ARIUM System

  1. The ARIUM concept is a new system of teaching that involves a physical space that has nothing to do with traditional classrooms and traditional lecturing teachers in front of a class. It is based on a system of highly socializing facilities where oral learning, essentially through "Socratic Dialogue", is as important as written learning. The system certainly does not want to bring back the ancient tradition of exclusive oral learning, but by the same token it draws a good middle way between that tradition and the modern magisterial systems. It is also based on a special Community Life Style (CLS) that forces constant exchange of views, ideas and feelings between students, their masters, and all members present at the Arium, for both studying and general living purposes. This CLS also somehow isolates students from the disturbing city life for the bulk hours of their concentrated study time and commands the application of a strong personal and civic discipline expressed in the form of a pleasant internal decorum. In this way, the Learning Process becomes a Living Process, and that Living Process also becomes in turn a Loving Process, for both the conquest of knowledge and the parallel development of friendship. Values of good civic behavior, discipline and decorum become part of this special Learning Process. EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue) and EthoJudo also form the EthoPlay discipline that becomes eminently part of that Learning Process. Knowledge becomes felt and incarnated as acquired through a high degree of direct human exchange, as opposed to only through reading books in isolated areas, or listening passively to a class teacher sitting distantly on a higher magisterial podium. With this special CLS, Instruction becomes Education. In an Arium, there are subject matter leaders, each hosting a ‘Subject Matter Arium’ as an Arium Leader, and tutors under their leadership assisting pupils at lower levels for that subject matter. In turn, these pupils become themselves tutors of smaller Ariums for other pupils at even lower levels.  This chain reaction works both ways, up and down. Pupils at different levels present themselves to the relevant Arium for their subject matter, where they may find a tutor to assist them if they so wish. If necessary, the tuHorsesInFlowerstor will refer the pupil to another tutor at a higher level, until the Arium Leader for this subject matter is reached. Alternatively, those entering the ARIUM compound may choose a free room or workstation to study in groups, small or big, or even on their own when necessary.

  2. In addition to this special physical and social environment on the campus, the PythAcademia also integrates aspects of various special forms of learning, like certain elements of Superlearning, Supermemory, NLP, Hypermnesia, Autogenics, Hypnopedia, Suggestopedia, Memletics and Subliminal Learning, not to mention specially integrated elements of the EthoPlasìn Science of Being, like Music Harmonics, Holographic Molding, Visualization and the fine art of Ancient-Greece Mnemonics, that was taught ever since Pythagoras, and used most intensively by Plato, Aristotle and others up to Seneca, Aquinas and the Memory Magi of the Renaissance. Students learn how to learn, and how to learn better and faster, with joy, hopefully even fun, certainly always through intensive and pleasant socializing. From this point of view, the EΠAcademia is an institution that merges harmoniously Ancient Holistic Education & Modern Whole Brain Accelerated Learning.

  3. Students sleep in dormitories, on special pillows allowing, as a free choice, the listening of texts to be memorized, or music for meditation or relaxation, like  slow Baroque string music. It is a place where they cannot formally study, except possibly subliminally if they so wish, listening to their own learning tapes, as an alternative to listening to approved subliminal music. They thus must do their 'formal' study in the ARIUM where the PythaC ID also follows their study time spent on each subject matter, be it studying on their own, in groups, or with tutors, be they acting as receiving or as providing tutorship, receiving credits accordingly.

  4. At the EΠAcademia there are no real teachers and no real students, but only 'masters', 'leaders', 'tutors' and 'pupils'. Leaders and tutors are not really teachers, but rather coaches. Their approach in providing Accelerated Learning to their pupils, mainly through Socratic Dialogue, or EthoDialogue, cannot be compared to the traditional relation of classroom teachers and students, but only to the relations of coaches training their athletes. Socrates never saw himself as a 'teacher', but rather as a 'delivery' person, a kind of 'midwife' ensuring the best 'birth' of all the capacities of the mind and soul of each of his followers. Plato also made it clear that learning really means only suddenly remembering something one already knew, through the proper triggers and sparks produced in the mind of a pupil by the contact with a good master in a relationship of Socratic Dialogue. Each 'student' is thus both a pupil and a tutor in turn at different times. Each pupil receives free tutoring assistance but also offers in return his own free tutoring or coaching assistance at a lower level. Availability of leaders and tutors is made known live, even in advance, through an internal electronic communication system of the ARIUM similar to flights information boards at an airport but also through the Internet or through the use of an ARIUM Palmtop computer given to each student or resident member.

  5. Students not offering their tutoring services for a minimum of hours per month will reach a critical point where they may not be able to pretend themselves some tutoring time from higher level tutors or leaders, and may be invited to improve or gently leave the Campus after verification and confirmation of this lack of collaboration. Appropriate community life and socializing while studying are essential requirements to be maintained at the Academy.  

  6. The principle of an ARIUM is this: students basically try to study on their own time and schedule, albeit in a socializing way, and at their own pace, using tutors and the best books and multimedia training equipment, but exchange tutoring services as required, giving themselves an incredible amount of flexibility in studying their regular curriculum and integrating all sorts of other extra training courses in sports, artistic activities, EthoGloso, EthoPlay and the EthoPlasìn Discipline, Philosophy and Science Of Being which are also required for their graduation. 

  7. Students develop their own schedule and work at their own pace, but not at all in an isolated way (internally). They study at the ARIUM and mix constantly with other students at various levels, socializing and exchanging tutorship assistance up and down. No traditional classrooms with lecturing teachers! Each period not requiring group studying or full isolation must also take place at the fully equipped workstations of the central area of the ARIUM, and not in the isolation cells. 

  8. This requires a brand new system of space division for studying purposes. It is called an ARIUM System instead of a traditional Classroom System. The ARIUM typically has a wide open space as a central area in the middle, full of workstations, but is surrounded by a functional set of many smaller rooms for small group tutoring purposes of maybe 3 to 10 pupils at any given time. These smaller Ariums are themselves surrounded by even smaller Ariums at their back, with many of them making tutoring possible in the end on a one to one basis if required. 

  9. The ARIUM includes a sufficient number of smaller rooms to assist pupils who need isolated or group studying at any given time. In fact, each regular student also has its own appointed “Isolation Cell” to be used in exclusivity during daytime studying for the subjects or activities that do require full isolation. The tiny isolation cells include a sofa/bed, 2BeeOnLavender computer workstations, a piano (or another musical instrument) and a small lavabo, but no toilet. They can be used for live music instrument or loud language studying, video-conferencing with tutors, meditation, even a day-nap (as night sleep is done in a dormitory), let alone the custody of personal belongings.

  10. All space occupation is centrally advertised and controlled electronically, including the use of personal individual isolation cells. Free ARIUM rooms can be used freely for group studying. Isolation cells can accept studying in two for matters requiring full isolation in two.    

  11. The whole ARIUM space system is centrally controlled through the use of the PythaC ID card, including time spent as a pupil or as a tutor in any given room and in which type of room, alone or with others. Merit credits are accumulated accordingly.

  12. There is a system of electronic posts at each door controlling who comes in an Arium. Then, within an Arium, there is an electronic slot to insert the PythaC at each table post or workstation in the room. The back end head table slot is for a Tutor. The side slots are for pupils. The front end table (by the entrance) is a slot for an eventual Leader or Master who may come spontaneously or be called in to host a session.

  13. Each presence in any given Arium, at any given time, gives at least one Merit Credit to the person involved, be it as a pupil, as a tutor or as a leader, depending on the slot used for the session. A tutor doing more than average tutoring may get more credits per presence if he leads an Arium with more than 2 pupils.

  14. In the central open area, there are both tables with PythaC slots, or workstations with PythaC slots. Tables are open space where there is a possibility to work with many books open at the same time and a lot of space to handwrite. The workstations are equipped with computers, with more limited space to extend books and to handwrite, essentially to study or work electronically. All studying not requiring full isolation must take place at these fully equipped tables or workstations or alternatively in the surrounding rooms of various sizes for group studying.

  15. The centralized Merit Credits are evaluated automatically for anomalies and, when found, the students and tutors involved are advised accordingly. In front of these anomalies, leaders and management can take appropriate action to correct the situation, up to and including expulsion from the university if necessary.

  16. An important concept is that this kind of Arium studying then also becomes socializing and helping each other, in perfect harmony with the basic civic education purposes of the ARIUM and the mission of World Civic Wellness of its special university.

  17. Students can post their tutoring needs and tutors can post their tutoring offers. They can do it on the Internet, or through their personal EthoPlasìn Palmtop computer. This ARIUM Palmtop allows all students to always be in live touch with the ARIUM at all times and take best advantage of it at all times. The Palmtop includes internal and external mobile phone capacity.

  18. To accommodate some of its university students in having access to faculties of the best universities around the world when necessary, special bilateral agreements have been made with many universities abroad. On that basis, students taking advantage of these universities have access to special studying website links of these universities through broadband Internet. They are in direct and constant touch with their own universities and teachers at all times and also have local tutors at the ARIUM who supervise them in collaboration with the authorities and teachers of their own universities. This way, they can integrate the best of their chosen universities to the best of the ARIUM, along with the additional formation in EthoPlasìn Discipline, the study of a music instrument, the universal EthoGloso language, EthoPlay and Meritocracy, let alone getting familiar with philoecosophical values and standards.

  19. In the end, they should complete their studies not only with a normal university degree but with many special additional assets that shall make them the envy of other students and precious candidate professionals to be looked for and hired by the best employers around the world. In addition these special students, coming out of the EthoPlasìn Academy, will also be Civitas Management experts, let alone examples of best civic education and discipline, defenders of MeritoCracy, and promoters of EthoCracy, in their own countries and social environments.