Hoplites and Amazones Special Status


AmazoneRoseHoplites (males) and Amazones (females) are a separate and special group of member soldiers with a different structure of grades. They are subjected to a much more concentrated EthoPlasìn discipline. They are 'students' in generic terms, but most of them are not usually specifically 'university students'. Nothing prevents them however to be also university students but it is extremely demanding to be both at the same time. For the Academy, they are rather by definition students of, and the best specialists in, the special components of the Grades of the EthoPlasìn Discipline: mainly EthoPlay (EthoJudo and EthoDialogue),  Meritocracy, EthoCracy, EthoGloso, Philoecosophical values, hopefully being as such optimal examples of Kallos Beauty and best Civic or Human Education from the perspective of our pages on the Pythagorean Man, the Basic Membership Requirements and the EthoPlasìn Science Of being. They also have special Tutoring Skills for both people and animals etc. As such, overall, they are usually also the best examples of Kallos Beauty. Most of them are trained at distance and only the best ones are usually brought in to live at the Academy for specialization or teaching purposes. You can see where they fit in the overall structure of members by looking at the separate page on Soldiers and Categories. 

  1. Hoplites are in part a kind of “Combat Army Force” on the front line of civic life in sometimes dangerous places and conditions. Amazones receive a similar kind of basic training but adapted more specifically for a female role within difficult places of civic life. As such, of all the categories of persons having to do with the EthoPlasìn Academy or Association, Hoplites and Amazones are also expected to be the ones emulating the type of Pythagorean Man to the best degree. Fully trained and qualified Hoplites who are active at the moment as such are usually called PytHoplites.

  2. From this point of view, male Hoplites and female Amazones can, and should, most of the time, whenever possible, form very useful and successful 'couples', or teams, in intervening in difficult civic environments.

  3. Hoplites and Amazones form a special category or class of EthoPlasìn Soldiers, with a much more demanding discipline than the one of otherJudoPlayExpert soldier categories. As we have seen, they are forced to acquire a EthoJudo belt of the same level of the 10 EthoPlasìn Grades or rules they formally adhered to, or adhere to the rule of the same level of the belt they have, otherwise return to be a normal Soldier. They can be ahead on the belt side, but never ahead on the rule side (at least in terms of formal adhesion to the Hoplite category). They specialize in EthoPlay, and are expected to be black belts of EthoJudo by the time they reach level 10 of the EthoPlasìn Precepts. Other categories of Soldiers can act at up to grade 7 with no belt gained in the EthoJudo gym, or with only the first belt from grade 8 to 10. However, non-belt members above grade 7 have to at least specialize in the psychological and philosophical aspects of EthoPlay, usually referred to as EthoDialogue ("Socratic Dialogue"), and for this reason will always have at least their white belt no. 1 whatever their grade is. 

  4. In EthoPlay, what EthoJudo is on the physical side of the discipline, EthoDialogue is on the mental side of that same discipline. As EthoPlay experts in EthoJudo, Hoplites and Amazones are also experts in EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue). See the separate page on EthoPlay where the correspondence between these two aspects of the discipline is more explicitly formulated. 

  5. Hoplites also specialize in the Animals side of rule 5 and get involved in some Animal Tutoring from the very beginning of their training at gradAmazonee 1. They become experts in training animals for a better life sufficiency and possible easier adoption as domestic animals after their training. They focus on dogs, abandoned or placed in dog pounds. They, for example, train dogs to satisfy their evacuation needs in special litter toilets on balconies, similar to cat’s, so that people will adopt them more easily. In that way, the adopting masters will not become slaves of the dog hours but will be able to walk them out on their own schedules and hours, independently of the dog’s needs. Hoplites also offer free minor bricklaying services for building small and safe wall gates in appropriate places, to give cats and dogs independent year-round access to litters on balconies when their adopting masters are out and their apartments are safely locked. Hoplites also receive special training in emergency caring and curing of abandoned animals in the city that do not need special vet hospital services, collaborating with local authorities in identifying them through adequate necklace plates of various colors, or micro-chips, indicating their particulars. The ARIUM itself offers free veterinarian services, play grounds, and space with facilities for animal training or recuperation purposes.

  6. The ARIUM also offers a mini Social Recuperation Center for persons who suffered civic violence. Hoplites and Amazones are called to play a special role in assisting and tutoring these persons, including with the use and collaboration of ARIUM animals and plants. Again this is not to be considered charity, but rather an intensive short-term 'caring for the weaker', basically a tutorship and training kind of intervention. This is a place where female Amazones have a primary role, in particular with caring children victims of civic violence.

  7. As EthoJudo experts, Hoplites are also called to play a special caring role and tutoring presence in environments where youths entertain themselves, like discotheques and bars of all kinds. They may for example offer their driving services, free of charge, to young people who drank too much or are under narcotic drugs. They may try to intervene with EthoPlay to neutralize violent aggressions made to weaker persons, but only in a subsidiary way, never attempting to replace police officials, usually only temporarily until their arrival if there is no better alternative. They may take initiatives to prevent graffiti on important public monuments or to grab and recycle uncollected ground garbage on streets around the ARIUM or in other public places.

  8. Hoplites always act with a consciousness of Planet Oneness Responsibility (as per Rule 6 of the discipline, and a strong desire to create Kallos Beauty. In fact, Hoplites proper, as a special category, are expected to be the best examples of Kallos Beauty for everyone at all times, in appearance and behavior, in and out of the ARIUM. AmazoneOnHorse

  9. Hoplites also receive some legal training in case they have to report incidents of injustice or civic violence to police officials and/or become eventual witnesses in court cases.

  10. Hoplites have a more flexible diet, possibly less vegetarian than another Soldiers at grade 4 or above. They can also always drink limited beer. This is part of the contract agreement when acquiring grades or promotions under the attention of their appointed tutors.

  11. Because of the additional severity and demands on the overall discipline of Hoplites, the ARIUM will subsidize the very best of them with various studying and working scholarships. This could be on the basis of their meritorious talents in EthoPlay (EthoJudo and EthoDialogue) but also in Music Harmonics or other meritorious initiatives. 

  12. The very top-graduate Hoplites may even be offered a subsidy allowing them to live full-time at the ARIUM in exchange for some of their time as trainers for a period of one or more years.

  13. Hoplites who were exceptional in their training, and reach top Merit credits, like reaching grades 8 to 10 before age 30, or showing outstanding initiatives with animals or guests of the Social Recuperation Center, can be nominated EthoPlasìn Angel. This will open the door to possibly long-term financial assistance or teaching careers in collaboration with the ARIUM, both at HQ in Greece and in other countries.  

  14. Hoplites and Amazones also have a specially intensive role in pursuing the EthoPlasìn main objectives, and as such are normally the best experts in Civic Education and Meritocracy , let alone their particular expertise in EthoPlay (EthoJudo and EthoDialogue), EthoGloso and Tutoring Skills for both persons and animals. As such they are also usually the best examples of Kallos Beauty. See separate pages on 'Meritocracy', 'EthoPlay ', 'EthoGloso' and 'Kallos Beauty' for more information.

  15. EthoPlasìn will try to have between 50 and 100 of them living free on the campus in exchange for some of their time helping the life of the Arium. They are not formally university students. They could very well be university student candidates who have not been accepted as students in the last few years but enjoy a special occasion and the possibility to get admitted as students after their stage at the Arium as either Hoplite or Amazone for at least one year. They are expected to spend half of their time helping the life and the Arium in exchange for their free room and board, and the other half of their time on special training in various aspects of the EthoPlasìn discipline. They however sleep in the regular dormitories with the students. 

  16. Their status is much different from the one of Interns, who are few in number, and also maintained free on campus in exchange for half or their time, but are not submitted to the particularly strong discipline of the Hoplite and Amazone members living free on campus.