Hot Series

Here are pages of concrete examples of somewhat provocative suggestions, grouped by theme, as spontaneously drafted by members, for the purposes of the EthoPlasìn Suggestion Registry on how we could improve our civic environments.

Our world is facing the dangerous iceberg of cultural relativism, or rather full fledge nihilism, detached from the continent of the destructive 1968 revolution, and on which the ships of our various civic environments are likely to crash if we do not take quickly some adequate corrective measures to protect them. See our Background page for more information. The suggestions of the provocative pages mentioned below might not be the best ones to face this situation, but they are certainly an honorable attempt to correct the route of an otherwise inevitable sinking. Whoever has better ideas is welcome to submit them to our Suggestion Registry through the email found on the opening page.  


  1. Parents (Marriage, Wedding, Assistance, Taxes, Adultery, Abortion, Divorce, Reunifications etc.): Family Issues

  2. Immigrants (Self-imposition, Reunification, Asylum, Unemployment, Beggars, Peddlers etc.): Immigration Issues

  3. Micro-Criminals (Education, Privacy, Punishment, Rehabilitation, Meritocracy etc): Micro-Criminality Issues

  4. Politicians (Election, Accountability, Corruption, Control through 'Gods, Dogs and Rods' etc.): Political Issues

  5. Ministers (Corruption, Transparency, Accountability, Bids, Watchdogs, Meritocracy etc): Government Issues

  6. Journalists: (Formation, Responsibility, Immunity, Description and Analysis, Violence etc.): Journalistic Issues

  7. Teachers: (Formal Formation, Know, Know to Teach, Know to Educate, Violence etc): Teaching Issues

  8. Architects: (Rain Collection, Buildings, Breathing Surfaces, Dog Ponds, Civic Areas etc.): Philoecosophical Issues

  9. Citizens: (Prisoners, Sweepers, Farmers, Assisted jobless, Assisted elders etc.): Socio-Economic Issues