- This essay on EthoCracy talks about the various aspects of what shall become a new form of governance that involve many steps in its evolution. The first step quicker and easier step of this evolution will be the one of a TruthOcracy. The following final step shall be what we call Aristarchy. This page is in constant draft form, in a process of daily elaboration. The content of this page will probably eventually be published as an eBook after a final overall review. This essay is not stand-alone, but related directly and closely to a main website on Holistic Pythagorean Education (or ELLducation) that integrates the concepts of EthoCracy (in its 2 phases of TruthOcracy and Aristarchy). That special kind of EthoPlasìn education (or ELLducation), provided at the PythagorArium, if and when applied within a country, is meant to make that country go "From Democracy To EthoCracy", or "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards" (as a first step to a TruthOcracy and Aristarchy). Thus the meaning and utility of this related essay on EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy and Aristarchy). The main website on holistic Pythagorean education (or ELLducation), to which this essay is related, is called EthoPlasìn (at:, with its main theme being "The Return Of Philosophy", as PhilosophELL. The word "Philosophy" in that context is intended strictly as the one-and-only great philosophy, the philosophy invented 2500 years ago by Ancient-Greece, but still perfectly valid today for its universal and timeless applicability in directing human and civic behavior, let alone the human mind. That philosophy, contrary to modern philosophy, was first and foremost a way of living, a "Philosophical Way Of Living", before being, also, a way of comprehending the world, instead of just the latter, like modern philosophy has unfortunately reduced itself being. In fact, each school of that original philosophy had a particular virtuous way of living, like for example the best known ones, still today, Epicureanism (the school of Epicurus, founded in 307BC) and Stoicism (the school of Zeno, founded in the colonnade, or Stoa, also in the 3rd century BC), based on a chosen set of specific virtues to be fully integrated to all members' daily life. These virtues were meant to make members create, from various approaches, the most ethical civic way of living, along with the most possible humanly perfect personal way of living, in order to achieve the best possible level of personal and civic happiness on this beautiful planet Earth, and the most enlightened comprehension of the world we live in, and our place into it. Only The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophELL, of that kind of philosophy, within our education (making it ELLducation), and within our civic life, can save the modern world today from its current total corruption and complete decadence. EthoPlasìn is one of these philosophical schools, adapting to our contemporary world the ancient philosophy that existed, in the best Platonic tradition, for over a thousand years, from Pythagoras (~525BC) to the abolition of the Platonic schools by Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 529AD. From this point of view, The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophELL, means the return of harmony and beauty in our life, as both harmony and beauty have been practically cancelled, and intentionally so, by the new Luciferian JewZuit Power, from all aspects of our life. Within the above-mentioned EthoPlasìn website, there is a specific page on "EthoCracy" (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). This EthoCracy page (the page that you are reading at the moment: is what constitutes the base of a forthcoming eBook that will integrate, as its Part I, a reviewed version of all that follows. An EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is an improvement to what we call today Democracy, but as a meritocratic, direct and participative real democracy. As such, it is at least a so-called MeDiPartic democracy, based on a philosophy of virtues, or ethics, in the way it was, or certainly was intended to be, when, and after, Ancient-Greece invented both philosophy and democracy. Ideally, when well implemented, an EthoCracy is at least first a TIDMOcracy, based also on Truth Information. This improvement of what we wrongly call democracy today, is based on The Return Of Philosophy, as PhilosophELL, in our life, the real living philosophy that existed at that ancient time, but a philosophy that is also equally valid today, as it is eternal in value to achieve the best possible form of ethical government of both ourselves and of our societies or nations. The EthoPlasìn philosophy, discipline, and holistic education (or ELLducation), involving both the left and the right brain, based on the formation of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the soul of the human being, along with the concepts of the EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), will eventually be taught formally in a forthcoming university being created, as a brand new and unique type of boarding university described in the above-mentioned EthoPlasìn website. This new boarding university will be the EthoPlasìn Academy (or PythAcademia, standing for Pythagorean Academia, with its logo shown to the right). All these components are part of the PythagorArium. In the meantime, as a foretaste, its philosophy and concepts are intended to be spread through the EthoPlasìn website, and through its related forthcoming full eBook "From Democracy To EthoCracy" that is based, for Part I, on what follows.









1 - This essay has nothing to do with Conspiracy Theory. However, there are many real situations in the world today that are disqualified, and strongly discredited, as "Conspiracy Theory" by those few who have a vested interest in the rest of us not knowing that they are "Conspiracy Reality" or, more simply, by those who are fully immersed in the matrix of the current political correctness and will not wake up before it will be too late for them to react to the damage they will have suffered from these situations. From this point of view, this webpage will describe situations that can be qualified, properly, as "Conspiracy Reality", or "Conspireality", as based on a combination of historical facts and solid logic in analyzing and assessing what is going on. Those who do not agree, or for some reason do not like the fact that some devastating and shameful realities be reported openly, should refrain from the futility of using the easy way out of the "Conspiracy Theory" accusation, and present evidence contradicting the overall history being reported, and/or the logic being used in evaluating the facts. We are sorry if we may disturb the lazy comfort of many good souls of the politically correct, but we have no way out, because inevitably, as George Orwell so well said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act". On the other hand we hope that our effort to expose some hard realities may help those who are still capable of peeking outside of the matrix, and consequently will be capable of reevaluating their situation correctly, on the basis of a background they were not yet aware of, or not quite conscious of, in order to take their best decisions for the benefit of themselves and of their loved ones.



2 - This essay is overall a very positive one. It may appear negative at first approach, or even extreme is some of its statements, but this is not the case. This Part I is indeed very critical, and thus appears very negative, but only because it consists in a realistic description of the negative situation of enslavement that we are in, today, explaining the history of how we got here, and what the resulting facts are at the moment. Unfortunately, reporting realistically this sad history, and these sour facts, cannot be anything positive. This reporting is nevertheless necessary to understand our current problematic situation and what actions we need to take to correct it, and hopefully improve it, as much as possible. If we do not succeed, we will at least have had the satisfaction of having tried in the best way we could. The comprehension of this sour reality is certainly not the product of an old sour man, rather the opposite. It comes from the unique and serene experience of a very positively minded author who has not only travelled extensively in more than 100 countries around the world, but has actually mainly worked and lived abroad, for nearly 50 years, on all continents except Oceania. This comprehension has also been facilitated by the acquisition of assets that few other people have had the possibility to acquire: a full fluency in 7 languages, a solid knowledge of world history and philosophy, as two particular personal interests since secondary school, and a solid computer database expertise to accumulate and process information, and to be an independent webmaster. From a professional work point of view, this comprehension of the current world has also been facilitated by a unique work experience in evaluating and processing assistance to refugee movements around the world. This involved the author in a direct association with the type of people who have suffered the most from the enslaving situations and persecutions described in this essay, from Uganda to Chile, from the ex Soviet Union to Mexico and all of Central America, from Kenya and Tanzania to Thailand, to name only a few core places, and more recently even from... Greece. This sour and negative reality is all included in Part I of this essay. The Part II, not published yet, as opposed to this first part, is certainly all positive, as it introduces a set of concrete and democratic reforms that, if applied as a package, can transform our false democracy, or our current debtocracy of global enslavement, into an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) of real freedom, and thus can transform our present negative situation into a very positive one, for the benefit of most of us around the world, as little or as much as this benefit may be on an individual basis.




 Explanation Of The Main New Words


JewZuit , ZioZuit , ZioZuitZlim, LuZioZuitZlim, LUZJIPWA, JangloZaxon

The words JewZuit, ZioZuit (or: ZZ), ZioZuitZlim (or: ZZZ), and LuZioZuitZlim are not orthographic mistakes. They are brand new words, being coined here. The first one is the combination of three words: Jew, Zionist and Jesuit. The following 2 are coined through the combination of parts of three other words containing a 'Z' or a 'Z sound' in them: Zionist ('Zio'), Jesuit ('Zuit') and Muslim ('Zlim'). The last one is coined as a combination of "Lu" "Lucifer), "z" (Zionist) "uit" (Jesuit) and "lam" (Islam). The new word JewZuit is pronounced similarly to “Jesuit” except for a “Jew” sound, instead of a “Je” sound, at the beginning. The word JewZuit refers to the new world power that is the collusion of the Zionist Jews with the Catholic Jesuits, a new power that was formed through a recent alliance of the Zionists and the Jesuits, in order to more easily enslave the peoples of the whole world, in particular since after the rapprochement brought in by the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II, and the recent crowning of this rapprochement brought in by the installation of the new Jesuit Pope Francis in the Vatican. We will see that this rapprochement is so advanced that, for all practical purposes, we can now legitimately talk about a kind of single Judeo-Christian entity sitting behind this new JewZuit brotherhood that replaced 2000 years of enmity, making the Jew go From Enemy To Brother, to paraphrase the title of the book of author John Connelly. Some other authors,  like Michael Collins Piper, argue strenuously that the real enemy hiding behind the New World Order of global enslavement is the Zionists. Yet, some other authors, like Eric Jon Phelps, argue not less strenuously that it is the Jesuits who are the main enemy commanding the Vatican, or the Black Pope commanding the White Pope, using the Knights Templar and the Freemasons as their puppet tools to infiltrate all the centers of power managed in appearance by the Zionists. Under close scrutiny, these apparently contradicting authors do not at all contradict themselves. What they do not realize is that the Jesuits and the Zionists have a common source and culture. They do not realize either that the Vatican has always two sets of policies: an open agenda and a secret agenda. The secret agenda is very often the exact opposite of the open one, and often even totally anti-Catholic, managed by the Jesuits behind the Vatican. That secret agenda of the Vatican, managed by the Black Pope of the Jesuits, usually corresponds exactly to the open Zionist agenda, because by now, they are one single JewZuit force. The best examples of this agenda are probably the questions of abortion and homosexuality pushed openly by Zionist-dominated Hollywood: the open policy of the Vatican is against them (but very mildly so under Pope Francis who said explicitly that we should not be obsessed by questions like abortion and homosexuality, while he does not seem to be very much obsessed either about the more traditional questions of virtues and sins dear to all his non-Jesuit predecessors of the last 2000 years), but the secret policy of the Vatican managed by the Jesuits is stealthily in favor of them as they contribute to the UN objectives dear to the Vatican (with Pope Francis in particular), including the one of world depopulation. As we will see, the Jesuits were founded by a Jew, Ignatius of Loyola, supposedly converted to a Christian. We will also see that later on, the Jesuits were clearly behind the foundation of modern Zionism. More recently, since the Council of Vatican II, we will even see that the Zionists have infiltrated completely the Vatican with the help of the Jesuits and their puppet Freemasons. The Jesuits and the Zionists were both born from a common fundamental culture and have now become a common force through what we call the JewZuit Power. This common culture may even involve the Sunni side of the Muslims, through what we call the ZAJAC connection. The crowning of this long process of the creation of a single force between the two of them was the installation of a Jesuit Pope, as Pope Francis. All top level Jesuits are crypto-Jews, like their founding father, and thousands of Jews in situations of power today are "Marranos", or crypto-Christians of Judaic affiliation, let alone the openly Zionist-Christians. In the background, the top Jesuits and the top Zionists are now a unified bunch of conspirators, a new unified power, controlling all world centers of power in the fields of politics, media, culture and finance. Consequently they constitute what we can rightly call the JewZuit Power fighting for the advent of the Master Plan of a New World Order of world domination, and of enslavement, of both nations and peoples, through debt or rather DDD, and through a type of dictatorial collectivism based on a common ideology of Fabian Socialism. This is the MOWOP Master Plan. As such, and with this type of enslavement agenda, that new JewZuit coalition and power, can only be qualified as Luciferian.  



The word JangloZaxon is sometimes used as equivalent to JewZuit Power  or ZioZuit Power. This means the mainly Anglo-Saxon elites at the top of the NWO (New World Order), but with its main protagonists, acting in the background for these Anglo-Saxon elites, being the "J" (Jesuits) and the "Z" (Zionists). The nationality of these protagonists  of the JewZuit Power is mainly English (or of English descent, like the Americans, thus "Anglo"), but also Germanic (or of the area of northern western Europe, thus "Saxon") and consequently, with the infiltration of the Jesuits and the Zionists in their highest ranks of power, they compose an elite that is mainly "JangloZaxon". The British Empire was dismantled only in appearance: although it appears, geographically speaking, to have fallen through the loss of many territories, it has not lost any of them, and even conquered many more, from a financial enslavement point of view. And this new Financial British Empire of the JangloZaxons is much more powerful today, nearly one hundred years after its apparent fall, than the old Geographical British Empire was at its height in 1921.



In the New World Order seeking our enslavement through a One-World-Government of totalitarian Fabian Socialism, the 3 main monotheistic religions are involved, but only as useful idiots for the top levels of the common Luciferian Power hiding behind them all. See: LuZioZuitZlim for the identification of its main agents. Because of the evasive nature and existence of LuZioZuitZlim, we speak mostly of the more obvious JewZuit Power, or the ZioZuitZlim Power, that are easier to grasp and understand, but these various forms of NWO power are only agents of their common Luciferian Power, or the LuZioZuitZlim Power, that hides and makes itself known only to the very top levels of the 3 main religions and of also only the very top levels of the main international and supranational organizations also serving it, like the UN and the EU (European Union) along with other more civilian centers of Luciferian Power like the TTIP, TISA and TPP, or the TTT excluding the BRICS countries.



This is a more explicit way to say "LuZioZuitZlim", insisting more explicitly on the main objective of that power, which is world domination, or world ascendancy. See LUZJIPWA for more information.



The monosyllable word "ELL" is not really a new word, but rather a very ancient one that has been nearly forgotten today, or transfigured purposely in order to discredit the people of Greece. It will be explained in details further down. It refers to the "ELL" people, or the Greeks of ancient history, and even of prehistory, the people who eventually invented democracy, philosophy, education, and brought us all that we, today, call 'Civilization'. We will also explain how the EL word has been used by Jews, distorting its original Greek meaning. "EL" is typically the prefix of the word "ELEFTHERIAS" which means "Liberty", or "Freedom", both in terms of physical freedom and of a culture of freethinking liberty. It is also the root of "ELL" that refers to the people of "Enlightened Logos Liberty".  It is also often used in English as a hidden prefix (unfortunately behind a preceding and unnecessary derogatory "H", as "Hell" as explained here), in words like Hellenism, meaning the Greek culture, or Hellas, meaning the country commonly known as Greece.   



EthoCracy or EthoKratïa (as a first step to a TruthOcracy)

EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is a form of improved democracy, or rather of real democracy as it was created or intended by the Greeks as the founders of democracy. A Nutshell of its substance is formulated further down. It is based on the concept of "Ethos", or "Ethics", thus the prefix "Etho" of "EthoCracy". It is a new form of public governance based on 10 fundamental EthoPrinciples. What we call democracy today, as a distant representative democracy, is a complete fraud, and certainly no democracy, but rather an enslaving debtocracy. An enslaving debtocracy means Evil. No form of democracy will ever be perfect. Good and Evil will always exist, and we can only hope to strike a good balance between the two, in favor of the Good. This is what EthoCracy aims at (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). The EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy), to start with, is at least MeDiPartic (meritocratic, direct and participative) form of democracy that places the slavery, if any, not at the bottom of the social pyramid, but at the top of it, with its leaders being the executive slaves, or certainly the dedicated public servants, of only the Truth will of the people who elected them. When nearly fully implemented, on the basis of its main EthoPrinciples, a democracy becomes an TIDMOcracy, based mainly on Truth Information, as being OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant. When fully implemented, it becomes an EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy). Thus the title of this eBook: "From Democracy To EthoCracy"; and its main subtitle: "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". To respect the Greek origin of the word (as "ΗθοΚρατïα"), EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) is also often called "EthoKratïa" in English, written with a central "K", and with a reversed "E" (Epsilon) on its logo symbol, as per the example shown below. The "ï" means that the accent is on that letter in "EthoKratïa". As a result, the political party promoting EthoKratïa, or EthoCracy (as a first step to a TruthOcracy) for that matter, is commonly called PEK as shown below.


The word EthoCracy was coined here independently of Paul-Henri Holbach, a philosopher and prominent social figure of the French Enlightenment, who used it in many of his writings of the 1700s, in his relations with Diderot in the context of the creation of the Encyclopedia. But his word had a much more revolutionary meaning than ours, and probably even influenced the French Revolution. Our word EthoCracy is used in a much more democratic way, and as a first step to a TruthOcracy, mainly in relation to the package of democratic reforms that we first called the “EthoCracy Reform Package”, elaborated in Part II of this essay, meant to make the subjects of our false modern democracies go “From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards”, or “From Democracy To EthoCracy”.



All other new words: Dictionary EthoPlasìn