Content of the EBook

From Democracy To EthoCracy

From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards

Periphania  /  Περηφάνεια

ELJSM vs. JewZuitism



1 - A World Of Global Deception



2 - Birth and Consolidation of the JewZuit Power


3 - The "Best" Enslavement In World History



4 - A JewZuit Master Plan



5 - A Culture of Enslavement vs. A Culture of Freedom



6 - A Final Overview



7 - The Solutions Through a New Culture



8 - From Democracy To EthoCracy





SUBJECTS of Particular Interest


> World Domination documents



> EthoCratic Principles

  1. OTIG (Only True Information Governance)

  2. ASOMIAP (Absolute Separation OMoney, Information And Politics)

  3. BEPVABAD (Binding Electoral Program Voted As Bio-Anonymous Duty)

  4. PIABFOTAC (Public Information And Banking Fully Open To All Citizens)

  5. GUDFOMASAPT (Government Uses Debt-Free Only Money, And Sales And Property Tax)

  6. FOLIPET (Full Opinion Freedom If Peacefully Expressed Truth)

  7. POSATAP (Patriotic Olympic Spirit Approach To All Policies)

  8. EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice)

  9. NoCafoNoGanoNoRaco (No CAFO, No GANO, No RACO).

  10. SASED (State Areligious Subsidiary Elegant Decorum)