Suggestions Registry


This is an electronic registry keeping and posting all the suggestions made by members and non-members on how to improve civic life in particular, but also Meritocracy, let alone an eventual EthoCracy, and the daily life of all living beings through better philoecosophical standards. These suggestions are based on the EthoPlasìn Philosophical Discipline and Science Of Being. The Academy wants them to flow in, from all members, like from a beautiful cascade, producing constant new energy for the improvement of all Civic environments, the advent of better Meritocracy and the growing implementation of philoecosophical values and standards around the world.

The Suggestions Registry contains only 'suggestions' that members will promote in all their activities in order to hopefully improve all civic environments, but these suggestions are not compulsory of application by EthoPlasìn members. In contrast, for formal proposals all EthoPlasìn members will lobby for as a duty, on the basis of their membership contract, see our page on Lobbying To Change The World.

  1. The requirement of the Suggestion Registry is based on EthoPlasìn Rule 5: Picture better living, visualize and meditate daily on it, and tutor persons, animals and plants accordingly”. This means using tutoring means, taking concrete actions, and thus, as a first step, formulating and suggesting solutions to be registered in the Suggestion Registry. This is where the registry comes in the picture, to keep track of the suggestions, classify and characterize them, and give merit credits to their formulators.  BlueCascade

  2. The Suggestions Registry is kept and managed at HQ by an elected committee of 5 Knights at grade PythaK-5, with a turnover of 5 years, and one of them being changed or replaced every year.

  3. PythaS must all contribute to the EthoPlasìn Suggestions Registry, at least once a year, whatever their grade or category is, subject to demotion, or cancellation of their membership, or even their exclusion from the ARIUM Academy if necessary. Part of the members formation requires them to be examples of living harmony and civic education. This is the justification for the requirement of contributing regularly to the EthoPlasìn Suggestions Registry.

  4. However, the registry is also open to the public at large, that is to even persons who are not members. Through Internet, empathizers, or anyone else, can submit better-living suggestions, even for the most minor aspects of civic life, like for example original improvements to something as trivial as better parking conduct and garbage collecting facilities.

  5. All members, and the public through Internet, compete for the best suggestions and money prizes will be given every year for the best contributions.

  6. The Registry is screened in input by the appointed committee of five PythaK-5 members who must approve each suggestion. They will give it appropriate database tags and categories, along with a weight in merit credits if the suggestion came from a member, before it is integrated to the Suggestion Registry.

  7. Suggestions will eventually be website posted with four compulsory elements: the author’s name (real or pseudonym), nationality, country of residence and date of formulation. Other contact or data information is also required but is kept confidential.

  8. Suggestions become the property of the EthoPlasìn, and can be elaborated and melted into common ones when they are too similar to other suggestions already registered, but with some credit given to each contributors if they are members.

  9. Outstanding suggestions may help their authors in obtaining special subsidies for related members projects or scholarships for various purposes, at or outside the ARIUM.

  10. Our suggestion registry will not be fully automated to receive suggestions automatically until we get fully functional. However you can still contribute to it by email, sending them to We will keep them in standby and contact you in due time when we get to be fully operational.



  1. Suggestions Made by Sympathizers in General - At the bottom of the Home Page, you can find our Hot Series, that is a series of pages on difficult issues of civic life. They are pages related to EthoPlasìn civic objectives, with dozens of concrete suggestions of the reforms that could take place to resolve the related civic problems. These are good examples, or samples, of what hopefully the EthoPlasìn Suggestion Registry will eventually include, by the thousands, when fully functional.

  2. Official EthoPlasìn Lobbying Proposals - EthoPlasìn members, until the advent of an EthoCracy as their long term objective, while fighting in the meantime for more Meritocracy, will lobby by all means available for a series of suggestions sponsored officially by the Pythagorean World Center. These suggestions are formulated in our page called Lobbying To Change the World.

  3. Suggestions for the Advent of EthoCracy - If Meritocracy is the EthoPlasìn short term objective, EthoCracy is its long term objective. The main suggestions to change our democracy to make it an EthoCracy are formulated in our page on EthoCracy. At the moment it includes a package of 30 major reforms to be pushed for.