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The final website developed for members, when the project will be fully operational, will not be composed of simple linear text pages like this one. The present one, in the meantine, is essentially for simple information purposes for the public at large.

  1. It includes two sectors: one for the public, accessible freely, and one for members, accessible only with an ID and Password after confirmed membership.

  2. It includes more background colors, more sophisticated graphics and much more substantial material, in both sectors, distributed nicely under a table of content and various subject tabs.

  3. It includes formal membership request facility and more sophisticated communication and contact means, for various purposes, let alone a list of staff members.

  4. It includes separate Suggestions Registry functionality for people to submit their ideas to a database instead of through simple email, regarding the objectives of the Academy. Submitters will participate in premiums for the best ones each year. On the basis of Rule 5, participation is compulsory for members, at least once a year, but it is also open to the public at times and for reasons of their choice. Yearly prizes reward the best ones.

  5. It includes more explicit maps. For now, one can see the outline of the campus facilities offered through the appropriate link in the Attachments section (at the bottom of the Home Page), both on the public side (the public pool, hotel, restaurant, sports and entertainment areas) and on the members side (the Representational building, the central Administration building, the 2 ARIUM buildings for male and female living-in students, the Arena, the Olympic pool and gym for members, the barn/stable of animals, the botanical garden, the stones and store unit, the various gardens and terraces etc.). The private campus is spread over a surface of some 75,000 square meters with a direct access front and view on the Mediterranean sea, few kilometers south of Athens. The related DiaskedArium for commercial public entertainment is located close by, on a much bigger land lot surrounded by the sea. A floor map of the main floor of the Representational building (KallosARIUM) is also available in the Attachments section, as another example of what will eventually be published in more details.

  6. It explains better, even in the public sector of the site, some of the new concepts that are explained here only very briefly in this version of the website. This includes CoPHLE Energy, EthoPlay, Holographic Molding, Music Harmonics, Kallos Beauty, Meritocracy, Elite Education, Science of Being etc. The full exposition of these concepts however will always be kept for the exclusive internal use of the Academy.

  7. It gives more explicit reference to the material used by the EthoPlasìn and its various sources.

  8. It includes a choice of two versions of the website, in two languages: English and EthoGloso.




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LINKS of interest

Our way of being, in particular our way of thinking, as we talk about it in our Science of Being page, has a great influence on the various energetic fields of the Earth. A good initiative to explain this scientifically is the website on Global Coherence Initiative. If you click on their link below, you will learn more about the science-based initiative that allows each of us to learn a way of being that actually influences these fields. As writer Gregg Braden well says in his excellent books, in the past few years, our own science has made a radical, revolutionary discovery that changes everything about the way we think of ourselves and the world. What they found is that when we create heart-based feelings of gratitude, appreciation, care —literally, using the muscle of the heart to create these feelings — what we’re actually doing is generating a magnetic field inside our bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth that undergoes the change. The Earth’s magnetic field rises, falls, and regulates everything from climate to ice caps and sea levels. This magnetic field joins all life on Earth from a blade of grass, to an ant, to a goldfish, to a hamster, to us. This field is composed of what EthoPlasìn calls 'CoPHLE' energy. When many of us come together and create a common feeling, that experience is called "Coherence." EthoPlasìn calls it 'Holographic Molding' and 'Power of Co-Creation' as two vital tools that can help us shape our destiny with gratitude in a state of Planet Earth Oneness. "Coherence" can actually be measured. It is 0.10 Hertz. That is the measurement of the coherence created between the heart and the brain. In the same line of thinking, the Earth has natural sound frequencies called: Schumann Resonances. These correspond to what Pythagoras and the Platonic tradition used to call the Music of the Spheres. Recent scientific research has demonstrated there is a direct connection between human behavior/thinking (mainly the Alpha rhythm of brain waves) and these Schumann Resonances, that is our power to influence the geomagnetic activity of the Planet, for the good or for the bad. See the two following websites on these important subjects:


DisclaimerDisclaimer from the webmaster

All texts of this website are original writings of the EthoPlasìn acting manager, Jacques Drapeau. A sincere effort was made to avoid using any copyrighted image without permission in the creation of this website. If you discover something that is yours without giving you due credit, please let us know by email at and, in such case, due credit will be given, or the item will be replaced immediately. Thanks.


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