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Among the most serious books that follow, few of them have been highly criticized and considered conspiracy theory. However, if these few criticized books that we have retained contain some elements of conspiracy, at analysis, after unprejudiced reading, they clearly, to say the least, also contain most useful information based on facts. Known facts are facts, and cannot be considered conspiracy. The real conspiracy books not sufficiently based on facts have been excluded. When some of the facts contained in the books retained in this list might be overly interpreted by the author in a conspiracy way, they are nevertheless worth knowing as basic facts, and an intelligent reader, on the basis of his own knowledge and experience, will easily be able to shave off the conspiracy overspread and extract the nevertheless useful information, giving these facts a more accurate interpretation. Take in consideration also the fact that many books are accused of conspiracy theory precisely because they in fact reveal elements of conspiracy reality that the related conspirators to not want to be spread.  


Comprehensive list of the books quoted in the websites of the PythagorArium Project

Listed by alphabetical order of the surname of the author



Author and Book Title

Subject Key Words

Alinsky - Saul Alinsky: Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have said to have been deeply inspired by his book of 1971 Rules for Radicals


Allen - Gary Allen: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, a useful initiation of what Quigley presents in Tragedy and Hope.


Atzmon - Gilad Atzmon: The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. This is a famous Jewish author criticizing Jews as an objective insider. Among other things, he says that Political Correctness limiting our freedom of speech is a malicious Jewish plot.  

Jews -

Bacon - Francis Bacon: "The New Atlantis", written in 1627.


Bailey - Alice Bailey. She describes something that oddly sounds like the advent of the so-called "Church Universal". This was predicted by her when, in 1919, she wrote her book "The Externalization of the Hierarchy" that she described as a union of Occultism, Masonry and Christianity.

Church -

Bastiat - Frederic Bastiat, in his book titled "The Law", called Legal Plunder against your hard-earned income, stealing by force of law the best of your resources, while granting all sorts of benefits to unmeritorious welfare recipients in order to easily get their votes

Economy -

Bezmenov - Yuri Bezmenov wrote a book called "Love Letter to America". 

Communism -

Bonner - Bill Bonner: The New Empire of Debt. Its immensity and its dramatic significance [of the huge debt-bubble of debt-money] is well expressed in this excellent book.

Money -

Booker / + North - If it might sound exaggerated that the EU would have Nazi Roots, the other excellent book, by Christopher Booker and Richard North entitled "The Great Deception" (The secret history of the European Union), certainly demonstrates clearly that the EU was conceived clearly from the beginning, in the early 20s, by Baron Arthur Salter and Jean Monnet, as an anti-democratic federal entity with an unelected secretariat that was meant to be totally unaccountable to the people of the nations concerned, in fact with the progressive disappearance of these national entitiesfrom any power point of view, be it political or economic.

EU -

Brown - Ellen Brown very well describes the sad reality of the current "The Web of Debt",

Banks -

Brown - Ellen Brown: The Public Bank Solution

Banks -
  Brown - Ellen Brown: Banking on the People. Democratizing money in the digital AGE. Banks -

Brzezinski - Zbigniew Brzezinski: Between Two Ages


Brzezinski - Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Grand Chessboard. The great global strategist Brzezinski certainly thought of the coming New World Order as early of 1997, when he wrote this book.


Bukovsky - Vladimir Bukovsky. As for the EU, Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who spent years in jail in the Soviet Union before living in Europe, calls the EU the EUSSR. It is interesting to read his book "EUSSR: The Soviet Roots of European Integration". On the basis of documents recuperated from the Soviet archives in 1992, he confirms that there was a plan, in the Soviet Union, to transform the EU into a Union of Socialist Republics practically identical to the former Soviet Union in order to save socialism.

EU -

Canfield - Joseph Canfield. This Zionist strategy that led to the formation of what we call the JewZuit" Power was well exposed in many good books, albeit not with that name. One is "The Incredible Scofield", by Joseph M. Canfield


Casetta - Marco Casetta: "The Great Treason" ('Il grande tradimento'): how intellectuals and liberal politicians favor the Islamic conquest of Europe.


Chossudovsky - Michel Chossudovsky, the author of: The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003) +The concept of the "Long War"…

Poverty -

Chossudovsky - Michel Chossudovsky, the author of:  The Globalization of War: America's "Long War" Against Humanity (2015) [when he really means the "Jewish" using the American puppets for the long war against humanity, and cannot say it explicitly]. 

War -

Christian - Peter Christian, titled "The Work of All Ages" - The Ongoing Plot to Rule the World from Biblical Times to the Present - as a history of the Jewish people and their vision and pretention of world supremacy as the chosen people.

Jews -

Connelly - John Connelly: From Enemy to Brother - The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews between 1933 and1965. After 2000 years of being considered 'Enemies', Jews became 'Brothers' through the full Judaic infiltration of the Vatican, in particular since after the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II from 1962 to 1965.

Jews -

Courtois - Stéphane Courtois : "The Black Book of Communism.

Communism -

Cumbey - Constance Cumbey: "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow". See also Sutton, Anthony [at the service of the Master Plan of the NWO]


DeHaven-Smith - Lance DeHaven Smith: Conspiracy Theories in America.

Conspiracy -

Deshner - Karl Heinz Deshner (in 10 volumes): "Christianity's Criminal History

Christianity -

DiLorenzo - Thomas J. DiLorenzo: The Problem With Socialism

Socialism -

Duke - Dr. David Duke, titled The Secret Behind Communism. managed entirely by Jewish elites.

Communism -

Duncan - Al Duncan: The Master Plan of the New World Order (NWO).


Ferguson - Marilyn Ferguson, in her not politically correct, thus controversial, book of 1985, called "The Aquarian Conspiracy",


Freeland: Chrystia Freeland: Plutocrats: the Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else


Gabler - Neal Gabler: An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood. [author is Jewish]

Jews - Hollywood -

Gilbert - Joel Gilbert: Utopia (film): To understand the invisible collectivism.

Communism -

Glennon: Michael J. Glennon: National Security And Double Government. This is a political scientist of the Tufts University. In his book he explains very clearly that in the western world, we live in a system of double government: the one we elect, and the one that is not elected but commands in a near absolute way in the background.

Democracy - DeepState -

Goldhagen - Daniel Goldhagen,: The Devil That Never Dies (2013), with the 'devil' being anti-Semitism.

Jews -

Goldman - Nahum Goldman: The Spirit of Militarism (1915) - The incredible coalition of the New World Order rendered possible, 50 years later. He is the founder of the World Jewish Congress. At page 37 of his book he writes: "The historical mission of our time is to arrange a new culture of humanity, one that will replace the previous ruling system.


Griffin: Edward Griffin:  book/DVD - What In The World Are They Spraying, about chemtrails.

Chemtrails -

Griffin: Edward Griffin: The Creature of Jekyll Island (the deceitful creation of the FED, the USA central bank) .

Banking -

Grove - Richard Grove: the film State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control (DVD), produced by A. Noble Lie, supervised by Richard Grove


Gurock - Jeffrey S. Gurock:  a Jewish professor teaching Jewish History at the Jewish Yeshiva University, wrote the book titled The Holocaust Averted - An Alternate History of American Jewry.

Jewry -

Harris - Shane Harris: @War. With the unlimited money the banksters can create out-of-nothing, they have also financed the build up of an incredibly huge two-headed complex: a pure Military Complex more powerful than ever before, but  associated to a not less huge and dangerous Military-Internet Complex. Book: @War - The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex.

Military - Internet -

Hayek - F. A. Hayek: The Road To Serfdom. [P]

Enslavement -

Hazlitt - Henry Hazlitt: Economics In One Lesson [P]

Economy -

Hedges - Chris Hedges: Empire of Illusion.

Democracy -

Hendrie - Edward Hendrie: Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great. He writes: "Are the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, and the Zionist elite working together in the most horrific conspiracy against both God and Man?"     

Jews - Vatican - Jesuits -

Higham - Charles Higham: Trading With The Enemy. The book proves that many Zionist Jews who were members of the CFR collaborated with the Nazi regime.

Jews - CFR - Nazis -

Hoppe - Hans Hermann Hoppe. The German economist concludes that Monarchy has been, and would be still today, much better than Democracy, meaning pure monarchy, and not the representative monarchies we have at the moment in some of the western countries, like typically England. He reaches that conclusion in his excellent little book titled: "From Aristocracy, to Monarchy, to Democracy" with the subtitle "A Tale of Moral and Economic Folly and Decay".

Democracy - Monarchy -

Huntington - Samuel Huntington. Our inheritance will probably be what Samuel Huntington well predicted in his book The Clash of Civilizations, as clashes that will dominate all world geopolitics and cause the ugly decrepitude and death of an increasing number of what used to be beautiful nations.

Nations -

Huxley - Aldous Huxley: Brave New World


Iserbyt - Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  The book is most revealing, and applies to most of the western world, not just America.

Education -

Israel - Jonathan Israel (his books on the Enlightenment period):


Jenkins - Philip Jenkins. Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can't Ignore the Bible's Violent Verses. He has clearly demonstrated that the Islamic scriptures in the Quran, although very bloody and violent, were actually far less bloody and less violent than those in the Judeo-Christian Bible that clearly talks about the legitimacy of using even genocide and all other sorts of "Herem" (total annihilation) against infidels when necessary.

Jews - Bible - Quran -

Jones - Michael Jones, a Jew, wrote: "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History" [207.25]

Jews -

Kalergi - Richard Coudenhove Kalergi (1894-1972). He founded the Pan-Europe Movement, in 1922, and published his book "Pan-Europa" in 1923.

EU - Immigration -

Kalogerakis - Gerasimos Kalogerakis,: The Holocaust Of Hellenism.

Hellenism -

Katusa - Marin Katusa: The Colder War.


Kitson - Frank Kitson: Low Intensity Operations

Subversion - Insurgency - Peacekeeping -

Koire - Rosa Koire:  our enslavement test shall fail if we take proper action, like the measures suggested in the excellent book Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21

UN - Enslavement -

Kontoyannis - Pandelis Kontoyannis:  "The Destructive Assimilation of the Ancient Hellenic Archetypes by the Christians

Hellenism -

Le Goff - Jacques Le Goff :


Loftus - John Loftus: Unholy Trinity: by John Loftus and Mark Aarons.


Loftus - John Loftus: The Secret War Against the Jews"

Jews -

MacDonald - Dr. Kevin MacDonald: The Culture of Critique, an Evolutionary Analysis of the Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements.

Jews -

MacQueen - Graeme MacQueen demonstrates clearly that the Anthrax Attack on America a few years ago was a false flag, in his excellent book The 2001 Anthrax Deception, trying to frame and blame the Russians.

Pandemia -

Madsen - Wayne Madsen: The Star and the Sword. The book shows a well hidden but clear Saudi and Israeli complicity in 9/11. Madsen also refers to a book called The Dönmeh Jews by D. Mustafa Turan, who claims that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq.

Islam - Jews - Saudis -

Martin - Malachi Marti:  "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church" (1981) about the Roman Church and in particular the Inquisition and the persecutions that started from the time Constantine gave land and temporal power to the church.

Chriatianity -

Motley - J.L. Motley: The Rise of the Dutch Republic (1913) about the Spanish Inquisition in Holland

Inquisition -

Newman - Alex Newman: Crimes Of The Educators. The main author Alex Newman writes with Samuel Blumenfeld. Also stresses the dumbing down of all western education even if it is centered more specifically on the disastrous effects of the Common Core in America.

Education - UN -

North - Richard North: "The Great Deception".  Writes with Christopher Booker. See: Booker, Christopher.

Democracy -

Orlov - Dmitri Orlov, in a good book of 2008 titled: "Reinventing Collapse - The Soviet Example and the American Prospects". [114.06]

Communism -

Orwell - George Orwell: "1984", Describes the New World Order, except for the fact that it is happening to us 30 years later, from about 2014.


Ostrowski - James Ostrowski: Progressivism. The subtitle is: A primer on the Idea Destroying America.

Communism - Progressivism -

Papen - Frans Von Papen was Chancellor of Germany between June 1932 and March 1933. Later on, he wrote his book My Conversations with Hitler.

Nazism -

Paris - Edmond Paris (25 January 1894 - 1970): The Secret History of the Jesuits

Jesuits -

Paris - Edmond Paris (25 January 1894 - 1970): The Vatican against Europe", published in 1957 (available as a free PDF download on the Internet)

Vatican - EU -

Passas - Joannis Passas (Ιωάννης Πασσάς), in a book written beautifully with the highest "Katharevoussa" level of the Greek language, but unfortunately, and maybe purposely, with a very enigmatic title: "The Crime of Science" (Το έγκλημα της επιστήμης).

Hellenism -

Paul - Ron Paul: End The Fed, an excellent book to understand the senselessness, and even the constitutional criminality, of the way money is currently being created as debt instead of asset.

Banking -

Perkins - John Perkins:  The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Enslavement - Banking - IMF
Perkins - John Perkins: Hoodwinked. Enslavement - Banking - IMF

Peterson - Dr. John Peterson Myers about the "Disappearing Male" (video) in books like "Our Stolen Future" are very revealing on this subject.


Phelps - "Vatican Assassins", byEric Jon Phelps.

Vatican -

Piper - Michael Collins Piper, titled "The New Babylon - Those who Reign Supreme".

Jews -

Piper - Michael Collins Piper - Final Judgment, in which book he documents the role of the Jewish Mossad in the assassination of JF Kennedy.

Jews - Mossad -

Plato - Plato, The Republic

Hellenism -

Plevris - Constantine Plevris: Jews - The Whole Truth"

Jews -

Quigley - Caroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope. (see Allen, Gary)


Radin - Max Radin (2013), Jews among Greeks and Romans

Jews -

Rath - Matthias Rath: Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU, as expressed in a common book with Paul Anthony Taylor, August Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Niedzwiecki. 

Nazism - EU -

Reed - Lancelot Reed: Insanity Fair, (1895 – 1976)


Rivera - Alberto Rivera,: The Godfathers. And other books.

Vatican -

Robinson - John Robison: Born in Blood (The Lost Secrets of the Freemasons), explaining Pike's letter in confrontation with other important historical documents. He says that WWIII will produce the destruction of the great Al-Aqsa Golden Dome Muslim Mosque of Jerusalem (also called Dome of the Rock, or Temple Mount).

Freemasons - Islam - WWIII -

Root - Wayne Allyn Root: The Murder Of The Middle Class

Enslavement -

Sand -  Shlomo Sand, as a Jewish history professor of the University of Tel Aviv, wrote the famous bestseller  titled "Invention of the Jewish People"

Jews -

Scott - Peter Dale Scott his invaluable book, The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America. He has also written a previous book on the "Deep Politics" related to the assassination of JFK.

911 - USA -

Shuré - Édouard Shuré: Great Initiates

Initiates -

Sizer - Stephen Sizer: Christian Zionism. The Zionist strategy that led to the formation of what we call the New World Order.

Zionism -

Socci - Antonio Socci: The famous Italian journalist and author has demonstrated in his recent book "Non è Francesco" (This is not Francis) that the pope was elected frauduently.

Vatican -

Solzhenitsyn - Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn: The Gulag Archipelago,

Communism - Jews -

SteinMark Steyn: After America,  "The forces of “tolerance” are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval".

Correctness -

Sutton - Antony SuttonAmerica's Secret Establishment. See also Combey Sutton. [at the service of the Master Plan of the NWO]


Tosi - Stefania Tosi: Yahweh, the God of War, ("Yahweh, Dio Della Guerra")

Jews - Bible -

Trikas - Evanghelos Trikas: Christ Was Greek. "Ο ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΗΤΑΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ"

Christ -

Turan - Mustafa Turan. The book The Star and the Sword by Wayne Madsen shows a well hidden but clear Saudi and Israeli complicity in 9/11. In his book, Madsen also refers to a book called The Dönmeh Jews by D. Mustafa Turan, who claims that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq.

Israel - Saudis -

Ulfkotte - Udo Ulfkotte: Bought journalism. Most revealing about the incredible amount of corruption involving some of the best journalists and newspapers of the western world paid regularly to write phony articles, or devious articles, protecting the interests of big corporations and of security agencies like the CIA.

Media -

Vatican - The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews by 'Nation of Islam', an Islamic sect of Afro-Americans, documenting the slave trade that lasted 300 years. They quote even Jewish historian sources, claiming the black slave trade has been dominated by Jews for over 2000 years.

Vatican - Jews -

Walsch - Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God

God -

Warren - Elizabeth Warren: A Fighting Chance

Socialism -

Weiner - Tim Weiner: on the history of the CIA: Legacy Of Ashes.


Wells - H.G. Wells (who wrote the book The New World Order, in 1940)


Whitehead- John WthieheadA Government of Wolves, The Emerging American Police State.

Enslavement -

Wilder - John Wilder: The Shadow Of Rome, (1960) about the Inquisition


Wolin - Sheldon Wolin: We life in a “Democracy Incorporated”, in a Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.

Democracy -

Yahuda - Joseph Yahuda: Hebrew Is Greek

Hebrew - Greek -

Xatzara - Spiros Xatzaras: The Invisible men and their Straw men (published in Greek in 2013).



As for the main books considered essential pre-reading for EthoPlasìn training or admission to the PythAcademia, go to this short suggested list.