Public areas of the Campus with

Hotel, Pool with surrounding Café and Restaurant and

Top quality sport and entertainment facilities on the seaside  


As described briefly in the Components section of our opening page, the PythagorArium haSwansCouples two areas open to the public and that it exploits on a commercial basis for providing the current expenses of the ARIUM on a self-financing and no-profit basis. One is a smaller and formal area, attached directly to the studying campus: the ApolafsArium (Enjoyment Area). The other one is a vaster area detached a few kilometers out of the campus, and this time in a completely casual environment: the DiaskedArium (Amusement Area).


As described in in the Components section of our Home page, the two public entertainment areas are:

  1. ApolafsArium - The ApolafsArium is the small Public Entertainment Compound, as the "Enjoyment Compound", attached directly to the Campus. It is a rather formal entertainment area open only to people with proper city clothing (the following paragraph will talk about a similar entertainment area, the DiaskedArium, much bigger in size and open to people with casual clothing). Men can only come in with jacket, tie and long trousers; Women with only dresses or skirts and no trousers. No jeans allowed. At these conditions, and on a booking basis, this semi-private area is open to the general public for entertainment through cultural and recreational activities, including limited pool and sea swimming. The ApolafsArium also serves as a training area for the EthoPlasìn students in various aspects of etiquette, protocol and social decorum. EthoPlasìn students for example regularly serve as formal waiters, dressing tables and serving food elegantly with white gloves added to their regular full uniform. Many of them also often give short recitals of their music or singing talents in front of clients. Otherwise the music of ambiance is of the light harmonic classical type, or beautiful arias of opera. The food served is strictly vegetarian albeit of the best level and quality produced biologically on the campus. The word 'Apolafsy'  ("απόλαυση"), means something like 'Pure enjoyment, of both body and soul together' through recreation or various other joyful and rewarding activities. Because of the difficulty of its Greek-root name, members of the public sometimes call it the "EnjoymentArium". The ApolafsArium also includes the AgorArium with two stores, a small one on the private studying side and two more important ones on the public recreational side where its honey, its plants and its symbol stones can be acquired as souvenirs or gifts of good wishes. It also includes a small ThalasArium with SPA, swimming pools and limited sea gym entertainment activities. It has its own small HotelArium (matching more formally the casual HostelArium of the following DiaskedArium) and RefectArium (matching again more formally the casual CafetArium of the following DiaskedArium). Finally there are two important components that serve to expose to the public the talent of its students and members. There is first the ArenArium that serves in particular as the arena for demonstrations and training in EthoJudo, but also for various kinds of other shows where students can expose their skills, talents and life style to the public. Then there is the MusicArium that does the same thing specifically for classical music talent and choir recitals. These regular shows are in fact an important attraction factor for the public at large to come to the ApolafsArium instead of to thePoolRestaurantSea DiaskedArium for entertainment purposes as they can be combined, either free or for a minimal additional charge, to typical visits of clients coming in for elegant dining or other entertainment of essentially a good cultural nature. The ArenArium also serves to bring in a wide public at the occasion of the annual graduation ceremony, and the grand dancing ball following it, on an invitation or a booking basis. See the Attachments section below for an outline of the Campus and focus on the left part of the plan which is the Public side.

  2. DiaskedArium - The DiaskedArium is the second public entertainment or "Recreational Compound", as the "Amusement Compound" this time, detached a few kilometers from the campus. Because of the difficulty of its Greek-root name, it is often called more simply the AmusementArium. It is similar to the "Enjoyment Compound", but much bigger in size and, this time, in a non formal environment. In fact, it has a completely casual environment open to the general public for sophisticated recreational activities without preoccupation at the entrance for the way they dress. Thus the name DiaskedArium, as 'Diaskedasi' ("διασκέδαση") means amusement, or plain fun, as opposed to 'Enjoyment' like in the case of the ApolafsArium mentioned in the previous paragraph. The DiaskedArium however includes all the same sub-components of the ApolafsArium, like the HostelArium, the CafetArium and the ThalasArium SPA, but in a completely informal environment and in a larger scale. In fact, the DiaskedArium is much bigger and includes two normal hotels and two special ones: the HostelArium with cheaper rooms (with partial self room service and common bathroom facilities), and the CapsulArium with even cheaper capsule space for quiet night sleep. Clients can thus rent rooms of various types, by the hour or by the night. These go from normal hotel rooms (standard to luxury) to small public dormitories called DormitArium, for groups of 5 to 25 people, not to mention again the individual capsule rooms for the cheapest possible overnight stay. These accommodation facilities are surrounded by a more complete CafetArium area than the one at the ApolafsArium, with first-class restaurants, cafeterias, a beautiful open-sky coffee-bar all around an apposite pool with a direct view on the sea, and an adjacent closed tea-room. Contrary to the ApolafsArium, no booking is required for entrance in this case. Anyone can come in freely to enjoy even things as simple as a single cup of coffee, or a piece of cake, in the coffee-shops, or on the many terraces in front of the sea, in the shade or in the sun, or rent a long chair on the beach and swim at will. At their choice, and in addition to what the formal ApolafsArium can offer, they can also enjoy practicing the many sports of the big ArenArium, like tennis, squash, basket, jogging, including practically unlimited pool and beach or sea sports. The DiaskedArium even includes a CinemArium with many size projection rooms, and even an open-sky room, for evening shows, with good weather and with comfortable seats equipped with individual small tables to order food to be consumed during the film projections. It has at its side a MusicArium but, this time, reserved for disco music during late evenings, and light classical music during the day time. The DiaskedArium includes a PlanetArium for star observation in various ways, and an accompanying MeditArium for meditation, in complete isolation or in company, with some rooms with an open-sky deck for night stars admiration while meditating. 



In addition, there is a need for these additional considerations:

  1. The formal ApolafsArium is a place where the ARIUM can give to the general public a view on its best Decorum, lifestyle, discipline, good manners and values. It is a projection of its public image and an entrance for the public to come and see more closely what the PythagorArium is, and in particular, what its PythAcademia achieves with its teachings, personal discipline and Pythagorean science of being.

  2. The two public sides together, operated commercially, also have the explicit function of providing the no-profit self-financing of the Academy for its current expenses. Students study entirely free of any charge at the Academy, on full scholarship, including full clothing, and this is the way these expenses are covered. Students may also sometimes need to work to acquire pocket money. They are allowed to do so as waiters and pool services attendants, but in full uniform, taking turns for a limited number of hours, and giving examples of their best neatness, elegance and civic education, let alone their Kallos Beauty. As such they will receive no salary but they can accept tips to keep as pocket money for when they go out of the ARIUM.

  3. The two entertainment areas will only serve completely natural food, mostly vegetarian, and health drinks, along with natural appetizers and fresh dietetic deserts. In terms of alcoholic drinks, the formal ApolafsArium will only serve wine, while the informal DiaskedArium can also serve beer. Food for snacks, lunch or diner are strictly in the form of "Pythagorean Food", that is mostly vegetarian. The formal ApolafsArium is allowed to include fish of the small type. The casual DiaskedArium can freely serve fish (of any type) and meat, but only meat obtained from animals grown naturally in the countryside. 

  4. Trained ARIUM animals of the BiosArium will keep company to the clients at their tables if and when the clients so wish. They can be chosen with the help of the waiters on arrival or even booked in advance. These animals can be brought in as company to the clients for an additional fee. Clients can also bring in their own animals under certain conditions and, for a fee, and on presentation of a regular vaccination certificate, even let them play under surveillance with animals of the BiosArium of the campus which includes horses, dogs, cats and various other representatives of the Animal Kingdom.

  5. In both public areas, music will be strictly harmonic music. In the formal ApolafsArium, it will be mostly from the classical realm, more often registered, but often played by ARIUM members or students, including intermittent Arias of Bel Canto Opera. Clients can also offer to play their harmonic music instrument or sing, hopefully with adequate pre-booking. Some of these events will be arranged in advance and publicized to the public for booking their attendance at the ApolafsArium. Such bookings may occasionally precede, or follow, other major cultural or sport events at the ArenArium open to the public. At the casual DiaskedArium, music will still be only harmonic music, but of a lighter, more popular, and less sophisticated nature, including some of the most popular songs or soft disco or dancing music of the moment.

  6. Both public areas have a direct access to the sea for sea swimming purposes if desired. The HostelArium also includes a floor of special rooms at the pool level to be rented by clients of the pool. The public pool with sea access, like the hotel rooms, when booked, involve a fee to be paid in order to help the self-financing of the ARIUM.

  7. The Spartan Rooms related to the pool of the DiaskedArium are not only available for rent by pool clients for the day-hours of their stay at the pool, but also for overnight stay or for rent on a weekly or monthly basis. 

  8. Hopefully, through the proper commercial exploitation of its two public areas, the Academy will be completely self-financing for all its current expenses in the short run. Nevertheless, their commercial exploitation is conceived and operated on a no-profit basis. The hotel rooms will be rented at a competitive price for the area, but in principle precedence will always be given to members or guests recommended by members or by collaborating organizations.