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Torus Speech Creative PowerEach person is surrounded by an aura of energy belonging to the "Fifth Element" of the philosophy of Ancient-Greece, the Aether, that takes the form of a Torus around our human body, like the one shown on the image to the right. This Torus of Aether is created by our own soul, and in particular by our own thoughts and our related 'spoken words'. These 'spoken words' based on clearly affirmative thoughts can be called our 'Logos'. As such this 'Logos' filling our Torus has a special power that can be considered entirely responsible for our holistic health, through what we will call the Torus Speech Creative Power or our Logos Power.

Because our souls were created in the Aether as a spark and parcel of divine energy from the divine creator of the universe, this reflexive creative Logos Power that we have been granted is omnipotent for our own purposes at our own level of creation, as long as we do not destroy or diminish its power by choice, that is, by our lack of faith in it, or by its misuse in a futile way. This creative Logos Power can be used for all purposes, related to us, to others, or to our environment, but it can be used mainly for us, and for our own health in particular, because our health belongs entirely, or certainly mainly, to our own personal and essential realm of existence reflected in the Torus of energy surrounding our body, as opposed to in the Torus of energy of other entities or persons in our own environment, or regarding less essential purposes, external to us, like prosperity or fame.

This Torus of Aether extends strongly a few meters around us but, in fact, extends less strongly at various degrees, to everything around us, persons or things, and up to the the whole universe. It is also influenced, positively or negatively, by the Torus of mainly other entities of the realm of the same natural Kingdom of nature, that is, of other persons, with whom we come in contact. But, to various degrees, all Torus entities of all levels influence each other in a mutual way, positively or negatively when they come into contact.

Interestingly enough, our city has its own Torus composed of the Torus sum of all the persons and other living entities existing in it. Our planet has its own Torus composed of the Torus sum of all the persons and other living entities existing on it. Even our solar system and our galaxy have their own Torus, and the overall universe is the global Torus of cosmic creation.

The Torus of the human being is of the highest level, and of the maximum power. This is because, on our beautiful planet Earth, our god creator gave us not only the power of "Logos", as what we call "ELL" (Enlightened Logos Liberty) in the context of this website, that is, the creative power of thought, but also gave us freewill in our way to use it. As such, through the thoughts of our soul that was created as a spark of our divine creator, we become co-creators. This is our only real mission in our life. Because of this creative Logos Power, and through with freewill, we can create for the good or for the bad, for both ourselves and for the other beings, human or not, living on our planet.

This is a privilege and in particular a responsibility of extreme importance, but also an immense Logos Power to be shared and used correctly for our own good and the good of all other beings. This Logos Power is also dangerous as all our personal thoughts are personal boomerangs that eventually return to us after influencing the whole universe. If we use this Logos Power for the bad, we will in the end be the main ones suffering the negative consequences through this current life, and maybe also through various difficult incarnations. If hell exists, this is what it is, and its existence depends only on us, not on god. And this may be our fate through many difficult incarnations until we finally decide to finally live a life of virtue, justice and beauty, and consequently deserve a final reintegration of our divine soul to our loving god creator. On his part, this is the only thing our divine creator desires for all and each of us. The rest is entirely our temporary choice and creation.

At our personal level on Planet Earth, and for our own health in particular, our most powerful Torus Speech Creative Power can be used in two main simple ways. Assuming that you have a god figure that was the creator of the universe, and of your own soul in particular, and assuming that this god figure is, for example, called Apollo, the Sacred Torus Speech Creative Power or Logos Power can be used in these two main ways.

In the end, your body is not you, but a tool of your soul, and only the reflection of your Torus Speech Creative Power


1. By Itself

In front of the best symbol you can find of your god creator, looking at it with love, or seeing it mentally, hopefully in a quiet room or space by yourself, raise your hands in a welcoming position, and hymn with words similar to the following ones [within the square brackets, you can add an additional command referring to a body organ in need of a particular help]. But in any case use your own voice (that is, your Torus Speech Creative Power) in a way that it can be heard clearly by yourself, loudly if possible, or only softly and discretely if necessary, and say:

O Supreme God Apollo,

Thank you for having created my soul as a divine entity at your image.

As such, I know that my soul is omnipotent for all my purposes at my level.

It is with this kind of omnipotent soul that I decide firmly

to give myself a dynamic body in perfect integral health

[including a perfect ...]

for completing my own creative mission, with joy and efficiency,

during my current life on this beautiful Planet Earth.



("Yenito" = 'Let It Happen!)


2. With the Help of Water.


It has been demonstrated scientifically that water absorbs the energy of its environment, including the thought energy of the people using it. For example, under a microscope, the frozen crystals of water that was exposed to the positive thoughts of the person intending to drink it, or simply exposed to harmonious music before being used, are very beautiful in design. To the contrary, the same crystals of frozen water, of the same source, but exposed to negative thinking, or to cacophonic music, before being used, are very ugly.


Take a glass of pure fresh water into your hands, look at it with love and say, still using your own voice (that is, your Torus Speech Creative Power) in a way that it can be heard clearly by yourself, loudly or discretely, but at least softly, and say:


 Beautiful water,

in the name of my god creator, Apollo,

and as me being a spark of its divine creative power,

I declare you an omnipotent source and factor of integral health.

As such, I receive you with faith and gratitude.

Please go into me as a loving force,

wash me, purify me, and harmonize me entirely,

in all and each of my body parts, and in their harmonious whole

[including your particular healthy effect on my ...].

As such help me to complete my own mission with joy and efficiency

during my current life on this beautiful Planet Earth.


("Yenito" = 'Let It Happen!)



Do the above, with love, complete faith, and a strong sense of gratitude. As such you shall live in perfect health or, when sick, reacquire quickly your perfect health.


Torus HarmonyThis "Torus Speech Creative Power", or Logos Power, is what explains the many apparent miracles that often happen to people who use it, knowingly or not. These are not miracles, but only Torus power used correctly, even if not knowingly. It such cases, it is often activated completely unknowingly by various forms of religious prayer. Living positively in harmony, not only with yourself and the other persons in your environment, but with the whole universe, is creating the kind of Torus energy that can procure perfect health, until it shall be the time for your body to die, in perfect health, after having accomplished your own mission on beautiful Planet Earth.


Except for the best position of your hands, the first version of hymning mentioned above, without the help of water, can be used discretely practically anytime and anywhere, even while driving a car on your own, or walking on a busy street, as long as you yourself can hear clearly your own creative voice, if not loudly, at least softly.


The two versions can and should be used many time daily, even when you already feel perfectly healthy. If you are sick, you shall soon be delivered from your health problem. If a particular organ is sick, adjust your version slightly to address more specifically with a loving command the organ of main concern, but always only in terms of health, and never in terms of any specific disease name. But be careful. Mentioning the disease by its name would only reinforce the disease. Mentioning and seeing mentally the beauty of functionality of the organ of concern, but as the healthy one that it should be, will reinforce it beautiful functioning. The positive thought of your divine soul, and the corresponding words of your voice, will generate the positive Torus energy for the creative and curing process. As such, you may also open a little dialogue of love with the organ of more concern. Of course, for positive results, the "Torus Speech Creative Power" can only be used positively. 


This is the way God created the universe, with his own 'words', when he said: "Let There Be Light", using his own 'voice'. As you can see, the 'sound' of his 'voice', or his 'words', corresponding to his creative thought, which is what we call the "Torus Speech Creative Power", preceded the 'light' (his creation). The voice activated the creative thought. Your soul is an image of that God. He created your soul at your level as a divine entity similar to his, thus with the same kind of relative creative power at your own level for your own purposes. "As Above, So Below". As such your divine soul, through a creative thought activated by your voice, has the absolute power to maintain your body in perfect health if you so decide, as long as you do it positively, with love and faith, and doing it in a state of gratitude as if what you are mentally creating had already been obtained physically, seeing that 'good' clearly as already created.




  1. The first prerequisite for our Torus Speech Creative Power or Logos Power to work to our advantage is to first and foremost eliminate all negative thoughts from our soul, certainly regarding our health if this is our main concern. This should lead us to a fully healthy physical life, with an eventual death of our body in perfect health when time will have come to consider we have accomplished our mission on Earth in this current life incarnation. In the meantime, the worst negative thought to be eliminated from our mind are in terms of hate and fear. Hate is a boomerang that always returns to us in the most negative way. In turn, fear is a magnet that attracts what we most fear into our own reality.

  2. The second prerequisite is to eliminate from our live, that is, keep as far away as possible from us, all the persons that may have essentially a Torus filled with negative thoughts of all kinds. You must always select and surround yourself only with persons with a positive Torus energy. For those persons who may have a negative Torus and cannot be kept far away, our best alternative is to never participate proactively in talking about their negative thoughts, and to try to influence them to acquire the most positive Torus as soon as possible, giving them proper advice or guidance.

  3. The third prerequisite is to forgive those who have done you some harm. But this forgiveness has to be more than just lip service, and done with even wishing good to all those who have done you some harm whenever you think about them. Once forgiven, eliminate them as mush as possible from your mind and wish them well when you inevitably think about them. Wishing them well will first place them on a wave length of Torus energy that will prevent them from being able to do you more harm because you will be on a different wave length. Second, wishing them well will also reinforce the thought of good that will necessarily return to you like a boomerang in association with the Torus energy of other human beings on the same positive wave length. Let it be clear however that forgiving and wishing well does not mean you do not want and expect justice. It only means that you will wait for it serenely and without hate, which will eventually inevitably happen. Hating and wishing bad will only attract more bad to you down the line, in particular if it is not done only mentally but also with your own Logos Power, that is, your Torus Speech Creative Power.


  1. This Torus of ours is composed of what we have coined as "CoPHLE" energy. This energy is so subtle that it is not only invisible, but can not be measured by any tool of normal three-dimensional physics. It is the "matter", not to say the "non-matter", that exists where we normally think there is absolute emptiness, like outside of our atmosphere, or between planets or galaxies. But real "emptiness" does not exist as it is all full of this subtle "matter" that philosophy has called the Aether. This is the substance of the realm where our divine souls really belong. Consequently this is the substance where the Torus created by our soul belongs and operates. Although it is immeasurable and invisible, this obscure matter can sometimes be sensed, and even become "mentally visible" at times. See our paragraph where we talk about why we have given this Torus energy the name of CoPHLE. As you will see, dozens of the best philosophers, scientists and intellectuals of the last centuries have attempted to recognize it, or prove its existence, and give it a name but, although recognizing its existence as an absolute certainty from a rational point of view, a final agreement on its nature or on its name could never be found. Thus our decision to give it a name coined as our own choice: CoPHLE (Cosmic Ordinance Pan-forming Holographic Loving Energy).

  2. There is only a good way to pray, or rather to 'hymn' when attempting to use the full power of our Torus Speech Creative Power or our Logos Power coming from our loving god creator. The proper position has to be one of a loving welcome, standing up with open arms, never a position of submission or in particular of fear. This was the way to pray in Ancient Greece, or rather to hymn, in clear opposition to the way to pray later developed by the various main religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. See our page on this subject about the Four Ways to Pray, and the best of the four ways, or rather the only good way. 

  3. For more information on our Logos Power to make water absorb and propagate CoPHLE energy of both positive and negative types, you can see in particular the experiments of the Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, but also of many other scientists in the same field that you can easily find on the Internet.