Background Of The Last 3 Generations

Ethical relativism, or rather pure nihilism, has progressively invaded the culture of the last three generations, and has now reached the point of full occupation. As a result, our society, at the moment, is no more using its best biological forces, in the form of the creative powers of its youths between the age of 15 and 30, that is during the best two septennial periods of the development of the Human Tetractys in the best Pythagorean Way. This is an incredible loss of resources and creative energies, in the harmonious development of a society from a human point of view as opposed to a technological point of view, comparable to very few periods of the last 3 millennia, especially considering a span of 3 or more consecutive generations. It is as an attempt to reverse some of this negative trend that EthoPlasìn was conceived. 

  1. The so-called 1968 Revolution, contrary to most other revolutions in the history of mankind, is one that only destroyed the “old building”, without trying first to improve it or to build an entirely new and better one. In the fields of public instruction and civic education, in particular with regards to the efforts to educate the Emotional Center of pre-university studentsSunflowerDecadence through ‘Classical’ studies, it brought down all traditional SunflowerImperfectionparameters and values, plainly destroying everything. Consequently, in schools, and also in our current social environments, there is no more respect nor politeness; no more elegance; no more authority; in particular, there is neither civic education nor any sense of meritorious behavior founding the natural life path to what society should call success. For the good or for the bad, there are not even (moral) values any more attached to responsible civic behavior. As a result, the figures of Father, Mother, Teacher, Police or any other person of authority, or natural symbol of good example for growing youths are all routinely ignored or disparaged.  Dressing neatly and well, let alone elegantly, is looked down at. Talking about the value of good manners and civic education, that for centuries was an important aspect of educating children and school students, has not even a meaning any more for most of the youths of the new generations of the third millennium.  

  2. What is most serious is that, after 40 years of this catastrophic revolution, society has even lost its parameters for judging good civic behavior and consequently it is very hard to reinstate it, albeit in a more modern and updated form. People do not quite understand what was lost and what should be rebuilt. They have a general sense that ‘something’ is wrong, deeply wrong, but do not have any more the points of reference to understand clearly what needs to be corrected. The parameters are gone and the new generations do not even know what they were or that they even ever existed. A fake and ugly equalitarianism towards theDenchGeoffRiseOfMeritocracy bottom, as opposed to towards the top, has flattened down all values to an underground and muddy level. If there was hope for the advent of some form of Meritocracy after the Second World War, the last 40 years have reversed the trend completely. The "Rise of MeritoCracy" has taken a downturn to a kind of "Fall to BulloCracy". Talking about an educational system forming elites is now an ugly taboo, even if it has been done for centuries, as something to be proud of, ever since the great civilizations of the past, starting with Ancient-Greece some 2500 years ago: it is now unthinkable, even when intended to be based on meritorious education and natural talent as opposed to economic criteria.

  3. - As a result, mobbing, bullying, nihilism, relativism and general sloppiness and carelessness are all rampaging, not to mention criminality; the glorious youths of responsible behavior and neat presentation, that previous generations used to form, enjoy and admirer, have close to vanished, depriving the youths themselves, and the current older generations, let alone the future ones, of a most comforting element of pride, satisfaction, and Kallos Beauty for the joy and benefit of all humanity. Accompanying this downturn to 'Bullocracy', was the formation of a growing philosophy of 'Ethical Relativism', or rather pure Nihilism. This was due to some of the most famous writers who formed the nihilistic opinion of the new generations after World War II, like: Samuel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, Milan Kundera, Michel Houellebecq, Sarah Kane, Elfriede Jelinek and many others. The existentialist movement also contributed a lot to this pessimistic view of 'a new world without new values'. Of course, all this decadence is also in fact well reflected in the contemporary artistic expression of that same period that includes, for the most part, only fake works of art behind which there is nothing to be found but pure nihilism. Inevitably Ethical Relativism, full fledge Nihilism and consequently an ugly kind of Bullocracy quickly filled the gap to nearly a point of no return if strong initiatives are not taken immediately to reverse the trend, like it is eminently the case with the EthoPlasìn.

  4. To crown this civic decadence, nihilism has now also brought most of humanity under a kind of "SlavoCracy" from an economic and financial points of view. Nihilistic finances have close to destroyed world economy, and thus world civic wellness, between 2008 and 2010 and this destructive mentality is now so powerful that it is nearly impossible to redress from the top, even by the most powerful political leaders on Earth today, as they are pretty much part of it themselves. Even when they pretend to want to come up with a "New World Order" that supposedly would be beneficial for most of humanity, they are really only slaves themselves of powerful nihilistic conspirators maneuvering nihilistic media and a nihilistic electorate who has lost its values and its parameters to combat properly the current ethical relativism and to re-establish a proper World Civic Wellness. What the world needs today is not this kind of "New World Order", but rather a kind of "New Social Order", or what EthoPlasìn calls "New World Civic Wellness". Only reformation movements from the bottom, like the EthoPlasìn Association, with its declared "World Civic Wellness Vocation", and other similar movements, have a bit of hope to unite in coherence to be able to do something about it if their critical mass develops properly in the course of the next generation. In spite of the rampaging nihilistic decadence, and maybe partly because of it, a growing number of individuals are also reaching higher levels of consciousness every year, from a Planet Oneness Responsibility point of view, and they are all very receptive to the calls for the advent of a New Era of better decorum, more meritocracy and better World Civic Wellness, not to mention a possible world of EthoCracy, on the threshold of which we hope we may be sitting at the moment. These individuals may well help and horseback the EthoPlasìn movement. It is already late to redress the situation but this is the field in which the EthoPlasìn intends to provide its little, but hopefully meaningful, contribution.    

  5. By the same token, during that period of nihilistic decadence following 1968, the old classical education system that, in most countries of the western world, used to form, or at least try to form, the Mental and Emotional Centers of its students, as much as their Intellectual Centers, has just but disappeared. As explained better in our page on Pythagorean Man Emulation, the formation of the Emotional Center in particular, in the related Tetractys, is at least as important as the formation of the Intellectual Center of a human being, probably even more so, but it is totally ignored at the moment by all schools and universities around the world. This has also contributed highly to the civic mess in which we are at the moment at the beginning of the third millennium.

  6. EthoPlasìn was born to help stop this decadence, help the recall of a better set of values or leading philosophy of life, assist in returning to better standards of good civic behavior, and contribute to the proud formation of new elites based on philosophical and civic discipline, meritocracy and the formation of the Mental and Emotional Centers of students with at least the same strength that is used in forming their Intellectual Center. For inspiration in achieving this objective, EthoPlasìn went back to the roots of all western civilization at its best, that is to Ancient-Greece with its beautiful philosophy and its related discipline exercises. Its philosophy is based on the Ethics and Virtues of Ancient Philosophy. In attempting to stop the above decadence, it also wants to bring in a 'new' kind of social justice, but a social justice not based on socialistic equalitarian ideology that only brought bad results in trying to give unfairly an equal lot (or maybe an equal "bit") to everyone independently of their talent or effort. EthoPlasìn ratherDecadenceOfRomans promotes a social justice based on a meritocratic equalitarian philosophy: equality of rights, chances and resources on, or before, the starting line but a clear and natural differentiation in end results based fairly on individual effort and talent; Like in sports, where the most talented and most active ones get better end results. This is what EthoPlasìn calls its SOS (Social Olympic Spirit), as defined in more details in our page on Meritocracy and what is at the base of its long-term objective of favoring the advent of a new world of EthoCracy.   

  7. The Academy is conscious that its positions on most subjects, civic issues in particular, are not 'politically correct'. Criticizing the 1968 movement, on which the current 'politically-correct' is based, means criticizing most of those who are now in positions of power and attempting to reverse the 40 years of mistakes that they have passionately vouched for all along. From our point of view, it is putting on the defensive all those who brought all the mess we are in, even if they are in positions of command at the moment. To their credit, and maybe help them excuse gently some of their responsibility, we could argue that the mess has a much older origin than the 1968 revolution. As seen in our page on the "Pythagorean Man Emulation", the origins of 1968, surprisingly enough, date back to the Renaissance, when the ideal of the Faustian Man came in to phase out the ideal of the Pythagorean Man in the dominant culture of the western world. That cultural change, starting 500 years ago, is really at the root of the 1968 nihilistic revolution. In any case we have to dare and not be afraid to talk. We especially have to take positive counter actions. In fact we do not really want to criticize. We want to put in eGiorgione_Tempestvidence the mistakes that were done but only to help draw the right conclusions and in particular help take the right corrective actions. EthoPlasìn is one of these corrective actions, even if a very limited one, in front of the enormity of the task and our limited resources. This is nevertheless where EthoPlasìn comes in with its intended contribution.

  8. We do not ask those who brought in the mess to admit openly that they had it all wrong all along, but only to have the decency not to oppose, but rather encourage, discretely or not, initiatives like the present one that could help correct part of the situation. The awareness that mistakes were made is critically important in order to realize the extent of the damage done and to generate a desire for corrective actions. And there is no doubt that the 'sixty-eight-ers' were wrong all along: in the Fifties, when quite young, they were defenders of Stalin or fans of various forms of communism that became responsible for the killing of over 100 million persons worldwide; in the early Sixties they were defending fast decolonization in order to bring progress and a happier life to Africa and the third world when in fact most of these countries now live much worse than before and most of their citizens only want to escape to come and live with us, their ex colonizers; in the Seventies they became fans of Pol Pot, Mao and Fidel Castro, rejoicing even for the additional victory of communism in Indochina; in the Eighties they believed western countries should open their doors and integrate all the poor souls of the rest of humanity when in fact these uncontrolled clandestine immigrants have now invaded the western world and made both the sending and the receiving countries much worse than they were before; in the Nineties they believed that concepts of authority like 'Father, 'Teacher, 'Family', 'School', 'Police' or 'Nation' were completely outdated while, by having destroyed these figures and concepts, they only deprived themselves of the natural defense lines that could have prevented the civic mess we are in at the moment worldwide. All along they promoted an ugly 'laisser-faire' with people having all imaginable rights but no corresponding duties or responsibilities, wanting to live without constraints but constraining society to serious civic degradation, living without rules or respect of any person or any law but forcing most people now to limit their liberty to circulate freely and safely in absence of these rules and respect, behaving without a sense of mistake and just penalty, without elegance, without beauty, without anything that makes a society a pleasant place to live in. The sad irony in all this is that these 'perpetual wrong-ers' for 50 years also called themselves 'progressists'... all along for 50 years. 'Progress' going downhill! Equalization on the flat bottom line! An impressive Civic Ground Zero! It is about time they seriously examine their conscience as, if they will be the first ones in line to criticize or look down on an initiative like the EthoPlasìn Academy, they will have been wrong just one more time. If so, let it be! Unfortunately there are always some irrecoverable elements in any society. We will nevertheless go ahead unabated in collaboration with all those 'others' who still have ideals in their hearts and want to contribute to at least a partial restoration of the values that have produced great civilizations in the past and can still make our modern societies and civic environments much better places to live in than they are now.    

  9. EthoPlasìn discipline is based on 10 EthoPlasin Precepts to be freely adhered to as broad rules at the base of ten grades of discipline. The first two express the minimum requirements for membership and are quite simple and easy, as they only talk about members being, or becoming, to start with, figures of smile, joy, neatness, elegance, inspiring harmony, Kallos beauty and best civic and meritorious conduct. These first two rules alone, in spite of their apparent simplicity, are nevertheless a solid start to try to reverse the decadence brought in over the last 50 years. These simple rules are well reflected in the list of the Basic Entry Requirements for becoming a new member of the EthoPlasìn Association. The other 8 rules are progressively more demanding and involve being harmoniously educated in a Philosophy or Science of Being that emulates the Pythagorean Man, that has produced great civilizations in the past, and that can help improve our modern world immensely today. This EthoPlasìn Philosophy is based on the best philosophical material related to Ancient-Greece, the Olympic Spirit and the ideas of the thinkers that 'created' Democracy  in its best form, that is in the form of an advanced Meritocracy that resembles a lot what EthoPlasìn calls EthoCracy

  10. The ARIUM will work with those who have an interest in meritocracy and in improving their own civic education, who freely join the EthoPlasìn movement and discipline, and who have the desire to make efforts to propagate its meritorious life style, values, discipline, science of being and philosophy.