A New Governance of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Beauty

Dismantling the New World Disorder and its Fake Great Reset

Replacing it with FALPNO (FtatAristarchy Liberating Patriotic National Order)


By: Jacques Drapeau




Only Truth Shall Set You Free

(Jesus SAPNOS)

COVID and the Great Reset

These are the latest fake tool twins of the Sweat elites

 for our supranational total global enslavement.

(PART 1)


FtatAristarchy Governance

This is a loving, authoritative, patriotic national government

from truth, justice, freedom and best possible beauty.

(PART 2)



My full book entitled “FtatAristarchy” is mainly about a brand new system of democratic governance that can set us free from our global unnoticed enslavement by well-hidden evil forces that we will call the Sweat elites (defined further down). To understand this global enslavement, this book is also, as a prerequisite, in its Part 1, about the ways we are being enslaved globally without clearly noticing it. With its 820 pages in a normal format, the full book is too big for most people to read, and it needs a synthesis. Such synthesis is what follows here.




From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards


A book based on a wide experience of this world


The full book is divided in two complementing parts. Its first part is very critical and tells us what is our current situation of unnoticed global enslavement, due to the completely fake democracy that we are socially engineered to not notice by elites that we will call the Sweat elites. We have been socially engineered to not perceive clearly who are the obscure and evil Sweat elites that take advantage of its fake nature. Its second part is entirely positive and tells us how to reestablish a real genuine democracy, and consequently how to regain our complete and best possible type of freedom, doing it in front of any kind of elites, good or bad, through a regime of FtatAristarchy that is based on 10 major concrete and cumulative reforms to our current fake democracy.


After reading this synthesis, in particular if you decide to also read the first part of my long book, many of you will be tempted to call me a conspiracy theorist. I will not blame you if this will be your first reaction before you have had a chance to double check out the information in other ways. I will not feel offended if you react this way initially, and even if you tell me so in arrogant or offensive terms. I will even forgive you and wish you good luck, for you and your loved ones. What I describe in this first part in particular, the synthesis of which follows, is so politically incorrect and extraordinary, that this kind of reaction can legitimately be had by most common people who do not have a wide experience of this world, as people who form their opinions mainly through looking at the fake news of mainstream TV and media networks, let alone by absorbing the vast production of the Hollywood entertainment crap inevitably propagated worldwide by otherwise good networks like Netflix. If this is your case, and you accuse me of conspiracy theory, rest assured that, with the special curriculum and experience I have, this is definitely not my own source of information and comprehension. 


Just keep in mind that conspiracy theory and the kind of ludicrous mainstream information are not at all what is at the source of the content of the difficult first part of my full book. My fulltime Canadian diplomatic career for 26 years has brought me to know over 100 countries of a full spectrum of political regimes. From this wide spectrum, I will name only 3 good example. My direct experience goes from the extreme left (a posting in the Soviet Union of Brezhnev), to the extreme right (a posting in the Chile of Pinochet), and to the extreme barbarity in between (a posting in the Uganda of Idi Amin). During that diplomatic career, I also worked and lived in many other countries, including Greece where I learnt to speak the language fluently and got married to my Greek wife. I also travelled extensively in over 100 countries of all continents except Oceania, for both private and public purposes. After that Canadian diplomatic career, I have worked fulltime for 12 more years as a database manager for the superpower at the time, the USA, at one of its most important embassies abroad, the American embassy of Rome in Italy. And Italy is where I decided to retire instead of returning to Canada. During those 38 years of fulltime working life, I mastered 7 languages of which I still speak 5 fluently, in order to take full advantage of my extensive travelling and living abroad. I only very sporadically and selectively look at mainstream TV programs. I read an average of one serious book a week. As a result I mention the title of over 100 of these books that I have read and consider related to my own book, doing so in an appendix of my full book. In other words, cheating me about what is really going on in this world about geopolitics, regimes of governance and social engineering is not easy as, contrary to most people, I have seen and experienced directly most of it. Consequently I feel my duty now is not to cheat you with stupid conspiracy theory. At the same time, I feel my duty is also to freely and honestly share with you what my unusually vast experience of this world has brought me to understand probably more clearly than most persons who lived a stationary life in a local reality, in particular when the information I provide may appear to be conspiracy theory to less experienced people but, for me, is definitely a conspiracy reality. If useful, my short curriculum is attached further down.        


FtatAristarchy as opposed to common fake Democracy


FtatAristarchy is the only real DemocracyFtatAristarchy means: Full Truth And Transparency Aristarchy. In other words, it is an Aristarchy managed essentially through FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliance. In turn, Aristarchy means governance by the best possible available leaders operating with FTAT compliance under a fully binding electoral contract (as opposed to an electoral program). Aristarchy means, by its definition, governance by the "best ones". The Greek root “Aristos” means “Best”. These “Best Ones” can be extracted, and are extracted in a fully implemented FtatAristarchy, from a system of real holistic education of the 3 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul (as per the only real education, the one that was invented in Ancient-Greece along with philosophy and democracy). This new holistic education is at the very basis of the brand new educational system that is at the very core of an Aristarchy that sustains a FtatAristarchy.


A country under such regime of FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliance & Aristarchy is fully democratic, in fact more democratic than any other form of known democratic system, even if it is also authoritarian. But it is authoritarian from the bottom instead of from the top, as per our opening logo "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". FtatAristarchy, as much as it is the best possible form of full democracy, is also clearly and undeniably an authoritarian regime, but not like other common authoritarian regimes. There can be two types of authoritarian regimes, a bad one that we so often hear about, and a good one that we very rarely hear about today. The bad authoritarian regime is based on a Forced-Authority from the top to the bottom. It comes from a self-appointed authority at the top that imposes itself to the will and freedom of the people at the bottom. The good Authoritarian regime is instead the authority imposing itself from the bottom to the top. It is based on a Sought-Authority, clearly sought by a majority of the people at the bottom imposing its majoritarian will of good governance to its best leaders under contract at the top. This rare second type is what a FtatAristarchy is. 


In other words, the democratic authoritarian regime of FtatAristarchy is not ruled by the Forced-Authority of self-appointed elites, be it through fake elections or otherwise, who then impose their rule to the people through all sorts of constant deceitful lies and surprises in terms of new laws or new taxes during their mandates after a national election. This is what is happening today in even the supposedly most democratic countries. To the contrary, the democratic authoritarian regime is ruled strictly by the Sought-Authority coming from the clear desire of a majority of the people at the bottom who are fully enlightened through a combination of FTAT and the new system of holistic education of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. As such, the enlightened people can impose their will for best governance by the chosen “Aristos”, or the “Best Ones” contracted for that purpose to act efficiently at the top. Again, this is what our opening slogan From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards” at the top of this introduction means.  


In FtatAristarchy, the ten political parties with the biggest membership, and only those 10, can offer a binding contract of governance for a national election, not an electoral program. At the same time, they also propose their best leader to execute that contract as their “best one”. No parliament is necessary, and none is elected. Only 3 managers are elected: the governor as the executive manager of the winning electoral contract, and two other executive collaborators that we will define further down. People vote for the proposed leader of the contract of their best choice, but they will really elect the contract they like most, more than its executive leader. In other words, it is not the leader that is primarily elected, but primarily the fully binding contract for best possible governance as desired by a majority of the citizens of the country. That national election can only be won at full majority, with two or more electoral turns separated by 2 weeks if necessary, in order to achieve a full majority. Consequently, no current form of political coalition is possible before an election, nor during a mandate after an election. Elected leaders of the binding contract detaching themselves from their original contract or party must resign immediately and force a new election. They can potentially become part of a new binding contract or party only in a brand new national election, never during a current electoral mandate. All this can be easily achieved in a FtatAristarchy because it has a perfect and most easy brand new voting system without any possible fraud, based on the anonymous biometrics of citizens, as well explained in the full book.  


In other words, the winning leader of a national election in a FtatAristarchy is always contracted by a full majority of the people under a fully binding electoral contract to execute in a wanted authoritarian way all and only the will of the full majority of the people as dictated in the winning contract. Through a national election, a full majority of the people have chosen a Sought-Authority for the authoritarian execution of that desired contract of specific actions. Electors did that choice on the basis of their best possible mental enlightenment provided by a combination of FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) reinforcing their knowledge and freedom of choice, and provided also by the new system of holistic education reinforcing their logical minds and critical thinking, in particular the minds of their contracted leaders, to the maximum possible degree. The FtatAristarchy will however also allow the easy and effective management of special and urgent situations that were totally unpredictable at the time of the election, either directly by a special unit of governance existing for that purpose, or indirectly through a brand new kind of referendum also rendered most quick, cheap and easy in a FtatAristarchy.


To achieve this efficiency, in FtatAristarchy, voting is no more just a right of all (and only) citizens. It is also a legal duty to maintain citizenship. Not voting in two successive national elections without serious justification means loosing citizenship and many of the rights directly attached to it. Also to achieve this efficiency, freedom of opinion and speech about all public affairs, all public officials and all public institutions (like churches and international organizations) is also absolutely full, without any restriction. No restriction of free opinion and speech goes to even hate speech when it is expressed without physical violence and it is not an invented lie, as required by the fundamental FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliance nature and requirement of the new FtatAristarchy system of governance.   


Not being FTAT compliant regarding public affairs becomes a serious crime.


The consequences of such a "democratically authoritarian" regime of freely Sought-Authority from the bottom up are serious. FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliance is a real revolution over what is going on in our supposedly democratic countries today. First of all, in FtatAristarchy, any public official of any rank who is not being fully FTAT compliant, be it through even only a simple lie related to public affairs, or through a lack of full transparency regarding all actions and pennies of public administration, be it on his part or on the part of colleagues he wants to protect, in particular his superiors, now commits a serious new crime called FTATOC (FTAT Obstruction Crime). This FTATOC crime, as a minimum, means immediate suspension without salary, and possibly an additional set of various forms of punishment in front of a board or a jury depending on the gravity of the lie or of the non FTAT compliance. Over and above the immediate dismissal, the overall punishment will often include also a possible primary loss of some personal property at the choice of the board or jury, in priority over and above any kind possible fine in money or a jail sentence.


That brand new FTATOC crime can even be considered treason by a jury if the criminal lack of FTAT affected seriously in a bad way a great number of people in the country. In this latter case, the FTATOC (FTAT Obstruction Crime) becomes treason, as FTATOT (FTAT Obstruction Treason), and can be punished with up to even death penalty. In FtatAristarchy, this is the only case when the death penalty may still exist, as the death penalty is in principle always excluded for common private crimes affecting, in most cases, only one other person, like typically the passionate killing of the lover of one’s wife or husband, or the killing of a person for purposes of robbery or vengeance. Such crimes are basically and usually private affairs that have nothing to do with public affairs or the public at large. In such private affairs, only serious mass murder could still exceptionally deserve a death penalty, in particular if done for an additional illicit gain from the population in general (like for example the fabrication of dangerous medical drugs or fake vaccines causing serious illness or the death of many persons).


In other words, persons may still cheat and lie in their private life, and support the consequences of their actions in private trials, just like it is done today. To the contrary, public officials of any level or rank cannot cheat or lie at all anymore about all public affairs of their own handling, or actions of public officials they become aware of on the part of their colleagues or their superiors in particular. This becomes a serious FTATOC crime in relation to any aspect of public administration which can only be FTAT in terms of both actions taken and/or in terms of money handled. In the meantime, all decisions regarding public affairs are fully registered and readily made public on the Internet, and all pennies of public affairs money received or spent are also fully registered and readily made public on the Internet, for all citizens to see as easily as their own private bank account on the Internet. 


FtatAristarchy eliminates all unnecessary secrecy


The FTAT compliance in all public affairs has other extended serious consequences amounting to a revolution. Being FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliant also means never using any unnecessary secrecy. FtatAristarchy uses no more any kind of routine secrecy like the current common confidentiality in any of its internal public affairs. It will not use even diplomatic confidentiality in external affairs when dealing with other countries. Public affairs are all public affairs. As such, they can be followed at will by the public or their representatives, like typically by randomly chosen journalists (openly chosen randomly by the government and/or delegated by their association) who are always welcome to attend as silent observers all public discussions of decisional meetings (as opposed to simple internal discussion meetings without formal decisions). In short, any handling of any public affairs meant to take decisions about public affairs is always a fully open discussion in front of invited journalists or directly live online on the Internet. Every penny of public money received or spent must also be fully traceable at will, without any secrecy or privacy, by all citizens who desire to do so easily on the Internet.


FTAT compliance is also a real revolution in dismantling a great part of the concept of national security that is so widely abused, and serves most of the time to hide embarrassing public affairs that citizens should know about. In FtatAristarchy, national security and abstention of FTAT compliance can only exist very temporarily in cases when a criminal investigation is involved and there is a need not to damage the research of the truth. As soon as the investigation is completed, all the information becomes retroactively public.  


FTAT compliance is also a real revolution regarding privacy about medical treatments from public health. Such privacy still exists only in terms of the exact medical condition of the patient being treated, but not about the amount of money spent for that treatment, nor about the name of the patient being treated. 


FTAT compliance is also a real revolution about international affairs and relations. On the basis of its constitution, a FtatAristarchy will never feel legally obligated to comply with any decision of any international or supranational organization not complying with this requirement of FTAT openness in their own organizations. If so, a FtatAristarchy will at least not join them as a regular member, nor finance them in a full normal way. These organizations may still well invite official representatives of the FtatAristarchy as observers, or investigative journalists of the FtatAristarchy for some specific decisional meetings held in a FTAT way if they wish the FtatAristarchy to abide to a particular decision. Otherwise their decisions will be considered not to exist.


FtatAristarchy will even try to avoid dependency on the economy of countries that are not FTAT compliant.


Another serious consequence of FTAT is that a FtatAristarchy cannot, and must not, as much as possible, be dependent on the economy of countries that are not FTAT compliant. It will always do its very best to avoid it, by encouraging by all means possible, the national production of the products imported from these countries. The worst example is of course China that is very obviously the most arrogantly non-FTAT country in the world at the moment. For a FtatAristarchy, this implies a strong effort to achieve an independent national economy. This could be in terms of becoming a fully self-sufficient country at the cost of depriving itself temporarily of many good foreign products, or in terms of establishing a system of independent city-states of FtatAristarchy governance as much as possible within its own national borders. In a FtatAristarchy, food production in particular must become KZ (Kilometer Zero) production as much as possible, but also any other kind of non-food products as much and as soon as possible. Imported food can only be for products that absolutely cannot be grown in the country for climate or other good reasons. In the meantime, the taxation system of a FtatAristarchy is fully geared to facilitate this transformation as easily and as soon as possible on the part of all interested local entrepreneurs. This transformation implies the gradual and eventual full elimination of all products coming from non-FTAT compliant countries, and/or all foreign products that can be produced in the country with incentives from FtatAristarchy governance to some of its best entrepreneurs.


In FtatAristarchy, there is also an absolute prohibition of any secret accounting book of so-called "Dark Money" for any amount, and all financial or monetary transactions can only be all FTAT compliant without the possibility of exceptions for any purpose. This prohibits for example what is the like of the current FASAB 56 exceptions of the USA (approved in 1999, and later copied and/or emulated by many other countries after that) allowing the bypass of any law, or even the constitution, in the financial management of national or foreign operations.


Again, the only FTAT exception allowing the use of secrecy and money temporarily is during criminal investigations, in order not to damage the success of the full investigation. Even in such cases however, the secret investigation is temporarily identified through a published codename, along with the amount of money put aside for its purpose. The codename, its budget, and its expiration date are published and known to all on the Internet. In the meantime, not only such codename will exist, but its complete definition is also known and approved by only the top two persons of the authority starting and holding the criminal investigation, and by another senior official of their choice having nothing to do with their own line of authority and who is also approving it. Such "Secrecy Triumvirate" must always pre-approve it and revealing its content become a FTATOC, and possibly even a FTATOT in some cases. However, the full FTAT compliance related to the secret criminal investigation is fully reestablished retroactively at the expiration date, in relation to all and each steps of the investigation, and also in relation to the way each penny of the budget was spent.  


Today, the Sweat elites want our Enslavement to be finally made Global


Regarding our current unnoticed global enslavement, something big, even very big and very tragic, will happen soon, most likely through a huge new false flag event that will be much bigger than the two previous ones engineered for the same purpose: the 911 attack of 2001 and the COVID plandemic of 2020. This "Something Big" will be engineered to ensure the completion of a long-term plan of global enslavement that has been pursued already for centuries by evil elites, but that, so far, could not be completed because of the lack of the proper set of comprehensive tools in the hands of these evil elites wanting to globally enslave the rest of us. All these tools do now exist, for the first time in the history of humanity. The long-term plan is our global enslavement through a dictatorial One-World-Government with a One-World-Currency (strictly digital and with no cash), a One-World-Religion (the “Panthriskia” being facilitated by the false Judeo-Jesuit pope called Francis), a One-World-Army (probably the transformation of the now irrelevant NATO) and a One-World-Culture (of masked slaves reduced to full impotence through fake vaccines and full obedience through fear). That final "Something Big" is probably the combination of drastic initiatives and events that are hiding behind the apparently innocuous name of Great Reset, as a hint gently given to us by the WEF (World Economic Forum).


Reinforcing old DDDD Enslavement Tools (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair) by

Adding the new Enslavement Tools: of Banktatorship, Newstatorship and Healthtatorship


JerUSAlemIn fact, we are already de-facto living under a dictatorial “One-World-Government”, but we still do not notice it, or do not clearly know about it, because it has not yet been formalized, and not yet been given a clear name nor a central seat of command. This seat of command is the UN temporarily, or rather the UNN. However, many hints indicate that it is intended to become JerUSAlem in due time. Its main leaders are still hiding as only the managers of a confusing variety of supranational organizations now temporarily and deceitfully coordinated by the UNN, starting with the fake UN itself, the WHO, the EU, the IMF and the WEF. In the more private sectors their complicit agents include the Tavistock Institute of social engineering and the BlackRock Institute of financial engineering, not to mention the highest levels of Freemasonry that have fully infiltrated all these public and private organisms. The managers of all these supranational entities already work together to form a growing and most powerful GUFUG (Global Unelected And Fascist Unaccountable Governance) dictatorial global government overruling all our national puppet governments. This nomenclature of global enslavement is still, so far, as such, well hidden in plain sight. We can only stress that all our falsely elected national leaders are all and only their obedient puppets. In turn, we, the rest of us, are actively being socially engineered to be all the obedient sub-puppets of these national puppets above us.


The tools of this new supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) nomenclature have only been, until a few decades ago, what we have called the DDDD (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair). In the last few decades our evil elites have developed, to start with, the new tool of global enslavement that we can now call a Newstatorship forming an illegal global cartel and unnoticed dictatorship of fake-news to indoctrinate most people to the Sweat elites’ objectives.


The next step of better tools of global enslavement has been to develop what we call the new Banktatorship. Traditional banks, those that were originally created to serve the people, were gradually transformed into an unnoticed tool of fiscal dictatorship working not for the rest of us to protect our money anymore, but for controlling and extracting as much of our money as possible, and as easily as possible through growing digitalization, not to mention growing instances of bailouts and bailins in their exclusive favor when they make mistakes, and through their deceitful integration to the tax office of our fake puppet governments serving only the growing global enslavement purposes of the new global transnational GUFUG Sweat elites.


The final step of better tools of the global enslavement process has been to develop what we can now clearly call a Healthtatorship. This is a brand new dictatorial authority for full control of all people through health mandates, reducing the rest of us to obedient zombies through masks, lockdowns, social distancing and contact tracing, but in particular through the introduction of fake vaccines that never protect the vaccinated and, as we will see, contain dangerous toxins and poisonous substances for the deterioration of our immune system and our Pineal Gland in order to reduce us to being obedient zombies. Through the resulting bankruptcy of the world economy because of unnecessary lockdowns, this final step  of Healthtatorship is meant to gradually transfer the biggest mass of property and wealth in the history of humanity, including land, from the productive middle class to the GUFUG parasitic Sweat elite class.


The combination of these 4 above tools (DDDD, Newstatorship, Banktatorship and Healthtatorship and the rapid formation and reinforcement of the GUFUG supranational nomenclature related to them) is already de-facto forming an unnoticed dictatorial One-World-Government. A fully digital One-World-Currency with no cash is already a well advanced plan, and it will soon continue to its full extend. A cabalistic and satanic One-World-Religion is also proceeding well with unfortunately the full destruction of Christianity. If this is only the destruction of the fake Christianity of the Vatican Institution happening under the satanic guidance of the fake Judeo-Jesuit Pope called Francis, all the better. If instead it is the destruction of the real Christian movement conceived by the real Jesus who was not a Jew but a Nazarean Ellen from the "Greek" culture of Galilea, then this is the worst thing that can happen to humanity. As for NATO, it is already the embryo of a new One-World-Army to be transformed to defend and serve only the purposes of global GUFUG enslaving power of the forthcoming One-World-Government. An ugly and downgraded One-World-Culture that recalls us the bread and circusstrategy of the ancient global power of Ancient Rome is also spreading fast. This involves the planned gradual disappearance of national borders to form the Orwellian “Global Village”. It also involves the disappearance of the family with the anti-human and criminal push for transgenderism and transhumanism. That downgraded culture includes a core of entertainment of most stupid reality shows rampaging on the mainstream TV of all countries, along with a core of satanic films and videos from Hollywood. Finally the tools of global enslavement include the intentional and destructive push of a mixture of massive immigration movements that are totally inassimilable in the economically most advanced countries, and are intended to form a global melting pot of a new type of slaves at the service of the Sweat elites according to the infamous Kalergi Plan.    


The ultimate power of the most recent tool of better global enslavement called Healthtatorship is hidden in what our enslaving Sweat elites deceitfully call a “Vaccine”. It is officially supposed to be a COVID vaccine protecting us from a pandemic called COVID. But the COVID virus itself has up to now never yet been fully clearly isolated, and thus never been proved to exist with the clear identity that would be necessary to permit the creation of a specific vaccine for it. Simple logic, and attentive observation of what is going on, tells us clearly and readily, through plain common sense, that current so-called COVID vaccines are not real vaccines because they just do not protect the vaccinated like a real normal vaccine always does. As we will see in more details, the vaccinated persons have to be constantly re-vaccinated with a sequence of many new and/or additional doses and boosters, and probably more of those for years to come. This is plainly ridiculous, let alone criminal deceit, and even a clear crime against humanity. In addition, the vaccinated get COVID sick as easily as the unvaccinated, while they even propagate the special flu virus to the healthy unvaccinated. As a result, the dangerous person to fear at the moment is not the healthy unvaccinated, but the vaccinated that carries and propagates the special flu virus to the unvaccinated. This reversal of a normal flu crisis has become a pandemic of the vaccinated instead of a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


But this propagation of the virus by the vaccinated, and in particular the propagation of the fake vaccines on a compulsory global basis are deceitfully meant to be so. It is part of the global plan, in order to arrive at a rate of full world inoculation of the fake vaccine that serves the global enslavement purposes of the GUFUG elites through all sorts of included toxic substances that have nothing to do with a normal vaccine or a flu virus like COVID. The fake vaccines are rather bio-weapons that are now being used foolishly, uselessly and criminally against a viral enemy that still has not been properly identified. They are nevertheless being used against the people to be enslaved more easily through the injection of all sorts of inadmissible toxins. For example, through the very dangerous Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein toxins that have already been identified by experts to be included in the COVID vaccines, these fake vaccines seriously deteriorate the immune system of the vaccinated. This contributes to the reduction of the population to be enslaved more easily as per the Agenda 20/2030 of the UNN. As Rudolf Steiner predicted many years ago, these bio-weapons also affect most badly the precious Pineal Gland of the brain, and are meant to do so by plan, as that most precious gland is the seat of the human spirit of consciousness and freewill with which humans could resist more easily their individual and global enslavement. In addition to the fake vaccines, even some of the jabs for testing COVID can be used for this same evil purpose. 


In other words, as we will see in more details further down, the fake COVID vaccine is not a normal vaccine, but a clear genocidal bio-weapon of global application. It is clearly the best weapon developed so far in the history of humanity for our full global enslavement pursued by the evil GUFUG elites of the Sweat. Through its falsity, the Sweat elites have already ridiculously masked the population of the whole world as a test of full obedience in 2020 and 2021 in preparation for the final global enslavement that is fast coming through a Great Reset as it is called by the WEF. So far, this test of global obedience through face masks is a complete success. Consequently, people should not fear mainly the COVID flu virus, but fear mainly the COVID fake vaccine, as a terrible bioweapon. It is now already known that not only does this fake vaccine not protect the vaccinated, but it also contains all sorts of secret components like the Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, along with many other odd substances that vaccine producers have been legally and shamefully protected not to reveal for generations to come in order not to be sued for their criminal use. The fake COVID vaccine is not being used to protect us against the virus, but being used against us for our easier global enslavement. Its secret components and sequential additional boosters are meant to gradually degenerate more and more our immune system in order to attempt to degenerate or eliminate many of us through all sorts of serious collateral effects that, in many cases already, when added to other existing health conditions, include death. In any case these bio-weapons are also meant to affect badly the important Pineal Gland of the survivors in order to reduce those surviving the global genocide to obedient masked zombies accepting more easily the fast coming dictatorial One-World-Government of the GUFUG Sweat elites.    





How, Why and By Whom We Are Enslaved

(Without noticing it)


Be Warned. The first part of this book is not at all politically correct. It is very critical about our unnoticed global enslavement, and consequently it may be quite unpleasant as a first approach to many of my readers who may, initially and wrongly, consider it conspiracy theory. To the contrary, its second part will be somewhat easier to read to them as it is entirely positive. That second part deals with good set of new reforms of our fake democracy that are necessary to transform it into the best possible form of democracy that I call FtatAristarchy. Consequently at least that second part cannot be considered to have anything to do with possible conspiracy theory. Again, the critical first part is more difficult but necessary as it is about our unnoticed and growing global enslavement that we have to know well in order to dismantle it and regain our full freedom. This possibility is my own conviction, based mainly on my wide experience of this world, as described in my short curriculum. But again, our unnoticed global enslavement is not conspiracy theory. It has to do with only a conspiracy reality. Keep in mind that my affirmations about this conspiracy reality are not al all only my own, but also the opinions and firm conviction of most people with the same kind of wide experience of this world that I have. To the contrary, for most of my readers without this kind of wide experience of this world, I can understand that the first part could easily appear to be conspiracy theory even if it is definitely conspiracy reality.


Slaves Then and NowRegarding issues like COVID and the associated Great Reset in particular, as two complementary issues that are directly related to our final global enslavement, and engineered specifically for that purpose, it is also fully shared by a great number of medical experts who may not have the same kind of wide experience of this world as mine, but nevertheless have a wide experience of the medical field of public health by working intensely in this field as qualified doctors, chemists, scientists and a variety of expert medical researchers. Apart from most of those being doctors, biologists and chemists, many are also investigative journalists of this same medical field. I am not a doctor, but all my affirmations are first and foremost the affirmations of all these many experts in the field of medicine that fully share them. 


Lets start by acknowledging a sad reality. All supposedly democratic countries at the moment, even in the most advanced or developed world, are not at all real democracies. They are regimes of false democracy hiding perfectly well an unnoticed system of plutocratic power and a related slavery that is much more enslaving than the old system of slavery that was using chains and whips. The more modern slavery, until recently, was based on only on DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation and Despair), or on related fear and misery. The most recent and current system of global slavery is still partially based on this DDDD but also on the brand new additional and invisible tools of global enslavement that form an ugly alliance of accomplices through what we have called a Banktatorship, a Newstatorship and a Healthtatorship . These 3 accomplices use digital and/or viral invisible means instead of sticks and lashes, or instead of only DDDD with fear and misery. 


The old traditional form of slavery of past centuries was indeed a very stupid system. The slave master was a single and clear person, flagrantly and fearfully known as the master. He used to have to even lodge and feed his slaves. He was using sticks and whips when a slave was disobedient. To the contrary, modern contemporary slavery is a very smart new system. The master is a vague and complex entity that we call the enigmatic name of Sweat elites. It is mostly unknown to the slave, so that the slave cannot easily revolt against his hardly identifiable master. In addition, the new slave has to lodge and feed himself and his family, out of his own little money, and even pay income tax to his vaguely identified master on his meager income. For these reasons, the stupid old system of slavery was abolished, and has gradually disappeared completely. To the contrary, the smart modern contemporary system of slavery is gradually implemented by our veiled masters that we call the Sweat elites. It is being also reinforced on a yearly basis, and most likely to stay with the rest of us in the foreseeable future, if not for many more generations to come. If these Sweat elites succeed to degrade our immune system and degenerate our Pineal Gland of consciousness and freedom through their Healthtatorship, that new slavery may even possibly last forever from now on.


The new veiled Sweat elites masters of the current modern slaves is not a person, but a complex and vague entity. It is a small elite that we have purposely  called with a pun as the Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team). It is composed of the top levels of the 3 main Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) along with their acolytes who, Abrahamic or not, are their subservient Abrahamic puppets in all the sectors that this Sweat elite has invaded and controls. Media Network CartelThese invaded sectors include the illegal cartel network of the biggest mainstream worldwide media that we have called the Newstatorship. They include the top level Sweat elite managers of the biggest corporations. As already mentioned above, this Sweat elite also includes the top managers of a variety of powerful organizations like the Freemasons, the WEF (World Economic Forum), the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the Tavistock Institute, BlackRock and many others, but also supranational institutions they fully control like the child EU and the powerful mother of them all, the UN, or rather the new Marxist UNN (United No-Nations).


The main leading managers in these top Sweat elites positions are more than often Abrahamic Zionists, or rather those we call Fake-Jews (mainly those of Khazarian origin who call themselves Jews but have absolutely no Jewish DNA nor any historical link at all to the land of Palestine). Their main non-Jew acolytes also consider themselves Abrahamic before they consider themselves Christians or Muslims. If you scratch the surface of the background of these top Sweat elites managers however, you find that most of them have relations or links to various forms of Satanism. This would seem to indicate that their own very top-level grand-master may even be Satan himself seeking the satanic degrading of our souls for the full global enslavement of the rest of us. This is why we call this team of elites the Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team).   


With the current means of modern technology available, it is also the first time in the history of humanity that our Sweat elites masters have a chance to achieve the full enslavement of the rest of us on a global basis, worldwide. The end purpose of our new Sweat elites masters is to arrive at a formal dictatorial One-World-Government as soon as possible that, de-facto, already exists. Because of their Sweat nature, it is also their objective to have it established eventually in JerUSAlem (their new capital with the protection of their main powerful colony called the USA) as soon as possible, after the creation of the Greater Israel. 


The leaders of this Sweat team meet discretely on a yearly basis in luxurious places like Davos in Switzerland, and act as the new distant and discrete masters of the new worldwide slaves. They decide their enslaving agenda and then deceitfully give dictatorial guidance accordingly to all our national governments who have all become obedient puppets of this distant and discrete Sweat team of GUFUG supranational officials.


Elections at national level are also all under the full control of their local Sweat elite acolytes. Local candidates of national political leadership in each apparently democratic country are not elected, but selected, in fact preselected before the election. In addition, the Sweat elites use electronic voting machines that are all under their full control, and programmed to produce fraudulently in an unnoticed way the results they want. Consequently, whichever way the voters cast their votes, the final results are the election of the national candidates who are the best puppet of the Sweat team. This is the reason why, even if our incredibly advanced technology allows us to go to the moon, we still have not been able to develop, or been allowed to have, a perfect voting system without any possible fraud which, as we will see in part two of the book, can be very easily developed, and is exactly and exclusively what a FtatAristarchy uses.   


Of the brand new tools of modern global enslavement, the Banktatorship, the Newstatorship and the Healthtatorship, the latest one, the Healthtatorship, has become the leading one. It is the most advanced tool of full control and global enslavement ever created, and still, so far, in the mind of most people, the least evident as such. From this point of view, it is an incredible success  of deceitfulness for the Sweat elites. The COVID vaccines were not invented after the pandemic in order to protect the vaccinated, and to put an end to a pre-existing pandemic. To the contrary, the COVID pandemic was engineered by the Sweat elites to be able to have an apparently good reason to inject the COVID fake vaccines with their toxic ingredients into the population worldwide. The COVID vaccines do not protect the vaccinated and require a constant set of new doses and boosters. They infect the vaccinated with a common virus not more dangerous than many previous annual flu viruses, like typically the Hong-Kong flu of 1968, adding to it many other destructive toxic components. This forms a new bio-weapon serving the objective of global enslavement by reducing population and degrading our immune system. Consequently, what the rest of us have to fear most is not the COVID virus, but rather the fake and very toxic COVID vaccines.


Rudolf Steiner about VaccinesWe must stress that the fake COVID vaccines include many toxic substances. Some have already been identified by expert researchers, but most are still kept secret from even the health specialists using and injecting the bio-weapons that they think are vaccines. These common health operators become puppets of the Sweat elite national leaders instructed by supranational nomenclature of global governance to impose these fake vaccines to the rest of us. The BigPharma companies even managed to acquire legal protection to not even reveal the full secret content of their vaccines for generations to come. We may eventually know about them, but only after they will have already devastated a great part of the world population. These COVID vaccines are clearly part of the depopulation Agenda 21/2030 of the Sweat elites of the UNN and its acolytes.


Apart from the very toxic Oxide Graphene, medical experts and researchers have also established already that these COVID fake vaccines include a portion of another ugly poison called “Spike Protein”. The use of this component is very deceitful as not all the batches of COVID vaccines contain the same quantity. In few people, depending on the quantity included, it can cause immediate serious collateral damage of various kinds, including even death. However, in most cases, it is intended to cause less immediate collateral damage in order not to raise suspicion of criminality. Its quantity will rather conduct, in most cases, to the deadly flare up of pre-existing medical conditions, but only after a period of time of a few weeks or even months that will render an eventual death not clearly attributable anymore to the fake vaccine. Consequently, according to the expert opinion of researchers of the type of toxins included in the fake COVID vaccines, many people have died, and many will die because of a fake COVID vaccine, but without knowing it was due to the COVID vaccine. In such cases, their death is not counted as a COVID death statistics, in particular not as a COVID vaccine death statistic. The flare up of pre-existing medical conditions by the vaccines with Spike Protein and other deadly substance like the Oxide Graphene can have to do with things like high blood pressure causing a deadly ictus or heart attack. It can easily have to do with a dormant cancer being suddenly reactivated to a deadly level, or a variety of other conditions, like typically a serious flare-up of diabetes to a deadly level. All these deaths will not be counted as caused by the COVID vaccines even if the fake COVID vaccines have been their real cause. All these deaths will only be counted as natural deaths. For the depopulation agenda of the Sweat UN and WHO, this is a perfect deception and a complete success of deceitfulness.  


Interestingly enough, even Rudolf Steiner predicted that one day massive vaccine imposition would be used to subjugate and enslave people more easily. This is exactly what Rudolf Steiner (the Austrian founder of the famous Waldorf schools who died in 1925) predicted more than 100 years ago. He was an insider of the Sweat elites of his own time, and he claimed that there would come a time when evil elites, in the name of Satan, would try to eliminate, or at least detach, or seriously damage, the spiritual human soul from the physical human body, through a new kind of fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated but rather damaging the health of the vaccinated, in order to make people more obedient slaves for the Master Plan of elites pursuing dictatorial world domination through a forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government


Steiner predicted that this elimination, or damage, or a detachment of our soul from our body would be achieved through the inclusion of special toxins in a new generation of fake vaccines. This is exactly what the fake COVID vaccines of today are, with their components of the poisonous Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, let alone many more toxic substances that have not yet been discovered. Steiner said these toxins would then cause, as a main initial objective, a serious damage to our brain Pineal Gland. That is precisely the gland that gives us access to higher levels of consciousness, and consequently to eventual stronger levels of desire for freedom. To him, this included even the the prevention of the opening of our so-called Third Eye that humans can use for a more comprehensive understanding of what is going on in our reality and our world, in particular if that reality is one of attempted enslavement. If the above about Rudolf Steiner, and about the Pineal Gland being attacked, seems to be old stuff predicted many decades ago in the 1920s, it was also well predicted more recently in a book of 1989 titled "The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson (published in the context of none less than the Rockefeller Playbook) talking explicitly about a plan to decimate the world population through false pandemics and the forced global inoculation of fake vaccines. 


Many more medical experts who dare to speak out with full documentary evidence exist today. They include for example Dr. Shankara Chetty and Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. The latter one is even an international health scientist, a clinical and epidemiological researcher and faculty member of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne in Switzerland, as well as a former insider of WHO (World Health Organization of the UN).


In order to achieve their objective of full global enslavement, the Sweat elites are pushing on their power-obsessed puppet politicians of all our (still) national countries, in thrall to a quasi-religious ideology of control and power that we will soon define in this book as an improved form of Communism without that name, or the "Improved Communism Moved more to the West (in the EU and the USA) after its soft fall in the Soviet Union", as predicted by the KGB insider Bezmenov that I contributed to help establish himself in Canada in the late 1970s as a dissident political refugee. Of course we use here the word improved from the point of view of its Sweat elite leaders, as an upgraded form of Communism of a purer Marxist nature, sometimes called the Gramsci Passive revolution, with more enslaving power of our puppet national countries on the part of their Marxist supranational puppet Sweat elite masters still hiding successfully in the background.


The current COVID moment shows clearly that these parasitic enslaving Sweat elites are completely oblivious to the destruction and suffering they are causing while implementing daily new health agendas and vaccination mandates that crush and/or bankrupt the productive middle-class of the whole world while eliminating as much as possible of the unproductive lower welfare class. This also includes, from their point of view, the elimination of growing numbers of the  older people considered useless eaters from an economic point of view and, from a political point of view, dangerous potential instigators influencing the younger generations to request and fight for more liberty. Through bankruptcies due to lockdowns, these Sweat elites have already fomented a full-scale global transfer of wealth and property of that productive middle-class into their own parasitic hands. Again, that transfer of wealth and property, including land, is already the biggest that ever happened in the history of humanity, and yet only the beginning of this most dramatic disaster. In turn, it is an immense success for these parasitic Sweat elites acquiring precious property for only pennies of its real value. It is also the victory of the huge transnational corporations of the Sweat elites downgrading world production through outsourcing and offshoring that is catastrophic for the productive middle class. These parasitic corporations are also achieving a downgraded global uniformity of products for more profit while destroying the beauty of the national originality of the production of the creative middle-class. This is a complete disaster at the source of a growing number of cases of new misery and suicides among what used to be the most productive middle class. In spite of all these consequences, and for the purpose of more profit and more power, the parasitic Sweat elites force most workers of the remaining productive middle class to be repetitiously injected with their experimental new toxic bio-weapons deceitfully called vaccines or lose their jobs and consequently also their wealth or wellbeing.


The toxicity of the fake COVID vaccines kills the weaker ones, reducing world population, which is part of a Master Plan of the Sweat elites. For the survivors, in order to acquire more control and power over them, the Sweat elites incessantly create third-world inflation and major shortages in the most developed countries. For the same purpose, they also destroy our culture and social order by defunding the police force, facilitating growing uses of addicting drugs and growing cases of unpunished runaway crimes. And the Sweat elites are just getting started. The worst is still coming. For now, this is all part of what we will see as the Gramsci Passive revolution. The complete final success of this evil master plan of the Sweat elites will be achieved by what they already call the Great Reset. Of course, this Great Reset of the WEF is presented to the rest of us as inevitable, and even projected for our good, but it is only for the “good” of the GUFUG nomenclature of the Sweat elites. Through that Great Reset, the rest of us will be reduced to complete and global slavery managed by a kind of Chinese social credit, to a degree that it has never happened so far globally in the history of humanity. At the end of this Great Reset, we will finally be living in the Orwellian Global Village of Herbert McLuhan, while having learnt to love our servitude in the “Brave New World” of Aldous Huxley.




COVID & RESET Final Global Enslavement Highlights


So far we have only scratched the surface of our global enslavement. However, even with the risk of becoming occasionally repetitious, we must look at it in more details, through a series of more specific angles, or highlights. Before going into these highlights, please read the warning at the beginning of this section about conspiracy theory. To start with, we must say that COVID and the ensuing Great Reset are the two sides of the same ugly coin, and two complementary issues engineered to work together for our final total global enslavement. COVID was engineered to deceitfully facilitate the launching of the Great Reset. That global Great Reset is intended to cause both a financial and a cultural global enslavement. Financially it will restructure the whole world economy to only the advantage of Big Government and Big Business of the Sweat elites. Culturally its new tools will socially engineer the world populations to obediently and subserviently beg for help from Big Government and Big Business for their ensuing misery, and to even accept and enjoy in a perfect Orwellian way their new global slavery.


The following angles or highlights of this dramatic process are extracted from my database of extensive reading notes, and notes taken after conversations with serious experts in both world political strategy and world health. While reading them, please have no doubt, and do not consider the above and the following points as stupid conspiracy theory, but only as a tragically brilliant global conspiracy reality on the part of the Sweat elites. In light of the above, and before exposing the real nature of the COVID crisis down below in some 37 ways, the importance of the subject force me to mention that they these highlights are based on the following four premises.


Four premises


  1. COVID is not a natural pandemic, but the best geopolitical tool for our final global enslavement through a One-World Government. What we will call the fake COVID pandemic, or the fake COVID virus, is not fake because the virus does no exist. The virus does exist. However, as more fully explained in my full book, it is a fake virus in that the virus itself is not more dangerous than most of the flu-type viruses that we have had to face on a yearly basis in the last 50 years, in particular a flu virus like the Honk Kong flue of 1968. That COVID virus is also fake in that it is a laboratory creation, not a natural virus to which the "pandemic" qualification can only properly apply. At best we can qualify the crisis as an epidemic of dangerous and/or poisonous substances, not as a natural pandemic. It is also fake because the so-called virus is in fact a laboratory creation that is a real and powerful bio-weapon of an evil agenda, not a normal vaccine. That bio-weapon was engineered by plan for purposes that are less the fake pandemic itself than the acquisition of a save-face justification to start forcing the injections of related fake vaccines for a master plan of world domination and enslavement. The resulting fake pandemic was created by the evil Sweat elites for facilitating, through an apparent pandemic, our acceptation of the forthcoming global and Marxist Great Reset of the WEF (World Economic Forum) meant to resolve the immense global debt bubble to the exclusive advantage of these evil Sweat elites that have very irresponsibly created the bubble in the first place over the last 50 years. For these Sweat elites, after the controlled popup of the global debt bubble to their exclusive advantage, this reset is also necessary for the ensuing creation of a desired dictatorial One-World-Government with a One-World-Currency without cash, for the easier final global enslavement of the rest of us, and to produce a cascading necessary reduction of world depopulation to render world domination much easier. From this point of view, COVID is not a natural pandemic at all. It is not even mainly the poisonous chemical epidemic, which it also is, through its fake vaccines. COVID is a fabricated world crisis created by plan for world domination through the voluntary release of a global bio-weapon from a laboratory in China that was collaborating with other laboratories in the USA, in Canada and in Israel. The Canadian lab in Winnipeg had an active exchange program or staff with both China and Israel. The release of COVID was well planned for maximum and fast world infection. It was done at the occasion of a major world conference in China attended by hundreds of foreign subscribers from all the most important countries. In fact, the release of the COVID bio-weapon happened on October 15, 2019, thus only two weeks before the official first case of the virus outbreak on November 2, 2019. This was at a time when the virus had already started to spread into some parts of the Chinese population, including its foreign visitors, when the city of Wuhan held the 7th CISM Military World Games. This military event was also the first worldwide major event entirely controlled by 5G. In the meantime, many scientific publications of various countries, when writing about the health effects of 5G, have affirmed clearly already, before and after the COVID crisis, that 5G, among other bad health effects, causes or increases a higher intensity of all effects of flue-like viruses and symptoms, like typically the COVID flue. The hundreds of persons attending the military world games inevitably carried COVID back home with them, in all their respective countries, infecting quickly hundreds of other innocent persons on the planes they used to travel, and in their own families and work environments where they went back to live and work for the continuation of their normal live. But whistleblowers have said that Wuhan had already also prepared in advance a good antidote for its own people, and consequently China saved face in quickly resolving its own crisis while the rest of the world was suffering in an increasing way. The rest of the world to be temporarily dominated by China for the benefit of the world Sweat elites financing the guilty laboratories started to be infected as per the original plan. This is the COVID crisis in which the world is still in, today, some 3 years later.  

  2. A One-World-Government through COVID implies Transhumanism. What we have with COVID that is based on a virus is not a world viral pandemic, but rather a constructed world crisis, and a most serious world crisis to be resolved fully to the advantage of only the financial Sweat elites leading humanity on the path of Transhumanism. Man as an obedient digital chipThe COVID crisis is only the beginning of this path, and it will not stop quickly any time soon. After the "GreenPass" necessary for the vaccinated will soon follow probably the "BlackPass" obligatory for the unvaccinated. Everybody will soon have to have a barcode pass. If not all people can be forced to get the COVID vaccine, then everybody will have to show one of these two passes everywhere they go for whatever purposes, with the relevant measures of full control penalizing heavily mainly the healthy unvaccinated. Vaccinated or not, everybody will be submitted to full control. The worst is still coming in order for the Sweat elites to implement the Great Marxist Reset of full control, which means full enslavement of the rest of us with the justification of COVID. This will help the Sweat elites to more easily achieve full world domination, and full control over the mass of obedient slaves wearing face masks after having survived the Great Marxist Reset. That full global control is planned to be facilitated through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and constant controlling drones managed by AI while flying over our heads. All of it is intended to lead to Transhumanism where humans will be transformed in obedient microchips. In as much as COVID can be considered a pandemic, it is certainly not a normal viral pandemic, but a real pandemic of fear and submission based on what was called the Gramsci Passive Revolution. This is the real nature of the fake health pandemic we are facing. It is proactively achieved in great part already through face masks, social distancing, and the contact tracing of the persons we meet, along with the full global registry of all actions or products for which we spend each penny of our digital money. That engineered pandemic of fear, and the way the fake viral pandemic is being exploited through fear, and for what purposes, is what we have to be fearful of, not the fake health pandemic itself or its not abnormal flu virus itself. What we have to fear most is definitely not the virus itself but, apart from the fear itself, it is in particular the fake vaccines that are bio-weapons used not to protect the vaccinated (in fact they never do, and all the vaccinated have to be constantly re-vaccinated) but to damage our health through the criminal inclusion of poisonous ingredients in these bio-weapons, like Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, and many others still unknown. These criminal bioweapons are only meant to help a world depopulation agenda that will facilitate the final, total, and global enslavement of the survivors all at the service of the Sweat elites. But what we have to fear most is that all these tools and actions are being used for leading humanity to Transhumanism as soon as possible. Only through such final result of Transhumanism of full human submission to a barcode controlled by AI can a fully commanding One-World-Government be achieved and maintained.

  3. Excellent sources about the real nature of COVID do exist, but are prevented to come out in the open. Personally I am not a doctor to talk in any authoritative way about my own acquired knowledge of a health pandemic but, in light of the curriculum of my unusually vast experience of this world, and of over 100 countries on 5 continents, I do not need to be a doctor to talk about a fake pandemic that is fundamentally a fabricated crisis of geopolitical world domination to arrive at a One-World-Government through Transhumanism. Also, to help me on the related health issues and tools to achieve this world domination, I have the knowledge of many persons directly surrounding me who are real experts of real pandemics. To start with, I have my oldest daughter who is a fully qualified medical doctor specialized precisely in infectious diseases like COVID, and working daily as such in a very important hospital in the UK. Through her knowledge, and the additional knowledge of a related network of colleagues of her with the same specialization in a dozen of other countries, I have been closely associated with an exceptional number of specialists and experts of the medical field. All of them have also put me in touch with their best sources of such expert information in this field around the world. In other words, before formulating the following highlights that became my firm convictions, all of what I will affirm is serious information fully shared and confirmed by a series of medical experts or researchers, and fully verified by many related investigative journalists of this field, and of the current so-called COVID pandemic in particular. This is why it would not be appropriate to qualify my following highlights as conspiracy theory. I am definitely talking about a conspiracy reality. But this conspiracy reality is not allowed to be exposed openly on the Internet, as the COVID conspirators of BigPharma all belong to the same clique of Sweat elites that run the Internet, including in particular the major platforms of Google and YouTube. For example, all the following affirmations and conclusions about COVID were attempted to be exposed by an important group of Spanish medical researchers and scientists called the Quinta Columna through some 40000 hours of coordinated scientific expert work. In spite of the exceptional expertise of this group of scientist, the Internet censored most of their work and discredited their reputation. Some of their researchers have even been killed. An Italian pharmacist with a Spanish wife was collaborating with them. His name was Domenico Biscardi. He was supposed to go and testify these criminal discoveries and scientific conclusions in front of a commission of the European Commission, but a few days before this planned testimony, during which days a strange drone seemed to be often following his movements, he was found dead supposedly from a heart attack while being in perfect health at only age 46. All his family members and his collaborators are convinced this was an assassination to prevent him to formally reveal the above criminal discoveries and scientific conclusions at the EU. Of course, in the meantime, since after his suspicious death, he is now retroactively subtly discredited on the Internet by a growing number of website platforms that belong to the same clique of Sweat elites that also own the corporations producing the above criminal fake vaccines. And many other scientists have had the same fate for attempting to reveal the criminal use of toxic substances in the COVID vaccines. An earlier case for example was the German Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack who was found dead for an unexplainable heart arrest 3 days after having produced and successfully uploaded an Internet video on the terrible toxic substance of Graphene Oxide.

  4. The following highlights about the fake COVID crisis are directly relevant to my full book on FtatAristarchy. They are relevant because this new type of democratic governance that is fully explained in Part two of the full book is meant to resolve our current situation of a progressing and unnoticed global enslavement. In turn, the current fake COVID crisis, its related fake COVID virus, in particular its fake COVID vaccines as bio-weapons, and the resulting real global pandemic of fear have been precisely engineered by the evil Sweat elites to finally complete the total and final global enslavement of the rest of us, which is precisely what a FtatAristarchy intends to revolve and prevent. These evil Sweat elites have pursued this global enslavement for centuries already, but have never been able so far to achieve it fully. For the first time in the history of humanity, they have now the tools to complete and finalize it on a global basis. And the fake COVID pandemic with its fake COVID virus, and in particular with its bio-weapon called a COVID vaccine, are precisely the main tools they have finally acquired to be able to do so. But a fully implemented FtatAristarchy based on FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) would immediately defeat not only a fake pandemic like COVID, but also this long-pursued strategy of global enslavement of the rest of us by the Sweat elites.      



The resulting windows or highlights of the COVID House Of Horrors are the following.


These highlights can be considered as different ways or angles to look at the current COVID crisis, looking at different aspects of the same reality, but starting each time from a different point of view, in order to more easily comprehend and assess its full and real dictatorial, criminal and genocidal nature. Consequently, each following highlight is like a different window through which we can look at various parts of the same house of horrors called COVID.


  1. The COVID vaccines contain toxic substances that should not be in real vaccines. These toxic substances do not serve a public health agenda, but a world domination agenda through digital control and Transhumanism. With these toxic substances, the COVID vaccines are fake health vaccines. All previous vaccines before COVID were good instruments of public heath as they never included toxic substances and were efficient for life through one single injection. This is no more the case with the new generation of COVID vaccines that have become bad instruments of public disease and even potential death serving an agenda of global world depopulation and global world domination. The fake COVID vaccines include portions of at least two very poisonous substances that are already known, called Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein. They also include many other substances yet unknown that we have been legally prevented to know by the producing companies with the complicit "benediction" of the UN that shamefully granted them immunity for the health harm they may cause. We also know so far that these fake vaccines even more shamefully include body parts of the immense traffic of aborted babies, with many of them aborted very close to natural birth time, while having in advance this specific criminal purpose in mind. A serious Pfizer whistleblower has also affirmed that BionTech vaccine vials for COVID, contrary to the vials of all previous vaccines, also glow fluorescent blue under a microscope because they contain a totally unnecessary oxidative enzyme called Luciferase. Strangely enough, as a phenomenon that never happened with vaccines previous to COVID, the Bluetooth of a good smart phone, when activated, can already detect, when close to a COVID vaccinated persons, some magnetic substance  or Nano-chip that have nothing to do with a normal vaccine. Bluetooth identifies it with a strange sequence of 6 double blocks of digits composed of a letter and/or a numbers appearing as this kind of sequence: "03:29:A3:56:F8:84". What complicates the research on the above potentially deadly toxins is that, according to chemists examining them under microscope, not all batches of the same type of vaccine contain the same quantity of the above toxins. The batches containing more of these toxins can cause even death in a matter of hours, or quickly in very few days. Many batches will at most cause serious collateral effects in the coming days or weeks, like heart attacks and strokes through blood clots. Other batches will cause less important collateral effects only after a longer period of time, or no damage at all, depending on their level of toxicity and the overall health condition of the vaccinated. The batches are not equal, to the point that many scientists examining them claim that the producers can only be still experimenting to find out, without raising suspicion of criminality, what different levels of toxins can do, from a range of no damage to death. For this reason, all the batches are fully registered and closely followed where they go. Then, the following statistics received about them help the experimentation of the criminal producers producing them under full immunity. In any case, the Spike protein is one of the worst man-made toxins, and it is very poisonous. Its clear purpose for being in COVID vaccines in small quantity can only be to slowly deteriorate the human immune system, and/or deceitfully maim or even eventually kill millions of vaccinated people without anyone being able to affirm they died because of this type of toxin included in the vaccines they received. The toxin is being well engineered and experimented by plan to ensure that the deaths due to a quantity of Spike Protein after vaccination will never be able to be pinned clearly or easily on that poison. So, depending on luck, receiving a COVID vaccine from one batch or another is like playing a kind of Russian Roulette. In most cases however, the intoxicated persons who will die through such fake vaccines will die without anyone suspecting they were poisoned. The causes of this poisonous death, combined with other health conditions, will be too diverse; there will be too many; they will be in too broad a timeframe to understand that they were due to a poisonous vaccine, except maybe in the cases intoxicated from a batch that contained an excessive quantity of toxin either by mistake or by random criminal experimentation plan. For those who will not die, the unnecessary toxin is meant to get people with pre-existing illness to have those illnesses exasperated and eventually die from them at an earlier date than expected. Typically, people with dormant cancers will have those cancers flare up, and their unsuspicious doctors will wrongly certify they died from cancer. People with vessel injuries and diabetics, or hypertension, are going to have strokes and heart attacks more easily, also unsuspecting they were caused by the toxin. According to a famous South African doctor specialized in this field, Dr. Shankara Chetty, all this can only be done by plan, as this kind of toxin should have never been included in any type of normal vaccine, and in fact were never included in any type of vaccines before COVID. The inoculation of a fake COVID vaccine is clearly a vector for the toxin causing harm, not a tool of public health. Consequently, with COVID, we have new vaccines with a criminal agenda of death for facilitating the world depopulation agenda of the UN and its easier world domination by the Sweat elites running it. The production of such vaccines is not a question of reducing health risk, like all previous good vaccines, but a question of big money for the producers to start with, and power of full global control for the puppet politicians approving their use on the basis of commands from the supranational UN/WHO run by the global Sweat elites. In this way, our corrupted national politicians become complicit in an immense illegal cartel of BigPharma and Big Government working together for their GUFUG masters of the Sweat elites. The related fear factor to push the use of these toxic fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated serves to bring money and power together, but for the exclusive benefit of the Sweat elites, and the easier dictatorial control of a growing supranational global governance over a reduced population controlled by Transhumanism through a fast coming dictatorial One-World-Government. Similar health damage considerations can also be made about the Graphene Oxide accompanying the Spike Protein in all the fake COVID vaccines not protecting the vaccinated. But the main advantage of Graphene Oxide is in terms of facilitating the transmission of data from a new generation of extremely small Nano-Chips also found in many batches to be accompanying the two above toxins. With the help of the natural magnetic irradiative properties of the  Graphene Oxide, these super Nano-Chips will start to register and communicate data to the nearby posts of WIFI 5G as soon as they will be fully activated. Like Klaus Schwab of the WEF said openly, "...by 2026 every person is expected to have a unique digital identity based on... face recognition software". What he did not yet dare to add or say openly is that this digital ID will be confirmed by the unique bar code of a Nano-Chip of the COVID vaccines received. The content of the Nano-Chip will be easily updated or transferred to the WIFI 5G stations through the irradiative properties of the Graphene Oxide that, for now, are already detectable through Bluetooth on any good smart phone.   

  2. COVID helps reinforcing the formation of a global Healthtatorship as the last stepping stone to a One-World-Government. Of course, what we call a Healthtatorship is only a last sprint run on the path to arrive at a dictatorial One-World-Government. Many insiders have already affirmed that COVID was created and engineered in a laboratory by the Sweat elites specifically to be easily exploitable for this very purpose of the creation of a global Healthtatorship on the path to Transhumanism and the full global domination of a GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) authority stemming from the Orwellian transformation of the current UNN (United No-Nations) into a One-World-Government. And here we are already. Two years after the declaration of the pandemic, the global Healthtatorship already exists, and even a de-facto One-World-Government already exists at a GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) supranational level of Sweat elites for which our national governments are only obedient puppets. The resulting COVID fake pandemic, with its fake vaccines not protecting even the multi-times vaccinated persons, with vaccines damaging directly the long-term health of all the vaccinated, and indirectly the health of most of the unvaccinated, is the latest and most perfect tool ever invented so far by the Sweat elites for achieving the final, total and global enslavement of the rest of us through Transhumanism and a fast coming One-World-Government. This fake COVID crisis was engineered to arrive more easily at what we call a preliminary step of Healthtatorship, as without COVID, the creation of that Healthtatorship would never have been possible. In turn, this real Healthtatorship serves the purpose of helping the same Sweat elites to achieve their final long-term objective of a fast forthcoming supranational, global and fully dictatorial One-World-Government of a still unnoticed nature by most of the rest of us. In the eyes of experts in geopolitics however, its real nature is a form of "Improved Communism". That new global governance is meant to be a regime of an upgraded and stronger type of Communism without that name, but nevertheless one of the purest Marxist brand, as expressed at its best in what was called the Gramsci Passive Revolution. As we will see in more details, this Communist "Passive Revolution" of the purest type of Marxism included 4 steps: 1)Demoralization, 2) Economic Crisis, 3) Normalization and 4) Destabilization. This well planned "Passive Revolution" is already well advanced. We have already passed the first step of "Demoralization" started with the fake liberation movements of 1968. We have also in great part entered the "Economic Crisis" started with the first peak of global economic collapse of 2008. COVID is now leading us gradually into the completion of the 3rd step of "Normalization", conditioning us to love our new type of enslavement in a perfect Orwellian way. The following Great Marxist Reset and its accompanying Transhumanism will lead us into the 4th step of "Destabilization" of both the world economy and of the world culture, not to say of the human nature itself. This destabilization will be achieved in favor of exclusively the Marxist parasitic class of the Sweat elites. For the rest of us it will be a complete disaster of new misery, but we will probably accept it with a fearful gratitude, or an Orwellian love of our servitude, because we will have been given the impression through social engineering that we have been saved from a terrible pandemic by presumably our benevolent and helpful elites. 

  3. COVID helps the rebirth of Communism more to the West and its expansion into global Marxist governance. The older Communism has not died in the Soviet Union. It has only been moved more to the West (in the USA and the EU) by an evil plan of the global Sweat elites after its well-engineered soft fall in the Soviet Union. That soft fall was achieved for the specific purpose of its rebirth in a stronger version of "Improved Communism" without that name. Its rebirth was planned to happen with the help of brand new and powerful tools of bioweapons that the Sweat elites were already actively developing since before the fall of the Soviet Union. These Sweat elites had understood that achieving a One-World-Government of and improved form of Communism in its purest Marxist form, which was their long-term objective, could only be done through bioweapons and not with too globally destructive nuclear weapons. As seen in the previous highlight, the latest of such new tools of bioweapons is precisely the COVID fake pandemic at the moment being used to build a new global Healthtatorship as the last stepping stone to such a One-World-Government. Interestingly enough, this move of an improved form of unnoticed communism to be moved more to the west after its soft fall in the Soviet Union has been predicted explicitly to me personally by the famous Soviet dissident Bezmenov that I got to know well at the time of his defection in the 70s and 80s. I have even contributed to help him establish as a refugee in Canada. I did not fully believe his quite incredible prediction at the time, but I can only affirm without any doubt, some 40 years later, that it is our sad reality today.

  4. COVID, as the "Chinese Virus", helps form a new global slavery as per its fine-tuning in China. As explained with more details in my full book, after its engineered soft fall in the Soviet Union, and before its fully engineered gradual move more to the West, the contemplated stronger Communism without that name for our global enslavement has, by plan, been fine-tuned in China in the form of Social Credit. This strategy has proved to be able to very successfully enslave huge populations made oblivious of their enslavement, and in particular oblivious of the purest Marxist nature of this enslavement on the basis of the Gramsci Passive Revolution. The expression "Social Credit" is only a nice innocuous name used by the propaganda of the Sweat elites to hide a form of Improved Communism without that name, and to lead massive populations to full enslavement, And what was done in China with the innocuous name of Social Credit is fast becoming implemented in the rest of the world, the most advanced world in particular. This oblivious Marxist enslavement through a deceitful democratic name has been more successful than ever before in the history of humanity. Through this deceit, it is being made even global this time, with the recent launch of the fake COVID pandemic of invisible bioweapons also engineered and first released deceitfully in China. The current fake COVID crisis is resulting in only a more modern form of slavery without that name, and without chains, that is, with innocuous and apparently democratic names like Green Pass or Social Credit that can appear deceitfully good to most common ignorant people.  

  5. COVID destroys world economy, but to the full advantage of the Sweat elites. Through the conspiracy reality of a fake COVID pandemic, the Sweat elites have destroyed the world economy of the most productive middle class, but to only improve the world economy for themselves as a tiny and parasitic global elite. Through unnecessary lockdowns and the unnoticed and deceitful economic engineering conducting millions of people to bankruptcy, the Sweat elites have already managed to transfer the biggest amount of wealth and property in the history of humanity into their own parasitic hands, doing it most easily and most cheaply, either for free or for the cheapest possible price. This is already a fact. But this transfer is only the beginning, or probably not even half of what they are contemplating to have transferred at the end of the process. Of course, this massive transfer of wealth and property includes not only real-estate and business rights, but also the biggest land grab in history of the most precious land, including seeds and all the best natural resources of planet Earth. All this is so far only half completed, but it is very actively being fully achieved by the small parasitic class of the Sweat elites enriching themselves in an abhorrent way, while pushing the former owners of the most productive middle class into bankruptcy, thus into a new and fast growing state of global serfdom. 

  6. COVID helps destroy our culture of freedom that is hated by the Sweat elites. Through the conspiracy reality of the fake COVID pandemic, the Sweat elites are also intentionally destroying the best of our beautiful national cultures. All the national countries of the most advanced world in particular are on their procrustean beds of ugly global uniformity while obediently wearing non protective masks and respecting culturally destructive social distancing. In fact, people around the whole world are already all obeying silently and obediently a supranational governance of forced uniformity and enslaving mandates. This forced uniformity spreads a brand new woke global culture, and a forced uniformity of downgraded global products of the same Chinese origin to be used and consumed while wearing similar useless masks with Orwellian gratitude, implementing similarly social distancing and accepting similar contact tracing. We are not Italians or English or Germans anymore, while consuming mainly our uniquely beautiful national products, or while listening mainly to our best national music, but only downgraded consumers of the same low-quality Chinese products, and downgraded listeners of the same global satanic forms of entertainment. All that degradation and uniformity at a lower level, at both an economic and a cultural level, come to us through a collapsing world economy because of COVID, and the ensuing cultural and economic reset facilitated by COVID. It is a global degradation and uniformity that would not have been possible without COVID. But such degradation and uniformity was well planned to facilitate our global enslavement. From this point of view, COVID is the real savior of the Sweat elites pursuing the global enslavement of the rest of us.

  7. COVID is a pandemic of the vaccinated, not of the unvaccinated. A normal pandemic is always a pandemic of only the unvaccinated. This is definitely not what COVID is. The fake COVID crisis with its repetitious vaccine doses, and its endless boosters, is really mainly a pandemic of the vaccinated, as not only are they not protected after the injection (like it was always happening in the past with real vaccines prior to COVID), but they get infected or re-infected easily after vaccination, while they also propagate the virus to the unvaccinated. The vaccinated are propagators of the virus and easily infect the sane unvaccinated. The vaccinated are not only propagators of the virus, but also propagators of the poisonous substances that are contained in the fake COVID vaccines (as seen in the above first "window" of the COVID house of horrors). Consequently we can legitimately say that, with COVID, and for the first time in the history of vaccinations, we are talking about a pandemic of the vaccinated spreading both a flu virus and poisonous substance of a bioweapon called deceitfully a vaccine. These bio-weapons have been engineered for the gradual deterioration of the immune system and the pineal gland of all the vaccinated and, with their agenda of world depopulation, this is why the Sweat elites insist that all be vaccinated. As we have seen before this series of "windows" on COVID, this evil strategy was well predicted by Rudolf Steiner who was an insider of the Sweat elites of his time. The fake COVID vaccines, while not protecting the vaccinated, only debilitate by deliberate plan the strongest vaccinated persons, and maim, or even often kill, the weakest ones through all sorts of collateral effects. These collateral effects have been brilliantly conceived by the Sweat elites to produce various types of diseases or deaths that will not readily appear to be related to COVID even if and when COVID is their real cause. Growing numbers of vaccinated persons die quickly of heart attacks or various types of strokes cause by Oxide Graphene or the Spike Protein contained in the fake vaccines, but the producers of these fake vaccines can easily save face, and even enjoy immunity for their crimes, as these deaths or health damages cannot be clearly attributed to these bio-weapons. But this immense and criminal fraud is slowly becoming more and more evident because of a growing number of athletes in perfect physical condition die suddenly while playing their sport for apparently inconceivable reasons, like a heart attack. Many medical experts also already confirm that the magnetic and irradiative properties of the Oxide Graphene in particular, contained in the COVID vaccines, will get animated, or more activated, and thus get more poisonous, even often deadly, during such forceful periods of physical activity.

  8. Masks New Symbol of TyrannyMasks do not protect against COVID and also contribute to weaken our immune system. Many medical experts and chemists confirm that forced face masks, apart from not protecting against COVID, often cause hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide) and hypoxia (decreased oxygen). They were originally designed only for surgeons (so they don’t accidentally transmit bodily fluids like saliva into a patient they are operating upon) or for sick people (so they don’t easily infect others via large respiratory droplets). They can serve to doctors to be protected from a spray of the various fluids of the sick they attend, or to protect the sick they attend from the doctor's saliva. Only the formally declared sick people should wear masks to reduce the spreading of their infection through spitted bits of their saliva to sane people should wear masks. Common masks give no meaningful protection against infinitely small viruses or particles of toxic substances like those contained in COVID vaccines. Scientists in Canada have also confirmed that many batches of face masks contain particles of the same very toxic Oxide Graphene that is quite systematically found in most batches of COVID vaccines. In light of all the above, it is quite clear that the global imposition of common masks do not serve mainly an agenda of health. As a minimum, this is an agenda of fear for other calculated purposes, like learning to be silently and blindly obedient, or rather subservient, to whatever mandate may be coming from the Sweat elites pursuing our global enslavement. As such, the current fake COVID crisis is not a serious viral pandemic but mainly a pandemic of fear and submission to enslavement. With COVID, the Sweat elites have ridiculously masked the whole world, including all the sane people, into a state of fear and subservience. Enforcing mask wearing on all sane people also prevents us to see the most beautiful expression of joy, peace and freedom of a human being, which is a smile, leading us more easily and more quickly to a global culture of fear and subservience. Furthermore, the masks are useless to protect us against the injection of any kind of gene therapy serums or poisons like the ones contained in the fake COVID vaccines. At the moment, they are also deceitfully used only as a test of full submission to enslavement, and to generate and propagate such subservience. So far, this test is a very successful one, worldwide. This is the real and main effective purpose of the otherwise useless common face masks. This are so far a very successful test of acceptance of authoritarianism through a fast coming fully dictatorial One-World-Government that is the final long-term objective pursued by the evil Sweat elites through the fake COVID pandemic.

  9. Through COVID, there is a well-planned growing global agenda of fear and submission to the Sweat elites. The current fake COVID crisis is designed to see how far we will let the Sweat elites push us, and how many liberties we will let them take away from us. Again, this new agenda is to ready us for a dictatorial One-World Government and the dissolution of the free world we have known so far. We are in the midst of an attempt by the oligarchs of the Sweat elites to downgrade or even eliminate the natural human spirit of liberty. The center of this spirit of liberty is our Pineal Gland that is often called our "Third Eye" by many mystic people. The deterioration or the full drying of this Pineal Gland, as well predicted by Rudolf Steiner, is the very first and main damage caused by the criminal inclusion of the Oxide Graphene toxin in the COVID vaccines. If this damage is achieved in a global way, the singular majesty of the human experience of freedom and superior levels of consciousness will have been abolished, which is exactly what the Sweat elites want first and foremost. Only a technocratic black hole of dumbness and despair, let alone of easier Transhumanism, will remain for the rest of us, while this will be a perfect success of our global enslavement to the Sweat elites. For the rest of us, this is the sign and essence of a failed society already brought about in great part by the destruction of the human intellect, done by the older DDDD (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair) tools of enslavement, by also the degrading state education to a level of dumbness and mass propaganda. This enslavement process is now being completed by newer tools, like the COVID Healthtatorship for the full control and submission of individuals through physical and psychological manipulation based on fear and a new feudal misery. From this point of view, our puppet national politicians allowing and promoting the spread of fake COVID vaccines with poisonous substances, and their subservient Sweat elites mass media not exposing this conspiracy reality are much more dangerous than the so-called COVID flu virus whose strength and real nature, as much as it exists, is not more dangerous than many flu virus of the last century, like the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

  10. Unfortunately, people react globally to fake COVID vaccines as ignorant and obedient slaves. Even our puppet national leaders do the same and react as obedient slaves of their own supranational masters. As well demonstrated by the fake COVID crisis, most human beings still think like slaves. Instead of asking questions or using critical thinking skills to ask if something is right before doing it, they absorb passively mainstream propaganda and simply obey a vaguely perceived “authority” at a national or a supranational level, even if that vague authority is completely GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance). The truth is, this fake pandemic and its lockdowns are the fault of everyone of us who complied and silently allowed the Sweat elites who used force to exact revenge on those of us who disobeyed. It was the same in all tyrannical takeovers in the history of humanity. The mainstream media keeps blaming the economic devastation on COVID, but it wasn’t the fault of a virus. It was the fault of the government and the slave mentality of the subservient police, and of the obedient public willingly and stupidly complying to the non-legal and often non-constitutional commands of the Sweat elites. Unless we wakeup and react like free persons of critical thinking, using as much civil disobedience as might be needed, we are doomed and maybe deserve the global enslavement that we are already in and we do not bother to dismantle. We can only dismantle it through the imposition of FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) compliance from a new type of leaders governing us in a FtatAristarchy.

  11. The COVID vaccination passports are not health documents but enslavement documents. Such passports serve to control all our movements, all the physical locations we go to, and all the stores where we also spend our fully controllable digital money soon to be done forcefully without any cash. Their related contact tracing also tells the government all the people we associate with. That passport leads to the government of the Sweat elites to progressively know more and more about the rest of us, more than ever before in the history of humanity. This means a growing full control of the Sweat elites over a humanity that, with such tool, is meant to be enslaved more easily, more quickly, and more globally. If we accept such fake passports, this can only mean our full global enslavement. When you know everything about your government, this is real democracy. When the government is not itself transparent about its actions but transparently knows everything about you, this is real tyranny on the part of the government, and enslavement on your part. This is even more so if this tyranny is not coming from elected national leaders, but from supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) leaders, or rather tyrants. And this is exactly our sad reality today. Our national leaders are only puppets of that kind of supranational level. In addition, the so-called "GreenPass" for the vaccinated is only the first step. Expect soon also the "BlackPass" for all the non-vaccinated. Full control means a controlling pass for all of us, similar to the internal passports of the worst period of Communism of the ex Soviet Union. Unless we wakeup soon, and resist this tyranny through civil disobedience, our freedom is doomed. In the meantime, the "GreenPass" is only the first step of a much longer series of control steps.  

  12. The COVID fake vaccines are not real vaccines but gene therapy. Many medical experts confirm that the injections through the current fake COVID vaccines are serums of gene therapy, not normal vaccination. In fact, contrary to what happens with a normal vaccine, the vaccinated are never fully protected. They easily get re-infected even after 3 doses, and they also infect the non-vaccinated. The real vaccines of before COVID were entirely different and fully protected us from the first shot. This itself means clearly that the COVID vaccines are not real vaccines. Consequently, medical experts are right when they call them something else, be it "gene therapy" or something worse, like a bioweapon for an evil agenda that could well be world depopulation and Transhumanism. These assessments are well supported by the fact that the injections of these bio-weapons contain many poisonous substance, few of which have already been identified, like Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein. In addition, the Madorna corporation of BigPharma, one of the main producers of the fake COVID vaccines, has practically clearly admitted they are loading a kind of operating system into our bodies. The implication was a kind of operating system of full control of all of us. A major group of scientists and medical researchers in Spain has also established that the fake COVID vaccines produced in the USA include an "Nano-object" that they can only describe as a perfect Nano-chip or microprocessor that has been designed and printed by a laser on a surface of only 45 nanometers. Is this the "operating system" that Madorna was talking about, as maybe the beginning, or the base of a full ID digital registry of each person vaccinated. One of the collaborators to the Spanish group, the Italian pharmacist with a Spanish wife, Dr. Domenico Biscardi, was supposed to testify these embarrassing discoveries in front of a commission of the European Union but, just a few days before this planned testimony, during which days a strange drone seemed to be often following his movements, he was found dead supposedly from a heart attack while being in perfect health at only age 46. This caused fear to the point that no other collaborator was sent to Brussels to replace him, but the scientific discoveies remain well documented in many official documents of the Spanish group of medical scientists and researchers. These embarrassing discoveries have also been well cerculated on the Internet but, so far, not the WHO nor any other health authority or group of medical researchers has dared to officially try to contest them. If this type of fake vaccines, or rather bioweapons, is the 'solution' to COVID, with toxic substances and a microprocessor, then the solution is much worse and dangerous than the disease itself that is not more damageable, according to many medical experts, than most of the serious flu crisis of the last few years, like typically the Hong Kong Flu of 1968.

  13. The fake COVID vaccine injections serve to build a registry of digital IDs, starting early with children in particular. This "Window" on the COVID house of horrors seems to well match and confirm the contend of the previous one, in particular about the discovery of a Nano microprocessor in the fake vaccines. After their first dose, the COVID vaccines certainly produce a strange sequence of six blocks of double digits separated by a semicolon. Vaccines with digital IDThis sequence of digits is detectable by the Bluetooth of a good smart phone. They appear in this form of sequence: "03:29:A3:56:F8:84" (as also shown on the side). This appears clearly to be a bio-digital ID as it is different for each vaccinated person. The best medical experts have confirmed that there is zero medical justification in particular for injecting children with mRNA or DNA shots of fake vaccines. Consequently, the real reason to want to do so is clearly, and can only be, to build an early registry of digital IDs of the entire new generations of children, in order to track not only further injections but all other facets of their entire lives as they grow up. This long-term plan of bio-digital ID on a global scale has been attempted in various ways well before the COVID hit us in early 2020. It can now be finally implemented in an efficient manner for the first time in history of humanity with the fake COVID vaccines. Its purpose is for an early start to the global enslavement of the future generations. Very scandalously, open toxic experimentation using children is now accepted policy by much of the population in many countries. Even with just minor threat or inconvenience, a high percentage of young children should not be injected with a bioweapon of full control, in particular not with the blessing of those charged with protecting their own children. This is criminal and potentially highly genocidal. It should be disobeyed most firmly, at least by all parents with young children. This is a most atrocious plot to control and destroy children for life, and from the very beginning of their life. This genocidal plot also have the very bad smell of the world depopulation agenda of the UN that not only does not intervene to prevent it but encourages it through its own WHO officials. It also has a horrible potential of Transhumanism. The irrational and unconstitutional vaccine mandates in most countries are not about public health if not only incidentally, but about the implementation of a universal digital identification system that comes from a supranational authority that is already the embryo of a new global and dictatorial One-World-Government waiting to be officially formalized and established most probably in JerUSAlem after the forthcoming planned fall of the USA and the EU. In the meantime our puppet national governments are imposing this global digital identification system with various apparently innocuous labels. What they call "vaccine passport", or "green passport" should be more accurately called "slavery passport". 

  14. The new fake COVID vaccines do not prevent re-infection of the vaccinated nor the transmission by the vaccinated. Not being able to deny this fact, this has been admitted already by both the two main promoters of these fake vaccines, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. Many other health officials and specialists have also already conceded that these vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission, not even while wearing masks and not even after 3 doses. In many occasions the UK has confirmed that most of its COVID cases in intensive care, sometimes more than 80%, were fully vaccinated cases. Israel has confirmed that the vaccinated persons, in particular those that received all doses and some boosters, contact the Omicron version much more easily than the unvaccinated. All this means that the unvaccinated must fear the vaccinated, more than the vaccinated fear the vaccinated. This is the exact opposite of what always happened in the past with real vaccines. This is one more important reason to consider the current so-called COVID vaccines as fake vaccines, or even criminal bioweapons. The above admission by the two most important persons related to the COVID vaccines (Fauci and Gates) should be by itself the smoking gun proof that the vaccines used for COVID are absolute fake vaccines serving other objectives than health protection. These objectives are certainly immense profits of the producers to start with, but mainly the power of full control they provide to the Sweat elites pursuing the formation of a dictatorial One-World-Government and the final global enslavement of the rest of us. Even WHO itself has accidentally and quite openly confirmed that COVID is not more dangerous than most previous serious annual flu crisis of the last half century, certainly less than the Hong Kong flu of 1968. Again, what is dangerous is not mainly the COVID virus, but mainly the way it is being exploited, and for what evil purposes of world domination.

  15. Because of corrupting money in hospitals, statistics about death by COVID are entirely false, Hospitals receive big sums of money for each case of death supposedly due to COVID. However, this intromission of big corrupting money by the Sweat elites has led many hospitals to wrongly and voluntarily count cases who died with COVID as cases who died from COVID, in order to receive the money. In many of these hospitals, doctors who tried to denounce that falsity have been readily fired or moved to other sections. For example, in Italy, official records show that each patient recovered for COVID means 3713 Euro ($4,355) of fresh additional money for each day of recovery for the hospital. For each patient brought to a unit of intensive care because of COVID, that sum becomes 9697 Euro ($11,114) of fresh additional money for each day of recovery in the unit of intensive care. This is very corrupting money. Each patient brought to a hospital, for whatever reason not having to do with COVID is thus automatically tested for COVID on arrival. For example, if one of them came in because of a car accident, and also tests positive to COVID when admitted, he is counted as a COVID case to receive the corresponding money. If he dies from the accident, he will also be counted as a COVID death. 

  16. Dying WITH COVID does not mean dying FROM COVID. This is another way to look at the previous "window" of the COVID house of horrors. All the COVID statistics from hospitals around the world are all driven mainly by money, not by science. As we have seen, hospitals receive big sums of corrupting money for each case of COVID they handle. When one patient dies with COVID, he is statistically counted as having died from COVID. Thousands of cases dying with COVID in hundreds of hospitals are counted as having died from COVID even if it was not at all the real cause of their death. Again, doing so brings a corrupting big sum of fresh money for each day of attendance before such death. Attending doctors are forced to do so or be fired, because certifying the death correctly would deprive the hospital from a substantial sum of fresh operational money. Many hospital staff confirm privately that this includes constantly many cases as ridiculous as, for example, a person brought to the emergency of the hospital because of serious car accident. When admitted, any such person is automatically tested for COVID. If that persons tests positive and dies during emergency attendance because of the car accident, his death will be counted as having died from COVID instead of with COVID.  

  17. The profits from the fake COVID vaccine are too astronomical for their producers and WHO to be considered health authorities. The COVID vaccine production has little to do with health and much more to do with money and criminality, let alone control and government power. Its main purpose is to bring profit to the producers and give power of enslavement and full control to their masters of the Sweat elites. The main COVID fake vaccines are not protecting the vaccinated who need constant new doses and boosters. They are also produced mostly by only three main pharmaceutical companies – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – owned and controlled by the three largest American investment companies that are all managed or owned by the Sweat elites: BlackRock (the absolute largest in the world and also the manager of the Open Foundation Society of Soros), Vanguard and State Street. These three financial firms also own and control the American pharmaceutical company Merck, which first produced the “anti-Covid pill”. Soros has also said more than once already that he wants the destruction of the USA in particular, but also all the current culture of the western world. His billions are administered as part of the trillions managed by BlackRock for the 4 main pharmaceutical producers of vaccines. Presuming that these super global managers of the Sweat elites work for our health on the basis of humanitarian considerations is not only laughable but tragically ridiculous, if not a complicity in criminality. They work for greed and profit to the point that it is to their advantage to keep us unhealthy for as long as possible, in need of their drugs for as long as possible. For this reason, most of their drugs are not meant to cure a health problem, but mainly to reduce its symptoms or its main pain while keeping us sick. The WHO (World Health Organization) of the UN was created as a Rockefeller initiative, for mainly serving the interests of BigPharma, not for mainly curing various health diseases around the world. Some of its main financers are Bill Gates pushing the fake COVID vaccines, and Communist China to be protected from potential scandals like the one of the laboratory of Wuhan that finalized the production and arranged the release of the so-called COVID virus as a bio-weapon. Until such corruption is not eliminated, WHO should certainly not be listen to as our main adviser on global health issues, but unfortunately and wrongly it is so at the moment through its main propagandists. Its chief Tedros is not even a doctor. Fauci, the main figure in the USA has collaborated with the infamous Wuhan lab in China. Tedros in Ethiopia and Gates in many other countries are already responsible for many well documented health disasters and scandals in Africa in particular. At the moment, we are as stupid as can be, letting this gang of supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) criminals to take care of global public health, and letting our national governments implement their mandates.

  18. The COVID vaccine passports are not controlled by the health authorities but by the tax authorities. They should be controlled by only health authorities of the respective governments, not by the financial authorities of each country, in particular not by the tax office like it already happens in most cases. They serve primarily for financial slavery control, more than for health control. In some countries already, it is not the health authority but the taxation authority that controls compliance to forced vaccination. In some of them the tax office even reduces part of monthly pensions and salaries directly at the source to those who have not complied yet to the compulsory vaccination requirement, even in cases when these pensions are already minimal pensions of pure survival. It is quite obvious that it is not the ministry of health that is in charge, but the ministry of finance and the taxation office, let alone that these are only puppets of higher supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) authorities. 

  19. The UN is shamefully pushing poisonous COVID injections. Not only is it not preventing their spreading, like it should do, but it even encourages their spreading. The continuous and repetitious cumulative injections of poisonous fake vaccines pushed by its WHO are nothing but serums of bio-weapons being used to control, maim, and kill those naïve enough to buy into the fear mongering hype that is being continuously propagated by the main supranational health authorities working for the Sweat elites. This is not a conspiracy theory, as it is part of a policy of world depopulation which is an explicitly confirmed part of the infamous official Agenda 21/2030 of the UN. That evil agenda is confirmed openly in black and white in many official UN documents. In this way, the UN is complicit in committing a serious crime against humanity. The UN behaves this way even if it is already well documented by chemists and medical experts that the COVID fake vaccines are bio-weapons that contain a small quantity of very poisonous substances like Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, let alone substances from from a horrific criminal traffic of parts of aborted babies. The UN should know that these poisons have nothing to do with regular vaccines and should never be in them. In fact they were never included in vaccines before the fake COVID vaccines. The worst of this is that the UN is clearly part of this conspiracy reality, not to say indirectly and tacitly one of its main promoters through its own WHO and its fake director who is not even a doctor. This is clearly equivalent to a crime against humanity. As such, the UN that was supposedly created to defend our global wellbeing in a state of world peace becomes part of a global crime against humanity. This being so, it is probably about time we think seriously about starting the defunding of the very GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) monster that the factually criminal UN has become, in particular in consideration of the fact that most of its members are from totally undemocratic countries. But instead of defunding the UN, really the UNN, we stupidly defund our police forces fighting crimes, like it is already actively happening in many countries, and mainly in the USA where the UN is located. This also makes our police authorities responsible for not preventing crimes against good common people, just like the UN does at a higher global level by not preventing crimes against humanity. This is totally unacceptable stupidity to say the least. This current UN in particular is already a well documented complete failure in its main objective of world peace. If it is also a complete failure on it objective of world health through its WHO, even regarding the life of the young children of the next generations, it should be dismantled and replaced with a brand new body really serving the best interests of the rest of us instead of the worst interests of the Sweat elites attempting to globally enslave us.

  20. You will never be fully vaccinated with COVID fake vaccines. With the cumulative doses and boosters of the fake COVID vaccines, you will never be fully vaccinated, only progressively more fully damaged in your health, and possibly brought to an earlier death. Additional injections of a poison through additional doses and boosters can only cause additional harm, let alone death as it is already happening in a growing number of vaccinated cases. Insiders of many relevant sections of hospitals treating COVID patients directly as doctors or nurses will even confirm privately, but never publicly in order not to loose their jobs, that the proportion of their patients dying of COVID is much bigger from their vaccinated patients than from their  unvaccinated patients. In other words, as an average, the health of the vaccinated patients has already been damaged much more than the health of the unvaccinated patients. Some UK health officials have confirmed that during certain periods, their dying COVID patients in their hospital were vaccinated in a high proportion, sometimes as high as 80%. This is already a fact in many countries, but a hard fact reported only very discretely by mainly whistleblowers. These embarrassing statistics are kept well hidden by the main managers of these hospitals because of the corrupting money they receive for each patient. They are also well hidden by the obedient mainstream media owned by the same Sweat elites that also own all the main corporations of BigPharma producing the fake COVID vaccines.

  21. Many hospitals have confirmed that some COVID variants attack mostly the already vaccinated. Of course, if the first dose contained toxic substances like Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, a second dose only means the reception of an additional quantity of  such poisons by the vaccinated person. Instead, the unvaccinated is only be affected by the flu virus, and not by toxic substances that he has not yet received. There is a similar situation in the cases of people getting COVID sick without going to the hospital, like those voluntarily confined to home quarantine. Experts working to assist them confirm that the new so-called variants of the fake COVID virus, in particular Omicron, seem to attack or worsen the health condition of by far mostly the vaccinated persons already damaged from previous COVID infections and previous doses of fake COVID vaccines. In other words, these assisting experts are convinced that what worsens the vaccinated persons they assist in quarantine because of a new variant is that the additional doses and boosters these patients receive are not an antidote to a virus, but only the injection of an additional quantity of the poison that was already contained in the previous fake vaccine since their first shot, like the Oxide Graphene and the Spike Protein.

  22. COVID is a new type of world war against only an invisible enemy, and a new type of official terrorism. With COVID we are not in a world war fighting against tanks and bombs, but fighting only invisible toxic bio-weapons that can harm, maim and even kill. Collateral effects like myocarditis are very common after a dose of the fake COVID vaccines, and even WHO itself was forced to admit openly that this is the case. But it did not dare to say that this is the case because these fake vaccines contain Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein, which is already well confirmed by many serious scientists. Consequently also related heart attacks and ictus, deadly or not, are also quite common, in particular in persons under an intense physical activity, like some sportsmen. If WHO still does not stop all COVID fake vaccines to be injected on the basis of its admission regarding myocarditis and the proof that Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein are included in these vaccines, it then becomes complicit in crimes against humanity and a form of official terrorism. Because the enemy of this new world war is invisible, the Sweat elites that engineered the fake COVID crisis can say whatever they want about it, in particular because very few people will be capable to contest what they say. Simple logic tells us, by now, that none of the face masks, social distancing, quarantine, lockdown, vaccinations, or any other related repressive measure have anything to do with COVID, or rather with public health. These measures are means and instruments for the New World Order (NWO) as a path of world domination that the Sweat elites do not want to stop. They have to continue to “train” the world population to total obedience and full control by a vague and distant supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) authority that itself uses our falsely elected national puppet leaders to do so. In turn, our puppet national leaders justify these measures because of the existence of a dangerous invisible enemy called COVID. As such, this can only be described as a new type of official terrorism on the part of our own national puppet authorities acting for their own GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) masters. The new invaders and enemies in this new type of world war are no more human beings like in all previous wars in the history of humanity. They can be invisible microscopic creatures with odd names like COVID or OMICRON. If someone wanted to control all aspects of our life, he could never have invented a better tool than the invisible COVID virus, even more so using a poisonous fake vaccine. The virus, real or fake, and the ensuing medical martial law allow the Sweat elites to easily seize power and create a totalitarian society as a new Healthtatorship assisted by a new Banktatorship in a forthcoming new Cashless Society. In the meantime, the consequences of the unnecessary destructive lockdowns are much more serious than the virus itself for common people of the productive middle class in particular, but all benefits for the parasitic supranational Sweat elites manipulating our puppet national leaders. This is the biggest opportunity for the already richest Sweat elites to grab power, wealth and property, including land, on a global basis, with as less as possible successful family businesses pushed into bankruptcy, while big business of the Sweat elites steps in to replace them, either for free or very cheap money. This includes even the eventual availability of bailouts for this parasitic Big Business if they fail, which would have never happened for a successful small business of the productive middle class that had created wealth and employment. The virus was engineered for this kind of full economic reset entirely to the exclusive advantage of the Big Business that is all owned by the parasitic Sweat elites, let alone for an accompanying full Marxist Great Reset of our culture of freedom.

  23. The so-called COVID virus has never yet been identified and isolated with a clear and specific identity. Consequently, it is not possible to produce a real specific vaccine for an unspecific virus, the real definite and complete nature of which is still unknown, and its existence over a severe type of normal yearly flu is even in doubt. Of course, being a virus created in a laboratory, scientists outside of this laboratory will never be allowed to have access to all the elements they need to establish its complete and definite nature. The same applies to the related COVID vaccines also created in a laboratory. Statisticians have established that, over the first year of COVID, in 2020, the average number of death for all causes (with or without COVID infection), that is, for all causes together, had not increased over the average of previous years in all the main countries they have investigated. Only in 2021 have numbers started to increase in some countries, and it is obviously because of the poisonous fake vaccines and their poisonous content being more and more injected by compulsory measures, not because of a virus that is not more dangerous than most yearly flu viruses of the previous 50 years, like typically the Hong Kong flu of 1968. The millions spent for producing and imposing such useless unspecific poisonous bio-weapons called vaccines are only enriching the producers of BigPharma, and enslaving our national governments with additional public debt that will eventually have to be reimbursed by the rest of us, be we be the vaccinated or the unvaccinated infected by the vaccinated carrying and spreading the poisonous toxins called Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein. The health of all of us will have been seriously damaged by fake vaccines that did not protect even the vaccinated, but will nevertheless have to be eventually paid back to the enriched Sweat elites of BigPharma by the rest of us, the survivors, as tax payers, and reimbursed even most unjustly by even our future generations. 

  24. The serious health damage and immune system damage due to deadly fake COVID ‘vaccination’ is real. The official propaganda may tell us the opposite, but attentive observers, and even common people are starting to realize that extreme sickness in various forms after injection is a sad reality in a growing number of cases. It is now well known and documented that the Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein included in the fake COVID vaccines produce myocarditis, as admitted officially by WHO itself. This myocarditis effect in turn produces a series of other damages like a heart attacks or an ictuses. Serious maiming or even death often follows. As COVID has not yet been fully identified and isolated with a clear identity, all arguments from the Sweat elites about curing COVID, about avoiding COVID, about treating COVID,  about preventing COVID, are all straw man arguments that can only cause more harm by presenting convoluted false information to an already ignorant and confused mass of common persons that form their opinions by only listening to the mainstream TV propaganda. But the resulting fear of this propaganda is most useful for helping the Sweat elites with their global enslavement master plan of the rest of us through a forthcoming supranational dictatorial One-World-Government. In the meantime, this scenario also helps the horrific agenda of world depopulation of the UN through its so-called Agenda 21/2030. Fortunately this harsh reality of global dictatorship is already becoming clear to a growing number of common people by the obvious way all our common national puppet leaders act and react in practically an identical way at the same time to face the fake COVID crisis on the basis of instructions received from some higher up supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) worldwide authority that is de-facto already the embryo of a dictatorial One-World-Government. 

  25. COVID vaccines are Bio Weapons confirmed by experts in Bio-Weapons. For example, famous Dr. Igor Shepherd was born and raised in the Soviet Union, and became a Military Doctor in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied at the academy of the Strategic Rocket Force. He is a world expert today on microscopic weapons of warfare, be they chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high yield explosives (CBRNE), including strategies of pandemic preparedness. His view is that the COVID vaccines are not real vaccines at all, because they are identical in technology to the bio-weapon RND used to develop viral weapons. He fully understands that the plan of world depopulation and global mandatory vaccinations to do so is already being enforced, and he is shocked that the American people are so passive concerning this enemy takeover. To paraphrase the words of this world expert in microscopic bioweapons, and as also an expert of communism for having spent his youth under such regime, he believes that the fake COVID pandemic is the best possible means by which a communist global government will be ushered into existence, and ushered in as a new type of regime that cannot be voted out, and a regime that, for the first time in history, is called to become global. In light of what is going on with the Great Marxist Reset of the WEF (World Economic Forum) of Davos, known to be managed by a clique of Marxist intellectuals like Klaus Schwab, we can only agree with this thinking, as this technocratic takeover and economic destruction will definitely be communistic and dictatorial in nature. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is another of these experts, and he wrote a paper called: How the COVID Pandemic Fraud is Deeper Than You Think. He confirmed that the COVID virus has never yet been fully isolated, and has not met the required so-called Koch’s Postulates to deserve this title. This is why, contrary to what would happen with normal vaccines, even the vaccinated people are not protected and are getting COVID sick even after many doses, while they also propagate the poisonous bio-weapon of global enslavement to the unvaccinated. In this way, with a bit of patience, the whole of the sane part of humanity will also have soon been infected, and the survivors will have all been reduced to a state of fear and subservience, all ready to accept the forthcoming dictatorial and Marxist One-World-Government as per the strategy of the Gramsci Passive Revolution.

  26. The UN endorsed full immunity of COVID vaccine manufacturers for all the damage their vaccines may cause. In other words, the Sweat elites of BigPharma have obtained this incredible immunity from their good Sweat elite friends of the UN, or rather the new UNN with the shameful benediction of its main tool of official Sweat elite terrorism called WHO (World Health Organization). BigPharma getting such unacceptable immunity under such evident conflict of interest does not seem to bother any of our national leaders. Of course, this is because our national leaders are only puppets of the same global Sweat elites that form a pure GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) supranational authority subjected to no accountability whatsoever. This major conflict of interest is even worse because WHO is directed by someone who is a plain biologist, not even a graduated doctor on its own merit, and an ex Marxist politician of Ethiopia that has already been many times under investigation for all sorts of health scandals when he, the current director of WHO, was previously minister of health. The producers of the fake vaccines have required that countries relieve them of any legal liability based on adverse reactions or damage, for whatever form of serious collateral effect or death. They have most shamefully been granted this full immunity of liability which, in such case, is immunity for serious crimes against humanity. This is also why immigrants from the third world are massively allowed in western national countries while not being vaccinated, because their country of origin is not listed in the scandalous agreement of immunity conceded by the UN. In addition, to add insult to injury, the producers have also requested and obtained the incredible right not to reveal the exact content of their so-called COVID vaccines for some two generations to come. To add the nice little cherry onto that pie of flagrant criminality, the producers have even obtained that laws be put in place in all main countries to prosecute people criticizing their activity as a form of hate speech or national terrorism. All of this fake legal context is de-facto equivalent to giving full immunity to the mafia for whatever crimes it will commit, and for generations to come. If we keep voting for national leaders accepting this monstrous illegality, then we probably and stupidly deserve to become their obedient slaves with face masks not covering only our mouth and nose, but also our eyes.

  27. The context of the production of the fake COVID vaccines not protecting the vaccinated is also very insidious. This context is even criminal, certainly at least subtly harmful and destructive. BigPharma, by definition, does not in most cases produce medicines that mainly cure. This would simply and immediately ruin their immensely rich BigPharma business for themselves and their masters of the GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) Sweat elites. They rather produce mostly medicines that "control" the disease, mainly eliminating symptoms, and keep the disease active for as long as possible, for people to need their drugs for as long as possible, hopefully for the rest of their longest possible lives buying their drugs. In this context, COVID means a super new tool of money and power, without doubt the biggest in history of public health medicine, as huge money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry of the Sweat elites, and huge power and control to be gained by the political industry of the Sweat elites within and over our national countries. With the help of the current COVID crisis, these Sweat elites forces at both national and supranational level have partnered to spread fear to anesthetize the public’s ability to question the official narrative. In the meantime, to reinforce this power over the masses, the puppet politicians of countries like Sweden are already starting to implement the use of body microchips to better control who is vaccinated or not, and at which dose or booster level the vaccinated have been vaccinated with vaccines that simply do not protect the vaccinated and even infect the unvaccinated. All this context is not only ridiculous, it is clearly highly criminal, and it leads directly to the global enslavement of the rest of us in a forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government, with most likely the gradual previous transformation of the rest of us as slaves of Transhumanism.
  28. COVID vaccinations give more invasive and unaccountable power to the UN over our national countries. Vaccination is the prow, the leading edge of the invasion of the UN power pursuing a One-World-Government. We stupidly accept this growing supranational and fully GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) power. Convincing nations, from that falsely dignified supranational level, that vaccines are absolutely essential, even when they are fake-vaccines like the COVID ones, opens the way for a more complete global control of all the other bad and good practices of the UN in our nations through its dependent agencies like the WHO (World Health Organization). In the medical field, this includes in particular mass drugging of both good and bad drugs. Mass drugging of BigPharma drugs by WHO that was created as an initiative of Rockefeller with their interest in mind, is accompanied by all sorts of other invasive initiatives in all sorts of other sectors defined by the various objectives of the presumed good sustainability of the invasive Agenda 21/2030 of the UN. All these growing and invasive activities of the UN as a supranational and GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) authority are only deceitfully good, They only serve the long term purposes of the Sweat elites pursuing global enslavement of the world population in order to achieve more easily and more quickly a dictatorial One-World-Government. In the meantime, WHO in particular gains with a new and growing immense power meant to only reinforce the growing power of its mother organization, the UN, or rather the new UNN. This also helps the UN to save face for its complete failure on its main objective as an organization of world peace. Since its creation we have had dozens of destructive wars in a constant manner all around the globe, and the UN has never been able to prevent or stop anyone of them. With its growing invasion, the UN also tries to save face in the third world where living conditions have not been improved but only deteriorated since its foundation, except of course for the Sweat elites of those countries that all belong to the same Sweat elites that also run the UN. During the fake COVID pandemic, the third world leaders can also blame the lack of vaccination instead of their bad administration for keeping their people in poor health and abject poverty. In turn the growing invasive UN initiatives help the national puppet leaders of our nations to save face in front of their own populations because the growing and invasive UN initiatives, propagated as good by the mainstream media even when they are bad, give the impression to the rest of us that Big Mother UN collaborating with BigBusiness is working hard to help us on various fronts of our growing misery and global slavery.
  29. COVID is the perfect cover for justifying the misery of the planned coming Great Reset. The world public debt bubble of all countries is so immensely big that it can never be reimbursed. The Sweat elites that created that bubble in the first place know well t this immense worldwide public debt bubble can only explode in the near future, let alone the private debt bubble. Great Marxist ResetThe Sweat elites want that global debt bubble to explode entirely in their favor, and acquire a justification in front of the rest of us for implementing a very tragic and Marxist Great Reset of both our economy and our culture of freedom. This is the main reason why the fake COVID pandemic was brilliantly engineered, by plan, by the Sweat elites. On the economic side, this Great Reset will complete the greatest transfer of wealth and property in the history of humanity from the productive middle class going bankrupt because of the COVID lockdowns, into the hands of the parasitic hands of the Sweat elites. This global transfer of wealth, property and land is already well advanced. The Sweat elites will eventually acquire it all, either for free or for the cheapest possible price, making them super rich like never before in the history of humanity while the rest will become super poor like never before in the last centuries. On the cultural side, the Great Reset will have convinced people that they need a new global governance to protect them from other pandemics. Consequently, people will accept more easily their new misery. This will be their new normal, as their new global slavery that they will have learnt to love in a perfect Orwellian way. As Klaus Schwab puts it explicitly in his book entitled the Great Reset, published as the leader of the Marxist WEF (World Economic Forum), "You will own nothing and be happy". COVID is also the best possible cover up to hide the implosion of the fraudulent monetary system based on the creation of money as debt, all of it done by the Sweat elites. Because of this mother of all scams, all countries, even the most developed ones, are now already, or fast becoming Third World countries. We are in a Thirdworldisation” of the so-called high income developed countries in particular. But this is a "Globalization of Poverty"  to use the title of a good book by Michel Chossudovsky. This is desired by the Sweat elites, and facilitated by COVID, which itself will facilitate the Great Reset, giving this Great Reset a deceitful justification for its full completion. This cover up will enrich immensely the Sweat elites and give the impression to the rest of us reduced to misery that we are lucky for being saved from a pandemic and a world economic collapse whose fault is not our Sweat elites who planned it for our global enslavement, but the fault of the invisible microscopic enemy called COVID.  

  30. Because of COVID, the agenda of the Great Reset is a form of pure fascism. It will be a regime of rule by an oligarchy of the Sweat elites. It will be a tyranny, with the elimination of national sovereignty, the abrogation of personal liberty, a curtailment of science and industrial progress, and the systematic reduction of living standards, particularly in the richest countries like the United States and Europe, in order to transform people into obedient slaves, in particular if it leads to Transhumanism, which is part of the plan. In one sense, the Great Reset bears a strong resemblance to what is known as “corporatism”, in the way that term was applied to the regimes of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. Another term that is applicable is “synarchism,” which essentially defines an agglomerated “Nazi-Communist” movement, created and led by oligarchical interests of the global Sweat elites. It is simultaneously both “left” and “right”. The key to understanding it is its oligarchical sponsorship. The ‘reset’ attempts to replace the system of worldwide debt-money slavery with a new fascist system of technocratic authoritarianism. Critics of the Great Reset denounce it only as “socialism. This is wrong as a purposely misleading qualification. This is not socialism, but rather an extreme form of imperial economic and social policy of the purest and most perfect form of fascism that ever existed, but a form of fascism based on the purest type of Marxism inspired by the Gramsci Passive Revolution. The “Great Reset Initiative” is nothing but a grab for power by the modern-day British Empire that is today the new global empire of the Sweat elites. The intention is to subjugate every nation to the diktats of the financial and oligarchical Sweat elites, and having a save face for implementing this new type of maximum fascism based on the purest form of Marxism.
  31. COVID and the Great Reset are two facets of the great cosmic battle of Evil against Good. The governance of most countries is at the moment on the evil side. Biden of the USA for example is fully on board with the evil “Great Marxist Reset.” In fact, the Biden presidential campaign chose as its official campaign slogan the seemingly innocuous phrase, “Build Back Better”, which happens also to be the slogan of the “Great Marxist Reset” coined by its originator and main advocate, the WEF (World Economic Forum) founder Marxist Klaus Schwab and its known clique of Marxist collaborators. The "Better" of this slogan is only for the Sweat elites. For the rest of us, this “Build Back Better” slogan should rather read "Build Back Bankrupt". Under cover of the COVID pandemic, Schwab insists the entire world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies , meaning, as he explains, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism. In other words, he does not dare to say that we need the purest form of Marxism based on the Gramsci Passive Revolution which would be the purest form of the new type of Global Fascism. The great war in which people are engaged is not left versus right, not Democrat versus Republican, and not Trump supporters versus Biden supporters. This new global war is one of evil versus good. And as usual, it features a great evil masquerading as noble and good, while accusing what is good and decent of being immoral and reprobate. It’s a classic case of projection or inversion, with evil pretending to be good while condemning good as evil. This is the real meaning of “Build Back Better”. The true purpose of this falsity, worldwide, is also world depopulation. The so-called Great Reset they are talking about, justified and/or facilitated by COVID, is actually the final phase of the implementation of the globalists’ New World Order for the Sweat elites, which is really a New World Disorder of full eslavement for the rest of us. It is also part of a so-called New Falsely Green Communist World Order. Beware that in exchange for new digital money being provided to you on your cellular phone, you will have to gradually give up all your best assets to be all transferred into the hands of the Sweat elites, or leaseback those you still use, gradually cancelling the immensely current bubble of sovereign public debt to the exclusive advantage of the Sweat elitesThere will be no need for normal banks anymore where to deposit your funds safely, only the new Banktatorship. The surviving money you will be granted will be on your cellular phone from which the Sweat elites will get a piece of profit for every single of all your digital money transactions. You will also accept any new draconian law in exchange for food, shelter and security. This is the socialist / communist / Marxist / fascist new plan called innocuously, deceitfully and simply the Great Reset. Should we call it "Improved / Reinforced Communism moved more to the West" like the famous dissident Bezmenov called it, as the prediction to me of a forthcoming new reality some 40 years ago?  The Great Reset facilitated by COVID is meant to change everything, not only the economy but the culture and the whole humanity, that is, even the human nature through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and growing Transhumanism. Certainly there will be no more real money as we know it today, only data useful to the Sweat elites fully enslaving the rest of us in a global way for the first time in the history of humanity.
  32. COVID and the Great Reset are the latest and ultimate tools for achieving Transhumanism. The combination of the fake COVID crisis with the WEF Great Reset of Klaus Schwab and of its clique of well confirmed Marxists collaborators can only lead to the fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity in a growing form of Transhumanism. The globalists, using these tools that they have themselves engineered, hail the arrival of implanted devices in the human body that will also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed only verbally through a new kind of 'built-in-body-smartphone' activated by a microchip included in the fake COVID vaccines and/or otherwise implanted. The Sweat elites plan to easily sell this first step of Transhumanism to the rest of us as a kind of fascinating and most useful technology based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). People will easily accept it because they will be attracted to it through tools like a new kind of glasses called SCG (Spatial Computing Glasses) being actively developed and nearly fully ready. These eye glasses will be very much like the current normal eye glasses, but will offer immediate virtual access to all the Internet through the new global WIFI 5G also being quickly fully implemented. Through such attractive tool for example, people will be able to search the Internet without any computer or tablet, while walking or driving, with simple verbal commands. Then they will appear to be able to touch with their finger a small virtual transparent screen not disturbing their normal view of what is in front of them. The transparent little screen  will appear in front of them with all sorts of choices for searching and obtaining immediately any information they want or need while continuing their normal activity. The bad side that people will not be made fully aware of is that, through such tools, people will also communicate or reveal unexpressed thoughts or moods against other persons, like against the Sweat elites who will be enabled to read brain waves and other body signals. This is the purpose of starting to include substances like the Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein in the new COVID fake vaccines, and to force their injections in as many people as possible as soon as possible. The Oxide Graphene in particular has magnetic and electrical properties very similar to the one of the human heart. Outside the body these electromagnetic properties are inactive. Once inserted in a human body, they get activated and reinforced by any kind of physical or mental activity. When activated, these electromagnetic properties can in turn activate the functioning of a body microchip and make it communicate information back and forth through WIFI 5G, and consequently also with the Internet. So, in other words, the 'fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity' with the help of toxic substances in fake COVID vaccines relates to the transhumanist agenda of the Sweat elites. They relate to a future where people will have every movement tracked more easily by their enslaving Sweat elites. This potentially include every thought read by an implanted microchip and exposed by tools like the above SCG glasses. Apart from Nanochips already found to exist in many COVID vaccines, some countries like Sweden have already started to also replace COVID health passports with a separate kind of body microchip. With this double type of implant of body chips, the human body will become a perfect antenna to talk to WIFI 5G and consequently a deceitful tool of total control of the holders by the Sweat elites governing them, or rather enslaving them. For these reasons, the fake COVID crisis and the fake COVID vaccines are a monumental criminal hoax and scam facilitated by the growing medical martial law of a new Healthtatorship which the Sweat elites need for the "Global Great Marxist Reset" of the WEF in order to arrive as soon and as easily as possible to a new dictatorial One-World-Government managed exclusively by these Sweat elites, and to their sole advantage. 
  33. COVID Vaccines violate the Nuremberg Code and the Belmont Report on health issues. According to the Nuremberg Code, nobody can be forced to receive a medical treatment they do not want to receive, even if this may mean their death. Forcing people to do so becomes a crime against this international legislation. Doing so on a global scale for many people becomes a crimes against humanity, or a kind of global genocide. But this is not the worst. If this is serious regarding treatments that could have cured a person, it is much more serious with treatments that do not cure the person receiving the unwanted treatment. By now, it is quite clear that this is the case with the fake COVID vaccines that do not protect the vaccinated persons even after multi-doses and produce serious collateral effects in a great number of them, like Myocarditis and Ictuses, let alone death in many cases. The vaccinated have to be constantly revaccinated with additional doses or boosters. They get easily re-infected after their multi-vaccine injections. They even propagate the disease to the unvaccinated after their full vaccination. The fake COVID vaccines are the worst example of a violation of the Nuremberg Code, and many trials have already been started on that basis. This should be sufficient reason to stop immediately the forced COVID vaccination of the persons who do not want such vaccination. This is doubly ridiculous: it is mainly the unvaccinated that has to fear the vaccinated at the moment, and mainly the vaccinated who has to fear another vaccinated. According to many medical researchers and chemists, the producers of the COVID vaccines are clearly experimenting with their vaccines because not all of their batches of vaccines have the same quantity of toxic substances like the Oxide Graphene and the Spike Protein. It is as if these producers are trying to find out how far they can go with these toxins  before they will cause too many deaths that could reveal their foul play as too obvious crimes. For the persons receiving these vaccines with various quantities of toxins, these fake COVID vaccines become like a "Russian Roulette". The Belmont Report on ethics regarding medical research done on humans clearly prohibits this kind of experimental research on humans with such toxic substances as those already proven to exist in the fake COVID vaccines. Belmont is only an American Report of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, but it has been used successfully in court as a kind of valid international legislation or valid legal argumentation in other countries.      
  34. WHO is complicit of a criminal Pandemic Industrial Complex. As we have seen, COVID shows that WHO is not a "Medical Preventive Body" but a "Pharmaceutical Curative Body" for BigPharma. It was never created to defend the health interests of people, only the interests of BigPharma. It was from the beginning, from its inception in 1948, an instrument to control people from an eugenic perspective, as the creation of WHO, unlike other UN agencies, was a Rockefeller idea, and was created by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefellers originally, and people like Gates now, are among the world’s foremost protagonists of world depopulation as pursued by the infamous Agenda 21/2030 of the UN, and reinforced now through the Great Marxist Reset of the WEF (World Economic Forum). It is clear that, rather than being a health organization created as a "medical preventive body”, like it should, the WHO was set up from the beginning as a "pharmaceutical curative body". About half of WHOs budget comes in fact from private interest sources, mostly the BigPharma industry, but also others, like telecom giants. This means it is promoting pharmaceuticals to help but not necessarily heal sick people after they get sick. Rather than promoting means for preventing people from becoming sick, WHO and its acolytes in criminality (well documented already in many countries)  facilitate access to drugs that, in most cases, will just reduce sufferance after people get sick. While suffering less, the sick persons have to be kept sick for as long as possible, buying the products of BigPharma for the rest of their life if at all possible. Doing otherwise, and curing people quickly, would destroy BigPharma. But these curative means are pharmaceuticals, or chemical substances instead of natural substances. They are mostly based on dangerous petrochemicals used by BigPharma instead of substances from natural plants. Mother nature should be the ultimate doctor using its products, not BigPharma creating artificial curative products. Through its complicity with BigPharma, instead of being a real health organization, WHO is an organization that is gradually killing the best of the traditional curative medicine base on natural substances. This is why current mainstream medicine has become the very first cause of death in the world at the moment, in particular in hospitals, which should shame the WHO. This corrupted WHO does not mainly defend world health, but mainly, through health measures, defends control measures at the service of the Sweat elites in complicity with BigPharma and other private persons like Bill Gates who finance most of its budget in an enormous conflict of interests that its mother organization, the UN, totally and shamefully closes both eyes on. This has led to the creation of an ugly "Pandemic Industrial Complex". The related pharmaceutical industry financing and controlling WHO is blatantly notorious for its deeply rooted corruption. It is an industry that has already been caught hundreds of time in immense instances of corruption in dozens of countries on all continents, and in using its ties with international organizations like the WHO to construct and declare profitable pandemics like the fake COVID pandemic, and stoke hysteria for profit. As a result, the criminal "Pandemic Industrial Complex" profits handsomely from the resulting chaos, like it is now the case with COVID. For the WHO to let  this kind of industry in charge of vaccines is bad enough, but accepting big money from this criminal "Pandemic Industrial Complex" is absolutely inacceptable to say the least. This alone should deserve its dismantling for the creation of a brand new independent world health organization working as a medical preventive body instead of as a pharmaceutical curative body dominated by BigPharma and ugly private profiteers like Bill Gates. In the meantime, this WHO is also fully dominated by China, and consequently spends incredible efforts covering up for China in relation to its well-engineered global COVID virus and crisis. Bill Gates also nearly owns WHO, being its second biggest funder after the USA, or its biggest private funder. In other words, all aspects of WHO are totally unacceptable as it remains fully controlled by BigPharma and other private interests with major and monstrous conflicts of interests. The real question are: how can the UN accept such a totally unacceptable WHO, and how can our national governments be so COVIDIOTS as to keep financing its current total unacceptability?

  35. COVID is a magisterial false flag. How many obvious signs of this false flag are necessary before the frightened sheep citizens will pull their heads out of the sand? Because the general population hides from the truth in order to avoid harsh reality, a governing takeover of global enslavement and of epoch proportions is being implemented most easily at a light speed. Consider that COVID is no virus more dangerous than many previous annual flu viruses, like the Hong Kong flu of 1968. From this point of view alone, COVID is rather a magisterial false flag of the Sweat elites long planned in advance in order to facilitate our global enslavement and a controlled  economic collapse that was already imminent due to their own corrupt banking and government policies all based on the creation of money as debt. This COVID false flag is bigger in significance and power than 911. For the Sweat elites, it is even a huge success as all countries are reacting in concert with one another as perfect puppets of the supranational and GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) Sweat elites. All major countries run by the Sweat elites, before COVID, had already destroyed a great part of their economies by excessive monetary expansion, huge debt creation, and unfair redistribution of wealth. Through the fake COVID pandemic, they will now be able to place the bulk of the rest of the best world assets and property in the hands of a concentrated few, either for free or from the cheapest possible price. Through the engineered fear surrounding the pandemic, the most powerful Sweat elites will also not only retain their power in spite of a world economic collapse, but more importantly expand it, while controlling their subjects as perfectly obedient slaves with ridiculous masks and social distancing.  
  36. Most persons and institutions of power want COVID to last, not to end. All the main representatives of the Sweat elites in positions or institutions of power want the fake crisis of COVID to last, either for profit or for less public expenses, let alone for world depopulation, in order to achieve more easily a global world enslavement and full world domination over the rest of us as obedient slaves. The most powerful members of the Sweat elites even want COVID to last for ever if at all possible. With the help of Fauci in charge of the fake pandemic in the USA, and the help of Tedros in charge of WHO, and with the complicity of their big little billionaire friend Bill Gates as the biggest private financer of WHO, the Sweat elites BigPharma is now in charge of all of us, not our own governments. It has positioned itself to make billions of dollars in profits from government-mandated forced vaccines that do not cure the vaccinated. All the above acolytes are screaming and pushing for these fake COVID vaccines to be injected to the whole world as bioweapons meant to reduce world population and facilitate the Great Marxist Reset of global enslavement. And make no mistake about it, these guys, along with many other promoters like Klaus Schwab of the WEF, know exactly what they are doing. All the powerful people of the Sweat elites, in particular the important ones like the above 4, badly want the fake COVID crisis to last as long as possible, and not its quick resolution through real vaccines or other efficient medicine that already exist like Ivermectin and many others. For example, institutions like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute for Health (NIH) clearly want COVID to spread, not to end because, for them, this results in much bigger budgets. The pharmaceutical companies of BigPharma want the virus to spread, not to end, because it brings them unfathomable new profits through constant additional vaccination mandates, whether or not these vaccinations prevent or aid the spread of the virus. Governments want the virus to spread, not to end, because it allows them to impose martial law and to abolish civil liberties for an easier full control of their populations for the benefit of their masters of the global Sweat elites. The global Sweat elites want the fake pandemic to continue to reduce the world population in order to facilitate their world domination and the formation of a One-World-Government as soon as possible. National Welfare units of most countries badly want COVID to last, as the virus can reduce the number of elderly persons in need of health care and pensions. For these institutions and their governments, this means a huge reduction of welfare money. And you can add to this ugly list of accomplices ad infinitum in terms of important persons and institutions who want the fake COVID crisis to last as long as possible.
  37. Other meaningful highlights about the fake COVID crisis. Hundreds, even thousands of highlights and headlines already exist from the best doctors, expert medical researchers, and serious investigative journalists specialized in the field of BigPharma to confirm all the above 36 "windows" through which look at the same "house" of horrors that the fake COVID crisis has become. COVID Fake CrisisWe can only mention very few of them. For example, a massive 45 country study has shown a sharp increase of transmission and death after the introduction of COVID vaccines. Instead of bringing an end to the COVID pandemic, the widespread rollout of the experimental vaccines has actually caused a sharp increase of cases and deaths across the world. The study looked at data from 45 of the most vaccinated countries in the world. It is titled "Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19". That study found, for example, that in the USA specifically the jab has caused a whopping 38% more COVID infection cases per million, and an even more astonishing 31% increase in death per million. In another investigation in Louisiana, a practicing nurse testified before the Health and Welfare Committee, in December 2021, and claimed that she and her colleagues have witnessed “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shots among children — including myocarditis, blood clots, heart attacks, encephalopathy and arrhythmias. The same kind of testimonies also exists abundantly in most other western countries, but they are all ignored by our puppet national governments and their subservient mainstream media all working for their same supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) masters of the Sweat elites. Among elderly patients, most of these attendants have noticed an uptick in falls and acute onset of confusion “without any known etiology”. A great number of their patients are also experiencing serious side effects, such as vision and cardiovascular problems. These testimonials are only typical of dozens of other similar ones from many countries. In the meantime, several fully vaccinated tennis players participating in the Australian Open qualifying rounds have complained about unusual tiredness and breathing problems, and a growing number of perfectly healthy athletes are dying suddenly while playing their sports under full normal force, which was never happening before they were vaccinated for COVID. Raw statistics from Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland, and virtually every country that's highly vaccinated show the same kind of medical problems after COVID vaccination, and that we are facing a "pandemic of the vaccinated", not of the unvaccinated. In the province of British Columbia in Canada, another study of their best medical experts has shown that more than 50% of COVID patients have had various levels or serious medical problems due essentially to myocarditis and microscopic blood cloths just after COVID vaccination. Many other countries report the same phenomenon. The New York Times that is always faithful to the line of their Sweat elites regarding the necessity of vaccines has nonetheless published an important article based on a study of medical experts about the fact that COVID booster shots damage the immunity system and leave the body of the receiver defenseless against the virus. Dozens of other expert studies reveal that the COVID vaccines do not prevent the contracting, transmitting and the spreading of the virus to the sane unvaccinated, causing thousands of new COVID cases among the sane population, while not even protecting the vaccinated persons who need to be constantly re-vaccinated. This ridiculous situation by itself proves that the COVID vaccines are not real vaccines but toxic bioweapons serving other evil purposes that can only be called crimes against humanity. Nevertheless, in spite of all the above, all our national puppet authorities do not stop to push for forced vaccination of all citizens. The irony is, if we want to be nice and call this irony, that our puppet national governments in most countries at the moment are starting to use more severity with the innocent unvaccinated than they use against growing numbers of common criminals constantly being let free in a growing number of countries. And to add insult to injury, with even a special sacred benediction, the fake New World Order Pope Francis who is a prominent member of the worst satanic global Sweat elites, is now affirming and pontificating, ignoring all the above, that massive vaccination of all citizens is a new moral duty from a religious point of view.

    Apart from its above 37 "windows", the COVID House Of Horrors also has 3 "doors".

    The above 37 "windows" through which one can look at what has become the COVID House Of Horrors can also show better their horrific content through 3 main "doors" to this same house: the side door, the front door and the back door.


    The Side Door


    The side door is the only one that most of us are allowed to use to come in and see, with difficulty, because of a complex circuit of dark corridors, what is really going on, even if it is under the supposedly expert guidance of people with famous names like Gates, Tedros and Fauci, let alone Soros. Because of their bias guidance, the horrors may appear to most of us as something good, as having to do with only the creation of safe vaccines to help us recover from a global pandemic they have baptized COVID. To the most attentive observers however, this visit will inevitably make them see somewhat better what is really going on after having acquired a more comprehensive perspective through wisely joining all the dots of the 37 above windows. Nevertheless, this better perspective of the overall 37 windows  and the side door may still make it difficult for them to draw a clear final conclusion as to the goodness or evilness of what is really going on. This is the case of most common people at the moment.


    The front door


    UN to UNNThe front door has the UN logo and the WHO flag decorating it. Of course it has to do with what the deceitfully Marxist UN has become, as the new UNN (United No-Nations) pursuing its apparently good Agenda 21/2030. For these authorities, that agenda is pushed to the rest of us as all good. But part of this official agenda includes explicitly an extensive effort of world depopulation, supposedly for better economic sustainability, and consequently the easier formation of an apparently good One-World-Government as soon as possible headed by a new kind of UN transformed for that purpose. Of course, those allowed to formally use that nice front door, and then express their opinions about what is really going on, were all already fully pre-screened, and all have been engineered, sometimes through conviction, or more often for convenience future career purposes, not to see that the UNN objectives of sustainability, as fully confirmed by the Great Reset of the WEF (World Economic Forum), are extremely close and similar to the awful objectives of the Communist Manifesto. This includes, as Klaus Schwab said explicitly in his Great Reset book: You will  own nothing and be happy. These special guests of the front door will not see, or certainly never say, that these deceitful objectives of the UNN can only lead to a fully dictatorial One-World-Government of essentially a deceitful nature of Marxism. In particular none of these front door guests will dare say what most common people of good common sense have already well understood by looking at the above 37 "windows" of the COVID House Of Horrors, or by having entered through its side door. These front door guests will know well, without ever saying it publicly, that with the help of the COVID fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated and containing very toxic substances not belonging to a normal vaccine, the immune system and the Pineal Gland of those vaccinated will transform these vaccinated into silent obedient slaves of the new One-World-Government they, the front door guests, so shamefully serve. This explains the otherwise inexplicable push of the UN and its WHO for the need to quickly vaccinate the whole world population without exception as soon as possible, including children.  


    The back door


    The back door of the COVID House of Horrors is the only one probably revealing clearly what is really going on in the back rooms of power of the COVID house of horrors, where the main strategists of the fake COVID crisis work. This back door is accessible to very few trustful initiates of the top level of the global Sweat elites. Not being one of those  initiates, it is very difficult for the rest of us to reach a clear and final conclusion on the full criminal nature of the fake COVID crisis. But with the help of trustful whistleblower insiders, the conclusion is most probably the following one, and a terrifying one: the fake COVID crisis is, for all practical purposes, the continuation and final result of the so-called long term “Ethno-Bomb” project of the Zionist State of Israel. That we know of, this is a very evil, and very racist project that started in the late 1990s. As a first early hint of it, out in the open, we know that the Sunday Times in the U.K. reported on November 15, 1998 that Israel was trying to develop a biological weapon, in the form of a vaccine, that would selectively kill mostly Arabs, based on genetics and serum therapy, but would be mostly harmless to Ashkenazis. The existence of this Ethno-Bomb project has never been formally enied by Israel after that report because copies still exist in the hands of whistleblower insiders, let alone in the archives of the Sunday Times itself. .


    Of course, those the Sunday Times called the Ashkenazis are the so-called “European Jews” that founded the Zionist State of Israel in 1948. They are the main group of those that we call the “Fake-Jews” in the context of my full book, with a full explanation of exactly who they are. In practice, they are mostly today those we generally call the Zionists. As well explained with much more details in my full book, these “Fake-Jews” have no Jewish DNA whatsoever and absolutely no historical link at all to the old land of Palestine. Nevertheless, the are called "Jews" and are mainly the ones who founded the  Zionist State of Israel in 1948. Their origin is the massive forced conversion to Judaism of the Turkic barbarian empire of the Khazars in 740 AD, followed by the destruction of their empire 500 years later, destroyed by Russia, in 1250 AD. As a consequence of the destruction of their empire in 1250 AD, there was a full dispersion and spreading of these Fake-Jews, that is, an immense diaspora of persons with no-Jewish DNA but nevertheless called Jews in all of Europe. This is why, through most historians, these Fake-Jews have become known as simply the “European Jews” which means no-Jewish DNA Jews living in Europe. In fact, most of these fake "European Jews" are mostly those we call the Zionists today, and many of them will say openly that you do not need to be a Jew or be of the Jewish faith to be a Zionist. You only need to be fully dedicated to serving Zionism, which means serving mostly the Zionist State of Israel and its Fake-Jews. For example, USA President Biden himself, when still only a senator in 2008 said: you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I am a Zionist, saying so just after Barack Obama selected him as his Vice President candidate.   


    Whistleblowing insiders say that the “Ethno-Bomb” project of Israel of the late 1990s has never yet been brought to an end, and still goes on very secretly. It has only been well hidden all along from public sight or investigation. It is also known that in relation to this project, Israelis used research from South Africa’s Project Coast as an already well experimented guide to race-specific bio-weapons in relation to Apartheid in that country. In this field of bio-weapons, Israel is also known to have also collaborated for a few years with various labs around the world. This has included, at last for a few years, a bio-weapon lab in Ft. Detrick in USA Maryland, and one in Winnipeg in Canada. In turn, the lab of Winnipeg had all along a discrete but important exchange program of bio-weapon researchers with both a similar lab in Israel, and the similar lab in Wuhan in China. As we now know, the latter is the bio-weapon lab where the COVID virus was leaked, or most probably been made to escape purposely at the occasion of the 7th CISM Military World Games with the attendance of hundreds of foreigners from dozens of countries in the fall of 2019. This particular timing was to ensure the rapid spreading of COVID around the world through the planes used by the hundreds of foreign military guests going back home in mostly the most advanced countries of the Western World. In fact this return happened very little time before the official declaration of the COVID pandemic by WHO.


    As a result, a strange thing that some experts have noticed already is that the poisonous Spike Proteins included in the fake COVID vaccines (that do not protect the vaccinated who require constant new doses and boosters that include substances that should never include in a normal vaccine) do behave differently, and much less dangerously, in ethnic Ashkenazis, or Fake-Jews, than they do in most other people on the planet. Is this not in itself a clear confirmation that COVID fake vaccines are a result of the "Ethno-Bomb" project of Israel, or at least a similar project of a network of laboratories collaborating with Israel for the creation of race-specific bio-weapons? These favored categories include also people of Turkic origin (just what in fact the Khazars were, that is, mainly the Zionists of today, and a substantial part of the people of Turkey), and a couple of other countries with probably a very similar DNA, like the Finnish people in Europe and the Amish people in the USA. In other words, the Spike Protein of the fake COVID vaccines is already in great part a new bio-weapon that is already, to a great extent, race-specific. In practice, COVID seem already to be affecting mainly the white race of Europe and the USA. It will cause much less damage for example to the black race, and cause much less damage to the "Ashkenazi" population than to most other races. This is certainly also a very incredible coincidence that the fake COVID crisis is taking place while the white race is already also under attack for all sorts of other reasons by all the "Woke" mainstream media completely dominated by a Zionist network of Sweat elites. People of the white race  are those affected the most by COVID, and also, at the same time, the race being made to feel guilty of all sorts of shameful crimes of supposedly abusive superiority in relation to other races through actions of the past and of the present days. With COVID, this attack on the white race now appears to be double, not only political, but also biological, and its persecution in the overall context of COVID resembles more and more to a form of possible "Ethno-Bomb". .  


    Another related indicator of the possible continuity of the “Ethno-Bomb” project of Israel, in relation to the fake COVID crisis, and to what appears to be already its race-specific bio-weapons, might also be the fact that all the CEO leaders of the main corporations producing the COVID fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated, affecting negatively mostly the white race, are all Zionist Fake-Jews. This includes Pfizer, Moderna that first created SARS-CoV-2 as the main vector of COVID, and Johnson & Johnson. In turn, all the main platforms pushing the most for both the compulsory massive vaccination worldwide, and for the Woke culture against the white race, are all also led by Zionists. This includes Facebook, YouTube and Google owned by Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page who all have a primary and firm allegiance to Israel before an allegiance to their own country. At least Pfizer is also known to have already signed an agreement with Israel for Israel to be able to collect data on all persons receiving their vaccines, be they in Israel or in any other country in the world. We have no firm evidence that this has also happened with the other main vaccine producer companies, but in all logic, it is most likely to be also the case. Why do it with Pfizer, and not also with Moderna and Johnson & Johnson? There’s also the December 2020 study published in the journal Biochemistry and Biophysics Report. that gives us more suspicion that the "Ethno-Bomb" project, or something similar, is still going on. That most serious scientific publication concluded that ACE2-K26R decrease electrostatic attraction of poisonous Spike Proteins. These receptors are very different in the DNA of the Ashkenazi populations (today's Zionists or “Fake-Jews”) and will affect that race in a different and less dangerous way. All other ACE2 variants increase electrostatic attraction of the poisonous Spike Proteins, with white Europeans and Americans having the strongest attraction to such poisonous substance. All the above seems to clearly tell us that, if COVID is not officially confirmed as the continuity or the end result of the “Ethno Bomb” project of Israel, the coincidences of being so are so enormous that this is most probably a reality that is a secret hiding in plain sight to most attentive observers of good common sense. How closer can be get, in all logic, to a conspiracy, but a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory?


    This incredible criminal scenario can easily appear to be conspiracy theory, and to be ridiculously incredible to the mass of people forming their opinions only on the basis of the political correctness of the mainstream TV and media. But first of all, all these media are fully dominated by a Zionist network. Then, reading two good books written by honest Zionist Jews themselves might help their understanding and change their opinion on the fact that it is most probably rather a conspiracy reality. The first book is The Invention of the Jewish People, by Shlomo Sand. The second book is The Thirteenth Tribe, the Khazar Empire and its Heritage, by Arthur Koestler.


    Concluding the considerations on the COVID House Of Horrors
    Masked SocietyI can only close this long list of 37  "windows"  and 3 "doors" for looking at various parts of the same "house of horrors" of the fake COVID crisis by what I have seen today. My wife and I went to what used to be a beautiful and most pleasant shopping area with happy shoppers laughing and enjoying themselves, let alone young people flirting constantly in a nice Italian way. The area is surrounded by walls preventing the entry of cars. It is located in the country side south of Rome. It is called "Castel Romano". Its streets inside the walls are all fully open-air walking malls. The walled area includes probably hundreds of the very best stores of beautiful Italian products for most happy shopping. It was a sunny day and there were tens of thousands of people walking the open air streets while shopping around.

    Today, contrary to what happened before, going to this beautiful place was a horrible experience. Every single person was wearing a face mask certified compulsory at the entrance of the walled area. This was the case even while walking outside in the open-air streets. Contrary to what I used to enjoy in the past, I have seen not even one single nice smile from a beautiful girl or a handsome young man. None of them seemed to enjoy themselves or to be attempting to flirt. In front of most stores there were also long lines of obedient clients respecting social distancing and waiting completely silently to be granted the privilege of the clearance permission to enter, one by one after each served client went out. In front of eating places you had to even show a digital personal "Green Pass Vaccine Passport", and even wear a face mask to be allowed in to get food and then sit at an outside open air table. At these open-air tables you were even expected under surveillance to take off your face mask only for strict eating time, and not while talking for maybe a few more minutes of rest while still seated after eating. In other words, what used to be a beautiful, pleasant and joyful commercial center had become a brand new and very sad controlling center for exclusively a fully enslaved masked society, like shown on the picture to the side, with people looking even like condemned sheep being brought to the slaughter house while hiding their fear behind face masks. 
    Certainly, all the above considerations on the COVID House of Horrors are very relevant to this book on FtatAristarchy, as COVID  and its ensuing Great Reset are the latest and ultimate tools ever developed for our total, final, and global enslavement. This global enslavement is precisely what a FtatAristarchy is meant to prevent, and capable of giving us back our full liberty through a combination of FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) and democratic governance by the "Best Ones" in an Aristarchy.   

    Or is it rather this, that I have seen today?

    Sheep With Masks




A more positive way to look at the COVID pandemic and the coming Great Reset


What about a liberating Great Awakening instead of an enslaving Great Reset? We should not close this section on COVID and the Great Reset, which are the two sides of the same coin of our new kind of total and global enslavement at the moment, even if they are the best revealing factors of how it is really happening, with only the above mostly negative considerations. Fortunately, the negative Great Reset may inevitably provoke a positive Great Awakening. Only a great awakening can save us, and its light seems to start to appear at the end of the long tunnel of our final global enslavement by the Sweat elites through COVID and its ensuing Great Reset. If more of us start to spread the truth about our reality, an awakening can make people discover the extreme extent of the corruption of both our national and the supranational GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) authorities enslaving the rest of us. Our Sweat elites enslave us easily essentially only because of a lack of the FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) that would be the founding characteristic of what would provide FtatAristarchy as promoted by this book. If the current Sweat elites exaggerate for too long with their global enslavement strategy, such a Great Awakening may well reach a point where it will call for the complete defunding and dismantling of at least all the main supranational organizations on our shoulders, like the WHO, the UN, the IMF and the WEF to name only the worst ones. For now, it is already late, and all political and business leaders behind this global enslavement by the Sweat elites must at least be confronted and possibly seriously disobeyed through strong democratic civil disobedience. The fundamental principles of international law, including the Nuremberg Code, should be reminded and applied in this protesting process. For us, the only way to rebuild order, justice and freedom is through FtatAristarchy based on FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency). This is the main subject of this book, with the necessary reforms to our current fake democracy elaborated in Part 2 of this book. To save us, only FTAT is required to start with. How more simple can it be? And how more rightful can it be, and more easy can it be, if we start requesting FTAT compliance from all the GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) supranational authorities that we have never elected and that are totally unaccountable even if they are financed by us? If a majority of us request this help from our elected national governments, they can only become our proud partners in assisting us to do so immediately with supranational unelected and unaccountable authorities, while they themselves, our elected national governments, commit themselves to also become FTAT as soon as possible. Short and simple: No FTAT No Money!


In the meantime, with the help of the above 37 negative highlights of the previous section on COVID, there is also some hope for a more short term positive resolution on the basis of the awakening taking place specifically about the scam that the current fake COVID crisis is. This awakening could also be first step to our salvation before FtatAristarchy could be formally implemented in our countries. 


The current fake COVID pandemic initially appears all very negative, but it also hides a very positive growing shift in human relations. The Sweat elites that have hoarded near full power over the last decades are breaking and panicking. Many of them already smell the not too distant odor of a jail cell. The vast amount of free information that has been brought to common people in the last 30 years is frightening the Sweat elites to the outmost degree. The evening TV news no longer have a monopoly over what is newsworthy for a growing number of common people, even if, unfortunately, it is still not yet the majority of the common people. With the creation of crypto currencies, we are also approaching a time when the Sweat elites central banks and their puppet client national governments will be gradually losing their monopoly on taxation and the controlling of private wealth. Even if the mainstream media still produce mainly fake news and government propaganda of the Sweat elites, there is nevertheless a concurrent slow rise, but nevertheless a significant rise of a spirit of individual freedom based on access of more true information and a growing desire for FTAT compliance.  


In front of these growing developments, the old authorities managed by the Sweat elites are now panicking. They still hide it quite well, but they are panicking. Consequently, their reaction is to turn as quickly as possible to authoritarianism, or even to full totalitarianism, hoping to arrive as soon as possible at a totalitarian One-World-Government of total global enslavement. They have everything to lose if they do not do so quickly. To break this evolution toward freedom, COVID has been the best totalitarian tool they could ever conceive. In fear of loosing their power, the Sweat elites must do everything they can to consolidate their power and wealth quickly, while reducing as many people as possible to be obedient slaves. Masks and social distancing are part of this strategy revealing their fear of loosing power.


The COVID flu is not more dangerous than most other previous annual flu crisis we have had in the last 50 years, like the Hong-Kong flu of 1968. What is dangerous is the way this simple flu is exploited, and for what purpose, which is a consolidation of power, of wealth, and of global domination over obedient slaves. These three things are exactly what COVID is giving them in great part already. Through COVID, the Sweat elites have already transferred the greatest amount of wealth in the history of humanity from the productive middle class into their own parasitic hands, either for free or the cheapest possible price. In addition they have in fact already succeeded in masking ridiculously the whole world as silent obedient slaves.


However, this is neither the worst nor the whole story. The worst is still hiding quite well behind that story of power consolidation. What is most dangerous in the fake COVID pandemic is not the normal virus, and not even the horrible way it is being exploited. It is the main physical tool they use, the so-called… vaccines. These fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated are the most dangerous part of COVID. They were engineered before the launching of the COVID pandemic, and for its launching, not after. Once they were made ready, the pandemic was launched for having the justification for being able to impose the new fake vaccines not protecting the vaccinated, but rather meant to seriously damage the strength of the vaccinated, damaging their immune system and their Pineal Gland giving people access to higher levels of consciousness stronger desires of liberty. As predicted by Rudolf Steiner, these fake vaccines are very clearly intended to damage the immune system and the pineal gland of those being vaccinated, not to protect the vaccinated, and to create a new kind of obedient slaves through fear, in both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. In fact, it is now obvious that these vaccines do not protect the vaccinated and cause all sorts of bad collateral effects that in many cases even lead to death. And the official propaganda is engineered to make people believe these deaths are due to the virus, not to the fake-vaccines. As a result, there are more COVID vaccinated than unvaccinated people sick with COVID in most hospitals at the moment, and much more dying from the vaccine than from the virus. For the reasons exposed above based on Big Corrupting Money, and on the basis of the opinion of health operators working directly in this field as opposed to opinion of outsiders forming their opinions by only listening to the mainstream media, most statistics of the official propaganda are false and do not reflect the reality of what is going on. With COVID we are not facing a natural pandemic, but facing a conspiracy reality of full global enslavement.


The worst of the COVID pandemic is thus not the normal flu virus but the criminal fake vaccines. As we have seen, these fake vaccines are criminal and potentially deadly bio-weapons containing all sorts of poisonous substances that should never exist in any real vaccine, like Oxide Graphene and Spike Protein. They so far contain little of these poisonous substances so that they do not cause too many deaths too quickly, and consequently raise too much suspicion in too many people that there is something very wrong with their true nature of fake vaccines and what they are being used for. But they contain enough poisonous substances to cause serious damages, and already many deaths, in particular when combined with other serious health conditions. But for the Sweat elites, the potential of these fake vaccines, in addition to helping them to consolidate their power, is that they will eventually also serve the objectives of world depopulation as soon as these substances will be increased and more activated through the forthcoming G5 WIFI.


In spite of all the above considerations, there is a positive side. The Sweat elites are so afraid of losing their power that they have recently made the mistake of acting too fast and too powerfully. Because of this, more and more people wakeup to this awful global strategy which is seen more and more as a clear crime against humanity. Hopefully this will lead to the break up the new totalitarianism that is being imposed on us by the Sweat elites. COVID was supposed to be the consolidation of their diminishing power, but their management of it is so exaggerated that, hopefully, it will lead to the end of their power, and hopefully also to their criminal condemnation with serious jail time from the best world tribunals as soon as possible.    






So far, we have talked a lot about the Sweat elites enslaving the rest of us and, for the time in the history of humanity, these elites are finally capable of enslaving us in a new global way, worldwide. We hinted many times at who they are, but before going further down, it is important to pause and finally clarify fully this most important new Sweat acronym. In the above introduction, and in the full book in particular, we talk a lot about these unnoticed enslaving elites.  With an obvious intended pun, we decided to call them the Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team). This "Team" is composed of the most current evil elites deceitfully running the world at the moment in the pursuit of a full globalization, as the "Global Village", which is a name coined by Canadian media theorist Herbert Marshall McLuhan in his 1962 book titled The Gutenberg Galaxy. In this global village, the Sweat elites want to enslave the rest of us, and run it from a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government meant to achieve this terrible objective as soon as possible. McLuhan's book of 1962 really was, consciously or not, an intellectual inheritance received from George Orwell and the book he wrote in 1949, titled Nineteen Eight-Four, that predicted clearly, already some 70 years ago, a forthcoming form of totalitarianism or a regime of total mass surveillance much worse than what happened in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. These two books of Orwell and McLuhan have reflected in advance exactly what we are living today, in particular since the major false flag of 911 in NYC in 2001 that was already used in growing dictatorial ways, soon after the event, to limit immensely the liberties of the whole world population, supposedly because of the fake necessity of launching a fake "War On Terror", even if acts of terror have killed until today, 20 years later, much less than 1% of the people dying in car accidents. This false justification for a growing dictatorial governance is nevertheless even more reinforced today since the beginning of the current magisterial false flag called COVID, with its unnecessary bankrupting lockdowns and its Fake Vaccines that do not protect the vaccinated but spread the virus and, with their well-engineered side effects, cause all sorts of serious damage to the body and brain of millions of people around the world. The damage of this COVID false flag goes from at least a psychological state of full obedience through the compulsory wearing of ridiculous face masks, to the deterioration of the immune system, and even the drying of the Pineal Gland in order to downgrade vigorous people at various zombie levels of subservience. The damage also includes death in thousands of cases when combined to, and worsening other previous medical conditions. However, the Sweat  elites behind these magisterial false flags to achieve global dictatorial governance more easily are also those bringing to reality the Global Big Brother mentality that Orwell predicted to become our New Normal. Most people today around the whole world obediently wear enslaving masks as their Orwellian New Normal without realizing the unnoticed form of fast growing global enslavement they are stupidly becoming subjected to.


But who are more specifically these Sweat elites? They all have an Abrahamic origin but, as we will see, they include 4 main categories of Fake-Jews, and many other categories of Fake Christians and Fake-Muslims.


The 5 various letter attributes of the word Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team), as an acronym, well reflects who these elites are. These Sweat elites are not national but transnational, and they conspire for our global enslavement, as our enslavers (e), but as a worldwide (w) team (t). These evil elites at the source of the above unnoticed conspiracy reality to achieve the unnoticed "Global Village" of global enslavement of the rest of us are basically all "Abrahamic" (a) in origin, in that they belong mostly to the top levels of the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and to the top levels of other accomplices like the Freemasons, the Jesuits, and the Sunni terrorists of Islam. They include also their subservient coconspirators for our global enslavement at the top levels of management of the biggest corporations, of the main international organizations, and of the top level nomenclature of the puppet political level, and/or of the deep state level, of the fake national governments that we think we elect in the most important countries when in fact these national puppets of the Sweat elites are preselected before fraudulent elections. Except for the apparent false exception of our national leaders, all these Sweat elite members have the power to do whatever they want, as evil as it may be, because they are all fully GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) fake authorities over the heads of the rest of us. This is why, even if we have an incredible technology allowing us to go to the moon or even to mars, we still purposely do not have a perfect voting system without any possible fraud. Achieving such perfect voting system would be much easier to achieve than going to Mars. In fact, as we will see in Part 2 of this book, such perfect voting system without possible fraud is exactly what a FtatAristarchy offers as one of its main new tools of governance. It is called BAVID  (Bio-Anonymous Voting ID), and it uses anonymous biometrics of a special new type of voting card. Finally, we also qualify our enslaving elites as "Satanic" (s) because, at their top levels, as we explain with more details in many sections of the full book, these elites nearly all have a lot to do with various kinds of Luciferian rituals, including in the Vatican itself, always using the nicer elitist name of Lucifer for these practices in order to hide the politically incorrect name of their real master called more prosaically Satan by most common people. 




Sweat Conspiracy

The Abrahamic conspiracy of the Sweat elites to dominate the world and enslave the rest of us is very much dominated in leading roles by those we call the Fake-Jews. who work in complicity with fake Christians and fake Muslims in less leading roles. Consequently it is important to clarify first who these Fake-Jews are. But it it important to stress two things at the outset of this explanation. First, the conspiracy reality of global enslavement does not exist in as much as it has to do with only Jews, but certainly does exist in as much as it has to do with with a quadruple kind of Fake-Jews more than often in leading roles in complicity with other fake Abrahamic members of Christianity and Islam. Second, these conspirators for world domination all come from the very top levels of their respective Abrahamic religions, but from deviated branches of these 3 religions that have in common an affiliation that is difficult to qualify except in Luciferian terms, to the point that Satan himself appears to be their own common master.  


Here are the 4 categories of Fake-Jews more specifically:


  1. The first kind of Fake-Jews has to do with a Jew who is a member of a deviated or heretical branch of Judaism that has been infiltrated by black magic and Satanism from the time of the exile of the Jews in Babylon. For this reason we sometimes call this first kind of Fake-Jew  a Babylonian Satanist. This first category of Fake-Jew still exists today within World Jewry but belongs mostly to a heretical branch of Judaism, formally so or not, whose main leaders have often been formally excommunicated. Thus their qualification as Fake-Jews is well deserved. Formally speaking, an excommunicated Jew is no more a Jew, just like an excommunicated Catholic is no more a Christian Catholic. In practice however, the most important representative of this category are still calling themselves Jews, and they are considered Jews by they fellow Jews and by most common people who are not Jews. But for the purposes of this book, they are considered Fake-Jews.

  2. The second kind of Fake-Jew, and the biggest majority of them, has to do mostly with the barbarian people of the Turkic Khazarian Empire shown belowwho were massively converted by force to Judaism by their king in 740 AD. After the destruction of their empire in 1250 AD by Russia, these Fake-Jews dispersed themselves in most of Europe, without going to Palestine to which they had no historical links. As such, they have become what history books now call the European Jews, also often called the Ashkenazy Jews, in clear opposition to the real original Palestinian Jews, because their Turkic tribe had no Jewish or Palestinian blood whatsoever, absolutely nothing "JEW", nothing Jewish DNA,  nothing related to the Ancient Jews of Palestine, and absolutely no historical link or claim at all to the territory of Palestine. Nevertheless, these non-Jews-at-all are the ones who have invaded Palestine in wide majority through the creation of the new Zionist State of Israel. They have invaded that territory in particular since after the formal foundation of that brand new state in 1948. Thus the qualification of Fake-Jew is also applying, even more clearly so in this second case, to this category of Khazarian or European Jews often also referred to as Ashkenazi Jews. A majority of them have evolved over the last few centuries after 1250 AD to become today mainly those we call the Zionists. This is certainly the reason, as we have seen above, that many of their most important members or subservient friends say that "You do not need to be a Jew to be a Zionist". Even current USA President Biden said so in 2008 when he was still a senator and chosen as the VP of Obama. He also added, as someone who is formally a Catholic, and not even a so-called Christian Zionist: "So I am a Zionist".

  3. There is however an associated third main kind of Fake-Jew that is, for the most part, the so-called Christian Zionist. Some good examples were even two famous assistants of Trump in the USA: his VP Mike Pence and his head of diplomacy Mike Pompeo, let alone Mario Draghi educated by the Judeo-Jesuits. Even supposedly Catholic president Biden can fit this category quite well with his 7 grand-children who are all Jews. This special evangelical type of Fake-Christian Zionist for the most part has no Jewish blood, but is fully dedicated to pursuing the Zionist objectives of the first two Fake-Jew categories, including all the policies of Israel with its aspiration of world domination after the return of the Messiah. The most obvious falseness of these Fake Christians that become Fake Jews is that, although they consider themselves "Evangelicals" they do not preach exclusively the sacred Evangelical Books of the Gospel of Jesus, except incidentally, but mainly the full Jewish Bible of Yahweh as a whole that has nothing to do with the real Jesus, while giving Yahweh a very obvious priority in their preaching over what the deviated Jewish Jesus of the of the Judaic Jesuit Christian Institution called Vatican may represent for them.

  4. The above are the 3 main categories of those we can most legitimately call Fake-Jews. But there would also be a lot to add about a mix of other additional Fake-Jew categories involved in all sorts of manipulations of world affairs. One of them is certainly the involvement of the crypto-Muslims called the Donmeh who were Jews who pretended to be Muslims, through a fake conversions to Islam, doing so because of their desire to associate themselves to the Jewish pursuit of world domination from within non-Jewish environments. These hidden Jews, as Donmeh, were fundamentally active in relation to the birth of some Islamic Sunni Muslim nations like modern Turkey and Saudi Arabia that both have a well documented history of Jewish founders. As explained in more details in the full book, both these branches of Islam were influenced in their creation by corrupted elements of Judaism. As such, although they were considered Muslims, the Donmeh were crypto Jews, thus another category of Fake-Jew. The Bolsheviks that founded the Soviet Union were also crypto-Jews of mainly Khazarian origin hiding their Jewishness as much as they could. As such they were crypto Jews, or another Fake-Jew category. The Marrano in Italy are another type of crypto Jews involved as Fake-Jew operatives in infiltrating and dominating the Vatican in Italy, thus tentatively infiltrating the overall Christian institutional world. They have already done so in great part, in particular since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962 and even more so with the fraudulent selection of a Judeo-Jesuit called Francis in 2013 as supposedly only the Catholic pope. In the meantime the Fake Christian Jesuits  themselves are also crypto Jews with their religious order founded by a Jew called Ignacio di Loyola, thus also of a the Fake-Jew category. At the moment, these crypto-Fake-Jews are literally running the Vatican since the fraudulent installation of the first crypto-Jew Jesuit pope in the history of Christianity called Francis in 2013.   


Considering the historical background of the 4 above categories of Fake-Jews, what superficial conspiracy theorists call the "Jewish Plot" does not exist, as it becomes clearly, to say the least, a "Fake-Jew Plot". More accurately, it is an Abrahamic Sweat plot. In relation to what is happening today, and considering the fact that the official legal definition of a Jew is someone with a pure DNA Jewish mother, the above history of conspiracy for world domination is not a conspiracy theory of Jews, but a clear Abrahamic conspiracy reality. Its origin brings us back mainly to the Khazarians, to those non-Jew-at-all barbarians of the old Khazarian Empire who were massively converted by force to Judaism in 740 AD. These Khazarians were certainly not Jews at all at that time. Consequently their descendants are still not real Jews at all today. As a result, they certainly and undeniably deserve fully their Fake-Jew qualification. The only problem is that they are nevertheless all called simply "Jews" by most ignorant people around the world today.







In the full book, of which this writing in only a short synthesis, we trace our gradual unnoticed enslavement from centuries ago. In this synthesis, we limit ourselves to the last sprint of this history since 1945. This final sprint of that enslavement, transforming it quickly into a global one for the first time in the history of humanity, is the unnoticed success of the Sweat elites in WWII. The real winners of WWII were not those we have been told in the history books written by the same ones who pretend to have won the second world war. The real winners were not The Allies, but the Sweat elite. And the real looser was not Hitler. It was the rest of us. This is because these deceitful victories of the Sweat  elite, before, during, between and after the two world wars, and to this day, were hiding the satanic Master Plan of the Holocaust of Western Civilization for the purpose of the enslavement of the rest of us in their pursuit of a dictatorial One-World-Government


The WWII period, in its preparation and its repercussion, as reported by mainstream historians appears to have included only one holocaust, famous as "The" Holocaust, or only "the" one against the Jews. This is wrong. That holocaust was certainly badly preceded by the Holodomor which was the holocaust led by the mainly Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union against the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine concentrated mainly in the years 1932-33. This Holodomor conducted by the Jewish Bolsheviks killed just about the same amount of people that the Nazi regime will cause a few years later against the Jews during WWII itself, or about 6 million persons in each case. But there was a much bigger and much more serious holocaust looming in the background of WWII. This is what we can legitimately call the wider Holocaust Against Western Civilization. It will be much bigger, even in terms of sheer numbers, and much more serious, as its plan involved not only the physical death of those who would not submit, but also the destruction of the culture and best values of all those who did not die in the whole western world. Not surprisingly, at close analysis, this more global holocaust, starting before "The" Holocaust against the Jews, was engineered by the Sweat elites that included many fellow Jews, often in important leading roles, along of course with many other political operatives from the two other Abrahamic religions. In fact, all the above successive holocausts were all caused by the same Sweat elites with many Jews in leading roles, including the holocaust against the Jews, because Hitler, in producing the holocaust against the Jews, was financed entirely by Zionist Jews. Apart from this, according to the original Master Plan of the Sweat elites, the more global holocaust, the Holocaust of Western Civilization, would be done, first and foremost, through what Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist party in Italy in 1921, had called the Passive Revolution engineered to destroy all the best traditional values of western civilization, as a kind of clear Holocaust of Western Civilization, in order to more easily eventually enslave all its people in a dictatorial One-World Government of GlobCommunism, but of possibly a new reinforced Communism without that name, maybe calling it at most Socialism, if not simply and more deceitfully only... Democracy, of course fake democracy, which is exactly what we have now.


Here is a brief look at the essence and stages of the Gramsci Passive Revolution

The Gramsci Passive Revolution
at its
First Stage
or what we often call today
Cultural Marxism

There are four stages necessary for the forthcoming Fabian Totalitarian Socialist Power pursued worldwide through the Master Plan of those we call the Sweat Power in the western world in particular: 1) Demoralization, 2) Economic Crisis, 3) Normalization and 4) Destabilization. These 4 stages are meant to bring what the experts have called "Communism In A Better Way", that is in a more deceitful way, and "moved more to the West", as a "New Normal", to paraphrase the words of both Orwell and of the famous Russian dissident Bezmenov.

Today, the first stage of demoralization ("De-moral-ization") is sufficiently advanced to be considered completed in its essential attributes but, in fact, it is really an ongoing one, meant to last, and even get progressively worse all along the following 3 other following stages. Bezmenov explained to me personally that this "New Normal" was based on the view of Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Italian Communist Party in 1921, as a view that had originally been considered foolish by the young USSR, but that had finally been recognized, later on, as valid by the older elites of the collapsing USSR in the 1970s. That view of Gramsci was that one cannot push a Capitalist country with strong national, patriotic and moral values directly into Communism. Gramsci was strongly sustaining that:


"You must first undermine and debauch the morality, the culture, the ethics, the patriotism, and the spiritual life, which means that the influence of Christianity must be first weakened or completely destroyed" as an essential prerequisite. That is what he called the "Passive Revolution".

This is in fact exactly the type of "Passive Revolution" that we have been in, for at least a couple of generations already, in particular today, with the soft relativistic morality of the New World Order. Even Pope Francis who, as a fake Judeo-Christian Jesuit, is more interested in pursuing the globalist political UN Agenda of the New World Order of the Sweat elites than the traditional spiritual and strong moral agenda of the Catholic Church, thus contributing to the first Gramsci state of Demoralization for the continuing Passive Revolution. This has led us in fact to the resulting complete "debauchery" of our western countries in terms of corruption and amorality. In front of such extreme debauchery, including its clear pedophile and satanic aspects, the silence of our world leaders, from the Pope down, via the UN, the EU, Hollywood and the highest levels of all our national public Sweat officials, we also have the guilty criminal collusive silence of all the mainstream media hiding the Truth through "Fake News". Overall, this amounts to a crime against humanity, not to say a well-planned Holocaust of Western Civilization. This crime is however a "success" for those satanic Sweat elites seeking to establish Fabian Socialism or Cultural Marxism for our global enslavement through the traditional tools of DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) of their globalist Master Plan now being assisted by the brand new additional tools of a new Banktatorship, a new Healthtatorship and a reinforced Newstatorship. Only a FtatAristarchy can resolve this situation properly, and as completely humanly as possible.

This "Passive Revolution" of Gramsci is fundamentally based on what is called "Cultural Marxism", the political theory of the infamous Fabian Socialist group of the Frankfurt School established in 1923. That Sweat group plotted the corruption and overthrow of all western non-Communist nations by, as a first step, systematically debauching and undermining their cultures and morality. Be it called Cultural Marxism
, or Fabian Socialism, its first goal was, and is to this day, complete debauchery without guilt through the use of various tools like ugly contemporary art, diabolic music, debasement of education, and propaganda through mainstream media they fully control, to condition people to accept the essential elements of the most radical Marxism without identifying them with these names, not even with the word Communism. After a few generations of this conditioning, which is where we stand today, Marxism becomes the new reality, as our Orwellian "New Normal", but without a violent revolution, and even without awareness that a new type of improved Communist revolution has occurred. And new hints make this sour reality become gradually more evident through the rise to the Puppet Power of strange Marxist characters like Kamala Harris in the USA recently, and many others we can call the Daughters of Lilith, let alone the new generation of the genderless "Sons of Lilith". With her, and what has happened recently with all sorts of subversive Marxists movements like BLM and Antifa, let alone all sorts of Color Revolutions engineered by Marxist Soros types, and with what is going on now in terms of Censorship of freedom of opinion in all media, and the creation of the new banished social category of National Terrorists rejecting the political correctness killing our nations, is well in line with this Master Plan of "De-Moral-ization" of the Passive Revolution of Mr. Gramsci. In other words it is equivalent to what we call the first stage of the

Holocaust Of The Western Civilization

Few people realize that the
Zionist Jews fully financed Hitler, and thus the Holocaust against their own fellow Jews. This is very well documented, including by many Jewish authors, like in Charles Higham book "Trading with the Enemy" and in Lenni Brenner book "Zionist Collaboration With Nazism". In this way the Jewish part of the Sweat elites, specifically its Jewish-Zionist component, has provided a horrific collaboration with Nazism. But in spite of this, even fewer people realize that, from an enlightened point of view, it is the Sweat elites composed overwhelmingly of the Khazarian European Jews in this case, or the Khazarian_Empire_of_Fake-Jews, who really won WWII, not the so-called Allies. This leading role of these Fake Jews  in the two world wars is also well exposed in a book entitled "The Jewish Hand in the World Wars", by Thomas Dalton PhD. The author exaggerates in their role, as if the role of the Jews was the only important role instead of being a more global role of those we call the Sweat elites. He nevertheless puts well in evidence what was clearly a leading role of the Jews in many respects, which included, as we know it today, the Jewish financing of Hitler while knowing he was doing The Holocaust in order for them, the Jews, to have a justification after WWII to create the Jewish State of Israel. As a result of this victory, the Sweat elites were finally able to trigger an even more horrific type of holocaust to damage the western world, not to say the whole rest of the non-Jewish world, in order to dominate the whole world, and dominate it more easily through also Judaizing the Vatican through the Vatican Zionist Coup of 1962, and creating a new coalition intended to become what we now can call today the Sweat some 50 years later. This Sweat coalition has caused and will continue to cause what we can call legitimately the Holocaust of Western Civilization through the full activation of the Passive Revolution described just above. This wider holocaust was implemented in order to achieve the Sweat Master Plan of a long-term strategy of full world domination through a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government of Improved Communism, or the "Communism In a Better Way" of Gramsci, that the Jewish part of the Sweat elites wants to eventually base in JerUSAlem after a well-programmed previous fall of all other centers of world power, like the USA, the EU, and even the paper tiger of China that temporarily serves its purposes for fine-tuning the latest version of Communism.
Herzl Suffering of the JewsAn attentive overview of the strategy of the Sweat elites since 1871 (the Letter of Pike to Mazzini), aiming first at the creation of
Israel, then at the creation of the Greater Israel, and eventually at a One-World Government that they often call their Pax Judaica, all under the deceptive and innocuous name of the New World Order, leads us inevitably to a conclusion that is very politically incorrect but nevertheless obviously and factually true: it is the Sweat elites who were highly dominated by Jews in leading roles who engineered and won WWII for their own nefarious purposes, which were the creation of Israel and the full implementation of the above-mentioned Passive Revolution for achieving the Holocaust of Western Civilization. This wicked Sweat victory was then completed by incrementing its power in various ways, and surreptitiously sheltering it under the innocuous name of New World Order. That increased power came in great part from the Christian component of the Sweat  through the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962. From then on, the Jewish and the Christian parts of the Sweat started to play in a more and more unison way, and the new deviated Vatican was also changed with a rapprochement with the Muslim part of the Sweat elites, with in particular its Sunni side that, believe it or not, as we explain in the full book, was founded by Fake Jews. This rapprochement with Islam for forming an eventual unified One-World-Religion of the three parts of the Abrahamic Sweat coalition has been pursued discretely since 1965 and, as we sill see, became quite obvious since the election of the first Judeo-Jesuit-Pope called called Francis in 2013.  
However, already in 1948, with the creation of the new Zionist State of Israel, the Zionists members of the Sweat elites had achieved a type of solid basic victory that open the way, for them, to dominate the whole world through various means, including a necessary Gramsci type of
Passive Revolution intended to cause the Holocaust of Western Civilization. The highly Zionist-dominated mainstream media (owned and/or controlled all by a single cartel network of six major media corporations of the Sweat elites) carefully hide this furtive reality, and lead people to believe that WWII was only a disaster for the Jews, and cannot be considered any kind of victory of the Zionists-dominated Sweat elites, as it is the war that incorporated the Jewish Holocaust. But this is only a well engineered social and cultural deception through the cartel of mainstream media that, as we will expose with more details, all belong to the Sweat elites through a worldwide illegal cartel network of only six main corporations.

Holocaust of Western Civilization

What is important to understand is that this military victory aspect was only half of the Sweat  victory, and not the most important half. The full engineering of WWII brought to the Sweat elites not only that kind of surreptitious military victory, but in particular an even more surreptitious anti-culture victory over the traditional Greco-Roman culture of the USA and of all the Western World. The WWII became, as somebody called it, a kind of "Talmudic Triumph of the Zionists over the Western Civilization", but not at all for the good of the western civilization. Just as ex Jewish Prime Minister Netanyahu, representing the extreme summit of Zionism, could say openly, in 2014, that 911, as the destruction of the two twin towers in New York, helped, and was still helping Israel, and just as Theodor Herzl could also say openly, in 1900, that more sufferance of the Jews would help the long term plans of the Zionists, WWII and its integrated Jewish Holocaust has helped the Zionist-dominated Sweat elites tremendously, worldwide, in particular in the Western World. Because of their alleged sufferance, and ignoring the fact that this sufferance was financed by their own fellow-Jew Zionist banksters, the whole Western World reacted, emotionally and favorably, with not only facilitating the creation of Israel, but also facilitating the penetration and major influence of the Zionist-dominated Sweat elites in politics, governments, banking, international finance, media, academia and all other important aspects of Western society since 1945, allowing Zionist Fake Jews in particular to do so in an inordinate proportion compared to their percentage of the population and also their percentage of the Sweat elites in particular.
Of course, all along that penetration of all centers of power, what the
West did not realize is that the Zionist Fake Jews part of the Sweat elites were taking advantage of this facilitation in order to better pursue their Talmudic Agenda of world domination as the "Chosen People". In light of their very small proportion of the population, and to reinforce their action, the Sweat elites also infiltrated the Catholic Church, and Judaized the Vatican clerics in great part, more than ever before, which led to the formation of what we call the new SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Orderconsolidated by the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962.

What the West realized even less, is that to dominate and enslave the free Western World, for an eventual full Talmudic One-World-Government Domination, the Zionist Fake Jews and the overall Sweat elites had to work to destroy the world based on the ancient traditional Greco-Roman values and its modern Christian values. People with strong ancient values of freedom and freethinking coming from the superior Greco-Roman ELL (Enlightened Logos Liberty) culture of real direct and participative democracy as founded in Greece, cannot be enslaved easily, if at all. This is where the Passive Revolution meant to trigger the super Holocaust Against Western Civilization comes into play as a major and necessary element of the Master Plan of the Sweat elites for global enslavement.

Hollywood Controlled by SweatIn examining the current destruction of western values, we soon realize that our
Western World was infiltrated, early on, after WWII, and today like never before, by Sweat elites managing purposely negatively all the destructive factors of the culture of the Western World. This Holocaust of Western Civilization includes the fields of the crappy and violent media and entertainment productions of the Judaic New Hollywood, the legalization of easy divorce, let alone easy late abortion, even "abortion after birth", the promotion of degenerated sexuality that includes pedophilia and anal sex, and its related horrendous pornography (contrary to some good beautiful pornography that can still exist), the distortion and reduction of divine love into pure bestial physical lust, the destruction of the natural united family, the annihilation of the cultural beauty of each nation within its own traditional borders, the banishment of good patriotism as a form of hate instead of a form of love and pride, the dumbing down of education at all levels, the elimination of natural parenting, and first and foremost the push for a highly excessive and catastrophic multiculturalism through wild massive illegal immigration of inassimilable cultures and religions without due pre-selection process, as per the Sweat Kalergi Plan.

An attentive observation of the actuality, as exposed in many sections of this book, and in dozens of other even better books of even Jewish authors, the Zionist Fake Jew members of the Sweat elites are clearly acting often in an undeniable dominant leading role behind all these destructive factors of western civilization, and they even brag openly about it, like typically journalist Joel Stein about Hollywood, affirming bluntly and proudly in 2008 (as shown on the side) that "Jews totally run Hollywood". Now, in 2021, he cold easily add that the Jew families of China, the Sassoon and Li families, often called the Rothschilds of the East, share fully that power over Hollywood.

All these factors of destruction for the Holocaust of Western Civilization may be well synthetized, or symbolized, by the most flagrant, to most people, of these destructive phenomena, which is the growing rejection of a symbol of peace vs. the growing celebration of a symbol of mass massacre:
The War on the Christian Christmas Tree vs. The Celebration of the Jewish Menorah. But similar parallels can easily be established between other aspects of the destruction of the western civilization and what is being promoted by the new Sweat elites. There is certainly such a parallel between the destruction of the beauty of the united natural family and the promotion of late abortion without serious reason, the outrageous proposal of trans-sexuality as a right of minor children, the promotion of sourly hilarious same-sex marriage as opposed to what we should at least call more justly, even proudly if need be, a parriage (a kind of nice contractual living agreement between pars of the same sex), and degenerate forms of sexuality pushed unduly as models by the fully Judaized New Hollywood (let alone the new concurrent and growing power of China whose culture is discretely but strongly under the influence of the Sassoon and Li families of Judaic origin, called the "Rothschild of the East" over Hollywood itself already, and in fact over the whole world of entertainment). This is all pushed at the rest of us even more directly, albeit always stealthily, as the matrix of a deceiving and degrading political correctness by the mainstream media fully controlled by a Zionist Media Cartel of only 6 major corporations. There is certainly also another clear parallel between the destruction of the beautiful uniqueness and beauty of the culture of each nation and the promotion of massive inassimilable immigration without due pre-selection process on a basis of shared values, as per the most evil Kalergi_Plan of the Sweat elites pushing for excessive multiculturalism fomenting racism instead of a positive pro-racialism.

Pax EllinikaThere is an even more profound and dangerous parallel between the very proactive promotion of the disappearance of the human gender, and the horrific
genocidal engineering of the male-man in order to render him less aggressive and more obedient to the current Talmudic Agenda of the Sweat elites for full enslavement, in preparation for the fast forthcoming One-World Government based on totalitarian Communistic Collectivism or Fabian Socialism. All of these destructive factors are first and foremost a Sweat elites agenda of mainly Zionists Fake-Jews in leading roles, but an agenda that is now greatly facilitated by an extensively Judaized Vatican, and by the recent selection of a Judaized Jesuit Pope bowing to Jewish Rabbis, Pope Francis, as the most relativistic pope the Catholic Church has ever had in two millennia, with his admitted his "Inability To Judge", and thus his inability to lead and preserve the best of our western values. His immense contribution to the Holocaust of Western Civilization, let alone to the possible destruction of the Catholic Church, through his important participation to the promotion of the Panthriskia, as a One-World Religion integrating the 3 Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) will probably be fully recognized in very few years, if not only a few months, when it will probably be too late for the survival of the already degraded and immensely corrupted Catholic Church.  

Again, the Sweat elites know that they cannot achieve their objective of world domination without enslaving people and, in turn, that they cannot enslave people who have a strong freewill coming from their ancient
Greek Roots of the ELL ("Greek") culture, who have consolidated traditional and moral values, and who have a patriotic approach to their nations. For the Sweat, all of this must disappear. The resulting catastrophe for the Western World is, for the Sweat elites, their anti-culture victory over that world. That anti-cultural victory was granted to them by the way they have surreptitiously won WWII. Of course, the Zionist Fake-Jews of the Sweat elites in particular do exactly the opposite in the Zionist State of Israel itself. In fact, none of this destructive approach to social life is used in Israel itself, that is, in their new Zionist State. For example, in Israel, abortion of Jewish women is very restricted to only special circumstances, while same-sex marriage celebration for Jew is impossible, and immigration of a multiculturalist character without due pre-selection process on a basis of Jewish DNA is absolutely impossible. Of course this pre-selection is meant to accept only immigrants with exclusively Jewish DNA.

To the contrary, the same Zionist Fake-Jews outside
Israel are the main promoters of these destructives factors in all the western world, in particular multiculturalism. In other words, the Zionist Fake-Jews outside of Israel who reject multiculturalism in their own country actively promote wild immigration in all other countries, in all the western world, with open door policies, and without due pre-selection process. As a result, apart from diluting the white race, they encourage social conflicts in other countries and inevitably also racism abroad. Instead, in Israel they are just about the most pre-selection compliant country in the world regarding immigration, in order to harmonize the social texture of their population on a basis of strict Jewish DNA. From this point of view, apart from their racist discrimination against the Arabs of their own country, from an immigration point of view they are certainly the most racist country in the world, as their pre-selection of immigrants is based on Jewish DNA. It is impossible to be more racist. No other country in the world apart from the Jewish State of Israel has such DNA immigration pre-selection as an absolute criteria. In addition, along with that Sweat elites destructive cultural process through wild uncontrolled immigration in the rest of the Western World, and to reinforce their pursued enslavement of the populations to be dominated in the whole of the Western World, these same Zionist-dominated Sweat elites use, at the same time, the system of Zionist-controlled central banks to proactively keep indebting both the peoples and the countries of the whole of the Western World. In other words, the Sweat elites push for a double kind of enslavement of the Western World at the same time: from a cultural point of view and from an economic / financial points of view.

Pope Francis New World OrderSince 1962, with the
Vatican II Zionist Coup, the Sweat elites even do all the above destruction with the good help of the Catholic Church, through the reinforced Catholic part of the Sweat elites that has placed an impressive number of Judeo-Jesuits in the top positions of many Zionist banks and corporations. Having a very relativistic, socialist and Judeo-Jesuit Pope, in the person of New World Order Pope Francis, is further consolidating the Sweat elites Master Plan of world domination. People without strong cultural values, and full of debt, are much more easily enslaved, and they become the more docile subjects of the Totalitarian New World Order of Fabian Socialism or of Communistic Collectivism pursued by the long term strategy of the Sweat elites. The combination of these two factors is what has caused the Holocaust of Western Civilization taking place at the moment, as a prelude to what may well become a more Global Cultural Holocaust except, of course, for the Sweat elites and their accomplices of a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government to be based in JerUSAlem as soon as possible after the Great Marxist Reset of Mind pursued now by he WEF (World Economic Forum) very openly since 2019 under de deceitful name of simply "Great Reset" that is rather a Great Marxist Reset, and supposed to refer only to the economy when in fact it also refers to the whole degraded culture of the western world.

In short, the Sweat elites have not only engineered
WWII, but also won WWII, less obviously militarily, but certainly anti-culturally, for the purpose of their pursuit of world domination after the eventual creation of the Greater Israel. Consequently, since 1945, they have infiltrated all the centers of power of the Western World, and even conquered the Catholic Church, destroying it by making it become a Judeo-Christian Church, with a growing Judeo character, more than ever before, and a correspondingly diminishing Christian character, being now less Christian than ever before, under the fake Judeo-Jesuit Pope Francis. The Western World, economically, politically, culturally, and religiously, has become highly subjugated to the Sweat elites, and highly destructed in its best traditional values. And to ensure their final full domination, the Zionist Fake-Jews main component of the Sweat elites who pursue it in leading roles are, for now, at least temporarily, acting less powerfully than they would like to, until they will feel strong enough to act eventually on their own, through a purely Judaic One-World Government based in JerUSAlem as the capital of the pursued Greater Israel, and of their pursued totalitarian One-World Government of Communistic Collectivism and Fabian Marxist Socialism based on Cultural Terrorism. This shall be the achievement of their long saga pursuing their Pax Judaica in JerUSAlem. The only solution to reverse this forthcoming full enslavement it to transform it in a new era of Pax Ellinika through a new form of governance that we call FtatAristarchy and explain fully in the context of Part II of this synthesis, and in Part II of the full book in particular.
Of course, part of the new
Greater Israel
running the new One-World Government will include invaded parts of surrounding countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece. The absorption of some Greek territory is well described in the history episode called The Light House Of The East brought to our attention by the great historian Joannis Passas (Ιωάννης Πασσάς) in his book with a very enigmatic title: "The Crime of Science" (Το έγκλημα της επιστήμης). What has been happening in Syria over the last few years is also part of this Master Plan: destroy the country and force an important bulk of its population out, as refugees, in order to make new space for annexing more territory for the Greater Israel. The forced annexation of the Golan Heights from Syria after the Six-Day War, in 1981, was only a pre-taste of this process of completely dismantling Syria and balkanizing the rest of the Middle-East for the purposes of an eventual Greater Israel. This is clearly what the New World Order is, for now, and what a probable forthcoming WWIII shall help to achieve, in the near future to complete the global Sweat elites Master Plan of world domination through a dictatorial One-World-Government over the rest of us as docile slaves for which the current COVID masks are already a successful test of full obedience.

This pursuit of the acquisition of a country for the Diaspora of the Jews, mainly the Zionist Fake Jews of Khazarian descent, to be called Israel, and eventually the Greater Israel for world domination, has been a long-term objective of the Jews, dating back centuries, even millennia. As we have exposed with enormous details in the full book, the leading Zionist Fake Jews component of what today we call the Sweat elites has also pursued this objective through even the financing of the persecution of their own fellow Jews during the period of the Holocaust in Hitler's Germany. This was considered by Zionist Jew leaders like Theodor Herzl as the "necessary sufferance" that would help the justification for the creation of the state of Israel. Greater IsraelBut this German episode is only one of the most recent ones among many other similar episodes of the Jews financing the persecution of their own fellow Jews in order to achieve this long-term objective of world domination. Another very notable example worth mentioning, is what happened some 500 years earlier, in Spain, even if it is a mostly unknown episode to most people. Nobody will ever find this Spanish episode in the most recent history books authored or edited by the main publishing houses of the last few decades, because the publishing houses of the contemporary culture are entirely dominated by the Zionist Media Cartel Network of only six major corporations all belonging to the Sweat elites.
Spain of the the second half of the 1400s, Jews were massively persecuted and expelled to the point of constituting a previous mini-Holocaust. Most of them ended up in the Balkans, mainly around the Thessalonica area of Northern Greece. Why? The pre-Zionist Jews of that time wanted to create a country for themselves, to be called Israel, let alone also an eventual Greater-Israel. To do so, they needed to bring as many European Fake-Jews of the Diaspora as possible to a selected territory as close as possible to Palestine as a first step. The second step would be to bring as many of them as possible to Palestine itself, in a territory centered around JerUSAlem. That selected territory, for the first step, was chosen to be the one centered around Thessalonica in Northern Greece.
With this purpose in mind, the pre-Zionist Jews then deceitfully offered money to the Kingdom of
Spain to help them, the leading Zionist Jews, to achieve this objective, paying the Spanish Kingdom to persecute and expel the Jews from Spain, somewhat like they will do again, with the financing of Hitler, some 500 years later. The Kingdom of Spain easily abided to this desire of the leading Jews for 2 reasons. First, the Kingdom was not at all happy with the behavior of the Jews in Spain, involved mainly in unpleasant activities of usurious debt-money exploitation as "Money Changers". Second, the Kingdom was short of money and badly wanted to finance the expedition of Christopher Colombo across the Atlantic. The Kingdom of Spain was anxious to finance expeditions across the Atlantic, with the hope they could possibly improve their finances and possibly even enrich themselves tremendously through such new explorations. In fact, these new explorations led to the fake "discovery" of what is called America today, by Colombo, in 1492. The issue here, in our context, is that, in the end, the money that Spain received from northern Jews to persecute and expel the Jews living in Spain and send them to Thessalonica was used by Spain to finance Colombo, creating a kind of mini-Holocaust on its path. This became a first instance of a Holocaust against Jews financed by other Jews, similar to the one that will happen some 500 years afterwards through Hitler being financed by Jews for persecuting the Jews of Germany and send them to Palestine. In other words, the mini Holocaust against Jews in Spain and the following much bigger Holocaust against Jews in Germany were both financed by rich Fake-Jew leaders, and for the same long term purpose to create a Jewish State of Israel as soon as possible, let alone a Greater Israel as soon afterwards after that.

This previous
Holocaust of Jews financed by other Jews of Spain, happened through the so-called Alhambra Decree, as an Edict of Expulsion, issued on 31 March 1492. The Edict was issued by the joint two Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Isabella I of Castile, and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Half a million Jews were involved in the form of either persecutions, or of actual expulsions resulting from this less known earlier Holocaust against them. The money from the rich Jew leaders had been already received, months earlier by the 2 Spanish monarchs. The decree was just a formalization of the persecutions that had already started, and of the expulsions that had to be enforced. The Kingdom of Spain had put aside a small part of the money for the expulsion of the Jews, but it deceitfully also had put aside the greater part of the money for the financing of the explorations of Colombo that were swiftly launched at the beginning of 1492.

PhilotimoThere are two interesting side issues here that are nevertheless of interest in the context of this book.-
First, Spain did not really discover "America" by financing Colombo with some of the money received by some rich Jew leaders to expel the more common Jews, but only rediscovered "America", after the Greek explorers, the Argonauts of Greece (around 1500 BC), and previously the Pelasgians of Greece (more than 4000 BC), had discovered that territory more than 5000 years ago without of course, calling it "America".- Second, the Alhambra Decree of 1492 was only formally revoked in 1968, in the context of the Zionist Vatican Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962 that transformed the Jews From Enemy To Brother within the Catholic Church to use the title of the book of John Connelly entitled precisely From Enemy To Brother. This infamous Council of Vatican II was also the one that finally accomplished the full infiltration of the Catholic Church by the Zionist-dominated Sweat elites, just like they have infiltrated the highest levels of political and economic power of most western countries. As such, it was the Vatican II Zionist Coup that transformed the Vatican into a Judeo-Christian territory and, as such, into an omnipotent instrument of power for the New World Order now run by what we call, in the context of this book, the Sweat elites power that is enslaving all of us today. With the fraudulent election of Pope Francis (as the third fraudulent one, following the two popes of the Council of Vatican II), and his following of mainly the civilian and political UNN Agenda instead of the traditional spiritual agenda of the Catholic Church, the Sweat elites have completed the infiltration of all structures of governance, worldwide, that deserve the qualification of world political power, including maybe the discretely most powerful one, the Vatican within the overall structure of world power. Consequently, the Sweat elites are getting very close to being able to finally achieve their long term objective of full world domination through the formation of the Greater Israel, most probably in the context of a forthcoming important war, possibly WWIII, and establish a One-World-Government, as a communist dictatorship of Fabian Socialism, with its capital in JerUSAlem.

There are many good books confirming this destructive nature of the Sweat elites for the Western World. The best ones unfortunately are only in Greek, by Greek authors, as the Greeks are the ones who suffered the most, through the biggest and longest of all Holocaust, for thousands of years, from the actions of mainly the Jews, or rather the actions of the Sweat elites of the 3 Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity, with the Jews themselves being all along their main jealous rivals from a cultural point of view because it is the Greeks, not the Jews, who invented philosophy, democracy, the Olympics and the rest of the Philotimo, through which the Jews always stayed in a shaming shade of some inferiority in front of the Greeks. Unfortunately, considering what has happened in Greece in the last couple of decades, with its complete financial enslavement and cultural dismantling, this longest and biggest of all Holocausts against the Greeks (the so-called "Pagans") is not only true for the past, but continuing actively even to this day.


The culture of unnoticed enslavement that a FtatAristarchy can change for us, in order for us to wakeup and regain our liberty is fundamentally the Return of Philosophy in our life to replace dogma, both in our private and in our civil life, as per the PythagorArium Project at the source of this book. It also involves an entirely new form of Holistic Education of the 3 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul compulsory at all levels of instruction. Finally, it celebrates the ensuing Sacred Marriage of Science with Philosophy. This is essentially a return to the culture of Philotimo as much as possible, even if maybe in a more modern way.

In English, we can suggest the following books as a good start on the above subjects:     
Neal Gabler, a Jew, wrote: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood"
Michael Jones, a Jew, wrote: "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History".   
Dr. Kevin MacDonald, wrote: "The Culture of Critique: an Evolutionary Analysis of the Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements".



Khazarian Empire of "Fake-Jews"



Khazarian EmpireFor those interested in clarifying this confusing history of the European Jews, or of this category of Fake-Jews, it is important to have more elements of information. In the 8th century AD, a wild population of rather barbarian people of Turkic origin calling themselves Khazars had the control of an immense territory south of Russia, in between and surrounding parts of the Asian Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, with its core of command centered where we have Georgia and part of Ukraine today. See the map on the side. This vast territory became known as the Khazarian Empire. These Khazars practiced no known religion. They were extremely cruel and committed all sort of violent acts without guilt, rather with joy. Crossing their vast territory was extremely dangerous with most foreign travellers, most of the time, being robbed or killed, with all their women raped or kidnapped for sex or domestic slavery purposes. Their Christian neighbor to the north, Russia, was also very powerful, and much more civilized. These Khazars had also other neighboring primitive populations on the other side, at the south of their empire, devoted to Islam and Judaism. Along with these other neighbors, including Persia, Russia decided, in 740 AD, to give an ultimatum to the Khazars, and force them to convert, massively, as an entire population, to one of the 3 Abrahamic religions of their choice. Russia was naively hoping this would bring the Khazars to more civilized ways within their own territory. The alternative of this ultimatum was that Russia and its alliance would destroy the Khazarian Empire. The king of Khazaria at the time was called Bulan. In front of the serious menace and the ultimatum, Bulan chose to convert his entire people to Judaism, as his own personal and sovereign choice, for all his people, even if they had no Jewish DNA whatsoever, nor any kind of link whatsoever to Palestine. Consequently, from the very start, they were clear Fake-Jews. After the full destruction of their empire by Russia in 1250 AD, they did not go to Palestine to join the real Jews, but dispersed themselves all over Europe, and most historians started to call them wrongly and deceitfully the European Jews as opposed to the real Palestinian Jews. Today they are regrouped in mostly what we call the Zionists of Europe and the USA in particular.






Between 1945 and 1993, the full book elaborates many more steps of gradual global enslavement, and they cannot be included in this synthesis. Starting in 1993, nearly all of the evil Sweat elites start to profess, openly or not, or to reveal clearly, directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly, their firm affiliation to their preferred political ideology that their most superficial leaders usually only call simply "New World Order". In turn, their most serious leaders dare to call it "Socialism", but without specifying what they really mean. What they really mean is "Fabian Socialism" or "Cultural Marxism". The key surface name "Socialism" hides the more simple but frightening name or their preferred ideology which, in one word, is the worst kind of "Marxism". In the context of this book, we call it mostly a devious and deceptive kind of "Improved Communism" that is really nothing less than a form of "Cultural Terrorism" meant to destroy our best Greco-Roman values in order to globally enslave the rest of us more easily. This is the subject of this section, let alone the rest of Part I of the full book. Part II will define the 10 reforms we have to implement to get back our freedom through a new form of governance that we call FtatAristarchy (Full Truth And Transparency Aristarchy).    


Communism Right MomentCommunism has suffered a well programmed soft fall in the Soviet Union in 1992 but did not die at all. In fact, according to Soviet dissident Bezmenov, it had been programmed to fall since the mid-1970s, and to fall softly, without a new destructive revolution. In the meantime, since the same mid-1970s, it had also been programmed to be improved in its pureness, at their best next occasion outside the Soviet-Union, including with some new fine-tuning in China, starting more formally in 1978. At that point, the top Soviet officials knew clearly already that their failure in tactics of application of Communism were irreparable in the Soviet Union, and uncorrectable in the Soviet Union. It needed a "Fresh Start" somewhere else. According to Russian dissident Bezmenov who revealed this to me when I was still a young Canadian diplomat, its improved version was intended to be gradually "Moved more to the West" as soon as possible after its soft fall in the Soviet Union. The move West would start with the easier Europe and, a few years after that, would be pushed even more to the West, into the more difficult USA. In fact, before its soft fall in the Soviet Union in 1992 (and as seen in the previous section of the full book about China), its projected improved version had already started to be fine-tuned with brand new elements in China since 1978 through mainly Social Credit and the set of economic reforms of the so-called "Socialist Market Economy" under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping. These new elements of reforms were further improved in 1984 through the foundation of the CITIC, the additional organization that managed China's transition to its hugely fake "Communist Market Economy" under the guidance of the Judaic Sassoon and Li families called the Rothschild of the East.


The effective gradual move more to the west of Communism in its purest Marxist original version started with the creation of the European Union in 1993. This new EU would definitely be a Fake Democracy managed by well-veiled GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) bureaucrats without that qualification. To save face however, it would include the election of a parliament, but a Fake Parliament with no real power. The real power would be placed in a so-called European Commission that would be totally GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance), composed of officials only "selected", not "elected", selected by the Sweat elites of the member states meant to be useful idiots for this purpose.


In creating the new EU, the intention was two-fold. First, the new Improved Communism was intended to start with a slow and deceitful penetration of the EU, without naming it Communism, but with its main institution of real power totally GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance). This first deceitful penetration of a purer original Communism was meant to favor, as soon as possible, the eventual full establishment in the EU of the brand new elements of Communism that had been highly fine-tuned in China since 1978. Second, the experience of the EU starting in 1993 was meant to be a test that, if successful, would lead to become the starting point of the extension of this new Improved Communism also to the USA, a few years later, still without that name, in at most a couple of decades after the beginning of the 21st century.


Interestingly enough, with the election of a Hilary Clinton in 2016, if it had happened, the Sweat elites would have finally been very close to having reached their objective of New Communism also in the USA. But with the totally unexpected surprise election of an anti-globalist wild card called Donald Trump they suffered a temporary setback for a few years. However, the globalist communists always think long-term, not short-term. For them the Trump parenthesis was only a temporary setback, not at all a final defeat.


With the election, or rather the fraudulent "selection" of Joe Biden through the massive fraud of electoral electronic machines, the Sweat elites now have the ideal useful idiot leader that they often call China Joe to start pushing the Improved Communism of cultural terrorism fine-tuned in China into the USA. This is because Biden and his son are known to be very closely linked to the China that fine-tuned the new additional elements of the Improved Communism destined to be "moved more to the west", including into the USA in due time. In addition, to assist Biden, they have in particular the main figure of this new Improved Communism called Kamala Harris as the Vice President, as the "best" possible puppet representative of the extreme Marxist Left that animated the older original Communism, and animated more recently the Improved Communism of China. She, the veiled Marxist Kamala Harris, is even discretely planned to soon become the President of the new Improved Communism in the USA if the failing health and cognitive performance of puppet Biden deteriorates any further, or if he is eventually ousted out for any other reason. Kamala is already a full asset and eventual leader of the new Improved Communism without that name but of full "cultural terrorism" wanted by the Sweat elites for the USA.


In the meantime, with the so-called China Joe as their winning asset, the Judaic Sassoon and Li forces of China called the Rothschild of the East have not only corrupted Biden's son, Hunter, but corrupted immensely the major part of Congress with the collaboration of the Judaic forces of the Rothschild of the West in the USA called by mainly the name Zionists, be they Democrats in majority or Republicans in minority. This is an immense corruption of which Hunter Biden is only the tip of an iceberg. Through this corruption, and with the help of a well-hidden Obama in the background fulfilling his kind of fake third term as president, with Hillary and Kamala as his main accomplices, let alone Soros, in practical terms, China is already running the USA in a leading role today, in full collaboration with the older but still strong role of Israel. The first master, China plays that leading role mainly on the economic side, while the second master, Israel, plays that leading role mainly on the side of foreign policy for world domination purposes.


Of course, to distract the public attention from this awful puppet theater, the Sweat elites use Russia as the punching bag of the Fake Russian Collusion. So far, this has beautifully kept the attention away from the leading role of the two puppeteer masters, China and Israel. What is happening in the collapsing USA today is certainly not mainly a Russian Plot, and not even a pure Jewish Plot, but certainly a Sweat Plot with the Judaic forces of mainly the Fake Jews of both China and the USA in the main leading roles. In short,  the USA is now a perfect puppet theater with two master puppeteers: China assisted by Israel. The top master puppeteer at the moment is China, but the main string handlers are mainly the older dominant Judaic transnational forces of the Sweat elites supervised by the Zionist State of Israel. The USA has now become the richest colony in the world for its two main masters and exploiters, China and Israel.


Both puppet Biden and puppet Kamala are also, already and explicitly, self-declared Zionists. Biden is supposed to be a Catholic, but really a Fake Catholic that is only another category of the Fake-Jews. He fully defends all the worst values that are anti-Catholic, like criminal late abortions, abominable transgenderism and ugly gay marriage. In addition, all his 4 children married Jewish partners and he has 11 Jewish grand-children. From this point of view, as already a Fake Catholic, Biden is also already a kind of Fake-Jew, thus also a full asset of the the Zionist leading component of the Sweat elites. As for Kamala, she is also a kind of FAKE-JEWS because she admittedly celebrates the African Kwanza with the 7 candles Kinara that emulate the 7 candles of the Zionist Menorah with which the Jewish Hanukah is celebrated. And both the Hanukah and the Kwanza are about bringing the Luciferian light to this world. Of course, "Luciferian" is only a nicer word for "Satanic", as a substitution that is also used frequently by the satanic Sweat elite members of the Vatican in many of their Fake-Catholic liturgies that include explicit odes to Lucifer. From this point of view Kamala is also a perfect puppet asset of the Sweat elites, just like her presumed puppet boss Joe Biden, when most probably their real common master boss in the background is none less than Obama at a shallow level, and Lucifer himself at a deeper level of the Deep State, with the complicit assistance of the two Clintons. Of course, discrete Master Obama himself is animated by his new mentor called Soros, and the two Clintons are self-declared animated by their own mentor called Alinsky who wrote the book "Rules For Radicals" with a dedication to Satan on which Hillary wrote a kind of thesis. This can only mean that Satan himself is leading the USA to the full implementation of the new Improved Communism of "Cultural Terrorism" fine-tuned in China without its "Communist" name.


Because of these two important levels of acolytes at a shallow and at a deep level, all supervised by Obama and the Clintons, the Sweat elites of the USA are now convinced they can finally achieve their long-term objective of fully transforming the USA with the New Improved Communism of "Cultural Terrorism" in the near future. The super-puppets Biden and Harris are certainly fully on board with the forthcoming "Great Marxist Reset" of the transnational Sweat elites because they have chosen for their electoral campaign, as their main slogan, a logo created by Marxist Klaus Schwab of the WEF (World Economic Forum): "Build Back Better". Puppet Biden was also all along his career just about the strongest supporter in the entire American Congress of the new UNN that is entirely dominated by the worst Marxist elements of the Sweat elites, starting with their Secretary General, a socialist and internationalist called Antonio Guterres. Puppet Biden also said openly that he supports a globalist NWO (New World Order), as articulated by his good friend George Soros, both seeing NATO as a subservient body of "front-line troops until the UN is transformed and strong enough to play itself the role of global peacekeeper from a new UNN (United No Nations)” or a new dictatorial One-World-Government.


BK Service_ComradesNot only Bezmenov, but many other ex-KGB defectors have confirmed that the communist DebtOcracy enslaving us today through global usurious debt-money is made invisible to us, as our "New Normal", as what we naively and falsely call... democracy in the western world. Again, for us, the Sweat elites want our current reality to be only our unquestioned "Just the way it is", blindly accepted by all of us as just the normal Political Correctness that kills the good common sense of most of the common people in our countries. Many other writers have also explained that Communism did not die in the Soviet Union, and that it was only likely to rise, in a "better" way and in its purer form, in many new places around the world, or has already arisen in many places already. In fact, it is rising actively already in many places under other appearances and with other names. The Book by Robert Service: Comrades: A World History of Communism (2007/shown on the side) was highly criticized by the Sweat elites, for obvious fake reasons of political incorrectness, but it is useful reading in this respect. This is always what happens when someone dares to tell the Truth. The history of Communism that is being reborn in its purer form of Cultural Terrorism today, more to the west, in the EU and the USA, as the Passive Revolution of Gramsci meant precisely to create Cultural Terrorism, has already shown in its past that it is the worst cancer that ever attacked humanity, having caused directly more than 100 million deaths, at least 40 million of which by Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union alone, and indirectly around the globe more than 231 million dead in the wars and revolutions of the 20th century alone (detailed list is provided in our full book) in wars and revolutions inspired by a form of Communism.  


As for intellectual dissidents fully aware of this strategic move of an Improved Communism to be moved more to the west, the famous Soviet KGB defector who died in 1992, Yuri Bezmenov, whom I got to know well, explained to me in the 70s and the 80s, both before and after I myself lived in the Soviet Union during the last years of Brezhnev as a Canadian diplomat, how Communism would be made to fall smoothly in the Soviet Union but not made to die, only made to be "improved" on the basis of its purer Marxist conception of "Cultural Terrorism", as the cultural terrorism so well expressed by the Gramsci Passive Revolution. This Improved Communism, of course, would be an improvement, as a regime, only for the elites, and a worsening, as a regime, for the rest of us. It would be made to also mend its wounds, and to be moved more to the west, starting with the EU and then to the USA. After its fine-tuning with brand new elements in China for a few years, including with dictatorial Social Credit, it would be made to work in a more efficient way under another less frightening name, even under the innocuous name of... democracy, but of course a new fake "democracy" hiding a dictatorial fundamental DebtOcracy of more global grab in which we are now already. This DebtOcracy would then be improved through a growing worldwide Banktatorship, as a stepping stone for a fast forthcoming fully Communist and dictatorial One-World-Government to eventually be based in JerUSAlem if, in the meantime, the Zionist Fake-Jew leading component of the Sweat elites succeeded to affirm its full leadership within the Sweat Cabal of GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) transnational officials.


As a matter of interest, Bezmenov had first escaped the USSR to Greece in the early 70s, at the height of the power of the Soviet Union, and then was granted asylum to Canada through a complex process in which I was partly instrumental. He was an ex-top-level Soviet KGB official, expert on the various types of deceptions used by collectivist governments like the Soviet Union, to achieve a totalitarian regime of full population enslavement in any given country of their choice, even through the use of bio-weapons. As such, after defecting and leaving the Soviet Union, he gave a vast amount of lectures in western countries on this subject in the 1970s and 1980s, trying to explain to these western countries how to avoid the traps of totalitarian Collectivism through a new form of Improved Communism of Cultural Terrorism intended to be moved more to the West. He loved the beauty and liberty of the western world as it existed at that time, some 50 years ago, and wanted the West to avoid the decadent destruction that was facing the Soviet Union. Because of this, Bezmenov even wrote a book called "Love Letter to America" which to him meant Canada as much as the USA. Many people were intrigued by his writings and lectures at the time, and by his predictions as to what could happened to us, but most people did not take his lectures too seriously, as his predictions seemed to be exaggerated, and even of outright impossible application in the free western world. Nevertheless, today, it is in fact our sad reality, exactly as predicted by Bezmenov.


Bezmenov constantly talked about the "Fresh Start more to the West" of Communism after its predicted, even well planned, soft forthcoming fall in the Soviet Union. He nevertheless predicted that the Fabian Socialist world Sweat elites that had applied the communistic techniques of massive enslavement in the third world were now aiming at starting to apply them in a better way also to the first world, the western world which included America and Europe. In fact, they were already facing serious difficulties in the Soviet Union in the 1970s, with their failing system of enslaving collectivism. On the strength of their experience, and the lessons learnt in more than half a century of experimentation, they wanted to move west, for what Bezmenov was often calling a new communist experiment of "Fresh Start more to the West". In any case, and alternatively, already in the mid-70s, the soviet elites were planning to use the West as a refuge in case their experiment would fail all together in a violent manner in the Soviet Union. These explicit predictions were nearly ignored in the 1980s, but they now look like incredibly accurate prophecies, that is, they look like our exact sad reality of today at the beginning of the XXI century, in the EU already, and growingly in the USA.


I first heard of Bezmenov while working on a diplomatic posting (1969/1972) at the Canadian Consulate General in Milan, Italy, with part of my functions being responsible to process the applications to Canada of refugees held in the refugee camps of Trieste in northern Italy, near the border of the ex-Yugoslavia where I was travelling on a regular basis for evaluation and selection purposes. The refugees from these camps were from all the countries of the Eastern Communist Block, including the ex-Soviet Union, but also included refugees from other places, like some opponents of the military regime of the colonels in Greece at the time. Having good experience already with Soviet refugees of the like of Bezmenov, I was first consulted at distance for assisting the evaluation of his case that became pending first in Athens. He was in Athens as a defector, but he was very interested in asylum in Canada. For this reason, he was then brought to me in Trieste for 3 days, through a military flight, for an evaluation by me in one of the refugee camps there, and then returned to Greece.


Kamala Harris Marxist JusticeMy extensive experience with the selection of refugees fleeing Communism, like Bezmenov, or fleeing other dictatorial regimes, was only to grow. After Milan, I had a chance to expand my experience with all sorts of refugees, from both the extrene left and the extreme right of the political spectrum. I was first transferred to the Canadian Embassy in Athens (1972/1974). When I got there, the defection of Bezmenov and his request for political asylum to the west was still a fresh story, in particular with some colleagues of the American Embassy in Athens and officials of the Greek government who had been involved in his case, and with whom I was regularly associating in my diplomatic duties.


In between Milan and Athens, I also went for months of temporary duty in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. I went there mainly to help process the refugees from Eastern Africa who were fleeing from mainly Uganda, away from the giant black military dictator Idi Amin who had decided to forcefully expel all non-black foreigners from Uganda, in particular all the persons of Asian origin. He knew what I was doing in Uganda, I even got to know Idi Amin quite well, but I will spare you my worst unpleasant moments with him. After my posting in Africa and in Athens (where I met and married my Greek goddess wife in 1974, with whom I am still married and live today), I was transferred to Chile (as newly married, where our first of 3 children was born), with the mission to personally select and process the quota of 200 political prisoners that Canada had decided to accept from the jails of the Pinochet regime. All these prisoners were either Communists or Marxists, or from other political parties of mainly the far left. I worked in Chile for two years (1974/1976), travelling to all the jails of Chile between Arica (extreme north near Peru) and Puntarenas (extreme south, near the Antarctic Pole that I also had a chance to visit in part) at the occasion of my diplomatic duties in the area.


By the time I was ready to leave Santiago of Chile, I had acquired a very extensive experience with political refugees of all kinds, from the left and from the right. On that basis, I made plans to meet again with Bezmenov who was now living in Toronto in late 1976, but only at an unofficial meeting arranged through a friend of the Greek Consulate who knew Bezmenov from the time of his first defection in Greece. I had always been fascinated by the case of Bezmenov as a political refugee, in particular by his theory of an eventual "Fresh Start more to the West" of a new type of Improved Communism without that name. He was a serious top-level Soviet intellectual. He had been a very top KGB official, and he was giving regular lectures, ever since granted political asylum in Canada, on the most interesting aspects of the communist regime of the Soviet Union and its expected stronger future by moving it more to the West in its purest original Marxist form without that name. In the meantime, I had also acquired the experience of the regimes of the worst dictators of the planet at the time on the right side of the political spectrum, mainly in Uganda and Chile. Consequently at that point I was most intrigued by dictatorships of the left side of the political spectrum, like the one of the Soviet Union. I wanted to compare and try to understand which one was really worse, or the least bad. I felt Bezmenov was the best person to talk to about the questions I had in mind. In retrospective, this is probably because of him that I asked and readily obtained and accepted a new diplomatic posting at the Canadian Embassy in the Soviet Union some 3 years later. That new diplomatic posting that took place at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow between 1980 and 1982, most of it under the reign of Brezhnev whose funerals I attended. 

What was this Improved Communism to be moved more to the West?


This analysis is most important, as an Improved Communism (for the elites, not for the rest of us) is exactly what we have in the Western World today. And its full implementation is being completed with the help of the fake COVID crisis and its new Healthtatorship of compulsory fake vaccines, as final twin tools well engineered for that specific purpose. But first, why did the original Communism failed and how was it planned to be "improved"?


At my first unofficial meeting of 1976 in Canada with then Canadian resident Bezmenov, we concentrated on the Soviet Union, as he himself had not had any experience with regimes of both the far right and left like I had. Bezmenov explained to me at length that the collectivist experience of the Soviet Union was failing, or rather already programmed for a soft fall, but only because they had made four terrible mistakes. The Improved Communism they were planning for was essentially a purer Marxist form of Communism that would have a "Fresh Start" without these 4 mistakes and with the addition of new elements to be fine-tuned in China, like the dictatorial Social Credit system. The steps to be taken for eliminating the 4 mistakes and achieving an Improved Communism were seen as the following: 

  1. Avoid complete central planning without more competitive regional planning.
    Complete central planning, for the best intellectuals of the Soviet Union had revealed itself to be an impossible utopia. Instead of controlling the economy fully but indirectly, through a well-controlled and still productive private middle class, they had tried to control all their economy centrally and directly, as a global public sector, all by mostly incompetent government officials put in position by mainly cronyism instead of competence, doing the same at top government level. This soon revealed itself to be an impossible task, as an impending inevitable failure, especially in a huge country of the size of the Soviet Union. These mistakes had led to an impossible managerial situation that was simply catastrophic in its daily consequences in most places. Consequently, as early as the mid-60s, the Soviets fully realized already this fatal mistake. But they also realized that it was already too late for applying any possible kind of major correction without revolutionizing for a second time their entire country, with unpredictable consequences for the maintenance of their power and privileges within the huge Soviet Union. For them, again, it was better to let if fail, or rather make it fail as softly as possible, and have instead a "Fresh Start more to the West" .

  2. Enslave the useful productive middle-class without "killing" it, instead of the useless low-class.
    This second reform is related to the previous one. Bezmenov explained that their most fundamental mistake was to have enslaved the useless low class instead of the useful productive middle class like they would intend to do in their eventual "Fresh Start more to the West" . However, its new type of enslavement of the productive middle class would be brought to the outmost degree possible, but without killing it, in order to keep it productive. GorbachevNewSovietsIn the USSR, they had abandoned the productive private middle class completely and let it disintegrate, curing only the wellbeing of the high class with all sorts of privileges. They realized that they should instead have only given some kind of minimum welfare to keep the useless low class quiet, and rather enslaved the productive middle class with west-like extreme control through stringent legislation and socialist extraction of wealth, but keeping it alive and active as much as possible. Bezmenov said that a private middle class has talent, and has a natural tendency to be and stay productive even for example under a form of enslavement through excessive taxation and legislation like it is happening very successfully in the West. Such most precious middle class could have continued to be productive in spite of its enslavement, even without meaningful rights of private property, thus continuing to be useful for the good of the economy of the Soviet Union and for the maintenance of the privileges of the elites managing it. The deceitful enslavement of that productive middle class was the most important improvement that they would use for their eventual "Fresh Start more to the West" .

  3. Avoid an oversized and insatiable military complex.
    In addition, Bezmenov mentioned another important mistake that the Soviets were already conscious of, that stemmed from the first two. The original choice of a total control of the economy at top public level had led to the insatiable appetite, and the extravagant ambitions, of an oversized military nomenclature to control the internal explosive situation of too much central planning, and to many other explosive situations abroad with many of them entirely irrelevant to their power. This not only caused unsustainable internal budgets and external debt being used for wrong purposes, while being open to huge corruption, but also caused the formation of a huge new welfare class in other less well served sectors of the economy. The appetite of their military class in turn caused the absorption of the majority of the useful resources for mostly the military sector. As a consequence, this mistake caused the complete neglect of the infrastructures of all non-military sectors of the economy of the country.


  4. Avoid open mass executions and use more deceitful "Cultural Terrorism".
    Overall, maybe the most fundamental mistake they had made according to Bezmenov was to persecute all opponents of Communism too openly and too directly. This was creating too many internal enemies. That led to the massacre of at least some 40 million people under Lenin and Stalin alone. Their open and direct attack had become too obvious. People knew where the "bad" was coming from, that is, coming from a nomenclature they had quickly learnt to hate. That nomenclature could have been liked and seen as a savior if it had proceeded in a wiser way, with less open and direct persecution violence. This best alternative was exactly what Marx had in mind when he 'invented' Communism. From that point of view, they had not been sufficiently deceitfully Marxists. Marx intended to have the Communist revolution work much more deceitfully, by infiltrating all sectors of human activity, destroying all moral and social values through a kind of "Cultural Terrorism" of no clear origin, creating chaos and misery without an origin easily seen as coming from the nomenclature. Again this was the kind of Cultural Terrorism that was well expressed by the Gramsci Passive Revolution that they had failed to apply correctly, and that they would apply more correctly in a Fresh Start More to the West. In this best original way, people would have started fighting each other for survival without realizing they were attacked by any specific superior nomenclature. As a result, the nomenclature would have had a better chance to be seen as a savior instead of a persecutor, and called in willingly by more people for commanding purposes instead of being hated. 

Improved Communism is really what came to be called Cultural Terrorism


The new Improved Communism would be first and foremost one without the above 4 mistakes, or rather with the above 4 reforms, plus some additional improvements being fine-tuned in China like the system of dictatorial Social Credit. As a result of the above 4 mistakes, the Soviet elites were already talking, in the mid-70s, discretely but already clearly to their senior officials like Bezmenov, about having to face an inevitable implosion of their collectivist experiment, and probably in only very few more years ahead of them. By the same token, and in light of their mistakes from which they had learnt a hard lesson, they were also already planning ahead, stealthily, for eventually having a second chance or, again, having what Bezmenov kept calling repetitiously a "Fresh Start more to the West", in a new geopolitical area with a well-established strong economy at the productive middle-class level, like in Europe and in the USA, without repeating the four above-mentioned mistakes. Essentially the Improved Communism would be avoiding mainly the above mistake no. 4 (not being sufficiently purely Marxist), as a priority, more than the 3 others, but also avoiding the 3 others, and return to a purer version of Communism as conceived by Marx that in practice meant  a Gramsci Passive Revolution and a complete destruction of all traditional values through Cultural Terrorism.


To achieve this objective, the Soviets would first ensure the Soviet Union would collapse smoothly, without a new and unpredictable full revolution. They would then move their communist ideology more to the West namely to Europe and the United States, that both had already a most productive middle class to be enslaved easily while keeping it productive, starting fresh, without the 4 mistakes made of the Soviet Union, and without necessarily, God forbid, calling it Communism. In that line of thinking, Europe, to start with, would be their best and first main Fresh Start place because it did not have only a most productive middle class to be enslaved eadily (through excessive taxation and legislation), but also had no huge military sector that could absorb most of its resources like it was the case in the USA, and like it had happened in the Soviet Union. If we look today at what Europe became under the GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) EU Commission, the EU is exactly the kind of such Communist Fresh Start without that name that Bezmenov was talking about: a strong middle class that was debased and enslaved to the outmost degree through excessive taxation and legislation, and through the destruction of the main traditional values of nation, family and morality, but kept alive, and with no huge military budget of its own absorbing too many of the useful resources. As such, Europe could become an ideal new EUSSR (European United Soviet Socialist Republics) to start with, followed by a USSR (United States Socialist Republics) as soon as possible after that. The EUSSR and USSR are in fact the two forthcoming new Soviet areas predicted explicitly by Gorbachev.


In other words, the old exhausted Communism of the Soviet Union was made to fall smoothly as planned, but not made to die at all. It only willfully moved itself to have a Fresh Start more to the West without that name in what, to start with, was soon to became the European Union as the new EUSSR predicted by Gorbachev. And the next ambition of the Sweat elites was to do the same thing eventually in the United States as soon as possible after the EU would have been put under control by this new form of Improved Communism without that name. As for the United States, they knew it would required more time and more effort. But the top intellectuals of Communism are not in a hurry. They are long-term planners over many generations. Most of them are also from the Jewish side of the Sweat elites with a culture of patience over centuries to achieve eventually the supremacy of their race as the so-called "Chosen People" for world domination. Horkheimer


The first important step for the move of Communism to the West without that name really happened when Hitler attacked Jews, and had a clear plan to at least throw most of their intellectuals out of Germany in order not to have competition. They were mainly those intellectuals of the Communist Social Marxist School Of Frankfurt that started to move to the West, in the USA, in the 1930s. Notably, Max Horkheimer of that same school well described their strategy in 1937: "The [Communist] revolution won’t happen with guns, rather, It will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their education institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move toward universal egalitarianism". This comment of Horkheimer was only a good reflection of what Gramsci, called the Passive Revolution of "de-moral-ization" animated by the communistic Cultural Marxism. Of course Horkheimer meant "egalitarianism at the bottom", with all slaves equal in misery under the communist Sweat elites enjoying their full privileges, like it happened in all Communist countries so far, and not an equalitarianism on the basis of the same level of merit like it is intended to happen in a FtatAristarchy (as explained in Part 2 of this book). This is a kind of deconstruction of the western civilization, or a "Build Back Better", with the the mass of the rest of us as slaves while the small minority of the Sweat elites enjoy all sorts of abusive privileges as a GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) nomenclature.


After their induced expulsion from Germany by Hitler in the early 1930s, the Communist intellectuals first moved to Geneva in Switzerland as an initiative of Horkheimer, and then moved quickly from Geneva and, more deceitfully so, to their new home at the Columbia University in the USA in 1934 to start with. Then they quickly invaded Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Berkley. They also became deeply embedded in the education system from kindergarten on, up to the top, also in the main political institutions, in Hollywood, and in particular in all the mainstream Cartel of Mass Media being formed. Today they are those behind the ideas and the extreme left politics. Their new puppet leaders like Kamala Harris are fully imbued with this culture and want to impose it on us deceitfully by reaching positions of power through fraudulent elections like it recently happened in the USA in 2020, and in many other countries like Greece, not to mention through fraudulent political coalitions without elections like it happened continuously in countries like Italy and many others over the last few years.


Horkheimer was only one of these Communist intellectuals related to the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism that should really be called the School of Cultural Terrorism through the Gramsci type of Passive Revolutions. All have their roots in Karl Marx who claimed explicitly the pursuit of the abolition of the nation and of the family, let alone all the culture of liberty and morality of the western world. His Communist Manifesto claimed explicitly that the only way to achieve their aim was "The forcible overthrow of all existing traditional values". His disciple Lenin said: "We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth (...). We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us". Is not all of this exactly what is happening today in the area "More to the West" predicted by Bezmenov for the Improved Communism without that name, in the USA in particular?


Bakunin added: "In this revolution we will have to awaken the Devil in the people, to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is mainly to destroy, not to edify. The passion of destruction is a creative passion". His assistant and male lover Sergey Nechayev said that their goal was first and foremost destruction, and that Communism had no aim other than complete submission of the masses, deceitfully achieved while convincing them that their emancipation can only come about as a result of an all-destroying popular revolt. For this purpose, Communists would use all resources and energy toward increasing and intensifying the evils and miseries of the people until at last their patience is exhausted and they are driven to a general uprising". He founded the program of destruction called "The Revolutionary Catechism" in which it is said that the first objective is to provoke civil war and mass unrest [just like it is happening in the USA in 2022 with the help of the Fake COVID Crisis engineered for this purpose]. He added: "Night and day we must have but one thought, one aim: merciless destruction. Aiming at implacable revolution, the revolutionary may and frequently must live within society while pretending to be completely different from what he really is, for he must penetrate everywhere, into all the higher and middle-classes, into the houses of commerce, the churches, and the palaces of the aristocracy, and into the worlds of the bureaucracy and literature and the military". Again, is this not exactly what the Sweat elites have already done in all the most advances countries of the western world? Nechayev even advocated mass executions if necessary… starting with all those inimical to his Revolutionary Catechism, like mainly all the conservatives [now being considered National Terrorists in the USA since 2021, in particular if they are white and male, and growingly in most western countries]. His own group of activists even assassinated Tsar Alexander II, which is a fact well demonstrating the seriousness of their evil intentions. 


This exaggerated side of Nechayev probably led to a major mistake (no. 4 mentioned above: lack of being sufficiently Marxist) of the failed Communism of the Soviet Union for not sufficiently and deceitfully hiding their "pretending to be completely different from what they really were". Nevertheless, what is included in his Revolutionary Catechism served as an inspiration to all the other strategies of Communism. This includes the "Red Terror" of Lenin and Stalin, the Cloward Piven Crisis Strategy so well cherished by Obama, the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, the Cultural Terrorism of Georg Lukacs and the Comintern of Willi Munzenberg who said: "We will make the West so corrupt that it will stink". Munzenberg was discovered by the terrible Communist Trotsky (another typical Fake-Jew Sweat elite master, like Marx, Lenin and Stalin) when he was 15 and hired in in spite of his young age. He was a forgery expert, a great criminal and a dedicated communist. By age 26 he was running all sorts of communist programs.


Nechayev was really the first of the Community Organizers of which Obama will later on become an eventual affectionate follower. He influenced most negatively Ernest Hemingway, Andre Malraux, Andre Gide and Bertolt Brecht, to name only a few famous admirers. He said they had to organize intellectuals to use them to make western civilization stink through maximum corruption [like China and Israel, along with the rest of the Sweat elites are doing today in the USA Congress and the EU Brussels Round Table well exposed in the full book]. Only then, after they would have corrupted all values and made life impossible, would they, the Communists, be able to impose the dictatorship of the proletariat. Antonio Gramsci was part of it with his famous Passive Revolution of "demoralization through Cultural Marxism. Georg Lukacs (Hungarian) probably coined the names "Cultural Marxism" and "Cultural Terrorism". He said: "I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch. Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of all the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries".


Marcuse Study GuideTogether with Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse became one of the main figures of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism transferred to the USA. As such, he became a prominent teacher of the Columbia University and collaborator of other leftist entities of the academia. From 1942 to 1950, he worked at the Office of Strategic Services. In 1953-54 he is a collaborator of the Russian Research Center of the Harvard University. He also taught political science at the Brandeis University, and at the University of California in San Diego. What is important to understand from this curriculum is that Marcuse is now considered the "Father of the New Left", of people like Obama and his secret assistant Kamala to achieve his kind of secret third term,  but also the "Father of the Sexual Revolution" on the basis of a book that he wrote with the title "Eros and Civilization". In that book Marcuse wrote: "Polymorphous sexuality was the term which I used to indicate that the new direction of progress would depend completely on the opportunity to activate repressed or arrested organic, biological needs: to make the human body an instrument of pleasure rather than labor". Is this not also exactly an important part of what is happening today in particular in the most advanced western world?

This concept of "Polymorphous Sexuality" is clearly at the source of the fake sexual revolution of every possible form that would devastate the western world in the 1960s, in particular since the "hippie" revolution of 1968. Most importantly however, Marcuse is the author of the concept of "Partisan Tolerance". Here he uses the word "Tolerance" in a completely deceitful way, meaning perfect tolerance but only for Communist ideas, with the suppression (complete intolerance) of all others. This one-sided tolerance was what he called "Liberating Tolerance", but only in order to hide well and deceitfully its fundamental intolerance.  This is certainly today the source of the growing horrible new "Hate Crime" and "White Racism" anti-culture and related legislation being put in place as a "Partisan Tolerance" that has fully invaded the West in the last decades, in particular in the last few years. It is also at the source of the new Political Correctness killing the good common sense of most people today.

Unless we wakeup soon and react against it, this type of fake Partisan Tolerance is gradually limiting, and will eventually eliminate completely our constitutional freedom of speech in the near future. This elimination is already very well advanced. This Partisan Tolerance is also the source of the book of Saul Alinsky titled "Rules for Radicals" with a dedication to Satan that president Clinton explicitly considered the most important book he has ever read, with Alinsky as his mentor. It is also on the basis of that book dedicated to Satan that his wife Hillary even wrote some kind of a thesis. Marcuse is also the source of the extreme leftist SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) of Julian Bond who was closely involved for years in the Communist movement while he was a close friend of Marcuse.


If we look at what is going on around us today, in the EU and in the USA, this "Partisan Tolerance" of Marcuse is exactly our current reality, as a harsh reality of Improved Communism through the Cultural Terrorism of the still going Passive Revolution of Gramsci. Again, most of the members of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism were in a category of Fake-Jews. The school moved to the USA, in NYC, in order to avoid Hitler, and relocated at the Columbia Teacher's College as a curtsey of Edward Murrow who was an extreme left Russian agent. They then placed some of their members in the best universities of the so-called Ivy League Schools. Some of these members then created the Critical Theory, or the so-called Theory of Deconstructionism. The more specific "Critical Race Theory" was created by Derrick Bell, and Obama, in his Harvard days, was considering Bell as his best teacher. Noel Ignatiev was a member of the most pro-Stalin wing of the Communist party of the USA and he invented the concept of "White Privilege" that is being taught most destructively in many schools today, and causing terrible problems of clear "Cultural Terrorism". He died in 2019, but until then he was still teaching and considered a top intellectual at Harvard and at the Massachusetts School of Art. In the meantime, all these intellectuals of Cultural Terrorism have expanded their influence in all the best universities, academia, and media of all the western world. It is because of the influence of the current generation of such intellectuals of Cultural Terrorism that the western world today in a situation of Improved Communism without that name, improved for our leading elites, not for the rest of us, and improved only through... Cultural Terrorism. But very few people seem to notice it and still think they are living in... democracy. What a cynic success for these intellectuals of the GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) Sweat elites! But what a deception for the rest of us! Or what a talent for delusion are we showing to have! And to help this process, these intellectuals have now a new powerful ally in the person of the new Judeo-Jesuit Sweat elite Pope Francis destroying the Catholic Church for the profit o the Sweat elites of the UNN.


We have seen that China is already running the USA, but this is not quite true as the USA really has now two masters: China and Israel. The USA has gone in the last 5 decades from being "The" superpower, to being only "A" decadent power, but still as a rich and powerful colony to be exploited to the outmost degree by its new masters. Its first master is little Israel, but mainly from a diplomatic point of view, imposing its commands for all important world affairs through massive corruption and its incredible Oath of Allegiance to Israel (not to the USA) forcefully signed by all Congressmen and all other persons in positions of power. Its second master is big China, from an economic point of view this time because all the best technology and production of the USA has already been the victim of offshoring and/or outsourcing to China in the last 5 decades. Talking about the above Theory of Deconstructionism invented by Derrick Bell, with the participation of Obama during his Harvard days, this is exactly what has happened and is still happening to the USA and the rest of the subservient western world today, If Bell died in 2019, Obama is still well alive, and running the show of deconstructionism more actively than when he was president. His front face is now Soros who has pledged explicitly more than once to deconstruct the USA, and they do so most discretely behind their two main puppets, Biden and Kamala, with China ensuring also full allegiance of all congressmen, less formally so than Israel, but not less efficiently so, through also massive corruption.    


In the meantime, the West is becoming a growing crime-ridden area, with a simultaneous and continuous rise in crime and perversion of all kinds. And this is exactly what the Sweat elites have wanted all along and still want on the basis of their most-Marxist possible Cultural Terrorism. Bestiality advocates are only their latest marginalized group and they demand their rights along with the zoophiles and the pedophiles within the LGBTQ+ movement. These innovative new candidates are clearly based on the "Polymorphous Sexuality" of Marcuse. Every possible perversion is gradually becoming normalized, except the brand new perversion of being "White". By "White" of course they mean "Conservatives" who, by their new definition, have all become "White Supremacists", especially those with the additional perversion of being Christian. In certain cities of the USA, like in Chesapeak Virginia, stealing with a value of less than $1000 done by a black person is not considered a punishable crime anymore. Similar situations of  the "Partisan Tolerance" of Marcuse are taking place in many other cities, like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York. But even Europe is seeing growing similar phenomena of "Partisan Tolerance" in favor of the criminals, through a judicial system with a clear bias against the victims of crime and in favor of the criminals. In other words, the whole western world influenced by "Partisan Tolerance" and "Cultural Terrorism" is everywhere in decline. All this means a clear victory of the Improved Communism of Cultural Terrorism in which we are all embedded at the moment in the whole western world.


Fake Improved CommunismAll the above is relevant in talking about FtatAristarchy which is the exact opposite of what has started to happen first in the EU and what is happening now in the USA, as the Improved Communism of Cultural Terrorism having a "Fresh Start More To The West" that Bezmenov was forecasting as the future of Communism few decades ago, and as what is our present reality already today. What is happening to us today in the West, in terms of communistic enslavement through extreme legislation and taxation, and through "Partisan Tolerance" and Cultural Terrorism destroying all our traditional values is exactly what was predicted to happen by important dissidents like Bezmenov, and planned for by many others like Gramsci and his Passive Revolution. It is still however what most people now call, stupidly and innocuously, by the simplistic name of the NWO (New World Order) without really knowing what it means, or even more stupidly by the name of... democracy.

That NWO (New World Order), in the perspective of a FtatAristarchy as explained in Part II of this synthesis, and more extensively in Part II of the full book, is what we should call more appropriately the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) because it is already global, satanic at its top level, and clearly enslaving the productive middle class through extreme legislation and taxation, let alone now through new globalist tools like the Banktatorship and the Healthtatorship of fake COVID plandemic with integrated catastrophic lockdowns, or rather PluckDowns that already transferred the biggest amount of wealth and property in the history of humanity from the productive middle-class gone bankrupt to the parasitic high class of the Sweat elites. But this NWO is also Satanic in being a clear strategy of the Sweat elites. God has disappeared from our personal and public life and, as the infamous Communist Trotsky well said, the new "God Is The State", while that state is more and more represented by all sorts of satanic symbols in all our mass media, in the productions of our entertainment providers, and in our general commercial activities.

This bad Satanic evolution or transformation corrupted and degraded the much more beautiful free world that flourished for a while in Europe and America during the 50s and the 60s. This degradation is exactly what a FtatAristarchy  (Part II of this book) is meant to fight and correct through what we call its opposing FALPNO (FtatAristarchy Liberating Patriotic National Order), that is, through a Return Of Philosophy and consequently a return of Truth, virtue, merit, justice and beauty in our life, both in our private and in our public life based on the Sacred Marriage of Science with Philosophy. If necessary to achieve this objective we should start practicing democratic civil disobedience against the GUFUG (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance) Sweat elites, and rather become GUFAUGOM (Global Unelected Fascist Unaccountable Governance Opposition Movement) members, specifically promoting FtatAristarchy through what we call the ELLADUM movement. What we have now as "God Is The State" of course means that current "Institutional Religion", not personal faith at the bottom of one's heart, is now the best assistant and diabolic tool of "Cultural Terrorism" of the new Sweat elites of the collectivist state that is a form of Improved Communism, as a new enslaving power without that name after it failed in the East and was move more to the West for a "Fresh Start" in the EU and the USA. Only a FtatAristarchy can ensure a return to our liberty and sanity in both our mind and in our society as only "Truth shall set you free". In fact, FtatAristarchy means Full Truth And Transparency in an Aristarchy with "Aristarchy" meaning a governance by the best ones, based on Truth, Justice, Merit and Beauty.









How To Regain Our Full Liberty Through





(Not Globalization)

(Not a WWIII)

(Not a Global Reset)

(Not a Sweat One-World-Government)

Only a return of Philosophy with Patriotic National FtatAristarchy Governance


The year 2021 is a turning point in the history of humanity. The above examples of success of the Sweat elites enslaving the rest of us are only the few of the most recent centuries, and they have all been in terms of local forms of enslavement at various degrees in various places. For the first time the Sweat elites are today very close to being able to achieve a global type of enslavement at planet Earth level, from all points of view and for all of humanity. However, the Sweat elites are few, and we are many. If enough of the rest of us wakeup to achieve a critical weight misbalancing these elites, their new final and global enslavement attempt can, and must be blocked, even most democratically.




The years 2019 to 2022 encompassing the COVID crisis is a vital turning point for our full global enslavement or for the return of philosophy and FtatAristarchy governance to reestablish our freedom. In the meantime, nearly everything is ready for the final grand success of the Sweat elites to achieve complete world domination through a One-World-Government. Unless we react correctly, a simple reinforcement of the master scam called Corona Virus will soon achieve what is missing. This most likely includes the fall of the dollar as a first step, with the following fast introduction of a new fully digital currency called CBDC in an entirely cashless USA. This crash will most likely require the introduction of a partial debt jubilee and a minimum UBI to avoid a reacting and completely destructive revolution. Nevertheless, it will lead quickly to the popping up of the immense bubble of fake usurious debt-money worldwide, both in terms of public usurious debt-money and of private usurious debt-money. Return of PhilosophyThis overall bubble of usurious debt-money worldwide is so immense that it could never be paid back even with the full income of all countries put together. The domino effect originating from the fall of the dollar will bring the fall of all other main currencies like the Euro of the EU and the Renminbi of China. The whole world of common people will then be in a wild state of bare survival of only the fittest. At that point, there will most likely be a successful attempt of finally creating a fully dictatorial One-World-Government and it will most likely even be requested by most people begging for it on their knees if necessary because of their misery. They will readily accept it even if it will be only deceitfully, with a One-World-Currency, a One-World-Army and a One-World-Religion. The deceit will be that they will think this new world governance will be for their good, while it will be for the imposition of a melting One-World-Culture based on the Improved Communism Without that Name predicted by Bezmenov some 40 years ago.


Orwell will have been right. People who will have been trained to stupid full obedience through the fake COVID plandemic, the Fake Vaccines that do not protect the vaccinated and are degrading their Pineal Gland and reducing them to an obedient zombie level, and the lockdowns, unless people wakeup and we have an urgent rejection of dogma and a corresponding Return of Philosophy to replace it in our life. Without such return, people will soon have been fully tamed to be in love with their new normal state of slavery, using ridiculously Dangerous Submissive Masks, respecting Inhuman Social Distancing, being spied everywhere through Contact Tracing, and being limited in all their movements and actions through purely Digital CBDC Money in a Cashless Society and the presentation of a compulsory Fake Vaccination Passport.


Ironically, the only important country where this scenario might have the least bad effects will most probably the one in which Communism was most sourly experienced, but from which it was finally dismantled for the most part to a point of probably no possible return, that is, in the new Russia of Putin who, as an ex top KGB official, knows better than any other world leader what Communism means, be it old or new, deteriorated or falsely improved. But the transnational Sweat elites of the new "Improved Communism Without that Name moved more to the West" are waiting for him at the next corner, hoping to find a way for his physical or at least his character assassination as soon as possible.


Again, unless we quickly react correctly through a new form of governance like the FtatAristarchy as exposed in Part II of this book, the above is the most likely scenario of the coming few years. Unfortunately, as bad as it may be, it is the best one. We can only hope that this scenario will happen without a new world war with the massive use of the current world arsenal of nuclear arms that is immense and could easily destroy the whole Planet Earth. Its massive use would mean Armageddon for the whole of Planet Earth. If such nuclear WWIII happens, all countries will have to slowly start rebuilding their destroyed economy from an Orwellian New Normal state of extreme misery. Political Correctness DeathSmaller countries with a better climate, like Greece, as long as their agriculture may not have been destroyed by nuclear arms, will have a better chance of survival and start their slow renaissance over the next few generations. Bigger countries with a bad climate and heavily affected by nuclear arms, if they still exist at all, will probably be returned to a state of pure jungle with probably no more meaningful human life for a few centuries. If nuclear arms are added to the forthcoming worldwide depression caused by the popping of the immense bubble of worldwide usurious debt-money, the world would suddenly be retrograded back to not only the dark Middle Ages, but rather to what it was at least three millennia ago.


Excluding the worst scenario with nuclear arms, Armageddon can be avoided, but the economic situation of most common people will nevertheless be very downgraded over the next few years. Solutions to resolve this tragic situation do exist, but they are not in terms of globalization, like the Sweat elites of today try to make us believe. Rather the opposite! Rather the exact opposite! They are first and foremost in terms of eliminating completely globalization and dogma from our life. As for the Abrahamic dogma of the 3 main Abrahamic religions from which our enslaving Sweat elites are extracted, it must be completely rejected and replaced fully with a Return of Philosophy in our life and the ensuing Sacred Marriage of Science with Philosophy. A Return of Philosophy means first a return of Truth in our public life because, as a great master called Jesus once said, "Only Truth Shall Set You Free".



Our unnoticed global enslavement meant to be dismantled by a FtatAristarchy deserves extensive research and reading. I quote more than 100 titles in the full 820 page long book on FtatAristarchy. Apart from "Nineteen Eight-Four" by George Orwell that became deviously famous because of the Big Brother TV series, you may start with the following ones.


Books recommended as a starter

Reading the full book on FtatAristarchy and the courage of Leonidas may also be essential.





 The TetractArium of governance of a FtatAristarchy


This new structure of governance is explained in full details in the full book,


A FtatAristarchy is governed by a brand new form of government. It has no outdated institutions, like a parliament or permanent embassies abroad. Voting is made most easy and full fraud proof through "anonymous biometric cards, but compulsory to maintain citizenship. It has no income tax. Apart from property tax, it is a new dual form of sales tax paid on both sides of the transaction and accumulating pension benefits on both sides, as the only way to eventually get a public pension. It elects only an executive of 3 governors, the "GFS", on the basis of a strictly binding electoral contract, with no parliamentarians. Their mandate of new action over and above routine good administration is that contract and nothing else. Clearly, that contract already includes any project of new legislation. There can be no surprise after an election, during the mandate, with new laws or taxes of any kind, as they would require a new election. The special structure of governance is called a TetractArium which modifies the "Trias Politica" of Montesquieu into a "Tetras Politica" (with 4 state powers instead of 3). Here is a graphic of the TetractArium structure of governance of a FtatAristarchy. Its apparently complex structure is in fact very simple and explained fully in the full book. 






Here are very briefly the 10 reforms of a FtatAristarchy


FtatAristarchy (Full Truth And Transparency Aristarchy)
The following pages provide the shortest possible summary of Part II about the Ten Cumulative Reforms of FtatAristarchy.



NO Big Government


Governance With Only Small And Updated Institutions

Parliaments and Embassies are ALL completely outdated since after the combined inventions of the telephone, the airplane, the television and the Internet. The small and powerful TetractArium of governance of a FtatAristarchy eliminates both institutions and runs itself through a TetractArium of only 78 super managers called Ariants, with only 3 of them elected in a national election. If Parliaments and permanent Embassies must go, Consulates abroad must not only continue to exist, but be reinforced to take better care of citizens in difficulty while abroad. Consulates will also select candidate immigrants or refugees while they are still abroad and prevent their arrival in the country if they are not selected. No parliamentarians are elected, only a small executive under a strictly binding electoral contract. All new legislation or taxation must be no surprise, known in advance within that contract. Voting is necessary to maintain citizenship but made most easy and secure.



NO Public Debt

Fiscal Full Openness With Only Dual Property and Sales-Tax

A FtatAristarchy is run by a small and powerful TetractArium, and it has no borrowing power and no public debt. Income Tax does not exist as it was originally and deceitfully created only to ensure the reimbursement of public debt that is now inexistent. Daily operations are financed through only a special new form of Taxation called DAPAST (Dual Accumulator Property And Sales Tax). This new sales tax works on both sides of the transaction. For Pensions, DAPAST becomes the only way to accumulate pension benefits. Missing additional money for new Infrastructures, or repairs to old ones, or for unexpected national Emergencies, can only be issued by Treasury, as debt-free money under a strict set of limits and norms of the Constitution. Banks cannot create money by using any fractional reserve. For loans, banks can only use up to 50% of accumulated savings or borrow money from the NAMA (National Autonomous Monetary Agency) of the Treasury at 1% interest to lend it to borrowers at maximum 10% interest in competition with other commercial banks. No Credit card institution can charge more than 10% annual interests. For Investments, there are no more institutions serving also as commercial banks to the public, only investment funds with no banking functions for the public at large.



NO Truth Restriction

Only Full Truth, Full Transparency And Full information

A FtatAristarchy provides a right of Free Speech and Opinion that is absolute, even in terms of sincere unpleasant opinion or sincere hate-speech. As per its very name, even before being an Aristarchy based on merit and beauty, it is first and foremost FTAT (Full Truth And Transparency) governance through the FtatArium of the small and powerful TetractArium of governance. The only one condition is that the absolute free speech not be a purposely invented lie. The expression of speech or opinion must also be done without physical Violence, but when physical violence happens, it is only the physical violence itself that is impeachable, not the hate-speech itself. The corresponding right of free access to all true information related to public affairs is based on a form of Transparency that also absolute. Neither media nor any platform of the Internet used by the public at large can limit these rights in any way and to any degree. Lying for hiding such Truth because it may embarrass governance, on the part of any media or official, is even a crime, as a FTATOC (Full Truth And Transparency Obstruction Crime). In monstrous cases, when the hidden Truth may have caused serious damage to the public at large, that crime becomes Treason, as FTATOT (Full Truth And Transparency Obstruction Treason).



NO Money Overpower

All Business Primarily Concerned With Country's Good

In a FtatAristarchy, the political commanding power does not belong primarily to "Big Money", or to "Big Business", but only to the "Big People" enlightened by a new philosophical holistic education. That sovereign power is exercised through the SPELArium of the small and powerful TetractArium of governance. Big “Handouts" of national or foreign money to private organizations or to persons or organizations proactively involved in trying to influence governance must be approved and are seriously controlled in order not to contradict or disturb the fulfillment of the BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). The "Big Corporations" can never dictate anything directly to governance. To the contrary, only governance can dictate to corporations. Foreign or transnational corporations must all integrate a national inspector appointed and paid by national governance, himself kept under close surveillance by governance. There is no Deep State activity that can act legally to influence governance in secret without committing a serious crime. Lobbying the government can only exist indirectly, publicly and fully openly, on a special TV channel dedicated to this purpose on a fulltime basis and free of charge. The country has no Income Tax except for the profits of a foreign or national company done through the part of its business done within the country when they want to export these profits abroad. Nobody, no business and no organization, religious or not, national or foreign acting in the country, is exempted from the only two forms of Taxation existing FtatAristarchy, the DAPAST (Dual Accumulator Property And Sales Tax), as a dual property and sales-tax paid on both sides of the transaction while also accumulating levels of Pension benefits. No foreign NGO (Non Government Organization) can operate legally within the country, not even indirectly by a national proxy.



NO External Dependence

National Autonomy and Self-Sufficiency in Everything

In a FtatAristarchy, no meaningful external dependence of any kind should exist for the small but powerful TetractArium of governance that serves the people in a sovereign way. The culture of Globalization is replaced with a culture of full national and patriotic sovereignty that is even extended at city level, mutatis mutandis, in front of the central government. The country must attempt to always achieve internal Self-Sufficiency in everything, be it food, garbage disposal, clothing or any other type of utility. Religion practice is free but must respect fully all national legislation and interfere in no way with governance. Foreign Organizations not subjected to a national vote are considered non-existent except for eventual non-binding consultation. Immigration not pre-selected at consulates abroad can never be, nor become legal or bring an eventual citizenship. No Foreigner wanting to use money or run an activity inland can operate without approval, full FTAT openness when approved, in both his financing and his operations, and also accept direct and constant FTAT inspection by governance.



NO Indoctrinating Education

Only Holistic Education

FtatAristarchy offers only holistic education that is entirely private except for the indication of a small basic common core of instruction. Its small and powerful TetractArium of governance only offers the construction of the infrastructures free of charge while the private users are charged to pay for their educational operations at their own cost. In addition to instruction, the system of private schools must provide best holistic education on the basis of the cardinal virtues of the 3 basic levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. Its holistic character means that it inevitably includes Gym, Music, Mathematics, History and Philosophy as essential parts at all levels of schooling, from primary to graduate. World history centered on national past is taught to reinforce patriotism. No degree at any level can be graded and issued without the above holistic approach and essential subjects.



NO Difficult Justice


Rendering Justice Made Easy In More Ways

FtatAristarchy offers a triple form of justice in order to render Justice as easily, as quickly and as justly as possible. In addition to the regular Public Justice (PJ), there is also a Private Alternative Justice (PAJ)system offered free of charge by the small and powerful TetractArium of governance for resolving interpersonal conflicts between two persons in the fastest and cheapest possible ways. It uses willing judges on retirement for a fee paid by the government. Claims on both sides must be pre-presented in simple writing with related evidence. If both parties agree, lawyers are not necessary and can be excluded. There is no appeal except on brand new evidence. Workers paid a low salary, or a welfare recipient with the same or lower qualifications in the same environment can claim justice on that basis. Finally, FtatAristarchy offers a new and separate Public-Overpowering-Justice (POJ) as a system for the expeditious administrative resolution of all the new crimes related to public affairs within the TetractArium.



NO Avoidable Pollution


Elimination Of All Forms Of Pollution

FtatAristarchy managed by a small and powerful TetractArium prevents to the outmost degree all avoidable pollution of any kind, be it physical, medical, electromagnetic or cultural. On the Physical side, this eliminates all non-fully recyclable or reusable containers for food and products, in particular if made of plastic. It prohibits oil fracking, air chemtrails, non-natural insecticides or herbicides and purely chemical medicines. On the side of Electronics, it prohibits the use of electromagnetic waves that disturb the Earth Life Resonance of 7.83Hertz, like 5G or HAART. On the side of Culture, it excludes the purchase and exposure at public expense, in setups freely accessible by the public, of most of the ugly crypto contemporary art, and the forceful gradual elimination of the existing one in all public museums and open public places. It eliminates the sale on video, and/or presentation on TV, of all media glorifying pure violence not related to documenting historical facts, including all the products of Hollywood doing so, be they products showing extreme physical violence of mental violence based on a satanic culture. All commercial and scientific activity in the country must be fully NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) which excludes totally GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), Eugenic and Transhumanism that all become a crime of treason as FTATOT (Full Truth And Transparency Obstruction Treason).



NO Decadent Decorum


Civic Decorum To Its Best

FtatAristarchy is governed by a small and powerful TetractArium with its actions and decisions all based on full transparency, full Truth, beauty and merit. It also offers education providing the holistic formation of the 3 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul through a gradual acquisition of responsibilities in a sequence of septennials that should normally lead to some wisdom at age 70. This involves a return of real Philosophy to replace dogma in our life, with a set of cardinal virtues protecting the traditional values acquired in the best cultural history of the country. These virtues and values are the foundation of the best possible social Decorum to be promoted and severely defended as such by senior persons who may have acquired experience and wisdom against all minorities that may have a tendency or a vested interest to destroy them. Seniors become important consultants. Before taking important decisions, each family and city must first consult a committee of at least a troika of 3 of its own best senior citizens, and mention this fact explicitly as a premise in the formalization of the decision, specifying if the seniors were in agreement or not. If the troika was against the decision, a not binding appeal can be made to another troika at random in the same or another family or in another area of the city before the decision is formally finalized. Social Credit does exist, but only in a positive way, never in a way to limit normal individual human rights.



NO Aggressive War


Soldiers Always And Only For Defense And Help

FtatAristarchy is managed by a small but powerful TetractArium that is always and absolutely against war except in a defensive way. The exception can be for defending itself or for defending an ally with whom it has a formal agreement of mutual defense. There is no such ambition of spreading its own type of democracy or provoking regime change in other countries for any reason. Its Neutrality is absolute. Before marriage, otherwise between age 21 and 28, each citizen, male or female, has to provide 1 year of PAS (Patriotic Assistance Service) that is a formation that includes combat military skills for men, and nursing skills for women. In both cases it includes the acquisition of training skills to go out and assist the Incapacitation of people seriously affected by disease, misery, abandonment or old age, including attending some domestic or street animals in difficulty on their own or in wards.



Levine book World MarxismOverall in this book, we talk about and against the various forces and strategies behind the NWO (New World Order) that we rather call with more explicit acronyms, like at least the NEWO (New Enslavement World Order), or even the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). These forces are mainly part of the cosmic FOB (Force Of Bad) and they oppose the cosmic FOG (Force Of Good). In reading the full book in particular, it may be useful to refer to a graphic of the different forces and strategies affecting us for the good or for the bad. The graphic below is what we offer to facilitate the comprehension of the reader on this complex reality.


It is late, and time to wakeup. Hopefully this book will be a good wakeup call from the nightmare of our unnoticed global enslavement which is based on a form of Improved Communism fine-tuned in China and being moved at a global level. This is what we have called GlobCommunism. But in fact it is based on the worst Marxism that we saw defined as "Cultural Terrorism". In his good recent best seller book of 2021, Mark Levin is right about Marxism invading our western reality. Levine is only wrong about the title. This invasion has not only to do with "American Marxism". It has to do with the Improved Communism moved more to the west after its soft fall in the Soviet Union, to use the expression of Soviet dissident Bezmenov. He meant it to be moved in the EU and the USA, which is already a fact. At this point however it has to do with global "World Marxism" that is meant to be the regime of a forthcoming One-World-Government after the fast coming step of "The Great Reset" of the Sweat elites hiding in and behind the WEF.




Forces and Strategies of World Order 



Jacques H Drapeau brief curriculum






A symbol of pure goodness, and the representative of the best the animal kingdom can offer to help humanity to be more vegetarian and ecologically mobile, free with serenity, more productive and consequently happier. As such he should always be loved and fully respected.

Like man, he has also often been abused and enslaved, but never like man because of his own stupidity, only because of man's stupidity.

He can be most helpful, and should be kept productive and happy without being enslaved, just like man living in FtatAristarchy.



Jacques Drapeau



10 October 2021