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  1. The ErgosArium is the orientation and employment center of the PythagorArium. It helps students to choose the best studying specializations for their aptitudes, and the best centers of study when they cannot achieve their objective at the Arium itself. The Employment Opportunities of EthoPlasìn students after graduation should be at their best on the highly competitive world labor market. Considering their holistic education, EthoPlasìn students should become, by the time of their graduation, candidates of high, hopefully best, choice for recruitment by the best employers around the world. More than good employees, managers or leaders, this should also make them exemplary citizens from a Civic, Ethical, Philoecosophical and Pro-meritocracy Education point of view, which is one of the main objectives of the Academy. For this purpose, the ErgosArium also collaborates proactively with the best Head Hunter Agencies around the world to best place its students on the international labor market. Of course, fully graduated EthoPlasìn students are the best possible candidates to be used in various types of political and public administration careers.  

  2. The ErgosArium also handles the very selective admission process at the Academy. Considering the the top-quality facilities offered at the EthoPlasìn campus, all free of charge, only on full scholarship, and considering also the most sophisticated and holistic formation granted, a strict selection process was put into place to face the inevitably very high demand for admission. It involves a meticulous, and multi-layered, pre-screened Admission Process at various levels. This process includes the help of various social and professional associations that collaborate with the Academy, worldwide, on the basis of bilateral agreements, and are based in the environments of origin of the candidates themselves. Our pages on the Admission Process and on Pre-Registration give a bit  more information on this point. However, to be selected for joining the PythAcademia, an applicant must have been first a member of the PythAssociation for at least 1 years, as a pre-requirement. The criteria for joining the PythAssociation are exposed in our page on the Basic Entry Rules to Become Members of the Association. The philosophy behind the special formation at the campus are quite explicitly exposed in the page Pythagorean Man Emulation.