FtakAristarchy Book

The original draft of this book is very long, in 1162 pages in A4 page format. However, it is not available except to collaborators of the PythagorArium Academy project that will try to implement FtakAristarchy in as many countries as possible as soon as possible.

What is available here is a kind of summary that amalgamates various sections of the long original draft on the basis of 30 main reforms. This summary reduces the number of pages from 1162 to only some 235 basic pages for an easier access to common readers. In addition however the summary has a substantial appendix of another 235 pages that serve to give a supplement of information to the many links that are found in the main basic text.

Again, this summary was not written from scratch, from the first page to the last page. Some 30 main reforms (found in a one-page Nutshell list at page 8 of the summary) were extracted from the main long draft, and the summary is based on 30 corresponding chapters. Each chapter received some extracts from various parts of the long draft. Some of of these extracts are also partly repeated in more than one chapter because it is sometimes impossible to talk about one reform without also talking about aspects of one or two of the other reforms that, all together, will give a more comprehensive sense or summary of the subject matter being elaborated. 

For those interested, two things can be found here below:

  1. The Nutshell list of the 30 cumulative reforms of FtabAristarchy listed in one page + Curriculum: Nutshell (in PDF format)

  2. The complete Summary in some 235 pages (+an Appendix of 237 more pages (total 472 pages): Summary (in WORD format)



Jacques H Drapeau