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The LogosArium is the special center of research and activity within the PythagorArium that works for the propagation of the best of the culture of Ancient-Greece through the EthoPlasìn: mainly its philosophy, but also its related discipline, its language, its music, its beauty, its lifestyle and its history. It is managed by a pool of experts in these various fields. In particular it helps EthoPlasìn with the most fundamental elements of its mission, as defined in our opening page:

"Ancient philosophy was influencing, and ensuring, the propagation of the best 'Human Being Education' (Tetractys: more below in section 4) and consequently the best possible quality of Civitas Management of all environments, be they civic, cultural, political, institutional or ecological. Ancient Philosophy was in fact, first and foremost, the definition of a "System of Fundamental Values to Guide Human Living", that is to lead Civitas Management (persons and institutions) and, consequently, to help improve all environments, instead of just a "Formulation of Concepts to Help Understand the World", like unfortunately modern and contemporary philosophy have reduced themselves doing; and it was both parts, perfectly integrated. In fact, for Ancient-Greece, the second part was inconceivable without the dominant and leading role of the first one, in a state of oneness. The "System of Values", the first part, that was the foundation of all good education, and very successfully so, for centuries, is entirely missing today: schools and universities, let alone contemporary philosophy itself, do not 'educate' anymore, they only 'instruct' (and not always all that well...). This first part, the "System of Values for Tetractys Education", is exactly what needs to return, to help implement best "Human Being Education", guide human living, and consequently improve all human environments, bringing about the best possible form of Civitas Wellness". This is the mission of the EthoPlasìn. In short, the EthoPlasìn Academy was conceived to Be a university that not only instructs, but also educates, in a holistic way, on a Pythagorean philosophical basis, and an association of equally educated members, of all nationalities, that supplements the work of the Academy, assisting its worldwide Civitas Wellness Vocation.

The main task of the LogosArium is precisely to ensure EthoPlasìn has the proper knowledge and tools to pursue its important mission. The LogosArium thus works to recover the part of ancient philosophy that is missing today in our educational systems, that is the system of fundamental values that can best guide human living, and the exercises of the related personal discipline, that can improve the lifestyle of contemporary generations and the best Civitas Management of their leaders. 

The LogosArium itself includes a dependent component called 'Salon de Philosophie' taking care of public relations, general decorum, official events like the annual Graduation Ceremonies, presentations and shows of various kinds, like EthoJudo, ballroom dancing, and artistic or cultural activities open or closed to the public, including concerts and choir exhibitions. It is however managed by EthoPlay experts in EthoDialogue (Socratic Dialogue), using and developing elements of that discipline for the Academy with the help of the PythInstitute ThinkTank and, in the end, the under the authority of the LogosArium and the BeLovArium Foundation.

The LogosArium and its Salon de Philosophie are located in the Representational building called KallosARIUM, as shown, in the Attachments section below, with an outline of its architectural design.