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PythagorArium Training




Special Awareness Training Sessions of the PythagorArium Academy



The PythagorArium Academy long-term objective is to become a special kind of fulltime university, or rather a superior education center called PythAcademia, with 4 main areas of formation. First, the teaching of the NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) of various sciences like architecture, engineering and medicine; Second, the teaching related to the formation of TruthOcracy as a new form of governance based on Truth. Third, the offer of EthoPlasìn education, as a new form of holistic education based on Merit and the first 3 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. Four, the teaching of new forms of better interpersonal communication called EthoSpeak, for speaking at two levels: an universal auxiliary level and a cultivated master level. These long-term objectives are made clear in its Mission Statement. The integration of all these aspects of formation is to eventually implement the best possible form of governance called Aristarchy.


The PythagorArium more immediate short-term objective, as a preliminary step to its long-term objectives, and as a preliminary step to selecting the best students for its fulltime PythAcademia, is to give special training sessions of 1 to 3 months to trainees who may profit from acquiring better familiarization with the PythagorArium long-term objectives but, to start with, in line with these objectives, acquire first a better Pythagorean awareness of the benefits of the Greek ELL culture (PASTREC), as training mostly destined to Greek students, or overall, for everyone, Greek or not, a better Pythagorean awareness of being fundamentally deific entities with a potential for achieving Infinite Consciousness (PASTRIC) in relation to the ELL culture. After all, this is the culture that invented philosophy and holistic education, let alone also real direct democracy, the sense of harmonious beauty and the first proto-scientific approach to all sciences like medicine, architecture and astronomy.


Thus two new acronyms for trainees:

> PASTREC = Pythagorean Awareness Step-Thoughts Rising Ellenic Consciousness

> PASTRIC = Pythagorean Awareness Step-Thoughts Rising Infinite Consciousness


 The word "Ellenic" in the above PASTREC acronym is spelled without the initial "H", as it is commonly done in English. This is due to a more general context explaining the fact that the words "GREEK" or "GREECE" do not exist in the "Greek" language, and the fact that English words related to "Greece", like "Hellenic" all start with "ELL" in the language of the country, in relation to the famous ancient ELL culture of the so-called "Greece". 


Both PASTREC and PASTRIC refer to special temporary training sessions at the Pythagorean Academy for youths who are not fulltime students of its university, the Pythagorean Academy, or the PythAcademia.



Trainees basic requirements for admission:


The candidate trainee





The PASTREC sessions are given to youths of families of Greece, or of the "Greek" diaspora around the world. They must speak Ellinika ("Greek") well or have a strong interest in studying it, let alone speak it already quite well if they come for a PASTREC session. 


The PASTRIC sessions are of 2 types, one at a basic level and one at an advanced level. The basic PASTRIC sessions are held in English and in principle match the the content of the PASTREC sessions held in Greek. The advanced PASTRIC sessions have some in English and some in Ellinika ("Greek"), or in both languages, depending on the selection of the trainees done for the advanced session.


The basic PASTRIC sessions in English may include youths who may not have any Greek origin, and even do not speak Greek at all, but have a strong sympathy for the great ELL culture and want to raise their state of Infinite Consciousness through Pythagorean philosophical concepts based on that culture.


Useless to say that the sessions have nothing to do with any institutional religion, but only with philosophy. No obvious open practice of any institutional religion is allowed, or can be promoted, in the PythAcademia.


All these trainees of both categories, of Greek origin and of no-Greek origin, are accommodated on full room and board, and provided with full uniform clothing, completely free of charge. Economy transportation costs are also covered for arrival and departure. They wear only uniform clothing at all times, inside and outside the PythAcademia and, while males wear white shirts and long trousers, females wear white blouses and skirts to just below their knees. They all wear a necklace medallion over their clothing with the PythagorArium symbol and their full name clearly spelled on it along with their country of provenance under the name. Males are requested to grow a beard but never longer than 3 centimeters, well trimmed on a daily basis, and to grow their hair just to above their shoulders. Females are requested to grow their hair through well behind their shoulders and groom them in a horsetail fashion during day time. They all sleep well covered, but naked, in a male or a female dormitory. They use a common open shower room for their sex, with multi-lines of showers, washing themselves naked all together, possibly helping wash each others back, learning to proudly care, admire and respect the natural beauty of their young bodies, somewhat emulating the youths that used to perform and be admired naked when participating in the original ancient Olympics.


Their food at the Academy is strictly vegetarian except in special circumstances, and fully biological. For drinking, nothing but natural water collected and purified locally is allowed during the day. A good glass of local wine is always available and offered at dinner. No soft drink, or beer, or any other alcoholic drink, is ever allowed. Rain water on the campus is collected and used for as many purposes as possible, including flushing toilets and cleaning premises.  As much as possible of their food is produced on or around the Academy with some help and participation of the trainees taking turns for their own formation or familiarization in this field. They must all acquire some good basic skills related to biological agriculture, personal homestead food production, survival prepping and natural alternative botanical medicine for their own use. They learn to recognize, care, and love the vast variety of food and medicinal plants available in a special garden of the campus. Some animals are also available on the campus for being loved and taken care of by all trainees, let alone to be used for sports and entertainment. Horse riding and caring are integrated skills to their training.  


While at the Academy, all trainees must participate in group sports and music activities, while also studying or getting familiar with the Academy's new self-defense sport called EthoPlay, both in its physical and its mental form. They must practice daily a music instrument they are already familiar with, or get familiar with a new one for at least half an hour on a daily basis. Group music playing and singing are also very much promoted, hopefully with some shows, whenever possible, given to outside friends, invited guests and/or relatives. In principle one such show always takes places with guests during a banquet on the day before their departure.


The base of their training is serious reflection on thoughts that we call STRA (Step-Thought Rising Awareness). At least one STRA is exposed verbally by the Master (while being filmed on video) to the group of trainees every morning after the fresh air pause following breakfast. Each  STRA has a title and a number, and it is also available in both video and text form with its title and number, on the Academy's website, from the day before it is intended to be exposed by the Master. The exposition of the daily STRA by the Master (from the main list of "Master Propositional STRA" down below) is done during a daily period of one hour called the PytHour (Pythagorean Hour), at 09:00. During each PytHour two of the trainees take turn on a daily basis and sit in front, on each side of the Master. They are given 10 minutes each, before the Master, to expose one STRA of their choice, either one of their own invention (or one from the additional list of subjects of the "Trainee Easy Prohibition STRA" down below).


No kind of narcotic drug can enter the PythAcademia. No smoking is allowed anywhere. No personal computer or any kind of other tablet instrument can be brought in. Cellular phones are allowed, but strictly closed in a safe except during authorized time. No WIFI is active except between 17:00 and 18:00, and always at the maximum level of G4. No cellular phone or any other electronic device can be used by trainees except during that same hour. No TV can be active except for authorized programs at authorized times. Cable Internet connections for justified urgent external personal matters of communication with the outside are always available on request in booths of the front desk area. Cable Internet connections for computers are also always available, but only in booths equipped with available Academy computers, and for only matters related to the STRA of the day or other studying and/or research subjects, let alone a daily news session of maximum half an hour from the country of trainee.


All trainees must sign a legal contract to strictly respect all the above requirements, and formally accept in advance to be legally and gently expelled from the PythAcademia, without appeal, if it is so decided when they break any of its rules. They can also leave anytime they want, without having to provide any explanation, if they feel they cannot accept the strong discipline of the Academy. If they leave before the end of the session, their transportation back home may not necessarily be covered.


All trainees are expected to return to their home country to become citizens of better virtuous behavior, somewhat with elements of a more holistic education based on a better consciousness and formation of the 3 basic levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of their human soul. They may also carry this special formation to influence accordingly and positively the continuation of their studies, their forthcoming working activities or professional life, their possible political involvement at home, and the rest of their life as a more harmonious human being and citizen at a raised level of Infinite Consciousness.


That resultant superior ethical and virtuous behavior is not intended to be attached to any kind of political affiliation, from the Left or from the Right, only to a better set of philosophical concepts influencing their life. Any eventual political affiliation of a trainee shall be a personal choice that has nothing to do directly with the training at the Academy. However, the trainees are expected to return to their home country trying to help at least the 3 main societal reforms promoted by the PythagorArium, and possibly also promote the set of reforms for the formation of a TruthOcracy as a new system of governance based on Truth and Merit in their own country.


During these sessions, the trainees are under good observation. Some of those judged to be the best candidates may be offered, if they are interested, to become full time students at the Academy, free of charge, fulltime for up to 3 years, at one of its special NELAS faculties.


The PythagorArium is financially independent. It will never receive any private donation from any trainee or student, nor from any external person, or from any kind of institution from any country. Those having completed their training at the Academy may offer a donation if they so wish, but only unconditionally and after at least one year after they have left the Academy. In principle, public money donations from governments are prohibited, but can be received from nations that have a TruthOcracy type of governance already recognized and well established as such with all the related reforms involved already in place, in particular those regarding full truth and transparency, but oonly as long as they have no national students of theirs at the Academy or already selected for entry at the Academy.



Every day is composed of the following basic schedule of activities:








(Step-Thought Rising Awareness)






(In priority sequence order)


  1. MATTER:
        Matter as we think we know it does not exist - Matter is not solid as it is all "empty" moving atoms.

  2. SPACE:
        Space as we think we know it does not exist - Infinite space is inconceivable, be it infinite small or infinite big.

  3. TIME:
        Time as we think we know it does not exist - Time is relative, and one century can be seen as one second.

  4. BODY:
        Your body is not you - It is only your temporary vehicle of participative co-creative energy in this dimension.

  5. BRAIN:
        Your brain is not your mind - It is only its temporary servant creating your present from the future.

  6. ELL:
        The ELL ("Greek") culture was the best ever to exist -  It gave us philosophy, holistic education, and the Olympics spirit.

  7. ELLAS:
        Ellas ("Greece") has its own specific DNA - It is well demonstrated in serious scientific research.

        Ellinika ("Greek") is the best progenitor of all western languages - It has been superior to all others for at least 5000 years.

  9. GOD:
        God is not away and outside you, but close and inside you if you so wish - It is possibly ultimately you in him.

        Good governance is full truth, transparency and merit - Without truth, or TruthOcracy, enslavement is your only fate.

        Globalization is not inevitable - It is the ultimate worst evil of enslavement to be fought through TruthOcracy.

        You are infinite awareness - Do not obstruct or diminish it from enslaving propaganda and social engineering.



  1. BEAUTY:
        Beauty can only be emulating creative nature - Real Kallos Beauty is never based on destructive or chaotic activity.

  2. CELLS:
        Command each cell and atom of your body - Bring them to harmonize their role to the best idea protype for their place.

        Chemtrails from foreign planes in national air space must be absolutely prohibited - They are always serious national crimes.

  4. CHILD:
        A child belongs to his genitors - It does not belong to the school and not to the state.

  5. CITY:
        City-States should be encouraged to return - Megacities should be prohibited and dismantled.

        Schools should not make you an obedient slave - Only a free and enlightened co-creator for your good and the good of all.

        No Raco (Reusable Authorized Containers Overspill). Reusability obligatory for all fresh food packaging.

  8. DEBT:
        Public debt does not have to exist - Booming economic periods have existed without it in many countries.

        Entertainment must mean joy or awareness of a sad reality - No fiction of invented fear or violence.

  10. FAMILY:
        The loving family should be your main social attachment - Before your school or your nation.

  11. FARMERS:
        Animal and vegetal food from big corporations must be banned - And small farmers encouraged to return.

  12. FEEDING:
        No Cafo  (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). Only food animals grown and fed living normally on land.

  13. FOOD:
        Food must come as produced by nature - It must never be supposedly improved by any kind of artificial chemical.

  14. GMO:
        No Gano (Genetically Altered Natural Organism); This is equivalent to No GMO and prohibited like all genetics.

  15. GUT:
        A healthy gut is essential to a good mind - Do not let your belly get bigger than your chest and intoxicate your brain. 

  16. HEALTH:
        Health is your chosen state of being - Only accidents and unattended intromissions of your choice will create sickness.

        All holocausts are bad and should be all known - The longest and biggest was the Holocaust against the ELL ("Greeks").

  18. JESUS:
        Jesus was not Jew, but ELL ("Greek") - Galilean from Nazareth who disturbed the money changers who then killed him. 

  19. LIE:
        Truth in public affairs must be an absolute requirement - A lie becomes a most serious crime.

  20. LIFE:
        Everything is alive, of the universe and all kingdoms of nature - All have their own degree of consciousness, even minerals.

  21. MEDIA:
        Mainstream Media must only investigate and expose truth - Never be a subservient liar or discarder for any other power.

  22. MERIT:
        Merit is the only way to success - With the Olympic Spirit of emulation of the best on the basis of your own capacity. 

  23. MONEY:
        Money must not be created as debt by any private entity - Only as debt-free asset by public treasury.

        Multiculturalism must be limited, and not create ugly melting pots - With each culture better preserved in its original environment.

  25. NATION:
        Your nation is the only authority you should be forced to obey - Not the laws of any other foreign or supranational entity.

  26. ONENESS:
        Everything is interconnected in oneness - With each piece with its own beauty to be preserved in its best environment.

  27. PLASTIC:
        Plastic for not durable long-term reusable objects should not exist - Never used as fresh food containers.

        Evitable pollution must be a serious crime - Polluters must be sent to forced work in self supporting prison-farms.

  29. PRAYER:
     Prayer is a strong power of co-creation - Must be done with loving elegance, not an attitude of fear or submission.  

        Religion should not frighten you with any dogma or fear - Only offer you free guidance with respect and love.

  31. SCHOOL:
        Schools as teaching tools must be managed privately - Only the infrastructures must be made public.

  32. SCIENCE:
        Science must have a NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) approach - Not any primary corporation profit approach.

  33. SEX:
        Sex activity is good if kept under good control - Be the loving master of your sex, not its slave.

        Speak to your sick body parts - Speak with authority to each organ of your body to gently command health.

  35. SOUL:
        The human soul has 4 levels of Tetractys - The 4th level of wisdom is only born if you harmonized the first 3 levels.

  36. SPEECH:
        Speech without physical violence must be absolutely free - Even for any kind of so-called hate speech.

  37. STOMACH:
        Be the loving master of your stomach, not its slave. Eating activity is good if done with natural food and kept under good control. 

        Income tax is unnecessary legal theft - Property and sales tax accumulating pension are more than sufficient for governance.

  39. TRUTH:
        Truth generates freedom that generates beauty that generates love that generates good - Any other path leads to evil.

  40. WAR:
        Wars are all banker's wars - Bankers profit from financing "the before", "the during" and "the after" of all main wars. 





(In order of guiding subject word)


    No abortion except in cases of serious health problems or undesired pregnancy caused by rape.

    No new building with balconies not prepared possible use of aquaponics. 

  3. BANKS
    No bank account accessible directly by the government without a court order.

  4. BANKS
    No bank fractional reserve, only loans based on deposits.

  5. BANKS
    No loan interests over 10%.

    No new tattoo exposed on visible parts of the body in public places.

  7. CASH
    No cashless society controlling all citizens life.

    No chemtrails from a national source or spreading from a foreign source, without severe punishment.

    No corporation more powerful than the government.

    No profit of any person or corporation at the expense of the environment.

    No corporation without personal criminal responsibility of its main managers. 

  12. CRIMES
    No criminality disobeying a new law not planned for in an electoral contract.

  13. DRESS
    No nudity, pants sagging or sloppy dress in public places.

    No more electoral program, only a fully binding electoral contract.

    No more political parties, only political contractors offering a political electoral contract.

    No new political coalition after elections or during  mandate, only before elections.

    No more permanent embassy abroad, only reinforced consulates.

    No job slavery allowing only bare survival.

    No big corporation destroying a whole sector of small national entrepreneurs.

    No militarization of space.

    No fracking destroying natural water resources.

    No pesticide that is not natural.

    No weather modification technology, not even for supposedly good purposes.

  24. FAMILY
    No divorces with minor children except in cases of serious violence.

  25. FAMILY
    No abandoned child but also no abandoned old family member, with public help when required.

    No big corporation farming eliminating or competing unfairly with family farmers.

  27. FOOD
    No import of distant foreign food except in special outlets for this explicit purpose.

    No civil rights that can force you do deal with people you do not want to on your own property.

    No war on terror that catches few terrorists but reduces the personal freedom of thousands of people.

    No new street without a garbage incinerator.

  31. GMO
    No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) playing god.

  32. GOLD
    No national gold deposited abroad.

    No central planning decision that is not first corroborated by a majority of people in referendum.

    No executive governance without a direct video channel for answering citizens questions.

    No governance not fully accountable to people before to any other authority or international organization.

    No secret in public affairs, except temporarily with a nickname, budget figure and expiry date known to all.

    No people as slaves of the State, only the Stave as servant of the people.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex bank or corporation officials.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex military personnel.

    No revolving doors between governance officials and ex judicial officials.

    No immigration to become a new slavery.

    No massive immigration to become a cultural or population replacement.

    No forced regime change abroad in countries with democratic elections.

    No interference in other countries elections.

    No Internet search engine filtering embarrassing truth information or comments.

    No Internet search engine without competitors.

    No patent of full exclusivity for useful inventions, only just reward to the inventor.

    No judge belonging to any secret society.

    No justice fees to defend officials against taxpayers paid by only the taxpayers.

    No justice through only expensive lawyers and tribunals.

    No justice through only legal experts, without laymen participation.

  52. LAND
    No corporation land ownership not exploiting it actively and biologically.

    No new law that was not planned in the previous electoral contract.

    No new lay without cancelling an old one.

    No old law interpreted only by a judge, but only by a judge with participation of executive current governance.

    No pre-crime technology legislation.

    No secret lobbying, only publicly on a dedicated TV channel paid by the State.

    No arranged marriage without consent.

  59. MEDIA
    No enslaved press to reduce government officials responsibility.

  60. MEDIA
    No government financing of any national media.

  61. MEDIA
    No media concentration networks allowed to be form or operate as such in the country.

  62. MEDIA
    No media presenting criminality and depravation as a kind of new normality.

  63. MEDIA
    No press directly in the executive office, only in an adjacent dedicated press club area.

  64. MEDIA
    No robot journalism repeating uncontrolled news without the name of the original author.

    No artificial medicine to be patented when not better than its original natural equivalent.

    No non-natural psychological drugs.

  67. MERIT
    No social credit to control supposedly bad people, but meritorious rewards for good civic behavior.

    No dictatorship of minorities, only respect of minorities.

    No excessive multiculturalism to create an ugly melting pot and prevent a common culture.

    No excessive multiculturalism opposing, obstructing or destroying national patriotism.

    No uncontrollable nanotechnology inserted in body, unknowingly or not.

  72. NOBEL
    No shameful Nobel Prize to puppets of globalization, but instead a new "Truth" Prize.

    No new building without car garage parking space for each apartment or office.

    No new street store without an available parking space.

    No interdependence with loss of national independence.

    No membership to organizations that want to destroy nationality.

    No overruling international law causing a national prejudice or damage.

    No power transfer from national government to international or supranational entities.

    No supranational dependence, only free collaboration status. 

    No plastic bottles for drinks, only returnable glass bottles.

  81. POLICE
    No militarization of police.

  82. POLICE
    No street block without its friendly and helpful street policeman. 

  83. POLICE
    No official protected to the point of causing damage to normal people through lack of protection.

    No import of what is produced or can easily be produced in the country.

    No product not fabricated to last. 

    No soap or detergent with toxic chemicals.

    No technology to reduce the natural lifetime of products.

    No protesting with covered faces without being arrested for this sole fact.

    No central government financing provinces, but the opposite.

  90. RAIN
    No new building without rain collection for toilets, external watering and internal plants.

    No religion in public places, only in temples and with speakers using only a national language.

    No government financing research without total full transparency of actions and results available to all.

  93. SALARY
    No excessive salary, private or public, over the President's salary.

    No sanctions imposed or respected without a majority referendum of all the populations involved.

    No sanctions to foreign countries not attacking our country, except for proactive reciprocity.

    No satanic symbols in public places.

    No spiritual battle to dominate minds and souls masked as an economic battle for the good of all.

  98. SCHOOL
    No after school homework except for child in need of special help.

  99. SCHOOL
    No instruction without also education.

  100. SCHOOL
    No educating the brain without educating also the heart.

  101. SCHOOL
    No school rights over parents rights on their children.

  102. SCHOOL
    No school without gym and music education as part of the necessary curriculum.

    No legal limitation to efforts of home or city self-sufficiency, rather only incentives.

    No transgender neutrality or promotion affecting any youth before maturity.

    No sex activity fear, only proper knowledge and education to proud self-control.

  106. SPEECH
    No speech limit, even to express felt hate or disgust, when expressed without physical violence.

  107. SPEECH
    No free speech banned as politically incorrect if this is what the speaker firmly believes.

  108. SPEECH
    No damage claim for offensive comments of disgust caused by things like piercing or tattooing.

  109. STREETS
    No new traffic lights when possible, only priority round circle crossings without lights.

    No new tax that was not planned in the previous electoral contract.

    No foreign corporation active in the country without full transparency for national operations.

    No trivial news in national broadcasts deviating attention to important world and national news.

  113. TRUTH
    No censorship of embarrassing truth by freely joined social media or global search engines.

  114. TRUTH
    No Hegelian dialectics through false-flag conflicts.

  115. TRUTH
    No journalist investigated or indicted for telling truth, even if revealing a secret.

  116. TRUTH
    No lie exposure in public affairs can be considered a crime on the basis of any security law.

  117. TRUTH
    No lie to stay secret after being discovered as a lie.

  118. TRUTH
    No possible criminal charges for publishing public affairs truth.

  119. TRUTH
    No smearing a truth-teller without committing a crime.

  120. TRUTH
    No truth whistleblowers punished and not rewarded.

  121. WAR
    No more money for wars if no more money for veterans and other destitute people.

  122. WIFI
    No WIFI above 4G.











Sample of Official Training Badge




The PythagorArium Symbol for the Necklace, the Bracelet or the Belt Buckle