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3 ↓ Fleves with Vouliagmeni tip land 4 ↓ Fleves from mainland bar 5 ↓ Fleves from near Vari
6 ↓ Fleves from Vouliagmeni tip 7 ↓ Fleves from Vouliagmeni tip 8 ↓ Fleves from Vouliagmeni tip  
9 ↓ Lagonisi possible annex on mainland 10 ↓ PreEdenArium on mainland 11 ↓ Fleves with marked Flevopoula and Vouliagmeni
12 ↓ Fleves & Eden Bay 13 ↓ Military Base possible annex on mainland  
14 ↓ Fleves from mainland on the side of the Kasidis Rock near the tip of Vouliagmeni mainland

To measure distances, go to: http://www.freemaptools.com/measure-distance.htm

FLEVES (picture 14 above, or lower-left island on picture 9, South-West of Vouliagmeni)

  • This is the main island, now called: EdenArium for the purposes of the EthoPlasìn and the PythagorArium.
  • Fleves: up (south west to north east) = up to 1825 meters
  • Fleves: east to west: up to 1562 meters.
  • Fleves distance from mainland: 2424 meters.
  • Fleves average rectangle 1700 x 1300 = 2.210.000 sq. meters (at least 2 million usable sq. m.)

FLEVOPOULA (The sloping-up small island on the front-left side of picture 14, or the one above Fleves on picture 11)

  • Flevopoula: 140 meters (east west) x 230 m. length (North South) = 32.200 sq. m.
  • That slope island is dethatched from Fleves. 

KASIDIS (Rock on the forefront of picture 14 on the right)

  • Kasidis Pre-Fleves rock : 80 meters (north south) x 25 meters wide = 2.000 sq. m.
  • Distance from mainland to rock Kasidis: 600 meters
  • Distance from Kasidis to Fleves = 1800 meters.

PreEdenArium (the empty construction and its little port, South-West of picture 10, on the mainland)

  • PreEdenArium: 220 meters x 50 meters: 11.000 sq. m. on ground +floors
  • Five floors of 9.000 sq. m. each = 55.000 sq. m.
  • Picture 1 shows the entrance.
  • Picture 2 shows the mainland area concerned.
  • The PreEdenArium sees the KallosArium on Fleves, in the distance.
  • The PreEdenArium is a screening and receiving area for the public, as the EdenArium is reserved to students and the visiting relatives of the students.
  • The PreEdenArium is also the place where all the administration is located.
  • The PreEdenArium includes the DiaskedArium, as the recreational open to the public for self-financing purposes. The ApolafsArium, as the more reserved recreational area open to the public on booking is on the Fleves island, or the EdenArium.  

Eden Bay (on the middle left side of picture 12)

  • Fleves big Bay on the central west side: a square of about 300 meters per side: an area of 90.000 sq. m. of salt sea water.
  • The KallosArium and other student buildings are built around the bay.
  • The top floors of the KallosArium sees the PreEdenArium in the distance on the mainland. 
  • The rest of the land is free for bio-agriculture and organic gardening, using Paul Gautschi's techniques on diatomaceous land.
  • The rest of the land also supports animal farming maintenance.
  • Fresh rain water is collected al over the island.
  • The EdenArium is completely self sufficient and autonomous for food, fresh water and medicinal plants.   

Military Base possible Annex (top right corner of picture 13)

  • Military base annex: 520 x 355 meters (maximum 184,600 sq. m. or about 8% of the Fleves, without counting pre-Fleves)

Lagonisi possible Annex (lower right peninsula on picture 9)

  • Lagonisi annex: 1000 meters x 500 on its widest part (200 on narrower part) = average of 1000 x 350 = 350.000 sq. m. maximum