All rules and clarifications mentioned below are related to the maintenance and the respect of a lifestyle that is an emulation, as much of possible, of the Pythagorean Man ideal, and in line with the Basic Criteria Required to Become a Member of the EthoPlasìn Association and the PythAcademia.

Contract of Honor
  1. Members sign a formal discipline contract agreement on their honor before they are officially accepted to join, in particular as full-time students at the Academy. Each new level and rule adhered to is also the object of a revised contract agreement in writing.

  2. The LogosArium ThinkTank of the Academy has strictly no political or religious affiliation of any kind. It does not however oppose directly any religion or political party. It may however occasionally contrast them indirectly and involuntarily in proposing civic behavior changes, or lobbying for ideals, that may enter in contradiction with some religion commandment or political party ideology. ThinkTank members are not isolated individuals at the Academy but rather an important part of the highly socializing facilities and of the special Arium Community Lifestyle talked about in our page on the Private Arium Area system.  

  3. Hoplites and Recruits can only be introduced by tutoring EthoPlasìn members of Grade 2 or above and are expected to pass some admission tests before being accepted or promoted. In theory they can be of any age but, for obvious reasons, like the main purpose of the movement (improving the civic education of the new generations), the nature of the discipline requiring a strong physical shape, and the civic role of its Soldiers, in particular the PythaH, the younger persons will be given priority and be the majority, at least at the beginning. Some organizations can also recommend recruits but, when accepted, they will be put under the vigilant tutorship of a current member of grade 2 or above.  

  4. Hoplites, Privates and Knights keep spartanly in their ideal shape, and in their ideal weight, at all times, and report yearly to one or more tutors of higher graded members for a meritorious evaluation of their overall training, either receiving a confirmation at the same grade, a promotion, a possible demotion or even a cancellation of membership. 

  5. Members commit themselves formally to obey their tutors’ decisions and, after 2 possible levels of appeal, the final authority of the acting Grand Master. Otherwise they are invited, as formally committed to do so, in writing, from the time they joined, to gracefully leave, after having received a formal cancellation of membership in exchange for the return of all their EthoPlasìn Symbols.

  6. For members and in particular for students living on the campus, the role of these tutors is very important as the members they supervise become their disciples. Each disciple on the campus has at least 2 tutors at a higher grade, possibly 3, one of which is the main one for each disciple. Tutors follow their disciples closely on a daily basis and become their advisors, counselors and, if necessary, their 'confessors'. Disciples can usually chose at least one of their tutors but their appointment is decided in the end by a Master. The role of tutors is to follow the progress of disciples, in all fields and aspects of their holistic formation, academic or otherwise, and, possibly after consultation with a Master, to make recommendations to the disciples.

  7. Soldier grades, based on corresponding numbered EthoPlasìn Precepts (the Ten EthoPlasìn Rules and Grades), can only be acquired sequentially and cumulatively through a snow-ball-effect kind of training and formation.

  8. Non-student members who live free of charge while at the ARIUM must join in at least two daily lesson, or practice, of either EthoJudo, Music Harmonics, EthoGloso, EthoPlasìn life style, Meritocracy, Holographic Molding  or CoPHLE Science of Being and Meditation. This means at least one hour of course and at least one hour of exercising each day from Monday to Saturday. This includes Interns. Exercising hours for non-students, like typically for Hoplites and Amazons, should however be much higher.

  9. Members living at the ARIUM enjoy the privilege of many free services, but have to pay a high price in return, in terms of commitment to take many discipline lessons, to respect the strong decorum requirements and to play a proactive role in caring animals and plants with love at the ARIUM, let alone the persons who may be in the mini Social Recuperation Center (the CivicArium) at any given time. They are expected not only to act with proper decorum, based on Rule 1 and 2, but to also pass graduation exams at each level or rule adhered to. If this “price” were not acceptable, they are serenely invited to leave and join other kinds of schools or training centers of their preference.  

  10. Members must wear proudly at all times a visible EthoPlasìn Label, or PythaL, in and out of the ARIUM. They must also wear the official EthoPlasìn Blazer while at the ARIUM. While following activities or studying at the ARIUM, they must wear the PythaC ID which, by itself, is sufficient PythaL. This PythaC is also a control key for all courses taken, and all time spent in spaceVinoCivitas facilities being used.

  11. Up to grade PythaK-3, members can eat and drink what they want but at the Academy they are fed in principle only on a vegetarian basis. From PythaK-4 on, only limited wine is allowed in terms of alcoholic drink, preferably red wine. Hoplites are always allowed limited beer. At grade 4 or above, PythaS food has to be by far mostly vegetarian whenever possible, hopefully completely. Masters should normally be fully vegetarian by definition. Non-surface-breathing fish, milk, eggs and natural cheese are always allowed. Pure natural source water, hopefully personally CoPHLE energized, should be the main PythaS drink most of the time, whenever possible. The Vegetarian regime of the Academy is NABALSOK (No Air-Breathing Animal Long Suffering Or Killing). This is where the Academy draws the line.

  12. In order to implement and respect the spirit of its NABALSOK vegetarian regime, and to form its members in the related discipline, the campus includes a food garden where all students have to participate in the growing and producing of their vegetarian food in the most philoecosophical way. Students have to take turns and bring in to the kitchen, on a daily basis, the best of their production. They also have to book adequate time on a weekly basis for some work in the garden or the orchard, collaborating with the full time gardener, to ensure best possible participatory production. The fruits and vegetables brought to the kitchen are available to all and positioned in baskets marked with a date and name tag of the producer and collector. From this point of view, the campus is normally completely self-sufficient from vegetarian food point of view, and at peak periods of production, it can sometimes give away some of its extra production to social welfare organizations via its CivicArium. 

  13. Any kind of smoking or use of hallucinating drug is strictly banished from the ARIUM and in PythaS personal life outside the ARIUM.

  14. Playing cards and gambling are also totally prohibited on the overall campus area.

  15. Of the 8 hours a day students have available to relax, socialize or attend personal needs, one of them must be spent helping the Arium: one hour every day, 5 times a week, from Monday to Friday. These 5 hours a week can be provided differently, like two hours at a time in one particular day. For the combination of longer periods of 3 to 5 hours together, they usually have to be reported to weekends after the approval of the tutor of the student requesting it. Helping the Arium is considered 'attending personal needs' in consideration of what the Arium so graciously offers all its students on a free and daily basis. Students are expected to book themselves for various tasks of their choice but also to respond readily and lovingly when called in to tasks chosen by the Arium, whatever they may be. This could include things like helping the cook, the gardener or the animal curator when required; it could be done helping preparing the food or cleaning the kitchen after meals in special occasions; it could eminently be done keeping company and assisting the persons who may be in the mini Social Recuperation Center at any given time; it could be done helping sick animals of the campus etc. Students can also be commanded to additional special tasks, over these 5 basic hours, but during weekends, after receiving each of the first two admonishment letters they may get for documented bad conduct. The third admonishment letter, issued with the concurrence of the current Grand Master, usually means immediate expulsion.

  16. Separately from these 5 benevolent hours a week assisting the Arium, students can also book themselves for working hours with retribution, allowing them to earn pocket money (at minimum salary rate, any day of the week, including weekends), working in special places for up to 3 hours a week (exceptionally up to 5 or more), like the urgent replacing of regular cleaning personnel on sick leave, substituting missing waiters or other staff at the facilities of the public entertainment area of the campus etc. When commanded to serve in the two entertainment centers (the ApolafsArium and the DiaskedArium) for part of their 5 weekly hours of duty, they receive no salary but can receive and keep tips as pocket money.

  17. Junior PythaS aspiring to higher Grades 7 to 9, or to become Masters at grade 10, have to plan early on for becoming experts in EthoPlay (physical EthoJudo and mental EthoDialogue), the EthoGloso language and Music Harmonics (through, and including the mastering of, a chosen music instrument or singing). Relevant courses are available free at the ARIUM or for the cost price of equipment or material shipped out to worldwide EthoPlasìn members.

  18. All members at the ARIUM are expected to proactively contribute to the EthoPlasìn Choir and proactively participate in EthoPlasìn Recital events when they take place, even when open to the public.

  19. Immediate family members of PythaS, when present at the ARIUM hotel on the public side of the campus, can also participate in the EthoPlasìn Choir and recitals at certain conditions, including young minors.

  20. EthoPlasìn regularly arranges recitals open to the public through formal invitations at the ARIUM. These recitals introduce mainly PythaS talents in progress, but also non-member artists of excellent reputation, in particular young musicians of exceptional talent and outstanding personal effort to serve as examples of meritorious achievements.

  21. EthoPlasìn will subsidize some of these young meritorious talents when in need, but only if they are registered as PythaS or PythaE.