N.B. This page is only a rough draft being elaborated and still very much incomplete.

These suggestions will be realistic objectives for short-term EthoPlasìn lobbying purposes.

They are based partially on the non-official suggestions of the series called Hot Issues, as formulated freely by members for our Suggestion Registry.

They will also reflect, in their final substance, some elements of the long-term objectives of our page on EthoCracy that are not fit, in their present form, for short-term lobbying purposes.


EthoPlasìn Lobbying To Change The World

Apart from the long-term EthoPlasìn objective mentioned in our page on EthoCracy, the EthoPlasìn Suggestion Registry contains hundreds of suggestions of desirable short-term objectives intended to change the world from various points of view, as spontaneously formulated by members. A good sampling exists in the pages of our Hot Issues. These hot pages however contain only "suggestions", corresponding to the spirit of the EthoPlasìn discipline, that members will try to apply in their lives, giving good examples of them, and discretely promote in all possible occasions when dealing with other people. They are not official proposals for which the EthoPlasìn members will formally lobby for, and/or have the duty to lobby for, under their membership agreement contract.

The following 'suggestions', here below, are the opposite: not just 'suggestions' BeeOnLavenderbut formal lobbying proposals for which all EthoPlasìn members will fight for, officially, in all possible occasion, and by all legal means available, pushing in the general direction of the long-term EthoPlasìn objective of the advent of EthoCracy. Members will work with these proposals industriously, like bees pollinating lavender as a symbol of their efforts.

  1. Full Transparency With All Public Money - No confidentiality whatsoever, at all levels of administration! This includes not only governments at all levels, but all international organizations financed by public money, even if only in part. This certainly includes the great organizations like the EU, the UN, and all their dependent bodies like UNHCR and the WFP, to quote only two good examples. Not one penny can be spent without being submitted to immediate, free and full screening on the Internet. Every single spending operation should be documented and published immediately on the Internet, the same day it is disbursed, for all to see and scrutinize freely, including the name of the employee who authorized the disbursement and the name and city of residence of the person (or company) to whom the payment was made. To facilitate the scrutinizing, the relational database should offer immediate links to an electronic copy of all documents related to the transaction, like typically won bids or bills. Transactions related to secret services should be submitted to the basic same rule except that the related expenses published on the Internet would be less specific and the scrutinizing of the details would be made more restricted, and allowed only through a special committee of five bipartisan officials under the authority of a randomly appointed judge of a superior court certifying the regularity of the disbursement. Any manager caught approving any transaction incorrectly, even a minor one, should, by law, be forcefully released from employment, banished for ever from any other public employment in the future, and subjected to an adequate fine or punishment on the basis of the seriousness of the infraction. This should also apply to any judge certifying wrongly the regularity of any transaction made by secret services after a review by a judge of the Supreme Court if and when necessary.

  2. Full Transparency Of All Financial Institutions - Private banks use money from private individuals, and the names of their depositors should be kept confidential but, by the same token, these banks are guaranteed by public money in case of bankruptcy. All their actions, on how they use that private money, should consequently be subjected to absolute transparency, just like the public money used by all levels of governments in paragraph one. The same rule should apply to all other financial institution not guaranteed by the government, public or private, but using money from the public at large in handling things such as pension funds, insurance, loans etc. No exception! In order to encourage the mutual internal surveillance of the regularity of all operations, in the case of bankruptcy, no manager of these institutions should be allowed to receive any kind of bonus or severance pay, whatever their contract provided for, and whatever their contributions were to any pension fund, and their pensions should be reduced to strict social pension minimum.

  3. Full Transparency Of Assets Of Politicians - This includes all their immediate family members vertically and all their relatives of the first degree horizontally (brothers and sisters and their dependents). If some family members refuse to collaborate on the inventory of their assets, the candidate politician can replace their inventory with a declaration of his own, regarding their known assets, to be deposited in full confidentiality with the ombudsman's office during his political mandate. At the end of the mandate, a confrontation is made by the ombudsman's office to ascertain no obvious discrepancy exists between the new asset status of the family and what it was before the electoral mandate, taking in consideration the declared earnings of all the persons concerned during the period of the mandate. Any serious discrepancy is then reported by the ombudsman to a magistrate for investigation.   

  4. Full Responsibility And Accountability Of All Public Officials - This includes in particular all politicians at all levels of administration, all judges or magistrates, all managers of all public institutions like hospitals, municipalities, ministries or schools, and all directors of all national or international organizations financed by public money like the EU or the UN and all their dependencies. No exception! All their mistakes, misuse, or abuse, are subject to full responsibility, with scrutiny under full public light and punishment by fines, demotions and dismissals, let alone possible jail sentences.

  5. Full Respect Of Electoral Mandates - Nobody should be elected to any public position without an identity picture of his face appearing on the electoral ballot, with his full name, the name of his party if any, and a website link to his electoral program elaborated with the funding sources of each promise made. Any deviation from the official program during mandate should require immediate resignation and a re-election on a new basis at the next possible electoral occasion. Any shortcoming from the official program adhered to, at the end of the mandate, not preceded by a corresponding resignation during mandate, should prevent the candidate from the right to be re-elected as a candidate at the time of the next election. Pregnancy

  6. Social Salary to All National Mothers - All mothers who are citizens of the country, married or not, growing minor children, and choosing not to join the labor market in order to better dedicate themselves to this major national task, should receive a social salary in their name from that country. Foreign mothers, those who are not citizens of their country of residence, would only be able to get such social salary from their own country of nationality. Our society is badly affected at the moment by a combination of low birth rates and a lack of proper education of minor children, leading our civic environments to be in a state of advanced degradation, and more and more open to rampaging micro-criminality. Only drastic measures can reverse this ugly trend and social salaries to dedicated national mothers is one that can only be considered an essential investment on our future, to save our culture and level of civilization. A social salary could be calculated on the basis of the average unemployment benefits of a person with the same level of education and professional qualifications of the mother raising the child at home without employment.

  7. Schools Responsible For Their Final Product - In a meritocratic society, like the one promoted by EthoPlasìn, schools should be more selective to ensure all students are best fit to their role and employment in society on the basis of their natural talent, aptitudes and best efforts. Not all studentTeachers are fit equally for any kind of work, manual or intellectual. Too many of them at the moment get too easy access to  university degrees that are not matching their natural aptitudes nor the needs of society, let alone the labor market. These irresponsible universities produce unemployed graduate professionals by the thousands and frustrated members of the intellectual society, rendering them not only useless but frustrated and thus potentially professionally dangerous. By the same token, thousands of students at a non-university level are missing an occasion to fulfill a meaningful and rewarding role at other professional levels not necessarily involving intellectual work, because of partial, often total, lack of appropriate training. This is why the reopening of the old apprenticeship schools for various professions should take place and be given great relevance in collaboration with the best sectors of the industry and labor market. Even the most simple jobs should be the subject of an apprenticeship for a period of one to four years, according to the degree of difficulty of the work involved. Nobody should be allowed to jump into any job without appropriate apprenticeship, be it a cashier, a plumber, an electrician, a software developer, or any other kind of worker. Apprenticeship schools could also recycle unemployed workers in sectors of better employment opportunities. Unemployment insurance recipients should also be forced to join an appropriate apprenticeship school with prospects of employment, subject to loosing their benefits. The bottom line is that our society should have access to a growing number of fully qualified workers in any field of activity, be they intellectual or manual professionals and, by the same token, experience a major reduction of unemployment and a growing amount of self-gratification and satisfaction on the part of a growing number of workers. Schools or universities producing too many unemployed professionals, like a percentage higher of the related unemployment rate, should consequently be put under budget restrictions and commissioned for reform. At the same time, all schools, at whatever level, should be obliged to teach civic education, social ethics and meritocracy as a formal part of their general curriculum, albeit maybe a minor part.

  8. Only Legal Immigration - Immigration is not a right of the emigrant, but a right of the receiving country. A country is like home: no stranger has the right to force his way in and establish without being invited. Legal immigration is desirable and useful, but forced immigration, or illegal immigration, is a dangerous iceberg on which too many civic environments and cultures are already crashing at the moment, some of which with the near certainly of sinking completely in the next generation or two.Iceberg No country should be forced to accept illegal immigrants who, most of the time, are themselves forced to become street beggars or peddlers, let alone micro-criminals. Only legal immigration should take place. In the same spirit, only national street beggars are given a special ID, and accepted as such by the population, when there are no better alternatives offered by charity or public shelter organizations, or when the national beggars themselves forcefully refuse these facilities. Non-national street beggars and non-national street peddlers, as well as all the illegal immigrants working illegally, are gently but swiftly deported to their own countries, hopefully at the expense of their families or the countries involved, like in consular repatriation cases, or at the expense of the employer in the case of those working illegally. The same rules apply to illegal foreigners in self-invented jobs, like abusive parking lot 'managers' of free public parking spaces, or car windshield cleaners at street corners. Immigrants must be selected and chosen, and the costs for doing so are much less than the costs for not doing so. Immigrants are then accepted as such by the receiving country prior to the arrival of the potential immigrant, based on a strict set of rules related to health, security and job offers not fillEggPolicyed by nationals. If the illegal immigrants have no identity document, or claim legitimately that they cannot return to their country of origin for fear of their life or their integrity, they are referred to the UNHCR centers to be identified and processed as illegal immigrants or refugees, be maintained in the meantime, and eventually returned home safely if and when at all possible. National street peddlers in turn are allowed to sell their goods, but only in areas appointed officially by the various municipalities for such purposes, usually in or by flee-markets or other kinds of public and open street markets.

  9. The EGG Policy - As a more long term objective, all members will strongly lobby, at all possible occasion, for the advent of EthoCracy and the recognition and use of the EthoGloso auxiliary language in as many environments or countries as possible. This combination is what EthoPlasìn calls its EGG Policy (EthoCracy and EthoGloso Governance). All governing systems or organizations should ideally submit themselves to an EGG Policy. This includes governments and all international organizations. It eminently applies to all schools or educational institutions at the beginning, as a first stage, for at least one generation, in order to apply the EGG Policy more easily afterwards to all governing bodies or organizations with the help of a critical mass of persons already familiar with the EthoGloso language and the principles and spirit of the EthoCracy.