible and will be explained in more details in Part II of this essay. Then. after that, we need perfectly Four-Way-Binding Electoral Programs, through the BEC EthoRule, with absolutely no possible surprise of any kind after elections in terms of new taxation or new legislation, thus no more hidden political agendas during election campaigns, and no more lies related to an electoral program. Under a proper EthoCracy constitution, and even more so in a TruthOcracy, this would mean the immediate destitution of the politician concerned, along with penal consequences. We also need no more debt-money, through the GUDFOMAPAST EthoPrinciple, but only debt-free money creation, for public use, and, through the PIABFOTAC EthoPrinciple, a full and perfect transparency online of its use, and of all its movements, in and out, just as if the movements of public money were done through a private citizen bank account that can be checked perfectly online, at will, at any time, by the owner. In the meantime, we certainly first and foremost need Truth Information and a total FOLIPET freedom of opinion, with the formalization in constitutional law of a new culture making us ready to accept and support philosophically whatever consequences may come out of such full FOLIPET freedom of opinion. The possible occasional bad consequences, in terms of what we call today "Hate Speech" or "Racism", are a very little price to pay for the immense benefits the fundamental and full FOLIPET liberty of opinion can give us. These consequences are not at all as bad as the current Political Correctness would like us to believe as, with such FOLIPET freedom, the holder of a ridicule opinion will soon ridicule his own self, in front of everybody, with his ridicule opinion, and conversely the holder of a serious and founded opinion will provoke the useful investigations of responsible magistrates and/or journalists.


These few counter actions are only a hint of some 30 comprehensive reforms analyzed as a holistic package, in Part II of this essay, as the EthoCracy Reform Package that is applied in full strength in a TruthOcracy. However, before we get to this holistic package of EthoCratic reforms, we, as the highly majoritarian middle-class, need to first understand why and how we got here, to our current situation of near total enslavement. It is not my intention here, in what follows, to engage in standard history, as written by professional historians, but only to offer a logical reconstruction of the puzzle of historical events that make us understand our current situation of real, but nearly invisible, enslavement through the Three-Headed Cerberus and its assisting matrix of DDD. In order to get ready to take appropriate counter actions to make us go From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards, or rather From Democracy to EthoCracy, or to TruthOcracy, unless we preferred to say From Debtocracy to Real Democracy, we have to know the history of what is behind our current situation, and consequently the mechanics that are being used stealthily to enslave all of us at the moment through the matrix of an apparent free world of fake political correctness. This useful history is what follows below, in the rest of this Part I of this essay. In the meantime, during the process of gradually exposing and explaining our current reality, we should progressively feel more and more confident that we need to start raising, higher and higher, our corresponding panels of democratic protest, the main one of which should probably be something like this: "Yes: EthoCracy National Order -- No: Global New World Order", as shown higher to the left. For now, lets first concentrate on what our current situation really is and where it comes from.                    

A Matrix of Boomerangs of Political Correctness Enslaving us


A matrix of boomerangs of blindness and stupidity, called more simply the Politically Correct, has reduced most of us to being zombies. That political correctness could not exist as a global matrix before the arrival of the perfect and instant worldwide communications that were put in place over the last decades. Such global matrix is the ultimate tool that governments have been looking for, for thousands of years, to quell the masses and reduce them to submission and passivity. The JewZuit Power has this new matrix finally at its full disposal, after having infiltrated all the means of this matrix of political correctness. The new JewZuit Power has quickly found the best modern way to implement that global matrix, through the acquisition of all powerful networks of the current mainstream mass media, and through the corruption of most of the subservient presstitute journalists that they now fully control through bribes and/or corrupting publicity money. Consequently, in fact, most mainstream media now have become simple mouthpieces of governments, and of the elites hiding behind these governments. As such, most journalists act in complete betrayal of their natural mission which should be to bring out truth, freely and openly, as awful as it may be, in particular regarding the bad activities of our politicians, governments and international organizations sitting over our shoulders. Morpheus, in the movie Matrix, says: “The Matrix is everywhere… It is the veil that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. This matrix acts like an infectious disease that is much more contagious than Ebola, as it is not only airborne, but spreads like an invisible WIFI around all of us, being even airborne-at-distance, electronically, around the globe, through all the mainstream mass media. Once that matrix has infected someone, it acts like a tyrannical psychological power of blindly accepted political correctness on the infected persons. Most news networks, like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS and others, are only lackeys of their JewZuit masters in the background manipulating pieces of this veil, as germ-cultivation centers of this plague. These networks are regularly paid, not to say bribed, by foreign governments and JewZuit corporations like Monsanto, to bring us sponsored content to make them look good and to maintain the matrix of political correctness regarding their monstrous activities. Most public schools, with their Common Core of public education in America, but also in a similar way in Europe, are other parts of this same blinding veil of the matrix. Of course, under the current JewZuit Power that intends to implement a New World Order that seeks to enslave all of us, this Matrix of Boomerangs of Political Correctness is an absolute prerequisite, as people can only be controlled fully when they follow the JewZuit political correctness of their deceivingly assumed Judeo-Christian Roots instead of their real Hellenistic cultural roots as freethinking individuals.


Gilad Atzmon is a famous Jewish author who wrote "The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics". As a Jew, he is often very critical of the Jews, and he affirmed, in an interview with Bill Alford, that political correctness is a malicious plot of the Jews to implant, into the world public opinion, through media under their full control, ideas and politics that must become accepted without opposition, and that do not admit opposing opinions without consequences for their holders when these implants are occasionally contested. Certainly, the mass media of Hollywood and of the TV Networks forming world opinion are definitely controlled mainly by Jews, as per their own explicit admission. The famous Jewish journalist Joel Stein, in 2008, wrote an article in the LA Times, saying: "I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them". This is certainly well confirmed in a famous book written by a Jewish writer, Neal Gabler: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood". Many other famous Jews, like Steven Spielberg, one of the directors of the so-called "New Hollywood", as a crypto-way to not say the Jew-Controlled Hollywood, or Woddy Allen (a Jew born with the name Allan Konigsberg), and many others, also keep boasting regularly and proudly about their control of Hollywood and the mass media, thus even about who can be proclaimed a valid contender to an Oscar or a Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, as we will see, more than only Jewish, these implants of political correctness are probably JewZuit more than just plain Jewish, and they compose a matrix in which all of us live, rarely consciously, or unconsciously most of the time. As we will see, the Jesuit side of this JewZuit matrix is always well represented in all centers of power, like it was the case with the fully Jesuit-trained Joe Biden in the Obama Government, as the current incumbent Vice-President of the USA, who  never loses a good occasion, or maybe rather a bad occasion, to highly congratulate the Jews, in a rather Jewcy way, when they make their boasting comments about already running the whole world we live in. But Biden was a Jesuit trained figure working in Obama's environment awash with Zionists. As such he was a perfect JewZuit figure at the maximum level of world power and pushing stealthily, in that top position, for the start of WWIII as the only thing that might have saved the dollar and that power from full collapse. That JewZuit matrix is also certainly maintained in particular, practically from birth to death, by the mainstream media and television that we keep watching passively while eating or attending our daily routine chores. Instead of logically arguing issues with our own selves, or with family members and friends, we just keep watching passively, and absorbing silently, the crappy culture and disinformation that become our politically correct. The beautiful freethinking EL minds of our Greek roots have been downgraded, by our dominant and deceiving Judeo-Christian environment, to being simple syphoning funnels for accepting passively, blindly and silently, smoothly seated in our long chairs, what the JewZuit Power hidden behind the mainstream media want to impose on us as politically correct.


We in turn perpetuate the same process of matrix deception with our children, letting them grow alone, abandoned in front of their maxi screens of mass television and wild video games, absorbing subliminally the same crappy culture of political correctness. As a result, when we occasionally get out of our lethargy, we inevitably talk and behave with political correctness, in other words with complete incorrectness, or rather with complete stupidity, regarding the most important aspects of our lives, even as supposedly the citizens of the most educated and advanced western countries. We seem to always do the reverse of what we should be doing, or doing passively what the political correctness commands, when trying to solve our social and economic problems. Consequently, we, most of the time, promote solutions that are boomerangs that turn against our best interests on a regular basis.


For example, instead of proactively teaching a good personal discipline to our children and students, from a young age, at home and in primary school, we let them go without just punishment, for whatever bad they may do. Then later on we use handcuffs, leg shackles and tasers as punishment in public schools, and even militarize the security of our schools with expensive guards armed with machine guns and armored vehicles or tanks if necessary, when serious criminality and senseless riots inevitably start happening. This is not only plainly ridiculous, but a total contradiction of common sense, and of the process of good education (or what we calll ELducation), that has been so successful for centuries before the New World Order started to destroy it through the matrix of political correctness for the purpose of our easier enslavement. Of course the saddest part of this socially engineered stupidity through political correctness is that we do not realize that the states dominated by the New World Order do want screwed up or abandoned children so that they, the states, can take over from parents and also social engineer children and students at an early age, as subservient slaves for the state's purposes. This is why excessive and nihilistic permissiveness is politically correct, and consequently the militarization of school police is also politically correct, to ensure good justification for more state control sold to the rest of us as a protection of our security.  


As another example, instead of selecting our essential immigration, to ensure the respectability of the background of the immigrant candidates, and a good degree of harmonious integration of foreigners intended to become productive and happy new co-citizens, we let practically any world vagrant persons come in, freely and in massive quantities, to the point that they can only produce an exaggerated degree of multiculturalism that has always had most destructive social and economic consequences wherever it took place. But the matrix ensures we accept the disasters of excessive multiculturalism as politically correct. This political correctness prevents us from understanding that we cannot have a welfare state and open borders, with freely incoming illegal immigration in a massive way without due PISA process. The matrix prevents us from even suspecting that having both contradictory measures comes from a deliberate policy of the bankers, or of rather the JewZuit Power, indebting and destructing the social texture of the country for accomplishing a superior level of enslavement under its easier control. This can only lead to social disorder and racism, instead of to a good ProRacialism, as promoted by an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). In addition, with the complicity of the UN, through the irresponsible slackness of its UNHCR, we even call most of them 'refugees' when they are not refugees under the Geneva Convention, that is, when they are simple world migrants fleeing only difficult economic situations, if not only selfish seekers of the free and plentiful western social welfare. Instead of deporting them politely and honorably back to their countries, the matrix of political correctness makes us try to absorb them through most expensive social benefits paid by the existing middle-class. In this way, we attract more of these false refugees and, the worst part, we encourage them not go back to their countries. We make them lose their dignity as welfare slaves here, but also as the citizens of the countries they have abandoned. We cause serious economic damage to both countries involved, and serious personal damage to the dignity of all the persons involved. Nevertheless, no one  will even dare ask a simple legitimate question, certainly not publicly, about the absurdity of this politically correct, even when, and especially when, we suspect it might be part of a debasing strategy against us, on the part of the JewZuit Power in the background. Overall this sad reality is a demonstration of the deception of the humanitarianism of the UN, pushed by the New World Order, in order to destroy our sense of nation and nationality, which destruction is essential political correctness for achieving an eventual global One-World Government of totalitarian Fabian Socialism.


Maybe the worst example of boomerangs of political correctness is that we accept politicians who keep lying to us during electoral campaigns without any negative consequences for these politicians, but only with many negative consequences for our own self. This is certainly the case for example of an Obama winning two consecutive elections on the grounds that he would end war in Iraq, while he has only increased war levels not only in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and many other Middle East countries, fully at outrageous voter’s expense. Not only do voters did not push to impeach him, but they even stupidly accepted that he be presented with a Nobel Prize, for nothing less than Peace, without protesting, as a kind of "Obamination" perpetrated more and more often by the authorities attributing Nobel prizes. And they are the same voters who stupidly impeacheded a president like Clinton for something as futile, and non-expensive to the taxpayers, as cheating his own wife. In September 2014, Syria has become the 7th foreign country bombed by Obama, directly or through surrogates. He was involved in continuing another dozen foreign wars, and he has even extended Bush’s war in Afghanistan, projecting he personally saw a need to make the USA presence there last up to 2024. In his first election in 2008, Obama won his mandate promising his administration would work more powerfully than any previous one to achieve global disarmament, but in the fall of 2014 he announced he would spend over one trillion dollars for modernizing nuclear armaments. Obama was then re-elected in 2012 promising again, like in 2008, to end the war in Iraq and, after withdrawing the bulk of the troops from Iraq, he started, not even 2 years later, sending new ones to Iraq, deceitfully disguised mostly as advisers, and foolishly bombing any kind of moving Iraqi targets with stupidly blind drones as, in the end, these drones kill more civilians than soldiers. In other words, Barack O'Bomber has become the most Warmongering Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in history since the Nobel was created. And this complete deception was accepted by most people, as it is presented to the world public opinion, as politically correct by the presstitutes of the mainstream media that are bribed daily by the publicity money of the JewZuit Power, and thus exist only to be mouthpieces of that power, and to formulate, maintain and defend the political correctness discretely imposed in the background by the matrix of that power.    


In the meantime, and in any case, not only Obama, but all western leaders and politicians keep doing whatever they want, after elections, during their mandates, doing it mostly to their own selfish advantage, even through constant incredible corruption. The whole political system of the western world is fully corrupted to the core. After their mandates, in spite of this gross and continuous deceit, corrupted elected politicians, along with corrupted non-elected high officials of international organizations, keep parading proudly on TV, in front of us stupidly admiring them, even when they give most expensive speeches paid by even some universities that are in serious financial difficulty because their students cannot afford increased educational fees. And all of these gross contradictions are ridiculously accepted as politically correct, without us even raising any eyebrow most of the time. Nevertheless, we do not only keep reelecting these politicians, or accept blindly the terribly corrupted cronyism of the nominations of their incompetent friends to useless senior positions of international or supra-national organizations, but we even maintain all of them from election to election with flagrantly undeserved privileges, fully at our own expense, without seeing the stupid contradiction of our behavior. And this too is blindly accepted as political correctness.


We in particular do the same stupid mistake with unelected members of international organizations, like the UN and the EU, watching them passively on a daily basis on TV, while they parade arrogantly in the most luxurious palaces, entirely at our expense, supposedly acting on our behalf, even if never elected by us, with most of them, if not all of them, having been nominated through recommendation and favors to friends, instead of for their known meritorious competence. To crown the senselessness of that reality, we passively let them take decisions that mostly serve to enslave all of us through the three-headed Cerberus of extreme legislation, excessive taxation and fearful disinformation. Then, when we do not just look at them passively, like zombies, not realizing our foolishness, we stupidly applaud at them as if they were heroes and saviors to be admired for their high and falsely prestigious positions of power over us. This again is political correctness blindly accepted by most of us.


Other aspects of our life also offer perfect examples of boomerangs of stupid political correctness. Instead of preventing our corporations from outsourcing or offshoring our best jobs out, in poor countries overseas, allowing only these corporations to get richer, even when they are richer than some of their own countries of operation, like Ford being richer than South Africa, or GM being richer than Denmark, we passively again let them make most employees at home poorer, and our country poorer, by resolving our deteriorated situation through the creation of additional expensive welfare benefits, at extreme costs to our public debt, and consequently to us as taxpayers, in order to support the increasing unemployment and misery that we have passively let being created at home. The new toaster produced through offshored jobs abroad, the one that you now buy at the supermarket at half the old price, is accepted as politically correct; but it is a fake good deal turning back on us as a boomerang: it will break three times as fast as the old one that used to be produced locally, thus cost you three times its apparent cheap price; in addition, the workers that used to produce it here are now unemployed, the national company is probably out of business, and thousands of good local job earners are now under social benefits at great costs to the community, thus at great costs to you as a taxpayer. And this offshoring is done by design, on purpose, to not only enrich the corporations involved, but in particular to lower the standard of living of 90% of the population here at home, forcing the middle class to keep on working, but with fewer opportunities, and harder than before, as cheap slaves, for the benefit of the corporations that get richer and do not even pay local taxes anymore to help face the increasing costs of our additional welfare needs. That plan is even doubly malicious, as this debasement also avoids riots because of the creation of a huge majoritarian poor class completely subservient and dependent on good government welfare. This is the basic process of enslavement of the NWO. And all these boomerangs of stupidity are accepted blindly as politically correct without the blink of a suspicious eye.


Instead of punishing our politicians and senior public servant managers when they make mistakes, even when these mistakes are done through flagrant incompetence or negligence, we prefer to have the failing government, in other words us, as taxpayers footing the bill, paying the consequences in terms of huge court fees, legal fees and damages to be paid. This is too often equivalent to an Internal Mafia Immunity. Then, instead of punishing corporations for plundering poor countries and leaving these countries with irreparable catastrophes to their environment, we give these criminal corporations all sorts of tax benefits that most honest and responsible taxpayers could never even dream to enjoy. In other words, we create a second type of welfare that does not help the poor of our country in this case, but help the super rich of our country, the corporations, the rich entities creating immense public debt here, and environment disasters for the poor of other countries. This is a Corporate Welfare being added to the Social Welfare. That new corporate welfare is for the rich, more expensive than the social welfare for the common people, totally undeserved and unfair, as a type of External Mafia Immunity this time, and a type of welfare that, because of its costs in terms of missing revenues, leaves us incapable of facing better our own real and deserving internal social welfare, except through additional taxation for the middle class. 


As a good example, serving typically for hundreds of others, and not at all the worst example, of a boomerang we allow our Internal Corporate Mafia to use, with full immunity and impunity, we can legitimately mention GE (General Electric). After receiving substantial benefits of various kinds, in public money, during its many years of growth at its various centers of production in the western world, instead of being grateful and starting finally paying its fair share of taxes, GE started to act totally unfairly against its benefit provider and its workers. GE started to offshore its best producing jobs to the third world in order to make more profits through cheaper labor. It started to also outsource many of its components to unsafe secondary producers around the poorest world in order to not only make them cheaper for the company, not for the consumer, but in particular to covertly render them more quickly breakable for the purpose, again, of making yet more money selling more replacement products in the long run. In the meantime, through this process, GE has created new unemployment at home, firing its own more well-paid employees. Many of their ex employees at home have also now become the new long-term victims of social welfare. And to culminate this masterpiece, GE now refuses to pay taxes on the huge profits it has accumulated abroad by offshoring and outsourcing. In the fiscal year 2013, GE has refused to repatriate  $108 billion of its profits accumulated abroad, keeping these profits overseas. By keeping these profits abroad, GE avoided completely paying taxes, no taxes at all, on that huge sum at its home base, even if these corporate taxes would have been collected at a much lower ratio than the normal rate of taxation of the average individual taxpayer. Taxing that sum at home would also have at least helped support the unemployment insurance and welfare benefits of their ex employees, as a kind of legitimate compensation for the damage done at home. This ugly circuit of operations is the exact opposite of what any decent government should impose, or implement as much as possible, in any civilized country, in particular for corporations that the government has helped a lot in the past with all kinds of benefits of Corporate Welfare, even more so for corporations that have, later on, created a lot of new unemployment and new social welfare disbursements of public money at home. This faulty process is a perfect example of the kind of boomerang from which all of us accept to be hit back, and hurt seriously, without crying, or without even raising questions about it, because we have been dumbed-down by the disinformation that is also being pushed at us constantly by the same corporative power controlling also all the mainstream media, and by our powerful matrix of stupid political correctness. Consequently GE  and the likes can do all of this damage serenely, like a well established and undisturbed mafia, with full impunity, because, like most other big corporations, it has been allowed, through corruption, to acquire an inadmissible power over politicians and western governments through lobbies at home acting in complete conflict of interest, and through the related political contributions and bribes they regularly manage to pass on, legally or illegally, to the most powerful politicians and government officials at home and abroad. From this point of view, it is most interesting to read the book of USA Senator Elizabeth Warren, titled "A Fighting Chance". In that good book, she says and demonstrates clearly that the USA government at the moment works first and foremost, and systematically, for the protection of the interests of the biggest corporations that use the strongest lobbies, and not, as it should, for the protection of the interests of the voters who put them in office and pay their salaries and monstrous benefits.             


Another example of terrible boomerang of political correctness, no doubt the most stupid one, and certainly the most damaging one for our own self-made enslavement, is the following. Instead of creating our own national money, without any public debt, we accept to have it created, out of nothing, and on the basis of no constitutional right, by a cabal of private bankers, like the FED, that then give it all to themselves and their acolytes for lending it to us with interest as new additional public debt-money, as new additional public debt in terms of both capital and interests, in other words as our own additional debt as taxpayers, uselessly enslaving our own selves this way, and even our children and grand-children as the taxpayers of many generations to come.


What an absurdity! What an ugly enslavement through useless debt-money! And the list of these boomerangs of absurdity of the politically correct could go on and on ad infinitum. Unfortunately, as simple citizens at the bottom of the pyramid, we accept it all blindly and silently, not to say stupidly, without the slimmest thought of asking a question about its legitimacy crossing even the antechamber of our minds.


The worst part is that even our leaders not only do the same, even more systematically than we do, but they in fact are the puppets pushing this political correctness at us on behalf of their masters of the JewZuit Power hiding and maintaining the matrix in the background. Consequently, as we will see, we constantly deceive ourselves with boomerangs of political correctness hitting destructively even the most important aspects of our civic life. We live in an "Empire of Illusion", to quote the title of the book of Chris Hedges shown further down. This deception is complemented by an incredible social engineering, hidden in plain sight, that lures us into accepting these illusions as inevitable, even as our normal reality, that is, as our stupid political correctness.


However, as we will see, with an appropriate package of reforms, that we call the "EthoCracy Reform Package", elaborated in Part II of this essay, there is absolutely no reason this global deception should be allowed to take place. In relation to political correctness, prohibiting lobbies and the money power to be in a position to influence and bias the Truth Information that our newspapers should provide, would be a good start. For example, in January 2015 Fox News reported very factually on the existence of many Muslim-dominated “no-go zones” in most of the EU countries where Islamic terror cells take root and find recruits. Following strong interventions from the lobby CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), and from the Saudi Billionaire Alwaleed Bin Talal who controls influential voting shares of Fox News parent company, Fox News decided to formally apologize and change its way of coverage of these issues. Alwaleed admitted having called Rupert Murdoch personally to complain and to ask Fox News to substantially alter its coverage of riots caused by Muslims in Europe, and to avoid talking about "Muslim no-go zones" and "Muslim riots", and only use the term "civil riots" and the name of the city suburb to describe them. This imposition of political correctness by lobbies and money power is totally inadmissible. It should certainly be illegal. It would be impossible within an EthoCracy. let alone within a TruthOcracy. It would require only a small legal reform to prevent scandalous submission on the part of the mainstream media, but it does not happen because the same money power and lobbies that command and corrupt the media also corrupt the politicians that should normally take the initiative to correct the situation. And if this ugly example has to do with the Muslim influence in the USA, their influence is the same in Europe. Needless to say too that the Jewish lobbies and their corrupting money power, worldwide, are even more successful in conditioning continuously our political correctness, and in preventing us from having access to Truth Information. If our national governments do not take corrective action because of corrupting money and lobbies, one wonders why at least our supra-national organizations, like the EU, and our international organizations, like the UN, do not protest and intervene on our behalf for a better system. Do we pay these higher levels of governance so dearly in taxes for nothing, and for not at least correcting the flaws of our national systems? Unless these higher levels are also influenced by the same corrupting money, which undoubtedly is the case, they should readily provide guidance to our faulty governments, possibly even impose better regulations, or at least protest formally and openly on our behalf for the benefit of all the populations involved who are cheated continuously by the falsity of the matrix of political correctness.        


In short, for the first time in our human history, we are all the subjects of a global enslavement, at planet level, that is based on a combination of deception, social engineering, geo-engineering, and physical engineering, all joining their efforts, under the guidance of the JewZuit Power, to implement the most comprehensive form of slavery that humanity has ever known, mainly through debt-money. As we will see, this global enslavement is taking place surreptitiously, stealthily, but nevertheless clearly to an attentive observer, as an advanced form of Collectivism that has its roots in a Fabian Socialism of totalitarian aspiration. And also for the first time, in the 21st century, this Fabian Socialism has put its grips on the first world, the most developed world, as opposed to on the third world where it has nicely fine tuned its strategy of global enslavement for most of the 19th and 20th centuries. We will also see why that attack on the first world has started by completely squashing first and foremost Greece.


This global deception lures us in many forms and colors. Lets have a look more specifically at some of the most obnoxious ways it hides itself in plain sight, and consequently engineers stealthily the full enslavement of all of us.

Government Sovereignty and World Peace Deception


To say that we govern ourselves through our elected governments is a complete fraud, as these elected representatives do mostly whatever they want after being elected, and are in fact, for the most part of their activity, only the puppet-executors of a global agenda managed entirely behind the scene by what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. These elected governments exist only as a safe-face, and as masking decoration, for the use of our real masters commanding from the background the elected pseudo-political power placed in the foreground. In other words, to say that we live in independent countries managed by independent elected governments is a complete fraud.


Michael J. Glennon, a political scientist of the Tufts University, in his book National Security and Double Government, explains very clearly that in the western world, we live in a system of double government: the one we elect, and the one that is not elected but commands in a near absolute way in the background, with virtually no accountability, no transparency and no checks and balances of any kind, in particular in the most important thing for all politicians, the national security ensuring the maintenance of the current political system, as faulty and as corrupted as it may be. Elected politicians then serve only as mere cover for the decisions made by the "deep" double government. Glennon bases his assertions on the thesis of Walter Bagehot, the English intellectual who died in 1877 and in whose honor the famous Walter Bagehot Award was created for the distribution of a yearly prize for the best dissertation in the field of government and public administration. Glennon documents his theory accurately with some 800 footnotes in his book. In short, all the important policies of our governments in the field of National Security are made by this double government, and most other policies of less importance are also deeply influenced by this double government, in a situation of complete deception.


Another excellent author talks very clearly about the fact that we are governed by a double state: the "Public State", and the "Deep State".  He explains that "The public state consists of the democratic republic that we are taught is our system of government and in which we dutifully participate as citizens, while the deep state, on the other hand, is composed of the realpolitik powers and behind-the-scenes decisions about which ordinary citizens are unaware". The author is Professor Peter Dale Scott, writing in his invaluable book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America. He has also written a previous book on the "Deep Politics" related to the assassination of JFK. All of this is in perfect resonance with the other excellent book of Lance DeHaven-Smith, titled "Conspiracy Theories in America". He has developed the new concept of SCAD (State Crime Against Democracy). For him, words like "Corruption" are totally insufficient to describe certain types of illegal actions taken by backstage senior officials that not only negatively affect many people as individuals, but subvert democracy and undermine popular sovereignty. At the moment, all the operatives of the Deep State enjoy full wholesale impunity. DeHaven-Smith claims that not only Conspiracies do in fact exist, but that we have been socially engineered derogatively to refuse them as "Conspiracy Theory" even when they are perfectly well documented by historians and scientists. Professor Dale Scott in turn explains that this is "the  culmination of trends developing through a half century: toward secret top-down decision making by small cabals, toward the militarization of law enforcement, toward plans for the sequestering of those who dissent, toward government off-the-books operations, transactions, and assets, and toward governance by those [the richest 1%] who pay for political parties rather than those who participate in them". Exposing the authors of these real conspiracies, or rather of these Conspirealities, and their related SCADs, is made impossible by the legalized bribery of massive electoral campaign contributions given most easily by both the private banksters who print money out of nothing, and the corporations who freely enjoy the conflict of interest of conflicting government positions through the revolving doors system between their senior staff and the government senior staff. Satirical journalist and researcher Greg Palast was right when he said that western countries nowadays enjoy "the best democracy money can buy". In other words, maybe we enjoy in fact the worst democracy deception can offer. In fact it is not Democracy as it was invented by Ancient-Greece, and we should stop calling it Democracy, but rather Debtocracy, as a fake system that is presented to us as a provider of liberty when in fact it is only providing enslavement through the three-headed Cerberus and the DDD strategy.   


Over centuries, tribes have been brought into nations but, over only decades, nations have now been brought into regions, or into supra-national organizations, like the EU. Already today, most of our legislation is decided by foreign entities outside our supposedly independent and sovereign nations. Private multinational corporations are also at the base of most of this extreme legislation being pushed at us by these non-government entities, many of them even foreign entities. Most of this extreme legislation is drafted by the lawyers of these corporations and does not serve national interests, but only the interests of the few managing these foreign entities and the corporations involved in the drafting. Similarly, when the American FDA for example creates an advisory committee to help it decide whether to approve drugs, and to issue the related legislation, it often asks academic physicians with a financial interest in the corporations involved in the production of the drugs to serve on the committee as experts, and the EU often has a similar behavior in spite of a flagrant conflict of interest.


Annoyingly enough, even negotiations and drafting of most important international agreements, like the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The TTIP is part of the global TTT world trade agreement, but specifically for trade relations between the USA and the EU. It has a huge importance for the worldwide domination of the rest of the world by the USA/EU partnership and will practically eliminate the sovereignty of all the countries involved in all aspects of their operations, not only on the trade side. Incredibly, in spite of this, the negotiations are done completely secretly, transgressing TTIP’s own mandate calling for greater transparency, obviously only as a fictitious call. Before TTIP rules are changed, the negotiators first disclose all materials secretly to the corporate interests behind TTIP, and none to the public whose primary economic interests are at stake in a vital way. This secret way of negotiating, not only in favor of the primary interests of the corporations, but in clear conflict of interest with these corporations, is kept unknown to the public via the presstitutes of the mainstream press who are also controlled by the networks of some of these same corporations. This is totally inadmissible, and certainly a gross criminal conflict of interest, but it goes totally unattended, even unquestioned, by both the press and our governments. It is a perfect example of what we call Government Deception. Slowly but surely we are being brought into a JewZuit New World Order of total foreign or non-elected-government command, at global level, that is leading us to our complete enslavement, with a clearly pursued totalitarian Fabian World Government.


However, the biggest deception in relation to what we call "Government" today comes from the fact that all the governments of the most advanced world now function on a basis of debt-money. When you get into debt, you lose part of your sovereignty. The more into debt you get, the less you still have of your sovereignty. Governments deeply into debt are without sovereignty, and consequently are no more real governments, but only puppets of their debt masters in the background. They do not only lose their political sovereignty, as leaders, but the country itself also loses more and more of its sovereignty in terms of a growing number of natural resources that are grabbed by the lending bankers and their acolytes, like the IMF, as collateral guarantee for their loans. In 1913, the new powerful world represented by the USA was deceived by the stealthy creation of the FED (Federal Reserve of the USA, the Creature of Jekyll Island, as supposedly the public federal Central Bank of the USA). This new institution placed the power of creating money into the hands of a cabal of private bankers instead of into the hands of the treasury. From then on, through a kind of domino effect, that immense power of money creation spread to all the private cabals of central banks of the western world. From that terrible mistake, and from then on, governments of all western countries would start to operate only on the basis of debt-money from these cabals of private bankers, borrowing that debt-money with interest, instead of creating money themselves without any amount of this new money being due back to anyone as capital or interests. From then on, the public money borrowed by the governments was all uselessly due back as both capital and interests. Governments gradually lost more and more of their sovereignty and gradually became more and more the puppets of the private bankers in the background. At the same time, the same private cabal succeeded in having the Income Tax system established as a new institution (which did not exist before in the USA, nor in most other western countries), in order to ensure the reimbursement of their loans to the government by the taxpayers. This is the unfortunate situation of debt-slavery in which we are today, as both governments and taxpayers.


This deception did not only change the nature of our governments, but also the nature of all international relations, in particular in relation to wars and revolutions, let alone the national possessions of our natural resources. For centuries, wars had been the affair of essentially brave warriors, great generals, and honored heroes who would conquer new lands, but destroy as little of possible on their way in order to profit themselves from the goods plundered from the conquered territories. Since 1913, with the stealthy creation of the FED in the USA , as the Creature of Jekyll Island, and the cascading power given to other private central bankers around the world to create debt-money out of nothing, wars became the affair of bankers, and not of brave heroes anymore. In fact, immediately after that change, WWI was launched immediately, and not for the honor of great warriors and generals, but only for the profit of bankers. The bankers who from then on created new debt-money out of nothing, and then loaned it to governments with interests, started financing proactively all destructive wars and revolutions, be they for the extreme left, like for Lenin or for the extreme right, like for Hitler, financing indifferently all the parties of all sides of all wars and revolutions in between. From then on, wars would become not an effort to plunder as much as possible for the acquisition of new lands or useful additional infrastructures, but an effort to be as destructive as possible. The bankers would not only finance all sides of these wars, for the acquisition of their armaments, but push for most destructive world wars, as they would also want to finance the reconstruction of the massive destruction caused by all these wars in all the countries involved. More destruction the better! More destructive armaments to be acquired the better! The same bankers involved in this new diabolic system of most destructive wars also started to finance the transformation of many universities, like typically Harvard, to become the creators of the political puppets required as a facade of servile governments in order to pursue, with the help of these new types of leaders, their own enrichment through more and more wars, and more and more debt-money to be loaned to these political lackeys. In the meantime, with the unlimited money the JewZuit banksters could create out-of-nothing, they have also financed the build up of an incredibly huge two-headed complex: a pure Military Complex more powerful than ever before, but  associated to a not less huge and dangerous Military-Internet Complex, as well described in the excellent book of Shane Harris, titled "@War - The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex". This two-headed military monster would not train mainly the bodies and minds of good warriors and generals anymore, capable of winning legitimate battles as heroes, using minimum destruction, but would only produce the most possible type of destructive war machinery, capable of achieving maximum destruction, independently of any legitimacy. The new type of comfortable warriors would even start doing so more and more at uncompromising safe distance, using the space as much as the cyberspace, with the use of only the finger of a feeble soldier pulling a trigger, or moving a mouse on a computer screen. This explains why the XX century has been the most destructive one in world history, with two world wars, and why the XXI century has already been similarly destructive, and so intensely preparing the third world war, all and only for the maximum profit of bankers financing the whole process. The only real super-power left, the USA, is also into such economic difficulties at the moment that, for the JewZuit Power, it is the only way it can save itself, that is, save its banks, is though a WWIII. This is why Wall Street and their JewZuit bankers now run the world, and run it only for their own profit through maximum possible destruction and debt, and consequently actively prepare the grounds for WWIII, even at the cost of reinforcing their apparent enemy on their path, the Muslim world led by Saudi Arabia, through typically financing and arming stealthily what should be their enemy, that is, groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS, and provoking uselessly countries like Russia. Hopefully a Donald Trump shall be able to change all of this. For now, this is the only way the JewZuit Power can bring about WWIII that could serve to save the plan of the world banksters, and save them with no major concern on their part for the fact that, on its way, WWIII may also destroy the USA itself as the current super power, and maybe also destroy a great part of Europe. Destruction, and profit through financing destruction and reconstruction is the only game the world JewZuit banksters know, and the only one they will play, whatever the risks involved. From this point of view, this forthcoming WWIII may also finally bring along a global JewZuit bankers world domination, based in Jerusalem, through the creation of the Greater Israel justified by the need to defeat the terror of the Muslim world (stealthily empowered for that justification by the same JewZuit banksters), and consequently the World Government predicted by Albert Pike in his letter to Mazzini in 1871. Pike's predictions of 1871 about WWI and about WWII have already revealed themselves to be absolutely true so far. The advent of Trump as president of the USA, in spite of his apparent disassociation from the 'swamp' of the previous administration, may even contribute to this JewZuit Power plan, starting with his promise to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Consequently, maybe this is a valid reason to also take seriously what Pike said about what WWIII shall achieve in the world clash between the Muslim world (mainly the Shiite side, because of the ZAJAC connection on the Sunni side) and the Zionist world of Israel and its western JewZuit lackeys in the USA and the EU. What is going on at the moment, with the growing war against Islamic terror, even if in fact that war consists in the JewZuit Power using the most radical Muslims as useful idiots through a series of false flags, certainly matches Pike's perspective and predictions. The more destruction they will cause, the more profit they will bring to the JewZuit banks. However, these bankers are only the facade of what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. From this point of view, these bankers of the JewZuit Power have become real "Banksters of Mass Destruction". Apart from WWI and WWII, countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and another dozen countries around the world are only few of the best example and victims of these banksters of mass destruction in only the first two decades spanning the turn of the XXI century. In the same line of thinking, maybe the so-called "War on Terror", and the related growing Islamophobia, in relation to real acts of terrorism committed by only a small minority of radical Muslims, is only a strategy of the JewZuit Power to use these radical Muslims as useful idiots to facilitate the launching of WWIII and the bringing-in of the "World Government of Terror" predicted by Albert Pike and other Fabian Socialists as the dictatorial One-World-Government of the New World Order


Because of this stealthy strategy, the objectives of world Peace in international relations, so often mentioned by our national politicians and their acolytes of international organizations, are only lip service. None of the dozen new wars of the young XXI century have brought profit to any of the countries involved in terms of better democracy, better social pacification or better stable peace and economic progress for all the populations involved. They have brought only full destruction for all the countries that have been attacked or invaded but, by the same token, they have brought immense profit to the distant banksters in the background who have manipulated the politicians leading these wars. The real profit of all these wars is only going to the bankers financing the whole process while sitting comfortably at distance in their push environments. These bankers of the JewZuit Power have become our real government, as our "Deep Government", behind the puppet political governments that we think we have elected to govern us for our best interest. Our so-called democratic governments, supposedly and fictitiously governing us sovereignly and independently for our sole benefit, are consequently only a complete deception, be it in terms of governing us as well as possible, as our elected leaders, or in terms of promoting democracy and peace around the world. The objective of constant wars, as many as possible, and as destructive as possible, for maximum possible profit of the JewZuit banksters, is always the leading one behind the scene, imposed discretely to our politicians corrupted by the unlimited banksters money of the JewZuit Power. Peace and democracy, supposedly pursued by our puppet governments dominated by their warlord banksters, are a complete deception. Our reality has become one of the production of maximum public debt, maximum taxation, maximum destructive wars, thus maximum enslavement of the middle class, all for the maximum profit of the JewZuit banksters in the background. And the worst part of this process is that, when these banksters get into trouble, often for monstrously irresponsible or illegal activities,  they nevertheless get maximum salvation in terms of taxpayers money, through bail-outs or even bail-ins if necessary, even with the additional plush bonuses for supposedly their good yearly performance, and arrogant golden handshakes in severance pay and pensions in due time, whatever their mistakes, whatever the enslavement they have caused through debt-money, whatever the destruction they have caused through war financing, as they are supposedly some godly figures running diabolic institutions that are "Too Big To Fail", while the taxpayers reimbursing their debt-money are always "Too Few To Foul", not to use another ugly little four-letter "F" word that would be more adapted in the last position of the latter expression. In the meantime, everybody is afraid of this immense money power, even the magistrates and prosecutors who seem to always treat overly nicely the terrible criminal mistakes of these bankers, through fines only, knowing the bankers can easily pay these fines, instead of prosecuting them to jail terms, because they, the prosecutors, could put their own life in danger. In addition, because of the infinite greed of these banksters, pushing for constant wars of maximum destruction and  the subsequent plans of reconstruction that they can all finance with immense profits, the XX century has been responsible for some 260 million dead people via the help of the corrupted politicians these banksters have instigated. Most of these crimes against humanity have even happened outside of a war context, and as such they amount to a real Democide. These crimes have made the civil banksters and their civil government political acolytes of all colors our worst enemies, much worst than any kind of traditional military personnel. Nevertheless, as civil personnel, these banksters never get prosecuted properly for their crimes because of their immense and illegitimate money power over the political power. This is what Government Sovereignty and World Peace Deception is all about. The only real sovereignty that exists at the moment is not the one of our governments, but the one of the JewZuit banksters financing and corrupting governments. The frequent talks we hear about the pursuit of world peace are also only window dressing, as an entertaining theatrical show that hides, behind the scene, the pursuit of as many wars as possible, and wars as constant and destructive as possible, for the maximum profits of the banksters. And this monstrous process has existed ever since we have given the bankers, most unduly and unconstitutionally, the immense power to create money out of nothing, and then loan it to our governments at interests, and with the guarantee that it will all be reimbursed by the rest of us, the enslaved taxpayers of the productive middle-class. We do not select political leaders managing sovereign governments, we only elect the best possible puppets among the ones presented to us for stealthily managing the best interests of the world JewZuit banksters. The real selection of our leaders is done by the JewZuit Power before the elections. The bankers have the only type of real sovereignty that exist in the world today, and they are the only "State Capture Government" that rule the world today, through the most discrete managers of The Network of Global Corporate Control that sits behind  the public face of their acolytes of the central JewZuit banks.                

Judeo-Christian Roots Deception as opposed to our real Greco-Roman Roots


To say that the best of our western civilization has Judeo-Christian roots is also a complete fraud, as these roots are rather Hellenic or, more simply said, Greek. Until a few decades ago, people had the common sense of at least saying that our roots in the Western World were "Greco-Roman", which was much more closer to the reality, as our real roots were, and are, certainly "Greco", then "Roman" in as much as the Romans had acquired their own real culture from the Greeks. Fundamentally however, our roots come from the only culture that has really created, and given us in inheritance, things like democracy, holistic education (or ELducation), philosophy and a sense of justice and artistic beauty, let alone beauty in all aspects of our life, be it things, actions, thoughts, language, architecture etc. Somewhere during the 5 decades of the formalization of the JewZuit Power, since the Vatican Zionist coup of the Council of Vatican II, in 1964, and the social quiet revolution that ensued in 1968, the new dominant JewZuit culture and their enslaved JewZuit mainstream media started to have all of us say and accept that our cultural roots are Judeo-Christian. This was a complete fraud at least on the "Judeo" side. If our roots on the "Greco", the "Roman" and the "Christian" sides are clearly Hellenic, this is not so much the case of the "Judeo" side of what we call today our Judeo-Christian roots. The Judeo-Christian authorities, as we will see in details, have only tried, for two millennia, to copy, dilute and transform the beautiful original Hellenic roots and values to their own advantage, in order to give the impression to their respective followers that they were of their own Jewish or Christian creation, destroying or distorting along the way the best of what these Hellenic EL roots were.


The Christian side has absorbed the Hellenic roots somewhat more positively, except for preventing them to blossom beautifully afterwards because of a parallel introduction of enslaving dogma and fear into their religious culture. The Jews in turn have pretended to have absorbed some of the Hellenic roots, as a pretention based on a kind of jealousy for their obvious beauty and superiority, and done so through the imposition of a fake political correctness that gave the world the impression that these beautiful roots were their own, and not Hellenic, even if their history of at least the last 2000 years can only be characterized by a constant fight against Hellenism, as the fight of the fundamentally enslaving culture of the Jewish "Money Changers" against the Greek culture of the "Idea Exchangers", or against the culture of freedom and freethinking that the Jews have always abhorred to this day. Consequently, if it is a complete fraud to call our roots "Judeo-Christian", and if for some reason we do not want to call them as they really are, as "Hellenic", then let's return to some 5 decades ago, and at least call them "Greco-Roman" and definitely not "Judeo-Christian". This would be a more honest compromise. But in reality, there is no way out, and our real cultural roots are only fundamentally "Hellenic". The EU has rejected to insert a "Judeo-Christian" mention of its roots in its Constitution, and this was not really a mistake. To ask the EU to qualify its roots as "Hellenic" might also be too much to ask, let alone as "Greek", at a time of a serious economic conflict between Greece and the rest of Europe, and in consideration of the dominance of a clear JewZuit culture in the unelected, unaccountable to anyone, and thus totalitarian monstrous European technocracy of the EU in  Brussels, acting like a centralized dictatorship; But it was definitely a serious mistake for the EU founders not to have had the courage to call its roots as at least Greco-Roman in its Constitution. This could have prevented it from becoming, or rather being already, an institution of cultural genocide and economic enslavement for its member countries. Hopefully some day this serious mistake will be corrected, unless in the meantime the conflict with Greece brings down the Euro, and possibly also the unaccountable JewZuit EU that has tried to enslave Greece, first and foremost Greece, and completely, over the last two decades with the help of its equally unaccountable JewZuit Troika acolytes, the BCE and the IMF.     


We usually say that our western society has Judeo-Christian roots by meaning that these roots express the best of what we are. Put in these terms, this is also a fraud and a complete deception. We can say that we have Judeo-Christian roots only if we mean the bad aspects of our civilization, not the good ones. The Christians brought us dogma and consequently a constant fear of being sinful by not obeying blindly the Christian church. This fear has materialized into outright persecution in the worst possible form during the centuries of the Inquisition, both the Catholic Inquisition and the Orthodox Inquisition for over one millennium, but also in an attempt to keep us blindly obedient as psychological slaves of the dogmatic Christian churches for a couple of millennia. The Jews in turn have brought us an additional form of enslavement mostly on the economic side, through their culture of the Money Changers that Jesus, as an EL figure of the Hellenic culture from the city of Nazareth in Galilee, tried to expel from the Temple some 2000 years ago. Both the Christians and the Jews together have brought us constant wars and revolutions of a most deadly and bloody nature. Suffice to mention the Wars of Religion in Europe, conducted for Christian religious reasons expressed by opposing Christian factions and, as we will see further down, the many ideological revolutions, like the French Revolution and the Russian Bolshevik revolution, led stealthily entirely by Jews. History shows clearly that the Jews in particular have been the active promoters of revolutions and wars for centuries, any kind of wars. It is in fact through Jewish banksters financing wars, and both sides of the opposing forces in these wars, that they have become so rich over the last 3 centuries, and now control most of the wealth of the entire western world. Many historians have written excellent books demonstrating that the Jews have promoted all the main wars of the last centuries, including the two world wars, in order to finance them and enrich themselves from them. Amazingly enough, this includes financing WWII led by Hitler, even if, as we will see, the Jewish financiers knew that Hitler was exterminating their own Jewish compatriots in a Holocaust in most of Europe. In other words, the Jews financed even the leader of the Holocaust against the Jews. All of this is bad, not good, on the two sides of the Judeo-Christian culture. If these historical facts are our roots, and our Judeo-Christian roots, they express the worst of what we are, and not the best, and consequently we should not proudly boast about having Judeo-Christian roots. In the best of cases, and considering that Christians have been a very wide majority over a very small Jewish minority in our western world over the last few centuries, we could have some justification to maybe talk about our Helleno-Christian roots, but not about our Judeo-Christian roots. In reality, basing ourselves essentially on what is the best in our current civilization, our roots are only Hellenic, and not Judaic nor Christian.  


In fact, and in complete opposition to what we qualify unduly as "Judeo-Christian", the best of what we are really comes from our Greek roots, and only from these Greek roots. To talk about our Judeo-Christian roots is definitely a complete fraud. It is readily acknowledged worldwide that Democracy clearly comes from the Greeks, or rather from the ancient culture of freedom and freethinking of the EL people, as the word "Greek", as we will see further down, does not exist in the Greek language. The Greeks never call themselves "Greeks" but "Ellinas", with the prefix "EL", sometimes rendered derogatively in English with the prefix "Hell", like in the expression "Hellenic people", and they call their country not as "Greece" but as "Ellas", also with the same EL prefix. And of course we are talking about the good democracy as really created by the Greeks. This was a Direct Participatory Democracy, the one created by lawmakers like Solon, and statesmen like Pericles, not the distant and fake Representative Democracy corrupted by the Jews and the Christians over the last centuries. Philosophy is also acknowledged worldwide as a Greek creation of incredible intellectuals named Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Again here, we are talking about the real philosophy as invented by the Greeks, as a philosophy that was an incarnated and practical "philosophical way of life" based on an agreed set of virtues and a sense of real holistic beauty, not the modern philosophy corrupted by the Jews and the Christians in particular. That modern philosophy has been reduced to being a pure form of intellectual speculation too often put at the service of ideologies or DDD. Education, as a form of holistic formation of both the body and mind, including an equilibrated Tetractys of the human soul of the human being, also comes only from the Greeks. The first real schools worth this name were invented by the Greeks and still lend their ancient Greek names to the best modern educational institutions today, through words like Lycée or Academy. The first serious and systematic approach to sciences also comes from the Greeks, be it medicine, mathematics, architecture or astronomy. The oath taken by doctors and physicians today is still the Hippocratic Oath, some 2300 years after Hippocrates died. Aristarchus of Samos had already discovered the exact nature of the solar system, with the sun at the center, in 300 BC, nearly 2000 years before supposedly Copernicus and Galileo rediscovered it, with Galileo then made to deny it in front of the Inquisition because of the dark ages brought in by the Christian church. Mathematics and geometry come from Greek names like Euclid and Archimedes, etc. Greek architecture of buildings constructed on the basis of the harmony of the Golden Section, like the Parthenon, designed and constructed magnificently by architects like Ictinos and Callicrates, at a time when the rest of the western world was living in huts and primitive tents, still serve as models for the most important building in the world today, like the ones of Capitol Hill in Washington. Our best sense of Beauty in Fine Arts, including the theory of harmony in music from the time of Pythagoras some 2600 years ago, also comes directly and exclusively from the Greeks, with the names of sculptors like Phidias and painters like Apollodorus, as the Romans only copied, or tried to emulate, and too often in gross forms, the artistic beauty that the Greeks had created first, much before them. All these positive aspects of our cultural roots all come from the Greeks, and only from the Greeks, not from the Jews, not from the Romans, and not from the Christians. In fact, at the time these roots were being planted, the Jews were only ignorant shepherds living very primitively and the Romans or the Christians did not even exist yet. The rest of the western world, like in France or Germany, let alone England, was only a bunch of primitive barbarian tribes. Later on, as we will see in more details, the Judeo-Christians have only contributed to eradicate or corrupt the beauty and sanity of these beautiful Greek roots, or EL roots. How we can still talk so often about having Judeo-Christian roots is a mystery explainable only by ignorance, stupidity or the Matrix of Political Correctness that was created around us for that specific purpose.    


Clearly again, to say that we have Judeo-Christian roots, is a complete fraud and deception, at least in terms of the positive character of these cultural roots that we should be proud of. The Judeo-Christian authorities have in fact been in direct opposition to the culture of Greek Hellenism for much over 2000 years, trying to destroy the EL culture. As we will see, this is the case more strongly today than ever before, and the reason why the world crisis of enslavement through debt has started by first squashing Greece in the First World. This opposition is so strong, and so contrasting in nature, that it is quite legitimate to assume that these two opposite roots of culture, the Greek roots on the one side and the Judeo-Christian roots on the other side, are based on a completely different kind of DNA, as the EL DNA. In fact, as we will see further down, there was serious scientific research conducted in many western countries that confirmed the existence of a special and unique "E" gene in a "Y" chromosome of the pure Greeks, or rather of the EL people.      


In any case, for all practical purposes, the Judeo-Christian culture can now be seen as a single integrated culture, in clear opposition of the EL culture, in particular since the formation of the coalition of the JewZuit Power, through the heretical Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II, in 1962, and even more so since its consolidation with the installment of the current Jesuit Black Pope called Francis in 2013. As we will see in details, in the context of the irregular election of two popes, not to mention the irregular election of the current one, B'Nai B'Brith, known as the Jewish Freemasonry, appears to have fully infiltrated the Vatican since much before 1962, and now seems to totally control the Catholic Vatican Curia in the background. Most honest journalists experts of the Vatican will affirm it today, albeit only privately in order not to lose their jobs and, as we will see, few serious independent writers will even document and describe this sour reality openly in writing. 

Religion Goodness Deception


In the same line of thinking, regarding religion, and the 3 great monotheistic religions in particular, the deception is not less evident and tragic. To say that these 3 monotheistic religions are the most important in the world, and have been, and are still, the best ones for the safeguard of the wellbeing of humanity, is a complete fraud. We will mention many good books, further down, documenting the extensive criminal activities of these 3 religions, and consequently there is no point going into details of such documentation within this prologue.


In short here, regarding the deception of Christianity, it is sufficient to remind us of the terrible crimes of the Inquisition, the disasters of the Wars of Religion in Europe, the craziness of the Burning Times of the Witch Hunts, the horrors of the centuries of the Palestinian Crusades against Islam in the Middle East and the Albigensian Crusade against the heretical Cathars in Central Europe, the campaigns of forced conversions during the conquest of the Americas and the evangelization of the rest of the world, etc. etc. All these well documented historical facts are responsible for incredible sufferance, including all possible forms of tortures, assassinations, massacres and genocides, all done supposedly in the name of a good religion.


Regarding Islam, and its wars of conquest and expansion, its criminal history is very similar to the Christian one, done by Muslims against the so-called infidels and their assumed enemies. It is not less tragic, if not worse, and spread over a millennium and a half. That history includes personal lapidating and mutilations of various kinds. And this does not account for what is still happening today, in the 21st century, in relation to constant acts of wild terrorism. This includes so-called Holy Suicide Bombers killing dozens of innocent people, Holy Jihad Wars killing thousands more, and horrific behavior like the live beheading of disarmed hostages. For a non-Muslim, it is practically impossible to understand what can be considered "holy" about such acts. In addition, in spite of the fact that the Achtiname of Muhammad, also known as the Holy Covenant, or Testamentum of the prophet, issued in 626 AD, prohibits firmly to all Muslims to persecute the Nazarenes (that means the Christians, on the basis of their Founder, Jesus, who was from Nazareth. As such, as we will see further down, and also from the point of view of Muhammad, Jesus was a clear Hellenic figure instead of a Judaic one), thousands of Christians are nevertheless tortured and regularly assassinated, still to this very day, in most Muslim countries, and also outside of them. Again, all this is done supposedly in the name of a good religion.


Bad Symbol of Peace vs. Good Symbol of Massacre

This is well represented by the growing War on the Christmas Tree, vs. the growing Celebration of the Menorah. For Judaism, the main symbols and religious practices of the Jews can give us a good idea of the incredible deceit impregnating their fundamental culture. Their main festivity, Hanukkah, is celebrated with the Menorah, appearing in growing numbers all around us, year after year, while Christmas trees, and the birth of a beautiful child (Jesus) in a manger environment, are being more and more prohibited in order not to offend the Jews and other religions. Nevertheless, the Hanukkah and the Menorah are the symbols of a mass massacre of the Jews annihilating thousands of their enemies. It is difficult to understand how the Jews can pretend that these Judaic symbols of mass massacre are less offensive than a joyful Christmas tree and a beautiful child being born in a crèche: Christian symbols that the Jews push more and more to eliminate and replace with their own mass-massacre-related symbols. In the meantime, a Jewish man like Larry David can urinate publicly on a picture of Jesus, and a Jewish woman like Sarah Silverman can affirm, also publicly, in front of a widely televised  audience, that she would joyfully kill Jesus today if Jews had not done it 2000 years ago, both doing it with full impunity, while non-Jews who even slightly criticize Jews are immediately accused of hate speech, anti-Semitism, and at risk of being sued and imprisoned.


In the meantime, those who live in, or close to, a Hasidic neighborhood, where Orthodox Jews live, will have probably already witnessed the cruelty of the horrific religious practice of the Kaporos (or Kapparots) associated to the preparation of the holiest day of the year for the Jews, the Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur. The religious practice of the Kaporos involves dozens of hours of torture imposed to live chickens spending the last few days of their lives in unimaginable agony. The practice is based in the book of Isaiah of the Jewish Bible. Kaporos is an ancient religious practice whereby, in its final stage, before the final slaughtering of the chicken, and after imposing hours or days of torture to the chicken, an Orthodox Jew is supposed to swing his rooster, if a man, or her hen, if a woman, around his or her head, reciting a chant saying basically: "I am passing my sins and punishment onto you... to suffer and die in my place, so that I can have a long and happy life". This religious practice, probably very offending to most human beings of non-Jewish descent, would not be worth mentioning if we were not talking about religious deception in this section, if the ancient practice was not practiced still today in our modern world, by many Orthodox Jews, and if these Orthodox Jews were not the same ones who push to eliminate the peaceful symbols of the Christian religion that supposedly offend them, even when they are in the form of a joyful Christmas tree, or the birth of a beautiful child in the poor crèche of a campestral environment where many healthy chickens and other beautiful animals usually life serenely with their owners. Again, for non-Jews, this amounts to complete religion deception, as it is practically impossible to understand how you can wish yourself a happy life by creating outrageous sufferance to an animal.


What is called "The Holocaust" is real, but not at all the only one, nor the worst one - Facts are facts, and no conspiracy theory. Nowadays, a growing number of historians, even some Jewish ones, do report these facts. Because of their full domination of all world mainstream press, through as little of 5 main worldwide networks, Jews can obviously get away with anything, even if their background involves a long history of discrimination, criminality, even genocides and holocausts against other populations, but even against their own people if we consider that Zionists Jews have been the main financiers of Hitler, as documented in good books. As for examples of the present, and the type of arrogance allowed only to Jews today, fully getting away with it, lets only mention the following fact of October 07, 2014, typical of what only Jews can afford to do. Rabbi Shalom Lewis, in the city of Marietta (near Atlanta, in Georgia, USA), held a formal public speech calling openly and explicitly for a “Holy Crusade against Islam in order to exterminate it utterly and absolutely”  from the surface of the Earth. Just imagine what the headlines of the whole world press would have been, if a Christian or a Muslim had made such a terribly ugly statement against Jews. The author of such statement would certainly have been immediately and loudly accused of anti-Semitism and hate speech, and swiftly arrested and put to jail. Well, except for a couple of obscure websites of alternative press in this case, and typically as what happens in many current similar cases, nothing was mentioned at all in any of the mainstream media, printed or electronic. In the meantime, as we will see, dozens of Rabbis around the world keep affirming openly and explicitly, on a rather regular basis, even justifying it on the basis of the Holy Talmud, things like all non-Jews are "Goyims" (usually interpreted, at best, as 'human cattle') that "a thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth one Jewish finger nail" (a direct quote from Dov Lior, who heads the Council of Rabbis of Judea and Samaria), and that these other races should all become slaves of the Jews. This is always done with full impunity. No scandal is even ever made of such ugly Jewish statements, not in the mainstream media, controlled by the Jewish networks, nor in most of the alternative press, because it is afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism and forced to close their operations. Not even a criticism of significance is advanced by any prominent and powerful world figure, be it the Pope, the head of the UN or the EU, or the president of any western or Muslim country, let alone another less racist Jewish Rabbi, in order to at least not leave the impression that there is no such non-racist rabbi available in the whole world. This inaction, and thus silent complicity on the part of all other Rabbis, amounts to complete deception on the part of the current leadership of the Hebraic religion.


In short, beware if you criticize the Jews for anything, even minor things, even if based on facts and in much softer terms than those used by Jews to criticize others, as you may soon be without a job or a career, if not in jail, for anti-Semitism and hate speech. This incredible hypocrisy and deception is stupidly, if not wisely, accepted as politically correct by even all our non-Jew powerful western leaders, because they just too often need the financial contributions of the Jewish lobby for their reelections. It amounts to a totally discriminating double standard applied by the Jews and nevertheless respected by all corrupted politicians. At least the voters who are not eligible for such contributions, too often in terms of bribes, should think of better electing their leaders on the grounds of avoiding such inacceptable hypocrisy and discrimination, let alone the related political corruption.


As for things of a more distant past, we will see for example, the long term efforts of the Jews to exterminate the Greek EL culture. The Jews have a direct responsibility in what we will call, further down, The Biggest and Longest Holocaust , the Holocaust against the Greeks, definitely the longest in human history, the one made against the Hellenic EL culture, lasting even today. That Holocaust orchestrated by the Jews themselves, in direct collaboration with the Christians as their main frontline executors, against the Hellenes, has been lasting for many centuries now. As we will see in more details, even if it is not clearly understood by most people around the world, that longest of all holocausts, now led by the Jews directly in the 21st century, instead of by the Christians as frontline executors, is still going on, most actively today, in the Greece of the current crisis. Current disinformation and propaganda today makes most people around the world believe that the Greek crisis is only about their economy, and has nothing to do with the Jews, but the economy is only the most obvious aspect of the crisis, and the crisis is in fact regarding more globally, and much more seriously, the language and the EL culture of the Greeks. As we will see in more details, this global Greek crisis has been orchestrated by the succession of 3 main Jewish-Greek prime ministers since the departure of the military regime in 1974, by the loyal accomplices they have posted in key positions of the Greek bureaucracy, and by their too close association with powerful Jewish organizations like the IMF that, once involved within a country like Greece, act like a dictatorship for enslavement purposes. In short, they have implemented a revival of the centuries-long holocaust against the beautiful Greek culture, or the EL culture of the Greeks that has brought us democracy, philosophy, education and our best sense of harmony in human beauty, physical and intellectual, and in artistic work.


We will also recall the clear and dominant direct responsibility of the Jews in the 100 million deaths of the Holocaust against non-Jews, conducted by the Jews, in all the communist countries. This includes some 60 million Orthodox Christians in the Bolshevik Jews revolution of the Soviet Union, and another 40 millions of non-Jews in other communist revolutions also led by Zionist Jews in other communist countries. And this does not include the major involvement of the Jews in other less known holocausts, like the Black Slaves Holocaust during the slave trade period. And these 3 holocausts that we hardly hear about, conducted by Jews, against the Greeks, against the Orthodox Christians and against the blacks, involved about 20 times the amount of deaths suffered by the Jews  during the Holocaust that they themselves suffered from the Nazi Germans. Again, all these horrific holocausts were conducted mainly by Jews in the name of supposedly the good Hebraic religion, or should we say the best religion, considering that the Jews regularly and explicitly affirm to consider themselves as the best people, or the so-called "Chosen People" by the God of the Bible. If the above are the achievements of a chosen people, then it is probably legitimate to think that the good God of the Bible has by now been fully deceived by the ones he has chosen for the practice and the spreading of the Hebraic religion.   


We will also inevitably bring to light the major role of Zionist Jewry in the current enslavement of the whole world through the debt-money of the system of central banks that they clearly manage in an absolute dominant way, and the equally dominant role of Jewry in the down-basing of all our ethical values through the crappy culture coming out of Hollywood, fully dominated and managed by Jews, as confirmed by Jew Joel Stein, through homosexuality as an ideal lifestyle promoted to adolescents, through the propagation of the worst kind of pornography, and through their strong encouragement and push for a most destructive multiculturalism via massive illegal immigration without due PISA process in the western world. Of course, in Israel, they wisely do exactly the opposite and is probably the most PISA compliant country in the world at the moment. 


Regarding Islam and Judaism together, the two religions that were called "Circumreligions", as both involved with circumcision, we will not be able to hide the physical mutilation of half of their populations for religious purposes, through not only the circumcision of all their males, but often also, in the case of Islam, the infibulation of their females, with the maintenance of their women in a state of clear servitude, even today in the western world, through their migration invasion and wild spreading in most western countries over the last 2 decades. And this is not accounting for flagellations, amputations of hands or legs for various sinful behavior, or lapidating. The Christians have also used forms of torture in the past, in particular in the context of the Inquisition, but they at least have evolved to a more human approach to sins in the last couple of centuries. This is obviously not the case of the faithful of the 2 other main monotheistic religions, Islam in particular.    


In complete contrast to the above, the only western religion that never caused any such types of sufferance for sins, or for other requirement of social subservience, not in the past, nor in the present, is the Greek religion of the EL culture. Of course, more than a religion, in terms of religious institution, it is rather a philosophy, or a philosophical way of life. As for their military activities, except for rare exceptions for vindication purposes, Greeks have also fought mainly only defensive wars. Otherwise, their wars were not really wars, but basically expeditions of positive exploration of the world, or of welcomed propagation of civilization in the rest of the world. It is nevertheless the one-and-only religion that is still called today with an arrogant no-name, or a derogatory name, the religion of the so-called Pagans, instead of simply the Greek religion. The word Pagan always stands for the Hellenic religion in mainstream history books and/or in relation to the influence of the Greek culture in the world. The beautiful Greek religion, the Hellenic culture, or rather the EL culture, more than a religion, too often called derogatorily the pagan culture, is nevertheless the one that brought us the best of what we enjoy today in terms of democracy, education, philosophy, fine arts and civilization. In complete contrast to the two other religions, it has never tried to spread its influence in DDD terms. It has never used dogma, fear, torture, inquisition, holy wars, corporeal mutilations, unnecessary massacres and genocides, like what the other non-pagan noble religions always used and left us in inheritance. Even the war-like expeditions of the ancient Greeks were never done through undue looting in order to get rich, like most other conquerors did. For the ancient Greeks, plundering and looting was reduced mostly to the essential accumulation of basic supplies for their survival and their good maintenance during their expeditions. Nevertheless, only this last religion, the Greek one, has always been, and is still usually today, talked about in a complete and constant derogatory pagan way, and what is left of it is being destroyed by the dominant JewZuit Power in Greece today, mainly by the Jewish side of this power, and by the massive inflow of illegal multicultural migrants pushed-in and welcomed in Greece by that same jealous power who wants to destroy all the old EL culture values.


The derogatory naming of the Greek culture, as pagan, is due to the fact that the Pagan religion is one that disturbs the main objective of the 3 main monotheistic religions, in particular the two involved more directly in the JewZuit Power. That main objective is our enslavement, as peoples and as countries, through DDD (Dogma, Debt and Despair). The Jewish side of the JewZuit Power is centered around corporations, banking corporations in particular, on the more economic and material collectivist side of the equation. The Jesuit side is centered around education and social initiatives, on the more intellectual collectivist side of the equation. However, the overall JewZuit equation of both sides is resolved in terms of Collectivism of a common Fabian Socialism of totalitarian aspiration. For achieving their objectives, the Jewish side uses mainly debt, to enslave mainly governments, while the Jesuit side uses mainly dogma, thus fear, to enslave mainly peoples. Both sides create despair, both personal and political despair, and thus full enslavement through DDD. The third monotheistic religion, Islam, is using mainly dogma and fear for creating their own kind of incremental enslavement. This Muslim side want the enslavement of both governments and peoples, over and above the JewZuit one, and highly manipulated by the JewZuits. As we will see further down, Muslims are being used by the two other religions as useful idiots to even better achieve their JewZuit objectives of full global enslavement. However, we will also see how Muslims might not be used as useful idiots as easily as the two other religions expect to do it.


If the above brief historical summary of the actions of the 3 main monotheistic religions is not the demonstration of complete religion deception, a deception that is well hidden to, or ignored by, most people today, with the complicity of the presstitutes of the JewZuit mainstream media, it is difficult to know what the word deception could mean. The three main monotheistic religions are fundamentally good and to be fully respected. However, their respective nomenclatures of leaders, in the JewZuit alliance in particular, have quite obviously deviated from their respective fundamental message of love and mission of peace. At this point in time, considering all the destructive wars of aggression that these religious leaders so arrogantly conduct, and the unjustly plundering governments that they so proudly establish and manage, they appear to have become a UDC (United Demonic Class) that mainly keeps enslaving and massacring peoples, and using false flags for destroying countries or populations from whom they have never suffered first any meaningful aggression. This UDC of DDD can possibly even destroy the planet, as an awful ThugOcracy, if a correction is not made to their negative impulses and conduct, in order to make them return to expressing better the original good message of their respective religions. It is still time, even if very late already, to put a stop to their destructive power through a proper EthoCracy Reform Package, which shall be the subject of Part II of this essay.         

Democracy Deception


To say that our current system of western government is the best, because it is a democracy, is another complete fraud, as direct participatory democracy, which was the type of real democracy invented by the Greeks, had no resemblance to the distant representational democracy of today which is, because of its representational nature, wide-open to corruption by third-parties, that is, by these representatives, and rather a hidden form of tyranny of totalitarian aspiration once these representatives are in power and finally do whatever they want, or rather what their JewZuit masters want, instead of what the voters themselves elected them for. It is in fact not a Democracy, but rather an oligarchic Corporatocracy that we can legitimately call, in short, a Debtocracy, enslaving its citizens through a type of debt-money that did not exist when Greece invented democracy, and that would have been inconceivable, certainly unacceptable at that time. Today we have all become not the citizens of a democracy, but the slaves of a Corporatocracy. We live in a “Democracy Incorporated”, in a Managed Democracy, or rather in a Maneuvered Democracy, and with the specter of Inverted Totalitarianism, to use the titles of the excellent book of Sheldon Wolin.


Nowadays, JewZuit corporations behind the debtocracy are in charge of nearly everything, in most western countries: the government, the military and in particular the banks enslaving us through debt-money. Even supposedly the most powerful man on earth, the president of the U.S., like an Obama or a Bush, is only a puppet fully controlled by the real JewZuit rulers of the debtocracy in the background. These false leaders are only the kings of stealthily created chaos, internally and abroad, out of which the JewZuit order shall be offered on a fake silver plate when eventually requested by the stupidly grateful receivers, even at the cost of this JewZuit order being implemented through totalitarian fascism. The JewZuit corporations have to live and command, and the people have to accept gratefully their enslavement to serve them, and get in exchange an apparent situation of order, as a complete deception. From this point of view, Lenin was right when he predicted that when capitalism would start to fail, or made to start to fail, it would turn into fascism in order to protect the interests and full survival of all the big JewZuit corporations commanding in the background. 


The EU as the major and most obvious tool of Democracy Deception - The best example of false or deceptive democracy in the world at the moment might be the EU (European Union). It is not simply 'undemocratic', but rather entirely antidemocratic and near totalitarian in nature. Its parliament of elected members is only a facade with practically no power, as it is the unelected EU Commission that decides everything sovereignly. The fake EU parliament is mainly a place for doing favors, and for granting important positions, along with high salaries and undeserved privileges, to those national politicians around Europe who are subservient to the collectivist system of enslavement.


This submissive system is also plagued by nepotism and cronyism, let alone rampant corruption, either directly or through a huge array of NGOs and supposedly prestigious organizations of Charity. These fake humanitarian organizations are all financed by the EU, padding the pockets of a great part of their managers, being operated with practically full unaccountability and impunity for their actions, at least for the public at large. In the meantime, for those sitting in the EU parliament, it provides them a well hidden paradise of undeserved privileges and hellish pleasures, while they parade daily in the best European palaces, all for free, except of course for the taxpayers.


Most amazingly, these fake and useless parliamentarians, or MEPs (Member of the European Parliament) cannot even exercise the most basic duty of a normal parliamentarian which would be to propose a new law or repeal an existing one. Only the unelected Commission can do it. To add insult to injury, these fake parliamentarians have not only one headquarters, which would be expensive enough considering their useless role, but two most expensive headquarters: one in Belgium and one in France. They travel some 430 kilometers from Brussels to Strasbourg monthly, even if only for 4 days monthly (including, within these 4 days, only 2 full working days), using the so-called "Gravy Train", or the "Eurocrat Express". This is a privately-chartered shuttle-train transporting some 766 MEPs and  some 3000 support staff, back and forth, every month, involving an estimated 360.000 man hours of work lost yearly. And these massive hours of work lost are duly paid by the taxpayers of the EU with all related travel and living expenses in terms of hotels and restaurants, let alone some money for dry-cleaning, hairdressers and formal clothing. Staff can also choose to travel by private car or plane, at the same full expense of the EU.


As for the unelected Commission, it is so imbued with Totalitarian Fabian Socialism that many authors have not hesitated to write explicitly about the obvious  "Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU", as expressed in a common book with this title by Dr. Matthias Rath, Paul Anthony Taylor, August Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Niedzwiecki. True or not, the EU, through its Commission, is certainly an organization of full power without any accountability to the taxpayers directly, let alone full impunity from these same taxpayers. If it might sound exaggerated that the EU would have Nazi Roots, the other excellent book, by Christopher Booker and Richard North entitled "The Great Deception" (The secret history of the European Union), certainly demonstrates clearly that the EU was conceived clearly from the beginning, in the early 20s, by Baron Arthur Salter and Jean Monnet, as an anti-democratic federal entity with an unelected secretariat that was meant to be totally unaccountable to the people of the nations concerned, in fact with the progressive disappearance of these national entities from any power point of view, be it political or economic. That EU power structure was designed to make sure that a mass of people (the European national taxpayers) could not control "a" government, never again, in particular such an unelected dictatorial government, the EU government. With the EU government, European taxpayers plainly have no more power to remove the ones who govern them. With the EU, the USA has no more the complex problem to deal with many European national governments for global New World Order purposes, but only one: the EU Commission. This is why the USA was able to easily have the EU impose sanctions against Russia, even if these sanctions were going directly against the interests of most European national governments. Interestingly enough, hundreds of the unelected subservient eurocrats involved in this type of self-destruction, governing dictatorially above national governments, are being paid more than many national prime ministers. For example, a parliamentary answer in the UK has established in 2007 that the EU was paying more than 42.000 employees or internal collaborators, and another over 8.000 external Commission staff, for a total of over 50.000; of these, over 10.000 were paid more than the UK prime minister Tony Blair at the time of their investigation in 2007; the deliberations also made it clear that all these overpaid employees were working as unelected and unaccountable officials, paid for entirely by the poor European taxpayers suffering the damage these employees often do as senior officials, or the hardship the payers suffer as taxpayers, and without these taxpayers being able to intervene in any way to put these unelected and unaccountable officials out of office even when they are corrupted or incompetent. This was in 2007, and the situation now is certainly only much worse. And to crown these scandalous statistics, they do not include all the extra employees in each national member country working specifically for liaison with the EU. If we were to count all of those, the figure of employees required for running the gargantuan EU machine would not be 50.000 but, including the 26 member countries, most certainly at least 3 times that much, or around 150.000 as probably a very conservative number. In the meantime, a country like the UK contributes some 400 million Euro per week to maintain the ESU machine (over 20 billion per year), and received back less than half of it in various forms. MEPs get similar high salaries plus up to 3500 Euro per month in general expenses and up to 12000 Euro per month for personal support staff, in addition to free flights in business class and other amenities for things like clothing, dry cleaning and hairdressing, let alone shopping in closed private shopping malls reserved exclusively for EU employees: just like it used to be the case in the ex Soviet Union. it is the case in the ESU today. Other countries are in the same situation mutatis mutandis in terms of what they pay and receive back from the EU, and while their representatives in Brussels live with all the above undeserved extravagant privileges, most of the citizens of these countries, like typically Greece and Portugal, life in a state of poverty growing year after year. To add insult to injury, no common citizen taxpayer financing all of this kind of ESU nomenclature will have an easy time establishing the real statistics, not even an investigative journalist, not even a national magistrate or a national parliamentary office, and those who attempt to do it will probably soon be stopped and accused of hate speech if they dare to protest openly against this type of unaccountability of unelected officials. With this type of powerful and arrogant officials, "Truth" becomes "Hate", and "Free Speech" becomes "Hate Speech". If this does not mean complete democracy deception, any person of simple common sense, in particular the taxpayers paying all the bills, can legitimately wonder what democracy should be.


The great Soviet dissident Bezmenov that I helped escape to Canada in the early 70s was right when he was telling me that the Soviet Union would be dissolved, smoothly, over the following years, in order to get it reborn 'more to the west' (he meant in both Europe and the USA) through what he called a Fresh Start, as a kind of new ESU to start with, in order for Europe to open the path to an eventual One-World-Government of more successful totalitarian Fabian Socialism. The Fresh Start 'more to the west', according to Bezmenov, would be to achieve this objective this time without making the 2 fatal mistakes that Moscow had made in the Soviet Union, rebuilding the system on better grounds: first, essentially ensuring a new kind of massive enslavement achieved not/not through the useless low class, but through the productive middle class, and second, not overspending on ruinous military expenses. Is this not exactly what is happening at the moment in the EU, or rather the new ESU? In the meantime, the Soviet Union did collapse in 1991, and the EU palaces of Brussels have also become, 'more to the west', a kind of "Nouvelle Versailles". The antidemocratic abuse of power of the EU has clearly become a kind of gargantuan new ESU nomenclature. It is so arrogantly extreme that it would be no surprise if, one day, God forbid, this new nomenclature really becomes considered, by a majority of Europeans, as a real "Nouvelle Versailles" deserving the same ugly fate that the old one attracted to itself some 225 years earlier, for not having realized soon enough the amount of harm and sufferance it was causing. Today, following the better strategy that Bezmenov was talking about, the "Nouvelle Versailles" is proceeding more deceitfully, enslaving the middle-class that is blindly busy working hard for producing wealth for everybody, while keeping the low-class quiet, through overly abundant and unmeritorious social welfare, and keeping the high-class happy through abusive corporate welfare amounting to "legal criminality". One day, Marie Antoinette, the archduchess of Austria married to Luis XVI, the king of France living in Versailles, arrogantly said: "If people do not have bread anymore, then they can eat 'galette' instead". Thus the modern French proverb: "Faute de pain, on mange de la galette", as a kind of "Tough it, as this all you deserve and will ever get!". This is the state in which too many taxpayers of the ESU are finding themselves already, like typically most citizens of Greece in the last few years, since 2008. Soon after Marie Antoinette made her arrogant statement however, she had her head chopped off by the guillotine, and certainly could not eat even 'galette' herself anymore. The unelected and unaccountable officials of the EU should probably start to act with less arrogance, not following the example of Marie Antoinette, in order to avoid attracting to themselves any kind of more modern guillotine that could chop, maybe not their heads, but most likely their current undeserved privileges, and their falsely elegant lifestyle achieved through too much DDD enslavement. And their ESU leaders should not make the additional mistake that could not be made in the Soviet Union at the time: to think they can finally achieve this enslavement more easily than Luis XVI and Marie Antoinette, because they now have the benediction of a New World Order pope, Francis, as the oddest of all popes who, for the first time, is quite openly complicit in supporting fully, and pursuing mainly, a clearly non-religious destructive agenda of enslavement, like the one of the EU, through welcoming massive immigration of irreconcilable cultures and religions, and his new nihilistic and/or relativistic approach to all traditional western values, let alone his supporting also the even more catastrophic Agenda 21-30 of the UN causing even more global enslavement and more cultural destruction. A revolution is never desirable because it always has too many dangerous side effects, but to avoid a revolution, real democracy and justice are necessary. The rise of many anti-EU populist movements in various European countries at the moment, all trying to excavate the bottom of the ESU pyramid, with the hope to crumble its top, is probably a serious warning sign that ESU officials must soon adjust their arrogant management in a less dictatorial way, before it is too late and they face their crumbling, or their passage from a palace to a jail, if not their own type revolutionary guillotine, hopefully not physically, but certainly legally, or at least figuratively in front of the European public opinion. Enough is enough! Too much is too much! And the Greeks are probably the first ones to have a legitimate right to say this, strongly and loudly, let alone the citizens of many other ESU countries animated in growing numbers by the rise of dangerous populist movements.             


A good confirmation of this EU dictatorial power is what hides behind a type of ESU, or EU Fascism between government and corporations, whereby the big banks and the big industrialists of various European countries dictate the march of the EU. This fascism is hidden behind the discrete existence of the ERT (European Round Table) often qualified as the "Brus$els Business of the Industrialists". As the ERT website itself claims, "The European Round table of Industrialists (ERT) is a forum bringing together around 50 Chief Executives and Chairmen of major multinational companies of European parentage covering a wide range of industrial and technological sectors. Companies of ERT members are widely situated across Europe, with combined revenues exceeding Euro 2,135 billion".(or 2.1 trillion). But what that website will not/not tell the Europeans, even if most qualified insiders of the EU will confirm it, is that when the EU needs a new law, it relies heavily, some say nearly exclusively, on the legal expertise of the ERT for the redaction of that new law. Then the EU deceitfully publishes it under its own name and logo, as if it had been drafted by itself. Of course, as a result, the basic drafting inevitably makes sure it always responds, first and foremost, to the main interests of the ERT corporations involved, not the best interests of the European taxpayers. In the process of having the law approved, through the lobbies involved, it is widely claimed that huge bribes are paid to MEPs or other EU officials to ensure the primary protection of the ERT corporations involved. And their primary corporative interests will be protected even when the end result involves practices that will facilitate most destructive offshoring and outsourcing, thus create more profits for the corporations but, by the same token, more additional misery for the common European workers and taxpayers, either directly or through additional TTT participative activity. A typical case is the UK that is not even part of the EURO: a growing number of its laws, some 85% of them as last estimation, are not drafted by the UK Parliament, but by the EU, but in fact they are not even drafted by the EU, as they are drafted by the ERT on behalf of the EU. In other countries like Greece, the EU does not only draft most of its laws through the ERT, but even its budgets, which in fact are not even drafted by the EU, but by the IMF (that has a total submission to the USA) and the ECB. This is a complete scam of enslavement for all these countries, and their loss of sovereignty to an unelected and unaccountable external power hiding in the background. All other EU countries are in a similar situation that grows in intensity. 


Most critics who have studied the EU system extensively call the EU a 'Racket of Extortion'. Their opinion is based in particular on the involvement of ERT in the drafting of most of the EU laws while being a private lobby and corporative external power that is totally unaccountable to absolutely no EU citizen, not directly nor indirectly. For these experts, this racket is even more obvious when taking into consideration the additional collaboration and interplay of ERT with the new TTT  New World Order components, mainly TTIP and TISA. Overall, for the investigative experts, it is clearly a racket of extortion, taking money from people (the taxpayers), without a base of elected authority, and giving it to those working for the system (the officials of the new nomenclature of the ESU) and, of course, without accountability to those taxpayers from whom the money was extorted unduly in the first place. True or not, the EU is certainly not a democracy. At best, it is a hidden Corporatocracy, not to say a fascist form of governance based on the collaboration between private corporations and government, certainly at least an additional supranational level of Debtocracy in complicity with the IMF and the ECB, always acting over the national level of debtocracy already affecting all the EU national countries involved. Just ask Greeks if you feel this is not the case. In any case, it is certainly a perfect "democracy deception" that most people will not easily realize, or rather, by design, not be made to realize consciously, because the mainstream media also receive cascading privileges from the system, let alone frequent bribes. The media should normally be the best protector of democracy, but because the press is in bed with the government, and the journalists are in bed with the politicians, the mainstream media will not play that vital function anymore, and they will always be pushed to protect the system subserviently instead of confronting it with proper investigative journalism. Investigative journalism should be their natural and primary mission. That mission has been annulled, and most media are now acting mostly as unquestioning mouthpieces of the refined system of enslavement. Most journalists have completely abdicated their fundamental mission of defense of democracy. These presstitutes receive all sorts of money they do not want to loose, from their master governments or corporations, in terms of benefits, subventions and publicity, let alone bribes. They are also afraid to ruin their careers, and possibly even loose their jobs, if they dare to criticize their masters. In other words, not only the role of governments is a complete "democracy deception" but the role of the mass media acting in these false democracies is also a complete deception, compounding the basic "democracy deception".


For historical reasons, the poor Greeks must be, and are, the first victims of the ESU system, but a growing number of citizens of other EU nations, even their journalists, are gradually falling into the same trap without realizing it, even defending it, nearly enjoying it through a kind of Stockholm Syndrome whereby the victim falls in love with his guardian-persecutor. Ukraine is a good candidate being pushed to fall in this trap and start enjoying the tortures of the concentration camp. Some other countries that are already in it, like Hungary, are starting to wake up and put into question the deception but overall, the propaganda is very successful in keeping all members under the Syndrome of Stockholm. This is for the EU citizens. For the EU mainstream media instead, we often have the impression that they are affected by a kind of Stendhal Syndrome, entering in ecstasy in front of the presumed beauty of a clear system of enslavement, but maybe their enchantment is mainly due to the cascading financing, and the related privileges and bribes they collect on their path by subserviently serving and defending the system. 


And all the above refers only to the EU as a false and deceptive form of democracy in its most obvious form. If you get a level up, at the UN level, the organizations that is often criticized as the "Dictators Club", the situation of democratic deception is less obvious, but much worse, as described briefly in the UN Deception section further down.      


Other less obvious tools of Democracy Deception - The falsely-representative Debtocracy we live in, or rather that non-representative Corporatocracy, sells itself deceitfully as a democracy in various ways, through the modern social engineering of the rampant Fabian Socialism of the last two centuries, in particular through its worst incarnations into the various expressions of the Tavistock Institute since after WWII, established in 1946. This incredible institute, unknown to most people, is probably the best hidden-in-plain-sight network of organizations of the New World Order to propound fear-based promotions that frighten middle classes into giving up wealth, and into accepting growing restrictions to their liberty. It has some 400 subsidiaries and some 3000 think-tanks that it finances around the world, discretely imposing destructive dominant social themes to the middle class of the western world in particular. Their hidden objective is to create a One- World-Government by breaking down the traditional values and concepts of family, nation and education, while promoting an anti-intellectual culture for a new type of youth that is the opposite of the traditional culture of the youths who were formed in the past through a holistic education (or what we calll ELducation) dominated by the Hellenic philosophical attributes of logic, ethics, freethinking and virtuous personal behavior. It is mind boggling that such an Institute can spend a huge global yearly budget of some 6 billion dollars in public money, intending to do essentially damage to the middle class, spend these huge sums mainly in forms and layers of black budgets, and have it financed by the same people destined to suffer the damage, that is, by the taxpayers of the middle class, and without scandals, or even legitimate questions ever being raised by the presstitutes of the mainstream media. Tavistock is probably the biggest and most powerful institute of mind control working worldwide against real democracy, and in favor of Corporatocracy or Debtocracy, operating totally unknown to most people to whom they have the mission to make them believe, through a wide variety of discrete interventions, that they live in a democracy. What an incredible success! Or rather what a magisterial deception!


In the meantime, most western governments, supposedly open as democratic institutions, also operate huge Black Budgets of public money through which billions of dollars and euro regularly disappear completely from public scrutiny. In fact, most of these millions and billions in taxpayers money disappear without any scrutiny at all, not external public scrutiny, nor internal scrutiny at government-wide level, not even at parliamentary level. This is typically the case of the black budget of the White House operated mainly from the Military Office related to the White House. Could this be the explanation as to why NATO could not account for a 2,3 trillion in transactions a few years ago, as admitted to CBS by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, in 2002? And why the office of the Pentagon that was hit by a plane or a missile, on 911, was exactly the office from which these trillions were presumably extracted, and could possibly have been traced and accounted for if that particular accounting office had not been destroyed by the so-called terrorist act? As for the FED (the private cartel of the Federal Reserve central bank creating the American money out of nothing and that saved dozens of their associated friendly banks around the world during the crash of 2008, giving them billions in taxpayers money) the Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman admitted another similar situation, but for even much bigger sums, for up to about 9 trillions, when speaking to Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) in 2009. And many of these black budgets serve, in addition to conduct covert operations abroad, and to build huge FEMA concentration camps at home, to build secret underground bunkers and tunnels, in fact entire underground cities, like the one that is claimed to be under the Denver International Airport. These strange semi-covert initiatives will serve to eventually protect the corrupted banking and corporative elites when the great collapse of the world economy will be brought about in order to have a perfect pretext to formalize the advent of a One-World Government along with a new One-World Currency under the command of the so-called JewZuit New World Order. How much bigger can democracy deception get to be, if even trillions in taxpayers money already get unaccounted for, and nobody gets to jail for this incredibly huge mismanagement, with no senior officials of government being asked, or forced, to present their resignations. This huge mismanagement should be sufficient cause of even responsible presidents themselves being prosecuted for impeachment, but not even any of the best journalists raise questions because they are afraid they would probably lose their jobs soon after they would have investigated and written forcefully about such scandals. This is totalitarian omnipotence with full impunity, and certainly not democracy except full democracy deception. 


In addition to handling huge black budgets, government officials also enjoy huge amounts of Dark Money during election campaigns. This Dark Money does not go through the committees of the campaigns themselves, as official donations done this way must be disclosed and limited on the basis of existing legislation. This Dark Money is hidden in nonprofit groups set up expressively for this purpose. In this way, it is practically impossible to identify who the real funders are. These fake organizations thus obliterate the natural right of the electors to know who is behind their candidates and who is paying the mammoth electoral expenses that are obviously needed to finance most electoral campaigns of most politicians in most western countries. Again, this is just another element of democracy deception that most electors will not even think of questioning, let alone investigating, as it is corresponding to what they have been engineered to accept as politically correct.   


In short, what we call today "Democracy" is not democracy. That so-called "Democracy" is a complete deception, as it is a combination of Corporatocracy and Debtocracy. This is probably why the famous German economist Hans Hermann Hoppe concludes wrongly that Monarchy has been, and would be still today, much better than Democracy, meaning pure monarchy, and not the representative monarchies we have at the moment in some western countries, like typically England. He reaches that conclusion in his otherwise excellent little book titled: "From Aristocracy, to Monarchy, to Democracy" with the subtitle "A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay". The tale of moral and economic folly and decay is true, but only in relation to the fake democracy, or the debtocracy that we still pretend to call "Democracy" today because of the power and success of the political correctness imposed on us on a daily basis by the presstitutes of the mainstream mass media also fully controlled by the corporatocracy. That debtocracy or corporatocracy is not democracy. The term "Democracy" should be reserved to the form of government that was invented by Ancient-Greece: a democracy managed on the basis of merit, by the "Aristos", or the "Ablest", or the most capable ones on a basis of natural talents and acquired skills, in a kind of "AblestOcracy". In this way, it was definitely a kind of MeDiPartic (meritocratic, direct and participative) democracy by all citizens, and not by distant and corrupted representative politicians. Admittedly, this form of MeDiPartic democracy was easier in Ancient-Greece, as it was managed mainly at a reasonable city-size level. But with the perfect means of instant worldwide communications of today's world, what was possible at the city level in Ancient-Greece is now perfectly possible at the level of a whole country, even a big country. In turn, the term "EthoCracy" should be reserved for what is, in practice, a well implemented TIDMOcracy based also on Truth Information (as a first essential step to becoming a TruthOcracy).


One thing is sure, the Democracy that the western world has pretended to export in the rest of the non-democratic world over the last decades is a complete fraud and deception. Typically, in the at least 26 non-democratic countries that the USA has invaded since WWII , telling us they were doing so in order to change their governments to more democratic forms, not only none of them has become a democracy, but most of them are worse dictatorships now than they were before their invasion. In addition, in all of these invaded countries the Christians who have pursued the maintenance of our best western values of freedom and democracy, at least over the last two centuries, are also persecuted more actively and more cruelly now than before their invasion.


In Part II of this essay, we will see concretely how it is quite easily possible to achieve at least a real MeDiPartic democracy as invented by Ancient-Greece, and hopefully a fully implemented EthoCracy, as a TIDMOcracy (and as a first step to a TruthOcracy). In the meantime, we should stop calling "Democracy" the ugly form of falsely democratic system of government that we have in the western world. And people should start to realize the huge deception that is hiding behind the word "Democracy".      

Capitalism Deception


In the same line of thinking, to say that free Capitalism is the cause of most of our western problems is also a complete fraud. The problem is not capitalism per se, but the capitalism that was transformed into debtism by the JewZuit Power, or into bankism. This form of economy is not capitalism anymore, but debtism, just like the country implementing this deviated form of capitalism is not a democracy anymore, but a debtocracy. Debtism or bankism are outrageously usurious forms of capitalism not meant anymore to also help the user of capital, but to exclusively serve the usurious objectives of the lender. As such they are the biggest threat to humanity in terms of debt-enslavement. With debtism comes corruption, cronyism and enslavement. Politicians and governments also become slaves of the banksters of bankism and work first and foremost for these banksters, and for the cascading benefits to their own self, instead of for the good of the country through the good use of the capital by the borrowers. In turn, citizens become slaves of both their banksters and their corrupted governments. Those on the lending side, as the banksters unduly creating debt-money out of nothing, have an extreme power over those on the debt side and, because of the fear and desperation involved in the process, the lenders can easily use, nearly always with impunity, the worst forms of corruption and cronyism to serve their most selfish or evil purposes.


In the past, pure capitalism had great periods of immense success for most of the persons living in it, before it was transformed into debtism. Pure capitalism was the form of economy that gave the best chance of success to even the most humble person who had natural skills for good meritorious business activity and a strong entrepreneurial drive. As mentioned above, the deviated form of capitalism that became debtism has come in, step by step, as a growing form of Fabian Socialism of the worst collectivist nature, gradually phased in by the JewZuit Power. At this point, most western countries live in a system of pure debtism, and not in a pure system of capitalism.


In short, our problem is not capitalism, but socialism, as a tool of fascism, and only because collectivist debtism is the worst kind of socialism. Collectivist Fabian Socialism is what sits at the base of the political philosophy of the two sides of the new JewZuit Power. Pure Capitalism creates prosperity. Debtism through Collectivism destroys it, along with destroying liberty, leaving massive debt and poverty in its path through equalization by the bottom instead of by the top. Collectivism, like all the socialist causes and regimes that it affects, is a system where the group is more important than the individual, and the individual may be sacrificed as a disposable item if and when necessary. This includes the field of civil rights which should be the rights of a person. With Collectivism, these rights are attached to a group, not to an individual, with the collectivist government deciding which group is worthy of them, as a group serving best the interests of that government. If civil rights are violated and concern a group that is related to a collectivist or socialist objective, then legal and financial support is freely provided, let alone verbal support, while if it has to do with only an individual's rights, little or no support is provided. This is typically the case for example of women's rights, or gay's rights. Fundamentally, only two political systems exist: Collectivism and Individualism, but Collectivism is common to both the left and the right, be it Communism of Fascism. In Individualism, the State is the servant and protects the individual. In Collectivism, the opposite is true, and the individual exists only to serve the State. Consequently, an EthoCracy (let alone a TruthOcracy) is a political system based on Individualism, and on EL (Enlightened Liberty) and not on enslaving Collectivism of totalitarian Fabian Socialism.


As we will see in more details further down, it is through that ugly form of socialism that the EU has become what we can call the SEU (Soviet European Union), and the United States have become a kind of SUS (Soviet United States). As for the EU, Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who spent years in jail in the Soviet Union before living in Europe, calls the EU the EUSSR. It is interesting to read his book "EUSSR: The Soviet Roots of European Integration". On the basis of documents that he recuperated from the Soviet archives in 1992, he confirms that there was a real plan, in the Soviet Union, to transform the EU into a Union of Socialist Republics practically identical to the former Soviet Union in order to save socialism. The ex Soviet Union may have collapsed, or rather may have been made to collapse, but only to allow its totalitarian socialism to survive better, moving  it to the west for its easier and full implementation, in the SEU and in the SUS as a first step, and then hopefully, from its proponents point of view, to the whole world in a form of New World Order of perfected Fabian Socialism, through the advent of a One-World Government, and maybe also, as we will see further down, a new One-World Religion, or a "Panthriskia", as a kind of JudiChrIslam religion, with the help of powerful new religious actors like the Jesuit Catholic Pope Francis and the Christian Orthodox Pope, Patriarch Bartholomew I of Istanbul


Everywhere Fabian Socialism has been tried so far, like in the ex Soviet Union and most other Communist countries, it failed miserably, and even killed over 100 million people in its path. It may however finally survive and succeed in the SEU and the SUS, because of the new JewZuit alliance that we will analyze in details, but only through causing at least an additional 500 million miserable debt-slaves and, this time, in the advanced EU alone, with the Greeks being able to testify already that they have become the first bunch of 10 million of them. In the EU, they are already well on their way to such misery, as the economy is at its worse since the EU was created in 1999, with exploding debt, maximization of enslavement through not only excessive taxation and extreme legislation but also through a complete annihilation of the best social and cultural environment of its member nations through a most destructive type of wild and massive multiculturalism. A top world figure like Pope Francis cannot not be aware of this new kind of debt slavery being implemented, through debtism, and he should be speaking clearly and strongly against it, as otherwise we will be right to assume that he is part of it, through the JewZuit Power to which, as we will see, he is already so closely associated. 


Both Francis and Bartholomew will have part of this terrible responsibility as they are not clear Christian representatives anymore but rather well hidden Marxist representatives behind their beloved Fabian Socialism. The Panthriskia pushed by Bartholomew is a clear sign of his Marxist deflection, not to use the word defection. Panthriskia is an expansion of the new concept of Inclusivism developed during the Council of Vatican II, as the Vatican Zionist coup that contributed to the Birth of the JewZuit Power, whereby all sorts of categories traditionally excluded from the communion of the church, like divorced heterosexuals and same-sex married homosexuals, can now be included as regular practicing faithful, and, in its full inclusiveness. This Panthriskia means a universal interfaith religion of inclusivism, as a kind of JudiChrIslam religion, or a One-World Religion at the service of the forthcoming One-World Government managing a one-world that would include all aspects of human behavior, good or bad, in the most nihilistic way, and all possible forms of religious expression. That new inclusivism is also well reflected in what Pope Francis said during an interview granted to the most famous atheist journalist of the Italian left, Eugenio Scalfari: "God is not Catholic". As the head of the Catholics, for whom God is officially theologically "One" only, we can then legitimately wonder if, for example, because of the inclusivism that he clearly promotes, he considers Mohammad to be God, knowing that Mohammad has killed thousands of infidels, using his own hands, after founding the Islamic religion, and that Mohammad's current followers still promote the same kind of massacre against all infidels living today, including hundreds of Catholics, or other Christians, on whose behalf he, Francis, never dares to intervene, or at least protest openly and explicitly in his highly prestigious position. In a similar manner, the recall of the Theology of Liberation, and the incredible document of Apostolic Exhortation of November 26, 2013, are clear signs of the same kind of Marxist deflection of Pope Francis. He recently felt the need to clarify in front of the international press that he is not a Communist, but he certainly behaves often like one. He certainly recalled the Theology of Liberation that his ousted predecessor had called a "Marxist Myth". He confirmed the maintenance of a Vatican Bank, the IOR, that he now manages more personally than any previous pope in the history of the Vatican, under the fake name of "Institute for the Works of Religion", when it is well established that this bank has very little to do with the works of religion, but a lot with the preservation of the immense financial interests of the Vatican in the overall worldwide JewZuit scam of creation of debt-money at the source of the enslavement of most world populations at the moment, more than ever before. When he criticizes capitalism, Pope Francis should be criticizing debtism instead, thus be criticizing his own acolytes of the JewZuit coalition and of the Christian Orthodox church.


Capitalism, not deviated by debtism, is good, while communism and socialism have only caused terrible disasters. Capitalism implemented before it was transformed into debtism demonstrated to be very supportive of social justice and social inclusiveness, creating eras and areas of extremely dynamic economy and prosperity and private solidarity for all. It is debtism that really creates the Reverse Robin Hood Effect that Francis should be criticizing, not pure capitalism. The history of the American economy, before it became debtism through the creation of the debt-money system by the FED in 1913, as the Creature of Jekyll Island, clearly demonstrate this. Even as recently as in the 70s, the average western family had only 1 income, and was saving a good 10% of its income. Today the average family has 2 incomes, saves nothing, and has the two genitors in debt to their eyeballs. And their children, in the 70s, were also much better educated from the point of view of personal virtue and civic conduct, because there was always at least one loving and caring genitor at home to form them. Today we suffer the dramatic consequences of global debtism with its destructive effects on the family, with both genitors forced to work to survive, and on the nation and the international community, let alone on the possible survival of our harmonious and beautiful planet Earth. We also suffer the negative influence of the growing collectivist state for which children belong to the collective, not to their families anymore, and for whom education has to be a dumbing down process of subservience to the collective through a state-standardized Common Core instead of a competitive process of guidance to natural freethinking abilities. 


As we will see in more details further down, these two important world actors, Bartholomew and Francis, seem to be both taking control of the overall Christian Church, after the ugly ousting-out of Pope Benedict XVI who was clearly disturbing the advent of Fabian Socialism, in order to help the Fabian Socialist New World Order to finally move into high gear. And they do so with elegance, not to say with full deceit, under the applause and tears of joy of enthusiastic crowds not realizing they are only being  further enslaved by the collaboration of these two patriarchs of the JewZuit Power. With the recent JewZuit Alliance, and their rapprochement between the Jesuits and the Zionists, one can only legitimately speculate they will most likely succeed, and sooner than later. Lets hope that at least the Protestants will keep protesting, but even the Protestants are fast being dragged into the JewZuit coalition. What a deception!   

Public Debt Deception


To say that our countries are indebted with huge public debt, or national sovereign debt, is a complete fraud, and the biggest of all frauds. It is also the biggest deception of all, making us believe that the public debt was built up for assisting and supporting people in need by their government, while it was built mostly for achieving the enslavement of most nations by the powers-that-be sitting behind and commanding our national governments.


This deception comes as a result of the previous deception, the one about capitalism having been transformed into debtism. For a country to ask a private cabal of banks, like the FED in the USA, or most other national central banks in the rest of the western world, to print money out of nothing, and then take that fraudulent money from the private banking cabal as a loan to be reimbursed, not only in capital, but in capital with interests, amounts to serious criminality on the part of its government. Excellent books describe this fraud of all frauds, like "The Creature of the Jekyll Island", by Edward Griffin, shown to the right. We will not enter into the details of this highly criminal process here, as this subject is treated in many good books, like the one just mentioned, and also because it will be treated as one of the main reforms of what we call the EthoCracy Reform Package, (Or TruthOcracy Reform Package) in Part II of this essay.


Let it only be said here that this kind of debt-money for pubic use should not be printed out of nothing from a private cabal bank, but printed by the government; of course, under strict constitutional control. This current FED-type process is as stupid as asking a mafia neighbor of mine to print money for me in his basement, out of nothing, doing it illegally under the constitution, and then ask that neighbor to loan it to me with interests, when I know that I can also print it myself legally. Choosing this second alternative of creating it myself, I could have access to the exact same amount of new money, but without having to reimburse it afterwards to anyone, not in terms of capital, nor in terms of  added interests. But seriously, I have never yet found anyone, not even an interested lending banker when pushed into a corner, who could, through the use of simple logic, justify a government to borrow its own money and pay it back with interest-bearing obligations to a private banker who created it out of nothing, unconstitutionally or not. More than ridiculous, this is a conflict of interest of serious penal relevance and a crime against the nation. 


To add insult to injury, not only that kind of current public-debt-money has never been borrowed with the consent of the taxpayers in charge of reimbursing it, but its capital has already been reimbursed many times, by these taxpayers, over the years, to the private cabal involved, charging the taxpayers new interests on a yearly basis. A typical example might be the following. If the government borrows 50 million from a central bank through bonds, by the time the bonds are paid, the government will have paid probably at least around 75 million in interests alone for the loan, and possibly many times more. So the government is paying out at least 125 million to obtain the use of 50 million, when it could have created that same money debt-free, without a loan to be reimbursed, nor interests to be paid. Again, not only is this ridiculous, but it is a serious crime against the nation and the taxpayers. That public national debt-money should and can legitimately be declared "Odious Debt" under the existing international law, or even unilaterally and sovereignly under a constitutional enforcement or amendment if necessary. Doing so would then relieve the taxpayers from that burden and eliminate that public debt-money from all accounting books of the national government. Gone! Vanished! All past public-debt-money should, and would, not only disappear as a burden for the current generation of taxpayers, but in particular as a burden for future generations of taxpayers, like it is the case now.


All future public money needs should, after that declaration of odiousness, be created by the government for amounts corresponding only to the creation of real new economic value, in order to avoid undue inflation because, as economist Peter Schiff nicely said: “Inflation is a [hidden] ‘public-debt tax’ that takes purchasing power from anyone with savings and gives it to those receiving government checks”. That new economic value should be strictly for public purposes, on the basis of a fully binding electoral program, and used only through a completely transparent public bank accounting system. That spending and accounting in turn should be implemented in such a way that any citizen, at any time, can scrutinized all expenses completely freely, over the Internet, just as easily as if it was his own private bank account.


We will see that such periods of no-debt public money, in terms of public national sovereign debt, have existed may times in the past, and in many countries for short periods, and they were all periods of great economic success for most of the citizens involved. Ever since the public debt-money system has been put in place by the private cabals of private central banks, enslavement of all citizens involved has done nothing but increasing from generation to generation. But this was the purpose of The Creature from Jekyll Island: the enslavement of the masses for generations to come, through debt-money and the incredible profit of the few owners of the criminal cabal.


At this point, if nothing changes, the current public national debt will affect, as a tax burden, in most countries, even the children who will be born 100 years from now... This is not only totally unfair, in particular to future generations, but totally unnecessary. If it were not so criminal, and so unfair even for future generations, it could be considered as plainly ridiculous, if not laughable. However, this is not only our current system, impregnated with a charm of normality, through the disinformation and propaganda of the mainstream press depending on it, through subventions and corrupting benefits of all sorts, that nobody, or very few, not even most of the best journalist, will even ask questions about it. The deception is perfect! The deception making most of us  accept this criminal system as normal is only due to perfect social engineering. This deception has to be debunked and this system has to be eliminated. In the meantime, until we wake up and take appropriate counter actions, we all work for JewZuit central bankers, for holding each our part of the debt-money abundantly created by, and to be reimbursed with interests to, the central bankers, via the complicity of our subservient governments, and via the deception that we are holding money while we are holding only debt. But the system is so pernicious that we are even being used stealthily for ensuring our children and grand-children will also be forced to all work for JewZuit central bankers in the coming years.      

Social Contract Deception


To say that our social systems are the most advanced in the world is a complete fraud. To say, for example, that our western countries are offering, in spite of their inevitable and obvious limitations, the best and most sophisticated medical systems in the world, is certainly a complete fraud. To protect the interests of rich corporations, it makes people die, through the forced use of dangerous commercial drugs and expensive commercial therapies, instead of curing them through cheap natural nutritional treatments that have saved lives for thousands of years. The medical corporations bribe and  force our governments to use their most expensive equipment, like radiation equipment for cancer, that is known to be not only useless but to cause more deaths that it saves lives, while natural medicine would save much more lives and much more cheaply. The costs involved, in terms of both equipment and specialized medical personnel training, let alone the patients' tickets involved, also produce a reduction of access and long waiting lists that often make people die before their treatment has even started.


Similarly, to say that our educational system is the most advanced in the world is also a complete fraud, as it is no more an educational system, but strictly an instructional system, and not always all that good even in terms of instruction, with education proper being completely absent, in particular the education of the right brain (let alone ELducation). This absence is contributing to the general “dumbing down” of most students, to use the title of the famous book of Charlotte Iserbyt mentioned in a lower section of this essay and to the impunity of Crimes of the Educators to use the title of the other book of Alex Newman and Samuel Blumenfeld


Our legislation formulation system is also a complete fraud as the drafting of most laws affecting our life, supposedly drafted by our governments to protect us, is most often based on the hidden drafting contributions of the corporations and institutions that the law is supposed to protect us from, thus discretely serving mostly the interests of these groups, and not the primary interests of the general population.


Our informational system, in terms of mainstream media, is also a complete fraud hidden in plain sight. Most TV networks and printed newspapers receive financial corrupting contributions, and make conflicting money through publicity, from the corporations and institutions they would normally be charged to investigate in order to provide true information to their readers and the general public.


All these areas of our social life have one common ugly aspect, which is that they now work mainly to protect the profits of big corporations, or the private interests of groups financing our politicians, and not for the benefit of the people they are supposed to serve.  Most doctors now have become plain issuing machines for commercial drug prescriptions, serving the interests of the related rich corporations. These doctors will typically practically never put their hands on a patient, touching him, for examining him more carefully, like all good doctors should do, not in particular take the time to talk to him for understanding in a holistic way what his medical condition is. Simple telephone answering secretaries will often issue prescriptions of commercial drugs on behalf of their doctors, on a plain request by phone from a patient, or rather a client, and the doctor will only put a signature on the prescription, without even having seen or talked to the patient. Many of these doctors also conduct thousands of chirurgical operations that are entirely useless, let alone damageable, for the sole sake of cashing substantial sums of money in unjust fees from their patients. Typically, a doctor might easily get a bribe of 5 thousand Euro for referring a patient for a spine operation at a recommended clinic, instead of a 25 Euro fee for referring him to see a physical therapist. Many doctors will also accept even more unjustly substantial bribes from the corporations producing the most expensive equipment and drugs they will use for this purpose. In October 2014 for example, the American Centers for Medicare & Medical Services released data that showed quite clearly that at least some $3.5 billion were paid to doctors by leading drug and medical equipment corporations, and this was only the small part that they were able to trace. And many good researchers have documented that the European medical systems are operating in a very similar manner. And no action has been taken by any of the governments concerned, to prevent this flagrant conflict of interests, as their politicians also receive substantial sums of similarly corrupting money for their own political campaigns.


Hundreds of vaccines are reported, by serious independent researchers, as highly faulty or dangerous, causing for example a serious increase of autism at the moment in a growing number of children in many countries, but nothing is done about it because of corruption. The recent scandal of the MMR vaccine cover-up, and the CDC whistleblower case, in North-America, are just two good examples of this. Maybe the worst part of these scandals is that when honest journalists try to do their jobs correctly, and uncover these scandals with the truth, they are immediately menaced with losing their jobs, by their own newspapers, because these newspapers accept conflicting financing in publicity or otherwise from the corporations at fault. Alternatively, these journalists are approached with substantial bribes to buy their silence. The journalists resisting these two avenues of pressure are always reduced to ruin, from both a personal and a career points of view.


The recent case of two Fox News reporters, Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, is only one good example among hundreds of others. These 2 journalists tried to publish their professional research on the dangerous bovine growth hormones found in milk, with terribly negative consequences for children in particular. These engineered hormones find themselves in bovine milk in the form of dangerous drug products used in the milk industry. In that case it had to do with Monsanto using its very contested Posilac drug. The government had quickly rubber stamped the use of this dangerous drug after many of its politicians had received corrupting financial contributions for their elections. In turn, Fox News, was also making a lot of money from Monsanto, in terms of publicity and other financial contributions, in a clear situation of conflict of interest. Fox News, as a first step, put extreme pressure on its two journalists, threatening to fire them if they published their research. As a second step, it tried to bribe them to buy their silence. Both Monsanto and Fox News, as a third step, then tried to have the two journalists alter parts of their research to the point of falsifying it completely, using their own teams of expensive lawyers in the process. These two journalists resisted, but their careers as investigative journalists were soon completely destroyed, like the one of hundreds of other journalists in similar situations. And this ugly conflict of interest is even more serious if we consider that the ex vice-president for public policy of Monsanto (1996-2000), is the deputy commissioner for food at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the American Government, since 2010) while this mess of Fox News is taking place. This is amounting to practically a totalitarian power of Monsanto regarding its extremely dangerous GMO products for the whole of humanity. If even the UN is not seeing this gross cabal of disastrous consequences for world population, then, in all logic, it can only be because the UN is in discrete conspiracy with it, in what appears to be a gross quadruple conflict of interest (Monsanto, Fox News, FDA, and UN), probably because it suits just too well its Agenda 21 objectives of world depopulation.   


In the meantime, thousands of other journalists do not resist the pressure nor the bribes, and the book of Udo Ulfkotte, "Bought journalism", is most revealing about the incredible amount of corruption involving some of the best journalists and newspapers of the western world being paid regularly to write phony articles, or devious articles, protecting the interests of big corporations, of governments, and of security agencies like the CIA. The CIA itself, as an agency that should protect us through the accumulation of intelligence information, is a complete deception as it uses its information mainly to finance secret operations to reverse governments that do not serve the best interests of the corporations who bribe our politicians,  as expressed for example in the excellent book of  Tim Weiner on the history of the CIA: "Legacy Of Ashes". Most doctors also receive regularly the corrupting visits of representatives of the same big corporations involved in the production of dangerous medical drugs, also in a situation of clear conflict of interest. Many doctors, let alone journalists and politicians, are also known to regularly receive illegal bribing giveaways from these corporations, for these professionals to promote and prescribe their products, in particular if they are knowingly faulty products, often in terms of hidden benefits, like expensive trips to luxurious vacation places entirely paid for, let alone also in cash money when useful.


As for governments, even their leaders and ministers receive the same kind of bribes, directly or indirectly, often in terms of electoral campaign contributions, to have them rubber stamp the approval and distribution of dangerous GMO foods, medical drugs and other faulty products, without due control, nationwide. Many of these drugs are often most damageable to a great number of patients to whom they are prescribed massively under the corrupting influence of the representatives of these corporations visiting the doctors prescribing them. The corporations involved are even often allowed by governments to draft legislation and approval protocols regarding these drugs. The same corporations are also often making corrupting financial contributions to both government and private researcher structures regarding the effect of the drugs of these corporations. These are all situations of complete conflict of interest and flagrant corruption that are extremely well documented in dozens of excellent books like the two mentioned in the previous paragraph. In an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), because of the ASOMIAP EthoPrinciple, this is made impossible as there is an absolute separation between money, information and politics. Corporations have to complete their own research all internally, and cannot come with their money power to corrupt the research of any public or the private work of a pure research organization. Once their research is completed, they have to submit it to the public for an OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) evaluation as Truth Information through the TinformArium


In the meantime, most initiatives to promote natural medicine, through nutrition and plant therapy, of the type that have saved lives for thousands of years, and that are still known to have the same kind of beneficial effect when used today, are totally eliminated from the curriculum of university studies of doctors, and prohibited by law from being proposed to patients that may benefit from them, let alone save their lives. Doctors doing it would even lose their license as doctors, and be barred from practicing medicine. To avoid this, doctors will let patients die instead of suggesting an alternative natural medicine that could save the patients’ lives but make, the doctor, lose his job.


For example, cancer patients treated through radiation and chemotherapy all die soon after, at a rate of about 90%. In turn, most of those choosing alternative natural and nutritional medicine, like the Gerson therapy, doing it on their own, maybe after reading appropriate books, survive for much longer at a similar rate of about 90%. Many serious medical research and studies, made by dissenting doctors using natural nutritional medicine, having the best interests of their patients in mind, do exist proving this hard reality of fraud. But these natural therapies are officially prohibited and cannot be proposed to any cancer patient by any official doctor, because they do not serve the profits of the big and rich corporations producing the extremely expensive equipment and drugs necessary for these official treatments. All sectors of the medical system compose a huge network of corruption. Doctors collaborate with the big corporations through bribes. Universities do the same. Politicians and governments do the same. This means total deception and a medical system that works essentially for the corporations, not for the poor patients caught in the middle.  In the meantime, thousands of people either die or are treated with drugs that cause them more harm than good, worsening their medical situation instead of improving or curing them. And the same kind of mess and deception also applies, mutatis mutandis, to all our other social systems.


All the above social systems are part of our so-called “Social Contract”, between us citizens, and our government. This is a complete fraud in that there is no such contract. A contract can only be done between competent persons, and our social contract binds us from birth, when we are totally legally incompetent. Once of age, finally with legal competence, we are not given a chance to agree freely to that social contract, and a voluntary agreement is an essential element of any legally binding contract. Once adults, we realize that we were born with our hands tied to a contract that we never adhered to. A contract also requires that one of the parties to the contract does not use duress or undue influence over the other, and that both parties have mutual and reciprocal obligations. Then, considering also the Democracy Deception seen above, as a complete fraud, even elections and voting do not place us in a situation of binding bilateral voluntary agreement. This might be the mother of all frauds. How many times do we vote electoral programs, or specific electoral promises that are not respected? The answer is really: "All the time", or "Every time". Politicians are famous for not respecting their electoral promises, and voters are famous for electing, or even re-electing them anyway. And practically all the time without any meaningful consequences for the liars, nor for the constitutional applicability of government actions based on the lies used to deceive us. In other words, we are saying that Lenin was right when he said "A promise is like a pie crust: it is good only when it is broken". The worst part is that we accept this deception as normal, and this normality as politically correct. Considering that one party to the contract, the government, or the elected leader, can then use legions of armed men and judicial officials paid by our taxes, for enforcing his actions as decisions that were never part of the agreement supposedly contracted with us during an election campaign, while we are not even allowed to protest without risking fines and jail terms, our overall social contract is a complete fraud. That major fraud of the fake social contract is in fact a system of complete enslavement forced on us by the other party to the so-called social contract. There is no real social contract. There is only a fake social contract that we were all socially engineered to accept as politically correct without even asking questions about its fakeness, let alone protest against it without risking fines, jail terms or, as per the new vocabulary elaborated over the last few years by our growing police states, being targeted as "internal terrorists".


However, as we will see, the party not respecting its side of the social contract is not our puppet-government, but the JewZuit Power commanding the puppet government discretely in the background. There is no perfect solution to this mega fraud but, as we will see in Part II, the best one, or the least imperfect one, is to democratically force our system of governance to go “From Democracy To EthoCracy”, or “From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards”, as per the title of this essay.   

UN - United Nations Humanitarianism and Independence Deception


We have seen how the EU is a complete deception regarding democracy. The next level up, the UN, is even worse, and for this reason it is often criticized and called the "Dictators Club". From an administration point of view, we will pass over its lack of democracy that is very similar, only worse, than the said EU Deception mutatis mutandis. But in addition, the UN is a deception from many other additional points of view. To say that the UN is the most humanitarian organization in the world, or the most powerful and highest organization capable of implementing best world civilization and social justice, let alone democracy, like they try to make us believe most of the time, is also a complete fraud. This fraud even involves a great number of instances of serious corruption and criminality, even crimes against humanity, both by commission and by omission, let alone serious conflicts of interest like the ugly quadruple conflict of interests seen above, involving a cabal of Monsanto, Fox News, FDA and UN. We will also see in more details, because of its direct role in the growing process of world Collectivism, through many evil programs, like in particular its Agenda 21, that the UN is causing major damage and injustice to millions of people around the world. 


For example, because of the UN's omission to intervene firmly in prohibiting GMO food, and in prohibiting the worldwide spraying of Chemtrails involving deadly chemicals getting into the food chain, it is committing a crime against Planet Earth, and, as we will see, a crime against humanity affecting in particular the current and future generations of the male man. Its lack of intervention to stop organizations like the WTO, the World Bank and the IMF from enslaving the populations of entire countries and continents is, to say the least, a clear form of criminality by omission, but also by commission if we consider that these organizations are UN subservient.


The lack of intervention of the UN through the WHO (World Health Organization), as its dependent organization, to stop the production of new GMO viruses, let alone faulty vaccines responsible for serious diseases like autism, is also serious criminality, at least by omission. In front of a potential major health disaster at world level, the UN should intervene immediately. Who else is there to intervene at world level to protect us? The UN should also prevent private guys like Bill Gates to have a predominant interest on the manipulation of viruses and vaccines, like the Ebola virus and the development of its vaccine, let alone many other dangerous vaccines. The UN should have its WHO keep the absolute leadership on such matters. For example, the first Ebola vaccine is being developed by GlaxoSmithKline. This is shameful and inadmissible. This is a corporation that has already been fined $3 billion for criminal corruption, bribing doctors for promoting faulty drugs, including unusable and catastrophic antidepressants for children. There is a gross conflict of interest there, one that can develop into a crime against humanity, especially considering that the USA, contrary to many other European countries, has not imposed an early ban on all flights from the area of Africa where the Ebola is fast spreading. Again, who else but the UN could intervene to protect us against such crime against humanity at world level? Nevertheless, we have not heard any protest from the WHO/UN for this potentially genocidal slackness. The incapacity or irresponsibility of the UN in such cases makes it a clear accomplice of a possible crime against humanity. Judging from this lack of proactive action on the part of the UN, and considering the slack behavior of the USA not being denounced by the WHO, it is no surprise if some people already think that both the UN and the USA are part of a conspiracy to use Ebola as a false flag in order to facilitate the profits of the rich medical corporations financing the political campaigns of their politicians, and possibly also to facilitate the declaration of the forthcoming martial law that would in turn facilitate an early advent of the New World Order of totalitarian Fabian Socialism pursued by the JewZuit Power that sits behind both the USA and the UN. That accusation of conspiracy is even more legitimate if we consider that the patent on Ebola is held by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). This is not only very unusual but also very suspicious: why should the CDC have the patent if it did not create Ebola in one of its laboratories at home or abroad?


That whole situation certainly fits just too well the overall UN objectives of reducing world population through evil programs like Agenda 21 and Planned Parenthood as hidden Eugenics. True or not, using the false flag of the Ebola would, by the same token, bring immense profits to all the BigPharma corporations involved in the Ebola vaccine, like GSK, and its related vaccine investors, like Bill Gates, with consecutively incredible cascading political contributions and bribes for the corruption of the slack politicians involved. It would also provide a perfect justification for an early start in using and experimenting the huge concentration camps being built discretely at the moment in America and in Europe. Typically, dozens of FEMA camps in America are already fully constructed, like huge reservations, but are still sitting empty and idle at the moment. Considering some of the evil programs of the UN, and its typical lack of intervention to protect us at world level against the evil programs of some private corporations acting worldwide, starting filling the new concentration camps for obscure purposes, on the basis of any convenient pretext, would appear to most people to be done with the benediction of the UN convincing us that the use of things like martial law and FEMA camps are for our own good. Certainly, for the justification of the implementation of a totalitarian New World Order, an extraordinary event or crisis, if not both, has to be created first by the powers-that-be in the background. The fear of Ebola to the western world, let alone importing it, through loose health safety practices in international air transportation, like the ones applied by the USA, could be an excellent way to assist this objective. Of course, the above acts of deception of the UN, that belong mainly to the omission side, are also corroborated by many acts of commission. For example, the UN will often hide certain of its ugliest policies, like the ones related to its objectives of world depopulation, by taking initiatives that amount to criminality. This is certainly the case of the WHO and the UNICEF who have been charged in Kenya of distributing supposedly anti-tetanus vaccines that are, under cover, depopulation tools that contain HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormones) that have sterilized involuntarily millions of girls and women in many African countries. When they are not initiatives of a clear criminal nature against persons, like in this case, some of the initiatives of the UN organizations amount to a kind of crime against humanity, like when the UNICEF uses the cover of its important role to protect children rights as as an excuse or a justification for promoting openly the socially most destructive recognition of the same-sex marriage worldwide, like it does in an official document titled "Eliminating discrimination against children and parents based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity”. This is a clearly unnecessary, deviating, and deplorable extrapolation of its specific UNICEF mandate in order to please the new trends of the UN as its New World Order masters.


As mentioned above, the UN tolerates a ridiculously slack application of the refugee definition by its UNHCR. This slack application is a constant violation of the International Convention of Geneva on Refugees, and a constant violation with full impunity. This is causing incredible damage to not only the countries forced to receive massive amounts of economic migrants as false refugees, because they are incapable of absorbing them properly, like Italy and Greece forced to absorb thousands of the boat people of the Mediterranean Sea, but first and foremost a damage to the false refugees themselves, and an even bigger damage to the countries of origin involved in the serious brain drain in the long run, if we consider that these thousands  of false refugees should be returned home, as vital resources, to help the development of their own countries. Most of them in fact are only the victims of a multi-billion dollar racket in person trafficking promoted by elites who want to debase our western civilization, like the intellectuals pursuing the long-term New World Order objectives of the Kalergi Plan. In addition, the UNHCR is violating its own constitution, as clear deceit, with probably even a criminal responsibility, when it loosely tags as refugees, by the thousands, people fleeing only poverty or difficult economic conditions. Those who are not refugees, but economic migrants, should be help through various assistance programs in their own countries, and not through granting them a false UN tag as refugees. Of course, the hundreds of camps involved, filled mostly with fake refugees, is a constantly growing source of financing claims that not only helps UNHCR to affirm its status and unduly increase its staff, but also a source of growing criminality and bribes in relation to the working and providing contracts granted to the private sector, let alone a growing injustice for the taxpayers of the contributing countries.     


In the meantime, the extravaganzas of UN dependent organizations like FAO and UNESCO, involved in all sorts of programs and contracts involving high corruption, and in the spoiling of vast quantities of resources contributed by taxpayers, is a shame for the UN and for humanity. Apart from these external contracts, it is also a terrible injustice, for the peoples of the countries financing them, on the basis of only the regular and ridiculously expensive salaries and privileges of the diplomatic employees of all these organizations. The UN should put in place very severe and regular auditing procedures for itself and its subservient organizations, and use full transparency in the handling of all public funds involved. But it does not do it, not in any serious way, not even for its own budget at its headquarters in NY. Because their budgets come from taxpayers money, they should not do what most governments attempt to do on a regular basis, without scandal, which is to audit their own self, through officials of their own government structure. Public money, from governments and international organizations should, always and only, be audited by completely independent private outsiders in collaboration with a surveillance board composed of judicial officials from various countries and always include members of private groups opposing or questioning the wild public spending of who is being investigated, like the movement "Not Our Debt". Only transparency and truth can fuel sophisticated civilizations, and worldwide organizations like the UN and its dependent bodies should be first to give the best example. This is certainly not the case at the moment.   


Many excellent books already fully document these monstrosities, and consequently it is useless to provide more details here. And all the above is not considering the ugly wars the UN is involved in, many of which include mass massacres, and even genocides, not the least being prevented, and even most rarely commented, if at all as such, by the presstitute mainstream mass media corrupted by the same JewZuit Power sitting behind the UN. It does not include either the laughable arrangement of its Security Council whereby one or two countries can veto vital world security decisions that should be taken by the majority of a democratic General Assembly, and not by the outrageously undemocratic general assembly that we have now. The General Assembly of the UN is full of representatives of undemocratic and totalitarian regimes. The Security Council of the UN in turn is composed of a small bunch of countries that are the most powerful ones in the world for acting freely and most undemocratically, either in proactively conducting all sorts of unjust wars around the globe, or in passively not implementing the stop of other such unjust wars and interventions worldwide. The above considerations about the UN do not include either its equally laughable International Court of Justice that cannot receive, under existing international law, the assessment of a claim of genocide from a "country", or from a highly concentrated population of the same culture, like in the case of Gaza in Israel at the moment, even if, in the opinion of a vast majority of people around the world, this appears clearly to be the gradual realization of a new Holocaust, done by the Jews this time, step by step, in the course of the last decades since the formation of Israel. Of course, the above considerations do not include either the fact that the UN should not only, ideally, be a union of only democratic countries but, if this is not possible, certainly at least an organization not ridiculously placing representatives of dictatorial countries in charge of UN commissions like the one on Human Rights, the one on Refugees, or the one on the Status of Woman.


All the above does not include the ugly reality that the financing of all these UN structures, and their sub-structure, is not only extremely expensive, all at the expense of the debt-slave taxpayer of the member countries, but it is done entirely without appropriate accounting transparency, let alone many instances of entirely black budgets. This is complete deception on the part of an organization that should be our best ally in implementing peace between nations and peoples, through ensuring best possible meritorious equality and justice around the world, or through protecting humanity and planet earth from terribly destructive conflicts of interest. This is certainly not always the case. As we will see, this deception even often takes the appearance of a gross negligence, or even an ugly UN collaboration to crimes against humanity, like in the case of the complicity of the UN in the destruction of the male-man, or crimes against planet Earth, like in the case of the quadruple conflict of interest in which the UN is mixed with, or not denouncing or disassociating itself from, Monsanto, FDA and Fox News.


But the UN is an organization that fights for an unfair type of equalitarianism, instead of for a meritorious type of equality, even if it means, it seems, destroying manhood if necessary, in order to make it equal to womanhood. Its veneration of flat equality, independently of merit, is a very recent concept, in the history of human thought, that did not really exist before the Fabian Socialism started to invade our society in the mid-eighteen century. Merit was the main criteria of equality in the history of philosophy before that period. If equality had to exist, it had to be meritorious equality, which also meant a perfectly acceptable unequal lot on the basis of nature, talent and effort. Fabian equalitarianism is violently anti-human and anti-justice. Its philosophical horror was well expressed in the Greek Myth of Procrustes (Προκρούστης, or "the stretcher", also known as Prokoptas or Damastes (Δαμαστής) the "subduer") who forced his clients, as a blacksmith, to lie down on his iron beds, pre-constructed as he had established, while he would cut off the feet that protruded, and tortured the legs that were too short to try to make them longer and all fit the bed all equally. Equalitarianism without merit is as ridicule as Procrustes' intentions, not to say procrustean.


This tool of false equalitarianism without merit is however also a tool of total power, which is what the UN is quite obviously attempting to be, for the forthcoming JewZuit New World Order of totalitarian Fabian Socialism. The UN tries to give itself a good public image of equalitarianism and justice, but it is clearly an organization of totalitarian aspiration in its push for a One-World Government. On the other hand, only looking at the way it arrogantly maintains itself, with huge and mostly undeserved privileges of all sorts on a merit basis, over and above what normal citizens can enjoy, and at the way it administers itself with complete lack of transparency in its use of world taxpayers' money, even with many totally black budgets passed on to some of its subservient organizations, makes the UN the worst possible example of real equalitarianism, if not a total fraud, regarding its alleged objectives of a better world of global justice. Thus the complete deception regarding the real nature of what the UN is.  

Global Deception for a New Triangular Slavery


The above incredible cumulative forms of deception affecting us are only a few examples of the world of deception, or the Empire of Illusion that we live in. There are countless others. The worst one at the moment, at a global level, is probably that the war on terror is a complete fraud. Considering only what happened to Building Seven, 911 is an inside job conducted as a false flag to facilitate the approval and implementation of a growing police state through the new law of Homeland Security. In fact, this department is now behaving all the way as if it were preparing for a civil war. The new war developing in Iraq and Syria is another false flag being created if we consider that ISIS was completely trained in Jordan by the JewZuit Power, was armed with most sophisticated western military armament, and its members are to this day provided regularly, albeit discretely by the JewZuit forces, with equipment, food and, according to many sources, even medical treatment within hospitals in Israel when necessary for their main leaders. Global Warming is another gross false flag well debunked by dozens of excellent scientists and researchers. Professor Graeme MacQueen demonstrated clearly that the Anthrax Attack on America a few years ago was also a false flag, in his excellent book The 2001 Anthrax Deception, for trying to frame and blame the Russians.


And the list of false flags, of the past and the present, could go on and on, ad infinitum. We are run by fascist oligarchies of financiers at the moment, basically big corporations, in particular the big bank corporations. A strong oligarchy cannot exist and survive for long without an enemy to be fought, supposedly fought for the security of the subservient subjects paying for these wars, but really only for the enrichment of the ruling oligarchy. If that enemy does not exist, it has to be created through a false flag for the authoritarian oligarchy to be able to survive. In addition to the help for the survival of the oligarchy, or the nomemklaturocracy, the creation of enemies means wars have to take place to not only fight them, but in particular to finance them and make money through financing all sides of these wars. We all know by now, from the two first world wars and the excellent books written about them, that it is mainly through important wars that the oligarchy not only maintains itself, but also became extremely rich and keeps becoming even richer today, through financing the puppet governments involved, and providing the financing to both sides of these wars.


The first two world wars are two perfect examples of this, and the world oligarchy at the moment, the JewZuit Power, is very anxious to start WWIII for that same purpose. And such wars, created through deception, are never meant to be stopped, but rather to be continued incessantly for as long as possible, if not for ever in between various pauses and under various hats. A good book talking about this is “Low Intensity Operations” (Subversion, Insurgency and Peacekeeping) of Frank Kitson.


Because of these numerous forms of deception, and the Fabian Socialist tyranny that it is hiding behind the curtain of both the national governments and the international organizations involved, we are becoming completely enslaved, without realizing it, to omnipotent corporations and governments of a repressive and dogmatic Judeo-Christian culture, the culture of the JewZuit Power, instead of a culture of MeDiPartic democracy, merit, freedom and freethinking, the one that the direct and meritocratic democracy was based on when Ancient-Greece invented it, let alone the culture of a fully implemented EthoCracy as a TIDMOcracy (as a step to become a TruthOcracy). As Chris Hedges calls it, in his excellent book, we live in an "Empire of Illusion" or of global deception.


The basic strategy is to keep us so busy with serious social and economic problems, like excessive taxation and extreme legislation, and so distracted by junk culture, like TV reality shows and Hollywood JewZuit crap, or so upset with social problems, like massive illegal immigration without due PISA process of a destructive multicultural nature, that we have no more time to think freely and be creative anymore, thus no energy left to react to our growing enslavement. Said very coldly and serenely, this is the strategy: the strategy of DDD, or of the Three-Headed Cerberus. Freethinking time must disappear, along with the disappearance of our economic freedom, and the little time that may be left must be dedicated to fear, dogma submission, and debt anxiety. Our social life must be, as much as possible, a complete anti-leisure and chaotic environment.


In the meantime, the globalization itself that was supposed to bring more prosperity to all of us around the world, is the biggest of all illusions and deceptions. The result is that 1% of the world population is richer than the whole population of Africa, some 200 multinationals dominate the economy of the whole world, being richer than ever, and 99% of the population of the world is poorer than ever, with a disparity factor bigger than ever between the rich and the poor in most countries. Nevertheless, propaganda and disinformation of the fully controlled mainstream media, along with the social engineering of powerful institutions like Tavistock and the complicity of our corrupted politicians, still discretely succeed in making us believe that globalization is good, and that it is taking place for the best possible prosperity of all of us. Global Deception!


In short, to say that slavery has been abolished is a complete fraud. Contrary to what people were told at school, or to what they can still read today in the best history books, slavery was not abolished by a British Act in 1833. It was not either ended by the 13th Amendment in the USA in 1865. This alleged information is pure disinformation. Some forms of slavery should be immediately obvious, like the economic slavery of sweat workers of outsourced jobs in the third-world, on the part of the big western corporations, or the slavery of the woman, mainly in the Islamic world. But what is not so immediately obvious is that we are now all slaves! Certainly the 99% of us fighting a daily, and a life-long battle for bare economic and legislative survival! In the meantime, the 1%, in enslaving us, laughs and enjoys the show in the background, as its mainstream mass media, under its full command, have succeeded in convincing us that we are the freest people of all times, and in making us exuberantly convinced, through our massive credulity, of the normality of this situation; and, for this small enslaving class, it is a near complete success at the moment, worth even laughing about, as it is not only people anymore that it has enslaved, but also countries, and it is not only in terms of an economic slavery anymore, but also in terms of a cultural and psychological slavery.


This new kind of holistic slavery has been practiced extensively, and quite easily, for many decades, in many under-developed third-world countries. These countries served as necessary Ginny pigs for an eventual attack on the first world that includes the most developed countries, economically and culturally. Now that its success has been well experimented in the third world, an attempt is being made, most aggressively since 2008, to implement it also in the first world, that is, mostly in Europe and in the North America. For the caste of masters to set foot correctly, from its point of view, in the first world, which is much more difficult to dominate, Greece is the new Ginny pig inside that most developed area. We will see that there are very good reasons for starting with that particular country, Greece, that masters feel they have to squash, first and entirely, if their strategy is to work well in the rest of the first world. If Greece becomes a complete success of full enslavement, like it seems to be the case so far, from the point of view of the masters, then the rest of Europe, and of the richest western world, will be an easy ride downhill. We will see that slavery still exists, and is well alive, more than ever before. It certainly exists in a more elusive and sophisticated way, but in a new, and much better, holistic way, from the point of view of the new masters. It also exists on a much larger scale than ever before, gradually and rapidly affecting a great majority of people worldwide even, as of recently, in the richest and most advanced countries of the western world.


The current holistic slavery is worse than most of the forms of plain slavery that have existed in the past, as the present slaves, on the economic side of their submission, have not only to be fully subservient to their new masters, like the old ones, but have to also maintain themselves, instead of being fully maintained, like they used to be, by their old masters. Even worse so, they are really the first category of slaves in the history of humanity who, in spite of their economic enslavement condition, have not only to fully maintain themselves, but also to contribute, with the major part of their poor income, to the wellbeing of their masters, through full financial entrapment, private and public, excessive taxation, abusive legislation, and consequently a well hidden, but legal, government plunder, to ensure the necessary extortions from all their earnings. In short, historically speaking, they are the best type of holistic slaves that masters have ever had at their service on the last three millennia. Most people today do not the least ever realize they are slaves, let alone holistic slaves, and they still believe they are free, without ever calling or seeing themselves as slaves, in particular in our most advanced western world. But they are slaves! Real and ideal slaves from the point of view of their current masters. They are fundamentally the real slaves of the “Web Of Debt”, public and private, and of the “Creature from Jekyll Island”, so well described by excellent researchers who are not at all any kind of conspiracy theorists, like Ellen Brown and Edward Griffin!


In short, the new ideal slavery is far from being only economic this time, like it happened in the past. It is holistic slavery. This new and current ideal slavery, for the first time in history, is also eminently cultural, first and foremost cultural, and in the end psychological, as part of a Master Plan transforming it into a holistic triangular slavery: economic, cultural and psychological. This entire submission involves the use of many subsidiary tools, like the gradual annihilation of all our best traditional ethical values under the push of a growing subliminal nihilism, the destruction of our legitimate and constructive sense of patriotic proudness for our particular culture and nationality, the lowering of the standards of our educational system, at least from a civic education point of view, through rampant relativism, and the spreading of all sorts of destructive moral concepts that become acceptable, at the soul level, through social engineering and the devilish garbage of the mainstream mass media pushed at all of us on a daily basis. This triangular slavery is also so powerful, and keep people so busy handling their survival that they have no more time to love. The New World Order is definitely going after love and its best traditional expressions, first and foremost after the destruction of love, more than after money and power, as a people without love can be attacked more easily in all of its other values, and thus dominated more easily. The purpose of these subsidiary tools, used cumulatively, and in perfect coordination, is to have the new slaves lose their mutual love, and lose their partial intellectual and economic liberty and independence of mind that they might have acquired, and make them live is a state of such social drunkenness, and blind confusion of political correctness, that they have no more time to think for themselves and possibly become disobedient to their egotistic new masters, let alone revolt to them. 


One thing is certain. Slavery, not only has not been abolished, but still exists, and exists in an epidemic way, in particular in the richest world, the USA and the EU. It is only the traditional slavery of the lower class that has been abolished, but substituted with a brand new, and more effective, form of debt-slavery at the level of the middle class, and implemented in such a way, through social engineering and disinformation, that the new debt-slaves think they are free. Most of their income is plundered by various levels of government, through various forms of excessive open taxation, and through other forms of hidden taxation, like inflation and currency devaluation. What is left of their income is then used mostly to pay some more dues to their masters, as a kind of rent on their property, usually in the form of a mortgage to be paid to the accomplice banksters of their nicely democratic government, for the rest of their life. In this way the new debt-slaves of the middle class maintain the two other classes: the lower class through social welfare, and the upper class through corporate welfare. They even do so proudly because they have been raised to think that this is the only way to go in order to enjoy the privilege of living freely in a land of opportunity, in particular the inclusive opportunity to have a chance to admire their lofty masters parading in front of them, on a daily basis on TV, and with full impunity, the exorbitant and unnecessary privileges enjoyed by them, their masters, and paid for by themselves as debt-slave taxpayers.  



We are thus enslaved to the same Judeo-Christian forces that have fought Greek Hellenism, or the EL culture of freethinking, for 2000 years, and still fight it more forcefully today than ever before, since these two Judeo-Christian religions have finally joined their forces, for the first time in the history of humanity, in the 21st century, under the absolute coalition that we call the JewZuit Power. When this Judeo-Christian coalition wants to implement a difficult or unpopular program, through its subservient elected governments, or wants to force the public into accepting draconian surveillance and loss of personal liberty, in order to reinforce its enslaving power, it uses a Strategy Of False Flags. It typically creates first a false flag problem, covertly, using fearful disinformation along the way through its equally subservient mainstream media, along with widely publicized and theatrical pre-emptive prosecutions as supposedly an appropriate reaction to the problem they have created. Then these governments of Judeo-Christian culture come up with a solution that appears to have been found by them, and appears to be required to save us, while that solution is only increasing our enslavement, or reinforcing the means of additional enslavement that they had already concocted before creating the false flag problem in the first place for this specific purpose. It is the old Roman strategy of Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out Of Chaos), but... out of created chaos, in order for the ruler who created the chaos to falsely take credit for the new order, and thus increase his authoritarian rule of enslavement.


And then, because of the related deceit, we stupidly all applaud, even gratefully welcoming our increased enslavement through unrequired additional security measures! This is what the Japanese call the Match-Pump: you use a match to secretly set a fire and then you show up with a water pump to extinguish it, in front of everybody attracted by the blaze, in order to appear as a savior who has to be rewarded through acquiring more commanding power. Through this falsehood we accept a totally improper militarization of municipal and school police, even ministries, and an increasingly totalitarian bureaucracy, along with a growing prohibition of free speech that tags whoever dares to protest as a racist, a subversive, a hate-speech user, an anti-Semite, or more and more often, even as an internal terrorist worth being arrested, rudely detained without due legal process, let alone shot dead with impunity if required, under any fake pretext at the next best occasion. The State is no more our friend, but our enemy, no more our protector, but our enslaving absolute master.



As a result of the above deception and strategy, we accept draconian and excessive legislation for plundering projects against our own selves, consequently excessive taxation at home. We accept or tolerate, silently and undemocratically, our participation in outrageously expensive and criminal military actions abroad. We accept the financing of all these national and international initiatives, and their full implementation, completely without transparency, and very often through completely invisible black budgets. We accept as politically correct an excessive and most destructive multiculturalism, a massive illegal immigration without due PISA process diluting our best western values, the destruction of our nation-states, the dismantlement of our natural family unit, and the debasing of our education that is dumbing down our current and future generations.


In the meantime we are maneuvered by the mainstream mass media to consider ourselves lucky to live in our advanced iPod democracies. We are happy to be stupidly entertained, or rather sneakily distracted, from this terrifying enslaving mess. We consume, and even honor, the accomplice multimedia pushing at us not only a constant flow of disinformation, but the worst of cultural and artistic rubbish, a trash to be revered supposedly proudly in front of everybody as excellent contemporary achievements, even if that garbage certainly has nothing to do with the great traditional values that were at the base of our philosophical sense of Beauty, Just, Good and Truth, founded in our best Hellenic Roots before the current decadence of the politically correct succeeded, through complete deception, in making us believe that our best roots are Judeo-Christian.


It is sufficient to tour the best museums of Contemporary Art around the western world to find out how decadent we have become and how much public money we are prepared to spend for complete inartistic rubbish instead of for beautiful fine arts, let alone useful social programs as an alternative. The presstitutes of the mainstream mass media are not only used directly by the JewZuit Power to back up this whole decadent process of enslavement, but also indirectly, by slowly diluting and eventually destroying completely our best traditional philosophical/Hellenic life principles and values with regards to our social, ethical, religious and family life. All this creates a widely spread social confusion that prevents the public at large from thinking freely, destroying precisely the main characteristic of our original Hellenic culture, the Apollonian Freethinking Spirit, and gradually imposing on us growing degrees of the main characteristic of our impostors, the Judeo-Christian Spirit of Submission to authoritarian dogma silently enslaving all the faithful.


The Hellenic spirit of the free Idea Exchangers is being replaced with the Judeo-Christian spirit of the Money Changers. This confusion and debasement inhibit most of us from expressing freely even our most logical concerns of simple common sense against our progressive enslavement, for fear of not being politically correct and being persecuted accordingly, personally or professionally, if not prosecuted for hate-speech. This wide public confusion and this paralyzing restraint mean only easier and progressively wider enslavement capability acquired by our falsely democratic Judeo-Christian governments acting on behalf of the new worldwide omnipotent JewZuit Power. This is the strategy of a well concerted Master Plan, and perfect social engineering.



What few people realize however, is that the above social engineering is also being supplemented by an additional physical engineering that is meant to destroy mainly the powerful testosterone of the male-man, and thus diminish his aggressive reaction as a natural male-man-animal against progressive and forceful enslavement. Through chemtrails, GMO food, forced and useless homicidal vaccines, insecticides, unnatural hormones forced into animals of the monstrous meat industry using CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, the treatment of meat with carbon monoxide gas to make even spoiled mean look good, and a wide spectrum of destructive heavy chemicals in our food chain and water, the young man-males of today, at age 18, have only half of the sperm and testosterone of the males of the same age some 40 years ago. Water fluoridation for example definitely lowers  male fertility and their level of testosterone, thus their natural reaction against enslavement, and possibly also their IQ according to certain studies. Males are also particularly psychologically dumbed down by the wide distribution of the new Smart Meters that operate on a frequency of 905 megahertz. This specific frequency will further reduce the aggressively of the young male-man in particular, according to the research of world expert Barrie Trower. This dumbing down of the male-man through all the above factors is also an exacerbation of the immense WIFI & Bluetooth Soup in which we inevitably live today, also affecting the natural sharpness of the potentially more belligerent mind of the male-man in particular to resist enslavement by the New World Order. All these factors of physical engineering have been demonstrated by scientists to affect the male-man much more than the female. This has also been demonstrated by many serious medical researchers and is eminently part of the JewZuit strategy of the Master Plan for global enslavement. For example, the research of Dr. John Peterson Myers about the "Disappearing Male", in videos and in books like "Our Stolen Future", are very revealing on this subject. Just like GMO practices are producing more and more fruits with less seeds, if not often without seeds at all, all the above factors are producing more and more young male-men with less and less sperm, with the risk of a growing number of them being without sperm at all in a few generations. 


Scientific medical studies on animals fed only with GMO food have demonstrated that most males are affected by complete sterility after the third generation. Certainly the UN is aware of this, but does not react, even if it is a crime against humanity, because its JewZuit Master Plan of its odious Agenda 21 is all oriented toward earth depopulation. No real male-man in an environment means no real combatant soldiers, and no real fighters against this New World Order of global enslavement, or rather this New World Disorder. Global enslavement by the JewZuit Power is thus much easier to achieve.


Just look at most of the young men of today, made to grow with video games instead of physically fighting each other in outside nature for the best girls, or instead of competing meritoriously in serious sport competition, and compare them to what you can remember of the young males of previous generations. Our society is being completely feminized, or rather effeminized, and really for no fault of the young men of today, rather the opposite. In the current Holocaust of Western Civilization, it is the white male that is hit first and foremost.


This physical destruction of the male-man is in fact a crime against them for which, testosterone allowing, they should revolt and claim damage. In addition, this destruction of the physical male-man is being reinforced by a similarly dangerous psychological destruction of the male-man, in terms of a war against fatherhood, and the open promotion of homosexuality to even young adolescent males in primary and secondary schools. There is an active war against both manhood and fatherhood at the moment in the western world, and when we consider who is mostly pushing it, through Hollywood mass media in particular, this war is clearly part of the Master Plan of the JewZuit Power.


When Johnny Carson asked Burt Reynolds, in a famous film of the times when men still existed, and manhood was still not contested in our society, and rather something to be proud of, the latter replied: You are not a man until your father tells you that you are a man. Today, young men are more puzzled than ever, precisely because there are no fathers left anymore to tell them. Most boys are born out of wedlock, or live with a mother only, and grow up at home, abandoned, alone, in front of television sets promoting homosexuality as an ideal lifestyle, instead of letting homosexuality simply be what it is, and what it has always been: a lifestyle to be left alone, among many other particular lifestyles to be respected, as a personal choice that does not need any kind of proactive promotion, or at most as a minority to be fully protected against any form of discrimination. Nothing more! Nothing less! Common sense says to the great majority of people, parents in particular, that as much as homosexuality should be protected against discrimination, it should equally be protected against any proactive promotion.


Overall, this destruction of the male-man, both physically and psychologically, is a clear crime against humanity, of which even the UN is an accomplice, if not by commission, certainly by omission. Who for example is in a better position than the UN to prohibit damaging chemtrails from airplanes that cross freely so many international borders, worldwide? Why does the UN not do it? Why does it not at least find out who authorizes them and tell us about it? Apart from this ugly silence of the UN, nobody else in the subservient mainstream presstitute press will dare to even talk about it for fear of being accused, by the JewZuit politically correct, of being a conspiracy theorist, a racist or a retrograde bigot. But these same presstitutes will all rush to respect the politically correct and give cravingly enthusiastic reviews to the Conchita phenomenon, completing the ugly diabolic revolution started by Michael Jackson, through which the contemporary male-man is admiringly effeminized, not to say psychologically neutered through a combination of social gonadectomy and penectomy, as the standard of a kind of new "femanhood"  for the NWO. If these are our new heroes, our society has no brilliant future, not only for reproduction purposes, but in particular for the real manhood that may be required for the defense and improvement of the best values and characteristics for which our previous generations have heroically fought to construct during centuries, with beautiful particularities in each of our national countries, in order to leave them to us as a precious inheritance.  


If the UN, along with its many subservient components, is really the highest level or world organization that it pretends to be, supposedly promoting peace and social appeasement, it should also be able to do something to stop, or at least shrink, the spreading of the debasing culture of criminality, violence and social degradation that comes out of Hollywood and the mass media, and through strange nebulous initiatives of directed education (not to say maleducation) like Common Core in our educational systems, and Common Purpose hiding illegally behind charity in some of our civic environments, sponsored and promoted directly or indirectly by the UN, or by the UN-backed Tavistock Institute, all affecting seriously negatively the wellbeing of most world citizens today, the youths in particular. But the UN does so much nothing about chemtrails and other dangerous initiatives that it seems to be part of this globalist Fabian Culture of totalitarian aspiration being pushed and spread at world level for our global DDD enslavement. If the UN is not part of it, it should not either appear to be part of it. For what the UN costs the taxpayers of the world, silence it not good enough for this highest body being promoted as the most humanitarian organization in the world and our top ally for obtaining best possible global social appeasement, education and justice. Shame on the commanding UN! Shame on the subservient press!


Of course, the tools to prevent a violent reaction against our enslavement, as pursued by the New world Order, are aimed first and foremost at the male-man, and are successful in particular against the male man. But the tools being used also affects women. In addition, these tools also include not only the above mentioned chemtrails (not to mention other 'dust' or 'beam' or 'Nano fiber' silent weapons), the GMO food with the destruction of the natural PH of earth land, the forced and useless homicidal vaccines, the insecticides, the unnatural hormones  but also all sorts of new gadgets or appliances using the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and SR (Schumann Resonances) wavelengths through apparently innocent house instruments like the so-called 'smart' meters, the 'smart' phones and the new 'smart' TV. The new "Digital TV" system in particular, imposed to most countries in the last decade with the help of multinational corporations (like the ICF International, a huge propaganda and propagation machine for the NWO, collaborating discretely in the background with tax and revenue authorities in various countries, like the IRS in the USA), is a prominent tool for our dumbing down and psychological enslavement. Not only the digital TV systrem forces us to have access to only a predefined set of TV channels that are all well controlled by the political correctness of the NWO, but it is also a secret tool of psychotronics (mind control) with which the ELF and SR wavelengths can be used unknowingly to our detriment through either invisible subliminal messages or a well-defined set of low wavelengths affecting negatively some specific parts of our brain having to do with our level of consciousness. If the crime against humanity stands on its own on the sole basis of what it does to the male man in particular, its stands at least twice as much strongly for what it also does to women and the humanity in general. The gross and absurd silence and omission of action of the UN in this respect is absolutely shameful, to say the least, and its obvious collaboration with this system, claimed by a growing number of experts, scientist and intellectuals around the world, makes the UN a treasonous and criminal organization of the highest level and degree of gravity. 



Considering the destruction of the male-man described above, it is no surprise if, at this point, nobody is able to protest, or still has the testosterone or courage to do so. This means that the circle will be closed quickly and our final global enslavement will be achieved completely in the near future. This enslavement is, for the first time in world history, a global one, at planet level. Consequently, the enslavement not being reduced to a most obvious poorer class, like it has always been in the past, it has become perfectly invisible to most of us. We cannot pin point at the slaves anymore, as we are all slaves, certainly the 99% of us. The slaves have become invisible to us. We cannot look at the slaves anymore, unless we look at ourselves in a mirror. The nature of this new type of enslavement is one of global Collectivism based on the totalitarian Fabian Socialism that is at the root of both wings of the new global JewZuit Power. It is thus based on the best form of enslavement in the history of humanity, a brand new form of enslavement, fine-tuned over centuries, mainly through financial debt-money this time, whereby the current masters do not even have to maintain their slaves anymore, like they used to have to do in the past, but can rather use indebted slaves that have not only to fully maintain themselves, but also to contribute to the constant improvement of the foolishly lavish lifestyle of their masters, and even doing so with gratitude for the gift of the illusion of being the free citizens of a real democracy, instead of the real Debtocracy in which we are all stuck.


This is unfortunately what most people think of themselves at the moment: free citizens in a real democracy! This illusion and social engineering is the real cause of our perfect global enslavement. And this best form of elusive enslavement is, also for the first time in world history, since the early 1960s, into the hands of an invincible coalition, the JewZuit coalition, instead of into the separate hands of the Jews and the Catholics that could never achieve completely, so far, their Fabian objective of totalitarian global enslavement, while working at it separately. To understand this kind of invisible Collectivism, a useful tool may be the film Utopia, of Joel Gilbert. The film is badly misinterpreting some historical facts, in particular in relation to some of the ideas of Plato, but nevertheless gives a good overall understanding of what the totalitarian Collectivism is, and how it is affecting all of us at the moment.


Through the current JewZuit coalition, the enslaving forces are finally succeeding, using Forced-Debt-Creation, with an Average Minimum Tax for the current middle class, and debt for the future middle class in terms of forced loans to students who shall be indebted, thus become debt-slaves, for the rest of their life. But this is exactly what the NWO is: a process of wealth extraction from the middle class, to be handed to the rich class, while keeping the poor class quiet and subservient through abundantly undeserved welfare, apparent credit that is only debt-credit, and through even bailing out the rich in the process when necessary, even when the bailout is needed because of serious mistakes they have made. Under this strategy, the poor class will not revolt, the rich class will become growingly more powerful, and the middle class will be exploited to its limit, working hard and steady under fear in what somebody called a kind of worldwide slavelandia. In fact, all the big banks that were saved through bailouts since 2008, supposedly because they were "too big to fail", even if it was for having made terrible investment mistakes, are 38% richer now (in 2014) then they were in 2008.


Consequently, we should not agree with Wayne Root that this plan involves “The Murder Of The Middle Class”, to quote the exact title of his book, as the middle class is the most productive and useful one for the JewZuit Power, as the class providing the taxpayers. A better title for his otherwise excellent book should probably be The Enslavement Of The Middle Class, as the objective of the plan is to milk dry the taxpayers of the middle class, to maximum level, but just before their limit of full exhaustion, in order to ensure their survival for the maximum level of production and taxes in the process. By the same token, this process makes that productive middle class so busy, and so squashed by the Cerberus of excessive taxation and extreme legislation, that it has no more time left to think, and no more  resources and energy left to revolt. Slavery used to be the lowest class. But now it is the middle-class under the JewZuit New World Order that is being enslaved. This is the major historical difference since humanity has existed, and the one that constitutes the JewZuit New World Order. The high class enjoys privileges even without working, in terms of tax exemptions obtained from the subservient politicians financed and bribed by that high class. The lower class also enjoys privileges without working, in terms of social welfare, and ensures the continuity of these privileges by providing blind votes of gratitude for the JewZuit politicians who enslave mainly the working middle-class because it is the only one capable of producing maximum amount of taxes. We will see how the advent of the New World Pope Francis, who is a Jesuit, thus from the worst Catholic branch of the Christian side of the New World Order, but an order that is clearly Judeo-Christian, has reinforced immensely this JewZuit coalition, between the Zionist Jews and the Catholic Jesuits. This JewZuit coalition that had been growing in gestation since the Zionist Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II that consolidated the birth of the JewZuit Power in 1965, as the only kind of world power that became finally capable of fully enslaving the productive middle class instead of the lower class. That lower class of grateful welfare-vote providers is nevertheless necessary to the new world power, in order to regularly close the power maintenance loop, ensuring the regular reelection of the puppets of the stable new JewZuit Power running, well hidden in the background, the false democracy that we have today, as a democracy that is really only a perfectly global enslaving Debtocracy. 


This Debtocracy enslavement is made invisible to us as the "New Normal", or the so-called "Just the way it is now" that is blindly accepted by all as the Politically Correct. The famous Soviet KGB defector who died in 1992, Yuri Bezmenov, had first escaped to Greece in the early 70s, at the height of the power of the Soviet Union, and then was granted asylum to Canada. He was an ex top level KGB expert on the types of deception described above, used by collectivist governments like the ex Soviet Union, to achieve a totalitarian regime of full population enslavement. As such, he gave a vast amount of lectures on this subject in the 1970s and 1980s, after his defection, trying to explain to the western countries how to avoid such traps of totalitarian Collectivism. He loved the beauty and liberty of the western world as it was at that time, some 45 years ago, and wanted the west to avoid the decadent destruction that was facing the Soviet Union. Because of this, Bezmenov even wrote a book called "Love Letter to America". Most people were intrigued by his writings and lectures at the time, and by his predictions as to what could happened to us, but they did not take his lectures too seriously, as his predictions seemed to be exaggerated, and even outright impossible of application in the free western world.


The "Fresh Start" of Communism in the West

Bezmenov nevertheless predicted that the Fabian Socialist world elites that had applied these techniques massively in the third world, were now aiming at starting to apply them also to the western world which included America and Europe. In fact, they were already facing serious difficulties in the Soviet Union with their system and, on the strength of their experience, wanted to move west, for what he was calling a Fresh Start and experiment, or alternatively have the west as a refuge in case their experiment would fail all together in the Soviet Union. These explicit predictions were nearly ignored in the 1970s, but now look like incredibly accurate prophecies at the beginning of the XXI century. I first heard of Bezmenov while working on a diplomatic posting (1969/1972) at the Canadian Consulate General in Milan, Italy, with part of my functions being responsible to process the applications to Canada of refugees held in the refugee camps in Trieste, in Italy, but near the border of the ex Yugoslavia where I was travelling on a regular basis. The refugees from these camps were mainly from the Eastern Communist Block, including the ex Soviet Union, but also included refugees from other places, like some opponents of the Military Regime of the Colonels in Greece at the time. Having good experience already with such Soviet refugees as Bezmenov, I was consulted at distance for assisting the evaluation of his case in Athens. Then, after Milan, I had a chance to expand my experience with all sorts of refugees, from both the left and the right of the political spectrum. I was first transferred to the Canadian Embassy in Athens (1972/1974). When I got there, the defection of Bezmenov and his request for political asylum to the west was still a fresh story, including with some colleagues of the American Embassy and of the Greek government who had been involved, and with whom I was associating. During my posting in Athens, I also went for a few months of temporary duty in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. I went there to help process the refugees from Eastern Africa who were fleeing from the Ugandan military dictator Idi Amin who had decided to forcefully expel all non-black foreigners from Uganda, in particular all the persons of Asian origin. After my posting in Athens, where I met and married my Greek Goddess, with whom I still live today, I was transferred to Chile, with the mission to personally select and process the quota of 200 political prisoners that Canada had decided to accept from Pinochet's regime. I worked in Chile for two years (1974/1976), travelling to all jails of Chile between Arica (extreme north) and Puntarenas (extreme south, near the Antarctica area that I also had a chance to visit). By the time I was ready to leave Santiago di Chile, I had acquired an extensive experience with political refugees. On that basis, I made plans to meet Bezmenov in Toronto in late 1976, at an unofficial meeting arranged through a friend of the Greek Consulate who knew Bezmenov from the time of his first defection in Greece. I had always been fascinated by the case of Bezmenov as a political refugee, as he had been a top KGB official, and he was giving regular lectures, ever since granted political asylum in Canada, on most interesting aspects of the regime of the Soviet Union. In the meantime, I had also lived the experience of the worst dictators of the planet at the time on the right side of the political spectrum, namely in Uganda and Chile. Consequently I was most intrigued by dictatorships of the left side of the political spectrum, like the one of the Soviet Union. I wanted to compare and try to understand which one was worse, or not the worst. I felt Bezmenov was the best person to talk to about the questions I had in mind. In retrospective, this is probably also why I will readily accept a posting in the Soviet Union some 4 years later, in 1980.  


At that first meeting of 1976 with Bezmenov, we concentrated on the Soviet Union, as he had had no experience himself with regimes of the far right. Bezmenov explained to me at length that the collectivist experience of the Soviet Union was failing, but only because they had made a terrible main mistake on the economic side: instead of controlling the economy fully but indirectly, through an  enslaved private working sector, they had tried to control all their economy directly, as a global public sector, all by government officials, and all at top government level, which soon revealed itself to be an impossible task, especially in a country of the size of the Soviet Union. That main mistake had led to an impossible managerial situation that was simply catastrophic in its daily consequences. By the mid 60s, the Soviets fully realized this mistake, but they also felt it was already too late for applying any possible kind of major correction without revolutionizing for a second time their entire country, with unpredictable consequences for the maintenance of their power within the huge Soviet Union. In addition, Bezmenov mentioned another secondary mistake that the Soviets were already conscious of, secondary but nonetheless important, that stemmed from the first one: the original choice of a total control of the economy at public level had led to the insatiable appetite, and the extravagant ambitions, of an oversized military nomenclature that not only caused unsustainable internal budgets and external debt, but also caused the formation of a huge welfare class in other sectors of the economy; this in turn cause the absorption of most useful resources, and caused the complete neglect of the infrastructures of all non-military sectors of the economy of the country. Consequently, the Soviet elites were already talking, in the early 70s, discretely but yet clearly to their senior officials like Bezmenov, about having to face an inevitable implosion of their collectivist experiment, and probably in only very few more years ahead of them. By the same token, and in light of these two mistakes from which they had learnt a hard lesson, they were also already planning ahead, stealthily, for eventually having a second trial or, again, what Bezmenov kept calling repetitiously a Fresh Start, in a new geopolitical area with a well established strong private economy at the middle-class level, where they could have, precisely, a... Fresh Start without repeating the above-mentioned main mistake, and consequently not either the secondary mistake.


For this purpose, the leading elites of the Soviets were aiming mainly, already in the early 70s, at two new specific areas more to the west: Europe and America, hopefully, if at all possible, the two of them together, linked into an integrated economic alliance. America was seen as the area of choice where the main mistake could be easily avoided, because of its particularly strong private economy and productive middle-class at the time. Europe in turn was seen as the area of choice where the secondary mistake could be easily avoided because of the absence of any common military force absorbing too many resources. And in both places, America and Europe, there was a great opportunity to enslave the productive private working class to the advantage of the pursued totalitarian Collectivism, as these two areas were both already very much oriented on a political evolution moving towards a Fabian Socialism of totalitarian aspiration. Consequently, both geopolitical areas seemed ideal for what Bezmenov kept calling a Fresh Start, albeit for slightly different reasons in each area. All this sounded to me like very far fetched imaginative plans, in 1976 but, looking at today's situation, nearly 40 years later, and seeing what is happening in Europe and America, the recent evolution of these two areas is clearly demonstrating that the plan mentioned by Bezmenov was not only a very feasible one, but one that is now being seriously and most proactively implemented, in both Europe and America. At the time of our meeting, this sounded rather like pure science fiction, but not now anymore, in particular in the context of the strategy that he also explained to me, the one of the Four Stages for the conquest of a totalitarian socialist power, which I will expose briefly further down. In short, after this 1976 meeting with Bezmenov, two key expressions stayed well inscribed in my mind: the Fresh Start and the Four Stages. After our first meeting of 1976, I lost track of Bezmenov completely for about 8 years, until I saw him being interviewed on TV by a then young Edward Griffin, in 1984.


Interestingly enough, the secondary mistake that the Soviets also made, according to Bezmenov, as one that also contributed to their collapse (the unsustainable public debt to satisfy an oversized military complex causing the complete neglect of all the infrastructures of the country) was well picked up by another interesting Russian exile and writer, in relation to the United States specifically. The author is Dmitri Orlov. He wrote a good book titled: "Reinventing Collapse", shown to the right, with the subtitle:  - The Soviet Example and the American Prospects. Orlov is implying in his book that the Americans are following the path of the Soviets, Reinventing the Soviet collapse in an American way and context. His book is easy and pleasant reading, because Orlov is also an original kind of joyful and resourceful prepper who concretely prepares for the worst to come in terms of an eventual American collapse. Orlov is a well educated engineer and successful writer who lives in a sailboat based in Boston, that he calls his Survival Capsule, equipped with solar panels and a good provision of food, fresh water and propane. He uses only bicycle transportation when on land. He strongly believes the collapse of the American Empire will soon happen, but for only the secondary mistake mentioned by Bezmenov that made the Soviet Empire collapse. In other words, the secondary mistake mentioned by Bezmenov for the collapse of the Soviet Empire is becoming, by itself alone, the main mistake, according to Orlov, for a fast forthcoming full collapse of the American Empire. Considering the USA still has a strong private economy sector, this evaluation made sense when Orlov wrote his book in 2008. By now however, it is also more and more evident, by each year that goes by, that a growing part of the American population is becoming fully dependent on the government for its survival, in the form of a fast growing new social welfare class. This already huge welfare class is like the reinforcement of a kind of additional heavy public sector, in front of a proportionately shrinking private sector in the USA, except of course in the area related to the military complex. For this same reason, the shrinking working middle class is more and more enslaved by a huge and unsustainable public debt made to be reimbursed by already excessive but nevertheless incessantly growing taxation. With about 50 million Americans of food stamp alone at the moment, and another 50 million more on other types of social benefits, America is really more and more looking like a kind of Soviet Union being reinvented, like the one I got to know well during my own posting in Moscow, during the last two years of Brezhnev (1980/82). Considering this evolution, the USA is also getting closer and closer, by each year that goes by, to the main mistake that made the Soviet Empire collapse according to Bezmenov. From this point of view, maybe it is true that the Soviet Union that collapsed in 1992 is having a Fresh Start now, in the west, notably in America as the SUS, but a Fresh Start that appears more and more like a copy of the old original Rotten Start of the Soviets, or a gradual move towards the two mistakes that made the Soviet Union collapse, the main mistake and the secondary mistake. Maybe Orlov should read all the lectures of Bezmenov of the 70s and 80s, and re-write his book, as it seems more and more that, by now, the USA is not reinventing collapse, but rather copying collapse. And the similar evolution of the EU, or the new SEU, is following the same basic path, hand in hand with the USA, albeit a step behind, like a dependent child held and dragged forward by a tired hand in the direction of the collapse.    


By the time of his interview with Griffin, in 1984, in which Bezmenov also talked briefly about his theory of the Four Stages to achieve totalitarian power, as he had explained it to me 8 years earlier, in 1976, I myself had already gone through a Canadian diplomatic posting in the Soviet Union, during the last two years of Brezhnev (1980/82), during which I had remembered many times my previous meeting with Bezmenov, because I had been able to confirm by myself, the hard way, while working in Moscow and travelling within the Soviet Union, that the Soviet experiment was indeed entirely failing, and near full collapse in my view. During that posting in Moscow, because I had already pre-acquired a good fluency in the Russian language, and because, in great part, of the enlightenment I had received from Bezmenov at my first meeting with him, 4 years earlier, I could quickly form for myself a clear view of what was going on. As a result, I soon became very critical of the Soviet Union. For similar reasons I am very critical today, not so much of Europe of free separate nations, where I also have many years of working and living experience, but of the EU specifically, as the union that is fast becoming a kind of mini Soviet Union, as an area of forcefully integrated nations that I now often call the SEU. This explicit criticism on my part of the Soviet Union , while on posting in Moscow, attracted me no few problems with my own very powerful Canadian Ambassador in Moscow at the time, Geoffrey Pearson (the arrogant and snob son of an ex homonymous Canadian Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson), who held an entirely firm and opposite view. Pearson was deeply in love with the Soviet Union, and maybe also... with his own Russian staff secretary and interpreter without whom, and in spite of his arrogant sense of superiority, he could do nothing, not even speak to anyone on his own while in the country outside the embassy. That nice Russian blond was allowed to work only within the part of the embassy open to the Russian staff, and only during the regular working hours. However, that beloved interpreter was also often seen, unduly moving unaccompanied, going in and coming out of the secret private quarters of the Ambassador at the embassy, and not only during regular working hours, supposedly for having Pearson under her... direction for private lessons. The private lessons were presumably for learning the Russian language, but the results in that particular skill never became evident to me nor to any of his other colleagues at the embassy. This was probably because of this special relationship that Pearson was trying to convince all of us, all his colleagues at the Canadian Embassy, nearly on a daily basis, that the Soviet Union was a wonderful country with a brilliant socialist regime, and that we should have considered ourselves very privileged to serve at the time in such a great place as Moscow. When Pearson was not busy with this interpreter, he typically spent the rest of his spare time reading the magazine "Foreign Affairs", published by what was, and what has now notably become, the infamous JewZuit CFR, as a source of information that he explicitly considered like a kind of Bible on international foreign policy from his point of view. Suggestions that he should maybe also read something else, with opposite views, like the lectures of Bezmenov, as I timidly and unwisely advanced once, just contributed to add some aggressiveness to his normal continuous arrogance. To consider that just about our most important Canadian Ambassador, at least nominally, used such a source in clear exclusive priority, to understand the Soviet Union and the rest of the world in 1981, does not say much good for the selection process that brought him to that prominent position. His career was clearly the result of cronyism related to his famous father. Conversely, maybe it also explains just too well why North America has advanced so much  today in the collapsing situation we have ahead of us, with all our western leaders being puppets of the Fresh Start of the same elites that ran the ex Soviet Union in the background, and that run now the western world as the new JewZuit Power.      


After my posting in Moscow, and after seeing his interview with Griffin, I decided to meet Bezmenov again in Toronto, in 1984, at the occasion of my coming back from a brand new diplomatic posting, this time in Mexico. While in Mexico, I had had also the responsibility to process the applications of the political refugees of all the countries of Central America. By that time, Bezmenov and I had an incredible lot to share, let alone my fluency in the Russian language at that point. But really what we had to share was essentially something very sour. I had absolutely no more doubts about the failing Soviet Union, but still some doubts about the possible Fresh Start of the Soviet experiment in places like Europe and/or America. In turn, Bezmenov was convinced that North America was more and more on its way to a full collectivist regime, and America in particular was an excellent candidate for his theories of the Fresh Start  and the Four Stages to total socialist power after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which collapse he thought was imminent, in particular because of the strong push that President Reagan was giving his politics against Moscow at that time. I left Bezmenov more puzzled and fascinated than the first time in 1976. However, it soon became clear to me, after that second meeting, that Bezmenov was right. Just right! In spite of the push from Reagan, or maybe taking advantage of it, the Soviet Union was led to implode, and maybe purposely let to implode, with some complicity of the Soviets, without violence, probably only a bit earlier than originally expected, but nevertheless just like Bezmenov had predicted, in pursuit of the Fresh Start more to the west that the elites had already been working on for a couple of decades. From this point of view, maybe Reagan has just given a hand to the silently complicit Soviet elites, and became a kind of useful idiot with his strong pressure on the Soviet Union. Unfortunately that full collapse happened between 1991 and 1992, at just about  the same time that Bezmenov himself died, also in 1992, of an uncertain cause (...), and surprisingly so, at the particularly young age of 53, as he had seemed to be a particularly healthy person, and in an exceptional shape, like typically so many ex KGB officers, when I met him at our two meetings. I would have loved to arrange a third meeting with Bezmenov, but it was too late. Soon after that, it became totally obvious to me that Bezmenov was right all along, and all the way, in particular regarding his predictions about a Fresh Start for a new Soviet experiment in Europe and America. In retrospective, at this point in time, at the beginning of 2015, that new experiment is not anymore a "Fresh Start", but rather a well consolidated reality, and one that has even reached the previous-last stage, the 3th stage of the theory of the Four Stages of Bezmenov, like we will explain briefly  further down.


Interestingly enough, a few months before my leaving the Canadian diplomatic service, at a meeting in Paris in 1992, on immigration issues, in preparation for the signature of the forthcoming Maastricht agreement in Europe, that was expected to be signed in 1993, I remembered Bezmenov with great sadness. At that meeting in Paris, I tried to gently protest on the fact that Maastricht, if applied on the basis of the draft that we were being presented, would bring to full realization some of the worst predictions of Bezmenov about a most destructive form of multiculturalism and Collectivism, and could be a sign that the new EU was being put on a path of "Demoralization" of its populations as a the first of the Four Stages to a totalitarian regime of Fabian Socialism. But not only did I obviously preached in the desert, I was quickly silenced by the European leaders of the conference, let alone by my own superiors, returning to my base, the Canadian Embassy in Rome at the time, like a kind of pariah in front of some of my colleagues. This did not bother me however as not only was I sure to be right, and only going against the politically correct of the time, but I had also already made plans to leave the Canadian diplomatic service. I formally did so soon after that Paris meeting, voluntarily and very early, at age 50, on September 1, 1992, to become an independent programmer, database administrator and webmaster, on the basis of new skills that I had acquired privately and with hobbyist passion in the meantime, but, in practice at a professional level. As far as Europe is concerned, it is no coincidence that the Soviet Union fully collapsed in 1992 and that the following year, in 1993, Maastricht created the new Europe, as the EU. This was the "Fresh Start" in the west... that Bezmenov had been talking to me about in our previous two meetings. Maastricht formally created Europe as the European Union, or the new EU, but this is now clearly a new type of Europe that we can legitimately describe as the SEU (Soviet European Union) in the context of this essay. America is not far behind, with its own "Fresh Start" being its NAU (North American Union). This is still a more theoretical economic union, not formally promulgated yet but, in practice, an already well advanced process, as a union existing in fact, if not yet officially on paper, and its concepts are very much based on the ones of the SEU. In the meantime, the main member of NAU, the USA itself, has already become a kind of SUS (Soviet United States), in many ways already very similar to the ex Soviet Union, in terms of being a dangerously growing police state, with the incredible militarization of its city police forces, including school police, its full spying on all its citizens, its immensely growing welfare class, its excessively strong military complex in front of neglected infrastructures in all other areas, and its building of dozens of FEMA concentration camps all around the country on the basis of its new Homeland Security law, as if it were expecting a forthcoming implementation of a kind of martial law similar to the security measures that had been used in the Soviet Union. The justification for all these socialistic and militaristic novelties could only have been, and was clearly, the important false flag of 911. The infamous American Patriot Act, at the base of all the totalitarian system of Fabian Socialism being implemented in the western world, and as the first step to the drastic Homeland Security that followed in 2003, and the NDAA that ensued in 2014, was drafted ready before 911, but politicians would not dare "passing" it because they knew people would not accept it. Then, only one month after 911, in October 2001, it was enacted most easily and accepted by all without the blink of an eye. Without 911, none of this would have happened. 911 became the beginning of the last speeding strip of the run for world enslavement under the JewZuit New World Order, and America has to become enslaved first, in order to become first an obedient executive power, with a fearfully enslaved population, and also become an example for Europe to follow. In short, both "Fresh Start" places, Europe and America as SEU and SUS, are being structured on the basis of a similar kind of totalitarian Fabian Socialism, through DDD, under the surveillance of the ugly three-headed Cerberus of extreme legislation, excessive taxation and fearful disinformation. The latest developments of this ugly totalitarian collectivism are now American initiatives being pushed to the whole western world, like like PredPol (Predictive Police, not to say Thought Police in its clear Orwellian sense), Crime Mapping on the basis of only the likelihood of potential crimes, and AlSight alerts through public space cameras rendering possible the immediate and forceful arrest of common honest people only on the basis what a machine software can consider a behavior that steps out of the parameters of what has been determined to be normal. The sacred principle of "Innocent until proved guilty" that has guided so well our civilization and our normal democracy for hundreds of years is no more valid under the "New Normal"  being implemented through the four stages to totalitarian socialist power, and those resisting this "New Normal" will have a growing number of FEMA concentration camps being build and waiting to tame or exterminate their opposition.



As mentioned earlier, the Four Stages To Total Socialist Power was the main concept and strategy expressed to me by Bezmenov in 1976. Reading Bezmenov writings today however, 45 years later, quickly reveals to us  that all his predictions were absolutely correct. Totalitarian Socialist Collectivism has failed in the Soviet Union but is not dead. It only moved to the west, to Europe, as the already well formed EU, and to America, as the NAU (North American Union) being proactively formed. This is the Fresh Start that Bezmenov was talking about at our two meetings, and it started quite a few years ago already. In his interview with young Edward Griffin, in 1984, still available today on the Internet, Bezmenov explained very clearly, as a top expert who had contributed for many years in subverting many countries to Collectivism while working for the KGB of the Soviet Union, that bringing down a country and enslaving it for totalitarian socialist government purposes is done in Four Stages:

     1) Demoralization,

     2) Crisis,

     3) Normalization and

     4) Destabilization.

This was a pure and formal KGB strategy that Bezmenov himself had been fully trained in, and that he had applied extensively, during many of his diplomatic postings in various countries abroad.


If we look at our current situation, 45 years after his predictions for the western world, we find that we clearly stand, here in the western world, at this very moment, at the end of the Third Stage of "Normalization", and at the beginning of the final Fourth Stage of "Destabilization" of the Fresh Start of the collectivist strategy predicted for us by Bezmenov. The previous two stages of Demoralization and Crisis are now pretty much recent past history, or a sad history book in its final pages. That history included, as the First Stage, the "de-moral-ization" of two or three generations of youths of the western world, after the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1965 that consolidated the new JewZuit Power, and after the following 1968 Social Revolution of false freedom that quickly ensued in a wilder way as a result. The following two generations of Hippies and Flower Children grew up with the implanted illusions of the counter-culture for which anything was finally permitted, promoting the relativistic idea that nothing was really bad if it served one's own purposes; that the traditional family with its inherent difficult responsibilities should no more exist to pressure us; that national borders should no more restrict the free movement of all peoples, even if in terms of illegal immigration of the worst kind, without due PISA process, diluting our culture and destroying our best values through an exaggerated and  highly destructive form of multiculturalism, instead of encouraging a good ProRacialism as promoted by an EthoCracy (or in particular by a TruthOcracy); that all our old traditional values were irremediably flawed, prejudiced, racist and conducive to extremism and social injustice, notwithstanding the obvious fact that there is now much more extremism and social injustice than there was in the western world some 40 years ago, etc. etc. As for the Second Stage, the economic Crisis that was well engineered to start in 2008, to purposely create chaos out of which the elites would pretend to come up heroically, as our pretended heroes and saviors, with new corrective order, as a fakery of course, through well programmed false flags, we have already lived through enough of it now, to the point that we are starting to accept blindly, if not even gratefully, the restriction of our liberty, of most of our liberties, in exchange for an illusionary additional security and benevolence of the new JewZuit state power. From this point of view, we are already well into the last phase of the Third Stage of Normalization


The Gramsci Passive Revolution
as the
First Stage

The four stages are necessary for the forthcoming Fabian Totalitarian Socialist Power pursued worldwide through the Master Plan of those we call the JewZuit Power in the western world in particular. In other words, this means the forthcoming of "Communism In A Better Way", that is in a more deceitful way, as the "New Normal", to use the words of dissident Bezmenov.

The First Stage of demoralization ("De-moral-ization"), is sufficiently advanced to be considered completed in its essential attributes but, in fact, it is really an ongoing one, meant to last, and even get progressively worse all along the following 3 other stages. Bezmenov explained that this "New Normal" was based on the view of Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist Party in 1921, as a view that had originally been considered foolish by the young USSR, but that had finally been recognized, later on, as valid by the older elites of the collapsing USSR in the early 70s. That view of Gramsci was that  one
cannot push a Capitalist country with strong national and moral values directly into Communism. He was strongly sustaining that "You must first undermine and debauch the morality, the culture, the ethics, the patriotism, and the spiritual life, which means that the influence of Christianity must be first weakened or completely destroyed" as an essential prerequisite. That is what he called the "Passive Revolution".

This is exactly the type of "Passive Revolution" that we are in today, with the soft relativistic morality of the New World Order Pope Francis who is more interested in pursuing the globalist political UN Agenda of the New World Order than the traditional spiritual agenda of the Catholic Church, and with the resulting complete "debauchery" of our western countries in terms of corruption and morality. In front of such extreme debauchery, including its clear pedophile and satanic aspects, the silence of our world leaders, from the Pope down, via the UN, the EU, Hollywood and the highest levels of all our national public officials, is really the guilty criminal collusive silence of all those hiding the Truth through "Fake News", as it amounts to a crime against humanity. This crime is however a "success" for those satanic elites seeking our global enslavement through the DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) tools of the Master Plan. Only a TruthOcracy can resolve this situation properly, and as completely as humanly possible.


The indoctrinated "sixtyeighters" (of 1968) of Hippies and Flower Children are now in full power and they are even proudly handing the completion of the Fresh Start to the JewZuit elites, as if it were their own great success, for these JewZuit elites to use it for the final Fourth Stage of Destabilization, and thus the advent of an inevitable New World Order of totalitarian Collectivism based on Fabian Socialism commanded by those that we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. Consequently, the growing intrusion of a totalitarian state in all aspects of our life is becoming the "New Normal". Enslavement through debt-money and growing security measures is becoming normal, not questioned, even accepted with some affection through a kind of Syndrome of Stockholm affecting those who start loving their captors after a period of captivity. Lost liberty becomes the norm. Lost family ties becomes the norm. Lost national identity becomes the norm. Lost cultural specificity becomes the norm. Sloppiness in dressing code becomes the norm. Nastiness in civic behavior becomes the norm. Ugliness in works of art and architecture becomes the norm. Are not all these new norms our exact normal reality today, with their disastrous consequences? This is what the Third Stage of Normalization means. In short, an ugly and vicious Global Nihilism becomes the super-norm for all aspects of our life today, through a well programmed third stage of Normalization. Dependence on the States using this normal New World Order, with its resulting cultural and financial enslavement, becomes the ultimate norm, thus an invisible enslavement, as the "New Normal", propagated by the various types of deceptions described above in previous sections, and through the stupidity of the current Politically Correct. pushed easily at all of us by the same JewZuit elites that also own, or fully control, all the mainstream mass media. 


However, in describing the above Four Stages for the acquisition of total socialist power, Bezmenov mentions an interesting phenomenon that the puppet sixtyeighters who are in power at the moment, serving like lackeys the master plan of the JewZuit Power, should well keep in mind. Bezmenov said that in all the places where these Four Stages have been applied successfully and brought to completion, the real power elites hiding in the background have always found a way to eliminate, even physically if necessary, as part of the Fourth Stage of Destabilization, all the most subservient puppets that had served them so well in the foreground, and had become forthwith useless, like most of the complicit sixtyeighter politicians that we have today over our shoulders in our western world. Not only do these lackeys become useless for the full and final completion of the Fourth Stage of Destabilization, but they are even dangerous, as they know the fictitious role of immense injustice that they have played against their own people, and they could start regretting, or reacting, or even revolting against their JewZuit Power masters before the Fourth Stage is fully completed. Consequently, at that Fourth Stage, most of these useful idiots have always been eliminated. If this were to happen, it would be of little satisfaction for those who were subjected to the misery that was created by the Four Stages. Eliminating these puppet leaders is not very useful at that point, after the damage is done, or certainly not sufficient, as it is not constructive. This is the mistake that made many revolutions fail, like the French Revolution. The main purpose at this point should be to stop and reverse the process before the final Fourth Stage is brought to full completion. In our current situation of global enslavement, it may still not be too late for us to be constructive, and we will see, in Part II of this essay, that there are appropriate democratic means to achieve this objective. The main difficulty we will face in such case is the necessary reprogramming of the next 2 or 3 generations, as most members of the current young generation are now without appropriate parameters to understand the false "Normalization" that has happened to them, and what needs to be done to correct and reverse the current situation of enslavement that they are in today. Just like the First Stage of "De-moral-ization" required 2 or 3 generations to achieve full enslavement, the new re-normalization, or re-education, will also require at least 2 or 3 generations to achieve a return to real freedom. This is also what Bezmenov was clearly suggesting in the case of a western world fall into the trap. This reversal can only be done through a new type of education, like the EthoPlasìn education (or: ELducation) related to this webpage, based on The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophEL, in our education and our civic life, and based on a holistic formation of the four parts of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human being.    


As for multiculturalism, promoted very highly in the western world by the globalists, in particular in the EU through the Maastricht and Schengen agreements, it is interesting to note that, to the contrary, it is not being promoted in any significant way outside the West, in places like Japan, China, Africa, the Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Latin America, and particular not in Israel. For example, Turkey is a borderline but non-West country, apart from being non-white, and with an authoritarian regime that makes it an "anti-Greek-freethinking" country. As such, it is quite ready already to accept the NWO, without the need for attempting to squash first its culture through a massive inflow of multicultural migrants. From this point of view, on the surface, the multiculturalism being pushed by the NWO can very much look like an "anti-white-genocidal-strategy", or "anti-White-West". Consequently, the elites pushing the flow within southern Europe will flood places like Greece and Italy, but not Turkey, even if the inflow is culturally much more closer to Turkey. In this way, Turkey as a government will even be allowed to reject most of the flow easily, without criticism from any of the worldwide mainstream media fully controlled by the same NWO elites pushing the flow, and without any meaningful number of Turkish citizens being accused of hate speech, locally or internationally, in protesting against the welfare involved in the reception of this flow of mostly false refugees. The reason for all this is simple. The western populations, mostly white of course, are the ones who still have mostly in their culture the Greek roots of freedom and freethinking. As such, they have an unusual creativity. This make them less predictable and less controllable for the elites pursuing the NWO. Multiculturalism is in fact an "anti-freethinking-genocidal-strategy", more than an "anti-white-genocidal-strategy". For an enslaving strategy like the one pursued by the globalists of the New World Order, freethinking is the main enemy. This is where multiculturalism comes in to help. Multiculturalism will destroy the freethinking culture, squash all the traditional values of that culture, and facilitate global enslavement. As such, it becomes an incredible tool for helping the above Four Stages mentioned by Bezmenov, helping in fact, in a different manner in each of them, all four of these stages for achieving full global enslavement.



If we have not set our alarm to wake up soon, we will sleep until it is too late. One day, very soon, we will wake up by the brute force of all the deceptions exposed above, and realize the world is no more what we thought it was, much worse than what we thought, and that it is too late to take any meaningful type of action except for our most immediate survival within that broken world. These deceptions have affected humanity many times over, during our history, but what is different now is that this is happening for the first time on a global basis, worldwide. Consequently, we have reached the end of the road. There is no road anymore where to kick the can. We have to deal with the can. It is time to wakeup, now, not only because it is very late already, in the sense that our JewZuit enslavement, through debt and Collectivism, is nearly completed, but also because in addition to have become slaves already, through extreme legislation and excessive taxation, we are also placed in a situation of incredible additional misery in many other ways. The greed and search for infinite profit and power of the JewZuits destroys our air through chemtrails. It destroys our fresh water through all sorts of chemicals. It destroys our oceans through neglecting costly interventions and accurate information against unrecyclable garbage and deadly atomic radiations of nuclear plants like Fukushima. It destroys our land and plantations through allowing the use with impunity of monstrous pesticides and insecticides in agriculture. It allows the destruction of the DNA of natural food with GMO interventions that benefit only the corporations involved. It prevents us from having access freely to the best food supplements and minerals nature can offer, including seeds and general bio-food, through the ridiculous controls of the Codex Alimentarius that work specifically again to the exclusive advantage of the biggest corporations involved in agriculture, not to mention Monsanto and the like. Worst of all, as we have seen, all the above factors also contribute catastrophically to the Destruction of the male-man


And this JewZuit Power is already so omnipotent that it does all this with near complete impunity. It also controls all the mainstream media and prevents all of them from protesting in any meaningful way. It even controls all the international organizations, like the UN or the EU, and succeeds in preventing all of them from raising substantial objections, let alone having these organizations also as acolytes in their hidden mission of enslavement and misery against most of us. And all our elected governments are the incompetent and powerless puppets of this JewZuit Power, with their main task, coming from their JewZuit masters, to keep all of us quiet and subservient, that is, half asleep, with the illusion that we live in a democracy as the best possible form of government. It is time to wakeup, as it is very late already, and time to find practical solutions to eliminate the illusion and the deception.


However it is also time to wake up to the fact that this apparent omnipotence of the JewZuit Power is only fictitious. Our governments now work mainly for the interests of the JewZuit corporations. They develop and maintain a growing police state, with a monopoly of violence, to support and protect  the JewZuit corporations. Our education, from primary school to university, is there to make us subservient to the JewZuit corporations through a Common Core implemented by our governments, through in particular the lack of education of the right brain with its imagination and creativity. In the meantime we are turning the world into a huge garbage can of the JewZuit corporations, that is, turning our own home into a garbage can.


All this however is only because we have given that power to our fascist governments serving the JewZuit corporations instead of serving us. We have in fact given that power to those who should be our servants, our public servants. We negligently let our servants steal that power from us, as their masters, and become our masters, bit by bit. But the JewZuit elites are only as powerful as we believe they are powerful. Their power is a fiction. If we believe the Corporatocracy and Debtocracy are real powers, then they are real powers, capable of enslaving us completely. We can nevertheless dismantle these JewZuit powers if we want. We can go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". Humanity can wake up, pay attention, and get its freedom back, without enslavement downwards. But this needs to be done in mass. By a critical mass of EthoCratic persons ready to apply the necessary democratic reforms, through the EthoCracy Reform Package that is exposed in Part II of this essay. This is of course the main purpose of this essay.      



The solution for the dismantling of this new type of enslavement however is not in terms of a violent revolution. In the short run, the first step is to inform ourselves from sources outside the mainstream mass media that are fully controlled and censored by the JewZuit Power. The second one is to educate ourselves and our children with knowledge and principles coming outside of the Common Core. The JewZuit Power is too omnipotent to be attacked frontally and/or with violence. The only ways to save ourselves are completely and only democratic, and consist in democratically reversing our government system, with better information, better education (or: ELducation) and, basically through the “The Return Of Philosophy”, as PhilosophEL, in our daily life, and the "Return of Direct Participatory Democracy" as conceived by the ancient Greeks, as what we call today TruthOcracy. That original kind of real democracy can be implemented even more powerfully with current technology, making us going politically "From Democracy to EthoCracy", or rather "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards”. And that form of Government, EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), or real participative Democracy as originally invented by Ancient-Greece, is the only True People's Power, as expressed beautifully by the icon to the left, or as simply as people going away and not supporting political leaders who do not respect the fully binding electoral program, in particular the BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) of a TruthOcracy, that they voted for. 


The necessary reforms will be exposed concretely and extensively, as a holistic package, in the Part II of this essay that is being elaborated. These reforms will essentially ensure a return to "Civitas", while the EthoPlasìn holistic education (or: ELducation) of the human Tetractys, including the creative side of the right brain, proposed by this website, will ensure a critical weight of youths in our society receive Pythagorean Civitas Qualifications in addition to their normal professional qualifications during their university studies.


In the meantime, Part I, which follows, will help us first explain to ourselves how we got here, in our present situation of global JewZuit enslavement. Understanding the history of our current global enslavement (Part I) will then help us understand better the cumulative set of democratic reforms (Part II) that we have to implement to get rid of our current global enslavement, and hopefully open the door to a new era of liberty and freethinking that the ancient Hellenic masters of our real and best cultural roots would be proud of.


This is a historic reversal of our political situation that we will call by coining yet another new word, opposing divine Hellenism to satanic Collectivism: ELJSM, with the middle "J" of this new word standing for "Joy", and/or maybe also something else... depending on one's approach to life and to the superior forces and values that should lead our human existence, and our best possible destiny of happiness, on this beautiful planet Earth, through holistic Pythagorean Tetractys education (or: ELducation) and pure direct participatory democracy, or EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy).



Jacques Drapeau



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The enslaving structure of the JewZuit Power


If this essay on the JewZuit Power is definitely not a conspiracy theory, it is certainly based on a fundamental hypothesis that it intends to demonstrate, using history and facts. It is the JewZuit Power Hypothesis and its integrated enslaving structure. There is today a world elite composed of Judeo-Christian members that want to dominate and enslave the world, or the rest of us, for their own selfish purposes of maximum profit and absolute power. As shown in the sketch to the right, this is a two-layer world elite operating in bands, like the bandwidths of an optical spectrum, with some visible and some invisible bands.


Its Ultra Layer commands. It penetrates all other levels, but not in plain sight, just like ultra-violet waves of light do, in an invisible and dangerous way. It does not penetrate like a one-beam of laser light coming from a single source, like from any particular country, but rather permeates the socioeconomic environment like a hidden form of ethereal Wi-Fi. It is disguised and spread discretely into a worldwide network of top commanding positions located discretely in the biggest power centers of the world, mostly in the higher echelons of the main national banks, of the highest international organizations, and of the biggest corporations and multinationals.


In turn, its Infra Layer acts like infra-red waves of light that can be identified, but only with some special attention and means. This Infra Layer picks up, and integrates as required, the best members provided by 4 levels of subservient castes serving it under its wings. This integrated Infra Layer serves the Ultra Layer, giving it partially visible faces for practical purposes, in collaboration with the rest of the four levels of sub-castes. These 4 levels of caste use three main tools on behalf of the top JewZuit Power: 1) extreme legislation, 2) excessive taxation via debt-money (that the Ultra Layer unduly creates out of nothing and then loans with interest), and 3) fearsome disinformation.


From the Infra Layer down, the JewZuit elites and its integrated acolytes are spread into the formal commanding positions of progressively more visible levels of power centers. These chosen acolytes operate openly with their own names and faces. They are the elected governments from faked democratic elections, the unelected officials of international organizations, and the unelected and unaccountable managers appointed privately by the biggest banks and corporations.

JewZuits From the Jewish side


The invisible members of the Ultra Layer, and the partially visible members of the Infra Layer of this world elite, from the Jewish side, all come from a dangerous deflection of Talmudic Judaism. They are mostly the representatives of the higher echelons of those that we normally call today the Zionists, who are not at the service of the spiritual interests of Hebraism, but at the service of the biblical Money Changers that they still mostly represent today, albeit in a more modern form.


The rare exceptions are always their fully subservient crypto-Jewish acolytes, of any denomination, in particular the Marrano Jews converted to Catholicism but often still practicing Judaism secretly.

JewZuits From the Catholic side


In turn, the members of the Ultra and Infra layers from the Christian side all come from a similarly dangerous deflection of Catholicism. They are mostly representatives of the higher echelons of the monastic order called the Jesuits who are not at the service of the spiritual interests of Christianity, but at the full service of the temporal interests of the Vatican.


As we will see, the Jesuits are from the only monastic order whose members can live incognito if and when useful, and that have the formal duty, under their own charter, to get involved in all senior sectors of civilian activity, explicitly banking in particular. According to former CIA director, E. Howard Hunt, the Jesuit institution was, and still is, the most advance and formidable intelligence agency that has ever been in existence. The fact that we now have Pope Francis as the very first Jesuit Pope should tell us something, and we will see what it is, in particular considering how much Francis is helping and is appreciated by world leaders and institutions of the New World Order


Again here, the rare exceptions are either not-ordained civilians formed by Jesuit universities, or crypto-Catholics fully subservient to the Vatican. Interestingly enough, even Harvard, as a university mainly associated today with the socialist leftist Zionist economic power, has had a proactive Jesuit House attached to it all along its existence. This is no surprise if we consider that the Fabian Socialist Jesuits have controlled most of the higher education in all the main communist countries like China and the ex Soviet Union, and still do it to this day.   

As an integrated JewZuit Power


These members of the Ultra and Infra layers of both sides of the ruling JewZuit elite form a group of stealthy leaders commanding sovereignly all the other forms of seemingly democratic power at the lower levels, through those that we think we have as our real and only commanding leaders. And this false democratic illusion is perfect.


These lower levels include four ugly bands of caste over the heads or the rest of us, in the form of our elected politicians, the appointed diplomats, the unelected managers of all the main corporations, bank corporations in particular, and the unaccountable heads of the international or supra-national organizations like the EU.


The latter all operate under the discrete guidance of the supreme globalist entity called the UN through its main agents with names like WTO, World Bank, IMF, NATO, GATT, IBRD etc. 

The novelty of the unique and powerful JewZuit alliance


At the beginning of the 20th century, around 1900, we can already detect a clear intention of the Zionists to create a new alliance with the Christian world, but even with a clear plan of World Zionism to implement a scheme to eventually control Christianity through an infiltration of the Christian churches and the Vatican, with an implied intention to eventually dominate the world. This well detected political thinking will first lead to the formation of what we call today the Christian-Zionist Movement, and to the formation of what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. The Zionists were already aiming at not only dominating the world through enslaving its populations, but also to acquire most of the Holy Land in order to eventually form the State of Israel from where to achieve their Master Plan. Being a very small proportion of the world population, the Zionists knew they could never achieve this immense plan on their own. They needed a powerful ally and the Vatican appeared to be the natural candidate for such an alliance, with its control over millions of Christian faithful around the world. 


Zionists Using Christians as Useful Idiots
The Zionists knew, in the early 1900s, that the vast pool of Christians around the world would never accept a Jewish occupation of Jesus's Holy Land. This is particularly true as until then, Jews were still considered "Enemies" on the part of the Christians, and not as "Brothers", like they are considered today. Jews were still seen by Christians as the persecutors of Jesus and the criminals responsible for his crucifixion. Consequently, Jews decided to use the vast pool of Christians as useful idiots, to change this bad reputation of theirs, through a multi-layer strategy. The first step of their strategy was to change the Bible into a holy scripture that would transform the Jews from "Enemies" to "Brothers" within the Christian world. This first step involved the re-writing, or amending the most used version of the Bible at that time, the so-called "King James Bible" by inserting a wide variety of Zionist-friendly comments in the margins, between the verses and at the bottom of pages and chapters. This new version of the Bible became the Scofield Reference Bible. It quickly became the best-selling Bible in the world, in particular in America, and has remained so until today. The additional comments were designed to spread a subculture making the Jews look more like "brothers" and less like "enemies", to promote a pro-Zionist agenda within the Christian world, and even subliminally the eventual creation of a State of Israel in the Holy Land. That subculture first favored the creation of the Christian-Zionist Movement, and the spreading of a new concept that was never heard of, before that time, the one of the Judeo-Christian roots of our contemporary civilization. Before the spreading of that subculture, our western civilization was always and only considered to have Greco-Roman roots. Scofield was financed by a Jew, Mr. Samuel Untermeyer, who in turn was backed by the Zionist Rothschilds. His mentor was John Nelson Darby from Scotland, the author of what we call today "Darbyism", and its associated Christian-Zionist Theology. The first version of the Scofield Bible came out in 1908, but was amended many times after that, and always in a growingly favorable manner toward Zionism and Christian-Zionism in particular. This amended Bible became a perfect Zionist infiltration of the Christian churches, both Catholics and Protestants, and influenced many Christian leaders like the most famous Billy Graham in the USA. In the minds of these leaders, Christianity became Judeo-Christianity, and eventually Christian-Zionism. With this powerful association and alliance with the Christian world, the Zionists were ready to go with the rest of their strategy to dominate the world through what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. This Zionist strategy that led to the formation of what we call the JewZuit Power was well exposed in many good books, albeit not with that name. One is "The Incredible Scofield and his Book", by Joseph M. Canfield. Another one is the massive work of Stephen Sizer, titled "Christian Zionism".    


With this Christian-Zionist revolutionary subculture well in place, the JewZuit Power was ready for its next major strategic step. As we have mentioned, before the so-called Hippy Revolution of 1968, and the preceding Judeo-Christian Revolution of the Zionist Coup of the Council Vatican II of 1965 that laid the red carpet for its coming in 1968, the Zionists and the Jesuits of the Ultra and Infra layers considered themselves as "enemies", or at least as harshly competitive opponents, and certainly not as "brothers". Consequently they had most of the time tried to achieve separately their enslaving objectives of world hegemony. But thing had already started to change on a wide scale basis. The infiltration of the "brothers" did not take place only in the Vatican, with complete success in 1965, but had already started in most of Western Europe. The hippy revolution of 1968 had started under De Gaulle in France who was a real patriot who had tried very strongly to detach his country from the growing influence of the Anglo-Zionist "brothers", including Québec incidentally, with his famous "Vive Le Québec Libre". The following year, in 1969, France elected Pompidou who, before becoming president had been the general manager of the N. M. Rothschild & Sons Bank. This was the best "brother" the west could find to start destabilizing the rest of western Europe in favor of the JewZuit Power. As we will see in more details further down, because of their divided efforts, the attempts of the JewZuits to dominate the world before 1965 (the Vatican Coup) and 1968 (The hippie revolution in France) had always ended in a series of historic failures on both sides. But they always had a common, or similar objective: achieving maximum power of enslavement of world populations through the implementation of a dictatorial Collectivism with a clear matrix of Fabian Socialism. From 1969 on, their union became the most powerful union of political power in the western world. The road was clear for them to dominate, and both the UN and the EU are now, 50 years later, the living proof of that full JewZuit domination in the western world. The addition of pope Francis in 2013 to a post of maximum world power, the Vatican, has only crowned that long process of full domination, as the Jesuits were founded by a Jewish "Brother" who pretended to have been converted to Catholicism: St. Ignacio Loyola. From this point of view, Jesuit Pope Francis can be considered the top representative of the new and omnipotent JewZuit Power today. This is why he so much linked the New World Order political and economic agenda of the JewZuit UN, more than any preceding pope, instead of pursuing and maintaining a more spiritual agenda. This is also why he is so much lauded by all the mainstream media, owned of course by that same JewZuit Power, in spite of his flagrant, and historically unique, not to say inadmissible, relativism in front of the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church. Consequently, even if this relativism amounts to treason in front of what Jesus preached, it is nevertheless highly praised worldwide, while simple-minded Catholics fall into the trap and unfortunately stupidly applaud.   


Over the last century however, in particular since the Vatican II Catholic Revolution of 1965, and the ensuing Hippy Revolution of 1968, the top layers of the world caste, of both the Zionists and the Jesuits, have started to unite their Judeo-Catholic forces, or more specifically the forces of their Zionist-Jesuit deflections (while also using to their advantage, as we will see further down, a similar deflection of Islam that is followed by most of the fundamentalist Integralist Muslims involved mainly in the Wahhabi movement). Because of this new union, the Zio-Jesuits, be they simple JewZuits or LUZJIPS, are now well in the process of achieving complete success in enslaving all of us through mainly DDD.


The book of John Connelly, professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley, titled "From Enemy to Brother" is particularly revealing in this respect. Council Vatican II completely and totally reversed the approach to the Jews on the part of the Catholic Church, and the old "Jew enemy" was finally becoming a "Jew Brother", after 2000 years of a constantly declared and practiced enmity. The new approach of 1965 was based on the Letter to the Romans of Saint Paul. Not coincidentally, Saint Paul, one of the 2 founders of the Catholic Church (even if he never met Jesus directly in his lifetime), was a pure Jew himself, before his presumed conversion, contrary to Saint Peter who was not a Jew, but a "Greek" EL figure, from the area of Nazareth, like Jesus himself was. In that Letter, Saint Paul said that the Jews remained "beloved of Jesus", in spite of his crucifixion by the Jews, and that the Jews even carried a kind of "special holiness". There is no other way to call this change but a historic revolution, somehow even a heresy on the basis of all previous councils, even if it was made to go unnoticed to most people.


This not well known aspect of the Council of Vatican II is well confirmed by a document officially published by the Council that is titled, in Latin: "Nostra Aetate" ("In our times"). Part four of this document is an incredible statement on the new relations of the Catholic Church with the Jews, making the Jew go "From Enemy to Brother". That statement proved to be very controversial at the time, as even after some 3 years of difficult deliberations, it was still opposed by many conservative bishops. But in the end, "Nostra Aetate" first confirmed that Christ, his mother and the apostles were Jews. As we will see further down, except for St. Paul, this is false. Certainly Jesus, as a Nazarene, was a pure Greek EL figure with also Roman citizenship. He was Jewish only in a general sense, as having predicated mostly in the geographical part of Palestine that was dominated by the Jews, Judea, for wanting to reform their ancient Jewish culture of "money changers". Second, the strange document of the Council, called "Nostra Aetate", denied that the Jews should be held collectively responsible for Jesus's death, as it had been the case so far, for 2000 years before the Council. The document confirmed what modern Jews wanted: that the death of Jesus was only a responsibility of the Romans. This is also false. The Jews wanted to kill Jesus, but could not do it directly without referring him to a Roman magistrate for a decision, only again because Jesus was from Nazareth, that is, from Galilee. As such, as a Galilean Nazarene, Jesus was from the only Palestinian province to whom the Roman Empire had given Roman citizenship to all inhabitants, as representatives of the Greek EL culture that was very much admired by the Romans. As such, that document of the Council decried all possible forms of anti-Semitism, even simple criticisms of the Jews, and declared the Jews as "most beloved" by God, using St. Paul's expression. This was definitely a revolution within the Catholic Church that amounted to practically a heresy on the basis of the dogma of the previous 2000 years. Interestingly enough, that infamous document was confirming that the Council of Vatican II was largely dictated by the will of Jewish "converts" to Catholicism, the type of Jew that we often call today a "Marrano" Jew. It is well known, and documented in many good books, that the Marrano Jews have deeply infiltrated the Vatican over the last century, in particular since WWII, as a world war that really the Jews won. From this point of view, on the push granted them by WWII, the Council resulted in a total capitulation of the Catholic Church to Jewish power, or to what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. All this was well confirmed, nearly 50 years later, by an article published in The Jewish Daily Forward, a highly respected Jewish newspaper, with the unequivocal title "Converts Who Changed the Church - Jewish-Born Clerics helped Push Vatican II Reforms". The Council of Vatican II was thus a great Jewish victory to reform the Catholic Church according to their own interests, just like, as we will see, from a cultural point of view, WWII was won by the Jews who wanted to transform and debase, not to say destroy, the western culture, in order to Judaize it, and achieve a better enslavement of the western populations, and a consolidation of the advent of the New World Order to be managed worldwide by the mounting new and omnipotent JewZuit Power.


For the above reasons, and as we will see further down, with the help of historical pictures, we have now a Jesuit Pope bowing and kissing the hand of the Rabbi brought in by Jewish Zionist President Peres at a visit to the Vatican, on June 8, 2014, as a historical gesture inconceivable in the previous 2000 years of the Catholic Church. This may be a good sign revealing what most Vatican experts say privately, and some even publicly, that B'Nai B'Brith, considered the Jewish Freemasonry, has fully infiltrated the Vatican and now totally controls the Catholic Curia. We also have patriarchs of the Christian church in both Cyprus and Istanbul not loosing occasions to formally declaring Jews as brothers and affirming that the Jews did not crucifix Jesus. The movement "From Enemy To Brother" is affirming itself more and more since the last Council, to the point that it is not illegitimate to speculate that the Catholic/Christian Church and the Hebraic Church are getting so close together that they can already be considered as being covertly, for all practical purposes, one single Judeochristo religion. As we will see, the fusion of these two components, eventually to become three components, is a prerequisite as an essential part of the forthcoming Panthriskia, and of an eventual JudiChrIslam religion, promoted quite successfully already by the Orthodox Pope Bartholomew, in collaboration with the Catholic Pope Francis and other of the main authorities of the Hebraic and Islamic religions. 


In any case, the factual new JewZuit alliance, or maybe "brotherhood", for the purposes of world financial power, is now producing, 50 years later, the best form of enslavement ever used in the history of humanity, fine-tuned over centuries of experience. It is the alliance that we qualify with the new word JewZuit  that is being coined here, as explained above, to represent this terrific coalition of nearly omnipotent power. This is the New World Order of the JewZuit Power that we will analyze and decipher in the rest of Part I of this essay. This incredible coalition rendered possible, 50 years later, what the founder of the World Jewish Congress, a Zionist fanatic named Nahum Goldman, wrote in 1915, at page 37 of his book "The Spirit of Militarism": "The historical mission of our time is to arrange a new culture of humanity, one that will replace the previous ruling system. This reorganization consists of two essentials: the destruction of the old order and the building of the new. To begin with, all physical border posts, ethical barriers and social definitions of the old system must be eliminated and replaced by elements of the new system. Thus the first task of our time is DESTRUCTION! Every social strata and all social formations created by the old system must be destroyed, each individual has to be uprooted from its ancestral environments, no tradition will be anymore regarded as sacred, the Old is merely a sign of disease, and the new credo is: What was, must go! And even though during the first phase all people are declared the same, in the next and final phase they need to be re-divided and differentiated, and a new pyramidal hierarchical system must emerge". This satanic Jewish supremacist sentiment of destruction for easier world domination was only too well echoed by many other Jewish writers, like Maurice Samuels, when he wrote: "We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever".

The Vatican Zionist Coup giving birth to the JewZuit Power


This Vatican Zionist Coup is, in fact, the Council of Vatican II (1962/1965). The coup was made possible because of, and during, the reign of two irregularly elected popes. The 2 popes, both directly related to Vatican II, were not freely chosen by the cardinals, but imposed from the outside after a prohibited communication with an outside intruder during the conclave. Giovanni XXIII (1958/1963) opened the Council in 1962, one year before his death in 1963 during the Council. Paul VI (1963/1978) closed the Council in 1965, two years after his election in 1963.


A bit of retroactive background here is useful. After WWII, and the forceful creation of Israel, because of the Holocaust, the Zionists had some reasons to be pleased, because of this creation of their own national state, but they did not yet feel capable of achieving their final bigger objectives of, first a Greater Israel, and then of world domination, through mainly a worldwide network of Zionist central banks under their control. The Jews were also too much of a minority in the world to achieve these bigger objectives entirely on their own. The Jews, numerically speaking, in front of the clear predominance of the Christians worldwide, and in order to be able to face also the enmity of the huge Muslim populations surrounding them, let alone the traditional enmity of the Catholics, needed an ally for their final objectives. They had to bring at least the Christian world on their side but, of course, under their control, or face the abandonment of their final objective of world domination. They felt forced to open the way for a new alliance with the Christians and, with this alliance, the formation of a new two-prong world power under their full control.


This new power is what will become the new JewZuit Power through the help of the Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II. Consequently, the Zionists started their infiltration of the Vatican for this purpose, right after the creation of Israel in 1948. They had to transform their image in the Christian world "From Enemy To Brother", to quote the title of the book of John Connelly, shown further up, but could not do it without appropriate Catholic popes discretely chosen by them, and kept under their full control. The main difficulty in choosing popes of their subservience is that when a conclave of cardinals sits for the election of a pope, all communications with the outside world are absolutely forbidden, and the commandant of the Noble Swiss Guards of the Vatican is responsible to ensure this is strictly the case. The second difficulty is that the most important cardinals are known to work for the bankers of their constituencies more than for the Vatican, and for the discrete handling of the hidden slush funds of the most important politicians of this world, past or current, like Clinton or Obama. Choosing a pope that can best serve or preserve these special interests is difficult in the secrecy of a conclave that prohibits consultations with the outside world. Conspiracy theorists claim that this is the main reason why Benedict XVI was forced to resign. 


Those old enough will recall the intriguing event that happened during the Conclave of 1958, an event widely published on all world newspapers, when Pope John XXIII was finally elected. There was first a white smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel, meaning the election of a new pope. But no pope emerged soon after, as usual, to be introduced to the public. Instead, some time later, a black smoke emerged, indicating the white smoke was a mistake and the current tour of election had not been successful. It will be established later on, through a revelation of the commandant of the Swiss guard, who became a whistleblower, that Cardinal Tedeschini had been elected pope when the white smoke came out, and not Cardinal Roncalli (who will become John XXIII after an irregular outside communication). Then, only 2 days later, there was a white smoke again, indicating the election of a new pope, and John XXIII was introduced to the front balcony of the Vatican.


Later on, the head Swiss guard in charge of the secrecy and total seclusion of the conclave, revealed to Paul Scortesco, a noble related to the Vatican and to the Swiss guards in particular, and a well known faithful Catholic, that between the two white smokes of the conclave, he was forced to allow inadmissible outside communications, before the conclave ended and the doors of the conclave were officially opened. And only after that irregular outside communication did John XXIII (Roncalli) emerge and was introduced to the public. And Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) is claimed by many to have been secretly a member of the Rose-Croix (a subtitle for the Prieuré of Sion with whom he had become affiliated while acting as papal nuncio to Turkey in 1935) and, as such, the first Rosicrucian Masonic pope to be elected, and precisely the one that was needed for the opening of the Council of Vatican II, which he did in 1962, or one year before he died in 1963. Scortesco also said that a similar situation happened with the successor, Paul VI (Montini) at the conclave of 1963. And Paul VI is the second pope of the time of the Council of Vatican II, claimed by many to be wearing regularly Jewish Freemasonic symbols. Cardinal Siri had first been elected but, after another irregular outside communication of Cardinal Tissierant, who forced his way out of the conclave to go to a telephone, Cardinal Montini was elected instead, as Paul VI, after the reentry of Tissierant. The latter, Tissierant, was a claimed Freemason. Siri instead had the reputation of being a conservative, and consequently he would have been a serious obstacle to the advent of the New World Order and the move within the Catholic Church to advance the infiltration of the Jews within the Curia and their consideration as new "Brothers" instead of ancient "Enemies".


Then Scortesco, who published this revelation, 3 months later, in TCW (Today's Catholic World), was found dead, burnt alive in his bed, shortly after publishing it, clearly assassinated. Later on, a French journalist, Louis Remy, in analyzing the writings of Scortesco, and in investigating the 2 cases of irregularity of seclusion of the 2 conclaves, established that the outside communications during the 2 conclaves had taken place with B'Nai B'Brith representatives, the organization known to be the Jewish Freemasonry. The elected cardinal, Siri, rejected in spite of his first election during the second conclave, when interviewed just before his death, and when asked about the affirmations of Scortesco, would not confirm nor deny what happened, but he said what amounts to a confirmation: "I am bound by the secret. This secret is horrible. I would have books to write about the 2 different conclaves, very serious things have taken place, but I can say nothing". Is this maybe the reason why Cardinal Siri has been the one, and the only one who has done it formally, to suggested that the secrecy of the conclaves be eliminated?


In the meantime, apart from the irregular outside communications with the Jewish Freemasonry, that is, with B'Nai B'Brith, during the 2 conclaves, the Grand Master of the Italian Freemasonry affirmed, in an interview appearing in an edition of the "Thirty Days" magazine of 1994, that Pope John XXIII had been initiated in the past in a masonic lodge in Paris, just like the French cardinal Tissierant who had forced an irregular communication during the second conclave to influence the election of Paul VI. As for Paul VI, it is not known with hard proof if he was ever initiated as a Freemason, but he was seen many times during his reign wearing Jewish Freemasonic symbols, like the famous Rational, or Pectoral, the famous 12 stones breast plate shown by a red arrow in the above picture to the right, worn, until then, exclusively by the Jewish High Priest, or the equivalent of a Jewish pope. This in itself should be sufficient proof that he was in fact a Freemason as he would not have been allowed to do so if he had not been a Freemason. This rendered Paul VI an essential agent of the B'Nai B'Brith Jewish Freemasonry that had infiltrated the Vatican, in order to lead the Council of Vatican II in the direction they wanted and obtain the change of policies they wanted. Because Freemasonry membership was still very formally prohibited at the time for a Christian, Paul VI could have been blackmailed if he had not followed the directives of the Jewish Freemasonry, led by the crypto Judaic mafia of cardinal Tissierant in the background, while he, Paul VI, would be directing the Council of Vatican II.


This Freemason link also explains why Michele Sindona was appointed as a financial advisor to Pope Paul VI himself in 1969 for questions related to the Vatican Bank. It is now known that both soon became very rich. This was otherwise a very surprising nomination, as Sindona (later on jailed and assassinated in jail with cyanide in 1986 while serving a sentence for the assassination of Ambrosoli) is also now known to be an Italian Freemason lawyer who has laundered mafia money through the Vatican Bank that, according to some researchers at the time, had been infiltrated by some 121 Judaic Freemason senior managers, even if being a Freemason was still officially at the time a cause of excommunication by the Catholic Church. Sindona was an Italian banker known as "The Shark", and a member of Propaganda Due, a secret lodge of Italian Freemasonry. It was also well documented that he had clear connections to the Sicilian Mafia. As for Giorgio Ambrosoli, the Sindona trial has demonstrated that he was assassinated at Sindona’s request just outside his home in Milan in 1979 for related reasons. Ambrosoli had been appointed to liquidate one of Sindona's banks and, in that capacity, he was about to have to reveal his ugly findings as a huge and inadmissible Vatican scandal.


The related findings and inadmissible scandal were, to start with, that the Vatican Bank had acted, under the last Freemason popes, as a money laundering network for the Mafia. This would have required a kind of retroactive posthumous excommunication of at least the last two popes, including one to be made a "Saint"... (Saint John XXIII and Paul VI) under existing canonic law. It would have brought out evidence that Pope John Paul I was assassinated in 1978 (on the basis of the logic of the facts we know today, the assassination was certainly arranged by Sindona executing, most probably, a request of Paul VI himself from just before he died) for resisting this Judaic Freemason infiltration of the Vatican. Worst of all, Ambrosoli would have inevitably demonstrated clearly that the Council of Vatican II was not really Catholic, but Freemasonic in cultural orientation. It would have put in evidence that the main Christian Church had finally become completely dominated by the Freemasonic Judaic world financial power and, as such, was no more purely Catholic, but rather neo-Judaic. It would have demonstrated that the Council of Vatican II was literally a Vatican Judaic coup arranged by what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this website.  


In addition, Tissierant could also have blackmailed Paul VI in a second way if necessary: Paul VI was a hidden homosexual and Tissierant was holding most embarrassing pictures of Paul VI with his lover, while in Switzerland with him, a couple of years before his election. This possible double blackmailing is certainly one of the main reasons why the Council of Vatican II evolved so smoothly the way it did, under the lead of Paul VI, revolutionizing many of the ancestral policies of the Vatican in the more 'leftist-progressist' way that characterized the Jewish Freemasonry, and initiating a new approach to the Jews who, after 2000 years of being openly considered "enemies", started to be considered "brothers", as per the title of the book of John Connelly: "From Enemy To Brothers".


This being said, Paul VI was certainly, at best, a last minute better choice than Siri, but not a perfect choice, for the new JewZuit Power that had invaded the Vatican. Cardinal Siri was too orthodox, as a conservative and well known professor of dogmatic theology. Consequently Siri had to be rejected, and he was rejected, after a totally irregular communication outside the conclave. Monti (Paul VI) was much less dogmatic and much more open to a dialogue with the new JewZuit Power within the Catholic environment, in particular because he could have been blackmailed by the Judaic mafia of the Vatican in the two ways we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Between Siri and Monti, the two who seemed to have the best consensus of the Conclave, Monti was the best for the JewZuit Power, but only in the sense that he was not the worst of the two candidates. But Siri was getting more votes, thus the irregular process to eliminate Siri and elect Monti as Paul VI. However, Paul VI soon demonstrated that he was also quite an orthodox Catholic, very tied in his mind to the "Depositum Fidei", much more than the JewZuits expected, and not so open as the JewZuits would have liked for the modernization of the Church on the basis of the views of the progressists (leftist JewZuit Marxist nomenclature) of the Vatican, and for the wider acceptance of the new fashions of nihilistic human behavior in the field of sexuality and family life in particular. In front of the push for the acceptance of these new popular fashions, Paul VI even openly declared that "Il fumo di Satana è entrato nel Tempio di Dio" ("Satan's smoke has entered the temple of God"). Was he covertly inferring that he was part of it, or only referring to the double blackmailing he was probably being subjected to? In any case, Ratzinger, still a cardinal at the time, even congratulated Paul VI for having resisted the worst of the ugly relativistic tendencies that he called with two Germanic words: "Telecracy" (the blind consensus to global media bias) and "Demoscopy" (the equally blind consensus to dominant public opinion, or to the politically correct). Soon after the end of the Vatican II Council, three years later, in 1968, Paul VI also published Humanae Vitae (Human Life), the encyclical in which he reaffirmed strongly (going against his own covert nature as a homosexual) the orthodox teaching of the Catholic Church regarding marriage, responsible parenthood, and the continued rejection of most forms of birth control and sexual depravation. This was a hard setback for the JewZuits of the Vatican, and the same type of reason they will use three decades later for putting Benedict XVI on a side track and bring forward JewZuit Nihilistic Pope Francis. In the meantime, after the death of Paul VI in 1978, these JewZuits then had no other choice but to wait patiently for another 35 years to finally being able to elect a pope that would be an assured ally for their nihilistic modernization of the Catholic Church. This happened only in 2013 with the election of the Jesuit Pope Francis, and again, as we will see, through another irregular election on the basis of the Vatican legislation.     


The following popes after Paul VI were all strictly controlled by the JewZuit Mafia that had infiltrated the Vatican, by the Freemason infiltration of the Vatican Bank in particular. John Paul I, who followed for only 33 days of papacy after his election in 1978, was found dead with papers in his hands containing the list of Zionist Freemasons and crypto Marrani Jews who had infiltrated the Vatican, including those most closely related to incredible corruption through the IOR, the Vatican bank. John Paul I was also already known to want to take action against the members of that list, and many eminent researchers and writers will now affirm that Mason Licio Gelli and other acolytes of his infamous P2 Masonic lodge are responsible for his assassination, mainly because of his intended actions against that list. He died only hours after firing Jean-Marie Villot, the Cardinal Secretary of State, for being a Freemason member of the infamous P2 lodge. John Paul I was strongly opposed to the Freemason infiltration of the Vatican Bank. Last but not least, he also wanted to make certain steps backwards on some of the aspects of the Council Vatican II pushed by the Freemason infiltrators, like the readmission of the old Tridentate Rite for the Catholic Mass. It is for these two reasons that he was assassinated, poisoned, and found dead with a copy of the infamous Freemason list still firmly attached to his hand.


The following Polish Pope, John Paul II, was also very aware and fearsome, as a non-Italian, of the Vatican JewZuit Mafia. It is for this reason that he issued a Papal Bull, on Nov. 27, 1983, legalizing what had been strictly prohibited for 2000 years: secret society membership for Roman Catholics, and consequently also even for members of the Vatican in association like Judaic Freemasonry. In order to preserve the tranquility and security of his reign, he became particularly 'close' (obedient?) to the Jewish mafia of the Vatican and to Israel. When visiting Israel in 2000, he was even seen not only holding proudly the infamous walking rod of the JewZuit “Broken Cross”, known for having been used by black magicians since the Middle Ages, giving a rather repulsive image of Jesus' crucifixion, but also sitting under the equally infamous “Inverted Cross” (shown above, as a symbol of the much bigger Inverted Cross of the Israel High Court, built and paid for by the Rothschild, on which you can actually walk) known for having been used regularly for satanic rituals, in particular in the Judaic world. In 2003, because of all these gratifying gestures for the Jews, he was granted formally a Jewish Menorah, the highest symbol of Jewry, in recognition of his lifelong friendship with the Jewish people and for his outstanding help in aiding the end of 2000 years of Catholic teaching about the perfidy of the Jewish religion and in helping the transformation of the Jews according to the book of John Connelly: "From Enemy To Brothers".


His German successor in turn, Benedict XVI, who was disturbing this Jewish rapprochement and its infiltration of the Vatican, was ousted out, and forced to resign, by this same JewZuit mafia of the Vatican. And who replaced him? A Jesuit, Pope Francis, who, as we will document with many good pictures, is a particularly good friend of the Jews. As we will see in a unique historical picture, Francis even bowed and kissed the hand of the main rabbi brought in by Jewish President Peres during his visit at the Vatican on June 8, 2014, and the hands of two Rothschild'members, a fact that never, and would never have, happened in the previous 2000 years of the severe Vatican protocol of the Catholic Church.


In other words, since the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council Vatican II, until today, the road has been bumpy but well open to a full collaboration between the Jews and the Catholic Jesuits in particular. In fact, the main push in the background, for the rapprochement with the Jewish Zionists, like never before in the history of the last 2000 years, always came from the Jesuits. The election of a Jesuit Pope is thus the crowning of the long process of rapprochement of the Catholic Church with the Zionist Jews that started with the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II. That rapprochement and collaboration led to what we now call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. And this collaboration is now so strong that, for all practical purposes, in terms of world power, the Jewish and the Catholic religions can now be considered one and the same tool of world power for the easier enslavement of all of us through the so-called fast-coming New World Order.   


From this perspective of the most recent history, we realize that in spite of the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II, which has been a first major victory of the JewZuit Power to infiltrate the Vatican, the road has been open, but not been easy for them, and the process is far from being fully completed. Some say that the Holy Spirit may be protecting the Catholic Church from this full JewZuit infiltration and consequently its full destruction. Certainly, the Vatican Power is one that has now lasted already for more than 2000 years and, as such, represents probably the longest and widest empire that ever existed on the face of the earth. The infiltration and manipulation of such an incredibly stable power can only happen on a bumpy road.


In short, the election of the Pope John XXIII in 1958, through an illegal outside consultation during the Conclave, was the Trojan Horse of an initial meaningful JewZuit penetration of the Vatican, even if the final battle was still only at its very beginning. Then Paul VI was a partial temporary retreat on the candidate-pope of the second highest consensus at the Conclave of 1963. His election was thus forced-in after another illegal outside consultation during that Conclave. Although quite favorable to the movement "From Enemy To Brothers" (described in the book of John Connelly, mentioned further up) regarding the Jews, the JewZuits knew that Montini (Paul VI) would probably not compromise easily on what he called "Non-negotiable Principles", but he was considered less dangerous for them than what Cardinal Siri would have been as the professor of Dogmatic Theology that he was. Pope John Paul I was then elected without the JewZuits being able to intervene illegally, like they had done for the election of the two previous popes, but he was soon assassinated, 33 days after his election, because he intended to decimate the JewZuit infiltration of the Vatican. Following him, Pope John Paul II was another compromise at the Conclave of 1978. The Jews knew the Polish pope Wojtyla was very favorable to their reconsideration as older brothers, instead of traditional enemies, by the dominant Mafia of the Catholic Church, but the Jesuits also knew that he would never bend to their own growing power in the new JewZuit equation at world level. Consequently they attempted to also assassinate him in 1981. Ratzinger, the German pope Benedict XVI elected in 2005 was a clear temporary setback for the global JewZuit Power, disturbing the rapprochement with the Jews and the acceptance of the debased moral values they were promoting. For this reason, he was swiftly ousted out, nicely and discretely, in 2013.


Then the final battle of the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II was won with a great success of the JewZuit Power with the election of Pope Francis in 2013. As the famous journalist and author Antonio Socci has meticulously demonstrated in his book "Non è Francesco" (This is not Francis), Pope Francis was also elected completely illegally on the basis of standing Vatican legislation. Consequently, on the basis of this legislation, he was not elected, but simply imposed illegally. But of course his election was forced-in because he was finally a candidate that represented well both the Zionist Jewish side and the Catholic Jesuit side of the JewZuit equation of world power. The JewZuit Power knew that Francis, as a Jesuit, and as a particularly well-demonstrated good friend of the Jews, would grant them their wish list, albeit maybe in a gradual way in terms of the relativistic modernization of the church. This is exactly what started to happen at the Synod that Pope Francis held in Rome, in October 2014. With that incredible Synod, Francis was finally opening the road to the destructive JewZuit strategy of accepting with "misericordia" (or 'mercy') all the debased values and nihilistic fashions that have been destroying our society in the last decades. From this point of view, the election of Pope Francis is the crowning of the Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II for the rapprochement with the Jews and the creation of the new JewZuit Power pursuing the New World Order. However, considering this rapprochement involves the most serious attack so far to the "non-negotiable principles" of all the popes previous to the Council of Vatican II, as shown during the recent Synod, on the part of Pope Francis, with the help of his good Marxist friend cardinal Kasper, that same election of Pope Francis could very well be also the opening of the road leading to the final destruction of the Catholic Church. That destruction, by the same token, as we will see further down, is also the highway leading to the Panthriskia, dearly wanted by the JewZuit Power, or the formalization of the creation of a new universal inter-faith One-World Religion serving the purposes of the One-World Government of the New World Order, based in Jerusalem instead of Rome, after the creation of the Greater Israel


This section has described the long and difficult gestation and birth of the JewZuit Power, as a new historical alliance between the Zionist Jews and the Jesuit Catholics, or between the historical enemies who have now become brothers since the Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II that ended in 1965. That new world power is now well in place, 50 years later, active like a strong and vigorous man finally brought to power with the attainment of his maturity, and who is by nature ready to take any risk for changing the world to his own view, even ready to destroy anything on his path, including the Catholic Church if necessary. That type of revolutionary man however is led by a council of illuminated elders, in places like The City in London and The Vatican in Rome, and he thus knows exactly what he wants to replace the old world order: a New World Order based on a One-World-Government of totalitarian Collectivism and Fabian Socialism served by a subservient One-World-Religion, or Panthriskia, as a kind of JudiChrIslam in its first stage, influencing people, like never before in human history, to be  blind and obedient slaves through DDD and the three-headed Cerberus of extreme legislation, excessive taxation and fearful disinformation. What the elders have not yet told clearly, to him and to all his acolytes, while admitting more and more explicitly that they are seeking a One-World Government and a new One-World Religion, is that they will definitely also want soon a new One-World Army through a transformation of NATO, and in particular a One-World-Currency of debt-money, eventually controlled electronically worldwide, without cash, through the implant of body chips, for our own total enslavement from birth to death. This is the JewZuit Power of the elders laughing at us in the background. At least for now... Unless... we take the appropriate democratic measures and start implementing the appropriate EthoCratic reforms leading to a new form of governance that we call TruthOcracy, as we will see in Part II of this essay.        

The possible older background, and higher source of the JewZuit Power


The above Vatican Zionist Coup, baptizing the long gestation of the birth of the JewZuit Power, has a much older background, and possibly a much higher source than the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II. As we will see, the Judeo-Christian culture of enslavement, through the DDD process of mainly debt and dogma, in its pursuit of world domination, in opposition to the culture of freedom, expressed by the “EL” culture of the Greeks, goes back a couple of millennia, and achieved its most recent expression of possible final success in the formation of the new JewZuit Power through the Council of Vatican II of 1962-65. The history of the last two millennia of efforts will be described in more details further down.


In a more recent past, these efforts of world domination have been expressed in two highly contested documents: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1903), and the Letter of Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini (1871). For many people, these two documents are considered forgeries. I do not intend to get involved in this polemical issue of their authenticity. However, one thing is certain: forgery or not, what these two documents contain and affirm, as highly discussed issues by hundreds of top intellectuals and thousands of cultivated common people since the early 1900s, corresponds exactly, in content, to what the JewZuit Power has done since then, and is still doing today to enslave all of us. If the documents are forgeries, it is an incredible coincidence as they describe facts that, retroactively, are confirmed as true. In other words, if their authenticity is forgery, it is, maybe, as to who wrote them, as to who is the author, and quite obviously not as to their content in relation to the existence of a world elite that wants to achieve world domination and a related enslavement of world populations.


The Protocols of the Elders (1903)

For example, Protocol 17 says, in relation to the infiltration of the Vatican: "When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court...we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders...By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place”. This seems to match the assertion that Pope John Paul I was found dead, certainly assassinated, after only one month of reign in 1978, with a hot list, still firmly held in his cold hands, of Zionist Freemasons who had infiltrated the Vatican, and about whom, it is now known, he intended to take serious expulsion action. That list had been provided to him by a close Vatican friend and assistant who was also found dead, certainly also assassinated, burnt alive in his bed, shortly after. That Protocol also matches the new type of relationship of the Jews with the Vatican whereby they have gone “From Enemy To Brother” (the book of John Connelly mentioned above) after 2000 years of enmity, terminated with the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II, and, as we will see in a historic picture, the election of Pope Francis who now bows and kisses the hand of a Rabbi during an official Vatican visit of Peres, the President of Israel, overruling for the first time 2000 years of Vatican protocol.


Protocol 14:1 adds: “When we come into our kingdom, it will be undesirable that there should exist any other religion than ours as the Chosen People… we shall forbid Christ… We shall sweep away all other forms of belief besides ours”. This certainly matches, to say the least, the obvious War on the Christmas tree, as a symbol of peace, along with the Crèche of Jesus, replacing them with the Celebration of the Menorah, as a symbol of mass massacre, appearing in a growing number in public places around the world, but the scope of that protocol, combined with others, calls clearly for the destruction of all other religions, and all national governments, dividing and arming all the goyim (non-Jew) masses into opposing camps, fighting and exhausting each other, in continuous wars, until mutual destruction, in order to facilitate the advent of a One-World Jewish Government. As we will see, this pretty much matches perfectly and factually our current overall international situation.


Protocol 16:7-8 says: “We shall change history… We shall abolish every kind of freedom of instruction for the purpose of turning the Goyim into unthinking submissive brutes”. This matches perfectly the Dumbing Down of our children in western education, as well expressed in the book of Charlotte Iserbyt mentioned further down, and the book Crimes of the Educators coauthored by Alex Newman and Samuel Blumenfeld, let alone the debasing of all western culture through the crap culture coming out of Jewish-dominated Hollywood and mass media.


Protocol 9:10 complements this objective saying: “We shall corrupt the youth… by rearing them in principles which are known to us as false”. Again, this matches perfectly the crappy and immoral culture of criminality with impunity, and violence for enjoyment coming out of Jewish dominated Hollywood and the push for promoting things like homosexuality to young adolescents as an ideal style of living, instead of being only what it has always been, and should be let be: the particular style of living of a minority that, of course, has to be protected and prevented from discrimination. This corruptive protocol of 1903 is being pushed along with excessive multiculturalism, by the same elites, and constitutes as such a good precursor to the Kalergi Plan of some 20 years later, in 1923. 


Protocol 12:4 says: “Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control… All news items are received by a few agencies from all parts of the world… These agencies will be entirely in our control and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them”. This matches exactly with is happening in the world today, with practically all newspapers and TV stations being fully dependent on, and expressing nearly exclusively, what the fully Zionist dominated big news networks command, like CBS, NBC, ABC etc. Is not all the above exactly what the JewZuit Power is doing to us today, as confirmed by prominent Jewish journalist Joel Stein, through the full control of all world mainstream and entertainment media through only as few as 5 main news networks entirely owned or controlled by Jews?


The Letter of Pike to Mazzini (1871)

On the other hand, a look at the famous letter of Freemason Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini, written in 1871, is not less amazing. It was kept in the British Museum until a Rothschild became a director of the board. Then it disappeared, but it has nevertheless been discussed highly for a century, before and after it disappeared, by a series of intellectuals, on the basis of the original or copies, and on the basis of the testimonies of who had seen the letter and had written about it when it was still in the British Museum. This incredible letter was explaining how the world domination would be achieved through three world wars. Pike was a top figure of the American Freemasons at the time, and considered a leader of the Illuminati in the USA. As for Mazzini, he was the leader of a revolutionary communist movement in Italy, and considered a leader of the Illuminati in Italy. Both were eminent figures of the intrnational movement of Fabian Socialism. Mazzini was the inventor of the term "Social Justice". He wanted to destroy the church by taking away from the church its traditional task of assistance to the poor, and make this task a public socialist government responsibility. In this way, assisting the needy stopped being voluntary, as it had been managed by the Christian church for centuries, as commanded by a God who wanted us to be free and donate of our freewill, and that task quickly became a form of very anti-Christian compulsory plundering against the richer class, or a kind of "Social Injustice" at the source of what became our contemporary welfare states, and of the useful welfare voting pools that were created for the election of leftist politicians in most of the western world. And the New World Order Pope, Francis, has been well reconfirming this anti-Christian passage by calling explicitly and formally, on a regular basis, for this kind of "Social Injustice" through a plundering redistribution of wealth by governments instead of through the ancient Christian process of voluntary church charity activities.   


- WWI would first destruct, first and foremost, the main Christian empire, the one of the Tsars in Russia, and bring instead a communist regime entirely dominated by Zionist Jews. It would hopefully also destroy the remnants of the Christian Roman Empire, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, if at all possible, also the Islamic Empire of the Ottomans. This WWI would thus destroy, or at least weaken immensely, the power of the two opposite monotheistic religions that could impede the eventual creation of the State of Israel. This is exactly what happened some 4 decades later with the assassination of the Tsar in Russia, and with the taking of power by the Bolshevik Communist Regime completely dominated by Zionist Jews, not to mention also the fall of the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman empires. 


- WWII would be fought by Zionism against Nazism, obviously in collaboration with the Catholic Jesuits, specifically to achieve the creation of Israel that would become fully justified because of the integration of what was to become the Jewish Holocaust, as the incarnation of what Herzl, the founder of Zionism shown to the right, called the "necessary increase of the sufferings of the Jews in order to achieve their long-term plans". This is also exactly what has happened some seven decades later with WWII and the Jewish Holocaust that led to the forceful creation of Israel


- WWIII would be fought between Zionism and Islam. That third world war has not yet happened, but current events of world geopolitics show that this is certainly something that is most likely to happen in the near future. As Pike's letter says, WWIII, fought between Zionism and Islam, will end with a victory of Zionism and the final achievement of a Zionist New World Order through a One-World Government. This is exactly what is being actively pursued by the JewZuit New World Order. In light of all that is described in this essay, we believe we can already make a small correction to that projection. It will probably no more be a Zionist New World Order, but rather a JewZuit New World Order of total enslavement of the 1% by the 99%. This is certainly what John J. Robinson says in his book "Born in Blood" - The Lost Secrets of the Freemasons, explaining Pike's letter in confrontation with other important historical documents. He says that WWIII will produce the destruction of the great Al-Aqsa Golden Dome Muslim Mosque of Jerusalem (also called Dome of the Rock, or Temple Mount). It is known  that the Jews have already even built some tunnels under it, for an eventual full explosive destruction. The Time Magazine has already published articles in the past about these strange tunnels. Then, the Temple Mount will be rebuilt as a super Synagogue, or rather as the New World Order temple of a brand new and unique universal religion under the full control of the Jews of Jerusalem who will at the same time make Jerusalem the new world capital. There is even already a scale model of that new world temple at the Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem. That new world religion pretty much sounds like the "Panthriskia" promoted by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Istanbul, Bartholomew I. As we will see further down, this is the new ecumenical religion that he proposed as a common objective to the new Jesuit Pope, Francis, during an incredible visit at the Vatican, as a precedent from both a canonical and protocol points of view, on June 8, 2014, in the presence of  the Jewish President of Israel, Peres, and of the most prominent Jewish Rabbi and Muslim Imam of Jerusalem. This ecumenical religion is the embryo of an eventual JudiChrIslam One-World Religion.   


If it was not a Zionist Jew who wrote the Protocols of 1903, and not a Freemason Zionist who wrote the Letter of 1871 of his own initiative about the three world wars, we cannot put their authenticity into question in terms of content, as that content is in great part confirmed reality today, and the rest is what is a coming reality that is clearly developing today. If the 2 authors are fake, whoever they were, then the authors wrote these two prophetic documents undeniably on behalf of some higher authority behind them, with an incredible power to program clearly and very much in advance. In other words, if the two documents are a fake, it is only in terms of who is their real author, and certainly not in terms of what they describe. Again, these 2 documents describe exactly,  with incredible accuracy, what, for the most part, has happened already, like WWI and WWII, and what is very obviously being built up at the moment in relation to a forthcoming WWIII. Then, if the attributed authors are fake, whoever the real ones were, they wrote inevitably under a formidable power of some kind in their background. Consequently, it could be, for comprehending more clearly the part of these documents that has not happened yet, that a real formidable power does exists in the background, and is still unknown to all of us, and that both the Zionist Jews and the Catholic Jesuits are themselves only the puppets of this immense power hiding behind the curtain. Let’s hope, at least, that it is not the kind of alien power that we find in the film “They Live”. For the time being, we will take it as being only what we call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay.


The above notwithstanding, as a firm conclusion, it might not be inappropriate to open here a small parenthesis with a bit of malicious speculation that is in the mind of a growing number of people, and maybe not entirely without good reason. It is most likely that the two branches of the new JewZuit Power are only the two arms of a single head above them, and that this single head is now commanding the two arms correctly. For this reason, the two arms appear to finally act in a coordinated way for the common purposes of the single head, as opposed to being two uncoordinated, and thus inefficient, arms, like they have been for centuries before the Zionist Coup of Vatican II that consolidated the new JewZuit Power. The identity of that single head still evades our view and eludes our clear comprehension of its real final objectives. However, if these objectives include the engineering of 3 incredibly destructive world wars, as seen above, then the single head of these two arms is nothing less than satanic in some way. The speculative temptation here would be to call this single head as Lucifer himself. If so, maybe we should re-coin our unified JewZuit Power as the LuJewZuit Power, with the prefix "Lu" standing for Lucifer, or the NeJewZuit Power, with the prefix "Ne" standing for Nephilim. In the speculative history, the Luciferian Nephilims of the period of the Atlantis, some 11000 years ago, were the people with the culture of the ancient Luciferian entities who presumably have always wanted to dominate the earthly world and enslave mankind, and they are claimed to be the forefathers of mainly the Jews of today. These Nephilims were in direct opposition with the culture of the Elohims, with the prefix "EL", of the equally ancient people of the opposing culture of freedom and freethinking. These Elohims were the ancient "EL" people claimed to be the forefathers of mainly the Greeks of today. This would explain why Greece is being in fact the main country of the developed world to be attacked and squashed first by the JewZuit Power, for complete enslavement, and as a good example of what all other countries can expect if the JewZuit Power has its way and finally achieves full world domination. But all this is highly speculative. For now, we will forget about Lucifer and the Nephilims and assume that the well known face of the JewZuit Power is the top of the pyramid leading us to full enslavement at world level. Only the next few years will reveal clearly if there is a Luciferian Head above the JewZuit process of enslavement of world populations that is definitely taking place today through the consolidation of a New World Order of Collectivism and totalitarian Fabian Socialism.     


The Path to the Greater-Israel and a One-World Government

In a nutshell, in summarizing the facts of the above documents with plain logic, the Letter of Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini (1871), and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1903), along with the confirmation of some more recent documents that we will mention further down (like Yinon and PNAC), let alone the "Lighthouse Of The East" regarding the dismantling of Greece specifically, with one part going to Israel, and considering that a major part of what they describe is already a confirmed reality, be they fake documents or not in terms of who exactly wrote them, or be the authors themselves Zionists or not, we can only conclude the following. According to the plans described, presented as Zionist plans, the Zionists had, already in 1871, a strategy of world domination at three progressive and cumulative levels.
  1- The first level consisted in the creation of a State of Israel in Palestine.
  2- The second level consisted in eventually creating also a Greater Israel in the Middle East.
  3- The third level consisted in the creation of a One-World Judaic Government of totalitarian command, through a plan that we call MOWOP, to dominate the whole world in what they deceitfully call today the New World Order. , and what we call the long path to the False Pax Judaica.

Interestingly enough, the only thing that is not mentioned explicitly in these plans is if the third level is related to the biblical Jewish theory of "Chiliasm", called "Millennialism" by the Zionist-Christians, which for the Christian Church is a heresy that was condemned in 381AD, whereby once the world Judaic Kingdom of Jerusalem will be restored, it will last for 1000 years of a supposedly prosperous authoritarian regime worldwide. If this biblical prophecy was not explicitly mentioned in the plans of the above documents, in relation to the third level, it is certainly there implicitly. This prophecy very much smells like what we call today the New World Order which, if prosperous, might be so for the new regime, be it a purely Zionist Power or a JewZuit Power, but obviously will only, and certainly, be totalitarian for the rest of the populations enslaved under that new Kingdom of the Greater Israel. In any case, apart from this implicit projection, each of the 3 levels that are mentioned openly and explicitly had to be implemented, according to these documents, in two cumulative steps each.


The First Level
The first level (the creation of Israel) consisted, in its first step, in the obvious necessity to first weaken immensely, or as much as possible, the world political power associated to the two other main monotheist religions, first and foremost the Christian religion at the time, but also the Islamic religion. The main opposite religion, the Christian religion, that still saw the Jews as "Enemies", and not yet as "Brothers", like it started to happen after the Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1965, was still the clear and uncontested dominant power in all of Eurasia at the time, before WWI, from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea to the Ural Mountains. That Christian religious power was not only religious, but eminently also political, in being closely intertwined into all the European political power. That immense Christian Power alone could have prevented the overall Zionist plan of 1871 to be executed even at its very first level. In turn, the Islamic Ottoman Empire was also a similar obstacle. To achieve the first step of the first level, the plan required the fomentation of none less than a world war, the one that became the first world war, as WWI. Consequently, this first step was programmed as WWI to lead in priority to the destruction of the immense Christian Empire of the Tsars of Russia, and installing a Bolshevik Communist Regime completely dominated by Jews in the Soviet Union. It also had to lead to the destruction, or at least the substantial weakening, of the rest of the Christian Power in Europe, as the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As for the the Christian Tsars of Russia, this first step is not only confirmed history today, as something that happened during the October Revolution of 1917, during WWI, but, as we will see, it is also confirmed today that the nomenclature of the first Bolshevik Regime had 384 members of whom only 18 were pure Russians with no Jewish blood. The remaining 366 all had Jewish blood. That WWI led also, as additional benefits, to the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and of the dangerous Ottoman Power that could also have prevented the creation of Israel in due time. From then on, the road was clear, in principle, for the second step of the first level of the strategy calling for the creation of Israel.  


However, that second step of the first level was a much more difficult one, and was seen from the beginning, on the basis of what is formulated in Mazzini's letter of 1871, as requiring none less than a second world war. That second step consisted in finding a way to force the move of a great part of the world Jewish population to Palestine, as an essential requirement for the creation of Israel, and have the massive immigration move without due PISA process accepted readily by the world public opinion. This was the cause and the origin of WWII. The Zionists knew very well at the time, after WWI, that most of the plain Jews around the world would just not have accepted to move to Palestine unless they would feel forced to do so because of real persecutions, or because of very serious fear of persecution. The fomentation of WWII by the Zionists was conceived as the solution to that problem, including the necessary integration of a Jewish Holocaust in order to incite the Jews of the world Jewish diaspora to massively move to Israel, and to have the whole world public opinion accept the move as legitimate, whatever the Palestinians and the rest of the Arabic populations of the area might think about it.


These two steps of the first level (the creation of Israel) of the Zionist strategy are now confirmed history. The apparently incredible integration of the Jewish Holocaust into this first level was well explained by none else than the founder of Zionism himself, Theodor Herzl, as shown and quoted above. In his diaries, he said, at the beginning of 1904: "It is essential that the sufferings of the Jews become worse (...) This will assist us in the realization of our plans".  This "useful" suffering of the Jews was to become the Jewish Holocaust. To achieve this sour objective, the Zionists decided to use the Germans as useful idiots. They thus helped create the Nazi Regime of Hitler by providing him generously with all the financing he required for his dream of world domination through WWII. Without the financial help of the Zionist, the Nazi Regime would never have been born, or would certainly not have lasted long if ever born, and consequently the Holocaust would not have taken place, and the Zionists would have had no justification to force the creation of Israel after WWII. The incredible extrapolation of this last conclusion is that without the Zionist financing of the Nazi Regime from the Jews, the Holocaust against the Jews would not have happened. In other words, the Holocaust against some of the Jews was financed by some other Jews. But Herzl, as a Zionist Jew, and as quoted above, has provided the best possible explanation of this apparently inconceivable and tragically inadmissible contradiction.    


This too is now confirmed history, even by most mainstream historians, including many Jewish historians. To use the words of Herzl, the Zionist finance providers from Europe and from the USA to the new Nazi Regime first manipulated Hitler into segregating the Jews in concentration areas where the "sufferings of the Jews could become worse... for the realization of their plans". These concentration areas facilitated, at the beginning, the elimination of the weaker Jews of the Nazi-occupied territories who would have been useless for the creation of a powerful Israel. Later on, these concentration areas facilitated also the elimination of all the other common Jews who either were known to oppose Zionism, or would not easily accept to move to Palestine even under serious fear or actual persecutions. In the meantime, most Zionist Jews in Germany save themselves from persecution and many even collaborated with Hitler discretely in the background, like typically the Zionist bankers financing him. All of this led to the Jewish Holocaust that the Zionists, as the financiers of Hitler, knew all along was taking place. But, as Herzl said, this was the "suffering of the Jews" that they "needed for their plan". In the end, it was really only because of that "sufferings of the Jews" in the Jewish Holocaust that Israel could finally be created in Palestine in 1948. This too is now confirmed history. This whole process of empowering the Nazi Regime and of financing the political power that authored the Holocaust allowed the Jews to gain immense power in the world, in America in particular, and allowed the Zionists to achieve the creation of Israel. This is the background message of the excellent book of Dr. Jeffrey S. Gurock, a Jewish professor teaching Jewish History at the Jewish Yeshiva University, titled "The Holocaust Averted - An Alternate History of American Jewry". The author says explicitly that without the Holocaust, the Jews would never have achieved the level of empowerment and agency that they started to have after WWII, let alone the creation of Israel, as confirmed also by an article about this book, by The Times of Israel, recently published, on June 6, 2015, titled "What if the Holocaust Had Never Happened?".


The Second Level
The second level of the strategy was, and still is, the creation of the Greater Israel. Again, to achieve this end, the Zionists need to steps. The first step of this second level is to foment yet another world war, as WWIII. This time, the Zionists cannot use the Germans as useful idiots, but they have a even better, or certainly richer, useful idiots, in the Americans who easily lend themselves to this role through the plentiful political corruption money provided by the Zionists. The Zionists are in a strong position to push for this strategy as they also know that the JewZuit forces of the USA badly need a WWIII for their own purposes. This forthcoming WWIII is the only way these JewZuit forces in the USA can possibly save their fake fiat dollar as the world reserve currency and consequently the only way they can hope to maintain their JewZuit USA as the one-and-only super military power in a reconfirmed unipolar world. In turn, by the same token, the Zionists are also using the Muslims as useful idiots for the JewZuit Americans, by widely and overly publicizing the obvious tendency of radical Islamic Jihadist bombers to author acts of terrorism. The Zionists can most easily do this through the mainstream media that they fully control. In order to save face in front of the world opinion for launching WWIII, in order for them to save the fake fiat dollar as reserve currency, the naive Americans are also believing that they are using the Muslims as what they think are only their own useful idiots. In the meantime, the Islamic World is an immense power in front of Israel, be it only because of its enormous Muslim populations, quantitatively speaking. This massive Islamic Power, in terms of numbers. has even reinforced itself in terms of a growing new geopolitical power in the area over the last few years, and it could very much destroy the overall strategy of the Zionists for the creation of the Greater Israel in the Middle East, and the following formation of a Judaic One World Government based in Jerusalem in due time. But the JewZuits know that the Muslims are extremely divided between Shiites and Sunnis who thoroughly hate each other, and they now use this division to better conquer their final objectives. Consequently, the fragmentation process of all Middle-East countries by ISIS, which is a CIA/MOSSAD creation, is also using the Muslims as useful idiots, reinforcing their separation on the basis of that mutual hate, in order to better divide and conquer the whole world. The JewZuits have already reinforced the weaker Sunni side of Islam through the false flag of the Arab Spring, to ensure that the Sunnis will eventually be capable of facing, or attempting to destroy the Shiites, in new attempts similar to many of the ones that have taken place already, like in the wars between Iraq and Iran. The Zionists want the Sunni and the Shiites to possibly destroy each other mutually, or at least neutralize themselves mutually as political power in the area and in the world. Then the Islamic Power would no more be a meaningful obstacle for Israel to achieve the creation of the Greater Israel in the area, and eventually the accomplishment of the third level of their strategy through a Judaic One World Government in Jerusalem.   


The Third Level
Interestingly enough, in this case, in preparation for WWIII, we have three levels of useful idiots, instead of just one, like in WWII. If everything goes according to plan, this will lead to the fragmentation of most Middle East countries in smaller and less potent national entities, and even of some countries of Europe. Iraq is already de facto into such a fragmented situation in 3 pieces, and Greece, as the main cultural enemy of the Jews for centuries, will also soon be in this type of situation (as per the "Lighthouse Of The East" plan exposed further down). This is also why the new JewZuit Power has started with Greece in its attack of the first world for achieving its final objective of enslaving all countries under and eventual Judaic One-World Government. Then all Muslims countries, as a result of WWIII, will also become smaller countries that will prevent the formation of any major Muslim Power, be it Sunni or Shiite, that could oppose the Zionist plan of a Greater Israel and the Judaic One World Government. This strategy is the first step of the third level leading to the reinforcement of Israel in the area, and to the eventual creation of the Greater Israel and the Judaic One World Government. Only part of this first step is already confirmed reality, but all the headlines of the world news confirm daily that the rest is quite obviously very much on the way to become reality in the near future. The second step of this third level will be the actual launching of WWIII, which seems more and more imminent, every month that goes by. And the reinforcement of the aggressive talk of JewZuit USA under Trump's government, against Iran, is a bad sign of premonition of this plan.    


As explained further down, the USA and Israel have created ISIS, as a front terrorist organization that they have trained, financed and fully armed, through a CIA/MOSSAD collaboration, in order to have a justification to move in, forcefully, for the firing of WWIII. The purpose of the creation of ISIS is to use it as a front attacker in Syria and the rest of the area, provoking Iran and Russia on the way, in order to justify down the line the launching of WWIII in front of the western public opinion. This WWII is meant to help Israel in two ways. The pre-WWIII period, through ISIS terroristic activities, will first destabilize all the countries surrounding Israel, thus reinforce Israel as the dominant super-power in the area, and the WWIII proper will help the creation of the Greater Israel and the forthcoming Judaic One World Government. For the JewZuit forces of the USA, it will hopefully also save the dollar as the world reserve currency. But ISIS is only a perfect false flag. ISIS is a fake Islamic organization of the CIA/MOSSAD created to achieve their mutual objectives by exploiting, as a false flag front, the tendency of character of the most fundamentalist radical Muslims to get involved in terrorist activities. Most members of ISIS are young enraged bloodthirsty radicals who understand little about Islam. But their rude activities contribute to increase Islamophobia. Then Islamophobia in turn is an essential requirement to justify a new intervention of the Zionist-sponsored Americans into the area, in particular since after president Obama had formally promised, at the occasion of two successive elections, to end the war in the Middle East. This is the purpose of the beheadings and the widely spread news of all sorts of massacres in the area by the Zionist networks dominating all world mainstream media. The mounting Islamophobia around the world, caused by the extreme activities of ISIS members, will soon justify the USA and  allied western countries to collaborate with the American JewZuit power and NATO in a new military intervention, be it even WWIII, and by the same token help the creation of the Greater Israel and the forthcoming Judaic One World Government based in the area. This ISIS, and the growing Islamophobia it generates, is clearly the masterpiece of all the false flags of the last three decades.    


However, it takes more time than expected to achieve these long-term Zionist objectives as they are facing a new obstacle on their war path, which is the new Russia of Putin. The Zionists will certainly find a way to eliminate Putin and, as we will see further down, they would have already done so if it had not been for a mistake made when downing the Malaysian Flight MH17 over Ukraine in July 2014. Putin is an ex KGB expert in anti-subversion and consequently the kind of enemy the subversive NWO wants to eliminate. Putin is the anti-Obama, rejecting the moral relativism of the West and rooting his social legislation in the traditional Christian concepts of right and wrong. He is moving to fill part of the moral vacuum left by America, or rather created by JewZuit America. While the NWO forces celebrate multiculturalism, LGBT rights, abortion even after birth, and the global culture of the Pussy Riots, Putin is repudiating all these destructive values pushed by Hollywood and the JewZuit dominated mainstream media. 


The second step of the third level of the Zionist strategy (the One-World Judaic Government) is less advanced, but very much in the process of being realized in a not too distant future. However, it is now quite obvious that this second step of the third level of the strategy will have to be slightly changed, with the desired One-Word Government not becoming a pure Judaic one anymore, but a Judeo-Christian one, or rather a JewZuit one, based in Jerusalem. All the above being considered, the Judaic Power of the current Zionist generation knows, contrary to the Zionist founders, that it can still not achieve all of its final long-term Judaic plans in opposition with the still very powerful Christian Power, or without some help from the Vatican Power, in particular since Putin started to recreate a new Christian country in Russia. The second step, or prerequisite, of this third level, put into place much before Putin came into play, was the discrete Zionist Coup of 1965 within the Vatican. As we have seen, with the help of the Judeo-Christians that they have infiltrated into the Vatican, the Zionists have fomented the Coup of the Council of Vatican II to achieve their collaboration with the Vatican Power as a new form of world power that we now call the JewZuit Power in the context of this essay. This was evaluated by the Zionists as a new prerequisite of this third level soon after WWII. The new prerequisite started with the ousting of Pope Benedict XVI and the installment of a Jesuit pope in the person of Pope Francis at the Vatican. The New World Pope of the Zionist Time Magazine is an eminent part of the third level of this winning Zionist strategy which has now become a JewZuit strategy. As we will see further down, this prerequisite is not yet completed, but is proceeding well with the help of Christian Orthodox Pope, Bartholomew I of Constantinople, and his push for a new world "Panthriskia", or a JudiChrIslam One-World Religion


 As a last point, and as we will see in more details further down, it is important to recall that the above strategy at three levels is not based only on the Letter of Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini (1871), and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1903), but also well confirmed by other much more recent western documents, like the Yinon Plan (1982/1996) and the PNAC (1997), and also some other older ones, like the "Lighthouse Of The East" (1897). All these formal documents may be contested as fake, but only in terms of who is really their author. In terms of their content, they describe very clearly the strategy that we have outlined above, with two thirds of this strategy being already confirmed reality. Consequently, overall, and in all logic, even if contested in terms of their authors, all these formal documents cannot be considered a conspiracy theory, but definitely a Conspireality.


The Kalergi Plan (1922)

Regarding the EU in particular, and its required contribution to the advent of a One-World Government through the annihilation of nations and races, the above factors have been reinforced more recently, between WWI and WWII, by a little known plan, usually called the "Kalergi Plan". Considering what has been happening in Europe over the last few years, with massive, wild, uncontrolled immigration and excessive multiculturalism, the Kalergi Plan is essentially the main component and tool for the realization of what we call today the NWO (New World Order). Kalergi was the son of an obscure Austrian diplomat married to a Japanese. His full name was Richard Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972). He founded the Pan-Europe Movement, in 1922, published his book "Pan-Europa" in 1923, and is at the origin of the little known Coudenhove Kalergi European Prize (sometimes hidden under the less embarrassing name of: Charlemagne Prize) that is attributed every second year, and was recently attributed to well known persons, like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (in 2010) and the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy (in 2012). His father was accused of being an anti-Semite. At age 13, Kalergi has his first woman, a Jewess called Ida Roland. In reaction to his father, and on the inspiration of his sexual initiation from his Jewess woman, he became very pro-Jewish in all his activities for the rest of his life. He started to push his agenda with the help of eminent Jews, like Einstein and Churchill (whose mother Jenny Jacobson Jerome was Jewish which, according to Judaic law, makes him automatically a Jew). Kalergi's Pan-Europe agenda was well received by them because it was already very popular with the Fabian Socialist Jews acting behind many European governments, by organizations like the Jewish Masonic B'Nai B'Brith, and by movements aspiring to world domination, like the Communists at the time. And the leaders of the Communist movement were all Fabian Socialist Jews pushing for collectivism and an eventual dictatorial One-World-Government based in Jerusalem after the creation of Israel and the Greater-Israel through three world wars well programmed for this deceitful purpose. What is much less known today is that his agenda, already in 1922... was literally a genocidal plan for the white peoples of Europe, as a plan that is at the source of the extreme multiculturalism and massive wild immigration affecting so negatively today the cultures, the traditions and the values of all traditional national Europeans, calling for the elimination of nations, borders, let alone the family, and even the identity of the white race in particular, pushing its mixing with Asians and Blacks to the point of transforming the white European race into a new Ancient-Egyptian-Like race. This odd forthcoming mixture is often called the "Children of Kalergi". It is the complete contradiction of what we call ProRacialism in an EthoCracy, let alone a TruthOcracy, with all immigration being submitted to a strict PISA process. Mr. Kalergi said explicitly in his writings: "The man of the future must be of mixed race [except of course for the pureness of the 'superior' Jewish race to be protected in the most racist way: on a DNA basis, to this day in Israel itself]. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid Race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples [in Europe]". In his own terms, this new melting pot was to become what he called a kind of "United States of Europe", and be formed under the leadership and command of the United States of America. His Pan-Europe agenda was very close to calling explicitly for a white genocide of the various European peoples for turning them into a melting pot, or a global flock of very obedient sheep with no more strong national values capable of resisting the advent of the New World Order and the full control of the totalitarian Fabian Socialist elites hiding behind it. Of course, to achieve this objective of degradation or other races, these JewZuit elites also promote all the inevitable incidentals of the wild unselected immigration without due PISA process, like drugs and petty crimes. In this package, they give us everything we need to keep busy fighting against, except the freethinking time we would need to fight against them and their destructive conspiracy. This Kalergi Plan is also a good follow up of the destructive Protocol 9-10 of some 20 years earlier. As such, if that diabolic Kalergi Plan could maybe have been called a Conspiracy Theory at that time, this is certainly no more the case today, as this plan is now well confirmed in facts, by what is currently happening in Europe and America today, as a Conspiracy Reality, in terms of massive, wild and inassimilable incoming migrants from Africa and Asia, in particular from countries with a religion and culture that are totally inassimilable to ours. And the strength and stupidity of our political correctness prevents us from recognizing this well planned conspiracy as a reality. The Kalergi Plan (associated with other plans mentioned in this essay) shows clearly that it is a conspiracy, but a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory. The Kalergi Plan is also more than well confirmed now, not only by the fact of the hordes of alleged refugees that are invading Europe since 2015, but also by the comments of a whistleblower from the Counter-Intelligence Office (Abwehramt) of the Austrian Federal Army’s intelligence service, who affirms, via an Austrian news journal called Info-Direkt, that the USA, on a push from Israel that completely dominates the American politics, is actually financing the false refugee movement in Europe through complicit NGOs (not to mention the various parallel "open-society foundations" of George Soros), and pay entirely the human traffickers to transport the "refugees" from Africa and the Middle East to Europe (not to mention a similar activity of NGOs at the moment regarding the similar illegal migration movement in America as part of an equally Jewish dominated strategy animating the PNAC Project). All of this is also well in line with the YINON Plan as a strategy for the formation of a Greater Israel, in order to make it a dominant hegemonic Zionist power (with a pure, non-degraded, dominating race) in the Middle East and in front of debilitated Europe.


The JewZuit Power won WWII and triggered the Holocaust of Western Civilization
The above Kalergi Plan was well preparing, reinforcing and announcing the following Holocaust of Western Civilization. Few people realize that the Zionist Jews financed Hitler, and thus the Holocaust against their fellow Jews. As we will see, this is very well documented, including by many Jewish authors like Charles Higham and Lenni Brenner. In this way they have provided a horrific collaboration with Nazism. But even fewer people realize that it is the Zionist Jews who won WWII, not the so-called Allies, and that as a result of this victory, they were finally able to trigger and even more horrific initiative to damage the western world in order to dominate it, and dominate it more easily through Judaizing the Vatican and creating a new coalition that will become the JewZuit Power some 20 years later. This is what we can call the Holocaust of Western Civilization implemented in order to achieve their long-term strategy of world domination. An attentive overview of the above three-level strategy of the Zionist Jews since 1871, aiming first at the creation of Israel, then at the creation of the Greater Israel, and eventually at a Judaic One-World Government, all under the deceptive and innocuous name of the New World Order, leads us inevitably to a conclusion that is very politically incorrect but nevertheless obviously and factually true: it is the Zionist Jews who engineered and won WWII for their own nefarious purposes. This wicked victory was then completed by incrementing its power, and surreptitiously sheltering it under what became the JewZuit Power, some 20 years later, through the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1965. However, already in 1945, the Zionist had achieved a type of solid basic victory that open the way, for them, to dominate the whole world through various means, including a necessary Holocaust of Western Civilization. The Zionist-dominated mainstream media carefully hide this furtive reality, and lead people to believe that WWII was only a disaster for the Jews, and cannot be considered any kind of victory of the Zionists, as it is the war that incorporated the Jewish Holocaust. But this is only a well engineered social and cultural deception.


As we have heard from Theodor Herzl, none less than the founder of modern Zionism, the Jewish Holocaust was, as a strategy, the necessary sufferance of the Jews for the Zionists to become able to achieve their long term plans. In fact, as we have seen, historians, including many Jewish authors, have well documented the fact, now incontestable, that the it is the Jewish Zionist bankers who financed Hitler, while these Jewish bankers were clearly knowing that the Holocaust was taking place. These Jewish Zionist bankers, as followers of Herzl, provided their financing to Hitler because they knew that, without the Holocaust, the new State of Israel could never be created after the war. Consequently, the Zionist Jews have engineered and 'procreated' WWI for that specific purpose. And they managed to even win WWII engineered by them for that purpose. Of course, close to the end of WWII, the Zionists could not afford to let Hitler win the war, in particular when Hitler was in a winning position and started to offer peace treaties to countries like England, as Hitler represented the only world power at the time that was clearly anti-Zionist. The Zionist financed the Nazi Regime for the objective of the creation of Israel after the war, at the cost of the Holocaust against their own fellow Jews but, in the end, they had to maneuver to destroy that Nazi Regime. To achieve this final objective, they then pushed the USA into the war, through a now widely recognized false flag, called Pearl Harbor, associating the powerful USA to the powerful Soviet-Union, in order to destroy the Nazi Regime. The creation of this powerful new alliance was easy to achieve, as the Zionists were dominating entirely the Communist Regime of the Soviet-Union at that time, and already dominating most of the politics in the USA. This coalition brought a victory of the Allies that amounted in fact to a military victory of WWI by the Zionists who engineered the whole war, from its inception to its final completion.


What is important to understand is that this military aspect was only half of the Zionist victory, and not the most important half. The full engineering of WWII brought to the Zionist not only that kind of surreptitious military victory, but in particular an even more surreptitious anti-culture victory over the traditional Greco-Roman culture of the USA and of all the Western World. The WWII became, as somebody called it, a kind of "Talmudic Triumph of the Zionists over the Western Civilization", but not at all for the good of the western civilization. Just as Jewish Prime Minister Netanyahu , representing the extreme summit of Zionism, could say openly, in 2014, that 911, as the destruction of the two twin towers in New York, helped, and was still helping Israel, and just as Theodor Herzl could also say openly, in 1900, that more sufferance of the Jews would help the long term plans of the Zionists, WWII and its integrated Jewish Holocaust have helped the Jews tremendously, worldwide, in particular in the Western World. Because of their alleged sufferance, and ignoring the fact that this sufferance was financed by their own fellow-Jew Zionist bankers, the whole Western World reacted, emotionally and favorably, with not only facilitating the creation of Israel, but also facilitating the penetration and dominating influence of the Jews in politics, governments, banking, international finance, media, academia and all other important aspects of Western society since 1945, allowing Jews to do so in an inordinate proportion compared to their percentage of the population. Of course, all along that penetration, what the West did not realize is that the Zionist were taking advantage of this facilitation in order to better pursue their Talmudic Agenda of world domination. In light of their very small proportion of the population, and to reinforce their action, the Zionists also infiltrated the Catholic Church, and Judaized the Vatican clerics in great part, more than ever before, which led to the formation of the new JewZuit Power consolidated by the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1965.


What the West realized even less, is that to dominate and enslave the free Western World, for an eventual full Talmudic One-World Domination, the Zionists had to work to destroy its ancient traditional Greco-Roman values and its modern Christian values. People with strong ancient values and a culture of freedom and freethinking cannot be enslaved easily, if at all. This is where the Holocaust against Western Civilization comes into play as a major and necessary element of the Master Plan of global enslavement. In examining the current destruction of western values, we soon realize that our Western World was infiltrated, early on after WWII, and today like never before, by Zionists managing purposely all the destructive factors of the culture of the Western World. This includes the fields of the crappy and violent media and entertainment productions of the Judaic New Hollywood, the legalization of abortion even after birth, the promotion of degenerated sexuality and its related horrendous pornography, the distortion and reduction of love into bestial lust, the destruction of the natural united family, the annihilation of the cultural beauty of each nation within its traditional borders, the banishment of patriotism as a form of hate instead of a form of love, the dumbing down of education at all levels, the elimination of natural parenting, and first and foremost the push for a highly excessive and catastrophic multiculturalism through wild massive illegal immigration of inassimilable cultures and religions without due PISA process and contradicting the positive ProRacialist approach of an EthoCracy or TruthOcracy.


An attentive observation of the actuality, as exposed in many sections of this essay, and in dozens of excellent books of even Jewish authors, the Zionists are clearly acting in an undeniable dominant role behind all these destructive factors of western civilization, and they even brag openly about it, like typically Joel Stein about Hollywood. All these factors of destruction of the western civilization may be well synthetized, or symbolized, by the most flagrant, to most people, of these destructive phenomena, the growing rejection of a symbol of peace vs. the growing celebration of a symbol of mass massacre: The War on the Christmas Tree vs. The Celebration of the Menorah. But similar parallels can easily be established between other aspects of the destruction of the western civilization and what is being promoted by the new JewZuit Power. There is certainly such a parallel between the destruction of the beauty of the united natural family and the promotion of abortion, same-sex marriage and the degenerate sexuality pushed indirectly as models by the fully Judaized New Hollywood, and pushed even more directly, albeit stealthily, as the matrix of a deceiving political correctness by the fully Zionist-controlled mainstream media. There is certainly also another clear parallel between the destruction of the beautiful uniqueness and beauty of the culture of each nation and the promotion of massive inassimilable immigration without due PISA process, and excessive multiculturalism fomenting racism instead of a positive ProRacialism, by that same JewZuit Power. There is an even more profound and dangerous parallel between the very proactive promotion of the disappearance of the human gender, and the horrific Genocidal Engineering of the Male-man in order to render him less aggressive and more obedient to the current Talmudic Agenda of full enslavement, in preparation for the fast forthcoming One-World Government of collectivism based on totalitarian Fabian Socialism. All of these destructive factors are first and foremost a Jewish agenda of the Zionists, but an agenda that is now greatly facilitated by an extensively Judaized Vatican, and by the recent election of a Judaized Jesuit Pope bowing to Jewish Rabbis, Pope Francis, as the most relativistic pope the Catholic Church has ever had in two millennia, with his admitted "Inability To Judge", and thus his inability to lead and preserve the best of our western values. His immense contribution to the Holocaust of Western Civilization, let alone the possible destruction of the Catholic Church, through his important participation to the promotion of the Panthriskia, as a One-World Religion, will probably be fully recognized in very few years, if not only a few months, when it will probably be too late.    


Again, the Zionist know that you cannot achieve world domination without enslaving people and, in turn, that you cannot enslave people who have a strong freewill coming from their ancient Greek Roots, have consolidated traditional and moral values, and have a patriotic approach to their nations. All of this must go. The resulting catastrophe for the Western World is the Zionist's anti-culture victory over that world. That anti-cultural victory was granted to them by the way they have surreptitiously won WWII. Of course, the Zionists do exactly the opposite, and none of this destructive work, in Israel itself, as their new Jewish State. For example, in Israel, abortion is very restricted to only special circumstances, same-sex marriage celebration is impossible, and immigration of a multiculturalist character without due PISA process is absolutely impossible, while the same Zionists outside Israel are the main promoters of these destructives factors in all the western world. In other words, the Zionists promote wild immigration without due PISA process in the western world, encouraging racism, while in Israel they are just about the most PISA compliant country in the world, and the most ProRacialist country in the world in order to harmonize the social texture of their population. In the meantime, along with that Zionist destructive process, and to reinforce the pursued enslavement of the populations to be dominated, these same Zionists use the system of Zionist-controlled central banks to proactively keep indebting both the peoples and the countries of the Western World. Since 1965, and the Vatican II Zionist Coup, they even do so with the good help of the Catholic Church, through the new JewZuit Power that has placed an impressive number of Jesuits in the top positions of many Zionist banks. Having a very relativistic, socialist and Jesuit Pope, in the person of New World Order Pope Francis, is further consolidating this Talmudic Agenda of world domination. People without strong cultural values, and full of debt, are much more easily enslaved, and they become the more docile subjects of the Totalitarian New World Order of Fabian Socialism pursued by the long term strategy of the older Zionists and the younger JewZuits. The combination of these two factors is what has caused the Holocaust of the Western Civilization taking place at the moment, as a prelude to what we will expose as a possible forthcoming Global Holocaust.


In short, the Zionists have not only engineered WWII, but also won WWII, both militarily and anti-culturally, for the purpose of their pursuit of world domination after the eventual creation of the Greater Israel. Consequently, since 1945, they have infiltrated all the centers of power of the Western World, and even conquered the Catholic Church, making it become a Judeo-Christian Church, with a growing Judeo character, more than ever before, and a correspondingly diminishing Christian character, less Christian than ever before, under Jesuit Pope Francis. The Western World, economically, politically, culturally, and religiously, has become Judaized and highly destructed in its best traditional values. And to ensure their final full domination, the Zionists who pursue it are, for now, at least temporarily, acting as the JewZuit Power, until they will feel strong enough to act eventually on their own, through a purely Judaic One-World Government based in Jerusalem as the capital of the pursued Greater Israel, and of the pursued totalitarian One-World Government of collectivism and Fabian Socialism. Of course, part of the new Greater Israel running the new one-world government will include invaded parts of surrounding countries like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece. The forthcoming absorption of some Greek territory is well described in The LighHouse Of The East. What is happening today in Syria, in 2015, is also part of this Master Plan: destroy the country and force the bulk of its population out as refugees in order to make new space for annexing more territory for Greater Israel. The forced annexation of the Golan Heights from Syria after the Six-Day War, in 1981, was only a pre-taste of this process of completely dismantling Syria for the purposes of an eventual Greater Israel. According the the documents examined above, this is clearly what the New World Order is, for now, and what the forthcoming WWIII shall achieve, in the near future to complete this global Talmudic JewZuit Agenda.


This pursuit of a country for the Diaspora of the Jews, to be called Israel, and eventually a Greater Israel for world domination, has been a long-term objective of the Jews, dating back centuries, even millennia. As we have seen above, Jews have even pursued this objective through the financing of the persecution of their own fellow Jews during the period of the Holocaust in Hitler's Germany. This was used by the Zionist Jews as the "necessary sufferance" that would help the justification for the creation of the state of Israel. But this German episode is only one of the most recent ones among many other similar episodes of the Jews financing the persecution of their own fellow Jews in order to achieve this long-term objective. Another very notable example worth mentioning, is what happened some 500 years earlier, in  Spain, even if it is a mostly unknown episode to most people. Nobody will ever find this Spanish episode in the most recent history books authored or edited by the main publishing houses of the last few decades, because the publishing houses of the contemporary culture are entirely dominated by Jews. In Spain of the the second half of the 1400s, Jews were massively persecuted and expelled to the point of constituting a previous mini-Holocaust. Most of them ended up in the the Balkans, mainly around the Thessalonica area of Northern Greece. Why? The pre-Zionist Jews wanted to create a country for themselves, to be called Israel, let alone also an eventual Greater-Israel. To do so, they needed to bring as many European Jews of the Diaspora as possible to a selected territory as close as possible to Palestine as a first step. The second step would be to bring as many Jews as possible to Palestine, in a territory centered around Jerusalem. That selected territory, for the first step, was chosen to be the one centered around Thessalonica in Northern Greece. With this purpose in mind, the pre-Zionist Jews then deceitfully offered money to the Kingdom of Spain to help them, the Jews, to achieve this objective, paying the Spanish Kingdom to persecute and expel the Jews from Spain, somewhat like they will do again, with Hitler, some 500 years later. The Kingdom of Spain easily abided to this desire of the Jews for 2 reasons. First, the Kingdom was not at all happy with the behavior of the Jews in Spain, involved mainly in unpleasant activities of exploitation as "Money Changers". Second, the Kingdom was short of money and badly wanted to finance the expedition of Christopher Colombo across the Atlantic. The Kingdom of Spain was anxious to finance expeditions across the Atlantic, with the hope they could possibly improve their finances and possibly even enrich themselves tremendously through such new explorations. In fact, these new explorations led to the "discovery" of what is called America today, by Colombo, in 1492. The issue here, in our context, is that, in the end, the money that Spain received from northern Jews to persecute and expel the Jews living in Spain and send them to Thessalonica was used by Spain to finance Colombo, creating a kind of mini-Holocaust on its path, but a Holocaust against Jews financed by other Jews, similar to the one that will happen some 500 years afterwards through Hitler being financed by Jews for persecuting the Jews of Germany and send them to Palestine.


This other Holocaust, of Jews financed by other Jews, happened through the so-called Alhambra Decree, as an Edict of Expulsion, issued on 31 March 1492. The Edict was issued by the joint two Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Isabella I of Castile, and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Half a million Jews were involved in either persecutions or the actual expulsion of this less known Holocaust. The money from the Jews had been already received, months earlier by the 2 Spanish monarchs. The decree was just a formalization of the persecutions that had already started, and of the expulsion that had to be enforced. The Kingdom had put aside some of the money for the expulsion of the Jews, but it deceitfully also had put aside the greater part of the money for the financing of the explorations of Colombo that were swiftly launched at the beginning of 1492.


There are two interesting side issues here that are nevertheless of interest in the context of this essay.

- First, as we will see further down, Spain did not really discover "America" by financing Colombo with some of the money received by Jews to expel the Jews, but only rediscovered it, after the Greek explorers, the Argonauts of Greece (around 1500BC) and previously the Pelasgians of Greece (more than 4000BC), had discovered that territory more than 5000 years ago without of course, calling it "America".

- Second, the Alhambra Decree of 1492 was only formally revoked in 1968, in the context of the Council of Vatican II that transformed the Jews From Enemy To Brother within the Catholic Church. This infamous Council was also the one that finally consecrated the full infiltration of the Catholic Church by the Zionist Jews, just like they have infiltrated the highest levels of political and economic power of most western countries.  As such, it was the Vatican II Zionist Coup that transformed the Vatican into a Judeo-Christian territory and, as such, into an omnipotent instrument of power for the New World Order now run by we call, in the context of this essay, the JewZuit Power that is enslaving all of us today. With the fraudulent election of Pope Francis (as the third fraudulent one, following the two popes of the Council of Vatican II), and his following mainly the civilian and political UN Agenda instead of the traditional spiritual agenda of the Catholic Church, the JewZuits have now nearly completed the infiltration of any structure of governance, worldwide, that deserves the name of political power, including maybe the discretely most powerful one, the Vatican. Consequently, the JewZuits are getting very close to being able to finally achieve their long term objective of full world domination through the formation of the Greater Israel, most probably in the context of a forthcoming important war, possibly WWIII, and establish a One-World-Government, as a dictatorship of Fabian Socialism, with its capital in Jerusalem.


There are many good books confirming this destructive nature of the Judaized Western World. The best ones unfortunately are only in Greek, by Greek authors, as the Greeks are the ones who suffered the most, for thousands of years, from the actions of the Jews, or rather the actions of the JewZuit Power of both the Jews and the Christians, as their main rivals from a political and philosophical point of view. In English, we can suggest the following ones as a start:    

  - Neal Gabler, a Jew, wrote: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood".

  - Michael Jones, a Jew, wrote: "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History".  

  - Dr. Kevin MacDonald, wrote: "The Culture of Critique: an Evolutionary Analysis of the Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements".


The Contributing Sources of the New JewZuit Power

In short, the main sources of the new JewZuit Power were well consolidated mainly by the Zionist coup at the Council of Vatican II in 1962, but this coup was brought up and reinforced by many other contributing factors before and after it. These other factors can be found in many historical documents, plans, projects or movements, like for example many of the historical facts that we expose in various parts of this essay, listed here below in an indicative chronological order:

- The Letter of Albert Pike to Mazzini (1871) 

- The Lighthouse of the East (1897)

- The Protocols of the Elders (1903)

- The Writings of Theodor Herzl (1904)

- The Kalergi Plan (1922)

- The Holocaust of Western Civilization (1945)

- The Tavistock Institute (1946)

- The Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II (1962)

- The Writings of Russian dissident Bezmenov (1976)

- The Yinon Plan (1982)

- The NED: National Endowment for Democracy (1983)

- The PNAC Project (1997)

The JewZuit Power facing two major obstacles


The JewZuit cabal, in spite of the clear progress made through their alliance over the last five decades, still faced two strongly growing obstacles that could jeopardize its final success. These two enemies, of the new JewZuit Cabal, are first the recent growth and revival of the fundamentalist culture of the Muslim world on the one side, and, second, on the other side, the disturbing persistence of strong remnants of the basic democratic culture permeating the USA/EU countries. This USA/EU base of democratic culture goes against the dictatorial Collectivism and Fabian Socialism that the JewZuit coalition wants to implement.


The Zionist Jews are few in number and cannot face the immense Muslim community of the world on their own. Associated with Catholicism, they have much better chances of achieving their objectives. On the other hand, the two new associates, in the form of the new JewZuit Power, with its dictatorial objectives, cannot afford to be bothered by the remnants of the democratic culture that still permeates the main countries they want to enslave.

Facing, first, the remnants of the democratic culture


On the one side, in order to face the difficulties and dangers represented by the democratic world, the JewZuit elites have used a brilliant two-prong strategy, over the last half century. First they reinforced and associated themselves, more and more every year, with non-democratic and powerful China. Second, they promoted illegal immigration without due PISA process from mostly non-democratic countries in order to dilute all western democratic values, while driving down local salaries and balkanizing the local population for its easier enslavement.


China, as the main authoritarian super-power in the world at the moment, is strongly sought by the JewZuit cabal as an ally in order to progressively debase and enslave more easily the bulk of the western US/EU world depending more and more every year on China for its economic survival. This side of the strategy involves the offshoring of the best productive western jobs to China and the massive import of less reliable, but also much cheaper industrial products that western populations were mentally engineered to want and to accept. These products are spontaneously wanted because they are cheaper, but they break more easily and have to be rebought more often, hopefully through debt and various forms of enslaving financing. In turn, this external offshoring of jobs involved the inevitable consequences of the debasing of most western jobs in terms of levels of salary and quality control. Over the last three decades, from the point of view of industrial production, the United States of America has become the United States of China. Whatever we hear from the members of the "Repucratic" and "Demoblican" parties, acting as identical twins from the point of view of who commands them in the background, let alone from their mouthpieces of the presstitute mainstream media attempting to deny it, should not prevent people from seeing clearly this harsh and deceiving reality.


In addition, this well concerted enslavement plan, based on offshoring external help, was reinforced internally, by accepting massive illegal immigration without due PISA process of unqualified workers ready to accept much lower salaries. The consequences of this barbarian invasion was to force local workers to also gradually accept lower salaries. As a final result, the plan would create more unemployed workers and more welfare recipients, thus create the desired result of more enslavement on the part of more people in front of the correspondingly growing JewZuit Power of the state.


The strategy is that all workers would have lower salaries, lower quality products to be replaced and re-purchased more often, thus, in the end, more expensive standards of living and more enslavement through the financial institutions managed at the exclusive advantage, and for the maximum profit of the JewZuit cabal.

Facing, second, the growing Muslim fundamentalism


Conversely, to face the difficulties and dangers of their second enemy, the mounting fundamentalism of the Muslim world, the JewZuit Power has decided to reinforce the weaker Sunni side of Islam, against the stronger Shiite side, through initiatives of faked democracy promotion like the great lie of the democratic Arab Spring, knowing that Sunni and the Shiites hate each other, and hoping to bring them to fight each other and hopefully eventually neutralize each other. This is the old strategy of the famous “Divide to Conquer”.  Through this mutual neutralization, the Muslim world would not only become an impotent enemy on the JewZuit path, but also become itself more easily enslaved under the global JewZuit Power.


At the same time, it is being used by the JewZuit Power as the "useful idiot", through policies of encouragement to massive Muslim immigration without due PISA process into the western world, in order to dilute all its values, and debase its overly democratic culture and more traditional ProRacialist approach in terms of homogeneity of its populations. The holy book of the Quran followed by must Muslims does not even have a word to describe with we call democracy, and this serves well the JewZuit objectives of enslavement. These strategies regarding Islam are pushed mainly by the Jewish side of the JewZuit cabal. If they succeed, Islam would then become both an insignificant or irrelevant enemy externally, worldwide, and an internal "useful" ally on the JewZuit course to enslave the main western world. When the late, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto addressed Hillsdale College (September of 2002), she explained that America symbolizes modernity, diversity, and democracy, and that democracy is “the worst fear” of the Islamic world. Islam thus becomes an important ally of the JewZuits, knowingly or not on the part of the Muslims, in order for the JewZuits to destroy democracy and install an enslaving regime of Fabian Socialism in the western world. 


And this Islamic neutralization and enslavement is vital even for Israel itself, as the Zionists know that the Palestinian Hamas Charter states clearly that "Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, only until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it". But Israel, as the main center of world Zionism, has now the help of New World Order Pope Francis.


Israel is now using the integrated global JewZuit Power to bring in even the Catholic Church as a powerful ally in facing the Muslims, to the point that there appears to be secret negotiations going on at the moment to hand the control of the Mount Zion to the Vatican. This would have been inconceivable only a few years ago, but is now possible because of the new JewZuit Alliance. The Catholic Church already controls most religious sites in Jerusalem, but not yet Mount Zion. And the new pope Francis is said to be strongly pushing for the success of this project. After all, if it succeeds, not only will the Vatican be grateful, but Israel and the Vatican are part of the same new world JewZuit Power and the Muslim world could not be neutralized by only the Zionist side of that power.


If the project succeeds, this JewZuit alliance will be much stronger to face the overall Muslim danger. Neutralizing this Muslim world power through reinforcing the Sunni-Shiite conflict on the one side, and reinforcing the JewZuit alliance on the other, will certainly allow the JewZuit Power much more facility in attaining its overall One-World Government objective under its exclusive command. 

Facing an unexpected new powerful player from Russia


But, quite unexpectedly, on this otherwise easy course for world enslavement, the JewZuit cabal also faces the sudden reinforcement of the Christian-non-Catholic culture at the moment, represented by the growing influence of the new Russia and its powerful leader Vladimir Putin. The JewZuit Power thought its strategy of enslavement was doing well since the collapse of the Soviet-Union in 1991, as it felt it was operating in an unipolar world, but they now face the possibility of having to deal with a new bipolar world situation because of Russia. Putin sees the USISEU (USA-Israel-EU) as the new Axis of Evil trying to enslave the world into the NWO. Putin, as a president, enjoys a popularity rating of over 85% in his country, which is by very far the highest rate of any western president. As such, he certainly will not accept at all, in his own country, the enslaving debasement of moral and social values promoted by the NWO. He will not accept to be easily subverted at home, in Russia. He will not either accept easily that this USISEU Axis of Evil surround Russia with the various faked "Color Revolutions" of the NWO in his own background, in confining countries, nor in farther strategic countries considered important allies or friends, like Ukraine, Syria and Iran. Consequently, as we will see further down, not being JewZuitly Correct, Putin is, and will be, constantly provoked and attacked by the axis of the NWO until he is probably eliminated, at least politically, but even physically if necessary. 


While the globalists were hoping to associate undemocratic China to their global enslavement plans in the USA and in the EU, Putin was also trying to associate himself to China for the exact opposite, for fighting the the NWO within the context of the creation of the EEU and a new world monetary organization opposing the FMI, including with a brand new form of money to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency, possibly called the Altyn, to be implemented with a solid backup in gold between 2015 and 2025. Until recently, if it were not for Russia as the new disturber of the NWO, the JewZuit globalists really thought that China was to become their best potential ally so far. After all, for the globalists, China represents the best successful example of the new capitalism wanted by the New World Order that is enslaving all of its people: the best accomplished synthesis between capitalism and socialism. The globalists have tried to achieve a transfer of world power from the USA to China since the visit of Rockefeller in China in 1973. They have tried ever since to transform the USA into a kind of new China. In an article titled "From a China Traveler", which appeared in the New York Times on August 10 1973, Rockefeller wrote: "The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most successful in history", in spite of clearly knowing that Mao's "Great Leap Forward" had been responsible for at least 50 million deaths already at that point, not to mention brutal repression, mass starvation and torture of millions of others for achieving his so-called successful social experiment. All of this is well documented in the book of Stéphane Courtois in his book titled "The Black Book of Communism". In addition, as Brzezinski said in his book of 1997, The Grand Chessboard: “…how America `manages’ Eurasia is critical. Eurasia is the globe’s largest continent and is geopolitically axial. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions. …About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia". So far Russia's new strategy seems to be winning over the USISEU's strategy. Consequently the old Latin strategy of divide to conquer is being resurrected and very proactively used by the JewZuit Power to fight against Russia at the moment, typically in places like Syria and Ukraine, using the EU as a servile acolyte, in order to provoke Russia to start a new major war that hopefully will neutralize completely this growing new EEU as a power that Russia aspires to command. If the provocation against Russia works out, then the JewZuit Power will be able to also enslave more easily that rebellious ex-soviet part of the world, along with all its satellite countries. By the same token, in front of the growing successes of Putin, the JewZuits are trying to counteract by encircling both Russia and China with a growing number of NATO military bases in order to deter them from acting against the interests of the USISEU axis. This is the difficult game being played at the moment on The Grand Chessboard that Brzezinski was writing about. 


The Russia of Putin, contrary to the EU and the USA that are under the direct and strict control of the banksters and of the overall JewZuit Power at the moment, is pro-family, pro-life, pro-civility based on what is left in their country of the best of the Christian values, pro-truth information, pro small taxation etc. In short, Russia is proposing a lifestyle and a political system for its citizens that is the exact opposite of what is being pursued for the rest of the citizens of the western world. Russia does not do it because of any active ambition of expansionism, but only because of what it was, what it represents at the moment, and what it chose to before in the future on the basis of her best history. In short, Russia represents the anti globalization that is being forcefully pushed at the EU and the USA through the JewZuit USISEU alliance that Russia sees as the Axis of Evil. Russia is disturbing globalization and consequently has to be destabilized, and its current political power decimated, if at all possible, and replaced by a JewZuit one. Russia is a threat, an enemy, or certainly being a bad example for the rest of the governments of the western world that is already well under the grip of enslavement of the JewZuit Power. The same JewZuit Power that is enslaving so well the western world at the moment is aiming at a worldwide enslavement, and thus cannot allow the bad example of a growing new area power working against the new world trend they want to impose. This is the Wolfowitz Doctrine formulated soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, in 1992, but still valid today. This is why Russia is being attacked so violently at the moment, Putin in particular as a pusher of the traditional values coming from the best of what is left of the Christian tradition. In Ukraine for example, Putin has never intended to invade the country, like the USA has done in more than 20 countries over the last two decades, but only to protect the Russophile citizens of Eastern Ukraine from being enslaved by the JewZuit Power of the EU.


In turn, for all of us caught in the middle, this should mean that Russia can be a good example for the citizens of the rest of the western world who do not want the JewZuit enslavement through DDD and the decadent lifestyle of the Pussy Riots and gay parades promoted as ideal entertainment in the west. One day, once well integrated within the EU and subjugated by the FMI, and once enslaved to misery economic level through debt-money, like Greece is, and fully debased in all its best cultural and social values, the part of Ukraine that will join the EU will probably regret dearly not to have followed Putin instead of the EU bureaucrats of the JewZuit Power. But it will be too late. Until Putin lasts, Russia should be a better point of reference than the EU, both economically and culturally, for appreciating what is best for our own future and freedom within the western world.   

Facing a possible WWIII that would only play into the hands of the JewZuit Power


This dangerous strategy might even lead to a possible WWIII that might also create major damage to both the US and the EU in the process, if not destroy a big part of both. However, this damage is not only a secondary consideration, and a necessary part of the overall strategy, but it would play fully to the full advantage of the JewZuit Power. In fact, it is mainly through wars that the JewZuits have made, and still make most money, through world wars in particular, as the first two world wars have clearly demonstrated, through financing both sides during the aggressions, and financing afterwards the necessary reconstruction, in each country involved, using their illegitimately created debt-money in terms of both capital and interests. And they can do this huge immoral financing most easily as the can create money out of nothing through the system of central banks.


In fact, one cannot not notice that we never had world wars before the creation of the JewZuit central banks system allowing their most easy financing and the incredible profits of the financers. All wars are bankers wars and all major wars are banksters wars... Wars means huge profits for the bankers financing these wars and the following reconstruction. This is why the military complex of the most important countries has been brought to an extreme level of development. This huge military complex then has to create enemies, if and when it does not already have some ready to fight against. This is the only way it can have a justification for its growth and survive growing ever further. If it were not for the inappropriate intervention of the bankers in the background, the military complex could finally play its legitimate role which should only be a defensive one, with a growth being admissible only in front of a growing threat  from an external enemy. Then the complicit media of the presstitutes cover these war scams as if they were normal routine activity, or even humanitarian interventions to promote democracy, instead of working for exposing the falsity of the war justifications used by the politicians and their financing bankers, and the consequent military scams, working for peace instead of for war, like all good journalists should. Fortunately, history has taught us that all empires fall when they get over militarized and extend themselves to the point of collapse. Again probably only repeated history will safe us from the over militarization of the western world and its aggression on the rest of the world. We should not count on journalists or politicians anymore to save ourselves, let alone their bankers in the background.


Furthermore, on the basis of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, formulated by a former president of the World bank, and ex Secretary of Defense, when one wants a One-World government, like the JewZuits do, one cannot anymore have super-powers of various sizes being formed and spread over the planet, like Russia or China, but only one's own unique world power. For now, a WWIII might just come to help this overall JewZuit objective of worldwide domination and enslavement through what Russia calls the USISEU Axis of Evil.

Facing and Neutralizing all the enemies


After all these efforts, and after all the related wars, resulting most likely in a weak US, a weak EU, a weak Russia and a weak Muslim world, the new JewZuit Power, associated with a strong authoritarian country like maybe China, and a stronger Catholic side, shall finally be able to achieve its full and final success for enslaving the rest of us, worldwide, through a new form of Collectivism and a One-World government of a clear matrix of Fabian Socialism, along with a new One-World currency of their own creation and exclusive management, to replace the quickly failing petro-dollar as the world reserve currency.


The key to understand what is contemplated is the fact that the JewZuit Power is not tightly attached to anyone country in particular, but spread like an octopus through all sorts of world institutions. Weakening, or even collapsing, useful idiots like the taxpayers of the USA and/or the EU in the process of implementing their global strategy is no major issue if it is necessary for attaining their final objective. This plan is what is usually simply called, in a softly and misleading way, for public disinformation purposes, the New World Order.

This is the Master Plan


This is the JewZuit Power hypothesis and Master Plan. We insist however that to have this plan clearly in mind requires the clear understanding that the Ultra and Infra Layers of JewZuits are not necessarily attached to any particular country, like the US or China. Its members are spread in a network of key positions over and above such countries, including over supra-national organizations like the EU, like the cloud of a powerful storm.


The JewZuits operate like a dangerous Wi-Fi environment of stealthy ultraviolet and infrared waves over all these components, be it China, the USA or the EU, not to mention the UN. The countries involved are only the useful pieces of a world chessboard. All and each of these pieces can be sacrificed in due time, if and when necessary, in order to achieve a final checkmate situation of world enslavement through a form of totalitarian Collectivism that has a clear matrix of Fabian Socialism. 


In the same manner, all Judeo-Christians of the two branches of the JewZuit Power can be sacrificed if necessary, and in fact a wide number of them, those who are seen as not NWO compliant, are already being growingly vilified and will be eliminated eventually if necessary, either as persons or as organizations. By the same token, other groups, like the New Age movement, is being infiltrated and tentatively used to serve the objectives of the New World Order that shall be a synthesis between the ex USSR and the current USA.


The books of Antony Sutton, "America's Secret Establishment" (An Introduction to the Order of Skulls and Bones, and of Constance Cumbey, "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" (The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism), are very revealing of this global Master Plan. If it wins, the JewZuit Power will have won independently of the apparently catastrophic final state of any of the countries or organizations that it will have used for achieving its global objective.  

A JewZuit fear-thinking culture to destroy a Hellenic free-thinking culture


Most interestingly, this Master Plan seeks to achieve the final victory for hegemony of the Judeo-Christian culture over Hellenism, or over the ancient Greek EL culture of freedom and freethinking that has given us in inheritance the best of our western civilization. This is, after all, what has been pursued by the Judeo-Christians now for at least two millennia.


 In other words, this essay will demonstrate that the western history of the last two millennia can be summarized in a fight for world hegemony between four main cultures: the Greek, the Jewish, the Christian and the Muslim cultures. Only one of them however never tried to pursue hegemony through aggressive force, and it is the Hellenic culture that always operated more like a magnet than like a firearm in spreading culture and democracy in more barbarian environments. The only one "religion" corresponding to these 4 cultures that was never an enslaving one, through dogma, fear and plundering of its followers, was the Greek one, which was a religion of freedom and freethinking.


Four ways to pray

This is being typically demonstrated by the way the followers of these 4 religions pray. For the Greeks of pure Hellenic culture (as opposed to the Greeks who are mostly Christian Orthodox today), it would have been inconceivable to pray like the Muslims do, by laying your head on the ground and raising your bottom in what would have appeared to them as a position of total submission to a dangerously hateful God. It would also have been equally inconceivable to pray like the Jews do, by moving your bottom inelegantly, and knocking your head repeatedly, in front of a stone wall, in what would have appeared to Greeks the clear attitude of the guilt of an unforgivable sinner in front of a vengeful and punishing God. It would also have been inconceivable to pray like the Christians do, by kneeling down, closing your eyes and putting your hands together, covering part of your face, in a kind of shameful supplication mode, as a clear sign of fear in front of a dictatorial God.


The ancient Greeks only prayed by standing up, hopefully in front of the morning dawn with its raising sun, and raising all their selves as high as possible to the sky, seeking the enlightening Apollonian light, be it their hands raised in a nice warm embracing gesture, like the arms of a young son raised towards his taller and loving father, raising also their eyes, and their heads, with all their body in a free and confident receiving posture in front of their higher Gods. They never supplicated when praying, but only kept in mind the clearest thought of what they hoped to achieve by praying, and then they said, 3 times in a row, "Γεννητω" ("Be it Generated", pronounced "Génnèto", or rather "Yénnèto", with the accent on the first "n", and with the full meaning being: "Let the object of my prayer be "Génnèto", or Generated, but only if it is your will as a God, and also for my Good as a man).


This culture of free-thinking, as opposed to a culture of fear-thinking, has made the Greeks the main enemy of the Jews because the fear-thinking of the Jews in particular was always supplemented by a culture of enslavement through debt-money, the infamously known culture of the "money-lenders" chased out of the temple by Jesus who, as we will see, was not a racial Jew, but a Nazarene of the Greek EL culture because of what his town, Nazareth, represented at the time in the geographical area dominated by the Jews. Adopting the Greek culture, for the Jews, would have destroyed their Jewish culture of enslavement through debt-money and this would have destroyed their best interests (with the pun well intended) as a people.


The most famous person who tried to oppose and reform that culture, the Nazarene Jesus of Greek culture, was sent to crucifixion. As we will see with specific examples, those persons of today who try to do the same are also doomed through the more modern crucifixion process of character assassination through global mass media, if not to something much worse.


However, this opposition between the Jews and the Greeks has lasted from much before that, since practically the origins of time, since in fact the historic period of the ancient Pelasgian Greeks, at least some seven thousand years ago. As we will see, the Pelasgians were the incredible ancient Greek navigators who travelled extensively and explored practically the whole world, and even discovered all of the Americas much before Columbus supposedly did, leaving clear traces of their explorations as far apart as in Chile and in India. This multi-millennia hate of the Jews for the Greeks lasts until today.


Interestingly enough, the Greek Pelasgians are the ancestors of the Philistines, considered the most dangerous enemies of the Jews at the time, who were established in an area that included today's GAZA, the main enemy area of Israel even today. These Philistines were the ancestors of the Palestinians. The word Palestinian, as a name, is in fact a historical transformation of the word Pelasgian. Who knows if the Palestinians of Gaza today are not the distant descendants of the Greek Pelasgians and suffering unconsciously today the consequences of this same old enmity between the Jewish and the Hellenic culture.


That hate of the Jews against the Greeks has had many periods of revival, during the last two millennia in particular, as we will see in details, and what is happening today in Greece is only the latest of these attempts of the Jews to destroy the Hellenic EL culture of free-thinking and enslave the Greeks. Jews have always either hated or envied this unique Hellenic culture, in complete opposition to theirs, in terms of personal freethinking, social freedom, direct participatory democracy, and their magnificent philosophical concepts of the Just, the Good, the True and the Kallos (Beauty) on which to base the only valid holistic education (or what we call ELducation) that they had also invented, along with philosophy and democracy. If that holistic education (or: ELducation) of Pythagorean Tetractys descent, had not been systematically dismantled by its rival religions, and by the contemporary JewZuit coalition, it would surely spare the world today of its worst problems and of its complete ethical and moral decadence.    

The Hellenic culture of freedom and freethinking of Greece is the enemy to be eliminated first


An objective of world enslavement can only have, as its worse enemy, a culture of freedom and freethinking. The Greek culture is thus the unfortunate fundamental obstacle in this long fight for Judeo-Christian hegemony as it is the one that was known, and is still known, to this day, in most of the world, by most people, to have given us everything that we describe in the western world with the word “Civilization”, and such other magnificent words like "Freedom" and "Freethinking". This Greek EL culture includes, as achievements, the creation of philosophy, education, science and democracy, not to mention harmonious artistic work and music. Furthermore, it is the unfortunate obstacle of the Judeo-Christians in this fight not because it ever constituted a dominant force exerted by any political power over other cultures or nations, but only because of the appeal of its obvious superiority in what it was, and for what it achieved, over the three other ones, because of its beautiful nature of freedom, freethinking, justice and democracy, as values that are resented and annihilated by the 3 other main western cultures seeking enslavement.


The three other cultures (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) reacted like jealous partners in front of that Hellenic EL beauty, and like frustrated competitors, because of its values of freethinking, democracy and beauty. As we will see in details further down, in front of this, these 3 other cultures certainly tried to affirm their own authoritarian superiority through prevailing political power, with accompanying DDD (Dogma, Debt and Despair), over the other one, over the Greek EL culture. And now, two of them are trying to do it together as the new JewZuit Power.


This explains why Greece has been the first major target of the JewZuits in the western world. For the JewZuits, Greece has to be destroyed first as its long last culture of freethinking is the major obstacle to the culture and strategy of enslavement of the JewZuit Power. If they succeed with Greece, like they are at the moment, then the rest of Europe will be enslaved much more easily. It seems that they do not realize that destroying Greece is destroying the best of the cultural roots of Europe. In fact however they do realize it, but collapsing the whole of the Euro Zone after Greece is, for the JewZuits, a little price to pay, as it will give them the right pretext, and the unique chance, to finally bring in a new one-world currency of their own creation and control, the one that will also replace the dollar as the current world reserve currency, and will help the formation of the new one-world government with a one-world religion, which is the final objective of the New World Order of totalitarian Fabian Socialism. 


This also explains why Syria is also being attacked so brutally and being annihilated, as of all the countries of the Middle-East, Syria has been the closest to the Greek EL culture for at least a couple of millennia, with the additional upsetting factor, from the point of view of the Money Changers that it is one of the only 2 countries left in the Middle-East, along with Iran, that still does not have a FED-type central bank fully controlled by the JewZuit Power. From a central banking point of view, before its invasion and destruction, Iraq also had no FED-type central bank, just like Syria still, but now has one. Libya the same. Afghanistan the same, Ukraine the same, and all the other countries of the Middle-East and of the so-called "Arab Spring" the same. There is only Syria and Iran left with debt-free currencies in that area not fully controlled by the JewZuit Power, and if it were not for the protection of Russia, these 2 countries would also be already destroyed, like Iraq and Libya. And their protector, Russia, is now partially in the same situation, as Putin has decimated the most dominant figures of the JewZuit Money Changers in his own country. This is why Putin is also presented in the mainstream media as "the" evil enemy that has also to be eliminated at all costs at the next best occasion. This is the only real fundamental reason for all these destructive wars in all these countries, but the presstitutes of the mainstream media, also fully controlled by the same JewZuit Power, will never tell us that, finding all sorts of justifications of propaganda like the promotion of democracy: what an incredible deception being accepted by most people of the stupid but powerful politically correct, and what an incredible success for the JewZuit Power of the Money Changers. Maybe with the Internet Reformation, more and more people will become more and more conscious of this great deception, and consequently maybe there is some hope that eventually the "Idea Exchangers" of the EL culture will win this millennia-long conflict with the "Money Changers".   


The virtual hope of the Sons of the Starry Heavens and Gaia for ELania expansion - The only element of hope in the terrible current Greek crisis, from the point of view of the EL culture, even if it is only a very virtual hope, is that this culture has already been subjected to extreme persecutions for millennia, has so far never been exterminated, and is said to be eternal. As far fetched as it may seem, some initiated intellectuals say that this beautiful EL culture of freedom (the one we would like to help with the contribution of what we call the ELJSM (pronounced 'ELism') new culture, in the context of this essay) has been brought on earth by superior entities of our galaxy, usually qualified as ELOHIM, who originally came from the Galaxy of Andromeda, seeding it more formally eventually into the most energetic point of planet Earth, the one with most light, Greece, that they called ELania at that early time (which has given birth to ELada, and later became ELLada, the name, and the only name, the so-called 'Greeks' call their own country today, within the so-called 'Greece', as the words "Greece" or "Greek" do not exist in the 'Greek' language). The choice of this point of Planet Earth with most "Light" (now called ELLada) was to ensure the ELania culture would be most lasting and most indestructible over time. The initiated intellectuals proposing this theory even say that this EL culture of freedom, that Jesus was part of as a Nazarene EL figure (himself contrasting the old earthly opposite culture of enslavement of the "Money Changers", the same culture of enslavement that is promoting the NWO today), is meant to eventually spread to the whole planet, and that the various crisis it suffered over time, including the terrible crisis it is suffering today, are only a 'plan' of the 'ELders' to increase the spreading of that EL culture, through forcing its best EL youths to emigrate and seed more parts of the planet (a phenomenon of outflow of 'Greek' emigration that is certainly taking place at the moment, even if opposed by the current "Money Changers" with an even bigger inflow of incompatible and inassimilable, thus destructive, immigration within 'Greece' itself) as the "Sons of both Gaia (or Earth) and the Starry Heavens" or: Γας υιος ημι και Ωρανω αστεροεντος. This was often written on a golden plate of many funerary tablets of Ancient-Greece, and explicitly reported also in the Theogony of Hesiod. This theory is, to say the least, maybe only a remotely credible positive assessment of the present crisis in Greece but nevertheless one that can give us a bit of hope, even if it is probably only a very virtual hope. Apollo Help Us!

Jesuit Pope Francis helps the advent of the full JewZuit Power


If the present course of history is not disturbed soon by some major new cultural movement, the JewZuit Power will finally dominate the world and enslave all of us completely. The first sign of this hegemony can be seen in the fact that Greece has been the first western country to be attacked and enslaved to the JewZuit Power. Another sign is the advent of a "black Pope", or a Jesuit, for the first time in history, as a replacement for the regular "white pope", and the closer association of this black pope with the Judaic world power, like never before in world history. The sanctification of two recent popes clearly confirms this. Before Council Vatican II (1962/65), led by Pope John XXIII, one of the two popes just made saints, the Catholic Church operated on the official basis of a complete separation, and a firm dogmatic "No-Alliance", between the Old Testament associated with the Jews, and the New Testament associated with the Catholics. As seen above, the Council of Vatican II, led by pope Saint John XXIII, eliminated that separation, making the Jew going "From Enemy to Brother", and the other new saint, Pope John-Paul II, even declared, while in Mainz, in Germany, in 1980, that “The Ancient Alliance between the Old and the New Testament was never dismissed by God”.


This was practically a dogmatic heresy of John Paul II, on the basis of all previous councils, but also an important sign of a new rapprochement between the two parts of the new JewZuit Power. As we will see, this rapprochement is just too well confirmed by the unusually friendly relationship of the new Jesuit Pope Francis with the secular power of the Zionists and, as a Jesuit, with the two sides of the secular power of the new JewZuit Power. The regular pope, Benedict XVI, who was disturbing this rapprochement, and wanted the return of many aspects of the Catholic church to the pre council dogmatic basis, including the traditional Latin mass, was quickly and nicely ousted out. In other words, the new JewZuit Power is now fully in charge of even the Vatican.


Other vivid signs of our growing enslavement by the strategy of the new JewZuit Power are what we can see now in the fast-coming economic collapse of the USA and the EU that will play fully into the hands of the new JewZuit Alliance, the growing aggressiveness of the two sides of the Muslim culture, Sunni and Shia, against each other and against the western world, the provocation of, or rather to, the non-Catholic Christian Russia, and the Arab Spring, not to mention the disinformation leading the political moves against Ukraine, Syria and Iran, and the contemporary guided systematic destruction by the JewZuit Power of all our western values that used to have their foundation in the beautiful ancient EL Greek culture of freedom and freethinking, the one of the "Idea Exchangers" instead of in the culture of the "Money Changers" of the new world elite of Judeo-Christian denomination.

Freedom can return through proper reforms


But, as we will see in Part II of this essay, there are ways to fight this new JewZuit Power, and most democratically, in order to neutralize it, through the implementation of a comprehensive set of democratic reforms, that we call the EthoCracy Reform Package, and the related birth of a new culture of what we call ELJSM.


The combination of these factors would create the critical weight of a positive change toward freedom, with a positive domino effect on all aspects of our life.  



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3 -


By "Best" enslavement, we mean of course the most successful from the point of view of the masters. From the point of view of the enslaved people concerned, we mean of course the "Worst" possible kind of enslavement.

Progressivism for Enslavement through Collectivism or Fabian Socialism


It should already be quite obvious that this essay is essentially about our growing enslavement through Collectivism, which is a form of totalitarian Fabian Socialism. The concept will become clearer with further reading, but it is important to make a first attempt to expose its basic meaning at the very outset of this essay. This form of enslavement does not use brutal force, like it happened in the past with all previous forms of slavery in the history of humanity. It uses mainly three subtle and surreptitious means, deployed in a smooth progressive way: 1) extreme legislation, 2) excessive taxation and 3) fearsome disinformation. This is what we call the DDD process. The first two tools, extreme legislation and excessive taxation, can become quite spontaneously obvious to most people attentive to what is happening to their lives. The third tool, disinformation, is a form of social engineering that is specifically designed not to be at all spontaneously obvious to most people and, as such, the most pernicious and dangerous tool. This most powerful tool of fearful disinformation is even brought-in completely deceitfully through massive multimedia entertainment of a tragically debasing nature, downgrading or annihilating all of our best traditional values, somewhat like the debasing entertainment that the Roman Empire used in its Coliseums in order to better maintain its enslaving power over its various collectivities.


Fabian Socialism is a political doctrine that was formalized only in the 1800s when, among other things, it laid, for example, the foundation of European Labor Parties, like the one of Tony Blair appearing in the picture to the left, but it has a much older origin. It is very similar in nature to red Communism, or to black Fascism, in that it aims at controlling populations in a totalitarian way, on either the left or the right side of the political spectrum. However, Fabian Socialism is very different from Communism or Fascism in its ways of implementation. In fact, the difference in implementation is the major one, and the only major one, with its red or black versions. Both Communism and Fascism are a force of Collectivism, and they both use force in their implementation, a brutal force that can become immediately obvious to most attentive people. Fabian Socialism is also a force of full Collectivism, but implemented with wiser means, using subtle infiltration and progressive social engineering in its enforcement process. However, if we want to condense the nature of this type of socialism in one word, Collectivism is that word, as our real common enemy in its various forms behind the scene. Its particular form of Fabian Socialism is the most efficient and powerful way to implement it, as it can be done without people quite realizing it until it is too late, using covert destructive forces from within. Like Lenin said, one needs to crack eggs to make and eat an omelet, and this is what both communists and fascists will typically do, including the so-called “progressists”, which is only the new code name used for the communists. To the contrary, the Fabian Socialists will eat the same eggs, but by hardening them innocuously, simply leaving them in plain sun heat in open sunlight until they crack on their own. In the end, all forms of Collectivism aim at controlling fully a collectivity, or an aggregate of people, debasing its values to the lowest common denominator, in order to enslave the collectivity more easily, as an obedient majority, for serving the selfish purposes of a commanding minority, regardless of whatever cost there may be for the subjugated majority.


This is the kind of controlled society that Fabian Socialists like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley have  predicted was coming, in their books, “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (written in 1949) and "A Brave New World" (written in 1932). Or again the type of WWIII predicted by Fabian Socialists Albert Pike and Mazzini which would usher a New World Order with a One-World Government, a One-World Currency, and a One-World Religion where the State takes the place of God. What these Luciferian minds have predicted was coming, years ago, is already nearly entirely our reality today. The book "1984" of Orwell is, 30 years later, the 2014 of today, and the accomplishment of Huxley's prediction that "The serfs will learn to love their servitude". Millions have already been made dependent on the government as serfs by design. This type of WWIII is now in its full development, not to say deployment. The main cause of the success of implementation of Collectivism, or totalitarian Fabian Socialism, is the new coalition of the JewZuit Power sitting behind it. The new generations of Luciferian minds, at the backend of this new JewZuit coalition, are essentially, first and foremost, the Catholic Jesuits and the Jewish Zionists, along with their subservient acolytes placed strategically at various levels of subjugated castes. These top forces of Collectivism hide behind their main frontend organization, the UN and its deployment of collectivist programs like Agenda 21, through subservient subsidiary organizations, like the EU, and subservient national political parties of, indifferently, both the left and right wings of the political spectrum. Then, through most fearsomely sophisticated and pervasive disinformation, the rest of us tend to take all these acolytes for granted, as a caste of benevolent leaders for our best possible life and future. But have no doubt: it is a future of full enslavement that they have in store for all of us, and already a present reality, more than a future reality, of totalitarian Fabian enslavement.


In the political arena, this collectivist enslavement has been disguised by the movement called Progressivism. The word progressivism has been used extensively over the last few decades by mainly political parties of the center-left, mostly the ones linked to Fabian Socialism, and has always been presented deceitfully by these parties as meaning "progress", that is, a movement seeking "progress, or an improvement of our socio-economic conditions. However, this fake presentation has been a complete deception. In reality, progressivism, where applied, has always meant an ever expanding form of government, with a clear aspiration to totalitarianism, with an ever expanding, or progressive, control of the people involved in all aspects of their lives. A good author, James Ostrowski, has exposed very clearly this deception in his book: Progressivism. The subtitle is: A primer on the Idea Destroying America, but it could very much have been A Primer on the Idea Destroying the Western World. Both Americans and Europeans are being squashed by 'progressive' forms of extreme legislation, excessive taxation, participation in unconsented wars financed by them as taxpayers through the senseless creation of unsound money as debt, in a way that has brought the whole world to a point of collapse, all in the name of Progressivism. Such progressivism is certainly no progress, but rather global enslaving squalor. In that book, Ostrowski writes: "America will continue its downward spiral until this false and destructive ideology is fully understood and rejected. (…) Where do we stand with progressivism at this time? Virtually every aspect of our lives is to some extent or entirely controlled or regulated by the state".


Ostrowski is closely linked to Ron Paul, through the Liberty Movement for which movement Ostrowski had also written Direct Citizen Action. This is a kind of manual formulating possible concrete actions to be taken by citizens who want to regain their liberty in front of a progressively totalitarian government. We ourselves, in Part II of this essay, will suggest what we pretend to be even better democratic solutions to this kind of enslavement. Ron Paul in turn has written End The Fed, as an excellent book to understand the senselessness, and even the criminality under the Constitution, of the way money is currently being created as debt instead of asset, and only for the purpose of enriching the private cabal creating it, and enslaving the taxpayers to reimburse that debt-money uselessly through the forceful intervention of their elected governments that are themselves enslaved, or subservient to the cabal creating the debt-money. A more proper title of his book, extrapolating the problem at world level, should have been "End the Cabals of Private Central Banksters". Today, in 2014, because of the foul play of the central banksters, there is so much debt accumulated, by both countries and peoples, that, according to the Washington Post, the 90% are poorer than they were in 1987, while the top 10% is richer than ever. Knowing what the Washington Post is, and whose interests it protects, one can probably legitimately replace its 90% by a 99%, and its 10% by a 1%, along with its 1987 by a 1977, in terms of purchasing power, without the risk of making any serious mistake about how ridiculous and dramatic the current situation of most of us really is. 


The new money is so much created as pure debt-money by the cabals of private central banks, as opposed to as debt-free asset-money by governments, that if there was no more debt left all of a sudden, there would practically be no more money left around. In the meantime, that increasing bad debt-money is created to exist all in terms of good credit-money for the rich private cabals that have created the debt-money. This is the ridiculous situation in which Fabian Socialism and Progressivism have led the western world, if not the whole world, and a situation that can only lead to a global financial collapse. However, even in the case of a global collapse, the rich private cabals that have created the debt-money will not loose much of anything because they will, as usual during serious financial crisis, acquire most of the real-estate property of the persons in debt during the collapsing process. In fact, they will become richer than before, as their wealth will be in real assets, that is rather real-estate assets, as opposed to only fictitious electronic assets. This is thus a perfect strategy of global enslavement that we have been socially engineered to accept as normal. But this situation is not normal. It is most unfair to the 99% and even highly criminal on the part of the 1%. It must end, and can end, quite easily, and even very democratically by adopting the reforms of Part II of this essay, neutralizing the new JewZuit Power, and making our society go "From Democracy To EthoCracy", or "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards".          

The Horrific Agenda of Enslavement Through Dumb Down Education and UN Collectivism


Our present and future reality is being built on a most horrific agenda. However, it is really the only type of agenda that can achieve the objectives of the JewZuit Power. These objectives are a totalitarian enslavement through Fabian Socialism, not only from an economic point of view, like mentioned above, but also from a cultural point of view, through the destruction of our values, our principles and our best freethinking nature and power. A freethinking society with strong values cannot be subjugated into Collectivism. People without strong values or principles are easier to manipulate and enslave. Freethinkers are enemies of enslavement, and must be neutralized or eliminated, and students good grades must be attributed only on the basis of the politically correct pushed by the new world order. Consequently, that JewZuit agenda of collectivist enslavement includes the annihilation of the sense of nation-state, the destruction of the love of the traditional natural family, the dumbing down of the classical freethinking education, the debasing of the pureness of the language, the downgrading of the goodness of a particular religion, the annihilation of the MeDiPartic democracy, certainly the prevention of the advent of an TIDMOcracy, not to mention the complete deformation of history through directed press and literature.


The main tools for this objective are first and foremost the break down of families, nation and education. As for families, the Master Plan is well advanced, as most children today are either born out of wedlock, or live with only a mother, unmarried or separated. Of course, this leaves the road free for the state to claim the property of the children, like it has happened in many collectivist Fabian political systems around the world, take them away from their families, and use them for various hidden purposes, like it is happening more and more in supposedly most advances countries like England. Amazingly, in the USA for example, in 2016, a judge took away a child from her mother for no/no other reason than because she was being politically incorrect, infringing the guidelines of the local police authorities as an activist demonstrating peacefully against chemtrails; for this reason alone she was considered mentally incompetent to raise a child.  


In the meantime, technology has come in to assist that Master Plan of destroying the spiritual and family values of the children in order to prepare them to become only obedient consumers. The fathers are absent and cannot discipline them, even during the evenings, and the poor lone mothers are also often forced to work, leaving the technology of big TV screens and monstrous videogames in charge of the education of the abandoned children, without the interchange with a forming adult, and without these children even going out of the home, most of the time, to compete in sports and exchange views with other children, even in good-learning fistful exchanges occasionally. They become completely disconnected from human, social and spiritual values before they are eventually pushed into the rat race of debt-money that attempts to make them survive for the sole purpose of being able to buy the latest technology. This is because of this supposed advancement, through technology, that our first world in particular has lost its spiritual values and social virtues, which could only be absorbed through the presence of a loving extended family environment, and even its earthly values, like natural medicine and competition in open nature.


As a result, our first world is full in material richness, and poor in spiritual richness, while it is the opposite for many parts of the third world. But material richness without spiritual richness is no richness, certainly no advancement, if not a monstrous type of advancement that needs to be corrected through appropriate reforms, like the ones of the EthoCracy Reform Package that are exposed in Part II of this essay. As for education, the book of Charlotte Iserbyt, a senior policy advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement of the American Department of Education, titled "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America", is most revealing, and certainly applies, mutatis mutandis, to most of the western world, not just America. The other book coauthored by Alex Newman and Samuel Blumenfeld, titled Crimes of the Educators, also stresses the dumbing down of all western education even if it is centered more specifically on the disastrous effects of the Common Core in America. Similarly, the film "State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control" (DVD), produced by Noble Lie, supervised by Richard Grove, exposing the various mind control methods being used to turn our once brilliant freethinking students and citizens into obedient sheep, is another useful tool to comprehend why most of us have been dumbed down to accept the JewZuit New World Order of the forthcoming One-World Government. Grove's other DVD, "Weapons Of Mass Instruction", produced on the basis of the work of  John Taylor Gatto, is also another key instrument to deepen this subject. Interestingly enough, Grove and Gatto, in that series 'Weapons of Mass Instruction', as two first class intellectuals of high level, formally recognized as such by various organizations, affirm and demonstrate clearly that the education of the western world has been, and is, deliberately dumbed down, as a clear conspiracy reality, in order to create more easily the totalitarian New World Order.


The dumbing down agenda of the JewZuit Power also includes the serious debasing of all fine arts, so far in history based in our roots of the Greek EL culture and its fundamental concept of pure beauty, or Kallos, and the promoting of the work of pseudo-artists who are sympathizers of the JewZuit Agenda, by acquiring their production, too often illegitimately, at great costs of public money, certainly un-meritoriously in most cases, even when they are works of total insignificance, let alone of disgusting ugliness in many cases, not worth being even recycled as useful garbage.


On the other hand, the JewZuit agenda includes the dumbing down of all moral and social values, as a kind of Weapons Of Mass Socialization, through the strong promotion of mass inflows of illegal migrants, racial division, multiculturalism, anarchic youths involved nihilistically, openly and arrogantly, not to say proudly, in the worst sexual depravations and social degradation activities, pretending to enjoy it all at the rhythms of fully deviating and befuddling forms of mass media entertainment. In the process, the horrific agenda ensures the psychological destruction of the lowest social class through granting an incessantly growing number of completely unmeritorious welfare benefits attracting easy votes and, by the same token, forcing the full enslavement of the middle working class paying for these benefits, as the only productive class, through extreme legislation and excessive taxation. Welfare should not exist to replace work/employment and gain easy votes. In fact, welfare should never even exist in the presence of available work./jobs a recipient can do, like it or not.


The Master Plan is crowned by the horrific UN Agenda 21 that, although unknown to most people, is forced stealthily on all of us for a stronger control of the population through controlling resources of food, water, land and seeds into the hands of the JewZuit corporations, to the point that many people are in danger, in many countries already, of being sent to jail for not using Monsanto GMO seeds for their plantations, or even for simply growing their own private food for free, in a private house garden, with natural, not GMO-modified, seeds of the type that have fed humanity successfully for millennia. If the UN allows private corporations to take private and exclusive possession of seeds, and in particular allows their modification, genetically, it should be considered a Crime Against Planet Earth of clear UN criminal responsibility. In the meantime it is a perfect global enslavement tool for the farmers, as these modified seeds have a terminating gene that makes them produce only one season and force the farmers to buy new expensive seeds each seasons instead of collecting their own reserve of free seeds from their own yearly crops, like they have been doing for millennia. Nature should be let to be nature, and certainly not most dangerously modified by the greed of private corporations. This should be one of the first UN duties if it is really an organization meant to protect humanity and planet Earth. Agenda 21 is the 1992 United Nations Declaration on the Environment and Development for all countries throughout the world. Attentive observers consider that it is a tyrannical legal plan for business development meant to be mandated for all nations, and it is being implemented insidiously as a precursor to World Government. It aims at ending national sovereignty, at the diminution of private property, the debasing of the family unit, and the imposition of ever-increasing limitations on individual mobility and opportunity, including through seed and food control.


UN AGENDA 21 AND POPE FRANCIS - This kind of overall agenda, fully backed by an organization like the UN, even promoted openly by the UN, is not even resisted in what seem to be some of its gross extrapolations, like massive world depopulation, while the UN is an organization that is supposed to have been created for the good of humanity. This is shameful to say the least, not to say a possible complicity in a spectrum of covert crimes against humanity. And the New World Order Pope Francis has given his benediction to this Luciferian project at the General Assembly of the UN in September 2015, with a formal endorsement of this project integrated into the UN document defining the Post 2015 Agenda of the UN until 2030 (“Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”). This has amounted to formal benediction of Pope Francis to the New World Order and its fake sustainable development goals (SDGs) in their worst aspects, including the pursuit not only of a One World Government and a One World Currency, but also a One-World Religion as the Panthriskia, or a kind of JudiChrIslam, that he is discretely pursuing along with the more explicit efforts of his good friend, the Jewish Zionist ex President of Israel, Shimon Peres, and his even closest friend and stronger promoter of that new universal religion, Bartholomew I, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Istanbul. As such Francis is the most eminent promoter of the overall LUZJIP Agenda of the New World Order, supported, directly or indirectly by the UN, or not firmly resisted in its worse extrapolations by the UN, like it should be, even when it includes other less obvious, but none the less real, crimes against humanity. Apart from the well known ones being committed with full impunity to all our natural resources, of land, air or sea, as the resources of all humanity, not the resources of the multinational corporations, this diabolic agenda includes less well known, but probably even more serious, crimes against humanity. This includes for example the destruction, or the lowering of the virility of the male man, as a form of physical engineering seen in a previous section, in order to neutralize his possible aggressive revolt against the global JewZuit agenda, reducing the levels of sperm and testosterone of the male youth to about half of what it was some 40 years ago, through odd chemicals used purposely in the food chain, or in the air through dangerous cross border chemtrails, worldwide, and never even contested by the UN, as well described and explained by Edward Griffin in his excellent book/DVD: "What In The World Are They Spraying". These disastrous food chemicals and GMO seeds, and these even more disastrous no-border chemtrails are not only never prohibited by the UN, but not even denounced, like they should be. This leaves the bad impression that the UN is part of these horrific schemes, in particular in the context of the UN plan to also promote depopulation initiatives to achieve what it calls sustainability. These dangers are now known facts confirmed by thousands of good independent scientists. The agenda also includes the UN not fighting openly and firmly on our behalf, like it should, against the dumbing down of all our best values through a generally degrading collectivist approach of most governments to education, family and nationality, or through not resisting in any way the debasing cultural and moral values propagated with full nihilism and impunity by the global networks of multimedia, Hollywood in particular. These are all crimes against humanity done by omission, or laissez faire, and often even by clear commission like in the case of Agenda 21-30, and crimes all committed with taxes provided to an organization not accountable to the taxpayers.


If national states require us to justify the use of our money, through annual taxation forms, even if it is our money, not theirs, then these crimes done with our taxes are an excellent reason for taxpayers to reciprocate the request and require the states using our money, and the international organizations to which they give contributions of our money, to justify fully and with transparency the use of our money, not their money, in committing or allowing these crimes to take place. And more than simply requiring a justification for the use of our money in such cases, maybe we should give ourselves the means to stop paying that part of our taxation money being used for such crimes against humanity and the planet. And such democratic means do exist, as we will see in Part II of this essay.


In the meantime, where is the UN to defend all of us, worldwide, if our own national countries will not do it because of the political corruption hiding behind all these destructive schemes? With all the immense privileges that we pay for, in order to maintain these organizations, through taxation, for the lavish maintenance of the related castes of unelected officials involved, this is the least that the top level, the UN, and its main accomplices, like the most deceptive anti-democratic EU, should do on our behalf, fighting to prevent these covert crimes against humanity. But not only are these higher levels not resisting this overall horrific agenda on our behalf, they are too often pushing it as their own collectivist agenda, against our best interests, or certainly, too often, appear to be doing so. In light of what we pay, for the gross privileges of these castes, even only appearing to be doing so is totally inadmissible, let alone being part of it. In view of their clear inefficiency in defending us, and their possible connivance, maybe time has come to seriously reconsider the poor intelligence and the false legitimacy of financing the luxurious privileges of all the levels of unelected castes involved in that horrific agenda of a clear "New World Disorder". If we do not stop this evil agenda, our grandchildren will soon be all the slaves of the UN elite, replacing our national country with the omnipotent UN, God with a UN-subservient JewZuit government, and our beautiful families with a regimented debased school claiming the property of our children.  

The Only Proper Way to Fight the Collectivist Agenda


This totalitarian power enslaving all of us is so enormous and terrible that it cannot be fought frontally, in light of its near omnipotence at the moment. Consequently we should not fight it uselessly, nor foolishly, nor violently, through riots or revolutions. But we must fight it, democratically but most firmly, before it is too late. Fortunately this enslaving power can certainly be fully neutralized, let alone completely annihilated eventually, and most democratically so, through a set of proper reforms that will be exposed in Part II of this essay, when it will finally be fully published, as an eBook, before the end of 2014. These democratic reforms, called the EthoCracy Reform Package, are meant to make us go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards", for the first time in the history of humanity. This historic reversal is possible at the moment, through these reforms, also for the first time in the history of humanity. Knowing clearly the situation of enslavement that we are in, and becoming well aware of what we can still do to reacquire our liberty, is a unique chance of salvation that we should not let go-by before it is too late. This is the objective to which this eBook hopes to contribute, by not only describing, explaining and criticizing, in this Part I, but in particular by constructively proposing a package of "drastically democratic" reforms of Part II of this essay.   



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A Shapeless and Stealthy Omnipotent Power that can be Neutralized


The JewZuit Power is a shapeless power, working faceless an anonymously, without official institutions in its own name. The entire apparatus of the JewZuit Power of the New World Order is mostly in the public domain, "well hidden in plain sight" to the inattentive public eye. The Jesuits have four unique characteristics to ensure they can easily be involved, and should be involved, behind world power. First, they are the only monastic order that forms and divides its senior levels into areas of specialization of non-religious activities, as the "chosen soldiers" to lead all these chosen secular areas of human activity. Consequently, each one is assigned the task of getting proactively involved with key people in his area of expertise, meeting with these people, and influencing them, in a fashion that his relationship with them seems completely natural. Second, they are the only monastic order authorized to live in hiding, whenever useful, for their infiltration purposes, without the Jesuit uniform. Third, they are also the only monastic order authorized, in fact commanded, to get involved in financial and banking businesses. Forth, they are the only monastic order that has at its foundation not only an evangelical mission but, first and foremost, an ideology of totalitarian Fabian Socialism. As such, they can jump, and should jump, as discretely as possible, into the key positions of all those sectors of secular activity. They must also do so whenever they can, in full commanding positions. On the basis of these four unique characteristics, they infiltrate all institutions of power, like a virus, or rather like a parasite, making all these institutions work for their own role and for their own obscure purposes of global enslavement of both peoples and nations to ensure the supremacy of the secular interests of the Vatican, under the cover of the alleged supremacy of the Catholic Church. Zionist Jews have an identical strategy of infiltration, not because they are necessarily trained as such this time, like the Jesuits, but because their religion, their Talmud in particular followed more specifically by most Zionists, teaches them from childhood that they are the "chosen race" meant to command the world and to have all the other races as their servants, in order to ensure the supremacy of their role as world moneylenders. On the other hand, the Zionists, contrary to the other common Jews, but similar to the Jesuits, also have at the foundation of their movement, the ideology of totalitarian Fabian Socialism pursuing the enslavement of all non-Jews as their Goyims (usually interpreted, at best, as 'human cattle'), in other words as their slaves. This has been well recognized, even explicitly sometimes, by some of the most prominent Rabbis of Jewry, even if most Rabbis will encourage Zionists to exercise their power discretely whenever possible, or even indirectly by the use of puppets, like Marrano Jews or even crypto-Jews. To the Zionists, all the non-Jews are called "Gentiles". For example, the former chief Sephardic rabbi of Israel, the famous Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, as the spiritual head of the powerful Shas Party, and one of the Israeli Prime Minister's closest allies, said it once explicitly: "The only purpose of Gentiles on Earth is to serve Jews". In short, both the Jesuits and the Zionists have a clear sense of superiority and supremacy, even if it is from an entirely different source, but both have Fabian Socialism at their base. As a result, when it attacks, from either side of the resulting two-headed dragon-cabal, the JewZuit Power does it like a stealth fighter war plane, practically undetectable by the radar of any normal frontend public institution, or the attention of any person not seeing the "enemy hidden in plain sight". As such, the JewZuit Power is the most prevailing and stealthy form of power that exists in the world at the moment, controlling in hiding all world politics, world economy, world information, and in particular the ugly debasing culture being pushed at all of us, worldwide, for the destruction of all our values, and consequently for the success of a fast forthcoming New World Order of global collectivist enslavement. It is now practically omnipotent but mainly because of our well entertained blindness. Fortunately, it can still be completely neutralized, if we wake-up, develop the necessary consciousness about its fundamental weakness, and democratically adopt the appropriate reforms. Helping this neutralization is the purpose of this essay.

As a member of a working class


If you want to know why you are living like a slave at the moment, working extremely hard in jobs or careers of the rat race, but for little wellness, let alone little security, and why you are being harassed daily doing so, by abusive legislation, paying excessive taxes to the outmost limit of your possibilities, hardly surviving, without being able to save any money, nor being able to enjoy any occasional more important pleasure without serious economic preoccupation or consequences, then you have to examine closely what the JewZuit Power is, looking at it through an appropriate magnifying lens.

As a member of a nation


If you want to know why your personal liberty is diminishing, more and more every year, why your government is being crushed by debt, getting in a worse situation every year in an exponential way, why even the richest countries are practically bankrupt and technically insolvent, while the caste of power lives better than ever before, you have to examine closely again what the JewZuit Power is. If you want to know why your government is using what Frederic Bastiat, in his book titled "The Law", called Legal Plunder against your hard-earned income, stealing by force of law the best of your resources, while granting all sorts of benefits to unmeritorious welfare recipients in order to easily get their votes, then again you have to examine closely what the JewZuit Power is. It could be partly because your government officials are incompetent and corrupted, but this is only the minor of your evils as a nation as the real problem stems from another source, from a Master Plan, in which political corruption and incompetence are only inevitable necessary tools of the Master Plan.

As a member of a civic environment


If you want to know why your civic life is constantly being degraded, affected by a debasing culture annihilating all our best values, invading and destroying all aspects of our personal life, and our family life, let alone our social life, with destructive rampant nihilism and relativism, or why our living is being restricted by a growing amount of laws and regulations to an unprecedented level in the history of humanity, then you also have to examine closely what the JewZuit Power is. If you want to know why you seem to be living in a growing police state, being indoctrinated from a young age to fear the state, instead of loving it and being loved by it, being spied in all aspects of your life, being unable to criticize, or use freethinking, or freedom of opinion, against those supposedly governing for your own good, then again you need to examine closely what the JewZuit Power is. 

Learning what is at the source of all these enslaving situations


Reading this essay, you will learn to know the real nature of all your problems, and of this incredible and omnipotent enslaving power behind them, as the JewZuit Power. You will learn how to identify it through the meanders of your daily life, and to understand it, through having a look at its history, its formation, and its operational ways. Once you will have understood who is behind your enslavement, you will then have to develop the clear consciousness that it is not an accidental enslavement, due to the combination of a set of uncontrollable circumstances of modern life, but a well planned type of enslavement, a Master Plan, due to the selfish desires of extreme wealth and extreme power of the caste of the JewZuit Power sitting behind it. Having understood who is behind your enslavement, and that it is a well planned enslavement, you will have to understand the main tool used for this enslavement, which is basically the ideology of totalitarian Fabian Socialism that is common to the thinking of both the Jewish Zionist side and the Catholic Jesuit side of the current JewZuit Power. It is the wolf hidden behind the sheepskin of the totalitarian Fabian Socialism. In another webpage you will also finally learn how to counteract the JewZuit Power, democratically, but most firmly and successfully, through a package of 12 cumulative reforms of a renewed form of democracy that we will call TruthOcracy in order not to confuse it with the fake democratic system that we wrongly call 'democracy' today.

The solutions to regain freedom and serenity


This essay on EthoCracy is only a preliminary attempt to describe and discredit our current fake democracy, and to arrive at a clear understanding and overview of what real democracy should be, as invented by Ancient-Greece, as a democratic reality that we will call TruthOcracy in order to avoid confusion with what we wrongly call 'democracy' today. In that overview of TruthOcracy, you will learn more explicitly how to get your freedom back, through a series of 12 cumulative reforms of our current fake democracy, as reforms capable to make most of "We The People" enjoy life in a more satisfactory way, by politically commanding, as free men of the social pyramid, the executive slaves finally placed at the top of the pyramid, for the first time in world history. The social pyramid will not be reversed by any riot or any violent revolution, but the commanding power within the pyramid will definitely be reversed from downwards to upwards, going "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". With today's technology, and a new enlightenment creating a critical mass of consciousness regarding this possibility, this is perfectly possible, for the first time in world history. This critical mass of consciousness is the essential first step to achieve this historical reversal, and helping its creation is the purpose of this essay.    

Not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy reality


It must be stressed, once again, that this JewZuit New World Order (NWO) is not a conspiracy theory. As we will see, it is a conspiracy reality, or a Conspireality, that can be demonstrated easily by history and facts, along with the explicit testimony of key players of the JewZuit Power. It is the Global JewZuit Conspireality. As such, it is real, easily documentable as a reality, and, as mentioned above, it is a fast forthcoming, and a fast growing, regime of Collectivism, with a clear matrix of totalitarian Fabian Socialism, and with an odd mixture of "Red Communism" and "Black Fascism", engulfing all of us in the Master Plan of a our global enslavement. It is interesting that "Red Communism" and "Black Fascism" are basically the same thing: Socialism, or rather Fabian Socialism. In fact, looking at both more closely, we can see clearly that they are only two different form of Fascism: Red Fascism (Communism) and Black Fascism. The only main difference is that the first one, Communism, is "International Socialism", and the second one, Fascism, is "National Socialism". However, both are dictatorial Fabian Socialism, as they are not/not "Government Of The People" as they want us to believe, but "Elite Government Over the People", as they have both well demonstrated to be in the 20th Century. The demonstrating facts and testimonies are kept well hidden by the accomplice mainstream press and mass media that are all owned or controlled by the same JewZuit Power, but quite easily accessible to an attentive researcher. And such attentive research reveals that this harsh global enslavement reality is already with us, on us, in an omnipotent state of near total completion, even if most of us do not yet quite realize it.


This essay is meant to contribute to raise popular consciousness about the stealthy catastrophic implementation of this Conspireality, in order to create the necessary critical weight of awareness to counteract it, or at least neutralize it as much as possible, if not entirely, along with promoting the necessary democratic solutions to firmly resolve this Conspireality of global enslavement. In his book about it, titled "None Dare Call it Conspiracy", Gary Allen means a "Conspiracy Reality", or conspireality, not a conspiracy theory. Allen's book is an initiation to the concept of real conspiracy, but he extensively quotes the famous books of Carroll Quigley,  "Tragedy and Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden". These works of Quigley, serving as a good base for many aspects of Allen's work, are expert history books on the subject of the evolution of civilization and its intrigues, not to say its conspiracies, as books that are written very professionally, and appreciated by most important intellectuals. Such sources can only give good credit to the seriousness of Allen's book.


Quigley was for example Clinton's mentor, of Clinton's own admission, and it would be difficult to accuse a person like President Clinton to be only a stupid conspiracy theorist. Accusing him of being a "Conspiracy Realist" however would probably be taken by him as a compliment, albeit maybe an embarrassing one exposing what he was trying to hide all along his mandates. Quigley, in a more important version, and Allen, in a simpler version, are authoritative sources on the concept of Conspireality, not the concept of Conspiracy TheoryQuigley (in 1966) and Allen (in 1972) only did not quite realize at that time, when they wrote their books, that it was becoming a JewZuit Conspireality, as many of the facts proving it were still quite well hidden at that time, or still being tuned-up. The dots of the puzzle are only starting to be connected well together through the "Internet Reformation". Clinton's personal circle of friends, and later of his staff, were filled with Rhodes Scholar globalists and CFR members. His deputy Secretary of State Steve Talbott was even more explicit than Quigley on their full commitment to the Globalist Conspireality. Talbott penned an OPED for the Time Magazine in 1992 in which he says: "In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all nations will recognize a single global authority; National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all".


Gary Allen was admittedly a member of the right wing of the political spectrum, but he majored in history and was a prominent journalist and speech writer for many important politicians. In other words, he was not one of these young kids writing foolishly about conspiracy theories. Consequently, again, he was writing about a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory. This essay tries to have the same kind of serious approach. This conspiracy reality was also confirmed over the years by many most prominent figures of the socio-political life who cannot be considered conspiracy theorists. As we will see, even Churchill was one of them. J.F. Kennedy was certainly another one of them, on the side of the ones having to fight personally against conspiracy reality. David Rockefeller was also another one of them, on the side of the implementation of conspiracy reality. We will identify him as a major player in conspiracy reality, using himself explicitly the term conspiracy, and admitting being guilty of its reality with proudness, first said: Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — One World, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it”. This is a quote from his MEMOIRS, published in 2002. He also said: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and their great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries". But to complete his thought, he also said, later on, using explicitly the expression New World Order this time, and speculating on its forthcoming full implementation: "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis [of the like of 911, or worse?] and the nations will accept the New World Order". In other words, like the famous JewZuit banker James Warburg well said while at the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations): "We shall have a world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest".


In turn, Kennedy, in a speech 10 months before his assassination, when he was at the Columbia University, made an incredible statement, using explicitly the expression Ruthless Conspiracy (obviously a Conspireality), in an official speech that expressed clearly this preoccupation and his objective of fighting it, when he said: “…our objectives are opposed by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that reverts to covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day, with a system conscripting vast human and material resources into the building of the tighten knit of a highly efficient machine [the "Deep State"?] that combines our military, our diplomatic our intelligence, our economic, our scientific and our political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlines. Its dissidents are silenced, not praised. No expenditure [Deep State black Budgets] is questioned, no rumor is printed [by the media owned by the same conspirators], and no secret is revealed. I am asking your help for the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people". This was 10 months before he died. Then, 6 days before he was assassinated, he also said: "There exist in this country a plot to enslave every man, women and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot". Kennedy was even asking people's help for exposing this monolithic ruthless conspiracy that was a real plot in his mind, and thus not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy reality. And Kennedy is not unique in having had these serious conspiracy concerns operating in his back. President Wilson is the one who reluctantly signed the infamous Federal Reserve Act (FED) in 1913, but only because the JewZuit Power had financed his electoral campaign on the understanding that he would enact the FED. Later on, Wilson made a tragic comment similar to Kennedy's one, as reported on the clip to the right. He said: "Some of the biggest men in the United States... are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it" [the Deep State?]. This is what we call the JewZuit Power that Kennedy called the conspirators trying "to enslave every man, women and child" through what we call DDDD. In 1913 Wilson was clearly talking about the precursors of the same elites that Kennedy will call, fifty years later, in 1963, the 'ruthless conspirators with a plot to enslave every man', and of the descendants of the same cabal that today we can call the JewZuit Power.


Kissinger has also argued openly about the need for a One-World Government, using that expression explicitly, and about the best way it might be facilitated, by a conspiracy of instigation of fear and debt (DDDD) into people through promulgating dangers of various kinds. He said in 1992, in the context of a meeting in Evian, in France: "The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being [i.e. their security, at the cost of loosing their liberty] granted to them by the World Government"He also said: "Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful [Is it not what is happening today, in 2017, under Trump's eyes, with the UN making strange joint maneuvers with DHS, on the basis of an agreement made by Obama, let alone the previous joint-UN rehearsal maneuvers of Jade Helm 16, and discretely establishing concentration FEMA camps in expectation of a civil war?]. When presented with this scenario, [the Watts Riots] individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their wellbeing granted to them by the World Government". In relation to Obama, Kissinger more recently also said, while at the New York Stock Exchange, in January 2009: "President Obama is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously. ... he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a New World Order [what we call MOWOP] can be created. It's a great opportunity, it isn't just a crisis".


In the meantime, many other world leaders and prominent figures of the political world of many countries, who could never be considered stupid conspiracy theorists, have started to admit quite openly the existence of this Conspiracy Reality regarding the building of the New World Order, or MOWOP, albeit maybe not explicitly in JewZuit terms. But the JewZuit link is there, in many places, mostly hidden in plain sight, but accessible to the attentive researcher. One can see it for example in the famous book "Between Two Ages" - America's Role in the Technetronic Era, by Zbigniew Brzezinski. More than America's role however he really describes the role of the new world that is "shaped culturally, psychologically, socially and economically by the impact of technology and electronics" and thus can be operated by the elites in a global planetary order, or MOWOP, without meaningful national borders, without patriotic nations with strong national cultural values (the Kalergi Plan of massive uncontrolled flows of culturally incompatible and inassimilable migrants), under the new unfathomable power of those we call the JewZuit Power. He was a security advisor of President Carter, and a close collaborator of other American presidents, and of many of the international organizations of the world power, or rather, as a Zionist Jew himself, the JewZuit Power. As such, he can certainly not be considered a conspiracy theorist, but rather a true conspiracy realist, like Rockefeller and Kennedy mentioned above. In that book, Brzezinski calls openly and explicitly for a new international monetary system based on a One-World government, and for a global One-World Taxation system. In doing so, he praises first the Red Socialist power of Marxism (or what we can call today International Fabian Socialism) as a creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision”, and then also praises the Black Socialist power of Fascism (or what we call today National Fabian Socialism). In this context, he notably praises a leading figure of the New Age, in the person of the famous Jesuit and personal friend of Mao: the globalist Teilhard de Chardin. Of course, as we will see better further down, the Red Socialist Power of a Marxist Communist like Mao, and the Black Socialist Power of a Jesuit Catholic like Teilhard de Chardin, are both based on the same ideology of Collectivism and totalitarian Fabian Socialism.


And to crown all the above quotes about the real existence of a global JewZuit conspiracy reality (that we call MOWOP), as opposed to a conspiracy theory, we can mention one of the main actors still living and most active today for the advent of the New Order, along with his good personal friend of Brzezinski, to the point of having been the main instigator of Barak Obama for catapulting him to power. His name is George Soros, aka György Schwartz as a Hungarian Zionist Jew and a famous name for not only the insiders of the New World Order. Unbelievably, Soros dared say, most presumptuously and explicitly: "If there was ever a man who would fit perfectly the stereotype of the Judeo-Plutocratic-Bolshevik-Zionist world conspirator today, it is me". With his net worth of more than 20 billion dollars, he does nothing else, in his plush life, but conspire, under the misleading names of the hundreds of "Open Society" foundations that he finances, to force the advent of the new One-World Government that will break all good national and cultural barriers in order to create a worldwide-melting-pot-of-no-values-and-no-freethinking-debt-money-slaves (as the Kalergi Plan), that will be more easily controllable and usable as slaves for the selfish purposes of the JewZuit Power under the good patronage of subservient global organizations like WTO, IMF, IBRD, EU, UN and TTT. If Soros and his acolytes do succeed, this shall be the final success of the JewZuit Power, or our full DDDD enslavement through our Long Saga from the False Pax Romana to the false Pax Judaica. This is certainly the path we are on today, leading clearly to the formation of the Greater-Israel and a dictatorial One-World Government based in Jerusalem after the destruction of super powers that could oppose the Master Plan, like the USA [and probably, hopefully for them, Russia and Iran], and after also the full destruction and balkanization of the Middle-East (without which balkanization the Master Plan could not be implemented for building the Greater Israel where to base the One-World-Government, after forcefully taking pieces of land from surrounding countries like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and even Greece, as expressed clearly in the Lighthouse Of the East Plan). 


In other words, in light of all the above prestigious testimonies, if some foolish conspiracy theories do exist, some real conspiracies do also exist, as Conspireality, and the JewZuit Power working on our global DDDD enslavement is definitely a real conspiracy, or a Conspireality, that has to be exposed in its objective of creating, through mainly spreading debt and fear, a totalitarian New World Order of Fabian Socialism, or MOWOP, based on a One-World Government. with a One-World Currency, a One-World Taxation, and possibly also a One-World Army and a One-World Religion called Panthriskia. Hopefully this essay will contribute at least a little bit to expose the reality of this satanic Master Plan, and do so as a global conspiracy reality instead of a conspiracy theory.

Acquiring height for a better perspective over our situation


Before getting into the details of this global conspiracy of enslavement through the DDDD of MOWOP, we can try to take a bit of height, for acquiring a better perspective over the territory that we will want to examine. An old Latin adage says: Mille viae ducunt per saecula Romam (All roads lead to secular Rome). It is true, but only half true, in the sense that Rome is only half way to the final destination which will eventually be Jerusalem. If the Mother Church of the Jesuits in Rome is probably more secular than religious all right, Catholic Rome, intended specifically as the Vatican, is only an essential half-way stop on the longer road to Judeo-Christian Jerusalem, for the previous construction of the Third Rock Temple Mount, in which to establish, in final instance, the One-World Government, or rather, using the above expression of Rockefeller, the 'One-World' government of the New World Order being built.


The starting points of the various paths leading to Jerusalem are many. From this point of view, Jewish New York, intended specifically as Manhattan, with its Wall Street, its UN, and its brand new One-World Trade Center, as the official power tools of their JewZuit attendants in Washington DC, controlling mainly the starting point of all of the Americas, is one of the major starting points of the various JewZuit roads to Jewish Jerusalem, via Catholic Rome.


The same for Rome itself, be it intended as the city, or the Vatican, or as the 'Club Of Rome' at the foundation of the EU of clear JewZuit origin. The same can be said also for the road from Frankfurt, now controlling all of the Eurozone, with or without Merkel, and the road from London, intended specifically as The City, controlling most of Eurasia through Hong Kong. All these starting points lead to Judeo-Christian Jerusalem via Judeo-Christian Rome. Be it clear, as seen in a previous section, that Christian Rome has become clearly Judeo-Christian after the Vatican Zionist coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962 with the JewZuit Power dominating completely the Vatican ever since, in particular since the election of the Jesuit Pope Francis.


All these roads of course have an essential common switching point on their way, located in Basel in Switzerland. This is because the New World Order is being built on the basis of the financial power of the private network of national central banks that find their central switching point in the JewZuit world banking system of the marshaling BIS (Bank for Internal Settlements). The BIS is the private world central bank of all the private national central banks. These private national central banks were all deceitfully and gradually given the power to create money, privately, out of nothing, and then lend it to (pubic) governments with interests. Our governments borrow that money uselessly, very stupidly, as they could have created it themselves, for the same amounts, and have no public debt for these same amounts. This is the "Debt" part of our current DDDD global enslavement. The final destination of all these roads, via Rome, is Jerusalem. In fact, the Roman Vatican already owns about 2/3 of all the real-estate property of Jerusalem. That eventual world capital, Jerusalem, is not conflictive because it is dear to the hearts of both the Zionists (Jews) and the Jesuits (Christians), as it is both a Judaic and a Christian city, but not too conflictive either with the Muslims, as they also hope to reinforce their world power  in an eventual One-World government via Jerusalem.


The global perspective that we have to acquire today, in order to understand what is going on in the world, is the following: the USA is in irreversible decline, and close to full collapse. In fact, its collapse is part of the JewZuit Master Plan, as there shall not be any another super power that could oppose the MOWOP when it is finally established in Jerusalem. Those not fully aware of the Master Plan believe that only a WWIII could save it from an early collapse and ensure the extension of the dollar's life as the world reserve currency. This is why part of the political power of the USA is so proactively pursuing the start of WWIII, with all sorts of provocations around the world, mainly against Russia that they have surrounded with dozens of American military bases. Of course, they are trying to do it in a way that would shed the blame on somebody else in front of the world public opinion, like on Russia for example, because of Ukraine, or because of some other false flag event. However, a WWIII would only delay the full collapse of the USA by probably not more than one short generation. Within the Master Plan, its collapse is not a question of “if”, but only a question of “when”. It is programmed to happen, in due time, by the will of the JewZuit Power, and will not be an accidental collapse. In any case, as a response, Judeo-Christian Jerusalem, within an extended Greater Israel being proactively molded, is ready to take over as the world capital at the service of the new JewZuit Power that is already running the world discretely, but most powerfully, in the background. This new world power however will be one of Socialist Collectivism enslaving all of us through mainly debt-money, let alone the other DDDD factors. This dictatorial Social Collectivism will be well guarded by the three-headed Cerberus of extreme legislation, excessive taxation and fearful disinformation. It will be well implemented by its many agents hiding themselves behind deceitful acronyms like IMF, WTO, GATT, World Bank, UN and EU, just to name a few. This is the fast forthcoming New World Order.


Consequently, we should probably paraphrase the old Latin adage mentioned above in a better way, with a bit of humor, by saying more accurately: "All currents having to do with the control of world politics and finances stem from the tentacles of a unique octopus of JewZuit Power swimming on its way to Jerusalem". As explained at the beginning, the new JewZuit World Power exists 'When the Jewish power of the Zionists conspires with the Jesuit power of the Catholics for a Power of Global Enslavement of all peoples and nations into a collectivist New World Order of totalitarian Fabian Socialism'. This global enslavement is not only meant to be total in power, quantitatively, but also total in dimension, qualitatively, involving all areas of human activity like the media, entertainment, academia and the private business of a huge allied corporatocracy. As we will see further down in more details, this is certainly the dramatic situation that we are all in today, all of us who are not members of the JewZuit elites.

The Basel Tower as the Babel Tower of the Great Enslavement


The BIS, as the main, but most discrete, railroad switching center of the worldwide empire of JewZuit Power, has issued its so-called Basel III Regulations in 2013, to be fully phased in by 2019 at the latest. The global JewZuit system at the moment is based on a huge worldwide bubble of debt-money because it is based on the FED-type of private central banking that wants nations and people to spend debt-money as much as possible, not to save at all, or as less as possible, transferring wealth from old savers  to young spenders through the use of QE (Quantitative Easing) that can only create bubbles. The immensity and dramatic significance of this epic financial bubble in terms of announcing a falling empire, is well expressed in the excellent book of Bill Bonner & Addison Wiggin, titled "The New Empire of Debt" - The Rise and Fall of an Epic Financial Bubble. Its fall however, although following the typical pattern of all previous falling empires, will be more catastrophic than ever before in the history of humanity because it is, for the first time, a global empire of debt.


The latest regulations of the BIS, namely the Basel III, will gradually, but inevitably, and eventually severely, probably quite soon, restrict credit, thus bust this immense bubble of global world debt-money. This may mean the "Basel Tower" of the BIS may have the same kind of dramatic symbolic meaning that represented its nearly homonymous "Babel Tower" acting like an ancient destructive stargate in relation to the Great Flood, debasing the entire world economy to its knees. This time it may bring down an entire civilization as we know it today. If it is not in relation to a Great Flood, it will be this time in relation to a forthcoming Great Collapse of the global economy. Of course, the collapse will be for the rest of us, while saving  and actually reinforcing its own elite interests. This clearly forthcoming collapse will be for most common people at the ground level, one of Great Enslavement. It will be destructive for all the nations and peoples to whom the banks will have successfully pushed debt-money to enslave them. This enslavement is well advanced, and affecting already badly the majority of "We The People" today.


Be it clear that the collapse of the worldwide financial bubble will be extremely profitable for the banksters elites themselves, or rather for the financial JewZuit elites managing the New World Order. These elites will inevitably acquire along the way, as it has already happened many times in past depressions on minor scales, all the mobile and immobile assets being confiscated during any major economic crisis. Such crisis are always well programmed to the long-term advantage of the maneuvering elites, those who are the JewZuit Power this time.


If the global collapse has not happened yet, it is only because the JewZuits feel they have not created quite enough debt yet. From this point of view, the FED and its QE, along with its network of subservient private central national banks around the world, appears very much to be a stealthy agent of collapse of the world economy, as opposed to being a tool to regulate it, in order to bring in a new  One-World Government  and a One-World Currency as a first step, and probably a cashless world as a second step, at the service of the cabal of the JewZuit Power that sits behind it at the moment. Common people will suffer, as they will become completely enslaved to the totalitarian New World Order of Fabian Socialism, but this is the undeclared objective of the JewZuit Power. The elites of that power in turn will not care because they will already have their rich bank accounts in gold instead of in the toilet paper that the fiat money will become, making the nations owning these collapsing fiat currencies become third-world countries, in particular the USA because of the super status of the dollar as the current world reserve currency.  


When that forthcoming collapse will take place, it will happen, for the first time, on a global scale. The worst part however is that it appears more and more clearly, as every month goes by, that this catastrophic bust and enslavement for the world middle classes, and the related immense profit for the elites, will not have been an accident, like in the collapse of all previous empires, but a plan, a well concerted Master Plan of the JewZuit Power. This Master Plan is meant to bring about a new worldwide enslaving currency, for which the EURO is only a test, and an excellent enslaving test so far, as Greece can well testify. It will also bring about a new system of worldwide enslaving taxation, for which the UN Carbon-Tax is being another excellent enslaving test so far, to be added over the already excessive levels of national taxation. These two enslaving tools will be brought about with new levels of extreme legislation at world level, for which UN Agenda 21 is also only a test at the moment. Closing on an opposing note, it would appear that this global enslavement test may fail if we take proper action, like the measures suggested in the excellent book of Rosa Koire, titled "Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21". 


All this enslavement will come through the UN, or through its possible replacement as the UWO (United World Organization), or, in final instance, through a WG (World Government); In short, through a One-World Government of totalitarian Fabian Socialism that is common to both sides of the JewZuit Conspireality, the two sides of the same coin of the new One-World Currency, the red side of the Communist Zionists, and the black side of the Catholic Jesuits. For now, in order not to reveal the full diabolical nature of global enslavement stemming from this Master Plan, we are taught, and psychologically engineered, through the controlled networks of world media belonging to the same JewZuit Power, to call it only with the innocuous name of the New World Order.

The three ways the JewZuit Master Plan can evolve


This JewZuit Master Plan might become highly disturbed in the near future, possibly even destroyed, by new world players becoming aware of it, and already opposing it, albeit discretely and carefully so far, like typically Russia and Saudi Arabia, or by countries afraid to be relegated to only a secondary role, like China, in the overall plan. If only one of these major players, for example, suddenly dropped completely the petrodollar for selling or buying their oil, and decided to use only their own national currency for such petro-transactions, which is not unlikely anymore in the near future, the JewZuit Master Plan would be highly disturbed practically instantly, to probably the full advantage of such new players, and inevitably with incredible damage to the main JewZuit countries, like the USA and England, not to mention all of the EU. However, this would not destroy the Master Plan, as it can even be part of it. The Master Plan is not in the hands of the USA or the UK as countries, but in the hands of the JewZuit Power that sits over and above these main countries, like a cloud of cyberspace well distributed over a series of countries and institutions. In any case, sooner or later, the Empire of Debt, and its immense debt-money bubble of mainly petrodollars, can only collapse, has to collapse, and will probably soon collapse. Even the JewZuit Power is fully aware of this inevitable eventuality as it is an integral part of their Master Plan. The first way it should collapse, from the point of view of the JewZuits, can only be through the introduction of a new world currency that they can still fully control. This is why the JewZuit elites are so much in a rush at the moment, to implement their Master Plan with a new world currency as soon as possible, which will require, to justify its introduction, the previous collapse of few currencies that are secondary to the petrodollar on a worldwide basis, like typically the EURO. The fully JewZuit IMF has already created, in collaboration with the fully JewZuit World Bank, a pre-candidate for a new one-world currency, called the SDR (Special Drawing Rights). These SDR can already be used and converted to other currencies. Although SDRs are not a tangible currency yet, they can already be used as a better alternative to a volatile American dollar or Chinese Yuan in certain circumstances. These SDRs are being tested, and are intended to become the new worldwide currency at the occasion of an important world economic crisis justifying it, and planned to justify it, probably after being presented with a new name, like possibly "BANCOR" or "Phoenix", as suggested by some insiders. It would be presented as the novelty of world salvation: Order out of Chaos! If they succeed with their Master Plan, unfortunately for most of us, the JewZuit Power will see it as a great success. For these elites, it will definitely be the full success of their Master Plan but, for the middle classes of the whole world, it will be a real disaster, as they will be enslaved like never before in world history. The second way the collapse can take place is if the Master Plan is broken up, suddenly and inadvertently, by powerful new players like Russia for example, being unduly provoked. In such case, maybe only half of the middle classes of the world population would be enslaved and, at least for some of us, for those on the right side, it would be an improvement. For too many others it would be a complete catastrophe. But there is a third way to annihilate the JewZuit Master Plan, with a minimal amount of negative consequences in the short term, and a maximum amount of positive consequences in the long term. This third way would ensure the JewZuit Master Plan is neutralized instead of broken up, and not unduly collapsed too abruptly. This third way would take place without enslaving any population to any meaningful degree, and giving most of us a new freedom, also like never before in world history, with the middle classes finally commanding the executive elite-slaves of the social pyramid, going "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". With the modern technology of our modern world, this can most effectively be done, through a set of "drastically-democratic" reforms, called the EthoCracy Reform Package. The JewZuit Power knows this, is very much afraid of this, and will certainly fight back to discredit these reforms, using character assassination against their authors, if not impede totally their implementation by all the extensive means at their disposal. Nevertheless, these reforms are elaborated already in a first draft form, in Part II of this essay. They are intended to be finalized and published as soon as possible in an eBook. This third way of neutralizing the enslaving JewZuit system is the only good way for most of us around the world, and depends first on our consciousness of it, and then on our democratically requesting it with absolute firmness. The 99%, acting firmly and democratically, shall inevitably prevail over the 1% of the JewZuit pseudo-elites. Real democracy, as invented by Ancient-Greece, should not be our freedom to elect our own selfish JewZuit dictators, like it is the case at the moment, but to elect our own executive-slaves, or real public-servants, at the top of the social pyramid, in a new culture of ELJSM making these executives act proudly as a brand new type of dedicated, altruistic and efficient public servants, of the type Plato used to call the "Philosopher King", as the only valid type of leader to be placed at the command of a city or a country.

Omnipotence and Impunity of an unelected and unaccountable Luciferian elite, unless...


The worst thing is that the Master Plan of JewZuit global enslavement, if it succeeds, will inevitably be implemented with full impunity for the unelected and unaccountable Luciferian elites who designed it, unless we wake up and take the appropriate counter-actions with a set of powerful reforms like those elaborated in the "EthoCracy Reform Package" of Part II of this essay. In the meantime all the JewZuit main players are actively working at this Master Plan. The Vatican in the middle of Rome is an independent JewZuit state acting sovereignly within Italy. Basel is an independent JewZuit state acting sovereignly within Switzerland. The City in the middle of London (sometimes called the Jewish Vatican), located inside the old Roman walls, is an independent JewZuit state acting sovereignly within England. Washington DC is an independent JewZuit state acting sovereignly within the United States. Hong Kong is an independent JewZuit state acting sovereignly within China. All 5 are fully independent JewZuit states within a national state. All 5 have a common JewZuit Power in nature and purpose! And Jerusalem, the last independent state of this Six-Pointed Star of JewZuit states, gradually uniting and encircling all of them like a Luciferian serpent, is being well prepared to become the main independent JewZuit state, as the 6th one, within Israel, intended as the 1st one in terms of rank, and the eventual world capital of a One-World Government. These six City-within-City, or State-within-State, or really State-within-City, as protected independent and sovereign JewZuit State encirclements, are already all centers of a strange mixture of Judeo-Christian power that could be well represented symbolically by an emblematic icon like the one to the left enclosing practically all possible symbols of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism. As such, Jerusalem is meant to become in final instance the world capital of the JewZuit New World Order of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism. Many speculate however that this final objective, regarding Jerusalem, might have to be achieved through a preliminary and temporary transition in Astana, the new super-capital of Kazakhstan being built, until the situation in the Middle East becomes fully stabilized and allows Jerusalem to play that role in full security, acting as a real sovereign state within the state of Israel and as the world capital. Astana is the brand new super-capital of Kazakhstan. It is certainly being built, entirely from scratch, with a clear New Age vision, which means a New World Order vision, and in the proportions of a real world capital with a brilliant destiny of absolute world power. Such immensity of functionality and symbols, as we will see further down, would certainly be well suited to the already nearly omnipotent JewZuit Power of the fast forthcoming New World Order.  


The unelected and unaccountable elites involved in the consolidation of the new JewZuit Power and the final completion of the New World Order are already well performing with full omnipotence and full impunity in supra-national organizations like the EU and the UN, not to mention the TTT world treaties like the TTIP or the TPP being put in place at the moment as the new pillars of this enslaving New World Order of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism. All these unaccountable bodies already establish thousands of laws to be followed by dozens of countries and millions of people even if nobody has ever voted for their ideas in any electoral program, or ever voted for any member of their leadership. Their productivity constitute an incredibly complex set of rules to be obeyed by all of us, under the threat of huge penalties, and pushed at us by a plush nomenclature of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats led by the JewZuit Power well hidden in the background. Needleless to say that this huge nomenclature is not only unacceptable on the basis of its unaccountability, but also on the basis of its costs to the taxpayers of the countries involved. It commands from the top to the bottom, without ever having been elected and mandated to do so, instead of from the normal democratic way, from the bottom to the top through binding electoral programs. What is most interesting however, and most sad, is that nobody seems to realize how unacceptable and how ridiculous this situation is. Everybody seems to accept it blindly and silently, on the basis of a matrix of political correctness imposed to them by deception, in a subliminal way, by the mainstream mass media that are also fully controlled by the same JewZuit unaccountable elites. As we have seen, if we do not wake up and react to this deception, it will soon be too late, and the New World Order of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism will be our new reality.    



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The three-headed Cerberus of our enslavement


This is an essay on our complete enslavement through the three-headed Cerberus of the JewZuit New World Order Conspiracy Reality, or the JewZuit Conspireality, and how to get back our freedom through a proper set of cumulative reforms. The 3 heads of the Cerberus are: 1) excessive taxation, 2) extreme legislation, and 3) fearsome disinformation. The teeth of the Cerberus are the debt-money currencies created and manipulated by the JewZuit Power. This global three-headed beast of enslavement, of both peoples and countries, affecting all of us today, in all aspects of our life, is the most holistic form of slavery ever developed and used in the history of humanity, perfected and fine-tuned over centuries by our discrete masters in the background. Consequently it is well represented by the symbol of the terrible Cerberus of the Greek mythology (picture to the right), in particular if we consider the total and dictatorial enslavement that is paradoxically happening in a country like Greece today, as the country that invented democracy, philosophy, education, and everything else that we describe nowadays with the words "Culture" or “Civilization”, including justice, ethics, merit, fine arts, beauty, science and freedom, not to mention harmonious music. The first head of this Cerberus of enslavement, the extreme legislation, expresses itself eminently through the new concepts of Total Legislation, and thus of Total Criminalization that are being growingly implemented by the JewZuit Power, whereby everything can be considered a crime. This concept of total criminalization is applied not only to our growingly intricate commercial life, or all our interpersonal relations en general, but even to the simplest aspects of our own very personal life that have been considered normal serene free living for centuries, like bearing a child on one's shoulders while walking in a park, leaving a well packed bag of garbage for a few minutes in front of one's house entrance, being an amusing occasional magician for children without a license, even if you have done it successfully in the context of your extended personal family or community for 25 years, being a city guide tour without being allowed to say certain things about certain buildings, like simply identifying the taxation office, producing ice for your bar drinks without using an expensive licensed ice maker instead of your own fridge freezer, or growing the vegetables of your family on your own balcony or backyard. The more things that can be considered a crime, the more chances of full control the new JewZuit Power can have on our life, and on our progressive enslavement. This is extreme legislation and criminalization for the pure sake of control, and for helping an extreme amount of bureaucrats to maintain and justify their positions working to maintain and increase the JewZuit Power. In the meantime, you are the subjects of a growing number of surprise inspection of your private home for any kind of futile purposes that never existed in the past centuries or millennia.      

The scary JewZuit handshake of two dangerous ideologies of supremacy


The power behind this global enslavement is the JewZuit Power that we will learn to identify, and describe in its nature and activities, in the rest of this Part I. The JewZuit Power comes from a combination of two powers that, so far, have existed and operated mostly separately, each for their own objectives. It consists in the collusion of two malicious ideologies of superiority, the one of the Jewish Zionists, and the one of the Catholic Jesuits, thus the new word: JewZuit. The Zionists are generally the followers of the most secretive sacred book of the Jews, the Talmud, that teaches them explicitly that they are superior, as the chosen people, selected by God, to dominate and rule the world, in order to preserve the supremacy of their race over all other races. For them, this means a clear racial superiority, and for them, all other races exist only as slaves to serve them. The Catholic Jesuits in turn follow an incredibly severe personal discipline, called the Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, their founder, that brings them to also believe that they are superior, but as the chosen soldiers this time, selected by God as a kind of chosen army, to dominate and rule the world, in order to preserve the supremacy of the Vatican, or of the Catholic church over all other religions. For them, this means a clear superiority, but as a caste, or an army, instead of as a race. This caste, or this army, is hosted in a religion, the Catholic religion, and consequently all other religions have to be fought and, if at all possible, eliminated, or at least neutralized in their influence over masses of people. But it is not the religion that counts, it is the supremacy of the army and the Vatican, using that religion. It is not Jesus, or Christ that counts, but the Vatican and the caste that dominates it through the Catholic religion. It is clear that both the Zionists and the Jesuits think in terms of supremacy, and of superiority over others, in orienting the activities of their lives, in order to better rule the world for their respective objectives. Between them however, there has been a long-last rivalry of superiority in particular on the part of the Jews. This rivalry for superiority is not at all new, and started at least some 2000 years ago. Before the foundation of the Jesuits in 1534, the Greeks were holding a double seat with the Catholics in this equation of rivalry for superiority. A great part of the Christian theology and philosophy comes from the Greeks. The Catholic Church in particular has absorbed, from early on, and adapted, over centuries, a lot of the Greek culture that the Jews always resented. The Jews resented it mainly out of jalousie for all the exceptional things mentioned above that the Greeks are known, by most people worldwide, to have invented or achieved, which compared too advantageously to their own achievements in the public opinion, over the past centuries, even today. That Greek culture was forcefully phased out by the Catholics, for the great contentment of the Jews but, by the same token, the Catholics gradually and proportionately took the place of the Greeks as their main rivals, in their ideology of superiority, and for their ambitions of world domination.

The squashing of the Greek culture as the EL culture of real historical superiority


The Greek EL culture has been sitting in the middle of these two JewZuit ideologies of superiority for centuries, bothering both of them because of its natural superiority, between the one of the Jews and the one of the Christians. The ELLENS (Greeks) did not have an ideology of superiority on a racial basis, like the Jews always had, nor on a clerical caste basis, like the Catholics have had, in particular like the Jesuits have had since their foundation, as an army of clerical soldiers, but they nevertheless had their own original natural sense of superiority based on a life style of free-thinking and personal physical freedom applied to the pursuit of the fundamental concepts they have always had at the base of the philosophy they have invented: the Good, the True, the Just and the Beautiful. This was and is the beautiful ancient EL culture that really dates back to the time of the Atlantis some 11000 years ago. Classical Greece of Pericles and Plato was in fact the fifth great period of Greek civilization, not the first, like most mainstream historians want us to believe, raising and falling in between periods of  tragic geological cataclysms. That beautiful EL culture has never been surpassed by any other western culture. All the other cultures or religions only tried to somehow copy part of it, or adapt some of it, for their own followers, but they were always prevented from absorbing the best of it, because that best part was going frontally against the fundamental objectives of enslavement of their own JewZuit cultures of power, instead of cultures of liberty, through DDD (Dogma, Debt and Despair). A culture of liberty does not go along with a culture of power. This was true even at the time when democracy and social liberty were born, when Socrates was sentenced to death because he was teaching freethinking and promoting liberty. 


In other words, this Greek sense of superiority, and the EL values it was founded on, was in complete opposition with the two ideologies of superiority of the Jews and the Christians, or of what is now the JewZuit Power. These two newer cultures the Jewish and the Christian ones,  were both founded on only one, and a much more pragmatic concept, the one of Power, as absolute world power over the non-caste people in general who were considered as subjugated "sinner slaves" for the Christians, or "Goyims" for the Jews. Consequently the Greek life style and EL values of liberty and freethinking had to be squashed as a prerequisite to the full functioning of the forthcoming JewZuit Power and the forthcoming One-World Government of totalitarian Fabian Socialism


The Greek EL concept of superiority was one established on a national, cultural, and philosophical basis, not on a racial or dogmatic basis. Greeks also felt superior, but only because they believed strongly that their overall personal and national culture was the best, that their living environment, personal and social, was the best, and that all the other nations had a culture of barbarians compared to their own. And the Greeks certainly demonstrated that kind of superiority very factually, in many ways, as mentioned above, through the 'invention of democracy, philosophy, holistic education (or what we call ELducation), and everything else that we describe nowadays with the words "Culture" and “Civilization”, including social justice, ethics, merit, fine arts, beauty, science, freethinking and freedom, not to mention harmonious music'.


At the time the Greeks were building the beautiful Parthenon, around 435 BC, keeping themselves well dressed and perfectly clean in efficient public baths, in beautiful physical shape through a huge network of gymnasiums, artistically active with, among other things, painting and sculpting masterpieces insuperable to this day, and intellectually vigorous with philosophy, enjoying good wine and profound conversations during sophisticated symposium meals, at that same time, all other populations in Europe, in areas of present France, Germany or England for example, were in fact real dirty and ignorant barbarians, living in huts, dressed with animal skins, talking with an incredibly limited vocabulary, and washing their hands in their hair after eating like wild beasts. And this kind of real barbarianism was the standard for most of the rest of the world outside of ELLAS (Greece), at a time when Plato was writing his philosophical dialogues in a language that, to this day, has never been surpassed in refinement and level, let alone Homer's writings some 1000 years before him. At best, most other populations outside Europe, even in climates similar to the one of Greece, like in the geographical area of the self-alleged "Chosen People" of the Jews, or what Israel is today, that have envied Greeks since even before that time, were living mostly like primitive shepherds or slaves of ugly dictators.


The great historian, geographer and extensive traveller, Pausanias, of the 2nd century (c. 110 – 180 AD), describes factually and in details, in 10 volumes, not only all of Greece, but most of the Mediterranean lands around it. What Pausanias tells us, as a simple attentive observer, without a hint of prejudice, nor any interest of any Greek master to defend, indicates very clearly that the Greeks were the "culture bearers" of all these lands, and not any other race, let alone the Jews that he describes as living mostly like primitive shepherds. This comes in clear contradiction with what Jewish leading modern writers are claiming, like Max Radin in his recent book of 2013, "Jews among Greeks and Romans", trying to make their ancestors far more important than they were, as the alleged "cultural bearers" since the classical period, when at that time they were a rather insignificant people living quite primitively. Others have also had Radin's pretention regarding the Jews, and even tried to discredit Pausanias specifically because of this, like the famous German racial supremacist Wilamowitz (1848-1931) who is still used today, by many pseudo-expert historians, as a source of interpretation of the classical period of western history. This "expert's discredit" however is only fake and destructive propaganda against the beautiful EL culture, and based, in all cases, on vague affirmations and implications that are not credible.


The Greeks were in fact the true and uncontested "culture bearers" of the ancient world, and they are still the same today if we consider what they have left us in heritance. These two authors, Radin and Wilamowitz, have obviously not read an exceptionally well documented book about the history of the terrible and continuous attempts of the Jews, in collaboration with the Christians, to destroy the best of the western EL culture coming from the Greeks, in order to try to demonstrate, or make the rest of the world believe that they are really what they say they are, that they are supposedly God's "Chosen People", and that, as such, they were, or are even now, the pretended "light bearers" of the best culture, for two millennia, for the rest of us Goyims (a word used to qualify all non-Jews, and usually interpreted, at best, as 'human cattle'). That book that they have missed is titled "Jews - The Whole Truth", by Constantine Plevris [ΟΙ ΕΒΡΑΙΟΙ > ΟΛΗ Η ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ, by ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ Α. ΠΛΕΥΡΗΣ]. The Jews sued Plevris for alleged hate speech, but they lost their court case. The court established that the author is not using hate speech against the Jews, but essentially documenting well established facts of history. Unfortunately this huge 1400 page book is only available in Greek. Fortunately for those who can read it, it is written in the highest and best level of the modern Greek language, the Katharevousa, the level used by all educated Greeks before their language was systematically debased, over the last 30 years, including by a shameful law adopted swiftly and furtively by a deserted parliament over the Christmas period, during the premierships of three Jewish prime ministers of Greece mentioned further down, the two Papandreou, father Andreas and son George, and Costas Simitis. Nevertheless, in spite of the court case won by Plevris, all the JewZuit-controlled networks of world publishers will not allow, so far, its publication in English or in any other western language or country.


As an alternative and original book in English, one may want to read the book of Peter Christian, of 2011, titled "The Work of All Ages" - The Ongoing Plot to Rule the World from Biblical Times to the Present. It describes the history of the Jewish people and their affirmed vision and pretention of world supremacy as God's "chosen people" during all of the last 2500 years. Peter Christian also wrote another excellent book in 2013, titled: "One Nation Under Zion" -  Zionist Influence on America, that explains why America went from being the most prosperous nation in the world at the end of World War II to being the most indebted. This is part of what we call the Holocaust Against Western Civilization in another section, let alone the Biggest and Longest of All Holocausts, the one against Hellenism. To complete this perspective, but concentrating on its more recent history, instead of its distant past and origin, and to understand how the Jewish Talmud followed by most Zionists is the real motivation and blueprint behind today's New World Order, an excellent book is the one of Michael Collins Piper, titled "The New Babylon - Those who Reign Supreme". Interestingly enough, Piper also wrote "Final Judgment", in which book he documents the role of the Jewish Mossad in the assassination of JF Kennedy. Notwithstanding these pretentions of superiority and supremacy on the part of the Jews, or "Those who Reign Supreme", pretentiously promoted on the basis of an unconfirmed superior Jewish DNA, as mentioned above, the real light bearers of culture have definitely been the EL culture of the Greeks for at least 2500 years, for both what they have created and for what they have left us in inheritance, and, in their case, on the basis of an ascertained different and unique Hellenic DNA.


Regarding democracy, holistic education and fine arts, this is immediately obvious. Regarding philosophy specifically, not only have they invented it, but that philosophy, contrary to modern philosophy, was always, first and foremost, a kind of incarnated philosophy, as a concrete way of living, a "philosophical lifestyle", based on a set of virtues, more than just an intellectual way of analyzing and comprehending the world. It was both aspects together, the latter and the former. Modern philosophy has reduced itself to being only the latter, which, for the Greeks who invented it, would have been inconceivable. Each EL (Greek) school of philosophy was always accompanied by a strong related discipline, both personal and social, based on a set of well defined specific virtues, all aiming at incarnating, as best as possible, their own school vision of the absolute values of the Good, the True, the Just and the Beautiful, in their personal life and in their social national environment. This philosophy was "the" philosophy, the one and only philosophy that ever deserved this name, the one that has never been surpassed by any modern philosopher or philosophical movement.


The English mathematician and philosopher A.N. Whitehead so truly, and so well, said: "The safest general characterization of the [modern] European philosophical tradition is that it consists only of a series of footnotes to [ancient] Plato" . Greeks believed, and rightly so, that those following such philosophical life-discipline, based on an agreed set of virtues, were superior, on a cultural basis, and deserved to lead or be a good example for others. Because of their strong freethinking mentality and culture of freedom, this was clearly conceived as a leadership by example, as opposed to by a forceful ruling power, by a leadership to be proudly used, whenever possible, for helping their co-citizens and foreigners, and for the maintenance and spreading of their best national type of civic environment.


Because Greeks were also exceptionally great navigators, and most curious freethinking intellectuals, they inevitably travelled a lot and inevitably spread that beautiful philosophical EL culture, in a great part of the known world at the time; but they never tried to impose it by force on any other person or country. The spreading of their EL culture was not propagated because they were expansionists beyond their national borders, but only by natural osmosis, after visiting other parts of the world and entering in contact with other foreign populations. Typically, all their wars were essentially defensive wars, never expansionist wars, at most maybe a war of revenge, like the one war of Alexander the Great against the Persians who had destroyed Greece decades earlier. In most cases their wars were fought to protect and promote proudly, with "Periphania", or patriotic proudness, their beautiful national EL culture. For this reason, all their conquests were never real conquests, never concluded in any forceful domination or other peoples, but they were rather probing explorative expeditions concluded in the positive influence of an obviously superior culture that was usually most welcome by the majority of the people of the conquered nations, and often readily absorbed through a desired and natural osmosis by these peoples. Most of these expeditions never involved undue plundering over their basic expedition needs, and never any form of prolonged violent occupation.


From this point of view, Alexander the Great has certainly been a unique type of "beloved conqueror", compared to none other, and certainly not comparable to any of the other main warriors and empire builders that history has known in the last two millennia, be it a Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire, a Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire, a Caesar of the Roman Empire, a Sultan Selim of the Ottoman Empire, or a modern Hitler or Napoleon. But even within Greece, Alexander is not an exception. Ancient Greece has a long tradition of such explorers who tried to spread civilization without occupying and exploiting countries, but rather helping them to improve their situation through a rational use of their territories and the use of the best scientific knowledge available to the Greeks at that time. The little known, but maybe the most famous of the predecessors if Alexander the Great is Dionysus. He is mostly known as a Greek Olympian God, but it is only because of his incredible expeditions in the whole world that the legend gave him a place at the Olympus as, in fact, the last "God" who joined the Olympus. Dionysus is also known as Bacchus by the Latin Roman culture. He is the Greek god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine. His incredible expeditions, worldwide, are very extensively described by Nonnus of Panopolis who lived around 400 AD. Nonnus' narrative history of these expeditions of Dionysus around the world are called the Dionysiaka. They are written in 48 volumes of which we still have important fragments today, written and perfectly legible in ancient Greek. More recently, around 1850, a great writer, Athanasios Stagiritis (Αθανάσιος Σταγειρίτης), wrote "Ogygia" (Ωγυγία) in 5 tomes, with also an extensive narrative of the expeditions of Dionysus, basing himself in great part on Nonnus of Panopolis, but also on many other ancient sources of literature of Greece, India and many other countries. Stagiritis' books are little known, and not easily accessible today, as they are written in the highest Katharevousa level of the modern Greek language. This Katharevousa level is hated by the current JewZuit authorities in Athens. This new JewZuit Power in Greece has constantly tried, since their taking power after 1974, through mainly the election of 3 Jewish prime ministers (the two Papandreou and Simitis) and their nomenclatures, to debase Greece, not only economically, but even more so culturally. This includes the debasing of the Greek language and the elimination, by law, of the teaching of the Katharevousa level that used to be part of the curriculum of all schools until the departure of the Colonels in 1974. This is an incredible loss for the Greek EL culture, but a loss that is programmed by the JewZuits that have dominated Greece since 1974, and have hated, and tried to destroy the great EL culture now for centuries, not to say millennia. The expeditions of Dionysus date back to at least some 1300 years before Alexander, thus around 1625 BC, and consisted, at the beginning, mainly in fighting the barbarian invasions of the Hyksos in the territories that were mainly of ancient Greek EL culture, like Egypt. It is to be noted here again that the Pelasgians, as mentioned earlier, had also conducted similar expeditions even before Dionysus, some 5000 years ago, from India to the Americas. Just like Alexander, Dionysus, after his victory against the Hyksos, explored most of the known world at that time, mainly out of curiosity and with the hope to maybe find more advanced civilizations to learn from. In the end however, his expeditions only contributed to spread the more advanced scientific and pre-philosophical knowledge of the Ancient Greeks for the benefit of the foreign lands he explored, going as far away as from East Asia to what we know today as the Americas. This was the beginning of the Expansion of the El culture of ELania.

The long Judeo-Catholic fight for supremacy


The Catholics, from the time of the foundation, and of the early formation of their church, in the first centuries AD, and in order to reinforce the influence of their church over the strong Greek culture that was still permeating their environment, always called the Greeks in a derogatory way, as pagans. The early Catholics also fought violently this beautiful Greek culture, too often in clear criminal ways, even collaborating with the Jews in this cultural genocide when it was necessary. The huge book of Karlheinz Deshner (in 10 volumes), titled "Christianity's Criminal History" documents with an incredible amount of details this long fight of the Catholic Christians, in collaboration with the Jews, to dominate, or rather exterminate, the Greek EL culture. These 10 books are an exceptionally good documentation of this sour reality. The Catholic part is more well known to most of us, because of the Catholic Inquisition but, in fact, there has also been a Christian Orthodox Inquisition that was not less criminal than the Catholic one, if not worse, and also of a Judeo-Christian nature. That Byzantine persecution is often not called an Inquisition because it was not directed mainly against the heretics deviating from the dogma of the Christian Church, but rather against the "pagans", that is, the faithful adherents of the old Greek EL culture. In practice, even if this persecution is not usually described with the word "Inquisition", it was a clear form of Inquisition taking place at the same time that the main Catholic Inquisition was taking place. On the other hand, it was more serious than the Catholic Inquisition in that it did not only involve torture against the heretical person, as a person, but systematic destruction of all the material possessions of these heretics and of all the intellectual symbols and teachings of the peaceful ancient EL culture of beauty and freethinking of the persons involved.  


Because of this fierce persecution of the Greek culture, starting most aggressively in the 3rd and 4th centuries, with the destruction of the Greek library of Alexandria by Judeo-Christian opponents, and the assassination of the beautiful lady Hypatia who was the Neo-Platonist woman philosopher protecting it, inevitably, the influence of the Greek culture gradually diminished, nearly vanished in importance, for about a millennium, while the Catholic culture grew proportionately in importance during that same period. For those interested in this cultural Holocaust, in great part also a physical Holocaust, the worse initial period of this destruction of the Greek culture covers the span of time between the reign of Constantine The Great, Roman emperor (306-337 AD), Theodosius The Great, Roman emperor (379-395 AD), until Justinian, Roman emperor (527-565 AD) of the Eastern Byzantine part of the Roman empire.


However, similar acts of holocaustic criminality from the Judeo-Christians against the Greeks, called derogatively "pagans", lasted for centuries after that, practically a millennium, in particular under all the period of the Byzantine Empire, or the Eastern Roman Empire, from the foundation of Constantinople in 330 AD to its fall to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 AD, via the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 395 AD. This Byzantine Empire was excessively dogmatic and consequently extremely destructive of the beautiful EL culture of freethinking and freedom of the Greeks. It is a period that is vastly glorified by most historians for various reasons, but it constituted essentially a period of terrible intellectual darkness that we call nowadays the Middle Ages.


We will see further down, in a section that deals specifically with Holocausts and Inquisitions, some more details about this terrible history that can be called the longest and biggest holocaustic and inquisitional initiative in human history, the Holocaust Against Hellenism. Fortunately, not all of the beautiful Greek literature of liberty and democracy, including the 27 philosophical dialogues of Plato, was lost, but only kept in hiding for a millennium. When it became evident that the Byzantine Empire would eventually fall to the Ottomans, many of the intellectuals keeping it under cover started to flee to the west, in Italy in particular. Once there, and to survive, they were able to sell this literature to rich and freer intellectuals, like the prince of Medici in Florence, who started to expose them and use them for what has become to be known as the period of the Renaissance.


This not withstanding, although they tried to camouflage it, a great part of the concepts of the Greek culture was absorbed into the Christian culture during the millennium of the Middle Ages, but always through hiding the Greek concepts under different names, and using them with altered descriptions. By the late 15th century, the Renaissance was suddenly attempting to bring a strong revival of the Greek culture, whose concepts of freedom were highly reflected in the Protestant Reformation that came to express itself more openly around 1517 when Luther published his Ninety-Five Theses.


The Catholics of the 16th century saw this as a new threat to the supremacy of their church. This is why, and when, the Jesuits were founded, in 1534 (formally only in 1540), in order to protect and reinforce the superiority and supremacy of the Catholic Church, over the Protestants primarily, but also over both the Jewish culture, and over the Greek Revival in particular that was taking place at the same time. This Renaissance of the Greek culture was so real that it became the main factor that opened the road to the Protestant Reformation on the religious side, with their claims for more liberty, and for an approach of easier access to God, on a more direct personal basis, instead of exclusively through the formal liturgy fully controlled by the church, let alone DDD. On the cultural side, it opened a new era that produced the best of the modern history of the western world in fine arts and thinking, in places like Florence and Venice in particular.


Unfortunately, after about 500 years of this revival, at the beginning of the 21st century, we may be entering a new period or dark age, with the progress of the implementation of what we now call the JewZuit Power of the New World Order. That a 90 year old famous historian like Jacques Le Goff try to deny the existence of the Renaissance, in his most recent book, one that does not deserve to be mentioned, as a historical period that never existed, is not only stupid nonsense but a deformation of history that can only defame his pseudo fame of political correctness as a historian, even before he dies, let alone after, as an agnostic, but it is a good sign of this forthcoming New JewZuit DarkAage. This dislike of the Renaissance, and of its strong Greek cultural revival, can only be explained by the old rivalry mentioned above, between the Jews and the Greeks, as Le Goff himself is a crypto-Jew surrounded by his acknowledged important Jewish mentors, like Marc Bloch and Claude Levi-Strauss. His example is important to mention however, be it only to show how the old millennium-long jealousy of the Jews for the Greeks is still very much alive today, and often the cause of fearsome disinformation attempting to deform history. This is also the reason why Greece is being attacked first in the western world today by the well programmed crisis of the JewZuit Power.

Why Greece is being attacked first, today, by the JewZuit Power


What is happening to Greece today, in the destruction of its economy, and of its culture in particular, is an even better example of this rivalry, and of the horrible enslavement that it is able to cause today in the context of the new global JewZuit Power. Anti-Hellenism, or Anti-ElJsm, has existed for as long as anti-Semitism has existed. The two cultures have seen each other as rivals, especially on the side of the Jews, for whom it was an enemy to be exterminated, more than a rival, for predominance purposes, since the time of the natural cataclysm of Atlantis (proto-Judaic, with a possible location, west of Gibraltar. See an allegorical representation on the pictures to the right) that had Aigyis (proto-Hellenic) as its rival some 12000 years ago, and the remnant of which became Magna Graecia around 550 BCE.


Yes, a rivalry of 12 thousand years ago, enduring until today, between Greeks and Jews, but mainly again as a form of Jewish jalousie for the beauty of the EL culture of the Greeks, for what it has been, has done, and is, until today! And, as we will see further down, it is mainly Jews who have reduced contemporary Greece to misery in the last decades. It is also the reason why the JewZuit Power has started to squash Greece in its effort to dominate the whole of the EU countries. If they succeed with Greece, the rest of the EU will be an easy ride downhill. And so far, this complete domination of Greece is a great "success". Not only have Greeks been squashed by public debt, and thus by excessive taxation, but now, as a second step, they are being squashed by manufactured deflation for strangling them to complete poverty, by forcing them to sell their properties for pennies on the Euro to the voracious JewZuit predators in order to pay odious taxes not based on revenue, and even if they have nearly no revenue left anymore, but based on simple real estate ownership, as humble as it may be, even if it is your sole little apartment bought with great difficulty during the last decades. Thus the tragedy of the thousands of suicides that the JewZuit-controlled mainstream media never talks about, in Greece, over the last six years, since the start of the crisis in 2008 that was well manufactured by the traditional JewZuit enemy of the EL culture.   


Even in the distant days of 12000 years ago, Atlantis was the dictatorship of those who would eventually become our modern enslaving elites on the Zionist side of the JewZuit equation, and the modern power enslaving Greece. At that time, Aigyis was already the opposite force, or the embryo of a freethinking world that would eventually give birth to classical philosophy, MeDiPartic democracy, and modern economic liberalism, let alone eventually a fully implemented EthoCracy as a TIDMOcracy (as first steps to a TruthOcracy). America, or rather the JewZuit Power behind the elites of America and its Anglo-Saxon allies, is meant to be the New Atlantis, ruled by an illuminated scientific elite, like the ancient Atlantis, that is, by an Orwellian Dictatorship in front of a world mass of slaves worshiping the Fabian Socialist State as god. From this point of view, Zionist America today, in particular its JewZuit mutation, may just be the rebirth of Ancient Atlantis under the name of New World Order. This appears to be what Francis Bacon had in mind, as the statesman who played an important role in establishing British colonies in North America, when he wrote his "The New Atlantis" in 1627.


Jesus, as a Nazarene, was a Greek EL figure

Much more recently, even if still some 2000 years ago, we had the newly born Christian Church, which is of Judaic descent from an environment and institutional points of view, fighting and destroying systematically the so-called Greek Paganism, which was the Hellenic EL culture Jesus was grown in, as a child of Nazareth. Few realize that, in the Palestinian world of that time, Nazareth was the most important center of Greek or Hellenic culture. The central Palestine at that time had 3 main provinces. The Judea province at the South was entirely Jewish. Samaria in the center, was mixed, with Jews, Greeks and other linguistic tribes. Galilee on the North, where the city of Nazareth was, was entirely Greek, and only the Greeks of the whole of Palestine had also the Roman citizenship. This explains why the Jews could not crucify Jesus directly, and had to take him in front of a Roman magistrate for a judgment, because he was also a Roman citizen. Consequently, Jesus was, culturally speaking, as a Nazarene, a Hellenic figure, with an EL (Greek) mother from Galilee, even if his province was surrounded, geographically speaking, by a Judaic environment, and if he operated, as a public figure, in the dominantly Judaic city of Jerusalem where he intended to reform the Judaic culture of the "Money Changers" on the basis of his own culture of freethinking of the EL "Idea Exchangers".


Interestingly enough, no mainstream western history book, all controlled by the JewZuits, will ever mentioned this fact that Jesus was a figure of the Greek EL culture, in particular books written before 1962. Older books written prior to 1962, and many more recent Greek history books will mention it. This is the case for example with the book of the Greek author Evanghelos Trikas: "Christ Was Greek" shown to the left. It is very well documented, but unfortunately, it was never allowed by the JewZuits to be published in English. Jesus tried to reform and to improve the dominant culture of his Judaic environment, to bring it closer to Hellenism, or rather ELLenism, but he failed. This Jesus, as a figure of the Greek EL culture, wanted to transform the Jews in a more loving people, but in love with liberty (or EL i.e. Enlightened Liberty) and truth ("Only Truth Shall Set You Free"), as opposed to the money loving people that they were, through practicing their enslaving debt-money lending. From this point of view, Jesus was even more in line with the Jewish Bible than the Jews themselves, as the ancient Bible criticized explicitly their activity as money lenders. According to the ancient biblical principle, lending money with interest should not be practiced, as it would unjustly “make the debtor a slave to the lender”. As such, we should probably all be Jesus' fans, as he was an exceptional master of best human liberty and freethinking who would definitely have improved the world tremendously, consequently even today's world, if he had succeeded in his endeavors. Of course, being Jesus’ fans does not mean at all necessarily being current Christian Church’s fans or followers, as this church has become mostly a rich and enslaving Judeo-Christian church, now a JewZuit one since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962, and it has little affinity left with the message of the original Jesus' philosophy.  


In turn, those who succeeded him have built the Judeo-Christian Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, in his name, that is, still today, contrary to what Jesus obviously would have preferred to do himself if he had not been crucified, as a Christian Church that is much more Judaic than Hellenistic in its philosophy and power structure, even if it borrowed many concepts of the Hellenistic philosophy in its fundamental theology. This is the distant origin of the global JewZuit enslavement that we are all suffering today, stemming from the early Judaic influence of St. Paul himself (who was one of the two founders of the Christian Church with St. Peter) who has never met Jesus directly and personally during his lifetime, except maybe, as some authors claim, for having been a friend of Judas and, as such, the traitor indicating, from a distance, to his Jewish acolytes in the background who intended to crucify him, who was Jesus.


Certainly, Jews have had the Greeks as their best cultural rivals, for obvious good reasons, for at least more than two millennia. In fact, an attentive study of history not deformed by the politically correct of the mainstream historians will show that the Greeks have at least a 6000 year history and culture of liberty, freedom, freethinking and propagation of civilization, not to say a culture of 12000 years ago from the time of Atlantis, while the Jews have a corresponding 6000 to a 12000 year history of enslavement through debt-money, and a mentality of jealousy against the opposite EL culture of the Greeks that spread liberty and civilization. In particular today, for their great deception, although Jews still consider themselves to be the superior race of the so-called “chosen people", the Greeks, to the greatest annoyance of most Jews, are still recognized by most people, practically worldwide, as the race that has given the world what today is called democracy, philosophy, education and civilization, and as being the real founders of the first serious professional approach to most sciences, and the creators of the best forms of artistic work in the history of humanity, music included, not to mention political and religious freedom. This is the near eternal war of who should dominate, between the dictatorial “Money Changers” of the Judaic materialistic culture, and the freethinking “Idea Exchangers” of the Hellenistic philosophical culture of liberty.

The non-Greek JewZuit Power of modern Greece


Interestingly enough, and probably not as a coincidence, the 3 prime ministers who have contributed the most to the serious recent degradation of the beautiful Greek culture and language, in Greece itself, all have Jewish blood. By the same token, the terrific economic crisis Greece is suffering at the moment is engineered and maneuvered also mainly by institutions and financial organizations that are factually and unquestionably completely dominated by Jews, like the IMF, the EU, the ECB, and all the biggest subsidiary banks involved in the process, be they central national banks, like the one  of Germany, private commercial banks used by the latter to corrupt politicians, or of course the European Central Bank of Frankfurt.


Three Jewish-Greek Prime Ministers decisive for the New World Order

Jewish race is formally and officially decided by the mother side of a child: if the mother is a Jew, her child is automatically and necessarily a Jew.  Andreas Papandreou (twice premier between 1981 and 1996) had a Jewish mother, and thus his son George Papandreou (premier 2008-2011) has her as his grandmother. As such they are both racial Jews. Costas Simitis, whose birth name was Aaron Avouris, before he had it changed, like so many Jewish families do, in most countries, usually to facilitate their furtive political or corporative power ambitions in front of common people, was three times premier between 1996 and 2004. He is a pure Jew of Greek nationality and, unfortunately, the main authority behind the serious downgrading of the modern Greek language, by the formal and official abolishment of the educated, and beautiful, katharevousa level of the Greek language in public schools under his governance. Today, in 2014, at age 77, he is actively trying to rebuild the old and failing socialist party with a new name and on a better basis of totalitarian Fabian Socialism.


If this historical background is founded, and it is, and if the enslavement of the inimical Greeks of the world Zionist caste goes well (and this current disaster of total JewZuit enslavement of the people who invented democracy and liberty seems to be well on its way to a complete “success” at the beginning of 2014), then the Enslavement Downwards of the rest of the European nations shall be an easy run downhill. Starting by squashing one’s worst historically envied rival first, is probably not a bad strategy, most certainly not a coincidence, for those who want to tame the rest of a spectrum of lesser cultural preys, and become the global masters of the world, as the New World Order that we, in this book, call the well-programmed New World Disorder. With the Zionist accomplices that have run Greece in the last 30 years, and with the new JewZuit coalition of the last years, and the fact that the Greeks are not Catholics, but Orthodox Christians, thus also the enemies of the Jesuits, on a par with the Protestants, in addition to being the enemies of the Zionists, the poor Greeks can only face a terrible future of full enslavement.


This background explains very clearly what is going on in Greece, and why the JewZuit coalition started by Greece, in its enormous enterprise of enslavement of European countries through the totalitarian Fabian Socialism being fast implemented. The enslavement that Hitler could not do with military force, some 50 years ago, the JewZuit EU under the reign of the likes of Merkel, through JewZuit Frankfurt, is doing it now, stealthily, without arms. This monstrous implementation is clearly manifested by the bureaucracy of the SEU (Soviet European Union) run by the JewZuit coalition hidden in the background of most European governments and most European Institutions, let alone world international organizations like the IMF. Apollo help the Greeks! And the rest of Europe if he can. And this elephantic SEU bureaucracy well reflects, in Greece in particular at the moment, the three-headed Cerberus of excessive taxation, extreme legislation and fearsome disinformation mentioned at the beginning of this Part I.

The Fabian Socialism at the base of the JewZuit Power


Since 1534, the rivalry for superiority between the Jews and the Greeks has been well re-centered between the Jews and the Catholics. By the late 1800s, the real power of the Catholics was expressed mainly through the activities of the Jesuits, while the real power of the Jews was expressed through the activities of the Zionists, whose movement was quickly growing to full strength and would be soon formally founded by a congress organized by the Rothschild in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897. That founding Zionist congress was chaired by none other than Theodor Herzl, an atheist Jew who became the first president of the Zionist Organization, and who, in his memoirs, as the maximum Zionist figure, has made this incredible statement announcing quite clearly the need for a forthcoming Holocaust against Jews, encouraged by Zionist Jews themselves, in order to achieve their long term objectives:


"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews (….) become worse (….) this will assist in realization of our plans (….) I have an excellent idea (….) I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth (….) The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.” - Theodor Herzl


One thing is quite certain: without this Holocaust, the state of Israel would never have been created in 1948. That congress adopted the red hexagram as the Zionist flag, while the blue hexagram, as a mutation of the red hexagon of the Rothschild, will become the flag of Israel 51 years later. Both powers however, the Zionists and the Jesuits, were deeply influenced by the same Fabian Socialism ideology that was quickly spreading all over Europe, and whose foundation was formalized in 1884 by the Fabian Society, and spread ever since, in the whole world, through the major collaboration of the London School of Economics.


The Fabian Society was  named knowingly after the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus who was famous for using overt and/or covert harassing deceitful tactics, whenever possible, for weakening opposition and gaining full totalitarian power, instead of engaging in open and perilous traditional war battles. It is on the basis of this fundamental trait that the German Chancellor at the time, Bismarck, called the Fabian Socialist, on the Zionist side, the "Red Socialists", and the Fabian Socialists on the Jesuit side, the "Black Socialists", fearing both of them equally, as a menace to democracy, as Fabian Socialism was clearly in Bismarck's view, and rightly so, a totalitarian ideology that could lead to both communism and/or fascism.


That trait is certainly still today one of the main characteristics of both the Zionists and the Jesuits acting with deceitful plans in our background for the advent of the totalitarian New World Order, in particular since they have started to collaborate as a JewZuit coalition. Before its formal foundation in 1884 however, Fabian Socialism, on the Zionist side in particular, had already been active, being progressively elaborated as a reaction of the Jews against the Renaissance that was tending to bring back a revival of the beautiful Greek EL culture of freethinking to which the Jews had always been opposed for at least two millennia.


As such, members of world Jewry have been the main actors behind at least 4 major revolutions and a forthcoming 5th one. The first one is the English Revolution of 1649 that was financed by Jews mainly from Holland and, through their financing, forced Cromwell to re-open the doors to the Jews in England in 1656. The second one is the French Revolution of 1789 that lifted all civil disabilities against the Jews in France, and favored their "Great Emancipation" in that country. The third one was the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia in 1918, financed entirely by Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff, and that handed power to a revolutionary nomenclature of 384 members, of which only 13 were not Jews. The fourth one was the Spanish Civil War of 1936, which again was entirely financed by Bolshevik Jewry, albeit with little success in this case because of the solid opposition of Franco and Germany. After all these revolutions that all ended in failures, the Zionists are attempting a new revolution at the moment, but a worldwide one, as their fifth major revolution, called emblematically the New World Order, and they might finally have success, after many failures, because this time they have associated themselves with the Catholics, in an alliance with the Jesuits, thus in the brand new JewZuit Power coalition that, for the time being, so far, seems pretty much invincible and omnipotent. Their many mistakes and failures of the past have taught them a good lesson and, as a JewZuit coalition, they are most likely to succeed now, in finally enslaving all of us in a dictatorship of totalitarian Fabian Socialism that is the ideology at the foundation of the two sides of the coalition.

The Jesuit newcomer as a powerful army


As for the Jesuits specifically, since 1534, there is a bit of background that is most interesting in the contest of this essay. The third Superior General of the Jesuits, elected in 1565, was none less than the infamous Cardinal Francis Borja, directly linked to probably the worst period of the Vatican in terms of criminality and torture through the Inquisition. Like many other historical catholic religious figures of the last two millennia, in spite of this personal history of serious criminality, he was canonized and is considered as a saint. General Francis Borja immediately amended the constitution of the Jesuit Order to bestow powers to the position of the Superior General, that is, to himself, that were practically equivalent to the absolute powers of the Pope, that is, the regular White Pope. This is where the expression Black Pope originated to indicate the acting General of the Jesuits always dressed in integral black.


This constitution of the Jesuits, of 1565, is still in force today, and consequently the acting General of the Jesuits is still called the Black Pope to this day. On its basis, the Superior General can absolve priests and new Jesuit recruits of any of their sins, however horrible they may be, including heresy and murder, let alone the worst kinds of fraud or fornication; He can even reverse unilaterally, through the authority of a Pope's Bull and its related by-laws, sentences of excommunication issued by the regular white pope. But the most interesting thing in the context of this essay is that General Francis Borja secured, under Pope Gregory XIII, in 1572, the official rights of the Jesuits to deal in commerce and... banking. And they received this power more as a duty than as a right. This was the first time, the only time, and the last time, that a Catholic monastic order was attributed the right to get involved in commerce, and banking in particular. Only non-monastic Orders were ever given this right, like the Knights Templar, some 400 years earlier.


In addition, the Jesuits are the only Catholic monks that can wear plain city clothing freely, and live discretely in the middle of common people, in order not to be recognized as a Jesuit monk if they do not wish to. To confuse their disguise even more, fully trained Jesuits can act as Jesuit Soldiers in their own personal field of activity, under the guidance of their superior, but without having necessarily been ordained as Catholic priests. This is the origin of the powerful and discrete Jesuit side of the new JewZuit world power. The Bank of America for example is known to be entirely dominated by managers formed by Jesuit universities, and consequently some of them, at the top level, can very well be high grade Jesuit monks in legitimate disguise on the basis of the Constitution of the Order, or plain Jesuit Soldiers fully trained by the Jesuits, even if never ordained as Catholic priests. Many world leaders, even today, are Jesuit-trained and acting discretely as Jesuit agents, or as JewZuit acolytes of the New World Order of Fabian Socialism. As we will see further down, recent USA President Clinton, and current VP Biden are two eminent such figures.


Lets only hope that present White Pope Francis, as the Jesuit Black Pope that he really is, chose his papal name, as he himself said, with reference to Francis of Assisi, who lived some 800 years ago, and not with reference to the dreadful Francis Borja mentioned above who preceded Jesuit Pope Francis as the third Jesuit General some 500 years ago but, somehow, some of us might at times have legitimate doubts. As we will see further down, the new relativistic views of Jesuit Pope Francis regarding some hot moral issues, like abortion and same-sex marriage, or regarding his positive reconsideration of the "Marxist Myth" of the Theology of Liberation that is closely associated to totalitarian Fabian Socialism, not to mention his nihilistic and proactive encouragement to massive illegal immigration and to debasing multiculturalism in places like Lampedusa, nor the recent official position of the Catholic church regarding a favorable consideration of the advent of the New World Order with an "International Financial and Monetary Systems of Global Public Authority", create great concern to many Christians as to who Pope Francis really is. In Lampedusa, Pope Francis shouted "Vergogna! (Shame!) at least 3 times, in front of Italian authorities that should not only not have felt shame for the immense efforts they were doing to receive the Muslim refugees, or rather fugitives, but they should have been complimented by the Pope. On the other hand, in front of the thousands of Christian refugees massacred in Iraq, by ISIS in particular, many of them even buried alive or decapitated, Francis does not even dare to raise an informal objection, let alone a formal protest or at least an occasional expression like "Vergogna!". This is obviously, to most western people now, where the real shame stands: a Pope who protests with the wrong words at the wrong place, and for only problems not yet resolved maybe in the most perfect way, like in Lampedusa, instead of for real evil acts of terrorism already committed, like the decapitation of Christians in Iraq. Being a Jesuit himself, and considering all the above points, these worried Christians should probably be forgiven the sin of thinking sometimes that Pope Francis' main figure of reference might be the infamous Francis Borja, and not Saint Francis of Assisi


The Dominicans are often considered the main Catholic religious order involved in the Inquisition, but this is true only in terms of being the main interrogators. They played this inquisitional role not only for religious dogma, but even for scientific reasons contradicting the norms maintained by the Catholic Church. They interrogated even some of their own members, like Giordano Bruno who was sent to the stake, burnt alive in 1600, for only not respecting the traditional geocentric astronomical system of the political correctness of his time. In turn, the main physical torturers and executors for the Inquisition were the Jesuits. In addition, the criminal activities of the Dominicans are more restricted to the Catholic Inquisition specifically, and to that period specifically, while the criminal activities of the Jesuits are related to a much wider period of time, even after the end of the Inquisition, and more various activities, including the incitation of wars and revolutions, like through their connections to both Stalin and Hitler seen further down, through political subversive interventions and assassinations, all sorts of abusive trade, including slave trade, and through a broad spectrum of furtive involvements in subjugating people through banks and disinformation in collaboration with the Zionists. Interestingly enough, it is a Jesuit, Roberto Bellarmino, who arranged the execution of Giordano Bruno, who was a Dominican, on the basis of the interrogations of other Dominicans. The Jesuits are thus the real, or certainly the main real Catholic monks fully qualified to be associated to the most brutal enslaving activities that we qualify as JewZuit and, as we have seen further up, the only Catholic order that was capable of doing so without necessarily being identified as Jesuits, wearing plain clothes if and when necessary, and to this very day.

The Jesuits and the black JewZuit Power of Europe


About the dramatic role of the Jesuits in Nazi Germany, mostly in a subservient hidden way, but nevertheless involving highly criminal and well known activities, mainly to fight the Protestants and to steal the gold and the other major assets of the Jews, it is most informative to read two books of Edmond Paris (25 January 1894 > 1970), as the author of "The Secret History of the Jesuits", and "The Vatican against Europe", first published in the 1950s, both available as  free PDF downloads on the Internet.


Hitler was a fierce Catholic, and it is known that the Jesuits considered favorably, to say the least, the building of the Third Reich that, from their point of view, was destined to unite a national-socialist state to a Catholic state. It was the Catholic Church that put Hitler in power, with the help of the voting people to whom he was presented as a kind of Messiah (savior). Franz Von Papen was a Jesuit and the Chancellor of Germany between June 1932 and March 1933. When Hitler came to power, Papen was sent to Rome to sign the Concordat (bilateral agreement) with the Vatican for Germany, on behalf of Hitler. Later on, in his book "My Conversations with Hitler", he said "Hitler has put into practice the high ideals of the Papacy". As chancellor, Von Papen had lifted the ban on Hitler's Brown Shirts, and arranged to integrate members of Catholic youth groups into Hitler's Youth, preparing the grounds for Hitler to move into power. Franz Von Papen was not only a Jesuit, but also Hitler's mentor at the time. He also said that "Mein Kampf", Hitler's book, was written by another Jesuit named Staempfle, with the knowledge and ascent of archbishop Eugenio Pacelli, future Pope Pius XII in Rome during the Hitler's Third Reich in Germany. Interestingly enough, he even said that Pope Pius XII protected and hid many Jews in the Vatican during Hitler's reign, but only to protect the Vatican in case Hitler lost the war, which he did. By the same token, historians have also established that the persecutions against Christians in Nazi Germany took place mainly against the Protestants who were the best enemies of the Jesuits because of the Reformation.

The Jesuit Himmler and Catholic Pacelli Connection


As for Himmler in turn, the builder and supervisor of the German concentration camps, he was also a devout Catholic who, in 1919, at age 19, had expressed the desire to join the Jesuit Order. His influential Catholic family was frequenting Archbishop Pacelli, future Pope Pius XII, who was the papal Nuncio in Munich at the time. Through this important influence, he easily entered the Munich Technische Hochschule, where Jesuits were teaching, and six years later, in 1925, he graduated as a full Jesuit Soldier, presumably also ordained as a Catholic priest. He loved the powerful military organization of the Jesuits, and he admitted later on having used the Jesuits Order as a model for his terrible SS police force that became mainly responsible for the Holocaust that resulted in the sacrifice of 6 million Jews. It is claimed that his personal castle included a hotel for human sacrifice. If true, it was a dramatic precursor symbol of the dominant role he would play in the Holocaust and, as a claimed devout Catholic, it was rather the symbol of a diabolic mentality or at least of the ruthless mentality of the Jesuits who formed him.


Hitler had a Catholic Concordat (bilateral agreement) with the Vatican, just like Mussolini had one in Italy, Salazar had one in Portugal, and Franco had one in Spain. These international concordats were only a handful at the time, and their overseeing was a sector of particular interest for the Jesuits, on behalf of the Pope, because they were defining the recognition of the status of the Catholic Church and its privileges within the country.


It is to be noted that the Jesuits were the ones who, in the Council of Trent (1545-1563), pushed for, and obtained, the proclamation of the condemnation of the liberty of speech, of press and of conscience: all magnificent attributes of the EL culture; but that Greek culture was always resisted by both the Catholics and the Jews during the last two millennia. These fundamental liberties were only re-given to the Western World after the Reformation and the strong intervention of the various denominations of the Protestants. For the Jesuits, the prohibition of these fundamental liberties was very consonant with the black regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Salazar and Franco, and their own role, as Jesuits, was to defend the implementation of these black values of prohibition of the Council of Trent, even 400 years later.


All the above being said, the Zionist Jews had nevertheless a lot to do with Hitler in the background, as a secondary role to the Jesuits. In his book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy", Gary Allen certainly well documents the fact that the Zionist Rothschild bankers are the ones who have financed Hitler, all along his war, with the Rothschilds knowing very well what was happening with the Holocaust against their fellow Jews in Germany during WWII. How can we explain this incredible fact if it is not as a reflection of what we mentioned earlier, quoting the first President of the Zionists, Theodor Zerzl, who said, some 40 years earlier: "... It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in the realization of our plans…”. And the plan of course was to make the Jews suffer sufficiently to justify the creation of the state of Israel, which would have been impossible without the Holocaust, and which happened soon after, in 1948. 


About the incredible connections of Vatican with the Nazis, along with the Swiss banks and the Soviet Union power, the best book one can read is probably the "Unholy Trinity" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. It is a very well documented book on mainly how the Vatican provided a major contribution to the smuggling of the Nazis officials of WWII, but also documents many aspects of the triangle of collaboration between pope Pacelli, Hitler and Stalin. Interestingly enough, Loftus, who is an Irish Catholic, also wrote another unrelated but incredible book: "The Secret War Against the Jews" in which he writes about the duplicity of the intelligence services of the western world towards Israel, most of the time showing a sympathy for Israel but often also betraying this alliance because of the oil and money of the Arab countries.

The JewZuit Power of the Soviet Union


In the Soviet Union, the Red Power of the Zionist Jews was mainly and frontally involved, but with a very active participation of the Jesuits in the background. As we will see with more details further down, it is now recognized by all serious historians that the Bolshevik Revolution was essentially a Jewish Revolution against the Christian power of the Tsars. The Black Power of the Catholic Church had a less direct meaningful participation in it, but they did not really need to have one, in order to achieve some of their objectives. It was sufficient for them to close an eye, or even both eyes when necessary, on what was going on, because the persecution led by the Bolshevik Jews against Christians was essentially against the particular Christians who were the enemies of the Jesu