Soldiers and Categories

All Soldiers (those interested in adhering to theAthenaWarrior EthoPlasìn lifestyle as a long-term personal discipline, without being formal university students at the Academy) belong formally to the PythagorArium as members of its PythAssociation. There are 5 categories of soldiers known collectively as a PythaS (PythagorArium Soldiers). The first 4 form a hierarchy of 4 categories with up to 10 levels of overall graduation. The fifth category (PythaH) is a category of its own, also of up to 10 levels, but divided in male Hoplite (PythaH) and female Amazone (PythaZ) members, the only category with this sex division and each with a special status and purpose.

On their private member symbol (the icon-logo shown at the top of the page), members all have a letter indicating their grade or category in the small hexagon at the top of the two small columns of the entrance gate, as per the Blue letters of the categories shown below.

All soldiers sign a contract of full adherence to all the Basic Entry Rules to Become Members of the Association, and should be good examples in their daily behavior of the lifestyle expressed in our page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation, while pursuing actively the best development of their "Human Tetractys" with the help of their assigned tutors. They are also active promoters of EthoGloso as a mid-term objective, and of EthoCracy, as a long-term objective of the Pythagorean World Center

PythaR      (Recruit): a person who is committed formally to respect rule 1 for 1 year, and studies discipline and philosophy, preparing for grade 2. PythaR Soldiers are all Grade 1.

PythaP      (Private): a graduated PythaR who adhered formally to rule 2, possibly studies to become a Knight, under the tutorship of an appointed Knight, and contributes at least once a year to the Suggestions Registry with an approved PythaK-5 suggestion. PythaP soldiers are all Grade 2.

PythaK      (Knight): a graduated PythaP who adhered formally to at least the first 3 rules, studies under a tutorship of 3 higher members, and contributes regularly to the Knights PythaK-5 Suggestions Registry. A Knight grade goes from PythaK-3 to PythaK-9 as per meritorious grade promotions received. KnightSoldiers

PythaM    (Master): a graduated PythaK-9 who adhered to all 10 rules for the rest of his life. A Grand Master is also elected every 3 years by a plenary session of all Masters, as the current sequential PythaG-x.

PythaH      (Hoplite): a male member captivated by the EthoPlasìn Discipline, and who wants full dedication and fast specialization. PythaH discipline is much stronger compared to the normal membership of other soldiers and requires involvement in aspects of rule 5 and 8 from the very beginning of their training. They are mostly young PythaS becoming PythagorArium experts in EthoPlay (EthoJudo and EthoDialogue), and Caring/Tutoring for both persons and animals who suffered civic violence. Their separate grades also go from 1 to 10, but adhering to a new rule level also means, in their case, the obligation to acquire a new EthoJudo belt at that level. Hoplites have a special status, as explained in a separate page: Hoplites and Amazones Special Status.

PythaZ      (AmaZone): an Amazone is a female Hoplite (PythaH). This presentation describes mainly male PythaH discipline, as PythaZ is only a female adaptation of it, mutatis mutandis, with the same base but with also more specific female training qualifications. When reading “Hoplites” (or PythaH), if not otherwise specified, this presentation applies to “Amazones” (or PythaZ) as well.


·         PythaG means the current ARIUM Grand Master but is not a separate Soldier category of its own. It is only a special additional management qualification.

·         PythaN The same distinction applies to a PythaN. PythaN means the exceptional PythaH or PythaZ soldiers who became “aNgels” but PythaN is only an additional meritorious and honorific qualification and not a separate soldier’s category or grade of its own.


All PythagorArium Labels in Alphabetical order:

In conformity with the above, all PythagorArium Labels are composed of maximum four letters plus possibly a following dash and a number. The first 5 letters are always “Pytha”, meaning PythagorArium. For Soldiers, the 6th letter indicates the category while the following number indicates the grade. Other non-grade Labels have only letters: “Pytha” to start with, and a 6th letter indicating the meaning of the functional Label. Here is the comprehensive list of all labels:





Empathizers, that is basically proactive and enthusiastic sympathizers, are persons with understanding and sympathy for PythagorArium life but who cannot, or do not want to, formally become a regular member for any given reason. They register but only to receive the newsletter, possibly join the blog and occasionally participate in some ARIUM activities with facilitated access. They wear a PythaE symbol serving to discretely attract the attention of the people they meet and responsively promote EthoPlasìn membership and EthoPlasìn lifestyle and values. These are basically members who are not involved seriously in the discipline, but enjoy people who are committed to it and will favor them in various ways whenever possible.



Interns, as PythaI, may be special empathizers who temporarily come and live at the ARIUM to both study the discipline and assist for some of their time the daily ARIUM life. Most of the time they are foreign PythaS who did not succeed in being selected as university students or as other kinds of PythaS living in at the ARIUM under full scholarship for a given period. They are usually on sabbatical and can be approved to come and live as Interns for periods of 1 to 12 months at the ARIUM. They receive free room and board, but they also have to assist daily ARIUM life in various ways for a minimum 4 hours a day. Some will sleep in the dormitories but they can also live in separate rooms and can be of either sex and of any age. Interns also have a second chance to be re-evaluated for possible admission to study fulltime at the Academy in the coming year or become a PythaS living-in on full scholarship at the ARIUM at a future given period. Their number is quite limited and their status is different from the 50 to 100 PythaH/PythaZ that the EthoPlasìn will try to maintain on the campus every year and who also have to assist the Arium for part of their time but, contrary to Interns, are submitted to a much stronger discipline for the other half of their time.



EthoPlasìn as a Worldwide Pythagorean Movement

As we have seen, the EthoPlasìn is notHandsPile only a special Academy forming university students to its discipline, but also an Association of worldwide members all united, in various categories, from recruits to masters, in their objective to improve the world from a civic point of view. Overall they form what can be called the EthoPlasìn Worldwide Pythagorean Movement. Briefly, from a functional point of view, the members of this worldwide movement can be placed in various categories:

  1. Developers - This category refers to all the staff members actively involved in the development and the mastering of the discipline at the Academy itself and the overall Pythagorean World Center, in particular the staff of the BeLovArium Foundation and the LogosArium ThinkTank.

  2. Trainers - This category refers to all the staff involved in the training of recruits living at the Arium, and to the appointed sponsors of members at lower levels. 

  3. Commencers - This category refers to the first year of formation of all the new recruits who become students at the PythAcademia to be trained for a full year in the Pythagorean Tetractys. Such trainee is also called a "Civic Life Apprentice".

  4. Aggregators - This category refers to EthoPlasìn students who are supported as university students at other universities (not at the EthoPlasìn Academy itself) under full or partial scholarship. They nevertheless wear the EthoPlasìn uniform, but their role involves no/no proactive promotion of any kind. They are only committed to be "perfect examples" of the EthoPlasìn discipline and respond with useful information on the movement when solicited by interested parties, thus acting as smooth magnet aggregators of potential new members.

  5. Soldiers - This category refers to membeSoldierSoftApproachrs who are fully trained in the EthoPlasìn discipline, but are not, or no more, students at the Academy. Most of them were trained as good Hoplites (males) or Amazones (females). They are committed to the full discipline and usually live and operate in difficult civic environments to give examples of good behavior and help improve social living conditions. They are armed to operate in difficult civic environments, but always use the soft touch as a first approach to resolving conflicts. If required they are well trained to use EthoPlay (EthoJudo and EthoDialogue). They are also active promoters of EthoGloso as a mid-term objective, and EthoCracy as a long-term objective of the Pythagorean World Center.

  6. Followers - These are persons who are registered members, and are committed to the full discipline to the best of their possibilities, but on a discrete and personal basis. They follow the activities of the Movement but without participating actively in them on a regular basis.

  7. Supporters - These are members who, for some reason, cannot be engaged in the full discipline, but will nevertheless assist the movement in various ways when possible, even promote it discretely at every good occasion.