EthoPlasìn Discipline Basic Entry Rules

As seen on our page Ten Rules and Grades of Discipline, there are 10 grades to being an EthoPlasìn member. TheseLavender Plant basic Rules and Grades are formulated and implemented by the BeLovArium Foundation (financing the EthoPlasìn Academy) of the PythagorArium. Each grade has its own special basic Precept, as defined in the page of the above link, and additional rules reserved to members at each of these grades.

The following rules however are only the generic and basic rules applying to all Members joining the Association. They are a list of minimum requirements at Grade one, independently of the higher grades, that go on, from two to ten. They are the Basic Entry Rules to be respected by all new members of the EthoPlasìn Association at grade one, even if they do not intend to follow the levels of discipline to higher grades. Students at the Academy intend by definition to proceed to higher grades but they have to be first a member of the EthoPlasìn Association for at least one year before they can apply to come and study at the Academy. As such they also have to respect these basic entry rules during their first year of membership. All those (few) admitted at the Academy, who have to proceed quickly to higher grades, and those (many) who are not admitted at the Academy but decide to proceed at their HandShakeAgreementconvenience to higher grades from their own living environment abroad, then receive a new list of more demanding rules corresponding to their eventual higher grades. 

The members of the EthoPlasìn Association at the basic entry level accept the following Rules of personal conduct and discipline when they register and engage to apply them all, in the best way possible, from the day they register. Members all join by signing a Membership Registration Contract on their honor, through the sponsorship of at least one existing member who lives in their immediate environmentSwanDignityand with whom they are in regular contact. They respond to this main sponsor for the respect of the rules. If at any given time they are found by their sponsors not to respect the rules, or they themselves feel they cannot respect some of the rules anymore, and their sponsor confirms it, their registration as members is cancelled and their EthoPlasìn symbols are returned to the Academy through their sponsors.  

These common entry rules of the basic entry level are expanded when members go up in grade, and are complemented by new rules specific to each grade level. Of course these basic entry rules are not meant only for students living at the Academy in their first year, but also for all persons becoming registered members and living in their own countries abroad worldwide.  

EthoPlasìn Life Style - The common Basic Entry Rules of this list, applicable to all members who join the EthoPlasìn Association, are meant to create, as a package, a fundamental life style of neatness, and civic education, typical of all EthoPlasìn Association members. Members should be quickly and easily recognizable by that particular EthoPlasìn Life Style when being present in any social environment. As such, members should also be desirable persons as neighbors or friends, let alone as possible employees or work collaborators. That life style reflects the values and concepts of the philosophy and Science Of Being of the EthoPlasìn Association. It is basically an elegant life style NoticeableDifferenceof beauty, neatness and gentleness (like the symbolic swan above to the left). It is however more fundamentally a life style reflecting an engagement to the 4 great cardinal virtues of the Ancient Greek philosophy: Prudence (Sapientia), Fortitude (Fortitudo), Temperance (Temperantia) and Justice (Iustitia). It is by extension a life style meant to reflect the EthoPlasìn objectives of Meritocracy, Philoecosophical Environments, Civic Wellness, Decorum, Cosmic Oneness and, overall, Social Meritocratic Justice, not to mention its long term objective of EthoCracy. As seen in our page on the Pythagorean Man vs. the Faustian Man, it is an emulation of the life style and holistic formation provided by the Hemicycle School of the Ancient-Greece philosopher Pythagoras, based on the "Know Thyself" and the theory of the "Human Tetractys". If fact, before you go down the long list of criteria for admission, if you want to test your desire to become an EthoPlasìn member, read first that page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation. Nobody will ever request you become a full 'Pythagorean Man', but you should have nevertheless some sympathy or attraction for this ideal that the EthoPlasìn wants to emulate. If you feel this ideal is nonsense, or a laughable utopia, forget the EthoPlasìn all together and join some other Association more fit to your own ideals, ideas or interests. If instead, after reading the 2 relevant webpages, you do feel strong sympathy and attraction for this ideal of the 'Pythagorean Man', even if you believe, quite realistically, that it is a difficult one to achieve, then think seriously about joining the Association. As a registered member of the Association for at least one year, you will then become a possible candidate to be chosen to join the Academy. 


At the level of its Association, members constitute something more like a 'brotherhood'. At the level of its Academy, with those receiving full formation, members constitute something more like an 'army'. In many respects this Association of EthoPlasìn Members is more important than the Academy itself, as its members can quickly become thousands, if not millions, living in all parts oHorsesInSnowf the world, and thus have a much greater influence, quantitatively speaking, on the improvement of civic environments, than the hundreds of Students who will have gone through their formation while studying fulltime at university level at the Academia. In accepting their strong EthoPlasìn discipline, and adopting their inevitably noticeable EthoPlasìn Life Style, members become like obvious and neatly regimented Soldiers in the middle of the wobbly crowds, and get to be known to the public at large as forming a kind of beloved worldwide EthoPlasìn Army for the defense and the improvement of all civic environments. Members fight and lead from within, like the obvious white horses of a black herd, or maybe the white horses associated to many world masters and leaders of the history of the last 2500 years of civilization. The real weapons of these soldiers however, in order to win their war for the improvement of civic environments, are limited essentially to one, and only one: the Good Example of their Noticeable Difference as highly disciplined individuals in moving in their respective environments and in promoting Decorum, Merit and Planet Oneness from a civic life point of view. Contrary to the current "politically correct", and because of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the human mind, dialogue, even the best EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue) of the EthoPlay discipline, is very often not at all useful in trying to correct or improve a social situation; to the contrary, silent good example, with some patience, is always useful, even when received with a bit of derision, and certainly the best way to start. Example comes first. Silence comes second... Dialogue comes third, and only with receptive environments. This is the effective strategy of the "Good Example of the Noticeable Difference". No pushing! Only pleasant attraction! Not the bulldozer, but only the magnet!


>>> Neatness and Oneness


Neatness is not here a question of formal decorum imposed by a superficial type of a presumably better civic education and behavior. It is first and foremost the inevitable characteristic of a philosophy of life, or life style, based on fundamental values such as Ethics and Beauty, promoted through a related Science Of Being and the emulation of the Pythagorean Man. This Neatness, on the outside, is really only the expression of the strong feeling of loving Oneness, on the inside, felt and lived by all members of the association following the EthoPlasìn Discipline.   

  1. As per the Precept of Grade 1: Be always a figure of smile, joy, neatness,AdonisVenus elegance, inspiring harmony and thus Kallos Beauty, representing the Adonis and Venus of civic life (like the symbolic sculpture to the right).

  2. Be proud of your membership. Always wear, at your choice, at least one of the 6 forms of EthoPlasìn symbols in a visible way (a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a belt, a pin or a clothing emblem). This second point, along with the first one, forms the base of the "Noticeable Difference" mentioned above as an EthoPlasìn Member.

  3. Be always available to participate intensely in "Global Coherence Initiatives" at any requested day and time by EthoPlasìn Management. When we create heart-based feelings of gratitude, appreciation, love, care—literally, using the muscle of the heart to create these feelings—what we’re actually doing is generating a magnetic field inside our bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth that undergoes the change. HandsHoldingEarthDoing it as a group, for example all EthoPlasìn members together at the exact same time, for a particular purpose, can have powerful effects on that magnetic field. This Earth’s magnetic field rises, falls, and regulates accordingly all living aspects of the Planet but can affect in particular the specific objective of a group participating in a so-called Global Coherence Initiative. This magnetic field joins all life on Earth from a blade of grass, to an ant, to a goldfish, to a hamster, to us, in a state of Planet Oneness. This field is composed of what EthoPlasìn calls 'CoPHLE' energy. When many of us come together and create a common positive feeling, regarding a specific objective, that experience is generally called "Coherence." EthoPlasìn also calls it 'Holographic Molding' and 'Power of Co-Creation', depending on the context. These are vital tools that can help us shape our destiny with gratitude in a state of Planet Earth Oneness in the spirit of Precept 6 of the EthoPlasìn Discipline that calls for members to "Act Always through a Sense of Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness".  In the same line of thinking, the Earth has natural sound frequencies called: Schumann Resonances. This was only a modern scientific confirmation of the "Music Of The Spheres" of the Platonic Pythagorean tradition of the philosophy of Ancient-Greece. Recent scientific research has demonstrated there is a direct connection between human behavior/thinking (mainly the Alpha rhythm of brain waves) and these Schumann Resonances, giving us the power to influence the geomagnetic activity of the Planet, for the good or for the bad of all living beings. We quote some specific references and websites regarding this in our page on Site Map, Notes and Links.

  4. Be fully honest with yourself, that is with your conscience. Respect religions and their followers beliefs, but be guided internally only by your own conscience, independently of any dogma or doctrine. Tolerate externally, but make no compromise internally, with your conscience, giving discrete good example accordingly. Interrogate your conscience before all important actions and learn to respect fully honestly its command without fear. Review your actions and your thoughts on a daily basis, typically before going to sleep, or/and at wake-up time, and engage to correct them according to the dictates of your conscience. 

  5. Respect your immediate family, and assist all its members, whatever faults you feel they have, or whatever wrong you feel they may have done to you. Family, as opposed to friends, is not chosen, but given to you by Nature and, whatever the appearances might be, always for a constructive purpose that, using respect and assistance, hopefully also love, you will eventually understand, for your own benefit, and the benefit of your closest relatives. In fact, the philosophy of Ancient-Greece believed in reincarnation and in the fact that we actually choose our family before birth for a specific purpose related to our best soul self-improvement. If it is so, it is one more reason to respect your immediate family with a most constructive mind.

  6. Be good listeners. Only when one listens can he learn something, as it is nearly impossible to learn something new while talking. Listen to your elders, your parents in particular even if you think their cultural level might not be as high as yours. Listening to them does not mean having to obey them blindly in the end, but consider listening to what they have to say as a duty. Proactively consult them on all important decisions and listen carefully. Once your elders have been listen to, with respect and gratitude, use your freewill and conscience do do what you think is best for yourself. 

  7. Associate in friendship only with positive people and aggregate with them in a growing state of Planet Oneness. A friendship should always be stimulating. Loose no time with depressing ones: try to help them while meeting them, or to assist them in some way, but do not cultivate their company. Avoid negative people, except if you feel you can realistically influence them to become more positive beings in a relatively short period of time, and to become part of your growing aggregate of stimulating friendships. As mentioned above, modern science has found that when we create positive thoughts and feelings, in a state of Coherence, what we’re actually doing is generating a magnetic field inside our bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth that undergoes the change. Consequently, always seek positive coherence, through building your personal network of positive people!

  8. Be always positive, independently of your network. Always find and express only the positive side of negative feelings like fear or hate. You are not to hate anything, not even the bad, as hate is always destructive. Instead of hating the bad, fight the bad by loving and promoting its corrective good. A thought is an energy wave being created, like a radio wave being transmitted, and, once created, that thought energy wave travels the universe until it returns to you like a boomerang. This is the "Boomerang Law" that we talk about in our page on Science Of Being. Fear can always be turned into an expression of prudence. Hate can always be turned into an expression of constructive defense neutralizing the enemy and enhancing your own position. Envy can always be turned into a sense of legitimate admiration. No gossiping! No calumny! No lies except maybe white lies when absolutely useful for the wellbeing of another person! Tuning your "thought transmitter" only on channels of positive wave lengths will ensure you will also be a "thought receiver" of similar positive wave lengths on the same channels, for your own benefit and the benefit of all living beings in your environment.

  9. In the spirit of Planet Oneness of our Science Of Being, always forgive your enemies. Forgiving does not mean being stupid or accepting to be abused without reacting or defending yourself nor does it mean not wanting justice for a damage received. All this can be done legitimately while forgiving your enemy in your heart. Justice however does not mean vengeance through a reciprocal damage caused by you to your enemy. It only means "Justice". Forgiveness and Justice are incompatible with hate that, if used, always turns against the hater like a boomerang. Justice can only be obtained without hate and will never be complete without forgiveness.    

  10. In the spirit of Planet Oneness of our Science Of Being, always transform a sprout of envy into a plant of loving admiration. A sprout of envy is an occasion to study a lesson but the lesson will never be learnt, nor thus useful, if envy is not transformed into loving admiration or some other positive emotion. Envy, like hate, is just a destructive boomerang. Only if the negative feeling is transmuted into a positive one at its very inception, that is before it is launched out, will the boomerang bring back positive results. 

  11. In the spirit of Planet Oneness of our Science Of Being, do good and forget you did it. Never expect a return from the person you did good to. In fact, because of the principle of Oneness, you did not do good to another person, but really first and foremost to yourself... The universe shall decide if and when to give you a return, possibly from that person, but most likely from another person in due time.

  12. Meditate in complete silence for at least 5 minutes twice a day, morning and night, in front of the Milky Way picture of our web page on Description In More Details, and aspire to achieve the platonic state of the "Know Yourself", and to become an EthoPlasìn DEMÔNE, as soon as possible (as described briefly under the Mission Statement of our opening webpage: someone pursuing Decorum, Merit and Oneness) or a Dioscure capable of improving civic environments. This is the base of the study of that will bring you to eventually become a master of the CoPHLE Science of Being DioscurosCastoras per the Precept of Grade 10 of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy. Helping the improvement of our civic environments is not any more a luxury but a necessity, in light of the background of their negative evolution in the last 50 years, as well explained in our webpage on that Background.

  13. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 6, live the present intensely, with full precedence over the past or the future. What is worth doing is worth doing well, now, as if it were the last thing you would do in your life. Give the present moment your full sense of responsibility for its maximum beauty and success, and live it with cosmic gratefulness in spite of its possible difficulties. Enjoy the Present: Carpe Diem, but responsible and grateful Carpe Diem accepted and lived with love! Like the stoic philosopher Seneca said to his disciple Lucilio: "Ducunt fata volentem, nolentem trahunt" (destiny conducts [well and now] who loves it, not who hates it).

  14. In the same spirit, spend your precious time constructively as, when gone, it will never come back to be corrected. It is gone, "lost or acquired", for ever! It belongs to the akashic record "as is", for ever, including its related thoughts and feelings, as created and unchangeable. And that record becomes the "spirit of the place" where it was created, for the good or the bad of all living beings in that area. Creating that akashic record constructively is an important personal responsibility to be well taken care of by all members: no playing cards, no gambling, no video-games (except maybe for handicapped persons) no smoking, no drugs, no gossiping, no regurgitating bad thoughts or feelings! Ever! Do active outdoor sports instead, practice your music instrument, read good books, including the ones of our recommended list (one of the Attachments mentioned on the opening page) or engage in useful civic activity like visiting a sick person or helping abandoned street dogs (more below).

  15. Always tell the truth, and never a lie. If you cannot tell the truth, try to at least say nothing. A thought is an act of creation and that thought, once created, will be so for eternity, just like the instant that created it will be gone for eternity. Create only positive thoughts, and thus thoughts of truth, and positive emotions, that will build your personal akashic record with a critical positive balance, and thus little karma, by the time you leave this life.

  16. In the same spirit, use laughter only positively. Never use ridicule or derision against something positive. Use them only if you are absolutely sure you are attempting to soft-kill something bad or negative. In any case, in doing it, and in the spirit of EthoPlay, make sure you never offend. Derision and offense against something good or positive will always return to hit you, with the same force you used it, through the Boomerang Law we talk about in our pate on Science Of Being.

  17. Pursue Kallos Beauty in in all you do in your environment. This includes your soul, your body, your clothing, your actions, your thinking, your creations and your acquisitions. Beauty is as important as efficiency, and practicality should not be an excuse to avoid achieving beauty. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 9, always try to unite beauty to your creativity for the benefit of all living beings. 

  18. As per the Precept of Grade 5, try to become experts in visualizing better living, and tutoring persons, animals and plants accordingly. In doing so, provide at least one good suggestion a year to the Suggestion Registry of the EthoPlasìn Academy. This is an essential requirement for all members of the association. In front of disease, visualize health. In front of hate visualize love. Visualizing positively will regenerate any negative situation accordingly, in particular with regards to yourself, but also with regards to the others who are all part of 'yourself' in the spirit of Planet Oneness expressed by Rule 5 and 6 of the EthoPlasìn discipline. Our creative mind has immense power on all aspects of our body and on the development of the situations we, and others around us, live, let alone the Planet itself.

  19. Our Suggestion Registry will not be fully automated to receive suggestions automatically until we become fully operational. However you can still contribute to it by sending an email to and we will contact you about it when we get fully operational. In the meantime, you can go to our web page on Hot Issues that includes 9 additional web pages regrouping and presenting the bulk of the suggestions received so far. Study these 9 pages and see if you can come up with a good new suggestion once in a while, or with comments on the existing ones. They mention possible suggestions to improve civic life from the point of view of Family Issues, Immigration Issues, Micro-Criminality Issues, Political Issues, Government Issues, Journalistic Issues, Teaching Issues, Philoecosophical Issues and Socio-Economic Issues. They provide most interesting reading even if many of the suggestions are maybe too provocative to be readily implemented exactly as they are formulated. For a set of more eclectic suggestions developed by EthoPlasìn, you may want to glimpse at the package of reforms mentioned in our page on EthoCracy.

>>> Clothing and Cleanliness


Clothing and Cleanliness are not here only a question of uniform or superficial conventions related to the proper way to dress. They are a question of decorum and life style, based on beauty and respect of nature, but mostly a reflection of the EthoPlasìn philosophy and Science Of Being regarding the harmony of civic environments around the world. 

  1. Always wear only pure cotton fresh white underwear every morning. This includes socks, undershirt, and only boxer-type underwear (essential for not putting undue pressure on male attributes but also useful, when adapted properly, as a full double lining layer to better protect females organs) and, while living at the Academy, wear only the official type of boxer, with their “EΠA” symbol engraved at the belt level at the back.

  2. Always wear a new freshly ironed, and pure cotton, white shirt (males) or blouse (female) every morning. In principle, these are ironed by members themselves every day, at least when living at the Academy. The Academy type has a pocket on the left side with the “EΠA” letters engraved on it in bold lavender color.

  3. The official uniform is quite demanding but not required in its entirety for members not living at the Academy. When at the Academy, members always wear the EthoPlasìn Full Uniform, even as a visiting member. No exception! It includes the pure cotton special EthoPlasìn Blazer (two-buttonGlaucousColorUniform, no-liner, machine washable, armpit breathing holes, linen seed - or grape stem - in color) with its matching trousers in pure cotton machine-washable material (but elegant, with cuffs, nicely adherent, natural waist height, light lavender or grayish blue of mature grape skin in color, with the “EΠA” symbol in big letters on the right side of the waist at the back). These 2 main apparels go with their matching tie (for males) or foulard (for females) with the official “EΠA” symbol (Lavender letters on green silk of the color of the red wine grape leaves), except when during sport activities. In the case of females, the trousers are always replaced with a skirt (knee-covering length), except during sports activities. Women do however also own trousers, of the same standards as the male trousers, that they can wear in special occasions, in particular in cold environments or group sport exhibitions. Both males and females also have shorts (mid-thigh, with cuffs) to be worn with a short sleeves shirt or blouse (white, with armpit breathing holes), the EΠA necklace/ID and the official belt and open sandals. During the summer in Greece, these shorts and shirts are the main way to dress in the area of the Academy closed to the public, except for diner, or for occasions meeting the public, when long trousers and skirts are required with the official blazer. The official shoes are low mini-boots type, without laces, slick no-sewing front top, breathing holes on each lower sides, and dark brown in color, not to say also perfectly polished every day. The colors involved in the clothing apparels mentioned here are briefly evidenced by the picture to the right but all fully demonstrated in our special webpage on Ways and Symbols.

  4. Members living outside the Academy are not expected to wear the full uniform, except when visiting the Arium, but they are expected to use as much as possible of the uniform standards, as often as possible, in particular regarding the underwear, the trousers or the skirts, and the shirts or blouses, hopefully with their “EΠA” symbol. In turn, members living at the Academy are expected to wear the full uniform at all times when going out for various purposes.

  5. In or out of the Academy, all members wear only natural waist height trousers, with the natural height waist EΠA belt, and hopefully only skirts for women in most circumstances, except in sport activities or cold environments and where the official type of shorts are allowed. All wear only pure cotton for all their clothing. All wear the official belt with its EΠA symbol. No mini-skirts and no high heels for women. No jeans are allowed at any time on the campus grounds, for anyone, not even for invited visitors, nor for members outside the campus except maybe in very private non-civic-life occasions! No T-shirts except as underwear, and only freshly ironed pure white cotton shirts or blouses of the best quality!  

  6. Be clean at all times. If possible, always have at least 2 showers a day: one at wakeup time and one at bedtime. Of course, additional showers are also required after every period of practicing a sport or exercising in the gym. By the same token do not spoil fresh water ever. Be grateful for its use and careful to its preservation, following the spirit and the initiatives of our page on Philoecosophical Issues.

  7. Male hair and beard - Males must always wear a short beard of maximum 2 centimeters, trimmed on a daily basis. They also wear neat flowing hair above shoulder level. The short mustache of also less than 2 centimeters, is never hiding their lips or their smile. Hair is never skin-short, for not weakening their cosmic energy aerials. No head shaving is ever acceptable, forcing the skull to receive sun energy too bluntly and unnaturally: only a natural and clean flow of hair-grow going down freely in an oval manner up to the bottom of the neck.

  8. Female hair - Females must always wear longer than males, half-back length and washed on a daily basis. During the day, they wear it gathered at the back, as a horsetail or a unique wide end-tress. During normal evenings, starting at dinner time, they wear it up, as a  hair bun. For formal evening occasions they can also wear a more sophisticated chignon, or even free long hair if it is at least half back length. No fine tresses of hair braiding is allowed. 

  9. Females must use, if any at all, and hopefully none at all, very limited and discrete make-up to maybe refresh their skin and evidence slightly the natural colors of the lips or other parts of the body, like eyes, hair, fingers, or some traits of the face. They can enhance nature if useful, but respecting it fully, never deforming it or contradicting it!

  10. Respect your body as much as possible as the only one given to you by nature. This means no plastic surgery except to correct accidental damage or improve slightly some natural defects. No piercing! No (new) tattoo! No unnecessary or exaggerated implants. Certainly never any kind of mutilation, in particular on young children, like circumcision, not to mention the horror of infibulations, not even full body hair depilation weakening your cosmic energy aerials. Even drastic changing of hair color is to be avoided except hopefully through natural means contributing to give it back as much as possible its original color shade and freshness. Improve if you can but never mutilate or transform to the point of changing the essence of yourself!

  11. Wear only natural botanical perfumes, obtained from plants instead of from artificial chemical substances, including in your deodorants and soaps. LaLavendervender for example is cultivated at the Arium and widely used by students of the Academy. Their scent source should only come from botanical extracts and from no synthetic aromatics nor from synthetic extenders or compressed gas sprayers. Natural perfumery is an art as old as civilization and includes hundreds of beautiful scents like: jasmine, wood, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, lilac, pine, lemon, musk etc. Lavender is even the main symbols of the EthoPlasìn campus from the vegetal kingdom, as shown in our web page on Ways and Symbols. Botanical Perfumery is a beautiful science. Study the historical influence and meaning of natural perfumes and apply the best ones in your case for the benefit of your body, your soul and your environment.

  12. Keep your living and working spaces always tidy and clean, and as much as possible full of natural sun light as opposed to artificial light. Light is the basic component from which all life originates and is energized. Light and health are inseparable. "Mal-illumination" is as bad as "mal-nutrition" and deprives us of a level of nutrients and rhythmic stimulation that is essential for living as fully healthy humans. Use no sun glasses and lay in the sun only as long as needed for achieving a healthy tan without any suntan lotion, otherwise move into shade. Use no sunscreen of any kind. Open air shaded areas however are still areas of full natural and healthy sunlight.

  13. Do your bed every morning and change your bed sheets at least once a week. The cherished concepts of neatness and beauty of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy require good decorum even in such small daily routine tasks, all of them.

>>> Civic Behavior


Good civic behavior is the foundation of the EthoPlasìn discipline and a reflection of its main objectives of promoting Ethics and Meritocracy around the world, not to mention beauty and philoecosophical values.

  1. Always get out of the house being perfectly neat in presentation and dressed according to the basic EthoPlasìn clothing standards; even for a quick jump to the neighbor supermarket!

  2. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 2, exhibit best behavior in all circumstances and promote the EthoPlasìn objectives of Civic Education, Meritocracy and Philoecosophical Values, not to mention its long term objective of EthoCracy.

  3. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 7, and to start with, learn at least to listen as much and as well as you learn to talk. Do not provide a response before you know for sure all the exact parameters of a question or of an issue.

  4. Be always polite even with impolite people.

  5. Respond to offense only if possible through EthoPlay (Socratic Dialogue).

  6. Salute properly with a smile in all possible occasion of meeting people, even with unknownJudoPlayMaster people when appropriate.

  7. Always stand up and salute appropriately when a senior person enters your living or working environment.

  8. Respond to violence only through disarming EthoPlay, if and when possible, after appropriate training.

  9. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 8, if you have any music talent or formation, try to "Intervene with Music Harmonics to Harmonize Civic Environments". Go and play occasionally to entertain people in unusual places where you do not expect to do it for money, like an old age residence, a refugee camps, or a city square in a poor suburb.

  10. Pick-up at least one piece of garbage a day from a public area and place it in an appropriate recycling bin.

  11. Help at least one person a day, even if it is in the smallest way, like holding a door with a smile for somebody to pass through with precedence.

  12. Help at least one animal a day in one way or another, like an abSquirrelOnTreeandoned dog or a city cat, even if it is only with a gesture as simple as a passing caress, or helping an ant, or a fly, or a spider, being put back into nature, outside a window, or transported outside a human living space.

  13. Help at least one plant a day, even if it is with a gesture as simple as caressing briefly, and thanking, a wild flower for its contribution to the beauty of the environment. Cultivate at least one house plant and speak to it with love every day.

  14. Always help beggars if at all possible but, unless they are in dire need of immediate survival, try to help only the nationals. Basically, healthy non-nationals, of working age in particular, should certainly not be encouraged to run around vagrantly and become beggars or peddlers in public areas outside their own countries, but rather referred to special social services or agencies equipped to deal with such cases and assist them temporarily until they are returned safely to their own countries. Charity is basically good, most of the time, and can be practiced at will by members, but EthoPlasìn is not a charity organization; it is rather a tutoring organization of good civic and meritocratic engagement. For more information on this subject see our section on "Beggars, Peddlers and Inventors" in our page on Immigration Issues  

  15. Always drive and park respecting the law and the rules of precedence, even if it means being abused occasionally by grossly mannered citizens.

  16. Visit, at your choice, an old age residence, or a hospital with abandoned patients, or a jail with isolated detainees, at least once a month for a couple of hours, and keep good company to the most desperate individuals because of their severe psychological or physical medical conditions. This could also be achieved by visiting close area neighbors known to exist in these conditions. The Academy also includes a mini Social Recuperation Center with victims of civic violence that can be used for this purpose.

  17. Visit a dog pound for a couple of hours, if possible at least once a month, in order to try to help, or try to take out some of the dogs for a playing promenade in open areas, promoting their adoptions whenever possible. Each member should have at least one particular dog of a pound that they ‘adopt’ for particular regular attention while visiting the premises. 

>>> Food



The EthoPlasìn discipline requires a vegetarian regime, at least of the moderate NABALSOK type. This is well in line with the Pythagorean and Platonic inspiration of its discipline. However, this regime is much more than a question of nutrition. It is based on a philosophy of Ethics and a sense of 'Planet Oneness Responsibility' in a world that is seen as Biocentric instead of Anthropocentric, where man is not the ruthless leader on top of nature, but only a part of a holistic biosphere environment bound by ethics and justice in a holographic universe. Man has a right to get his energy from that universe, and that universe will always give it to him with infinite abundance, but only if it is done, or acquired, in a way that will keep the harmony between all the components of that holistic world.

  1. In the spirit of the Precept of Grade 4 of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy, always eat NABALSOK vegetarian food whenever possible (NABALSOK: No Air-Breathing Animal Long Suffering Or Killing), and certainly no junk-food ever. NABALSOK vegetarian is really an entry level requirement. Members pursuing seriously higher levels of discipline should normally be KNAOP (Killing No Animal or Plant) vegetarian by their reaching level 4. The EthoPlasìn dictionary, available as an attachment, along with other pages of the website, give more specifications on these concepts. 

  2. Avoid messy and inelegant ways of eating, like consuming food with plastic plates, while standing up or with your bare hands while walking on the street. 

  3. Always pause a few seconds before eating, to welcome your food with love, and gratitude to the beautiful planet Earth and cosmic energy that produced it. Have an interior friendship dialogue with the energy of your food before consuming it. 

  4. Always leave the table with the teasing impression you could have eaten a little bit more. And enjoy that feeling! Keep a spoonful in reserve for the guardian angel of your best shape.

  5. Always eat at least one fruit between each meal. If you master the correct way of eating fruits, you will have mastered a little secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight. First of all, always eat fruit on an empty stomach. Eat fruit seasonal fresh and raw as cooking will preserve only its taste and destroy all its nutritive power. Eat whole fruit instead of fruit juice, and never mix it with other food, like in particular just after a meal. Try to go on a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse your system at least once every two months.  VegetarianSalad

  6. Always drink only natural water, a lot of it, and only at room temperature whenever possible. Try to always drink from pure transparent glass or crystal glasses, and not from plastic. Apart from meal time, drink at least 2 full glasses between each meal, including at least two before breakfast. Use only limited red wine if at all possible when choosing to have an alcoholic drink,  like two glasses maximum per meal. Beer should always be only a second choice of an alcoholic drink, in limited quantity, and only for non-meal occasions, where it is maybe inappropriate to drink otherwise in an occasional given environment. In any case, when consumed, beer should be always taken in a very limited quantity and always in an elegant neat way, that is usually seated and from a glass instead of from a bottle.

  7. Eat seeds (like: linen, sunflower, poppy, sesame, mustard etc) mixed with raw honey and a spoon of olive oil (the Pythagorean way) or in a yogurt or a soya pudding every night before going to sleep. Apart from the general health properties of this little recipe, it will ensure you of at least one regular and substantial defecation every day, if possible two or more. The idea is that the colon should always be kept clean and free, as much and as soon as possible, of any type of old substances that may turn toxic if kept in the digestive system for too long.

  8. Avoid elaborated sweets as much as possible and, at least in non-social occasions, like at home, try to replace them by a full spoon of natural untreated honey twice a day. This does not prevent you from trying a full spoon of any sweet, or even a full portion occasionally, when invited in formal social occasions. In fact, ideally, sweets should be eaten on their own, in social occasions, away from the main meals, like with an afternoon tea, and never consumed after a full meal.

  9. Mix your food correctly and in proper sequence. Always start a full meal with a full glass of water, maybe a fruit, and a first course of vegetables (like mixed salads and/or cooked vegetables). Add no salt if at all possible to any natural vegetable. Try to enjoy theSunFlower recognition and the appreciation of the real subtle taste of each different natural food product in your meal without the disturbance of gross salt involvement. Then follow with a second course of pasta if you want any. If you cannot avoid meat, then definitely jump the pasta, as it does not mix well with meat, but keep the very first course absolutely vegetarian, crude if possible. If you have a choice, like in a restaurant where you have confidence, then it is much better to have the first plate of pasta followed by a second one of another type, instead of followed by a plate of meat. Full meals should never be followed by any type of elaborated sweet dessert nor fruits.   

  10. Try to grow and cultivate with love at least one kind of your own vegetables or fruits, on a balcony or in an adjacent garden, even if it is in a small quantity that may not be sufficient for all your needs. Between fruits and vegetables, you should try to always have at least one kind of vegetarian food of your own growing, year-round, to be cultivated with love and eaten directly "from plant to plate" with full gratitude. In fact, if you cannot do better, you should try to at least get involved into the new trend of "Window Farming" where a growing number of citizens now grow part of their own vegetarian food in elegant suspended systems in front of a window of their house or their apartment. 

  11. Try to plant a tree every year, hopefully a fruit tree, in a place where you can go and take care of it with love occasionally, at least until it has reached its full vigor. Then plant one of its descendants in a new area.

  12. Try to eat vegetarian food as seasonal fresh and as raw as possible, when it is still full of energy and of the type of life created by their divine platonic archetypes. What you cook should be preferably only boiled or steamed, but try to never cook fruits in particular.

  13. Fast regularly for a full day, at least once a month, hopefully twice a month, ideally once a week, drinking only water and eating only one spoon of untreated honey for breakfast, one fruit for lunch (like a banana), one raw vegetable for diner (like a carrot) and one yogurt with seeds (sunflower, linen, sesame etc.) before going to bed. 

  14. Be holistic-health minded. Find a personal doctor found of this holistic perspective and approach to health. Investigate your soul first for the proper and complete resolution of body problems. See your body as the essential and beloved partner of your soul, but only a part of your holistic self that has to be kept together harmoniously. Speak friendlily, but firmly and with confidence, to parts of your body in turn, even when they do not call your attention, like the long-living Pythagoreans used to do, and to so as you would do with your best friends, the ones you know you can guide to give you their best possible collaboration at all times. Do not forget to thank them and caress them when they do. Health is essentially, first and foremost, a question of mental attitude managed by the soul and based on a harmonious and equilibrated lifestyle from all point of view: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and 'spiritual' in its philosophical sense. The body only reflects 'out' the quality of what is 'in', and cannot do otherwise, whatever means or medicine one can take. Avoid strictly all non-essential medications not formally and forcefully prescribed by a good doctor, hopefully a doctor with a holistic health orientation.

>>> Love and Sex


Without a harmonious love and sex life, nobody can be a good citizen capable of promoting Ethics and Meritocracy around the world, let alone Beauty, as per the philosophy and Science Of Being of the EthoPlasìn discipline and association. This powerful and creative energy has to be well controlled and used positively, otherwise it is impossible to become a genuine EthoPlasìn member.

  1. As per the basic Precept of Grade 3: Host Love for All as to for Yourself and, Eros Permitting, Freely Enjoy Divine Sexual Pleasure in a Holistic Rejuvenating Way.HorseReinsControl

  2. Love all, as thoughts and feelings are creative energies. Love will always rejuvenate the lover while hate will always destroy the hater.

  3. Always enjoy your sex life with a prerequisite of love, for yourself and your partner. Then do so without fear or guilt, with maximum enjoyment, satisfaction and a strong gratitude to the universe, but always keeping it in good balance, that is under secure and joyful control, like when enjoying the pleasant feeling of controlling, or holding firmly the reins of, a beautiful and powerful horse.

  4. Good control means, in most cases, that unless entering a kind of honey moon period because of fresh falling in love, sexual activity should be indicatively kept to about one good session per week, even a bit less if possible as a regular average, maybe even two or three times in an occasional week, but certainly not less than at least once a month. Like for all good things, no sex, or frustrated sex, or untidy sex, is as bad as too much sex. Enjoy fully controlling your sexual appetite in between occasions in order to enjoy more the next good occasion. In the meantime, transmute some of this beautiful and powerful drive into positive energy to be used for achievements benefiting all living beings, including your own self.

  5. As mentioned in our page on Rule 3 and EthoPlasìn Love Life, virginity, and the loss of it in conditions of love, can be a wonderfully binding experience for a young couple, for the rest of their lives, and consequently it is a desirable sexual experience if you can have it with the spouse you intend to marry, but it is not an essential requirement for a happy sexual life after the excitement of a loving defloration.

  6. Any kind of sex practiced with affection and gratitude is in principle perfectly and fully permissible and desirable, except violent sex, anal sex and pedophile sex that are contrary to nature or, certainly, cannot express Neatness and Love, let alone Kallos Beauty, as indented by the EthoPlasìn Philosophy exposed in our page on Science Of Being. For more detailed information of this aspect of the EthoPlasìn discipline, see our page on Rule 3 and EthoPlasìn Love Life.

>>> Other General Rules of Basic Membership


Balance, Harmony, Beauty, Respect and Ethics, not to mention Belief and Love, are all at the base of the EthoPlasìn philosophy and life style. These factors combined impose a series of rules of private and public behavior of which the ones that follow are only a few examples.  

  1. Keep all aspects of your life in good balance and do maximum efforts to maintain your ideal weight and shape (physical, emotional and mental) at all times. Balance

  2. Enjoy a minimum of 30 minutes a day exercising, or walking, or practicing a sport, hopefully EthoJudo. Members at the Academy are required much more. Walk as much as possible, using a bicycle as a possible best alternative to a car when appropriate, or at least public transportation, using a car only when absolutely necessary.  

  3. Practice one musical instrument a few minutes every day or sing, hopefully in a choir. Try to study some music harmonics in order to be able to use it to harmonize civic environments as per the spirit of the Precept of Grade 8 of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy.

  4. Sleep firmly 7 to 8 hours a day, no more, no less, but at the right hours. Try to sleep following as closely as possible the natural cycle of night and day, and thus wake up early, as close to dawn as possible. If you have to be up rather late at night, have an afternoon nap to compensate in order to try to respect the rule of waking up as close to dawn as possible. The dendrites of nerve cells get weaker and shorter at night when they are no more activated directly by sunlight. This process facilitates sleep but also makes full consciousness and harmonious civic life more difficult. This is one of the reasons why most micro-criminality takes place at night. This is also why it is important to live as close as possible to the normal cycle of day and night, going to bed if possible before midnight and getting up as close as possible to dawn. Good sleep makes you get into harmony with the natural cycles of your own brain and body, and consequently makes you a better individual from a civic point of SunsetSailingview. It is one of the most precious resources for health and happiness, for yourself first but down the line for all the living beings of your environment. At the academy, students are required to sleep 7 hours in their dormitory between 23:00 and 06:00 at least from Monday to Friday, with time for a possible additional one hour nap in the early afternoon. A second best, and maybe more practical, alternative in our normal modern life, in particular for working people, might be from 23:00 to 07:00. These are just about the optimal hours for best sleep.

  5. Try to live your main conscious moments (non-sleeping moments) during the daytime, as much as possible, in full natural light, when your cosmic aerials (pore hairs) are best activated by sun energy vibrations.

  6. Study EthoCracy and the International Auxiliary Language called EthoGloso (norms and tools are already available to members) in the spirit of the Precept of Grade 7 of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy. Promote the EGG (EthoCracy and EthoGloso Governance) Policy related to this combination, and lobby for it in all possible occasion.

  7. Study and promote the EthoPlasìn Spirit, objectives, initiatives and Philosophy, based on its Science of Being  and the Emulation of the Pythagorean Man.

  8. Become familiar with, and promote, all EthoPlasìn philoecosophical concepts and initiatives, trying to come up with new suggestions in this field for the Suggestions Registry. Do the same with the concepts of our long-term objective of EthoCracy.

  9. Always recycle garbage perfectly in appropriate bins, both at home and in the street bins, even if you are not convinced it will be properly recycled in the end by attending authorities.

  10. Use no credit cards except for what you know for sure you can pay at the end of the month. Members should live within their limits with pride and dignity, but with confidence these limits will be extended gradually through their best meritocratic behavior and their best creative force as expressed in the Precepts of Grades 2 and 9 of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy.



The EthoPlasìn project is still in good part only a virtual one and it is not ready yet to receive formal membership inscriptions to its Association, let alone its Academy. In the meantime, if you wish to signal your interest in an eventual membership to its Association, or send comments, then please download and send the pre-inscription form below or send an email to We will contact you in due time. Do not expect a reply however before we become fully operational. For more details, you can visit our pages on Pre-Registration and Admission

Also at the moment, as we say on our Summary page: The development of this project is temporarily suspended because of the serious economic crisis in Greece and the uncertainty this places on the essential self-financing requirements of the Academy (as briefly mentioned in the introducing nutshell and in section 3 above).


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