Under the Authority and Guidance of the

PythArmy Grand Master




PythArmy Membership as a Preliminary Step to Enter the PythAcademia.

Raised Awareness Training is the tool, under the supervision of the

STRA Master

(Step-Thought Rising Awareness Master)


The creation of a PythArmy of soldiers with a raised awareness on our reality is an essential initial step for the realization of the PythagorArium Project. It is also usually a preliminary step to be able to establish a PythAcademia and possibly enter it as a fulltime student.


The overall PythagorArium Project has, as its ultimate mission, the creation, within a country, starting with Greece, a unique new type of cultural environment based, for its most fundamental values, on the ancient “ELL” (“Ancient-Greece”) culture, but well adapted to our modern times. This includes the establishment of a form of education better than what we have now, a form of democracy better than what we have now, and forms of interpersonal communications worldwide much better than what we have now. These major objectives are all based on a Return Of Philosophy in our life and they are defined more explicitly in the Mission Statement of the PythagorArium.


The magnificent ELL culture on which the project is based is the one that gave birth to real philosophy, as a virtuous philosophical way of life. It also gave birth to real holistic education, as the harmonious formation of the various levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. It gave birth to the promotion of the real beauty of the human body, as a reflection of a harmonious soul. It gave birth to the spirit of the Olympics that helped us to conceive human and social competition as an emulation of the best and most talented, as opposed to a destructive rivalry. It gave birth to real democracy, as a form of direct and participative Aristarchy based on truth and merit which, in our context we call TruthOcracy as an initial stage and Aristarchy in it final full implementation stage. That same ELL culture also brought us the best concepts of Kallos Beauty and harmony in all fine arts. It also brought us the first proto-scientific approach to all sciences. Last but not least, it gave us the language that has had a continuous superiority over all other languages for over 5000 years. In other words, this incredible contribution of the  ELL culture to all aspects of human and earthly life is unique in the history of humanity and consequently it is clearly at the origin of the very best of what we can call civilization in the world today. It is certainly so without any doubt in all the western world but also with a great positive influence on the cultures of the rest of the world.


Based on that great  ELL culture, the Pythagorean Project intends to eventually create, as its main tool, a new type of university like there exists none at the moment. That university will be called the PythagorArium Academy, or the PythAcademia. The name is in honor of Pythagoras, the first of a long line of philosophers that brought us the  ELL culture. The main contributors in that line are what we call the 6P philosophers: Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, Plotinus, Porphyrios, and Proclus.


The PythAcademia is meant to be completely self-supportive through two types of related recreational centers managed by the Academy. These 2 entertainment centers are located in a public area of the campus. There is a more formal center of entertainment (called the ApolafsArium), and a more popular center or recreation (called the DiaskedArium). Their management will be entirely no-profit, and serve uniquely and exclusively to provide the financial revenues for the full maintenance of its students at the Academy, free of charge, after the selection of these students through previous special awareness training and consequent membership into the so-called PythArmy.


Because of the economic crisis in the world at the moment, in particular in Greece, it is not possible to achieve this full PythAcademia immediately with full self-sufficiency. However, there are some other preliminary and intermediate objectives that can be achieved in spite of the crisis, at least partly, in the near future. These preliminary steps are the purpose of this webpage that has to do with the formation of the PythagorArium Soldiers of the so-called PythArmy (the redline rectangle on the diagram placed up to the right) who are essential to the PythAcademia.


Needless to say, or try to hide, that the PythagorArium Project is frontally in opposition to the so-called NWO (New World Order), or rather to the ugly system of global enslavement that we call MOWOP (Master One World Order Plan) in our context. The Project is conceived openly and frankly to fight this Luciferian master plan of global enslavement imposed on us through DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair), along with the destruction of the family, the annihilation of the nation and the reduction of education to pure instruction serving without awareness only the evil objectives that NWO. In opposition to all this, the PythagorArium Project, with its PythArmy, will try to reestablish a bit more liberty, harmony and happiness in our most chaotic and degraded world that is managed as such on purpose, by plan, by the elites of the NWO pursuing a One-World Government of global enslavement through the saga of an eventual false Pax Judaica that the PythagorArium intends to replace with a true Pax ELLINICA of clear Apollonian light, harmony and love.    




Thales - Philotimo Like Breathing


Philotimo is the spirit of the PythArmy




The soldiers of the so-called PythArmy are meant to serve four purposes.


  1. First, to provide a well formed group of sympathizers (the so-called PythArmy) that will facilitate the eventual full implementation of the PythagorArium Project in an appropriate structure in their own respective countries, which includes the promotion of FtatAristarchy as a new form of democratic governance. After their training, the soldiers with the ability and the willingness to do so shall proactively defend and promote all the three main objectives of the PythagorArium Project, hopefully in all their activities and for the rest of their life.

  2. Second, in addition to this promoting role, while living and working normally in their own environment they will constitute (or contribute to the growth of) the main source pool from which eventual fulltime students at the PythAcademia will be selected and admitted in one of its special faculties in order to obtain a full university degree in a NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) science.  All these soldiers and professional formed by the PythagorArium are in turn meant to become new Civitas Managers in their own environments.

  3. Third, the members of the PythArmy collectively, with their raised awareness on the real nature of our current human, political and economic reality, shall be able to prevent the formation of the evil NWO (New World Order) pursuing the False Pax Judaica of global enslavement and establish instead a true Pax ELLINICA in a new Apollonian ELL (Enlightened Logos Liberty) world environment.

  4. Fourth: fully trained and qualified male soldiers who decide to proactively defend the principles of an Aristarchy, or rather FtatAristarchy, even in conflictive combat situations when necessary, become strong enlightened PytHoplites for the time they are officially fully active as such with the certification of the PythagorArium and, as such, proactively defend the rest of society being submitted to misery or any kind of enslavement, or help living entities of the other natural kingdoms of beautiful planet Earth.


PythAcademia Difference with other universities

The first and main PythAcademia will inevitably be built in Greece, but there can well be eventually a national PythAcademia in various countries. These would be following a central core of culture guided by the PAWI (PythagorArium World Institute), but with some differences attending the different cultures of each different national country involved. Of course, the countries involved will require to have a basic culture not too distant from the Greco-Roman roots of western civilization, or not contradicting in any inadmissible way its basic historical values. In all cases, a PythAcademia is conceived to have 3 major differences from practically all other universities in the world at the moment. These differences of the PythAcademia represent a major improvement of the current educational system at university level worldwide.


  1. FIRST: Universities today typically do not provide education, but only instruction in the sciences of various faculties. This is also a reflection and a continuation of what is going on at pre-university level in most cases. During the last few generations in particular, education has disappeared and only instruction is provided in order to satisfy the new needs of our technological era and of those elites profiting from it. This serious lack of real holistic education is the major cause of most of our human, social and political problems in the world at the moment. The PythAcademia would help to fill that gap and correct that situation by providing holistic education related to the 4 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. Its education will necessarily be holistic and include not only good scientific instruction, but also serious essential elements of education related to beauty and virtue regarding not only personal and civic life, but also the development of best artistic talent and best sportive practices of each student in an Olympic spirit, without neglecting best new technology with an essential NELA character.

  2. SECOND: the faculties of the PythAcademia University are few but all have a new so-called NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) essential characteristic in the teaching of their respective sciences, be it architecture, physics or medicine. This NELA factor is an entirely new characteristic of university faculties proposed by the PythagorArium, and it is meant to resolve a lot of the problems that humanity faces at the moment worldwide through the wrong use of various sciences and technology.

  3. THIRD: universities at the moment do not operate while having in mind the good of the people in general, let alone the primary good of their own students. Not at all! They rather function having in mind mainly the needs of the new technological labor market and the fake “good” of the biggest corporations involved in it, let alone the priority  “good”  of the finances of these corporations providing and corrupting universities with some misleading lobbying and funding. The PythAcademia would also help to fill this gap and correct that ugly situation working against the best interests of "We The People" and against the wellness of beautiful GAIA Planet Earth at the level of all its kingdoms.   



Trainees as possible PythagorArium Soldiers, PytHoplites in particular

The trainees of the PythArmy of each country, as possible eventual candidates of the PythAcademia of their own country, come from the children of the diaspora of their own country, like the young Greeks of the Greek diaspora in the case of the PythAcademia in Greece. For obvious reasons, the first and main PythArmy and PythAcademia to start with will be the ones of Greece, on a trial test. In this case for example, the candidates will be identified through the help of the various Hellenic organizations in various countries around the world. These young people come first for a period of one month, fully lodged, free of charge, for a first period of initial awareness training and observation. Two months after leaving, the best ones will be selected and called back for a new period of 2 months. Those who will show ability and willingness to pursue its objectives will then become part of a special category of soldiers at the service of the PythagorArium Project and, as such, they also will become members of a source pool of young men and women who could eventually become fulltime students at the Academy. From that point of view, their previous awareness training is an essential passage of pre-selection for an eventual fulltime admission at the PythAcademia. The male trainees who may qualify are called PythagorArium Hoplites. For the time they are officially fully active as such, defending the principles of an Aristarchy with the certification of the PythagorArium, they are called PytHoplites. These special male soldiers are a special kind of Civitas Managers who are capable and ready to intervene even in combat situations if and when necessary to defend an Aristarchy. The female trainees who may qualify are called PythagorArium Amazons and they are never called to intervene in difficult conflictive situations of physical combat contrary to the male PytHoplites. Those interested in being PythagorArium Soldiers, the PytHoplites in particular, but who will decide to not study at the PythAcademia will be invited for a period of 3 months each year, during the summer, to extend their PythagorArium knowledge and awareness training.


These periods of training, while under observation, will apply at four levels:


  1. FtatAristarchy NOsFirst, as a soul: rising the level of awareness of the trainees about what our reality really is, about what our main problems are in the world today, and about what the main solutions could be to resolve these problems in the best possible way. This will include familiarization with a new form of holistic education of the 4 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul that is proposed by the Pythagorean Project as EthoPlasìn Education based on a particular Science Of Being and norms of Platonic Philosophy in Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics. It will include the importance of playing at least one musical instrument on a regular basis. 

  2. Second, as a body: the trainee will be made to realize the importance of having and maintaining a perfect body in all circumstances. This will include familiarization with techniques of natural food production and the use of natural plants as medicine (available and growing on the PythagorArium grounds). It will also include the various beautiful ways to use love with sexual pleasure to express love within the best set of natural parameters of Grade 3 of the Pythagorean discipline. It will include the importance of practicing at least one kind of sport and have a daily home-gym routine to maintain a perfect body.

  3. Third, as a citizen: familiarize the trainees with the concept of TruthOcracy to start with (leading to FtatAristarchy) as an initial objective of governance. This is a new type of direct and participative democracy based fundamentally on full truth and transparency along with merit (Aristarchy), in which a lie related to affairs of public governance becomes a serious PATOC crime (or a FTATOC, or a FTATOT in a FtatAristarchy) and in which there is no more public debt-money, with all public money being created on the basis of the UDFOM (Using Debt-Free Only Money) principle. From a citizen point of view, the training will familiarize the trainees with the 4 concepts of TruthOcracy, Aristarchy, Meritocracy and FtatAristarchy as ultimate objectives of governance with the 10 "NOs" shown on the right. The highest form of governance is FtatAristarchy which is a TruthOcracy that has sufficiently matured to also fully integrated the concepts of Aristarchy (merit and beauty) in all aspects of its functioning.

  4. Fourth, as a person: the overall human entity in perfect shape with a soul, a body and a citizenship is a person of beautiful planet Earth. As such, the training includes the familiarization with new forms of best interpersonal communication worldwide, both at a simple street talk level (EthoGloso) and at a superior intellectual level (Katharevousa). It will include the best techniques of defense of truth, beauty and wellbeing of all other persons through Socratic dialogue and a new sport called EthoPlay (which includes EthoJudo and EthoDialogue).


Rising Awareness guided by the STRA Master


We, as human beings, are potentially superior entities of awareness and consciousness. Contrary to all other beings of all the other kingdoms of nature, we are definitely the entities of possible maximum awareness of not only our own global human reality but also of the global universe. Strangely enough, we are most often not even aware of the exact nature of our own personal reality and of our own potential power to freely improve ourselves and our society in an environment of maximum liberty and happiness as CoPHLE co-creators of that environment. To paraphrase the famous film, we live in "The Matrix". The problem is that the matrix is not there by coincidence or a fault of nature, but by plan. That Matrix is built and maintained by the evil elites of what we call the MOWOP (Master One World Order Plan) who do all they can to prevent all of us to increase our awareness about ourselves and what is going on in the world. With that master plan, the evil forces that want to dominate the world, and enslave the rest of us to be able to do so, maintain a matrix that prevents us from seeing the power that we really have as free entities of awareness. If we were to realize that power, through a raised awareness, we could not be enslaved anymore and consequently the pursuit of the dictatorial One-World Government of the MOWOP (Master One World Order Plan) planners would not be possible anymore.


In other words, what is most needed as a main tool of freedom is a rise of awareness as to what we really are and what our reality really is. This rise of awareness cannot be achieved completely in any fast way. It can be achieved only through steps, through what we call step-thoughts (STRA: Step-Thought Rising Awareness) provided by a leading master. This provision is the main purpose of the awareness training sessions of the soldiers of the so-called PythArmy. Once these members achieve a sufficient rise of their awareness, they can become the proactive promoters of the new cultural environment that the PythagorArium Project wants to spread around the world. The master in charge of this rise of awareness in our context is called the STRA Master, often abbreviated as STRAM (Step-Thought Rising Awareness Master)


New Acronyms


The rising of awareness during the periods of training of one, two or three months, will be served through a series of step-thoughts provided by a Master. These sessions involve new concepts with new acronyms being coined:


  1. STRA                = Step-Thought Rising Awareness

  2. STRAM             = Step-Thought Rising Awareness Master

  3. PASTREC        = Pythagorean Awareness Step-Thoughts Rising Ellenic Consciousness

  4. PASTRIC          = Pythagorean Awareness Step-Thoughts Rising Infinite Consciousness

  5. PythArmy          = PythagorArium Army. 

  6. PytHoplite         = PythagorArium Hoplite (a special male category of PythagorArium Soldier).

  7. PytHour             = Pythagorean Hour (daily hour of Awareness training at the Academy)

  8. PAWI                 = PythagorArium World Institute. 

  9. PANI                  = PythagorArium National Institute


The word "Ellenic" in the above PASTREC acronym is spelled without the initial "H", contrary to what is commonly done in English. This is due to a more general context explaining the fact that the words "GREEK" and "GREECE" do not exist in the "Greek" language, and the fact that English words related to "Greece", like "Hellenic" all start with "ELL" in the language of the country, in relation to the famous ancient ELL culture of the so-called "Greece". The initial English "H" is not only not necessary but devious in that it tends to give a prefix of "HELL" connotation to concepts that not only have nothing hellish but rather the opposite: all to do with Apollonian light and ELL that we usually define in our context as Enlightened Logos Liberty.   


Both PASTREC and PASTRIC refer to special temporary awareness training sessions at the Pythagorean Academy for youths who are not fulltime students of its university, the Pythagorean Academy, or the PythAcademia.


STRA Master and PythArmy Grand Master


Each national PythAcademia has a STRA Master in charge of training having to do with rising the awareness of its members, pull them out of The Matrix of enslavement as much as possible, and give them back the highest possible level of their own capacity as the creatures of Infinite Consciousness that they really are. Each STRA Master forms his trainees as members of a world PythArmy of PythagorArium Soldiers. That world army is headed by a PythArmy Grand Master based in ELLAS ("Greece") and guiding the various STRA Masters of other possible locations around the world.


In all other countries where there can be a PythAcademia, it is always based in one single physical location, as a kind of a well integrated university campus. In ELLAS ("Greece") itself, things are slightly different. The PythagorArium has various locations. It has two main locations on the continent, on the seaside, south of Athens, not far from Vougliagmeni, but at a walking distance of each other. The one location is the PythAcademia itself, while the other one is for the headquarters of the PAWI and its public relations. In addition, the extended campus has two recreational centers, also at walking distance, open to the public at large, for the production of the funds, on a no-profit basis, for the maintenance of all its quarters and of its students, along with trainees admitted free of charge.


In addition, away from the Athens area, it has another recreational center in the area of MANI, on the south-west tip of the Peloponnese, but open mainly to its own trainees and students as opposed to open to the public at large. Its significance is related to the fact that this is one of the places in Greece where the DNA of the great ELL culture was most perfectly preserved from corrupting foreign influences.  


To crown its operations, PythagorArium also has a major training center in the Island of Crete, also on the seaside, near the city of Chania (see the map), for special awareness training sessions with the most advanced trainees or fulltime students at the PythAcademia of Athens or of other cities in the world. This special location in the island of Crete is due to the fact that Crete is really the very first center where the great ELL culture was born. Its land is still heavily impregnated today with the original spirit of that great culture that is at the base of the PythagorArium Project. That location in Crete is also the base of the PythArmy Grand Master. As such, he is the head of the worldwide PythArmy of PythagorArium Soldiers and he travels regularly as required for the purposes of that important role.




Trainees basic requirements for admission:


The candidate trainee




As mentioned above, the first PythArmy will be the one in ELLADA ("Greece") for the eventual creation of its own PythAcademia. In this case, the PASTREC sessions are given to youths of families of Greece, or from the "Greek" diaspora around the world. They must speak ELLINICA ("Greek") well or have a strong interest in studying it, let alone speak it already quite well if they come for a PASTREC session. 


The PASTRIC sessions are of 2 types, one at a basic level and one at an advanced level. The basic PASTRIC sessions are held in English and in principle match the content of the PASTREC sessions held in Greek. The advanced PASTRIC sessions have some in English and some in ELLINICA ("Greek") , or in both languages, depending on the selection of the trainees done for the advanced session.


The basic PASTRIC sessions in English may include youths who may not have any Greek origin, and even do not speak Greek at all, but have a strong sympathy for the great ELL culture and want to raise their state of Infinite Awareness through Pythagorean philosophical concepts based on that culture.


Useless to say that the awareness training sessions have nothing to do with any institutional religion, but only with philosophy. And not just any philosophy: with the real philosophy as invented, as a virtuous philosophical way of life based on a chosen set of cardinal virtues and values. No obvious open practice of any institutional religion is allowed, or can be promoted, in the context of the PythagorArium Project.


All these trainees of both categories, of Greek origin and of no-Greek origin, are accommodated on full room and board, and provided with full uniform clothing, completely free of charge. Economy transportation costs are also covered for arrival and departure. They wear only uniform clothing at all times, inside and outside the PythAcademia and, while males Hoplites wear white shirts and long trousers, females Amazons wear white blouses and skirts to just below their knees. They all wear a necklace medallion over their clothing (or alternatively a bracelet when outside of the PythAcademia) with the PythagorArium Symbol (shown at the top of this page) and their full name clearly spelled on it along with their country of provenance under the name. Male Hoplites are requested to grow a beard but never longer than 2 to 3 centimeters, well trimmed on a daily basis, and to grow their hair just to above their shoulders. Female Amazons are requested to grow their hair through well behind their shoulders and groom them together in a horsetail fashion during day time, and above their head during evenings. They all sleep well covered, but naked, in a male or a female dormitory. They use a common open shower room for their sex, with multi-lines of showers, washing themselves naked all together, possibly kindly helping wash each others back, learning to proudly care, admire and respect the natural beauty of their young bodies, somewhat emulating the youths that used to perform and be admired naked when participating in the original ancient Olympics.


Their food at the Academy is strictly vegetarian except in special circumstances, fully biological, and grown on the campus itself as much as possible. For drinking, nothing but natural water collected and purified locally is allowed during the day. A good glass of local wine is always available and offered at dinner. No soft drink, or beer, or any other alcoholic drink, is ever allowed. Rain water on the campus is collected and used for as many purposes as possible, including flushing toilets and cleaning premises.  As much as possible of their food is produced on or around the Academy with some help and participation of the trainees taking turns for their own formation or familiarization in the important field of food independency. By the same occasion, they must all acquire some good basic skills related to biological agriculture, personal homestead food production, survival prepping and natural alternative botanical medicine for their own use. They learn to recognize, care, and love the vast variety of food and medicinal plants available in a special garden of an Island not far from the campus. Some animals are also available on the campus for being loved and taken care of in turn by all trainees, let alone to be used for sports and entertainment. For example, horse riding and caring are integrated skills to their training.  


While at the Academy, all trainees must participate in group sports and music activities, while also studying or getting familiar with the Academy's new self-defense sport called EthoPlay, both in its physical and its mental form. They must practice daily a music instrument they are already familiar with, or get familiar with a new one for at least half an hour on a daily basis. Group music playing and singing are also very much promoted, hopefully with some shows, whenever possible, given to outside friends, invited guests and/or relatives. In principle, at least in the case of the fulltime students admitted at the PythAcademia, one such show always takes places with guests during a banquet on the day before their departure.


The base of their training is serious reflection on thoughts that we call STRA (Step-Thought Rising Awareness). At least one STRA is exposed verbally by the STRA Master (while being filmed on video) to the group of trainees every morning after the fresh air pause following breakfast. Each  STRA has a title and a number, and it is also available in both video and text form with its title and number, on the Academy's website, from the day before it is intended to be exposed by the STRA Master. Hoplite and Amazone BeautyThe exposition of the daily STRA by the Master (typically from the main list of "Master Propositional STRA" down below) is done during a daily period of one hour called the PytHour (Pythagorean Hour), at 09:00. During each PytHour two of the trainees take turns on a daily basis and sit in front, on each side of the STRA Master. They are given 10 minutes each, before or after the Master, to expose a draft of one STRA of their choice, either one of their own invention (or one from the additional list of subjects of the "Trainee Easy Prohibition STRA" down below).


With their full training, the male soldier Hoplite body beauty and the female soldier Amazone body beauty are not less beautiful than the formed Tetractys of their soul beauty, let alone their role beauty at the service of their community, possibly also of the whole humanity through FtatAristarchy, and of all the beautiful living entities of the natural kingdoms of equally beautiful planet Earth. The picture to the right shows the maximum male beauty reached at the completion of his 4th Pythagorean Septennial at age 28, and the maximum of the female beauty at the completion of her 3rd Pythagorean Septennial at age 21. As such they can be the best PythArmy soldiers as promoters and defenders of full FtatAristarchy governance. 


No kind of narcotic drug can enter the PythAcademia. No smoking is allowed anywhere. No personal computer or any kind of other tablet instrument can be brought in. Cellular phones are allowed, but strictly closed in a safe except during authorized time. No WIFI is active except between 17:00 and 18:00, and always at the maximum level of G4. No cellular phone or any other electronic device can be used by trainees except during that same hour between 17:00 and 18:00. No TV can be active except for authorized programs at authorized times. Cable Internet connections for justified urgent external personal matters of communication with the outside world are always available on request in booths of the front desk area. Cable Internet connections for computers, contrary to WIFI, are also always available, but only in booths equipped with available Academy computers, and for only matters related to the STRA of the day or other studying and/or research subjects, let alone a daily news session of maximum half an hour from the country of trainee.


All trainees must sign a legal contract to strictly respect all the above requirements, and formally accept in advance to be legally and swiftly, albeit always gently, expelled from the PythAcademia, without appeal, if it is so decided when they break any of its rules of internal discipline. They can of course leave anytime they want, without having to provide any explanation, if they feel they cannot accept the strong discipline of the Academy. If they leave of their own sudden choice, before the end of the session, their transportation back home may not necessarily be covered without special approval.


All trainees, but in particular all fulltime students of a faculty, are expected to return to their home country to become citizens of better virtuous behavior, somewhat with elements of a more holistic education based on a better awareness of the reality of the current world and a more exhaustive formation of the 3 basic levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of their human soul. They may also carry this special formation to influence accordingly and positively the continuation of their studies in other places, their forthcoming working activities or professional life, their possible political involvement at home in favor of TruthOcracy, and the rest of their life as a more harmonious human being and citizen at a raised level of Infinite Consciousness.


That resultant superior ethical and virtuous behavior is not intended to be attached to any kind of political affiliation, from the Left or from the Right, only to a better set of philosophical concepts influencing their life. Any eventual political affiliation of a trainee or a graduated student shall be a personal choice that has nothing to do directly with the training at the Academy. However, the trainees are expected to return to their home country trying to help at least the 3 main societal reforms promoted by the PythagorArium, and possibly also promote the set of reforms for the formation of a TruthOcracy, and eventually an Aristarchy, as new systems of governance based on Truth, Transparency, Merit and only UDFOM public money in their own country.


During the STRA sessions, the trainees are under good observation. Some of those judged to be the best candidates may be offered, if they are interested, after their departure, to become students at the Academy, free of charge, fulltime for up to 3 years, at one of its special NELAS faculties.


The PythagorArium is, and must always be, financially independent. It must not, and will never receive any private donation from any trainee or student, nor from any external person, or from any kind of institution from any country. It is all self-supportive through its two related recreational centers, the more formal ApolafsArium and the more popular DiaskedArium. Those having completed their training at the Academy may offer a donation if they so wish, but only unconditionally and after at least one year after they have left the Academy. In principle, public money donations from governments are totally prohibited, but can be received from nations that have a TruthOcracy type of governance already recognized, and well established as such, with all the related reforms involved already in place, in particular those regarding full truth and transparency, but only as long as they currently have no national students of theirs at the Academy or already selected for entry at the Academy.



Every day is composed of the following basic schedule of activities:








(Step-Thought Rising Awareness)






(In priority sequence order)


  1. MATTER:
        Matter as we think we know it does not exist - Matter is not solid as it is all "empty" moving atoms.  "There is no matter. There is only light and sound", that is only frequencies expressing the immaterial reality.

  2. SPACE:
        Space as we think we know it does not exist - Infinite space is inconceivable, be it infinite small or infinite big.

  3. TIME:
        Time as we think we know it does not exist - Time is relative, and one century can be seen as one second, or the opposite.

  4. BODY:
        Your body is not you - You are your soul. Your soul is not in your body, but your body in your soul. Your soul operates through 7 layers of bodies granted at birth. These 7 layers surround what you see in the mirror like the layers of an onion: 3 bodies related to the lower physical plane, 3 more bodies related to the higher spiritual plane, and one ethereal body related to the global cosmic astral plane. Your entity is thus much bigger than the body you see in the mirror and it extends in influence and in participation to the whole planet Earth and, to various degrees even to the whole universe. Your soul, not your physical body, is in charge through its 4 higher layers of bodies. In turn, all you think and do is reflected back to your 3 layers of physical bodies, conditioning their health and your happiness. The physical body you can see in the mirror is only your most humble servant, or your temporary tangible vehicle of participative co-creative energy in this dimension of your current local reality. More honorably, your visible body is your essential partner to function at best in this dimension and consequently the essential most basic partner and tool that you have to keep in best possible shape and in best possible beauty, in harmony with its higher layers, in order to achieve the best possible improvement of your soul through ethics and virtues during your current life on this planet, and your best possible achievements of joyful co-creation in collaboration with PNADGOF, your god creator.

  5. BRAIN:
        Your brain is not your mind - It is only its temporary servant creating your present from the future, not from the past. Ideas are the sperm of the soul and the related Logos is the procreative sex drive of the soul for, at your choice, the negative creation under the guidance of the devil or the positive co-creation under the influence of your PNADGOF god creator.

         We create our reality. We are reaping what we sow. We create our karma, positive or negative. We are essentially what we think, personally and collectively as a nation, race or the overall humanity. Physical illness is the result of a disharmony in our thoughts, as a dis-ease. A thought casts a magnetic aura around us that attracts its like. Our personal life is a replica of the overall effect of our thoughts. In the same manner, our national life is the national sum of our collective thoughts. The process also applies at the level of the collective mind of humanity. Changing our thoughts positively will change our world positively. We can achieve this by first overcoming fear and pushing our positive thoughts, democratically but powerfully, against those evil SWAT elites trying to enslave us through DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) in the main fields of religion, politics and the economy.  

  7. VOICE
         Your voice is not just a tool of interpersonal communication. The above three STRA on Body, Brain and Thought clearly indicate that your voice is a powerful tool of creation, that is, a tool of co-creation with GOD, or rather the force we call PNADGOF (Pythagorean Nazarean Apollonian Dionysian Good Omnipotent Force). God created the universe using his "voice", saying "Let There Be Light". Similarly, as an entity created to the image of God, your voice expresses an active thought that, once released, cannot be cancelled, only possibly diluted in new thoughts correcting it. Consequently, be most careful with your thoughts and voice, as what they expressed will tour the whole universe trying to create exactly what your thought and voice expressed. Depending on their positivity or their negativity, they will also eventually inevitably return to you as a boomerang of positivity or negativity with the corresponding consequences for your body and your wellbeing. This co-creative power is related to what we call the Torus Speech Creative Power.  

  8. ELL:
        The ELL ("Greek", of Ancient Greece) culture was the best ever to exist -  It gave us philosophy, holistic education, and the Olympics spirit, along with real direct participative democracy, the first proto-approach to all sciences and the best definition of beauty in all aspects of our life.

  9. ELLAS:
        Ellas ("Greece") has its own specific DNA - It is well demonstrated in serious scientific research.

        Ellinika ("Greek") is the best progenitor of all western languages - It has been superior to all others for at least 5000 years.

  11. GOD:
        God is not away and outside you, but close and inside you if you so wish - It is possibly ultimately you in him. The whole universe may well be self-conscious through a form of panpsychism. Explore the consciousness of the universe. In the PythagorArium context, the word "GOD" is sometimes paraphrased as PNADGOF (Pythagorean, Nazarean, Apollonian Dionysian, Good Omnipotent Force). 

        Best governance is full truth, full transparency, full merit and full beauty - Without these parameters, that is without TruthOcracy or Aristarchy, enslaement is your only fate.

        Globalization is not inevitable - It is the ultimate worst evil, as a bad force of enslavement to be fought through TruthOcracy as a first step and as Aristarchy as a final step.

        Climate change is not happening by mistake or negligence of normal human beings, but by plan. It is engineered scientifically by evil elites who want to create fear in order to be able to more easily dominate the world. These elites create fake unnatural disasters for which they want to eventually appear as being the only ones capable of offering solutions, thus the only ones deserving to command the rest of the world.

        Contrary to climate change, extreme pollution of air sea and land, let alone culture, is the only serious problem caused by activity of human negligence or criminality, but encouraged by the global elites creating the fake climate change and causing the fear that shall help them to dominate the world. 

  16. MONEY
        Money creation as debt by private central banks is the biggest of all scams, the mother of all scams, now practiced illegally or even unconstitutionally almost worldwide, working against the wellness of humanity for its complete enslavement. This scam is the cause of huge public debt that is totally unnecessary. Money must not/not be created as debt by any private entity, only as debt-free asset by public treasury, and only for the creation of new infrastructures that cannot be financed through property and sales tax.  

        Income tax is unnecessary legal theft - Property and sales tax accumulating pension benefits, as a combination of PASTO and DAFTATAP, are more than sufficient for routine governance. Income tax is a scam that was invented to ensure the reimbursement of public debt accumulated through the companion scam of fake money created as debt by private banks. Many important countries have had their periods of most prosperity at times when they had no public debt and no income tax.

    A society more evolved technologically does not mean it is more evolved spiritually, and it is too often the opposite. Technology must be developed only with the best spiritual objectives of the persons using it and of the society spreading it. Technology and science developed only for profit and without love for the end users can only lead to destructive achievements and serve the objectives of the Master Plan of Luciferian New World Order. Love is like garlic to a vampire and to the Luciferian New World Order. Without love, the positive energy on which all creation is based and on which all technology is developed can only be corrupted, misused and turned into a destructive force. 

        You are infinite awareness - Do not obstruct or diminish it from enslaving propaganda and social engineering. Developing and achieving infinite awareness is the only useful purpose of life, and the only way to our full happiness as divine co-creators.

        After acquiring your best level of raised awareness, your role and mission is to start awakening the masses of people around you about all the above subjects and realities. Your starting point must be with the subjects gaining more easy attention, like mental manipulation through fake media, and geo-engineering through unnatural attempts to control the climate for creating fear and disasters that shall serve the purposes of the Master Plan of the evil elites wanting world domination. The very first awakening to spread however is that those evil elites wanting to dominate the world are a tiny minority while we, the overwhelming majority, have the power to decimate the fake power of those elites, forcefully and democratically, and consequently to reestablish a more harmonious and loving world environment for the benefit of all kingdoms of life on beautiful Planet earth.



  1. BEAUTY:
        Beauty can only be emulating creative nature - Real Kallos Beauty is never based on destructive or chaotic activity.

    [See: SPEECH]

        Chemtrails from foreign planes in national air space must be absolutely prohibited - They are always serious national crimes.

  4. CHILD:
        A child belongs to his genitors - It does not belong to the school and not to the state.

  5. CITY:
        City-States should be encouraged to return - Megacities should be prohibited and dismantled.

        Schools should not make you an obedient slave - Only a free and enlightened co-creator for your good and the good of all.

        No Raco (Reusable Authorized Containers Overspill). Reusability obligatory for all fresh food packaging.

  8. DEBT:
        Public debt does not have to exist - Booming economic periods have existed without it in many countries.

        Entertainment must mean joy or awareness of a sad or joyful reality - Not fiction of invented destructive fear or violence.

  10. FAMILY:
        The loving family should be your main social attachment - Before your school or your nation.

  11. FARMERS:
        Animal and vegetal food from big corporations must be banned - And small farmers encouraged to return.

  12. FEEDING:
        No Cafo  (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). Only food animals grown and fed living normally on land.

  13. FOOD:
        Food must come as produced by nature - It must never be supposedly improved by any kind of artificial chemical.

  14. GMO:
        No Gano (Genetically Altered Natural Organism); This is equivalent to No GMO and prohibited like all genetics.

  15. GUT:
        A healthy gut is essential to a good mind - Do not let your belly get bigger than your chest and intoxicate your brain. 

  16. HEALTH:
        Health is your chosen state of being - Only accidents and unattended intromissions of your choice will create sickness.

  17. HEALTH::
        Command each cell and atom of your body - Bring them to harmonize their role to the best idea protype for their place.

        All holocausts are bad and should be all known - The longest and biggest was the Holocaust against the ELL ("Greeks").

  19. JESUS:
        Jesus was not Jew, but ELL ("Greek") - Galilean from Nazareth who disturbed the Jewish money changers who then killed him for mainly that reason, like they killed Lincoln and Kennedy (let alone Saddam Hussein, Gheddafi and many others), 2000 years later for the same reasons. 

  20. LIE:
        Truth in public affairs must be an absolute requirement - A lie becomes a most serious crime.

  21. LIFE:
        Everything is alive, of the universe and all kingdoms of nature - All have their own degree of consciousness, even minerals.

  22. MEDIA:
        Mainstream Media must only investigate and expose truth - Never be a subservient liar or discarder for any other power. Mainstream media today is all owned by a consortium of 7 networks belonging to the same people controlling and filtering all information. As such, they are the biggest obstruction to the exposure of truth. As such they are consequently our main enemy, much more than any enemy in terms of criminals or warmongers.

  23. MERIT:
        Merit is the only way to success - With the Olympic Spirit of emulation of the best on the basis of your own capacity. 

        Multiculturalism must be limited, and not create ugly melting pots - With each culture better preserved in its original environment.

  25. NATION:
        Your nation is the only authority you should be forced to obey - Not the laws of any other foreign or supranational entity.

  26. ONENESS:
        Everything is interconnected in oneness - With each piece with its own beauty to be preserved in its best environment.

  27. PLASTIC:
        Plastic for not durable long-term reusable objects should not exist - Never used as fresh food containers.

        Evitable pollution must be a serious crime - Polluters must be sent to forced work in self supporting prison-farms.

  29. PRAYER:
     Prayer is a strong power of co-creation - Must be done with loving elegance, not an attitude of fear or submission.  

        Religion should not frighten you with any dogma or fear - Only offer you free guidance with respect and love.

  31. SCHOOL:
        Schools as teaching tools must be managed privately - Only the infrastructures must be made public.

  32. SCIENCE:
        Science must have a NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) approach - Not any primary corporation profit approach.

  33. SEX:
        Sex activity is good if kept under good control - Be the loving master of your sex, not its slave.

        Speak to your sick body parts - Speak with authority to each organ of your body to gently command health.

  35. SOUL:
        The human soul has 4 levels of Tetractys - The 4th level of wisdom is only born if you harmonized the first 3 levels.

  36. SPEECH:
        Speech without physical violence must be absolutely free - Even for any kind of so-called hate speech.

  37. STOMACH:
        Be the loving master of your stomach, not its slave. Eating activity is good if done with natural food and kept under good control. 

  38. TRUTH:
        Truth generates freedom that generates beauty that generates love that generates good - Any other path leads to evil.

  39. WAR:
        Wars are all banker's wars - Bankers profit from financing "the before", "the during" and "the after" of all main wars. And the bankers finance both sides of the wars, which includes what happened with WWI and WWII and all other wars before, in between and after. War is not glamorous and unless it is purely defensive, it is a the most serious criminal activity of mass murder.  





(In alphabetical order of a guiding subject word)

(trainees taking turns with the Master at the PytHour may well chose from this list)


    No abortion except in cases of serious health problems or undesired pregnancy caused by violence.

    [See: FOOD]

  3. AI
    [For Artificial Intelligence, See: HUMANITY]

    No animal cruelty. Shelters of abandoned dogs must be attached to prisons to be cared for by prisoners, with a legal responsibility of a prisoner for an attributed dog. 

    No new building with balconies not prepared for possible use of aquaponics. 

    [See: BUILDINGS]

  7. ARMS
    [See: POLICE]
    [See: WAR]

  8. BANKS
    No bank account accessible directly by the government without a court order confirmed by 2 judges from two different cities not of the residence of the owner of the bank account.

  9. BANKS
    No bank fractional reserve, only loans based on deposits.

  10. BANKS
    No private loan interests over 10% and no public loan at all to any level of public governance.

  11. BANKS
    No bank, as
    an institution of service to the public, can decide, without governance approval, to exclude categories of clients for reasons that have nothing to do with their pure financial sanity, like for being too conservatives or too liberal.

  12. BEAUTY
    No new tattoo exposed on visible parts of the body in public places.

    No new commercial street buildings without re-entered space under arches to provide covered sidewalks.

  14. CASH
    No cashless society controlling all citizens life.


  16. CHIP

  17. CITY
    No big city producing inequality and huge amounts of garbage products should be allowed to continue increasing its size. All should be progressively reduced through new countryside settlements well connected their centers. All new cities should be conceived as new TUPA villages or city-state settlements of human size never exceeding a quarter of a million people, with kilometer-zero natural food available and garbage handling done internally.  


    [See: BANKS]

    No corporation more powerful than the government.

    No profit of any person or corporation at the expense of the environment.

    No corporation without personal criminal responsibility of its main managers. 

    No more corporations with responsibility only to their owners, but corporations with responsibility to their country, to their community and to all the people of the country, let alone the people of the whole world, like they use to be at the beginning. Thus no more use of cheap labor abroad for only more profits at home with consequent bonuses to corporation managers damaging the national labor force. 

  24. CRIMES
    No criminality disobeying a new law not planned for in an electoral contract.

  25. CRIMES
    No immunity can exist for politicians for their crimes, war crimes in particular of the military they are supposed to control. No immunity for media that hide or silence them.

    [See: SPEECH]

  27. DRESS
    No nudity, pants sagging or sloppy dress in public places.

    [See: ENERGY]

    No profit is legitimate if it damages the users of production. Most economic activity should be for no-profit. The idea of necessarily making a profit should end.

    [See: SCHOOL]

    No more electoral program, only a fully binding electoral contract.

    No election that is not decided by physical ballots counted openly over any kind of electronic ballots like Microsoft's Election Guard, or Singular Logistics.

    No more political parties, only political contractors offering a fully binding political electoral contract as opposed to an electoral program.

    No new political coalition after elections or during  mandate, only before elections.

    No long-term mandate to any elected official and no long-term position of power in any entity of governance at the executive level.

    No more permanent embassy abroad, only reinforced consulates.

  37. ENERGY
    No hiding of the 'free' energy technology that already exists but is not available because it disturbs the major interests of the oil companies.

  38. ENERGY
    No more nuclear energy plants until the technology exists to perfectly destroy nuclear waste and cancel the devastating effects of events like Chernobyl and Fukushima. In the meantime, all new nuclear power industry should be banned and the existing one phased out.

    No job slavery allowing only bare survival.

    No big corporation destroying a whole sector of small national entrepreneurs.

    [See: WIFI]
    [See: GARBAGE]
    [See: GMO]
    [See: ANIMALS]

    No militarization of space.

    No fracking destroying natural water resources.

    No pesticide that is not natural.

    No weather modification technology, not even for supposedly good purposes.

    No global climate engineering crossing many countries without permission.

    No vegetal plant extinction to go unattended without criminal punishment. Just like no unnecessary tree cutting or plant destruction should take place without criminal punishment. Some 600 plants have gone extinct in the last 2 centuries.

    No Chemtrails not approved in national sky through fully well-informed majoritarian consent. Not approved chemtrails from other countries are foreign criminal activities crossing in national borders. No climate change contradicting nature through geo-engineering spreading stratospheric injections of any kind. No chemtrails from a national source or spreading from a foreign source, without most severe punishment. No spraying us without explicit referendum consent.

    No skies poisoned by your government of by tacit consent and/or inaction of your government in relation to the evil actions of other governments or institutions. Toxic climate engineering must be stopped even when it is caused by other countries or foreign institutions.

    No exploitation of environmentalism in order to achieve the pursued One-World Government of the New World Order.

    No secret to be kept about existence of UFOs and possible collaboration with ETs.

  52. FAMILY
    No divorce with minor children below age 16 except in cases of serious violence of one spouse.

  53. FAMILY
    No abandoned child but also no abandoned old family member, with public help when required.

  54. FAMILY
    No isolation of people outside a family. Favor the formation and the integration of extended families communicating and helping each other. 

  55. FAMILY
    No automatic inheritance to children, only donations of shares while alive, with conditions attached by the donator, to spouse, children or outsiders, on a basis of merit or capacity as estimated by the donator. Sudden accidental death before donations passes that power to the legal spouse. Sudden accidental death of both spouses before donations requires selling property to best acquirer with a condition of support of all children until age 21 or until the end of their studies at maximum age 28.

    No big corporation farming eliminating or competing unfairly with family farmers.

  57. FOOD
    No import of distant foreign food except in special outlets for this explicit purpose.

  58. FOOD
    No food product, including water, should not have a complete labeling of its content, not only of all ingredients spelled out with clear names, but also of traces of corruption through infiltration of pharmaceutical drugs or dangerous chemicals of the various components of the final product.

  59. FOOD
    No farm subsidies going to big corporate farms while small family farms are struggling alone to survive. This makes small farms die and be absorbed by subsidized big corporate farms too often also using GMO production for more profits.

    No civil rights that can force you do deal with people you do not want to on your own property.

    No war on terror that catches few terrorists but reduces the personal freedom of thousands of people.

    No new street without its own garbage incinerator. Big cities producing mountains of garbage should not be allowed to move them to the beautiful countryside for handling but, except for especially dangerous products, should be responsible for handling them at least city square by city square, as their own garbage production. 

    No unaccountable elite minority to control the vast majority of people. No not accountable minority should control all the media, the banks, the education, the religion, the military etc. thus control and enslave the vast majority of people.

    No globalization can do better than localization for running society and its economy. We must abandon globalization through supranational governance and return to more local rule at most at national level, but hopefully even at city level. The family and the community must return to have precedence in managing society. Be self-sufficient at every level, starting from the bottom. Top-down management from a central place never works well. The people making the decisions must be the people most affected by the decisions.

  65. GMO
    No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) playing god.

  66. GOLD
    No national gold deposited abroad.

    No central planning decision that is not first corroborated by a majority of people in referendum.

    No major government decision that was not explicitly included in an electoral contract. All major non-routine government decisions can only be taken on the basis of their previous inclusion in an electoral contract, or they are anti-constitutional and, as such, a serious crime on the part of the executive implementing them. 

    No executive governance without a direct video channel for answering citizens questions.

    No governance not fully accountable to people before to any other authority or international organization.

    No secret in public affairs, except temporarily with a nickname, budget figure and expiry date known to all.

    No people as slaves of the State, only the Stave as servant of the people.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex bank or corporation officials.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex military personnel.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex judicial officials.

    No licensing governance authority can have any kind of financial return or interest in the bodies they license, not directly nor indirectly, not actively nor passively. This is too often the case in particular in the medical field, like for the production of vaccines or medicines, the mainstream media receiving financial help, and the science or geo-engineering field doing research or producing new products that could be harmful to the population.

    No financing of any activity of the private sector except from a general donation fund that is then distributed by a committee of exclusively private experts of each field concerned in consultation with the general population.

  78. HEALTH
    [See: HUMANITY]
    [See: GMO]

  79. HEALTH
    No cancer patient dying from the treatment instead of from the disease.

  80. HEALTH
    No Overmedication destroying our immune system.

  81. HEALTH
    No BigPharma corporation in direct contact with doctors, only indirectly through the ministry of health, and only after prescreening of the information they intend to provide and propagate by a special truth investigation agency that invites contradictory opinions. After these steps, the information is made available through a special TV station and/or a special website for people to consult the information on the basis of the categories of their health conditions. Any privilege given by a corporation to any doctor is a serious crime for which both the doctors involved and the corporation are punished severely, possibly also even de-licensed. 

    No "post-human" era through artificial intelligence and other enslavement tools and strategies.

    No world depopulation through vaccines, medicines and male sperm reduction technologies.

    No trans-humanism through AI and other means transferring your consciousness to a clone machine.

    No techno-genocide of part of humanity through AI and other means. 

    No human body recycling and composting (now approved in State of Washington).


    No Open Borders without security and medical checks, posing various risks while destroying our sense of nation. 

    No immigration to become a new welfare slavery or to be exploited by corporations.

    No massive immigration to become a cultural or population replacement of the nation.

    No forced regime change abroad in countries with democratic elections.

    No interference in other countries elections.

    No Internet search engine filtering embarrassing truth information or free speech comments.

    No web browser can take decisions to hide or eliminate categories of information, for whatever reason, without approval by government and government making these approvals known to interested parties and the public at large.

    No private person or organization of any kind can implement or request the financial blacklisting of groups they do not like, be they conservatives, liberals, religious activists, or any kind of odd groups wanting people to know about themselves. If these groups spread false information they can be charged for falsity in collaboration with governance. If they spread ridiculous information, their information will soon be the main tool to destroy their own credibility in front of the public opinion.   

    No Internet search engine without competitors.

    No patent of full exclusivity for useful inventions, only just reward to the inventor.

    [See: MEDIA]

    No judge belonging to any secret society.

  100. JUSTICE
    No justice fees to defend officials against taxpayers paid by only the taxpayers.

  101. JUSTICE
    No justice through only expensive lawyers and tribunals.

  102. JUSTICE
    No justice through only legal experts, without laymen participation.

  103. JUSTICE
    No judge or prosecutor enjoys legal immunity for prosecutorial abuse or mistake, or is invulnerable to legal accountability and justice accountability.

  104. LAND
    No corporation land ownership not exploiting it actively and biologically.

  105. LAW
    [See: JUSTICE]

    No new law that was not planned in the previous electoral contract.

    No new lay without cancelling an old one.

    No old law interpreted only by a judge, but only by a judge with participation of executive current governance.

    No pre-crime technology legislation.

    No government law can have precedence over natural law.

  111. LIBERTY
    [See: SPEECH]

  112. LIBERTY
    No rights comes from government. We give government limited rights to serve us. All rights not granted to government by the constitution are natural rights that belong to the people. 

    No secret lobbying, only publicly on a dedicated TV channel paid by the State.

    No arranged marriage without consent.

  115. MEDIA
    No enslaved press to reduce government officials responsibility.

  116. MEDIA
    No government financing of any national media. As for local media, if they receive public funds, these must be only from their own local governance and mentioned explicitly in a footer at the bottom of the front page of the media involved. 

  117. MEDIA
    No media concentration networks allowed to be formed or operate as such in the country.

  118. MEDIA
    No media presenting criminality and depravation as a kind of new normality.

  119. MEDIA
    No press directly in the executive office, only in an adjacent dedicated press club area.

  120. MEDIA
    No robot journalism repeating uncontrolled news without the name of the original author.

  121. MEDIA
    No war against whistleblowers and investigative journalists exposing truth, rather remuneration with gratitude.

  122. MEDIA
    No revealing governance criminal activity can be considered spying (like Assange and Snowden are being accused of).

  123. MEDIA
    No raid on any media office or journalist unless there is an ascertained lie involved and already published as truth.

  124. MEDIA
    No sending articles to government for approval before publication. NYT has admitted doing so often.

  125. MEDIA
    No journalist should propagate lies causing wars without becoming a war criminal.

  126. WAR
    No more money for wars if no more money for veterans and other destitute people.

    No artificial medicine to be patented when not better than its original natural equivalent.

    No artificial medicine to eliminate natural medicine.

    No drugs that just prolong your life while maintaining or not curing the disease, so that you have to keep on taking these drugs for many more years for the benefit of the drug company while suffering along.

    No non-natural psychological drugs.

  131. MERIT
    No social credit to control supposedly bad people, but meritorious rewards for good civic behavior.

    No dictatorship of minorities, only respect of minorities.

  133. MONEY
    No barter must ever be banned or made illegal as a substitute of cash money.

  134. MONEY
    No fully cashless society must ever be implemented as a way of fully controlling people's life through money being restricted, refused or wiped out of your bank account. 

    [See: SOCIETY]

    No morality is always absolute independently of circumstances, but its relativity is only acceptable and good when its result causes the good of the user, along with, if applicable, the good or the least damage of the other persons suffering the consequences of an action. 


    No excessive multiculturalism to create an ugly melting pot and prevent a common culture.

    No excessive multiculturalism opposing, obstructing or destroying national patriotism.

    No uncontrollable nanotechnology inserted in body, unknowingly or not.

    No human body chipping unless it is explicitly requested by a sentient individual.

  142. NOBEL
    No shameful Nobel Prize to puppets of globalization, but instead a new "Truth" Prize.

  143. OPINION
    [See: SPEECH]

    No unelected organization like the UN to tell me what to do or not to do, certainly not to limit my liberty as a person having the right to elect my governance. No governance, elected or not, can limit my freedom of speech, in particular against the non-elected organizations.

  145. PARKING
    No new building without car garage parking space for each apartment or office.

  146. PARKING
    No new street store without an available parking space.

    No interdependence with loss of national independence.

    No membership to organizations that want to destroy nationality.

    No overruling international law causing a national prejudice or damage.

    No power transfer from national government to international or supranational entities.

    No supranational dependence, only free collaboration status. 

  152. PLASTIC
    No plastic bottles for drinks, only returnable glass bottles.

  153. POLICE
    No militarization of police. No normalization of killing protesters through militarization of police as the police exists to protect people, no to kill people, and not to protect governments (except its managers as persons like normal citizens).

  154. POLICE
    No street block without its friendly and helpful street policeman. 

  155. POLICE
    No official protected to the point of causing damage to normal people through lack of protection.

  156. POLICE
    No personal arming up prohibition for people with no criminal record.

    No "Cultural Marxism". The Frankfurt School, plotted the corruption and overthrow of non-Communist nations by systematically undermining their cultures. Called Cultural Marxism, its goal is the use of art, music, education, and media to condition people to accept the essential elements of Marxism without identifying them as such. After a few generations of this conditioning, Marxism becomes the new reality without a violent revolution and even without awareness that a revolution has occurred [see the film/DVD].

    No pardoning political criminals while prosecuting whistleblowers denouncing their crimes. Rather serious punishment of not only the political criminals involved, but also of all those who have tried to prevent the whistleblowers to expose the political criminals, and have tried to protect the criminals involved or hide their crimes.

    No Nazi political culture was destroyed by the victory of the allies of WWII. The Paper Clip operation brought to the USA the most prominent figures of Nazism, and totalitarian Nazism is being reborn in the USA 75 years later. But both Nazism and Communism were totalitarian and fully financed by the same Zionist forces. They are only the two faces of the same coin. They were both meant to fail in due time, after the creation of Israel that could only be justified by WWII. They have now both failed already, as planned. This was stage one of a master plan. What is being born as a result, as stage two, 75 years later, in the USA and the EU, comes from that same totalitarian master plan that dates back from much before WWIII. That master plan includes also the forthcoming fall of the USA and the EU in due time after they will have been used as useful idiots. What is really forthcoming now, as stage three of the master plan, is only a new face for totalitarian collectivism, or disguised communism, pursued all along from the very beginning, in different stages, under the underground total control of modern Zionism. That stage three is attempting to finally create a totalitarian One-World Government to be seated in Jerusalem as the capital of a new Greater Israel formed from stealing various parts of territory from the balkanization of other Middle East countries, like Iraq and Syria, at the occasion of a forthcoming WWIII justifying it, to be sparked in the area on the basis of a major false flag operation.  All this plan was what the famous Russian dissident Bezmenov was calling the forthcoming "Fresh Start of Communism More to the West", some 40 years ago. It seemed laughable at the time, but is our sad reality today.

    No enemy has power without out passive permission, or our silence or our inaction or a combination of all three attitudes on our side. We are the enemy, our own enemy, if we do not unite to command leaders to do the right things for us. We are the majority. The deep state enslaving us or destroying our world through geo-engineering is the minority. The minority of those in power could not do the evil they do without the passive permission of the majority. Our own enemy is us.

    No Technocracy with Geo-Slavery, which is the road to Scientific Dictatorship (Patrick Wood, Editor and Author Technocracy.News). See: No scientism as the only source of human knowledge. Technocracy is basically a science of social engineering behind the ugly agenda of the UN with its fake sustainable development (aka Technocracy) philosophy, leading to a One-World Government of a dictatorial nature. No Technotronic world (to paraphrase the title of the book of Brzezinski who was the main promoter of Technocracy in China). UN sustainable development for Agenda 21, and China economic model are basically the same and both destructive for the wellness of the world, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, working well only for the global elite and of the financial power of the IMF and co. And LUciferian Parag Khanna is their god author. Achieved Technocracy requires 5G and the IOT (Internet Of Things), all managed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), as "Data" is the new "Oil" of this new era. This creates a new type of slavery, already called the Geo-Slavery, as the fulfillment of Orwell's' dream (surveying and controlling millions of people at the same time). Buy books of Patrick Wood, like "Technocracy Rising" and "Technocracy, the Hard Road to World Order". Go to

    No import of what is produced or can easily be produced in the country.

    No product not fabricated to last. 

    No soap or detergent with toxic chemicals.

    No technology to reduce the natural lifetime of products.

    No protesting with covered faces without being arrested for this sole fact.

    No central government financing provinces, but the opposite.

  168. RAIN
    No new building without rain collection for toilets, external watering and internal plants.

    No religion in public places, only in temples and with speakers using only a national language.

    No government financing research without total full transparency of actions and results available to all.

  171. SALARY
    No excessive salary, private or public, over the President's salary.

    No sanctions imposed or respected without a majority referendum of all the populations involved.

    No sanctions to foreign countries not attacking our country, except for proactive reciprocity.

    No satanic symbols in public places.

    No spiritual battle to dominate minds and souls masked as an economic battle for the good of all.

  176. SCHOOL
    No after school homework except for child in need of special help.

  177. SCHOOL
    No compulsory attendance to public schools. End School Compulsory-Attendance Laws

  178. SCHOOL
    No instruction without also education.

  179. SCHOOL
    No educating the brain without educating also the heart.

  180. SCHOOL
    No school rights over parents rights on their children.

  181. SCHOOL
    No school without gym and music education as part of the necessary curriculum.

  182. SCHOOL
    No education giving more market or government credentials than virtue credentials.

  183. SCHOOL
    No armed teachers.

  184. SCHOOL
    No homeschooling to ever be prohibited, but rather encouraged under proper surveillance.  

  185. SCHOOL
    No UN indoctrination of kids at school. Alex Newman is an expert on the decline and fall of education in America and the Western World:

  186. SCHOOL
    No destroying the culture by eviscerating the morals of children. This eviscerating can be done with concepts like pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation or transgenderism is a normal natural decision of a minor child [ideas propagated in many schools of California already].

  187. SCHOOL
    No "Common Core" serving the interests of the globalists, rather encouragement of liberty for the development of  the original creativity of each child on the basis of its own talent and merit, like in sports practiced in the best Olympics spirit.

  188. SCHOOL
    No money given indirectly through various levels of administration for the maintenance of schools. A committee of parents of the school assesses the repairs to be done in collaboration with the authorities of the school, and then claims the necessary money directly to the government. That money is then provided directly to the school committee.

  189. SCHOOL
    No school teaching mathematics or history more than kindness for beings of all natural kingdoms.

  190. SCHOOL
    No school without representatives of all kingdoms of nature. Each school becomes like a small city that includes a few abandoned old persons to be cared for by students, few abandoned animals and few animals for agriculture to be cared for by students, a garden for growing medicinal plants, flowers and food, and a collections of minerals to be admired.


  192. SECRET
    [See: MEDIA]

  193. SECRET
    No government secret that is not absolutely necessary, except very temporarily and veiled in the meantime with a known codename and a deadline as short as possible.

  194. SECRET
    No governance activity can be considered national security if it involves criminality.

    No legal limitation to efforts of home or city self-sufficiency, rather only incentives.

    No transgender neutrality or promotion affecting any youth before maturity.

    No sex activity fear, only proper knowledge and education to proud self-control.

    No forced elimination of all pornography, but promotion of only the most elegant and beautiful forms it can offer for best natural sexual education and performance purposes in relation to divine procreative pleasure.

  199. SOCIETY
    [See: MORALITY]

  200. SOCIETY
    No anger should last more than the minimum time it takes to clarify a situation with those at the source of the anger. Hopefully no anger should last more than the light hours of the day during which it was caused.

  201. SPEECH
    No speech limit, even to express felt hate or disgust, when expressed without physical violence.

  202. SPEECH
    No free speech banned as politically incorrect if this is what the speaker firmly believes.

  203. SPEECH
    No damage claim for offensive comments of disgust caused by things like piercing or tattooing.

  204. SPEECH
    No criminalization of dissent when expressed without physical violence.

  205. SPEECH
    No censorship from any private institution serving the public, like banks or Internet providers.

  206. SPEECH
    No legal definition of any type of phobia or conflictive situation of fact should be elaborated or accepted in a way that it prevents free criticism from disagreeing people. This is typically the case at the moment of the new definitions of Islamophobia and Antisemitism being implemented to shield them from any scrutiny, criticism and accountability.

  207. SPEECH
    No non-elected organization like the UN or the EU can limit my freedom of speech as a person with the absolute right to elect my governance and to criticize even my elected one.

  208. SPEECH
    No tolerance prevailing over justice, and no tolerance of the intolerant. This would be "Tolerism". Karl Popper: "If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. . . . We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant." 

  209. STREETS
    No new traffic lights when possible, only priority round circle crossings without lights.

    No new tax that was not planned in the previous electoral contract.

    No State more worried about tax evasion than about murder and other violent criminals.

    [See: SECRETS]
    [See: WIFI]
    [See: INTERNET]

    No new technology to be developed secretly without governance knowing about it at least in its pursued objectives, and without governance being informed of all unexpected discovery at each step of development.

    No new useful technology to be kept secret only because it affects the interests of big corporations. 

    No foreign corporation active in the country without full transparency for national operations.

    No trivial news in national broadcasts deviating attention to important world and national news.

  217. TRUTH
    No lie related to public affairs is only a simple lie, but also a crime. In a TruthOcracy, all lies about affairs of public governance are all PATOC crimes punishable in the most severe way.

  218. TRUTH
    No censorship of embarrassing truth by freely joined social media or global search engines.

  219. TRUTH
    No Hegelian dialectics through false-flag conflicts.

  220. TRUTH
    No journalist investigated or indicted for telling truth, even if revealing a secret.

  221. TRUTH
    No lie exposure in public affairs can be considered a crime on the basis of any national security law.

  222. TRUTH
    No lie to stay secret after being discovered as a lie.

  223. TRUTH
    No possible criminal charges for publishing public affairs truth.

  224. TRUTH
    No smearing a truth-teller without committing a crime.

  225. TRUTH
    No truth whistleblowers punished and not rewarded after being proved right.

  226. TRUTH
    No governance without a two-way Truth Channel between the people and the government. The government has to know exactly what the majority of the people think on all important issues, without interference from anything or anybody.

  227. TRUTH
    No Truth will be fully obtained without a previous form of reconciliation protecting the truth tellers. A fair combination of Truth & Reconciliation with president pardon for the truth tellers is the only way to clean house.

  228. UFO

  229. UN

  230. WAR
    No journalist should propagate lies causing wars without becoming a war criminal.

  231. WAR
    No more money for wars if no more money for veterans and other destitute people.

  232. WIFI
    No WIFI above 4G anywhere, and none at all in places like schools and hospitals. Certainly no 5G hidden in odd places like street lights, publicity highway billboards or fake towers like trees.












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