University Students

Students of the Academy, studying in its integrated school/university, the so-called EΠΑcademia, have to desire, and also become, registered Members first, and later on, registered Soldiers. As a minimum, they will have to adhere strictly to the first 2 EthoPlasìn Rules, committing themselves formally to do so even when they are outside of the ARIUM.  StudentGraduationCap

  1. The EthoPlasìn University, or the PythAcademia, has 3 cumulative objectives. First to make its students complete their normal curriculum of studies, from senior high school education to the end of university, with maximum qualifications in their field compared to other schools and best results for their future integration to the labor market. EthoPlasìn students should be highly sought as employees by important companies or organizations on the basis of their higher professional qualifications. Second, make them very special persons, and/or employees, by forming them with the best holistic education, in particular from a civic and ethical point of view, by making them grow in a culture of meritocracy, by training them in physical and mental EthoPlay, including EthoDialogue (Socratic dialogue), as a sport and as a discipline, by forming them as human beings on the basis of the Pythagorean Tetractys, and by teaching them the universal EthoGloso language, turning them into Civitas Managers. Third, make them develop their best artistic and 'spiritual' talents in particular through singing, or playing and mastering a music instrument, and through absorbing the elements of the EthoPlasìn Philosophy and Pythagorean Science of Being to the highest level possible.

  2. The ARIUM will try to keep a good balance of mixed male and female students at the university but a par number on a sex basis will not be a strict priority. The priority will always be meritorious candidates with meritorious achievements in the process of acquiring the EthoPlasìn discipline.

  3. All university students have to be registered soldiers at least at the first 2 levels for the time of all their studies. The ARIUM only wants candidates who willingly and proactively register as soldiers and who intend to pursue its EthoPlasìn Discipline for years to come, at whatever level they can reach or choose to participate, but never below level 2 when reaching the beginning of their third year at the ARIUM. BeeOnSapphireFlower

  4. Not to be promoted in EthoPlasìn Discipline after two years at the ARIUM will normally mean exclusion from the university, independently from the scores they may get on the subjects of their university curriculum.

  5. Priority for limited places at the university will always be given to students who choose to go on with EthoPlasìn Rules and discipline above level 2 while they study.

  6. The ARIUM signs collaboration agreements with various education institutions around the world in order to try to identify, prepare and pre-select the students on a meritorious basis, as the best candidates who may have an interest in its type of EthoPlasìn education. See page on the Admission Process.

  7. In the same manner, the ARIUM publicizes its best graduating students to various companies or organizations around the world for giving these employers a chance to acquire outstanding employees from a professional, emotional and civic points of view. 

  8. The ARIUM has no traditional teachers but only leading experts in various subject matters. These give no traditional lecturing instruction in front of a classroom. The leading expert in a particular subject heads one (or many) ‘Subject Arium’, using many surrounding isolated ARIUM cubicles where few students can meet and also help each other at various levels. Each participation in a ‘Subject Arium’, either receiving or giving tutoring help, gives corresponding Merit Credit units to the persons involved.

  9. Because the university is entirely free, with full room and board, including uniform clothing, students at higher levels are expected, in terms of compensation, to proactively become tutors for students at lower levels, under the guidance of the leading experts in each subject matter, accumulating additional Merit Credit units in doing so.

  10. Soldier-specific, rather than university-specific, related training expenses are also always free, as it is for non-students or Interns present at the ARIUM.

  11. Instead of attending fixed classroom hours, students develop their own individual schedules, under the tutorship of a more senior member. Their schedule will always include a good mix of studying the subjects of their regular curriculum, studying the various components of the EthoPlasìn Discipline and Philosophy, studying and practicing their music instrument, studying and practicing EthoGloso, studying and practicing the new EthoJudo sport and its correlated EthoDialogue discipline, and participating in various other sports and social activities at the ARIUM. Again, each participation grants Merit Credit units to the students involved. In the meantime, the ARIUM provides them with all sorts of video training courses developed by the LogosArium ThinkTank, the best Internet broadband connection with special Website Links with all kinds of universities or organizations around the world for studying and mastering their curriculum subject matters. Voltaire philosopher and Newton Scientist

  12. Some special scholarships for additional training are available for members with outstanding talents or achievements, in particular in the field of harmonic music.

  13. University students will in principle all sleep in the open dormitories for males and females. This is part of the concepts of highly Socializing Facilities and special Community Life Style that are mentioned in our page on the Private Arium Area system. The dormitories are surrounded by few rooms where parents will be invited, and teachers will be expected, to take turns and sleep overnight for minimal surveillance and enforcement of best EthoPlasìn Discipline.

  14. Private room accommodation can be negotiated for students for special reasons but will rarely be approved.

  15. Guests visiting residing members, students or not, and who are themselves members, will normally also sleep in the open dormitories. If requested, or certainly if the visitor is for example a female visiting a male student, guests may be given a non-student member’s room to sleep with the residing member. If the visiting guests are non-members, they will be accommodated in a special member’s room, like the ones normally used by some of the Interns, and the residing members may choose to sleep with their guests for the time of their stay. Dormitories are restricted to members.

  16. The internal decorum rules and hours also have to be respected serenely but strictly, by all students and their guests, subject to possible immediate expulsion without appeal.

  17. All students have to also actively study EthoGloso, in addition to whatever language they already speak or chose to learn as regular curriculum options. For students, EthoGloso will always be an IAL to be used in addition to all other national languages known or studied by them.

  18. All students also have to choose and study assiduously a music instrument of their choice and participate in regular recitals. Exceptionally, singing might be an exclusive alternative.

  19. Students are expected to commit themselves willingly, of their own and entire free will, to these discipline and decorum rules, but parents may also be interviewed to ensure it is the student’s will to do so more than just the parents’ desire for their children to enter the Academy.

  20. No evening out is permitted from Monday to Friday, only on weekends, and with pre-warning and agreement of management. Going out during the day for personal important reasons is acceptable on justification, otherwise there is no incoming or outgoing visits from Monday to Friday. Movements are free (but with constant availability on mobile phone) between Friday diner time and Sunday before diner. Internal recitals or other late events all take place on Friday or Saturday nights.  

  21. Sleep-in friend guests in dormitories and in members’ rooms are allowed quite freely but only with pre-clearance of management. This clearance has nothing to do with possible sexual relations taking place during overnight room visits, but only with the decorum of the ARIUM and its firm intention not to give access to undesirable characters within the compound.

  22. Regarding such visits becoming occasions of sex activity, as per Rule 3 of its discipline, EthoPlasìn believes the sex life of members should be the best there is, without complex, or fear, nor sense of guilt, as a most constructive aspect of growing and living, and to be fully enjoyed with a clear and deep sense of gratitude. This is even an early requirement, at level 3, in adhering to the 10 levels of EthoPlasin Discipline and Philosophy. It is a pre-requirement for adhering to levels 4 to 10. In fact, a harmonious sexual life is a necessary prelude to 'spiritual' progress and any kind of hang-up on sex is a serious impediment for the admission to the higher levels of EthoPlasìn formation. This is why this subject is handled early on, as Rule 3, in the holistic discipline and education of the Academy.   

  23. Visits or not, the private sex life of members should always be free, serene and the best there is. The ARIUM will encourage, facilitate, even protect the privacy of all sexual relations on the basis of Rule 3, as long as they are first and foremost, as a pre-requisite, an expression of Rule 1 and 2. This is an important part of the tutoring role of senior members in front of the members they tutor, and a norm to be made known and respected by all joining members.

  24. As per rules 3 and 6, EthoPlasìn also believes sexual, or orgasmic, pleasure is ‘divine’ in nature, a superb expression of CoPHLE energy, and an occasion to Lead all thoughts by a sense of Planet Oneness Responsibility and Cosmic Life Participation Gratefulness”. Under these conditions, EthoPlasìn can only wish members to ...freely enjoy divine sexual pleasure in a holistic rejuvenating way, hopefully under the good auspices of Eros, and do it generativelyor in a love-generating way”, that is producing and accumulating CoPHLE energy for their own benefit and the benefit of all the people they meet. Pan-forming Loving energy, or CoPHLE, is our creative source. Sex is our tool to become co-creators, let alone procreators, and thus is fundamentally ‘cosmically divine’ in nature. Having an equilibrated and joyful sex life to express love and generatively enjoy life is an essential requirement for all members. Like for all good things, only abuse or misuse is to be avoided and from the EthoPlasìn point of view, even chastity would be a kind of negative abuse.

  25. The EthoPlasìn views on a happy love and sex life are expressed in a more comprehensive way in a separate page called Love, Eros and Sex Life.

  26. The original non-traditional-classroom type of approach in teaching and taking lessons at the EthoPlasìn Academy, with the help of co-student tutors, and the leading role of Arium Subject Experts above the normal tutors, gives students incredible flexibility in adjusting their time to their own pace, capacity and talents, and allows them to integrate easily the maximum amount of extra training from a EthoPlasin discipline point of view. It also makes students fully responsible for their meritorious achievements and their final results in all their schooling and training: physically, emotionally, intellectually, artistically and civically, let alone ‘spiritually’ intended in CoPHLE philosophical terms. The tutors of each student or member also feel co-responsible for these achievements, in an exemplary process of Meritocracy to be admired and hopefully copied, possibly even improved, in a growing number of other places around the world in the coming years.

Regarding the general type of persons the students should be, and considering Academy Students should be much more disciplined than the members of the Association, the best way is to read the page on the Pythagorean Man Emulation. Academy Students are called to emulate the "Pythagorean Man" much more than the members of the Association at large.