Decorum and Merit Credits

Not the second, but the very first EthoPlasìn Precept of grade one of the EthoPlasìn discipline requires PythaS to Embody always a figure of smile, joy, neatness, elegancDecorume, inspiring harmony and thus Kallos Beauty”. The second Precept reinforces this requirement in saying: Treat always everyone with best civic behavior in all circumstances and actively study and promote Civic Education, Meritocracy and Philoecosophical Values”. For these reasons, a strict EthoPlasìn Decorum is at the base of the PythaS lifestyle and implemented with serene severity. As we will see later on, Merit Credits apply mostly to students at the EthoPlasìn Academy, but they also apply to the general behavior of all members.

  1. As seen above, members must wear proudly at all times a visible PythagorArium Label, or PythaL. At the ARIUM, wearing the special PythaC (ARIUM ID Card) is necessary and sufficient PythaL by itself.

  2. While at the ARIUM, members must also wear the official EthoPlasìn Blazer, 2-button, male or female type, except when moving or acting in sports or exercising areas. The blazer is EthoPlasìn Deep Blue Sapphire in color, lightly trimmed with ‘honey-gold’ color thread and filament cord. It has the EthoPlasìn Emblem sewn on the front pocket, like on all other allowed ARIUM uniform apparels for sports and exercising areas. Blue Sapphire, which should be present in the personal aura of well trained members, is a color that means “Positive energy, good vibration, wanting well to others, good intentions etc.”. The same applies to the ‘honey-gold’ color trimming which has the meaning of “Deep thinking, concentrating mentally, studying, living and planning with discipline etc.”. 

  3. A PythaL symbol can be chosen from 5 different types but wearing at least one, in a visible way, is required at all times, in and out of the ARIUM. It can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a clothing emblem or a lapel pin.  

  4. Regular commercial jeans are banned from the campus. The special campus jeans (only the classic and natural waist type of linen color, provided by the EthoPlasìn) and comfortable black sports shoes can be worn by male PythaS with the blazer during informal daytime life, including lessons and lunch, but the Blazer is always necessary while in non-sporDecorumFlowerting or exercising areas, with a freshly daily ironed white long sleeve shirt, and a tie. The tie is chosen freely by the male PythaS.

  5. For dinner, taking place in the formal dining room of the representational floor, in the presence of the Grand Master, the blazer and linen color classic-cut ply-trousers are strictly requested, along with brown college shoes.

  6. Female PythaS do the same except that, for females, trousers are always excluded, and replaced with knee-covering linen color skirts, or skirt-suits, and freshly daily ironed white long sleeve blouses, except in sports or exercising areas. 

  7. Same rules apply to all PythaS at the EthoPlasìn University, be they students, living-in members or visiting male or female members.  

  8. Clothing elegance is also a strict requirement, from the choice of a tie (men) or scarf (women) to the proper combination of all other wearing apparels. Elegance is a criteria part of the Merit Credit system implemented at the ARIUM. Men suits or elegant informal clothing, and corresponding women less formal skirts, or dresses, or skirt suits, or jackets can be worn at evening informal occasions after diner in the socializing and relaxing areas. All formal occasions require the regular the Deep Blue Sapphire blazer uniform and linen color trousers or skirts.  

  9. Male haircuts have to be maximum top shoulder length. A very short beard of between 1 and 2 centimeters is always required, perfectly trimmed on a daily basis. 

  10. Female haircuts have to be at least half back length, hopefully even longer, but most of the time groomed upwards as required.  

  11. Neatness and cleanness, not to mention graciousness or courteousness, are strict requirements at all times. ThreeGracesAntonioCanovaThe ARIUM offers a fully equipped service of laundry and dry cleaning free of charge for all members. Ironing not done at the time of dry cleaning is the responsibility of each member on a strict daily basis for shirts, male trousers and female skirts, let alone blazers and other apparels when required. Members must go through at least 2 compulsory showers a day, morning wakeup and night bedtime, let alone also after each period of physical exercising and/or work with clients or animals.

  12. Punctuality is also an essential mark of members discipline in all places, in particular when meeting people with whom they are taking PythaT initiatives.

  13. The ARIUM includes a complete wardrobe of spare clothing for guests, with appropriate clothes to be borrowed when needed. New full uniform clothing is given free to members expected to live-in for at least one year. The clothing can always be taken on loan, free of charge, while at the ARIUM, in particular by passing guests. The free spare wardrobe includes the compulsory male and female blazers, linen color pants and skirts dark brown and black shoes of all sizes.

  14. In addition to normal good civic manners, the ARIUM gives training on more formal norms of etiquette and protocol that will have to be practiced and applied when required, like introducing people, placing and serving people at formal diners or meetings, public speaking etc.

  15. Diner for example, offered every evening for some of the members at the ARIUM (taking turns, 50 each evening), students and soldiers, including visitors during weekends, in the grand dining room of the representational floor, is always a serenely formal occasion, in the presence of the acting Grand Master, with proper dress, eating etiquette and protocol. Interns and all living-in students or non-student PythaS will proactively take turns in helping serving food according to best dining etiquette and protocol and they will be evaluated accordingly with corresponding Merit Credit units.

  16. A centralized system of merit credits has been developed. Each breach of discipline will make members loose credits. Each course taken, each hour of exercising, or initiative, or contribution to the Suggestions Registry, will make members earn credits.

  17. The final attribution of these credits, in case of conflict, is decided by the tutors of each PythaS.

  18. Access to courses and activities will also give credits automatically through the automated PythaC (ID card), which also serves this purpose, along with its basic purpose of being a digital key, opening doors and areas of the ARIUM, and being an ID, controlling who circulates in the premises and for what purpose. This is also made explicit in other sections, related to University Students and the Arium System.

  19. This regular PythaC ID includes a visible digital picture of the owner and the full name of who wears it, but it also includes an integrated hidden identifying data chip legible automatically by a network of access doors and ARIUM check posts. For these reasons, wearing a PythaC ID at all times is compulsory. The PythaC also includes a small decorative piece of pure rock Crystal, which is the EthoPlasìn daily symbol of the mineral kingdom that will follow and accumulate the CoPHLE energy of the owners in all their moods and moves at the ARIUM.

  20. A wide variety of original courses is offered, both live and on video, on a complete spectrum of decorum and civic education subjects, like good food-mixing and cooking, clothing elegance, proper eating habits and manners, introducing people, public speaking and behaving, etc. Other courses refer to MeritoCracy, EthoGloso, EthoPlay, and Philoecosophical values and standards. All these courses can give credits to their followers.

  21. The Merit Credit System is computed automatically from a central computer server, and accounts are available for scrutiny. After the yearly graduation ceremony, all records are made available for scrutiny by all members at the ARIUM.

  22. Those accumulating more credits will have better chances of receiving more free benefits and more chances of access to scholarships, fellowships and meritorious prizes, let alone grade promotions. This includes Interns.

  23. Mixed and Equal, but Different – The EthoPlasìn believes there is a beautiful difference between a man and a woman, like between a male andRosePink a female. This difference does not mean superiority or inferiority of any kiRoseBluend on either side. It does not prevent equality of fundamental rights on both sides, but only a differentiation in skills and specializations, just like Mother Nature has so pleasantly succeeded in doing, giving males and females quite different and visible attributes and roles. That difference is important in aspects of civic behavior, in discipline training, and for the decorum as conceived and applied by the ARIUM. The ARIUM not only will never try to hide that difference, but will rather encourage it, even promote and reinforce it, let alone try to make it a most enjoyable one on both sides of our mixed world. This has first implications in the way to dress. It has more important and quite drastic implications for the role of members in the “Combat Force” of the ARIUM, and thus the necessity to split males and females between Hoplites (PythaH) and Amazones (PythaZ), in particular for the EthoPlay training of this special class of EthoPlasìn soldiers, while all other soldier categories are mixed and with identical training.

  24. This conception of the enjoyable differenceis made known to ARIUM members in their Admission Contract, and is an essential part of EthoPlasìn membership and lifestyle. If this were not acceptable to any of them, they have no alternative but to choose serenely another university or discipline center for their studies and training, and the ARIUM will be sorry to see them go. From this point of view the ARIUM might be seen as somewhat not very ‘modern’ but, from its point of view, it is a characteristic to be proud of, and that is being promoted proudly, as the so-called “modernity” of current fashions is not at all always what is best for our civic environments.

You can visit our page on Rule 3 and the EthoPlasìn Love Life for more information on this last subject. It might be useful to also look at the page on the Entry Rules to Become a Member of the EthoPlasìn Association where there are many clarifications on the requirements of the EthoPlasìn Lifestyle.