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The Globalist Agenda is the problem

Patriotic National Aristarchy is the solution


Globalization is the cause of the current world crisis and degradation, not its solution



The Return Of Philosophy

From False Democracy as DebtOcracy to initial


in Pursuit of Final


and against the new preliminary


of the


(Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team)


No More!

No More Lies From Governance Without Committing a Crime!

No More Electoral Programs, Only Fully Binding Electoral Contracts!

No More Fear Of Governance, Only Governance Fear Of Democratic People!

No More Not Voting. Easy Voting Needed To Maintain Citizenship and Voting Right!

No More Dogma,  Debt,  Disinformation and  Despair  Resulting in Fear And Submission!





Jacques H Drapeau








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  >> In Part One of the book we explain how, by whom, and why we are enslaved.  
  >> In Part Two of the book we explain how we can be set free again through Aristarchy.  
PART I How, by whom and why we are enslaved.  
01 Introduction  
+ Six forms of planet collapse caused by the Sweat  
+ Wakeup call for change  
  By whom  
+ The Fake-Jew plot that is a wider Abrahamic plot  
+ Brief history of the fake European Jews  
+ The SweatHard Master Plan Overview  
  The Master Plan More Specifically  
+ Why our own stupidity facing the Sweat enslavement?  
02 From DebtOcracy to TruthOcracy in Pursuit of Aristarchy against the New World Order ?
03 The New World Order Is a Conspiracy Reality that is not Jewish, but Satanic ?
04 Executive Summary (about the Pandemic)  
+ Corona Virus is not a Pandemic but a "Plandemic" of the NWO for WWIV
+ Two New False Flags: Corona Virus and World Economy Collapse, in a Master Plan  
+ Corona virus + Invasive migrations + Chemtrails + 5G = CIC5 = Perfect Globalist Agenda Tool
+ A Deceitfully Good Debt Jubilee Coming To Introduce a One-World-Currency?  
05 How long will we stupidly keep being this stupid? ?
+ Our engineered stupidity is highly supported by four main enslaving factors in the background.
06 What we call democracy today is an oligarchy of hidden Communism ?
+ Communism did not die in the USSR, it only moved more strongly to the west  

Communism is as old as the World Jewry that always animated it

+ Clarifications about World Jewry, Judeofascism, Christofascism and Islamofascism.  
+ Correctness about World Jewry is Shared Responsibility With SEGWO  
PART II How we can be free again through Aristarchy.  
07 We Say "NO" to an Outdated World  
07.01 NO Big Government
07.02 NO Public Debt
07.03 NO Truth Restriction
07.04 NO Money Overpower
07.05 NO External Dependency  
07.06 NO Indoctrinating Education
07.07 NO Difficult Justice  
07.08 NO Avoidable Pollution
07.09 NO Decadent Decorum
07.10 NO Aggressive War
08 Truth, Return of philosophy, and ELL (Enlightened Logos Liberty) for Aristarchy (draft)  
09 A Science of Being essential to Harmonious Aristarchy (temporary source link)  
10 Good Roles of Eros Beauty Essential to Harmonious Aristarchy (being finalized)  
+ Conclusions  








Let's make it clear at the very beginning. There is at the moment a parasitic elite class in the world that has planned to enslave the rest of us, the productive middle class, through a new kind of Banktatorship to start with, worldwide, in a soon coming cashless society, and further on, in a fast forthcoming global dictatorial One-World Government. We will call this parasitic elite class the "Sweat" (Satan World Enslavement Abrahamic Team). Yes! The "Sweat" pun is well intended as, for the rest of us, this parasitic elite class is a real sweat involving ugly and heavy mental perspiration from many points of view.


Banktatorship To Start WithThe Satanic and Abrahamic qualifications of the Sweat team are also well intended. The team works for a master plan of worldwide enslavement as Abrahamic useful idiots possessed by Satan. This master plan of world enslavement is being implemented at the beginning as financial enslavement. Consequently, to start with, it is done through mainly a deviated role of the biggest banks. These banks and financial institutions are all owned or managed mainly by Jews, as corporations that are no more working for the rest of us but for mainly the Sweat, for a fast forthcoming cashless society. For this reason, many superficial conspiracy theorists already call this globalist master plan the "Jewish Plot". This is a mistake. There is no Jewish Plot proper. At most, it is an "Abrahamic Plot" because its team of acolytes openly involves members of the top level of the 3 Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, along with a more discrete role of the Abrahamic Sassoon and LI families of China running discretely their economy as the so-called "Rothschild Of The East". But even this Abrahamic qualification does not render the full reality of this master plan, because it is Satanic at its core. Satan only use the Abrahamic forces as his useful idiots, and quite successfully so. In this way, he, Satan, does not even get openly the blame for the plot. He hides well behind the Abrahamic souls that he possesses and uses as useful idiots.  


In short, this master plot of global enslavement cannot be qualified simply as Jewish. On the basis of the many evil endeavors that it involves and that we will describe further down, this plot is clearly, first and foremost, Satanic. However, the superficial Jewish attribution is comprehensible. In fact, many prominent deviated puppet Jews often have a major leading role in the plot. They often seem to be the best useful idiots of Satan compared to the other Abrahamic useful idiots. But the 3 Abrahamic religions have been fully infiltrated by Satan at their top levels and they are, all 3 of them at these top levels, useful idiots possessed by Satan. We will explain all this much better further down with much more details.


We should also stress at this very beginning that this Sweat plot, for which we provide the full name of SweatHard (Satanic World Enslavement Action Through Heinous Abrahamic Religion Deviates), is not either a conspiracy theory. It is an Abrahamic conspiracy reality, as real as it can be. The Sweat elites behind it will always try to prevent us to say so, and constantly attempt to silence us shamefully to say so, accusing us, when saying so, to be conspiracy theorists supposedly propagating Hate Speech. Well, there is no hate at all in the pure and clear speech that follows on this subject, only love for a better future for, the rest of us, through a new improved form of governance called Aristarchy. The following facts and opinions will be expressed serenely through the fundamental characteristic of an Aristarchy that we call TOTAT (Totality Of Truth And Transparency).


Because of the various types of satanic evil actions and interventions of the Sweat, that the Sweat itself is wrongly trying to blame on the rest of us instead of on their own lack of proper action, our beautiful Earth is in danger of a complete collapse at the moment. There has been many collapses of various kinds in the history of this planet but, today, for the time, a major collapse seems to be coming in 6 cumulative ways together at the same time.




  1. The first form of forthcoming collapse is from an financial point of view. This is due to excessive debt that is the first basic enslavement tool of the Sweat to start with, as financial enslavement. Who is fully in debt is already a slave. The debtor is the slave of the creditor. This financial enslavement is already very much advanced. Through it, the Sweat has already enslaved financially all the most important countries, as countries, with public debt, and most of the rest of us as persons, through private debt. The Sweat also makes sure that we have a world with constant wars when a world without wars is not only desirable but entirely possible except in rare unavoidable cases of defense against active aggression. All wars are bankers' wars for financial gain. The Sweat banksters make money before the war, financing arms purchase, during the war, financing the operations, and after the war, financing the reconstruction. But all of this is in terms of financial greed that is guaranteed by higher income taxes ensuring the reimbursement of all the financing, before, during and after the war. In other words, this reimbursement is always in terms of higher taxes enslaving the taxpayers charged to reimburse it all to the big Sweat banks. This is the main reason why income tax was created. It is already uselessly enslaving people to the outmost degree. It should be abolished, along with private central banking and fractional reserve, for other forms of taxation based on property and, in particular, a new type of sales tax accumulating pension benefits on both sides of any sale transaction, as proposed by an Aristarchy

  2. Greece Collapse First TestThe second form of forthcoming collapse is from an environment pollution point of view. This is due to excessive pollution of land, sea and air, that is not attended properly. We, the rest of us, may be responsible for part of it, but its proper attendance cannot fall on the rest of us, only on governance. But governance is fully dominated by the Sweat and the Sweat itself is there to protect the best interests of its elites while its biggest corporations are the main cause of this global pollution problem. In the meantime the Sweat tries to deviate the attention from itself and its guilty corporations, not to mention its own lack of proper action, turning the responsibility on us again, by calling the problem by other flashy names, like "Global Warming" or "Climate Change", instead of down to earth pollution caused mainly by its biggest Sweat corporations.

  3. The third form of forthcoming collapse is from an economic point of view. This is due to a faulty exploitation of natural resources and the hiding of technology that serves exclusively the greed of the biggest Sweat corporations instead of the good of the rest of us. To start with, all the discoveries of Nicola Tesla have been seized but still exist somewhere. Whoever hides them should be charged with treason. These discoveries should be unearthed for many purposes. They could for example provide free energy for all human activities instead of continuing with extremely polluting oil exploration on land and sea by all the big Sweat corporations, making them all disappear if at all possible. BigPharma should also be completely dismantled and natural plant medicine revived fully in order to provide better health to all people at the lowest possible price compared to what is happening today. This way, there would be plenty of money and energy to feed easily a world population of even much over 7 billion people.

  4. The fourth form of forthcoming collapse is from a moral point of view. This is due to a rampaging excessive amorality purposely promoted by the Sweat master plan in order to destroy all the cardinal virtues that could make the rest of us resist the SweatHard plot. There is no more morality, as all corruption and abomination is quite permissible if you can get away with it. The only real sin is to get caught. What is left of virtue is also denigrated as bigot or retrograde behavior. 

  5. The fifth form of forthcoming collapse is from a biological point of view. This is due to the various chemical substances used widely and purposely by the biggest Sweat corporations, including BigPharma with its dangerous artificial drugs and vaccines, BigAgriculture with its deadly insecticides and GMO, BigFood of junk products with unhealthy long term shelve preservatives used for more profits, and BigClimate of global atmosphere engineering through things like chemtrails, addictive chemicals in drugs, 5G WIFI etc. Big Sweat institutions like DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) or HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) are also highly guilty with their death-rays and all sorts of anti-biological and anti-geological waves and weapons like the horrific DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) capable of causing all sorts of perfectly directed disasters on demand, both physical, like earthquakes or fires, and biological, like anemia of the people in its range, in order to spread fear and submission in the populations meant to be enslaved. All of this is affecting badly all biological life, but in particular the male man. As a result, finding a beautiful specimen of male man today who is full of testosterone, with large shoulders, no flabby belly and an obvious nice pack of manhood in between his legs, is becoming a rare treat. A growing number of young men today are more and more effeminate as every year goes by, and they use the little that is left of their testosterone mainly to click the mini keyboards of their smart phones with their delicate fingers while sitting in a comfortable couch instead of using their courage and muscles for battling the Sweat elites destroying the planet. As a result, a handsome 28 year old man today, at the top of his best septennial for maximum male man beauty, produces only half the sperm of the equivalent 28 year old man of 50 years ago. But this is not their fault. It is mainly the fault of the Sweat and its satanic culture making youths this way by plan today, while using its biggest corporations to destroy the testosterone, dangerous from their point of view, that could just too easily be used by real male men to resist and possibly dismantle their master plan of global SweatHard enslavement.      

  6. The sixth forthcoming collapse is from a social point of view because of uncontrolled massive immigration in a new world without borders, without families and out of wedlock children growing mostly without fathers maintaining best traditional social values. Again, all of this is highly promoted by the Sweat elites in order to destroy, at both a national and a family level, the forces of patriotic and virtuous family authority that could make youths resist and prevent a forthcoming dictatorial One-World Government of global enslavement. This is what the SweatHard strategy is all about.


Sweat Conspiracy RealityThe unusual danger we face now is that, for the first time in the history of humanity, these 6 forms of forthcoming collapse are coming to us all together at the same time, with cumulative negative effects of unfathomable gravity, and all caused by the same satanic source, the Sweat. These Sweat elites are seeking our complete enslavement at whatever cost, even the cost of the six forms of planet collapse mentioned above. And this is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy reality.


This fast forthcoming six-prong collapse of our planet is not coming at all from what the Sweat globalists try to make us believe. These Sweat Abrahamic deviates want us to believe this is our fault, the fault of the rest of us, when in fact it is mainly their own fault, that is, their own strategy, as part of their deceitful satanic global Master Plan to enslave all the rest of us in a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World Government with a cashless One-World Currency, a One-World Religion fusing the 3 Abrahamic religions in a kind of Panthriskia, a One-World Culture with complete amorality in a global cultural and social melting pot, and a gradual transformation of NATO as a One-World Army to secure the full implementation of their Sweat plot. If one has followed closely the world events of the last few decades, away from the fake news of the mainstream media that all belong to the Sweat elites that are hiding carefully worldwide this ugly reality, and doing so easily with the full control of all important media through only six major world networks, this is exactly what is coming, and fast coming. This is the SweatHard  coming.  


The satanic strategy of the Sweat is a long-term one with its longer roots in at least the last millennium. During the last century in particular, starting quite a few years ago, the Sweat first wanted us to believe that we were guilty of major earth problems because of what we can now call the False Global Warming supposedly caused by the extra carbon dioxide that we, the rest of us, create through our personal and business activities as human beings, when in fact most of this unwanted carbon dioxide is caused by the main corporations of the Sweat itself. When many good scientists rendered us and the Sweat aware that there was no serious fault on our part, the Sweat quickly changed the name of the problem to what we can also call now the False Climate Change but, again, trying to put the blame on the rest of us. Interestingly enough, at that point, the Sweat globalists suffered a temporary setback. Many other good scientists forced the Sweat to recognize that this Climate Change was mainly caused by natural cycles that took place many times over the last millennia, with some previous cycles even more serious than the current one, and caused only in a minor way by human activity. But that the same token, the scientists also made it known that the main causes of Climate Change were in fact coming from what we can call this time a True Climate Engineering, certainly not coming from the rest of us, but caused by various organizations of the Sweat itself, as an important tool in their master plan for global enslavement of the rest of us. Apart from the natural cycles, this new climate engineering was coming mainly from a combination of things like chemtrails and various types of Directed Energy Disasters (DEW) proactively caused scientifically at will by horrific organizations like HARPP and DARPA that all belong to the Sweat elites. In front of this demonstrated truth, the Sweat quickly accused all these critical scientists of being conspiracy theorists in order to silence them through its current fake political correctness. The Sweat refused all open public confrontation with any of the best scientists on the related main issues. Instead the Sweat quickly invented still something else, as a threat even more convincing this time for the silent majority of the rest of us kept sleepy and ignorant through the main mass media all owned by the Sweat itself.


After this partial setback, the Sweat returned to inventing more serious false events to spread fear and consequently enslave people more easily. They then invented the major False Terrorist Threat that, to this day, some 20 years later, still kills only a small fraction of 1% of the persons dying in car accidents worldwide. For this purpose They first physically engineered the terrible False Flag of 911 and, as a result, socially engineered the rest of us to believe in the need to fight a new War On Terror worldwide, even at the cost for the rest of us to gradually loose the majority of our constitutional liberties, the one of free speech and opinion to start with, supposedly in exchange for our own protection. Finally, more recently, the Sweat corrupted and used some deviate scientists to engineer the False Coronavirus Pandemic that has been demonstrated by the best medical scientists to be less dangerous than many previous flu episodes of the last decades, like the SARS and the Hong Kong Flue. They also accompanied this false worldwide pandemic with the invention of Falsely Needed Lockdowns. Of course the lockdowns are falsely needed for us, but extremely useful to them. Through these lockdowns They have already transferred the biggest amounts of wealth in the history of humanity from us, the productive class, to them, the parasitic Sweat elites. That false pandemic was, and is, in fact, a major scam that was well planned, thus a Plandemic of the Sweat itself for achieving its Master Plan. With the latest lockdowns the Sweat has already accomplished about half of its plan, and unless we wakeup and react, the other half will soon follow with whatever means possible, possibly much more serious than another pandemic with lockdowns, hopefully not with a WWIII. In the meantime, the Sweat wants us to believe that this supposedly natural pandemic now requires the rest of us to be silent obedient slaves maintained in fear of anything They say or want, even at the cost of loosing not only all the rest of our constitutional liberties but also the best of our wealth.


As a result, the Sweat wants us now to wear grossly stupid and useless masks causing more infections than they prevent, in order for us to talk to each other as little possible and have less occasions to get involved in reactive talks that may be dangerous to the implementation of Their master plot. The Sweat also wants us to respect cold stupid social distancing even with our family members, to the point of not even kissing our own children or embracing our own old parents. The Sweat also imposes very limited groupings, not to protect us from infection, but in order to avoid gatherings in which revolts against Their enslaving plan could be more easily fomented. As another major tool of complete submission, the Sweat has also invented the new horrific and clearly anti-constitutional fake crime of Hate Speech to even prevent us from criticizing not only Them, the globalist Sweat, but also all our puppet national government officials used by Them for imposing on the rest of us a growing quantity of all sorts of new restrictions to our freedom. Incredibly today, the sole simple common sense of criticizing the Sweat or its puppets with logic, at national or international level, even when based on obvious simple facts, or a firm conviction based on facts, let alone the opinion of good scientists, can now lead us to serious punishment like heavy fines, arrests and even imprisonment, with all of this taking place in supposedly the most free part of the world, the so-called Western land of the free.


In the meantime, the Sweat most powerful tool of enslavement has become the imposition of most destructive Lockdowns supposedly because of a pandemic, but planned well in advance for much more evil reasons. The first thing to notice is that through these powerful lockdowns, the Sweat only profits while the rest of us loose all the way, including our best wealth. "Cui Bono"? Through these lockdowns, the Sweat has already started deceitfully the fast and massive transferring of the biggest quantity of wealth in the history of humanity from the productive middle class, where most of the rest of us belong, to themselves, as the parasitic authoritarian Sweat elites, keeping us masked, distant, silent and obedient as much as possible in order to hide the process of this catastrophic reality as much as possible. Millions of small and medium properties and businesses have already passed from our hands to their Sweat hands.


All along this process, the Sweat has also socially engineered us to accept maximum amorality as an Orwellian New Normal and to abandon our best moral cultural and patriotic values, destroying completely the social structures of marriage, of family, and of nation. From the Sweat point of view, these social structures could be used to oppose their master SweatHard plot if they were maintained intact. For this same purpose, the Sweat pushes for maximum uncontrolled and totally inassimilable massive immigration, and an excessive multiculturalism that is already diluting in an ugly global melting pot the best homogeneous cultural values that could oppose Their globalist SweatHard plan at the level of each beautiful nation. With strong families, strong nations and strong cultural homogeneity, along with strong ethical values through holistic education, Their satanic SweatHard plot of global enslavement would just be impossible. This is why the Sweat has made real holistic and virtuous education disappear completely. Real education just does not exist anymore. Our schools and universities have become tools of only instruction and massive propaganda or indoctrination to become obedient slaves of the Sweat, Of course, this distortion of traditional education is also a major component of the Sweat plot of global enslavement. Real education has been replaced with only instruction, and with a lot of indoctrination serving the objectives of the Sweat, from early kindergarten to university, and even post-graduate levels.  


If all the above is not enough for the rest of us to wakeup and react, forcefully, but also most democratically, through what we will call Aristarchy governance, then we fully deserve the above sad and tragic six-prong collapse that our obscure future is offering to us and, because of our nonchalance or stupidity, the Sweat elites probably fully deserve to enjoy Their parasitic privileges, and to massively increased Their wealth while having the rest of us as their masked and socially distant obedient slaves.     




From its Infinite Big to its Infinite Small, and everything in between, our universe is so gigantically beautiful that it can only be the creation of an omnipotent  Force Of Good (FOG), including the creation of our souls. At the same time, considering all that happens, it is obvious that this same universe also includes a powerful Force Of Bad (FOB) inevitably allowed to exist from the overall creative FOG for purposes difficult to understand by our simple human minds. This FOB is working constantly, most often with the help of a few deviated human souls, the souls of Those possessed by Satan that we call the Sweat elites, to compete and try to overrule for its own selfish purposes the FOG. Consequently, at the level of our own planet, our cosmos has had alternative periods of splendor and periods of disgrace depending on which force was dominating at any given time.


Wakeup CallAt the moment, on this planet, the union of the FOB (Force Of Bad) with an unusual quantity of human Sweat souls, most of Them under clear satanic possession, is stronger than ever before in the history of humanity. Consequently it is highly the time to wakeup to this sad reality. Together the Sweat  elites pursue a most evil type of world domination through a complete globalization associated to a massive and destructive multiculturalism. We call this globalization the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). This SEGWO is a conspiracy reality coming from the Sweat and consequently, as such, a plot that we call the SweatHard. This conspiracy is easy to identify today as a reality, and a harsh one for that matter. Massive uncontrolled immigration and forced multiculturalism are major parts of the daily news. On the other hand, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in particular, we can see that our elected national officials are only puppets of the global Sweat  elites. The restrictions that we are forced to obey come only in appearance from our national officials. In fact they come from above these puppets, from supranational authorities and international organizations like the EU and the UN/WHO. This is a  reality, not a theory, and thus a confirmation that globalization is not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy reality, because of which we already live in the embryo of a fast forthcoming One-World-Government pursued by the the Sweat global elites.


Again, the bad human souls uniting with the FOB are Those that, all together, we call the Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Action Team). According to ignorant and superficial conspiracy theorists, this union forms what they simplistically and most unjustly call the Jewish Plot. That pure Jewish Plot simply does not exist. On the other hand, it is very clear that most Sweat elites behind the current globalization and excessive multiculturalism of the NWO (New World Order) use a dominating number of Jews in leading roles to achieve their objectives. However, Christians and Muslims are also involved. The Sweat has infiltrated the top levels of all 3 Abrahamic religions, but hiding mainly behind Jews because they seem to be the best useful idiots. They are so because the outsiders attempting to expose their plot can be kept silent in the most easy and immediate way through the tool of enormous power that is the accusation of Antisemitism. Contrary to the Jewish Plot that does not exist, this deceitful abuse in leading roles of part of World Jewry, or of a deviated form of Judaism associated with Satanism, is a plot that does exist. More than Jewish, it is Abrahamic. We could call it a kind of Fake-Jew Plot but it is Abrahamic, involving the top levels of the 3 Abrahamic religions infiltrated by the Sweat. This is really the SweatHard Power enslaving the rest of us today through the 6 forms of planet collapse mentioned in the previous section. But let's see what is in fact the Fake-Jew Plot and the SweatHard Power.




We are being enslaved today by a plot that is not the so-called Jewish Plot, but by an elite that we call the Sweat. It is a much wider plot than the so-called Jewish Plot. It is an Abrahamic plot involving the top levels of all 3 Abrahamic religions. For this reason we call that plot the SweatHard plot. In exposing this plot, it is very obvious that many Jews have surface leading roles in it, more so than elites from the 2 other Abrahamic religions. But these leading roles are mainly fulfilled by what we call "Fake-Jews", for historical reasons that we explain further down.


The history of World Jewry along with the one of the crypto Jews that hide within Judaism or in other religions, or exploit Jews in various ways, is about the most complex that exists compared to the one of any other people in the world. In relation to the NWO (New World Order) it is also just about the most misinterpreted history that exists, abusing common Jews in all sorts of ways. Or course, this does not mean that some categories of Jews are not deeply involved with the NWO. Far from it! 


The very first thing to set very clearly as false, or at least very badly misinterpreted, is the claim of many conspiracy theorists that there is a so-called "Jewish Plot" to eventually take over the whole world and rule it from Jerusalem through what we call today the NWO (New World Order), after the creation of the Greater Israel, the reconstruction of the Jewish temple of Solomon replacing the current Islamic Al-Aqsa mosque, and the return of the Messiah. All of these plans are true but it is not a "Jewish Plot". As we will see, it is a satanic Sweat plot of deviated Abrahamic complotters. The sources of these conspiracy theorists calling it a "Jewish Plot" are highly misinterpreted even if it is often for many apparently good reasons in the mind of superficial analysts. These ignorant conspiracy theorists are basically wrong, and wrong in more ways.


If the conspiracy theorists only slightly adjusted their claim to a "Fake-Jew Plot", instead of a "Jewish Plot", they would be much closer to the truth. But they would still not be all the way right. First of all the NWO (New World Order) and its related objective of a One-World-Government eventually running the whole world from Jerusalem is not even considered a "Conspiracy Theory" anymore, but a "Conspiracy Reality" that, by now, has been very well documented and is even admitted openly and explicitly by the main Abrahamic complotters. including Pope Francis. Second, the expression "Jewish Plot" is wrong because the plot that does exist has nothing, or very little to do with the descendants of the real Palestinian Jews that have a DNA clearly associated with the ancient Kings David and Solomon of ancient Jerusalem, only with mainly non-Jew-ancestors converted to Judaism by force, without their will, while having no relation at all with the stem of David nor with the territory of Palestine. In other words, for the most part, the complotters of the so-called Jewish Plot are not real Jews, but Fake-Jews. To better understand this reality, we must see the various categories in details.


The plot that does exist has to do with mainly a triple kind of Jew that we can legitimately call Fake-Jew. The first kind of Fake-Jew has to do with a Jew who is a member of a deviated or heretical branch of Judaism that has been infiltrated by black magic and Satanism from the time of the exile in Babylon. For this reason we call this first kind of Fake-Jew a Babylonian Satanist. This first category of Fake-Jew still exists today within World Jewry but belongs mostly to a heretical branch of Judaism whose main leaders have often been formally excommunicated. Thus their deserved qualification as Fake-Jew. Formally speaking, an excommunicated Jew is no more a Jew, just like an excommunicated Catholic is no more a Christian Catholic. The second kind of Fake-Jew, and the widest majority of them, has to do mostly with the barbarian Khazarian population that was massively converted by force to Judaism by the king of the ancient Khazarian Empire. Those have become what the best history books now call the European Jews, in clear opposition to the original Palestinian Jews, because these European Jews have no Jewish or Palestinian blood whatsoever. In short, this type of European Jew has absolutely no Jewish DNA related to the Ancient Jews of Palestine, and absolutely no historical link or valid claim at all to the territory of Palestine that they have nevertheless invaded in wide majority through the creation of the new Jewish State of Israel, in particular since its it formal foundation in 1948. Thus the qualification of Fake-Jew also applying, even more clearly so in this second case, to this category of European Jews. There is however an associated third main kind of Fake-Jew that is the so-called Christian Zionist. This special evangelical type of Christian has no Jewish blood, but is fully dedicated to pursuing the Zionist objectives of the first two Fake-Jew categories, including all the policies of Israel with its aspiration of world domination after the return of the Messiah. The most obvious falseness of these fake Christians is that, although they consider themselves "Evangelicals" they do not preach exclusively the Gospel of Jesus, except incidentally, but mainly the Jewish Bible of Yahweh as a whole.


There would also be a lot to add about other additional Fake-Jew categories involved in all sorts of manipulations of world politics. One of the main ones is certainly the involvement of the crypto-Jews called the Donmeh who were Jews who pretended to be Muslims, through fake conversions to Islam, in their association to the Jewish pursuit of world domination. These hidden Jews, as Donmeh, were fundamentally active in relation to the birth of some Islamic Sunni Muslim nations like modern Turkey and Saudi Arabia that both have a well documented history of Jewish founders. As such, although they are officially Muslims, the Donmeh are crypto Jews, thus another category of Fake-Jew. The Bolsheviks that founded the Soviet Union were also crypto-Jews hiding their Jewishness as much as they could. As such they were crypto Jews, or another Fake-Jew category. The Marrano in Italy are another type of crypto Jews involved as Fake-Jew operatives in infiltrating and dominating the Vatican in Italy, thus tentatively infiltrating the overall Christian world. In the meantime the fake Christian Jesuits are also crypto Jews, thus of the Fake-Jew category. At the moment, they are literally running the Vatican since the installation of the first crypto-Jew Jesuit pope in the history of Christianity called Francis.   


Considering the historical background of the old Fake-Jew Plot in relation to what is happening today, with the fact that the official definition of a Jew is someone with a Jewish mother, and going backward in history, the above conspiracy reality brings us back to the Khazarians, to those non-Jew-at-all barbarians of the old Khazarian Empire who were massively converted by force to Judaism in 740 AD. These Khazarians were certainly not Jews at all at that time, and their descendants of today are still not real Jews at all today. Consequently they deserve fully the Fake-Jew qualification. This is however most confusing for most people, as their descendants of today call themselves Jews, and they are regrouped mostly today in the area of World Jewry that we commonly call the Zionist Jews. In spite of the fact that they call themselves Jews, they are still an entirely foreign population to the Jews of ancient Palestine. Nothing to do! For full clarity it is important to repeat that these Khazarians were barbarians forced to convert to Judaism to save their empire, and they are with absolutely no Jewish DNA and with absolutely no relation nor any claim to the old territory of Palestine. These Khazarian European Jews are the purest Fake-Jew elements operating deceitfully from within World Jewry at the moment.


The Khazarians were forced by Russia and its allies at the time, in the 8th century AD, to convert to one of the Abrahamic religions or have their empire destroyed. They chose Judaism instead of Christianity or Islam for two main reasons. The first reason is that these barbarians were already famous for living mainly out of plundering and robbery of the people passing through the immense territory of the Khazarian Empire. This trait of their own was a first strong affinity to the Jewish trait of the infamous Money Changers of the Bible living mainly out of usury and related extortions since ancient times. This was a clear common trait. The second reason is that the Khazarians were attracted by the existing branch of deviated Judaism that was deeply involved with black magic and Satanism since the Babylon period in order to dominate and acquire more power over other peoples. The Khazarians had a similar desire for more domination over other peoples in order to more easily exploit them and extort their wealth. This was a second strong affinity with this branch of Judaism that they could not find to the same degree with any branch of Islam or Christianity.


This strong double affinity of the non-Jew-at-all Khazarians with the real Jews grew constantly during the first 5 centuries of the conversion of the Khazarians to Judaism and favored their progressive full integration with the Jews even if they were not Jews at all by blood. At one point this integration got to its worst possible state when the Khazarians started to massively join the ranks of another deviated branch of Judaism that became known as the Satanic Sabbatian-Frankist movement between 1600 AD and 1800 AD. This special Sabbatian-Frankist movement was a new and clearly deviated form of satanic Judaism that came to reinforce the ranks of the older Babylonian Satanists who were still deeply involved in black magic during the 17th and 18th centuries. These Sabbatian-Frankist did not even follow the regular Kabbalah, but the deviated Lurianic Kabbalah of Solomon Luria (1534-1572). As such, through a phenomenon that historians called Transvaluation, their morality became completely permissive, as the worst kind of libertinism, allowing full depravity or criminality, including pedophilia, incest and murder. As such, they claimed that the 10 commandments of the Torah of the Bible would not apply to them, and doing the worst kind of evil became a duty that could be accomplished without any kind of guilt if it served their objectives or their pleasure. Their only commandment was "Do What Thou Wilt", that is, anything, including killing, even the pleasure of mass killing without guilt, even with contentment, through wars and useful acts of violence.


The incident of the "Dancing Israelis" could be a good example of this culture of doing evil with pleasure and without guilt. If the current Sabbatian-Frankists had been the authors of the collapsing of the Twin Towers of 911, like many serious researchers pretend, they would have reacted typically with dancing joy and without any sense of guilt, just like those now known as the "Dancing Israelis". They were arrested for having been seen dancing on a roof top while watching and filming the event, as if it was for them a pleasant Satanic ritual of mass blood sacrifice to be enjoyed without guilt even if they knew it would kill few thousands of innocent persons. On the early morning of September II, a woman living in a distant suburb of New York, quite a few kilometers away from the towers, happen to notice, through her window, a couple of hours before the event, that a strange group of young men she had never seen before were carrying professional filming equipment and tripods on the roof top of the nearby building. This nearby roof top was at a slightly lower level from her floor in her own adjacent building, and she could observe it well. She was very intrigued as there was nothing around that seemed to justify any filming with professional equipment. Consequently she discretely followed the activity of the strange young men very closely. When the first plane hit the first tower, as a complete and dramatic surprise to her, these young men who were already filming towards the towers, from before the hit, started to embrace each other and dance together to express their obvious contentment, as if they had already known in advance that the attack would happen. Like any person of good common sense, she immediately understood that, in fact, the young men were obviously already aware that the tragic event would happen, before it took place, and had arranged to film it at distance with professional video equipment zooming directly on the towers from their roof top. When the young men finally started to move away, she discretely went to the street level and noticed them loading their video equipment in a van. She took the car plate number and went, later on, to denounce the strange fact to the local police. The young men were eventually traced and interrogated, with inevitably the information transmitted immediately to higher levels of authority in New York itself and, inevitably, quickly after that, to the the maximum level of the National Security apparatus of the USA. Very surprisingly the young dancing men in front of the collapsing towers were eventually released, after an unusually short detention for the gravity of the event, and they were even quickly expelled back to Israel after their release into liberty. Authorities only said they had established the 5 young men were in fact Israelis, not Arabs as it was initially assumed. They also said that the 5 young men had presumably nothing to do with the event. The biggest inexplicable and unacceptable surprise in all this story is that no level of authority that we know of, seems to have forced the dancing men to explain how they obviously had become aware the event would take place before it happened, and from what source they got to know about it ahead of time. This is how the group of young men became known as simply the innocuous Dancing Israelis. However, considering that the 5 young men were Israelis, if the tragic event had anything to do with Israel, directly or indirectly, it would never had been made known to us because those of the various areas of authority that eventually simply expelled these Dancing Israelis were all officials who had a clear Fake-Jew background of Sabbatian-Frankist descent operating in the USA. This was during the George W. Bush regime whose VP was Zionist Dick Cheney who in fact was the de-facto president and with the same kind of background. The positions of power at that time were all occupied by Zionists with also a similar background. As such, knowing how the USA administration works, they were all working in direct collaboration with not only the American security but with the Mossad security of Israel. As a matter of fact, this Fake-Jew Zionist invasion of all positions of power had also been the case long before Bush. It is still the case today with Trump. These officials with such Sabbatian-Frankist culture of no guilt, at the time of 911, were all coordinated by a super Fake-Jew Sabbatian-Frankist Zionist with Khazarian ancestors called Michel Chertoff who was known, in his position at the time, to work for his functions in direct collaboration with the highest levels of the CIA of the USA and the Mossad of Israel.  He is the one who ordered the release of the Dancing Israelis and their fast expulsion to Israel without these Israelis telling him (or certainly him not telling us) how and from whom they had become aware of the 911 attack before it happened. A compete list of the incredible number of officials with the same Fake-Jew Zionist  background at that time is being elaborated and will be published as soon as possible, along with some most useful information on the incredible "Pledge Of Allegiance" to Israel (and only to Israel, that is, to no other country in the world) that all the USA super managers, along with all congressmen have to sign if they want to have any future in their respective careers, pledging they will do their very best to serve the best interests... of Israel (instead of the USA).


For the descendants of the Frankist European Jews in particular, absolutely nothing was forbidden, except of course the freedom of others to criticize and expose their evil plans. A clear remnant of this old culture still exists clearly today in that everybody in the world can be strongly criticized without consequences, even very harshly and offensively, be it a Pope, a king or a president, but not the Jews at any level, and not in particular their current leaders in the new Jewish State of Israel or their puppet operators in the governments of other countries, including in the USA and in the EU. Those are mainly the descendants of precisely the Fake-Jew elements of the older Khazarians, that is, of the European Jews, and within those, of the Sabbatian-Frankist movement in particular.


The most important leaders of the satanic branches of Judaism were even excommunicated by orthodox Jewry, with the most famous case probably being Jacob Frank of the Sabbatian-Frankist movement. Rabbi Marvin Antelman, in his book "To Eliminate The Opiate", calls Frankism in particular a movement of complete evil and of the worst kind that ever existed in the history of the deviated Judaism of World Jewry. Thus their real nature as deviated Jews, or Fake-Jew elements as we call them. They originally had been involved in Black Magic and Satanism because their dream of returning united one day to Palestine seemed so difficult to attain at that time that they thought only these occult practices could help them achieve their return with a possible world domination from Jerusalem. This Satanic Sabbatian-Frankist movement is the Jewish group that eventually integrated fully most of the converted Khazarians as new Jews, or as the new European Jews with no Jewish DNA at all. Not only were they not real Jews at all, but because of their integration into the Sabbatian-Frankist movement, they became clearly a kind of new satanic Jews this time, certainly what we can legitimately call Fake Jews that have nothing to do with the original Palestinian Jews who were, and are, the only ones with Jewish DNA of the stem of David and with a legitimate right to return to Palestine.


Together these old and new satanic Jews form now a special Fake-Jew group that is convinced that their mission is to eventually dominate the world in the name of Satan that they usually worship and call with the nicer name of Lucifer. This integrated branch of satanic Jewry has evolved over the last couple of centuries, and became more sophisticated and civilized in some ways but, for the most part, they are those that today we call the warmonger Zionists still capable of any kind of atrocity against other peoples without any guilt. In the meantime they are strongly assisted in their objectives by the Fake-Jew group that came to be called the Christian Zionists.


It must be clear however that the wide majority of them are the descendants of the Fake-Jew category called the European Jews who, as it is worth repeating it, have absolutely no DNA of the stem of David nor any link or valid claim to the territory of Palestine. Nevertheless, they are the ones we find today at the top level of various organizations of world power, for example Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, The Knights Templar, the Opus Dei, the Trilateral Commission, the Club Of Rome, the Bilderberg, the Council of Foreign Relations running the policy making of the USA, the corresponding Royal Institute of International Affairs running the policy making of the UK, not to mention the biggest Banks and Corporations, all of them best represented by the founders of the new Jewish State of Israel by the Rothschild Zionist operatives, that is, in more modern terms, those we call the Zionists, or those elites of the so-called Revisionist Zionism, who are in great majority coordinating them all from behind the scene, and also now more openly through what is known as the Round Table. Their role of infiltration of the highest levels of Freemasonry is also a major one in deciding world policy even if it one hiding its specific Jewish nature, thus another Fake-Jew role in all world affairs along with all the other organizations previously mentioned.


The above list should also include all the main supranational organizations like the UN and the EU. From the sheer number of Fake-Jew elements, mainly from the so-called European Jews, sitting at the highest levels of this globalization network, nearly 100% with, as we will see, ancestors from mainly the worst Satanic Sabbatian-Frankist Fake-Jew movement, we can conclude quite clearly that it is the Synagogue Of Satan that is running the world at the moment. Its main current intellectual animators are centered in or around the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism and social engineering. They aim clearly at a global Orwellian dictatorship through a new One-World Government that they hope to eventually establish in Jerusalem after the necessary fall of other disturbing powers like the EU and the USA in particular. Should we also add, for the culture of the conspiracy theorists, that the founder of the so-called "Illuminati" in 1776, Adam Weishaupt, was a Fake-Jew of the European Jew branch and educated by the Fake-Jew branch of Catholicism, the Jesuits.


When analyzing this background, one cannot avoid the conclusion that this Fake-Jew World Power that we will call SIFJEC (Satanic Infiltrated Fake-Jew Everywhere Commanding), or rather SIFJEC Global World Power, has also a very clear parasitic nature. Its leaders are world experts in infiltrating and exploiting all centers of power. This includes not only the above organizations, but all main religions, starting with pure Judaism itself, corrupting all these entities with Satanism and living off all their targets. It includes all governments with the corruption of their politicians. In addition to banks, it includes all major corporations, all major media, all main social media and all major NGOs. After infiltrating these centers of power, they exploit culturally and socially through fear and dogma the labor and the creativity of all their subordinates. Their banks in particular exploit financially the whole rest of us in an outrageous way through lending usurious fiat money that they create easily out-of-nothing (because we stupidly gave them this incredible unconstitutional power) but lend to us and our government with interests as debt. They do all this parasitic exploitation very successfully while parading with their expensive dark suits, let alone with our stupid admiration, in the best palaces and restaurants of our nations and of our international organizations entirely at our expense.  


The satanic culture of the SIFJEC Global World Power is highly reflected in what we call today the "Political Correctness". This culture keeps influencing the main universities of the USA (Like most typically Yale with its infamous "Skull and Bones") and Europe (with the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism influencing all other universities) forming those leaders who today are mainly operating under the deceitfully generic qualification of Zionists and working covertly or openly to take over the world and enslave the rest of us through DDDD, through usurious debt in particular applying to all submitted countries and the rest of us as submitted persons. That same culture, through the use of a growing number of symbols of Satanism in videos and movies, let alone stage performances and government shows of inaugurations of important events like the Eurotunnel and the Olympics of London, now permeates entirely the highest levels of the entertainment industry, as clearly demonstrated by the performances of some of the most famous artists like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Beyoncé and Katy Perry, not to mention late Michael Jackson with the occasional  appearance of his reptilian eyes. These are the main idols and the typical type of the most major evens of today, all deeply impregnated with symbols of Satanism as promoted by the leaders of the various Fake-Jew categories operating at the top of the fields of culture and politics.  


Interestingly enough, the above main Fake-Jew  category of the European Jews represents a history of World Jewry that most common Jews are not at all aware of. And they are kept in the dark of this history by plan in order for the normal Jews not to disturb the Fake-Jew Master Plan for a forthcoming One-World-Government as soon as possible. This is so important that, for those who may be interested, we will see this history in a bit more details in the following paragraphs. In addition, at the bottom of this section, we will also list a few history books that well document this reality, in particular on the part of eminent Jewish historians. Be it clear however at the outset of the following summary of that history of the European Jews who were and are today the purest Fake-Jews, but  who integrated themselves fully into the Sabbatian-Frankist movement, that we are talking about the history of a form of Satanism that runs our world today more powerfully than ever before in the history of humanity through a most destructive globalization, massive multiculturalism and a moral nihilism that is destroying the best cultural values acquired by the most civilized countries on Earth during the last centuries. Causing such an immense and invaluable loss can only be a clear Satanic game. 




In the 8th century AD, a wild population calling themselves Khazars had the control of an immense territory south of Russia, surrounding the Asian Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, with its core of command centered where we have Georgia and part of Ukraine today. This vast territory became known as the Khazarian Empire.  These Khazars practiced no known religion. They were extremely cruel. Crossing their vast territory was extremely dangerous with most foreign travellers, most of the time, being robbed or killed, with all their women raped or kidnapped for sex or domestic slavery purposes. Their Christian neighbor to the north, Russia, was also very powerful, along with other neighboring populations on the other side, at the south of their empire, devoted to Islam and Judaism. Along with these other neighbors, including Persia, Russia decided, in 740 AD, to give an ultimatum to the Khazars, and force them to convert, massively, as an entire population, to one of the 3 Abrahamic religions of their choice. Russia was naively hoping this would bring the Khazars to more civilized ways within their own territory. The alternative was that Russia and its alliance would destroy the Khazarian Empire.


The king of Khazaria at the time was called Bulan. In front of the serious menace, he chose to convert his entire people to Judaism, as his choice, in front of the ultimatum. This choice was for 2 main reasons. First, Bulan well knew the old reputation of the Jews, as the infamous Money Changers of the Bible, and as exploiters of other populations through debt and extortions, which is basically what they themselves had been doing for a few centuries already, maybe through slightly different means but for the same purpose, like through killing, pillage and plunder. Hence the culture of Judaism would be much closer to their own Khazarian customs of exploiting all non-Khazarians for profit when crossing their vast territory. From this point of view, they had an immediate first affinity with Jews that they could not feel as strongly with Christians and Muslims. Second, the Khazarians were also attracted by the practices of the branch of the Jewish Kabbalah that included Black Magic and related Satanism. The Khazarians already knew about this, as part of a deviated branch of Judaism since the time of the exile of the Jews in Babylon. This was a second affinity with the Jews that would help them feeling more at ease, and maybe less guilty, for their usual very cruel behavior against all foreigners. This however was a behavior that, contrary to what Russia thought, they had no intention to abandon after their forced and fake mass conversion to Judaism.  


The above should be sufficient to draw already and clearly a first important conclusion. The massive conversion of the barbarian Khazarians from south of Russia to Judaism makes these forced converts real Fake-Jews. Although calling themselves Jews and, from then on, supposedly devoted Judaism, they had, and their descendants still have today, absolutely no Jewish blood, or certainly no Jewish DNA whatsoever from the stem of David. Consequently they had, and still have no historic right to be considered as part of the Chosen People mentioned in the Bible. As such, contrary to the much more ancient Jews, the real Jews who were the Palestinian Jews instead of the European Jews, as those who were exiled in Babylon, these new Khazarian Fake-Jews can absolutely not have any valid claim to a historic right to return to the ancient land of Palestine. Such historical right can only belong to the real Palestinian Jews after some 2000 years of their own exile out of Palestine. The link of these new Fake-Jew elements, the converted Khazarians, to the land of Palestine just does not exist. At all! This notwithstanding, they are, in sheer numbers, the great majority of those considering themselves Jews today and in particular those behind the creation of Israel. On the other hand, the main leaders of the satanic Jews of Palestine they have associated with were excommunicated by Jewish orthodoxy and as such they are also, but as a small minority in this case, a kind of Fake-Jews whose descendants have also lost such a historical right to return to Palestine.


The problem is that these new Jews, in fact non-Jews, or Fake-Jews, since in particular after the destruction of the Khazarian Empire south of Russia in 1250 AD, dispersed themselves in most of Europe. This created a big diaspora of Fake-Jews that became known, for this precise reason, as the European Jews, as opposed to the original Palestinian Jews. This European diaspora has unfortunately created a lot of confusion, as these European Jews are today the vast majority of those we wrongly call with the generic term of Jews. And these Fake-Jews are also those who have eventually fully infiltrated the branch of World Jewry that we call today the Zionists, and precisely those who, as a vast majority around the world, even if they are Fake-Jews, claim the right to the land of Palestine and to the maintenance of a Jewish State that they have called Israel. Their claim, as formulated by these Zionists, appears wrongly not to be the exclusive right of the real ancient Palestinian Jews, and thus a right of the Chosen People of the Bible.


This is not only confusing, but technically a complete scam. This is also why the real traditional Palestinian Jews, mostly today’s Orthodox Jews, fight openly against Zionism, even from within Israel itself, and are much more willing to treat the Palestinians, most of whom have more Jewish Palestinian DNA from the stem of David than the current Zionists, in a better way, sharing the land more fairly with the real Palestinian Jews. Unfortunately for the real Palestinian Jews that exist in Israel today, who are a clear minority, it is the Fake-Jew majority of the diaspora of the European Jews originating from the Khazarian Empire south of Russia that have come back to Palestine in great majority over the last half century to form the new Jewish State of Israel.

> In the year 1250 AD, it was clear to Russia in particular that the conversion of the Khazarians to an Abrahamic religion, Judaism in this case, in 740 AD, did not bear the expected fruits of better behavior with all foreigners crossing the vast territory of the still existing Khazarian Empire. For this reason, the Khazarian Empire was completely destroyed and dismantled by Russia and its allies. However, the new Fake-Jews, or the Jews of Khazarian origin converted massively to Judaism, only moved, mainly north and west, to various European countries, in particular to places like Poland, Hungary and Germany, but even Russia itself, and without losing their new Jewish accreditation as the new Money Changers.


In addition, during that European Diaspora, these new Fake-Jews of Khazarian origin have even worsened their ancestral bad behavior, in particular in the 17th and 18th centuries, by infiltrating and massively joining the ranks this time of the worst deviated branches of Judaism in Europe represented by the so-called satanic Sabbatians and Frankists, or what is often called simply the Sabbatian-Frankist movement. The name of this movement comes from two horrific diabolical figures of deviated Judaism, Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791). The Sabbatian-Frankists are also known sometimes as Zoharists, because when they were persecuted by traditional Jews, they only went temporarily underground studying the Zohar group of books considered by satanic Jews as more important than the traditional mystical Kabbalah. Both kinds of books are of  clear Luciferian or satanic inspiration but the Zohar books more so than the Kabbalah books.


Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank were both deeply involved with Black Magic and the satanic cults that originated in Babylon and, even as non-Jews, that is, as Fake-Jews of Khazarian origin, both even pretended they were the Jewish Messiah. They were both followers of the Lurianic Kabbalah of the Jewish Rabbi Solomon Luria (1534-1572). To be clear, Frank pretended as much as being the Jewish Messiah, even if he had absolutely no Jewish DNA at all because his ancestors were not Palestinian Jews, but European Jews coming from the Khazarian Empire. He was a pure Fake-Jew born in Poland from the Khazarian diaspora of the Fake European Jews. Even if he was a pure Fake European Jew who pretended to be the Messiah, at one point he even converted to Islam in order to infiltrate it and try to destroy it from within. His followers became known as the Donmeh who, later on, will contribute in a fundamental way to the creation of more modern Sunni Islamic countries like Turkey (in 1923), whose founder Freemason Ataturk was a Donmeh, thus a Fake-Jew.


The most radical Fake-Jew Donmehs, or crypto Jews acting as Muslims, were the closest to the Fake-Jew Sabbatian-Frankist culture of Khazarian origin but mixed with the clear satanic nature of the branch of deviated Judaism following the Lurianic Kabbalah. As such they became particularly influential for the birth of Wahhabism in the most radical Islamic Sunni country founded as Saudi Arabia in 1932. Consequently, it is quite incredible, as a reality unknown to most Arabs today, that it is Fake-Jews that hijacked the most important Islamic centers in Medina and Mecca. The Ottoman Turkish author Ayyub Sabri Pasha, in his book "The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism" explains clearly that the origin of the Saud family was Jewish, from the Donmeh Fake-Jews. This may explain why Israel, considering its many wars against Arabic countries in the last decades, and its difficulty with the Palestinian Arabs within Israel itself, surprisingly does not have some of the main Arabic Sunni Islamic countries as enemies, but rather has an excellent relationship with them, like with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The three of them have Fake-Jew founders.


Similarly, as also a reality that is unknown to most Muslims, just like the European Jews have no link at all to Jews of the stem of David, the Fake-Jew Muslim Saud family that created Saudi Arabia and the Fake-Jew Donmeh founders of modern Turkey, can claim absolutely no link to the ancient prophet Muhammad or Allah. But both countries can claim a clear common Jewish origin from the Fake-Jew Khazarian category.  


Another reality unknown to most people is that the totally Fake-Jew category of the European Jews coming from the Khazars were really the Jews targeted by the Nazi regime of Hitler, not the real Palestinian Jews. The Holocaust was destined to them, not to the Palestinian Jews. Nevertheless, those same European Jews financed Hitler and thus the Holocaust operations all the way in order to have a pretext in front of world public opinion to create the state of Israel. As such these Fake-Jews filled the new Jewish State of Israel and had, in doing so, and still have today, very little empathy or patience for the real Palestinian Jews. These real Palestinian Jews regularly criticize openly, from within Israel itself, the Zionism movement of Khazarian origin as state organized terror or as the cause of the Mideast bloodshed, while demanding a fairer share of the territory with the descendants of the real Palestinian Jews who have DNA from the stem of David. These real Palestinian Jews even dare to affirm that the Zionist Jews running Israel today have a clear affinity with what were the Nazi and Fascist regimes, having been heavily influenced by the culture of violence coming from the founder of Revisionist Zionism, Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880-1940) who had the father of the current prime minister Netanyahu as his special assistant.


During their European Diaspora, in a spirit of full vengeance because of this forced European Diaspora, the Sabbatian-Frankists followers gradually infiltrated all centers of culture and power in their various countries of exile with a strong desire, often explicitly expressed, to eventually rule these countries and the whole world from Jerusalem through whatever would be needed, as harmful as it may be to other people. Sabbatai Zevi was promoting doing any kind of evil for that purpose, without any guilt, when necessary to reach this final objective, including in the meantime killing and mass massacres through revolutions, wars or otherwise. This is how they got involved with a major role in all the major revolutions and wars of the last few centuries, including the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, let alone WWI and WWII. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was precisely and mainly a vengeance of the Fake European Jews against Russia for having destroyed their Khazarian Empire. With what was called Transvaluation, or inversion of all traditional values, if something served their objective of eventual world domination, they could do anything they wanted, and they would be nevertheless saved by a special kind of redemption through useful sin, as a reversed morality clearly in line with full libertinism and the worst Satanic cults related to the Lurianic Kabbalah. This is what some researchers have called the Synagogue Of Satan for which nothing is forbidden if it serves the objective. The Sabbatian-Frankist new prayer was Praised be He [that is, Satan] who permits the forbidden. For them, in their self-proclaimed mission, the old prohibitions of the Torah, as the central sacred book of Judaism, did not apply, including all old sexual relationships like incest and pedophilia: Do What Thou Wilt”. Obviously all this has nothing to do with the pure Palestinian Jews.   


Again, these Zoharists, or Sabbatian-Frankists, or Zio-Satanists, or Khazo-Satanists, whatever you want to call them, because of their clear non-Jewish or Fake-Jew Khazarian origin, have absolutely no Jewish DNA at all, and consequently no legitimate claim to Palestine nor to the domination of the world from Jerusalem after the return of the Messiah. They are Fake-Jews, or certainly not real Jews, and they only use the real Jews as puppets to achieve their objectives. Real Jews are most of the time not their collaborators, but most of the time their victims. The Fake-Jew elements are nevertheless the ones who have created the new so-called Jewish State of Israel. Again, they have so little respect for real Palestinian Jews that they have even engineered and financed the Holocaust of WWII without any guilt, by financing Hitler all the way, in order to have a pretext to create their Zio-Jewish State of Israel.


As a result, in reality, Israel is not really a Jewish State, belonging to the old Palestinian Jews returned to Palestine, but at most a Zio-State of the European Jews with a Fake-Jew Khazarian origin. This is why the traditional Orthodox Jews of Israel who are more closely associated to the old Palestinian Jews are protesting Zionism, as they know this sad historical reality better than anybody else. But the worst reality is that this new Zio-Jewish State is only the first step for the formation of a “Greater-Zio-Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates, in which capital, Jerusalem, to eventually base their new One-World-Government of complete world domination. And this “Greater-Zio-Israel” is being built fast through the constant absorption of new territories, like the Golan Heights and the West Bank, and the gradual balkanization of the other countries of the Middle East. This balkanization has happened already in countries like Syria and Iraq to prepare the forthcoming absorption of new pieces of territory at the first good occasion. Part of Saudi Arabia and the whole of Lebanon shall be the next victims.


In the meantime, over the last centuries, as mentioned before, the Fake-Jew Zoharists Zionist satanic culture has well infiltrated all the world centers of power and culture, including media, politics, education and finances, but also the other main western religions of Islam and Christianity, pursuing world domination through globalization, and an eventual One-World-Government based in Jerusalem. This major final objective implies the previous fall of the USA and the EU because a new One-World-Government cannot be such if these other centers of major power are not first eliminated. And this is what is fast forthcoming today by progressive steps in both the EU and the USA. From this point of view, in terms of foreign policy, the USA has practically become a colony of the new Fake-Jew Zionists of the new Jewish State of Israel.


Be it clear in conclusion that this is not/not a Jewish Plot, because it is not pursued by real Jews. However it is clearly a "Fake-Jew Plot", or a Zio-Zoharist Plot of an infiltrated and deviated branch of Judaism expressed at its worst in those we have called the satanic Sabbatian-Frankists, or their Fake-Jew collaborators. Today, for simplification purposes, we can probably legitimately call it the Zionist Plot where most of the agents of this Conspiracy Reality are regrouped. For the real Palestinian Jews we can only feel comprehension and compassion for being used, even seriously abused, and for being the main victims of this satanic Fake-Jew Master Plan.  


The "Fake-Jew Plot" is what is producing what we call the new satanic SIFJEC (Satanic Infiltrated Fake-Jew Everywhere Commanding) World Power seeking to take over the world through globalization and establish an eventual dictatorial One-World-Government based in Jerusalem after the creation of the Greater-Zio-Israel and the fall of the USA and the EU.




The satanic Sweat Master Plan  of global enslavement is being looked at more specifically in the next section. It is pursued by what we call the SweatHard Power. This heinous global and satanic enslaving power, through the use of mainly Fake-Jews, or Abrahamic Plotters from the top levels of the 3 Abrahamic religions, is what an Aristarchy is meant to dismantle, doing so most democratically, as a prerequisite to its implementation in two steps: first as a TruthOcracy to start with, as an easier and quicker first step that could be as short as two successive electoral periods, and, in the end, as a second step requiring one or two generations in new schools under a better form of holistic education, in order to arrive at an Aristarchy.


In short, the current SweatHard Power  is pursued by a majority of Jews who are members of a deviated branch of Judaism that was impregnated with Satanism since the time of the exile of the Jews in Babylon, or on non-Jews at all, not by DNA nor by relation to Palestine, but pretending to be Jews, while using and hiding behind such deviated satanic Judaism. We call these two groups with the term Fake-Jews for lack of a better term. Consequently we could call their plot the "Fake-Jew Plot". But it is more rightly an Abrahamic plot of deviated elites of the 3 Abrahamic religions. We have already exposed this sad "Fake-Jew Plot". This is the reason why, at the moment, we live in a period of particular disgrace, with the satanic FOB clearly dominating over the divine FOG.


Fortunately, the rest of us, as a wide majority, and through our sheer critical weight if acting together, have the power to democratically force a return to a period of splendor when the FOG would return to dominate again, hopefully for a long new era of liberation through truth, and for maximum possible happiness of most of us on this beautiful planet Earth. In fact, we basically live on a beautiful planet with a pyramid of an incredible variety of stunning life forms. We, as human beings, are at the top of this pyramid in terms of intelligence and power of creativity. We are in fact, through our human souls, the only real co-creators of the FOG that formed this life pyramid on this magnificent planet. The FOG giving us this rank and role was a great honor for which we must be grateful. It is in fact the real sense of our human life. It is our only important sacred mission during our life on this beautiful planet Earth, with each of us having a chance to contribute in an original and unique way as co-creators. From the clear nature and intentions of our FOG creator, a co-creating power given to us should ideally mean always creating for the good, or for caring, if not improving, or at least refining in our own pleasant and original good ways, what has already been created.


The only difficulty is that, at our top level of the pyramid of life, our compassionate FOG creator gave us also the maximum gift possible, as a gift that he gave to no other life form. He gave us freewill to make us as similar to him as possible as co-creators of the FOG. In doing so, he knew full well that, with freewill, few of us would inevitably abuse this power and become co-creators at the service of the FOB. The latter few, creating for the bad, would then be deceitfully used as puppets by the satanic FOB to create for themselves an illusionary and fake selfish good, however badly it would affect the rest of us. However, our FOG creator also knew, or hoped, that the rest of us, as a big majority, would react and prevent those few satanic Sweat elites acting as FOB from destroying instead of improving, counting that the rest of us would also use our freewill and love to hopefully bring back the deviated souls on the path of co-creation for the good.


Unfortunately, this is quite clearly where the rest of us have grossly failed in the last few centuries, through negligence and irresponsible inaction, in particular since the beginning of the period that brought us many destructive revolutions and two world wars. This is where our FOG creator is probably very deceived and deluded at the moment. From his perspective, to say the least, the rest of us must probably be seen by our FOG creator as highly negligent in preventing the few deviated souls from acting for the bad, when we have the full power to prevent it using our freewill. This is where the reforms of an Aristarchy can come in to help.


This prevention of the bad to happen could have been already achieved in the past, most democratically, and even with love, if we had only waken up in time and decided to use our freewill and co-creation power to redress the situation before it reached the catastrophic levels of destruction that we have today. This is where we should have stopped the formation of the heinous global satanic master plan that we will expose more specifically in the next section. Through negligence or laziness we have not waken up yet, and it is late, and most urgent, to wakeup today. This is the necessary urgent wakeup call that is badly needed as soon as possible. If we get out of our somber and wakeup, with more of us working as FOG co-creators, and making more and more people do the same, we would get back to a period of more splendor, like there has been some in the history of humanity. The most obvious good example of such period of splendor is certainly the one of the classical period of Ancient-Greece that invented holistic education of the Tetractys of the human soul, philosophy as a way of life based on virtue and ethics, real direct participative democracy, logical critical thinking, the Olympics spirit, holistic beauty in body and soul, let alone absolute beauty and harmony in all arts and techniques, along with the rest of the PHILOTIMO that accompanied that magnificent period of co-creativity with the FOG. Again, such return to more splendor and creativity through more of us acting as FOG co-creators is the main purpose of this book, and consequently also the purpose of what we call an Aristarchy as a new system of harmonious governance.




In a global context, SweatHard (Satanic World Enslavement Action Through Heinous Abrahamic Religion Deviates) is the latest acronym we use to describe the power of the global satanic elites trying to enslave the rest of us. Other names, like the JewZuit Power or LUZJIP or SIFJEC are still valid in their own relative context, but not as comprehensive as SweatHard on a global scale.


MOWOP (Master One-World Order Plan) is also only the latest specific name of what we often call, more simply, the Master Plan,  of the New World Order, but it is basically a satanic master plan pursued by the Sweat elites. For this reason, we sometimes play on words and call the Prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, as Setanyahu, because he is an eminent member of the Sweat elites in his pursuit of a new One-World-Order with clear Judaic supremacy in his mind if at all possible, in the whole world, with regards to a forthcoming Greater Israel of Zionist world ascendancy through, as seen above, the use of puppet satanic fake Jews. In the context of the activities of Mr. Soros, who is also a Jew, we will will also talk about him as a Sweat member, even if he is often in opposition to Zionism, not because he is not also a Zionist, but rather because he is more, or worse, than a Zionist. He appears to want something higher or more powerful than what most Zionists want, as a clearly Satanic One-World Order (that includes, even if he is a Jew, his push for massive Islamic immigration to destroy the values, the sovereignty and power of the western nations). With regards to the 3 main monotheistic religions of Abrahamic descent (Judaism, Christianity and Islam, including the Abrahamic families Li and Sassoon of China often called "The Rothschild of The East") pursuing a new One-World-Order, in particular since the arrival of Pope Francis and his clearly desired One-World-Religion (Panthriskia), and considering the activities of the satanic highest ranks of Fake-Jews of these 3 religions, and some of their liturgies that sometimes involve, implicitly or explicitly, odes to Lucifer, including at the Vatican, we will call this overall global plot the SweatHard One-World Order.  


This Master Plan is also basically what is commonly called simplistically and deceitfully by most people and media the “New World Order”, intending it as a conspiracy theory. But in fact it is a conspiracy reality. It is most often abbreviated with the acronym NWO (New World Order) by most media. The new power hiding behind it is what we call, on its most global scale, the SweatHard Power. Certainly, to say the least, this NWO (New World Order) of the Master Plan is really rather what we should call a NWD (New World Disorder), at least for the common "We The People".


This Master Plan is a new world order that is being put in place in order to allow complete world domination, starting, as a first step, with what we call a Banktatorship. The plan pursues a totalitarian One-World-Government, with a One-World-Currency, and hopefully, from their point of view, also a One-World-Religion, a One-World Army (the intended destiny of a reformed NATO), and a One-World Culture in a global melting pot of the rest of us as obedient slaves managed by the obscure forces of a Sweat of Collectivist Fabian Socialists at its top managers. These are the same obscure forces that have pursued collectivist world domination through all main wars and revolutions for centuries, in particular, more recently, through the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution, not to mention the related two World Wars, WWI and WWII, that have followed. Similarly, a forthcoming WWIII is what the global SweatHard Power is so strongly trying to foment today since the beginning of the XXIs century.


In our context, we openly claim that this MOWOP (Master One-World-Order Plan) is pursued by a team of useful idiots of Satan, or rather useful perverts or deviates of the 3 Abrahamic religions that form the so-called Sweat elites or the SweatHard Power. 


This pursuit is called the “Master Plan” for the eventual formation of a totalitarian One-World-Government meant to be based in Jerusalem after the formation of the Greater Israel by Zionism, possibly through the forthcoming WWIII. As such, it is really a MOWOP (Master One-World-Order Plan). As our websites demonstrate, there is plenty and good evidence that all the main wars and revolutions of the last 250 years have discretely pursued this objective. All the main wars still active today serve this same hidden SweatHard Power purpose in their background. In addition, this Master Plan of world domination involves the enslavement of all populations below the Sweat elites through a magistral use of DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation and Despair). Tools of full enslavement include such infamous projects elaborated and constantly updated in the past, like  the Lighthouse Of The East of 1871 (the stealing of pieces of territory from various already balkanized countries (like Iraq and Syria) around Israel, in order to form the Greater Israel), the Protocols Of The Elders of 1903 (claimed to be a fake, but certainly only in terms of who may be the author, certainly not in terms of its accurate content about three world wars needed to be fought in order to achieve the Master Plan), the Kalergi Plan of 1922 (about using massive inassimilable immigration movements in all the Western nations [except Israel] to destroy their sovereignty and their strong moral, cultural and patriotic values that could come to oppose the Master Plan), the YINON Plan of 1992 (balkanization of the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, and the reinforcement of the Sunni side of Islam in order to neutralize its more dangerous Shiite side, from the point of view of the Sweat elites, which reinforcement could prevent the accomplishment of the Master Plan), and the more recent reformulation and aggregation of all these tools under the name of the PNAC Project of 1997 (Project for the New American Century: forcing the full and definite world supremacy of the Sweat forces in the 21st Century, now with the connivance of the Sweat Pope Francis, using mainly the money and the expendable soldiers of the USA, when and where necessary, as useful idiots, until the establishment of Jerusalem, in the fast forthcoming Greater Israel, as their new One-World-Order capital).


The achievement of this Master Plan puts into contrast two opposite axis of forces of world power in a mutual conflict that is often called the “Great Game” (GG). The one side of this conflict is formed by what can be called the ZAAA (Zio-Anglo-American Axis). The other side is what can be called BRICS Axis. These two sides oppose each other at the moment mainly for the essential preliminary step of the control of the vast natural resources and populations of a fast forthcoming new unification of two continents, called EURASIA (a combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia). This is the new geopolitical area where the current dominating SweatHard Power, so far concentrated in the Western World (USA and EU) is quickly shifting at the moment, away from the USA, on and around the so-called old “Silk Road” of trade between Asia and Europe. This is because, if there is to be a new One-World-Super-Power based in Jerusalem, the other competing areas of super power, like the EU and the USA have to fall first.


In examining the global world situation, one cannot not notice that the new SweatHard Power manifests itself with a clear leading role of Jewish forces of World Jewry or, more specifically, by Zionist members of the Sweat forces (not to say Khazarian forces of the Fake-Jews). However, this is a mistake because that power comes from all the Abrahamic forces, as the SweatHard Power


Another way to look at the Master Plan is from the perspective of the so-called Deep State running all western governments at the moment, while the politicians and leaders of these national states are only obedient puppets within the puppet theater of their omnipotent SweatHard Power in the background. The Sweat Deep State is the entity running discretely the Master Plan.


In final instance, the proper way to look at this Master Plan is that the MOWOP is the pursuit of what many call the “Pax Judaica”, as the final stage of what was called before, in previous stages of modern history, the “Pax Romana”, then the "Pax Christiana", then the “Pax Britannica”, and more recently the “Pax Americana”. This final “Pax Judaica” however is a Sweat one. This is also obviously a very deceitful use of the word “Pax” (which should mean only “Peace” and “Serenity”), as it involves the formation of a One-World-Order of collectivist Fabian Socialism, run by a dictatorial One-World-Government, a One-World-Currency, a One-World-Army (maybe the new NATO), possibly a new One-World-Religion that many already call “Panthriskia” in consideration of the strange globalist initiatives of the Sweat Pope Francis, and certainly a melting pot One-World-Culture. Instead of keeping busy mainly defending Christianity, like it was done for centuries by all previous popes, Sweat Francis is constantly much more busy making efforts to achieve a rapprochement with all the current forces and various other religions of the global political world power. This includes the UN global political agenda that seems to be more important to him than the traditional spiritual agenda of the Vatican, as it has been pursued for 2000 years before he was elected. It includes also his constant attempt to force the reconciliation of all other religious denominations of Christianity, including the Orthodox and Protestant denominations. More strangely still, it includes quite obviously the pursuit of a brand new ecumenical, thus global, One-World-Religion (already often called “Panthriskia”, or a One-Religion-For-All”, by many of the expert observers following the Sweat activities of the Vatican), together with the leaderships of Judaism and Islam. These leaderships were explicitly considered “Enemies” by the Vatican, for 2000 years. They are now called “Brothers”, having gone "From Enemy To Brother", as per the famous book of John Connelly. This is a long term consequence of the progressive and near final “Judaization” of the Christian church by World Jewry starting with the JewZuit Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962. And Pope Francis coming from the Sweat Judaic order of the Jesuits has reinforced immensely this Judaization. He does not seem to care to pursue mainly this globalist civil terrestrial civilian agenda, basically the agenda of the UN, over and above the traditional spiritual agenda of his church, even if he risks, on his path, to destroy completely the Catholic Church, or even overall what we call Christianity today.


Interestingly enough, the MOWOP is being pursued in various ways that sometimes appear contradictory and even very conflictive. Netanyahu and Soros apparently contradictive approaches to MOWOP are two good examples. The case of George Soros is of particular interests. Although he is a Jew, he often contradicts the Jewish Zionist approach to the point of sometimes being even accused of Antisemitism. Contrary to Netanyahu, Soros hates America and the EU for their strong culture of democracy and he sees their destruction through massive Islamic immigration and "color revolutions" as a prerequisite to the MOWOP. According to Soros, only the Islamic culture will be able to destroy the strong culture of democracy and morality of the West, and this is necessary for the realization of the MOWOP. Although he is a self-proclaimed atheist, Soros is clearly satanic, as a Sweat member, and he also works closely with the satanic part of the Sweat Vatican through social activities called PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing / in which the Clinton and Obama were deeply involved), financing them through his so-called OSF (Open Society Foundations). Both PICO and OSF are dear to Pope Francis who welcomes massive immigration with open arms in Italy (but not in the Vatican strangely enough) and who pursues an agenda which, for the first time for a pope, is much more secular and political than spiritual, like the Agenda 21/2030 of the UN.


Soros also brings China in the plan, more than Israel, as, for him, China (dominated by the Sassoon and Li families, as the Sweat "Rothschild Of The East") is the best test example of an authoritarian government that could realize the MOWOP. To achieve it, Soros wants a kind of super Kalergi Plan (open borders and massive immigration) of a special Islamic nature. Israel PM Netanyahu’s approach to achieve the MOWOP is completely different. It is based directly on the claimed superiority of the Jewish race and the members of its superior financial class from the biblical so-called “Chosen People”. Soros’ approach is rather based on the power of the superior financial Sweat "class" of those leading organizations like the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the WB (World Bank), let alone a fast forthcoming Banktatorship, that have to destroy the democratic culture of the West for the MOWOP to succeed. However, the “class” in both cases is always Sweat even if it often gives a major leading role to Jews. If China comes into the picture, discretely or openly with its Sassoon and LI families ("The Rothschild of the East") it shall be only temporarily, as it will be made to collapse through financial means in due time, or other means, like a possible bio weapon, for the final supremacy of the world western Sweat bankers promoted by Soros.


The same shall happen with America in due time with the collapse of the dollar. In the end, only the Greater Israel shall stand with the Sweat force called to dominate the world through the fake Pax Judaica from Jerusalem. For this to happen, no other power shall be allowed to contrast it, not China, not the USA, not the EU, nor any other disturbing power like Russia. The current balkanization of the Middle East through various continuous wars is part of this strategy for the construction of the Greater Israel by the Sweat. If the balkanization is not sufficient, and if WWIII is necessary to achieve the final MOWOP objective, like it is affirmed by the Protocols of the Elders, so be it, from the point of view of the MOWOP Sweat masters. And this forthcoming WWIII might not necessarily be fought through traditional weapons like tanks and bombs. Financial or bio weapons might well do the job, and much better, with less destruction and more wealth to be left intact to be enjoyed by the Sweat


Summarizing the above, looking at the plan from the perspective of a Netanyahu, the MOWOP is clearly mainly at least a Fake-Jew Khazarian one. Looking at the plan from the perspective a Soros, the MOWOP is more clearly a Fake-Jew satanic one. Looking at the plan from the perspective of a pope like Francis, the MOWOP is at least Luciferian, thus very similar to the Soros approach. However, looking at the plan from the perspective of the three together, the MOWOP is really a SweatHard Power New World Order. This apparent confusion is easily explained. The three perspectives are in fact the three sides of the same triangular pyramid of Abrahamic forces. And the bottom of that pyramid is composed of the perverts of the radical Muslims commonly tied to acts of terrorism that the 3 standing sides try to use as useful idiots for the purpose of the plan, without realizing the serious risk involved in trying to use Islamists as useful idiots. This has been clearly demonstrated by history. Consequently, calling the plan as the Sweat One World Order Power, when someone wants to be less generic name than MOWOP, is probably the best qualification. The two main satanic agents of this pyramid of Abrahamic deviates are quite obviously Jews (Zionists Fake-Jews) and Jesuits (Judaic Fake-Christians), let alone the new Judaic Vatican since 1962 now managed by the Sweat Pope Francis as a Jesuit (founded by a Jew, Ignacio of Loyola) of clear Judaic descent. Overall its essence is Abrahamic, as the SweatHard Power


Looking at the absurdly good relationship between atheist Soros and supposedly the most Christian figure on earth, Pope Francis, one realizes that the Jesuits are seriously involved in the background. PICO, in which Francis is involved discretely through some Vatican staff, and sometimes even directly, like at the Vatican joint meeting of June 2015, supported all along by Soros financing to do so, was founded in 1972 by John Baumann. This is also a Jesuit priest, and he was trained in a Saul Alinsky community organizing sect in Chicago in the 1960s (in which Barak Obama was notably involved as a young man). And for those who do not know, Alinsky, who died in 1972, was an extremist community organizer, tied to the extreme radical left and, at the same time, was also a self declared Satanist. He explicitly dedicated his main famous book titled Rules For Radicals to Satan. Nevertheless, Bill Clinton considered him his mentor. Hillary Clinton wrote a thesis on the subject of that book dedicated to Satan. Pope Francis, through the financing of an atheist (Soros) gets involved in activities (PICOs) designed by a Satanic intellectual (Alinsky) and managed by other intellectuals of the extreme left (Baumann) and his successors now having infiltrated the Vatican through some good acolytes (like the cardinals Danneels and Kasper, not to mention Francis' special advisor cardinal Rodriguez), all working hard to destroy the best traditional Christian values defended so well by the previous pope Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, that a Vatican conspiracy ousted out. After the ousting of Ratzinger, both the Open Society of Atheist Soros, and PICO activists of Satanic Alinsky origin, who had already infiltrated the Vatican, started to work more openly in the Vatican to promote the globalist cause of the SweatHard Power  or the MOWOP New World Order so dear to Pope Francis and his UN new friends, through cardinals of the like of those just mentioned. 


As a final comment, it is interesting to realize that the Jewish and Khazarian Fake-Jew elements, including their acolytes of the Judaic Christian Jesuits, as those that are the main leading actors behind the Sweat MOWOP, have been behind all the most destructive great wars and revolutions of the last centuries, including WWI and WWII, and including all the main destructive revolutions (in Russia, France and USA). They act like parasites that work internally to deceitfully destroy their host after having exploiting them to the outmost degree. Then, like good parasites, they jump into another host that they also work to destroy after full exploitation, until they will have achieved their final objective of the fake Pax Judaica through a dictatorial One-World-Government of their own to be based in Jerusalem after the creation of the Greater Israel. This long saga involves the parasitic destruction along the way of all other possible competitive superpowers that could disturb the Sweat MOWOP. At this point in history, their main parasitic work of destruction, as Soros himself claims explicitly, is in the USA that will be made to fall as a super power after full exploitation, financially and militarily, probably in a not too distant future. As it is quite obvious to any good observer, the USA, at the moment, at least from a foreign policy point of view, is no more than a kind of slave colony of Israel.


In the meantime the MOWOP Sweat elites have already jumped into, and set foot discretely in their next parasite host, which is quite clearly the China that is so dear to Khazarian Soros who seems to be linked particularly well to the very obscure and extremely powerful Abrahamic Judaic LI  and Sassoon families of China (often called the Rothschild of the East). The Khazarian Zionist world seems to be divided in two main factions: the Western faction, quite well known to the public at large and best represented by leaders like Netanyahu of Israel, and the Eastern faction, extremely discrete and practically unknown to any meaningful media, incarnated in the LI and Sassoon families of China. The 2 factions of World Jewry seem to be in conflict for eventual world supremacy, but this is only temporary. Soros obviously belongs to the eastern side of that conflict. What Soros does not say explicitly however is probably that he is afraid that China will only be the next superpower host of the MOWOP parasite, as the next country to be destroyed in due time, after the USA and its EU lackeys, if not together through a pandemic bio weapon, or at the same time, possibly during a WWIII, also after full exploitation, for the final realization of the Sweat MOWOP.


By the same token, through the complete balkanization of the Middle East that is necessary to eventually establish the Greater Israel, the Khazarian Zionists will hopefully also have destroyed the last contender to their world dominance from Jerusalem: the Muslim world. This is already being done through the fabrication of a growing conflict fomented between the two sides of Islam: the Shiites and the Sunnis. The Sweat parasites of the MOWOP are already working hard to make sure the two sides of Islam will possibly annihilate each other, or at least render both their sides so exhausted that they will become insignificant in the Middle East from the point of view of world power.


Finally gaining that global world power, without anymore disturbing or contending superpowers around the globe, nor meaningful potential enemy in the area, shall be the end of the long saga of the fake Pax Judaica, or rather its complete success from the perspective of the Sweat MOWOP. The only possible obstacle to the Sweat MOWOP will remain the Putin of Russia, and this is also why they are working so hard to produce his elimination through at least character assassination as soon as possible as, in light of the new and enormous military power of Russia, probably superior at this point to the one of the USA, his elimination through physical assassination, or through a new world, war would probably cause the Sweat MOWOP too much damage and delay in its full implementation. Long live Putin!


As for an eventual WWIII to help the Sweat MOWOP, it is most likely that it will not be fought through traditional weapons like guns and tanks, not even an overly destructive nuclear war. Financial and bio weapons shall be sufficient and much more effective, without the type of destruction that would also overly damage the Sweat behind the MOWOP. These new weapons would be the occasion to come up fast with a worldwide Banktatorship as a first step, along with a deceptively good Debt Jubilee to sweeten the pill, in order to achieve a complete Reset of the world monetary system. In other words, a jubilee would be the apparently pleasant way to bring in swiftly a new One-World-Digital-Currency in a Cashless Society run by a new Banktatorship. This would be accepted more easily by world population. The apparent free money involved at the beginning in the process would make people welcome the One-World-Currency, even cashless. However they would soon realize afterwards, once it will be too late, that the Sweat MOWOP has made them all new slaves of a new cashless society controlling in an absolute way all their actions to the last penny, along with all the other aspects of their life through a Social Credit that was well tested and experimented already successfully in China, all managed from a central place probably called Jerusalem, with the help of 5G and the implant of body microchips.   





What more than the following list do we need to wakeup to our self-certification of stupidity?


In spite of an apparent progress related mainly to new smart technologies and the extension of the life span of the average human being, our world has been degenerated immensely over the last generations. We may live longer but only apparently better. We live more years exhausted by DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair). Enslavement through debt is probably the main characteristic of what the fake improved wellbeing of both persons and countries is pretended to be. Extreme multi-layer legislation, provincial, national and supranational, and resulting excessive taxation paralyze most of our activities when non of these factors need to exist. Above all that, we have socially engineered to not update our institutions, and to not improve their functioning, now that new technology is available to do so like never before in the history of humanity. Consequently, it is time to wakeup to all these factors of stupidity and enslavement before it is too late and at a point of no return after globalization will have hijacked the whole world in a fake New World Order that we call the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order).   


Here is a short sampling list of maybe some the most revealing subjects that we should consider to trigger our urgent wakeup. These are only few subjects, as food for thought. The solutions to the problems that these thoughts expose will given in details in the following chapters, along with the answers to many other unacceptable problematic situations in which we live today. For now these few subjects are only some triggering thoughts for a first urgent wakeup. 


  1. VOTING WRONGLY – We stupidly keep voting for a leading politician, or for a preferred political party, with only an electoral program when we should be voting for an electoral contract and for our choice of the best contractor to become the governor in charge to execute this fully binding contract faithfully, subject to permanent political dismissal and severe punishment. To paraphrase a person probably much less bright than its fame, we can say that stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting each time different or better results. This stupidity is what we keep demonstrating over and over again in each electoral period of our supposedly democratic countries. What Else?  

  2. USELESS OUTDATED INSTITUTIONS – Our political leaders still use institutions of governance, like parliaments and embassies that are totally outdated since after the inventions of the telephone, the airplane, the television and the Internet. These institutions are no more required in our current world of advanced communications. They are outrageously cumbersome and uselessly expensive. Our stupidity prevents us to realize that this system is still in place today for mainly, if not only, providing all sorts of undeserved privileges in plush positions for the subservient political puppets who have well served their unelected masters holding the strings of power in the background. What else?

  3. ENSLAVING PUBLIC DEBT – We most stupidly, and clearly unconstitutionally in most countries, gave private central banks the incredible power to issue new money out of nothing when only the national Treasury should be doing it. To add stupidity to stupidity, our governments then borrow that private money, and consequently have to reimburse it all with interests. They have difficulty paying only the yearly interest most of the time. This has created a so-called Public-Debt that does not need to exist, and has not always existed even during some of the best periods of past economic prosperity. Today it is squashing the budgets of most countries. As such, whole countries have become the slaves of private banks. How more stupid can we ever be? Just imagine what would have happened if, in the last half century, the national treasury had created the exact same amounts of money it has borrowed (this should dismiss the usual false argument of inflation used by those opposing treasury money creation) and would not have to reimburse it as debt with interest. Only with the amount of useless interests is has paid during that same period the country would have been able to improve most of its infrastructures and services, and without any public debt to be reimbursed. What Else?    

  4. UNNECESSARY EXTREME TAXATION – Our fake system of governance through mainly cronyism and nepotism for the benefits of hidden elites in the background requires extreme taxation from the rest of the population. This means an income tax system that has not at all always existed, and that absolutely does not need to exist, for the same reasons that the corresponding system of horrific public debt absolutely also does not need to exist. In fact this double twin system was created specifically to ensure the reimbursement to private banks, through income tax, of a public debt that does not need to exist in the first place. In other words, not only our national governments are ruined by a public debt system that did not even exist at the best times of the history of our economy, and that absolutely does not/not need to exist, but they could easily finance themselves through only property and sales tax, like it has happened in the past and, when necessary, by issuing their own debt-free Treasury Money for even much lesser amounts that they have borrowed in the past and they borrow uselessly at the moment, let alone have to reimburse ridiculously with interest. What else?

  5. USELESS EXCESSIVE LEGISLATION – Our governments, and in particular the people they rule, are drowned in an ocean of thousands of national laws that define uselessly millions of little regulations regarding millions of specific prohibitions, crimes or infractions, instead of people being guided by the only thing they really need: simple codes of broad principles of good conduct to be observed and, in case of infractions, to be judged in their level of criminality by their pairs in their own environments. In addition, our national governments and people are also burdened by all sorts of additional regulations that come from outside government, from international or supranational institutions, that is, from fake elites that issue their orders and decrees without having ever been elected by any of the people who are supposed to observe them, and without accountability to anyone in the country. What else?

  6. CORRUPTED UNACCOUNTABLE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS – Our most important international organizations, like the UN, that were supposedly created for promoting freedom and democracy, let alone peace, have become a plush refuge for the representative warmongers of mostly totally undemocratic, or even dictatorial regimes around the world. The outrageous non accountability of such organizations, and of some of their sub-organizations, like the WHO or the IMF, are plagued with a massive amount of corruption, scandals of all sorts, and rampaging criminality without practically any of the unelected managers ever being dismissed and/or punished in any way. What else?

  7. BANKING TRANSFORMED INTO BANKTATORSHIP – Our national banking institutions, and the overlapping transnational financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank have become so powerful that they literally enslave at will practically any national governments, most of them in fact, and all the people in these national countries on planet Earth, through a kind of new global Banktatorship, with banks not serving people anymore, but serving the undemocratic governments and their excessive taxation systems. In addition, as seen in item 3 of this list about public debt, private banks unconstitutionally create new money out of nothing and charge interest on it when they should only loan accumulated savings of their clients or borrowed money from Treasury. What else?

  8. MEDIA AS MOUTHPIECES OF GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA – Our main mass media, for the most part, have become simple and ridiculous mouthpieces of our falsely democratic institutions, completely subservient in particular to our puppet government liars from whom they are imposed an official narrative, and by which they were engineered to follow this official narrative in order to receive some of their corrupting public funds and bandwidth rights, instead of independently fulfilling their main true mission of investigating, informing people on a basis of truth, and freely criticizing governance accordingly. What else?

  9. PREVENTION OF TRUTH THROUGH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – Our information platforms on the Internet, managed privately, have grossly destroyed our freedom of speech and opinion, through imposing veiled censorship and preventing the proper circulation of truth about things that do not correspond to their political correctness, or through inventing all sorts of new and fake forms of so-called "Hate Speech". Criticizing puppet governments or international institutions on a basis of truth or fact, which should be a complete freedom of speech, for citizens and journalists in particular, has now become a crime in many countries, as a crime that is also clearly unconstitutional in most cases. What else?

  10. BIG PRIVATE MONEY CONDITIONING AND OVERRULING DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE – Big private money people, like Soros or Bill Gates, have become more powerful than our elected governments in the handling of public affairs. These individuals and the rich and more powerful lobbies are in fact running our governments. Why should a country without public debt, and creating its own Treasury debt-free money, need their money and, above all, need to tolerate the undue interference these persons and lobbies in public governance based on a fully binding electoral contract? On the other hand, if lobby has a useful function for the good of the people, why should it not be allowed only fully openly, in front of all people, and exclusively on a special TV channel fully dedicated exclusively to that purpose, along with the full freedom of speech of other less rich and influent common individuals? What Else?  

  11. INJUSTICE THROUGH LENGTHY AND POLITICAL JUSTICE – Obtaining justice through lawyers and judicial courts has become so difficult an so expensive, let alone an excessively slow and long process, that most common people cannot obtain justice anymore, or are completely destroyed psychologically and financially when they do. At least in the case of interpersonal conflicts between two persons, there must be a better alternative. In addition, in case of serious criminality, there is at the moment a clear trend, inspired by the politicization of the magistrates, to favor the criminal and punish the victim. What Else?

  12. INDOCTRINATING INSTRUCTION AND NO EDUCATION – Education does not exist anymore, only instruction, and not even all that good, from primary school to university. Students are even more indoctrinated than instructed, in particular at university level. Would we not be better with a return of philosophy in our educational system, like it has been the case for the best periods of many centuries in the past, and consequently with the offer of a holistic form of education based on virtues and ethics? What Else?

  13. CONSTANT WARS OF DESTRUCTION FOR THE PROFIT OF THE BANKSTERS – All wars are banksters' wars making money before, during and after the wars. And the banksters finance all sides of these wars, with preparations, operations and reconstruction. History has shown that this is the main reason why they have become so unacceptably rich. Nevertheless, whenever they make mistakes they all become "too big to fail" and are bailed out, while the citizens are bailed in or, in any case, forced to reimburse the public debt that was caused by these wars. In the meantime, while these banksters and financial institutions "too big to fail" are always bailed out after outrageous mistakes, the people called to reimburse these mistakes are not only never bailed out but often even bailed in. What Else?

  14. DANGEROUS GOVERNANCE SECRECY WITH SATANISM AT ITS HIGHEST LEVELS – While all governance institutions are managed by fake elites and entities enslaving the rest of us through excessive debt and taxation, they are also totally corrupted and suffering from a complete lack of truth and transparency in their operations, in particular in administering the money of their budgets. And they are only the most visible fake elites and entities affecting our life, while the worst ones in the deep state, as we will see, operate on a basis of Satanism at their highest levels and totally freely and undemocratically in a darkness of secrecy that we allow to be hidden underground. Should we not, as a minimum, require them all to spend every single penny of their budgets in only a completely open way, with every citizens capable of following the movement of every penny clearly and easily on the Internet? What else then?
  15. A CASHLESS ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT THROUGH GLOBALIZATION IS A PLOT, BUT NOT THE "JEWISH PLOT" – If globalization is definitely not/not the so-called "Jewish Plot" like most ignorant conspiracy theorists have wrongly call it for many decades already, it is however a clear "Fake-Jew-Plot": this link shall explain the fundamental difference between the two. What so many people call simply the NWO (New World Order) pursuing a forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government (with a One-World-Currency, a One-World-Religion, a One-World-Army, a One-World-Media and a One-World Culture) used to be, until recently, considered a stupid conspiracy theory for discrediting people believing it or talking about it. This globalization is now so well documented, and admitted openly by even the main animators of this Fake-Jew-Plot" that it is definitely not a "conspiracy theory", but equally definitely an obvious "conspiracy reality". Such globalization requires, as a prerequisite, the maximum transfer of power and wealth into the hands of the plotters or conspirators. The recent crisis of the Coronavirus is the best demonstration of this massive wealth transfer so far. It has already caused the biggest transfer of wealth and power in the history of humanity from the hands of the middle class into the hands of the conspirators. The coronavirus itself is not more dangerous than many previous ones, like the Hong-Kong Flue and others of the last few years. What is dangerous is not the virus, but the way it was exploited as an incredibly powerful means of globalization, where most people around the world have already become the fearful obedient slaves of the conspirators, wearing masks and keeping social distance, while the well engineered accompanying lockdown, which was the main purpose of the pandemic crisis to start with, was and still is transferring massive amount of wealth from the most productive middle-class to the richest corporations and banks in the hands of the conspirators. However, this crisis of globalization is not the "Jewish Plot" but definitely a "Fake-Jew-Plot" because, if all the main conspirators from the biggest banks and corporations in the foreground, and from the powerful elites of the deep state in the background call themselves Jews, or at least Zionists, they are mostly all Fake Jews that have their origin mainly in the co-called European Jews who have their own origin mainly in the massive conversion to Jewry, in 740AD, of the barbarian Khazarians of the old Khazarian Empire who had, and still have absolutely no Jewish DNA nor any relation or historical link at all to the land of Palestine. In addition, most of these fake Khazarian Jews have also integrated themselves to the so-called Sabbatian-Frankist movement that evolved into a heretical form of Judaism that has its roots in the period of the exile of the Jews in Babylon when some of them got deeply involved in black magic and Satanism. These Sabbatian-Frankist heretical Jews and their descendants have infiltrated most centers of power in the world, starting mainly between 1600 AD and 1800 AD, with a clear explicit intention to become a power to eventually run the whole world from Jerusalem. It is also important to know that most of them, in order to achieve their objective, have also converted back and forth to various other religions, be it Islam or Christianity, in order to infiltrate them and dominate them. This is so much so that their pure Jewish origin, in terms of DNA and link to Palestine, is also seriously in doubt, in fact inexistent. Consequently, all these persons calling themselves Jews, from the Khazarian Empire and from the Sabbatian-Frankist movement that were excommunicated are Fake-Jews that correspond mainly to those we call the Zionists today. But these fake Jews are unfortunately the big majority of those commanding today all the centers of money and power around the world, and those pursuing the NWO (New World Order) that we call the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement World Order). These Fake-Jews are all the main ones behind the pursuit of an eventual dictatorial One-World-Government. Interestingly enough, most common Jews themselves are not even aware of this background of the Khazarian Fake-Jews, and they are the first clear victims of these Fake-Jews, being used as useful idiots. Thus the legitimacy to talk about the "Fake-Jew-Plot", and not about the "Jewish Plot". Is it not time for us to make this history better known, first to the common Jews themselves that are its victim, but to the rest of the world? Is it not the time to start dismantling the horrible melting pot being created by the globalization of our world, and return as soon as possible to the beauty of our different nations with beautiful different cultures all to be preserved and cherished in each of their best own best territorial environment? Is it not time to think not about a world without borders, but about new flexible national borders to accommodate people who want to live more happily together on the basis of the same culture, without any amount of excessively destructive multiculturalism? For more details of the history of "Fake-Jews", see SIFJEC (Satanic Infiltrated Fake-Jew Everywhere Commanding) and this link on the Fake-Jew-Plot of the Khazarians and the Sabbatian-Frankist. What Else?         
  16. IN CONCLUSION, IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS THAT ONLY THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE This is paraphrasing a grand master called Jesus who, if god, was certainly the only western god that was not at all a complete warmonger and a self-autocrat criminal, like the Yahweh of the Bible, and like the Allah of the Quran, both requesting constant wars and all sorts of massacres from their faithful. Just read carefully their most sacred books to find out this is the case. In fact, completely contrary to these other two gods, the real Jesus, the one not exploited wrongly by the Christian church and wrongly associated to the BIBLE, was the only god preaching only empathy, forgiveness and peace obtainable through truth. But by "truth", he meant full truth, like when modern tribunals ask a witness to swear he will say "the truth, only the truth and all the truth". Consequently Jesus meant all things revealing truth, like facts, actions and thoughts, and excluding even a lie by omission. Thoughts usually take the form of opinions in relation to facts, events, actions and persons. Truth includes what current political correctness is trying to exclude as the so-called "Hate Speech". Without including thoughts, even those behind opinions of hate speech, we are not well informed with full truth and consequently cannot be set free. In such case we are not talking about full truth but, to say the least, about lies by omission. Only absolute full truth shall set us free, including hate speech. All truth must be admissible as long as it is not accompanied with physical violence. In such cases however, it is not the truth, even if it includes hate speech, that is not allowed and should be punished, but only the accompanying physical violence, which is an entirely different thing. In the meantime we keep receiving and accepting lies, mostly passively, constant lies, everywhere, every time and in every mode, in particular from all our leaders and public officials. We stupidly do not even request any firm accountability for these constant lies, and we keep reelecting these officials, lie after lie. Then our incompetent or corrupted media keep repeating these lies as fake news or propaganda, too often becoming simple mouthpieces of the liars, instead of investigating and exposing the lies with truth, even attempting to make us believe, on behalf of their master liars, that we live in the freest countries. In fact, because of this, not only have we not been set free, but we are entirely enslaved through the disinformation of the liars, and by the extreme taxation and excessive legislation imposed by these liars to maintain and finance their lies, let alone our resulting fear of serious consequences if we dare to expose our liars. To add insult to injury, these liars even have the arrogance to protect themselves legally as liars, by having deceitfully passed laws punishing us for a variety of what they call hate speech crimes or conspiracy theory if we attempt to expose their lies, even when we do so on a basis of facts, thus depriving us with our constitutional right of full freedom of speech. Consequently, at the moment, exposing a lie is punishable by law and lying is not? Is this not ridiculous and complete stupidity for the rest of us to accept this Faustian Bargain protecting our liars? Is this not why we have never been set free, having never had access to full truth? In particular, is it not the time we start punishing most severely these liars about pubic affairs for the serious crime that they commit, as a crime that, at least in an Aristarchy, we call a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime)? Is it not time to maybe also create a fourth State Power (in addition to the 3 that we have now, as the current Trias Politica of Montesquieu: Executive, Legislative and Judicative) and call it maybe the Truthative, giving it full constitutional power over and above the first 3 for full truth purposes, to ensure full truth always exists, as much as humanly possible, at least in all public affairs, only truth and all truth in all public affairs, and also in all media and Internet platforms when in particular handling issues of public affairs or of public officials. Why not punish most severely all these liars? Is it not time also to finally allow absolute freedom of speech and opinion, including the usefulness of the revealing hate speech stuff, without any possible negative legal action possible from anybody being affronted, as long as the information is not a fabricated lie and it is expressed without being accompanied by physical violence, even in cases when it is only a firm conviction and opinion having to do not with affairs of private life, but with activities influencing negatively our social and political environments, independently of the importance or rank of the persons involved, of whatever walk of life, or independently of the embarrassment it may cause, in particular if the speech or opinion relates to the behavior and actions of public officials? Is it necessary to add anything else to this short but already horrible list of factors showing our own stupidity, before we finally wakeup? 


But wait, the above is not the worst


We have been engineered to believe that we have national democratic rulers governing us when in fact a huge worldwide shadow government hides the real power in the background. On the surface of Planet Earth, this level of shadow government is what most people have started to call the Deep State composed of the unelected elites dictating their desires and orders to the elected national political puppets. This Deep State exists at a national, international, supranational and satanic underground level. Others have more rightly called it The Swamp of all sorts of voracious reptilians that should be drained. But few people realize that the worst of this shadow government is hidden underground, in DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) locations of which there are some 15000 around the world, all linked through deep and fast underground tunnels, and in which not even the presidents of our countries, or our national heads of our so-called national security, are allowed to enter to inspect their activity for lack of... "security clearance". Our presidents and heads of national security without proper security clearance? Who then is in charge with proper security clearance and with the power to grant it to some, and refuse it to an elected president? Are not presidents supposed to be our top figures of authority and governance? Who then runs this fake democratic world we think we have, in particular when many serious whistleblowers have talked about DUMB activities of useful superior technology coming from aliens but refused to us for not disturbing established financial interests, like free energy independently of oil or gas, but also about horrific DUMB experiments on the DNA of stolen children, and even about hybrid humans with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and aliens in pursuit of trans-humanism to gradually transform the great majority of us in obedient slaves in order to achieve an eventual dictatorial One-World-Government managed worldwide exclusively by the SEGWO? Examples of such DUMB that are hiding in very isolated places include the China Lake Naval Air Weapons in California Mojave's Desert (some 240 kilometers north of Los Angeles), and the DUMB called Pine Gap, close to Alice Springs, in Australia. Others DUMB sites, like Orwell would say, are more "hiding in plain sight" what reliable whistleblowers claim they have underground. This is the case of the Denver International Airport (baptized "The New World Airport" on its dedication capstone of 1994 with clear freemason symbols). This is also the case of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The widely oversized airport in the little isolated town of 5000 people called Richfield in Utah with big passenger planes landing there regularly, with their passengers quickly disappearing in a claimed huge underground bunker, is certainly part of this DUMB network that includes very many other similar odd sites in the USA and abroad. Richfield website even calls its area "Paranormal Land" without proper explanation and local people who work on the facilities claim that Redfield includes a deep underground bunker part of an underground system of tunnels that connects to other odd places like 29 Palms and NSA headquarters some 225 kilometers away. The Denver and Getty sites have on their surface space open to the public some diabolical horrific art work, graphics and paintings that relate clearly to things like alien life specimens, child sex trafficking in tunnels and Artificial Intelligence experimenting on human beings. Denver is also close to the infamous "Area 51", and linked directly to it through underground tunnels, where it is said by reliable sources that many alien extraterrestrial specimens of humanoids are kept alive and help the malefic global enslavement plans and complete world domination by the elites of the NWO that we call the SEGWO. But crappy art of clear satanic inspiration, with the additional benefit of clear freemason symbols) is also found in most of the places of major world power, like the ugly mural of the Security Council room at the United Nations and the strange murals of the Bank of America Corporate Center.


Redfield is the site of a deep underground bunker and it is part of an underground tunnel system that connects to places like 29 Palms and NSA headquarters, a 140 miles away from Redfield in Bluffdale, Utah headquarters, about 140 miles away from Redfield in Bluffdale, Utah. This is where NSA (National Security Agency temporarily located in the USA, but really a major asset of the whole world for a fast forthcoming One-World-Government) has an immense computer database the size of 8 football fields where all data on all persons using the Internet around the whole world is being accumulated and well preserved for eventual full dictatorial control when the final SEGWO master plan of a cashless One-World-Government shall be finally fully implemented.


Should not secrecy be totally eliminated in all human activities except very temporarily during pending criminal investigations in order not to damage their quick and efficient results? If not even our presidents are fully in charge, should it not be the case for us, the people, to finally become in charge, in a real participative democracy based on full truth and transparency, with elected leaders acting directly on our behalf, without responding to any unelected masters hidden in their background, and without requiring any security clearance from totally unknown individuals who act and spend billions of our tax money in complete unaccountability? Should not rampaging confidentiality of diplomatic communications between nations be completely eliminated except for the little time they may also include elements of criminal investigation, talking tough and openly between each other on a basis of truth, like serious people do? In other words, should not two nations hold talk freely and completely openly, even when they include items of mutual embarrassment, and do so in front of whoever may be present or has an interest in the subject, like two old buddies often do when they want to resolve a conflict, let alone two decent honest enemies?  


Our self-certified stupidity is in danger of becoming a formally certified stupidity


All the above factors exist at the moment on a clear path to total globalization. The so-called NWO (New World Order) of the SEGWOC elites do not hide anymore, or rather cannot hide completely anymore, that they are aiming at a One-World-Government, with a One-World-Religion, a One-World-Army, a One-World Currency. and a One-World-Media of Satanic culture and fake news propaganda. In other words, they are aiming at a One-World-Empire. But world history has already well demonstrated clearly that all empires are doomed to fail, like it has been the case of the Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire, the British Empire and the Soviet Empire to name only a few. And they all failed even if all those were not global. Attempting to form today a global One-World-Empire with the elimination of all national borders is by definition a complete absurdity. Not waking up to this absurdity and not resisting its formation should be all we need to get our final formal certification of stupidity from the SEGWOC (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order Clique) laughing over our shoulders in the background. The trend should rather be the opposite. Not only national countries should still exist, with fixed borders, but we should even improve them by making their borders more flexible by democratic choice, for hopefully each country to include only people of the same beautiful culture living all in agreement with their common values and lifestyle. When the level of multiculturalism of a country has already reached an excessively destructive level, then the formation of new City-State cultural environments within national borders should be considered as part of this process of harmonization, allowing more people to move easily in a social environment of their best choice and live with other people sharing the same cultural values. This system of City-states is the way real democracy was invented, in Ancient-Greece, and maybe it is time we return to this kind of democratic environments mutatis mutandis.   


Be it clear that the limited list of the above aberrations that we should absolutely and urgently change or dismantle, in terms of wakeup calls before it is too late, can go on and on, ad infinitum. It is only a very short sampling of some of the many malefic situations affecting us. In addition, these factors only relate to the economic and political aspects of our life. At the cultural and spiritual levels, the situation is even worse. In any case, if the above is not sufficient, considering only these economic and political aspects of our life, what more do we need before we wakeup and start being in charge for making changes to our lifestyle best wellbeing and governance?


Hedges Empire Of IllusionWho is in charge at the cultural and spiritual levels?


As seen clearly above, and well explained in the book of Chris Hedges titled "An Empire Of Illusion" shown to the right, we do live in a growingly One-World-Empire empire that is most destructive of all aspects of our lifestyle and wellbeing. However, the main basic degradation and deficiencies of our lifestyle as mentioned above relate only or mainly to the political and economic levels of our existence. It is important to understand that this is only part of the story and clearly not the worst. In the meantime the degradation has also started to take place at higher levels, at the cultural and spiritual levels. The economic crisis we live through at the moment, even if it is extremely serious, is of relatively little importance, or certainly minor importance, compared to the additional and concurrent crisis that is taking place at the cultural level and the spiritual level. The saddest example of this horrible double crisis might be the case of Greece at the moment, and the content of this book shall explain why Greece was the first important victim of this massacre in the western world. Just like the economic crisis, the much major crisis at the cultural level is also coming from the the same source, that is from the evil global elites that we will call JICSBER (Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Satanic Backstage Enslaving Rulers) that integrate these various elites of what we call the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order).


Apart from their very secret activities in the DUMB locations, these most evil JICSBER elites and their puppets are managing the world at the moment mostly discretely from behind the scene. As seen above, They first came for our money, and they got most of it through creating and distributing debt, i.e. creating and distributing credit of fake debt-money created out of nothing, but leaving us only with debt of real money this time to be reimbursed for the rest of our life and the life of our children and grand-children. They then came for our real estate property through excessive taxation, in terms of taxation as both persons and nations, and gradually get most of our property for pennies only, leaving us mainly with mortgages, bankruptcies and the least important pieces of real-estate in the best of cases. They even came for our body and destroyed its beauty and sanity through GMO, junk food, smart tools instead of traditional gyms, with related obesity and sickness, let alone their artificial medicines that only appease symptoms instead of curing the disease, that is, keeping us alive longer in order for us to buy their BigPharma artificial drugs for as many years as possible, instead of being cured quickly and definitely through natural substances and holistic cures. They then came for our mind through controlled mainstream media of essentially fake news and propaganda, let alone through Satanic Hollywood entertainment and filthy contemporary art, leaving us with a culture of relativeness and ugliness as our Orwelian New Normal. They are finally coming for our souls. This is what they want most. The new global elites have started to fragment our souls mainly since at least the time when Picasso started to fragment the figures of his paintings, that is, when most of our beautiful traditional "Fine Arts" have started to become our ugly contemporary "Foul Arts". For them, all divine human souls have to be converted to demonic souls and this cannot be achieved through divine beauty, only through satanic ugliness. Philosophy, ethics and virtues, let alone any sense of good god concept, have disappeared from our life. The main figures of god left are Yahweh of the Bible and Mohammed of the Quran and, as both their sacred books well show, both are terrible warmongers claiming constantly all sorts of wars and criminal massacres from their faithful against the infidels. In the meantime, the pure figure of the pure Gospel of Jesus, promoting only empathy and forgiveness, has been either relegated to a sphere of oblivion, let alone a recent new trend of racism, or unduly associated to Yahweh and Mohammed as supposedly, and wrongly, also an Abrahamic figure. This new culture has left us with the infiltration of the worst demonic forces of the universe in all aspects of our current lifestyle. They are finally making the FOB (Force Of Bad) winning over the FOG (Force Of Good). Unless we wakeup soon, this will be our inevitable apocalyptical fate of complete final destruction to become the obedient slaves of the  SEGWO, but as "slaves loving their servitude" to paraphrase George Orwell . This is unless we wakeup and become members of the ELLADUM forces combatting this degradation.


What else, or rather what more do we need, between the compounded factors of our economic, political, cultural and spiritual crisis, before we react, start the dismantling of the SEGWO, and make proper positive changes to our life? This is particularly urgent because our historical world of manhood that used to fight and run the world, as men that should still have the attributes to bring about a proper combative reaction, seem to all have lost their virility. Because of environmental factors well planned by the leading satanic JICSBER elites for this purpose, most young men today produce half the sperm of their fathers and grand-fathers, and too often appear quite effeminate and without any kind of force or courage left to fight. In addition, their traditional role of manhood seems to be more and more invaded and fully dominated by a series of destructive and diabolical type of women that in Antiquity were called the "Daughters Of Lilith". These new women today seem to be dedicating an overly big part of their time to mainly promote things like late abortion, promiscuity, along with an infinite list of incomprehensible identity tags for the LGBT+ categories, which is completely ridiculous at a time when the world economy and social order is collapsing in most countries. This seems to be much more urgent and important than dedicating time enjoying, along with their virile husbands, the educating and growing of their children with the best virtuous values serving to fight cultural and satanic degradation, let alone world economic collapse. This seems to be the case, to name only a few, of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Matala Harris in the USA, Meghan Merkle in the UK, and Jacinda Ardern as the PM of New Zealand, when examining many of their main objectives and initiatives, let alone the warmonger Hillary Clinton hiding in the background but still very active in world politics. Good women are certainly welcome in politics, but the growing number of "Daughters of Lilith" among them is nevertheless frightening as a clear trend of the last couple of decades. What is worse, a growing number of young men of the last couple of generations seem to also have joined the ranks of the "Daughters of Lilith" because of a complete lack of virility and the pride they seem to enjoy in this transformation. That few may feel they were born this way is perfectly all right, and should be respected, but that this be proactively promoted, including trans-sexuality, as a culture or Orwellian New Normal, even in front of small children in primary school should be considered a kind of crime against nature, if not against humanity.


What else can ever be worse? In fact, the worst is that the new generations of both men and women seem to have been socially engineered in the worst way by a complete absence of education. Real holistic education based on philosophy and virtue has ceased to exist a couple of generations ago. And this has not happened by negligence or mistake, but by clear SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) plan. As such, our schools today only provide instruction, not education, and not all that good. However, it provides that instruction along with SEGWO propaganda in order to produce generations of subservient obedient system slaves out of the control of their families. This was, and still is, the plan. On that basis, the new generations seem to unknowingly (and too often knowingly for purpose of success or fame) follow the evil traces of the top levels of the members of the JICSBER (Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Satanic Backstage Enslaving Rulers) elites who manage the SEGWO today.


Unfortunately, at their highest levels, these SEGWOC (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order Clique) elites are all deeply involved in the worst types of perversions, crimes and scams. These have to do with widespread pedophilia, incest and late abortions without serious motive; with enslavement of both people and countries through usury and public debt; with constant unjust wars of pure and absolute destruction for only the profit of international banksters; with rampaging corruption and related blackmailing of all political leaders of all levels of governance being reduced to inaction or silent obedience to the SEGWOC; with mass-media that have renegaded their essential investigative role based on truth information to become essentially silly mouthpieces of government propaganda under a small illegal world cartel of only six networks of media all belonging to the same SEGWOC; and, last but not least, with the world entertainment industry and the most important Mondo-vision inauguration shows with the most famous people being full of predominantly satanic symbols. In fact, it is clearly Satanism that is animating all the above activities, perversions and crimes demanded or managed by the SEGWOC. As we will see further down, paraphrasing Soviet dissident Bezmenov, this Satanism hiding behind a dominant culture of supposedly "progressive" Cultural Marxism, is no more than a new type of improved Communism moved more to the West, that is, moved mainly to the European Union and to North America after having made its failed original version fall in the ex Soviet Union. The catastrophic spreading of this new communism however is now fast invading all of what used to be the most free and advanced western world.


What worse can it get, and what more do we need, in order to finally wakeup to our diabolical reality, react and to start correcting or improving our situation through electing brand new elites, and through substituting the current SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) with a new NAPWO (National Aristarchy Patriotic World Order)?


Aristarchy is what we need! The necessary changes and reforms that are defined in this book, and exposed in details further down, are exactly what we need to have or do. They are all integral part of a new system of governance called an Aristarchy that was conceived to easily make all necessary reforms in a drastic, but in a most democratic way through a political movement that we call ELLADUM (Enlightened Logos Liberty Aristarchy Democratic Undertaking Movement).


All the above degradation and enslaving factors in our life have nothing to do with conspiracy theory. They are a conspiracy reality coming from Satanism. They are real, incredibly real, beyond the wildest imagination, and consequently totally unacceptable, in particular considering their source. The first step for a proper reaction is to become conscious of them. Such consciousness should indicate to all people of common sense that it is time to change, highly time to change. Simple common sense should lead us to realize, with full consciousness, that we are being duped. Telent for being deludedOur institutions of supposedly democratic governance are a complete scam, a most outdated and corrupted scam. Our supposedly national democratic governments and international organizations not only do not represent democracy anymore, but represent the exact opposite of what real democracy is. What we call democracy at the moment is a hoax, a scam, a complete illusion. Our educational system has become an indoctrination system, from kindergarten to university, to create obedient slaves for the SEGWO. Our sense of family has been destroyed by forcing both parents to work and become taxpayers (a double financial benefit for the  SEGWO, passing it for a women's liberation movement when women are much more enslaved today than they were before that movement) and moving the children sense of center of authority and guidance from parents to school officers. Our nations are all gradually being dismantled through all sorts of supranational structures of authority that use to make the particular beauty of each different culture when for example an Italian was really and beautifully an Italian, similarly a French was a French, and a Greek was a Greek. Through absurd and destructive massive immigration and multiculturalism all these beautiful differences are being pushed into the abyss of a most ugly global melting pot. What else do we need before we stop this global degradation?     


Fortunately, with the proper consciousness of a critical mass of people about the  SEGWO matrix we live in, change is possible, easily possible, and most "democratically" possible. But it is democratically possible only with a critical mass of people fully aware of the matrix imposed on us by the  SEGWO. The scam is so totally entrenched in our fake democracy lifestyle at the moment that, without the consciousness of a critical weight of people, not only is change not possible, but any attempt of change will be tagged as a kind of national terrorism by current political correctness. Real change would disturb huge established interests of all kinds on the part of the  SEGWO running the show at the moment. Without a critical mass of people acting together in full consciousness, the leaders of change, or even the most serious people involved, would be quickly subjected to at least character assassination to start with, in the form of ruined careers and reputations, and possibly even physical assassination if necessary in due time. Instead, with a critical mass of people fully aware of the SEGWO, all change is possible and, again, most democratically possible. Helping to create this kind of consciousness and democratic change is the main purpose of this book. To start with, helping to understand the SEGWO scam we live in at the moment, concentrating on "our prodigious talent for delusion"  shall be our preliminary objective.


This book is about that delusion and the urgent need for dismantling it


This book is in fact about a new form of real democratic governance called Aristarchy, and about the reforms that have to be implemented to have an Aristarchy in order to replace the decadent, or rather the inexistent democracy governance that we think we have at the moment. Very basically, the word Aristarchy means governance by electing the best people and by implementing the best possible structure of governance. However, to understand what is needed in order to have an Aristarchy, it is not sufficient to simply outline the changes to be made to our current form of fake governance, and the specific reforms that have to be implemented. It is absolutely important to first understand exactly the real evil characteristics and deficiencies of what we have now, in terms of structure of governance. Most people may think that they very well know what they have now. However, this is a big mistake as they think they have a parliamentarian representative democracy which, for them, is the best form of liberty and democratic governance ever offered to man since democracy was invented in Ancient-Greece some 2500 years ago. This is a total mistake as we do not/not live at all in such a democracy as it was invented. We will see why in details. Only if we first understand perfectly the complete falsity of this belief, will we be able to become better awaken to what has to be done to improve our governance, and the exact nature of the reforms that have to be implemented.


This is why this book will not be a simple user's guide to a set of necessary reforms, but will also expose in details, in the its first chapters, the deceitful and ugly nature of the governance we have now. To better understand the falseness of what we have at the moment, the book will contain, as necessary along the way, a lot of related pieces of historical information that will enlighten us, and help us understand how and why we were deceived to arrive at the current form of fake democratic governance enslaving all of us today. Once knowing it clearly, we shall also be in a much better position to establish and accept the exact nature of the reforms that are necessary to arrive at an Aristarchy, that is, to arrive, as per our opening sentence, at a governance by the election of the best people in the best possible structure of governance.


In accordance with this major central objective, and in order to achieve it, this book is also launching a democratic wakeup movement based on the ELL (Enlightened Logos Liberty) culture of Ancient-Greece, called the ELLADUM (Enlightened Logos Liberty Aristarchy Democratic Undertaking Movement) in order to fight, democratically but strongly and frontally, the global SEGWO enslaving most of us today.


Consequently and clearly, this book is based on three premises:

  1. First and foremost, as already mentioned, what we have now in terms of governance is certainly no democracy. It is a complete delusion. It has nothing to do with the beautiful birth of real democracy, that is, as direct and participative democracy, as invented in Ancient-Greece some 2500 years ago. More specifically, the leaders we thing we elect at the moment are not elected but selected, that is, preselected by the hidden forces of the  SEGWO of a deep state in order to serve the real interests of that deep state pursuing the SEGWO instead of serving the interests of the electors. 

  2. Second, those who believe that they live freely at the moment, and that they are not enslaved through what we will call DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) in the context of this book, are only blind obedient servants of the system enslaving them. To put it in Orwellian terms, they are stupid happy slaves that have learnt to "Love their Slavery".  

  3. Third, the 10 reforms proposed to implement an Aristarchy will seem extremely drastic at a first glance but, after due scrutiny, they will not appear drastic for the people, only drastic for the elites  of the SEGWO enslaving the people with the current falsely democratic system. These reforms will be certainly opposed strongly by the most powerful people of the current elites but, in fact, these screamers will only be those of the SEGWO, whose current enslaving power and undeserved privileges will be rightly disturbed and eliminated. For example, if we propose, as it is the case in the first reform, the abolishment of parliaments because they are clearly outdated, open to outrageous corruption, and uselessly expensive in our current world of instant and perfect communications, to replace them with the election of only an executive under a fully binding electoral contract, that is a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) instead of an electoral program, all our most powerful politicians and parliamentarians will scream, and probably call this first reform a form of domestic terrorism, but this will only be because they would lose their current enslaving power over the rest of us, and lose their fully undeserved privileges. In our current context of globalization of the so-called New World Order (that we call SEGWO, the opposition will even be worse, and for the same basic reasons, if we propose the national annulment of all supranational power of governance, like typically the UN, safeguarding only our freedom of consultation with them for possible collaboration on some issues of common interests. If another reform eliminates backstage lobbying totally, as a serious crime, and allows it only fully publicly through a national TV channel dedicated fulltime to lobbying, or if we also make it a serious crime for a public official or a journalist to lie about public affairs, punishable most severely in both cases, through primarily the confiscation of personal property, we will probably deserve character assassination, if not physical assassination, on the part of the huge interests being disturbed. But in all these cases Truth will be established and, through Truth, it is "We The People" that will reacquire democratic power and freedom in a real form of democracy as, according to the sage advice of a great master, "Only Truth Shall Set You Free".  




From DebtOcracy to TruthOcracy in Pursuit of Aristarchy Against the New World Order



Pursuing Aristarchy, against the Sweat, through the ELLADUM movement, means pursuing the dismantling of what is currently called the New World Order (NWO) enslaving us through DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) and through the six forms of planet collapse seen above, caused by the Sweat while the Sweat makes us believe we are responsible for them. This NWO that we more correctly call the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) is not an "order" but, at least for most of us, a rather deceitful "disorder" that is managed at the moment by a Satanic elite that we call the Sweat that acts like a type of multi-layered Abrahamic mafia in relation to the rest of us. These satanic Sweat elites do practically whatever they want after a falsely democratic election on the basis of a vague electoral program, instead of a binding electoral contract, lying and dictating in the meantime as much as they want during a mandate, without consequences. For this reason, on the basis of its many components, we have coined two new acronyms: the Sweat (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Team) for the mafia behind the plot, and the SweatHard (Satanic World Enslavement Abrahamic Through Heinous Abrahamic Religion Deviates) for the plot itself. For clarity we also call the New World Order the  SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). An Aristarchy is governed by elected governors who act under contract and are the exact opposite of the Sweat. These governors are a new type of public servants executing a fully binding contract called a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). This contract is strictly decided before an election and cannot be changed in any way, nor supplemented during a mandate with any kind of surprise in terms of new legislation or new taxation except very exceptionally through a quick and easy referendum. 


In fact, in an Aristarchy, it is not really a person who is elected as a political leader, but the BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) that is elected with an associated governor of full confidence, along with two trusted assistants. As such, the executive management is composed of only 3 elected persons and, apart from the BEC, they are charged with maintaining what we call the NAPWO (National Aristarchy Patriotic World Order) already fully established before elections. Unpredictable events of tragic or major sudden importance can also be always managed in a most wisely way including through the use of a quick and easy referendum.


This type of new executive management is the essence of an Aristarchy and what this book is all about. In Part I, we look at what the  NWO really is, or rather at what we call the SEGWO really is, in its various satanic aspects, and then, in Part II, at the various reforms that should be implemented to dismantle it in the most democratic and positive way through Aristarchy governance.


Truth as real PowerBe it clear that, contrary to what it is made to believe, the supposedly advanced western world does not live in a democracy of freedom, but under a well hidden oppressive oligarchy of slavery through DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair). Our supposed democratic liberty is only an illusion and a complete delusion. To describe it in Orwellian terms, it is a slavery that we have been socially engineered to love and to consider our "New Normal" through years of public school indoctrination and mass media propaganda all subservient to the global Sweat Oligarchy hidden behind puppet national politicians.


Again, this Oligarchy, managing our beloved "New Normal", is a satanic mafia of Abrahamic deviates that we call Sweat. Its members are related to the top elites of the 3 main Abrahamic religions but, once in power, They do not operate as religious figures, only as a type of overseeing satanic power that even controls the superior levels of these 3 religions. This satanic mafia also controls Their unelected cronies put in place at the top of the main corporations, or put in charge of international organizations through satanic nepotism and cronyism.


That Sweat mafia of cronies is in charge of what most people commonly call today the New World Order (NWO), but that we call more accurately the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) that operates as a fully autocratic autarchy with well-veiled unlimited power instead of as a democracy. This hidden autarchy is what is often called the Deep State. It is more dictatorial than ever before in the history of humanity, but its contemporary form of ensuing slavery is more sophisticated and less visible than at the times of the more ancient forms of slavery. This new slavery is now achieved without chains, and with the advantage, for the Sweat ruling elites, to have slaves who nowadays have to maintain themselves instead of being maintained by their owners.


In other words, the so-called democracy of the western world is only an illusion and a complete delusion maintained as a hidden autarchy composed of the Sweat elements of the top perverted levels of the 3 main Abrahamic religions, the top perverted Sweat levels of the main corporations, along with the top perverted Sweat levels of the main political parties, together with the top perverted Sweat levels of the main mass media. The top perverted Sweat levels of these entities are all colluding together in their common ideology of enslavement. This collusion of top perverted Sweat levels of various types of officials, self-appointed for the most part, is what we will call the SweatHard conspiracy reality. What we have as a result, as our current governance, is an entirely fake and perverted democracy that has nothing to do with the real democracy invented by Ancient-Greece which was direct, participative of all citizens, and based on truth, merit, beauty and freedom, for and from all citizens. The fake democracy we have now is perverted in that it is based mostly on debt-money creation and fear or, more accurately, on what we call DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair). The result for all people below the elites is constant fear and submission to the current autocratic Sweat Oligarchy.


This Sweat autarchy is the essence of all current governing political power today, in all the supposedly most democratic western world, let alone the rest of the undemocratic world. That political power is not based on wisdom, through the extraction of its best leaders from a holistic virtuous philosophical education of the 3 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul, like it should be in a real and good democracy, and certainly so by definition in an Aristarchy, but on the pursuit of the selfish Sweat interests of the worst kind obtained through appointments based on cronyisms and nepotism. And with the growingly global world we live in today, the worst of these vicious appointments do not affect us at only local and national levels at the moment, but ever more powerfully so at a supranational and even worldwide level through a wide spectrum of fake international organizations of Sweat officials who have never been elected by anybody, and only selected by their own unelected cronies, like it is typically the case with the EU, the UN, the IMF and the Vatican to name only the most obvious ones. This is the sad autarchic world of unlimited despotic Sweat political power we have over our shoulders today. But a correction and, if necessary, a just retribution of those guilty of abusive power, political or spiritual, is very well possible through a fully democratic process in an Aristarchy.


This book is precisely about this possible democratic correction and retribution. It is about the democratic passage from the hidden Sweat autarchy, that we often call a DebtOcracy managed through a new Banktatorship, to Aristarchy, via the inevitable intermediate step of a TruthOcracy. In other words, in terms of what most people call today the NWO (New World Order), this book is about the passage from what we instead call the current SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) to a new NAPWO (National Aristarchy Patriotic World Order) to be pursued and implemented most democratically through Aristarchy as soon as possible.


The first intermediate passage, from DebtOcracy to TruthOcracy is very easy. It requires essentially only one main and simple democratic condition: absolute Truth and Transparency about all public affairs, from all governance officials, subject to committing a serious new crime that we call PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime), as a crime that is punished most severely through first and foremost PPPP (Public Personal Property Punishment), and possibly supplemented by other additional forms of punishment like fines and imprisonment. Holistic EducationThis first passage, from DebtOcracy to TruthOcracy, can be done very quickly and most easily, as soon as a democratic majority requires it in an absolute way in a new instrument called BEC  (Binding Electoral Contract) that institutionalizes the most serious new crime that we call PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime). These two simple little new and most democratic reforms, the BEC and the PATOC are sufficient to have a TruthOcracy fully operational in very little time as they would make the country fully TOTAT (Totality Of Truth And Transparency) compliant. Consequently, this TOTAT compliance, which is the fundamental characteristic of a TruthOcracy (and an already acquired one to start with in an Aristarchy), can be achieved in much less than one short generation, that is, even in the time of two short regular national electoral mandates institutionalizing formally the BEC and the PATOC.


The second passage, from TruthOcracy to Aristarchy, in order to have a new political power not based anymore on the appointment of incompetent persons through cronyism and nepotism, is more complex and requires more time. It can be achieved properly only after the period of time that may be required to transform completely our educational system with Holistic Tetractys Education, in such a way that it will ensure that the political power shall be fully extracted and based on best natural talent, known meritorious dedication and affirmed beauty of virtuous behavior, in the best SOS (Social Olympic Spirit) spirit animating what is called success in most sports or Olympic emulative competitions at national level the moment. If so, Merit becomes the golden rule of success and leadership in the Meritocracy that is in fact an Aristarchy


To start with, like in the Olympics and sports in general, only the most meritorious students will inevitably reach the highest level of such holistic education, and hopefully as such, with gratitude from the rest of us, become also our new best meritorious political leaders for public governance. This can help the whole country to be also animated by a similar kind of Olympic Spirit that we could call COS (Country Olympic Spirit). As for the new holistic educational system of an Aristarchy, it is not to be based anymore only on mind instruction (which is only the Cognitive level of the Tetractys of the human soul), like it is now, but also on fully holistic soul education of the whole of the human Pythagorean Tetractys, forming proactively each and all of its first 3 levels (Instinctive, Compulsive, Cognitive) in order to make students possibly reach eventually the 4th level (Sophical) of wisdom whenever possible on a basis of natural talent, meritorious effort and pursuit of virtue and beauty in all endeavors. In an Aristarchy, this holistic proactive Tetractys formation goes from the beginning, at the lowest level of schooling, up to the maximum level of university education, even post-graduate. It is a required integral part of all educational formation at all levels. Consequently, for the final passage to Aristarchy, this is an essential prerequisite that requires probably at least one or two generations to be fully implemented. This new type of holistic Tetractys education is what we describe in our EthoPlasìn website.


The above paragraphs can be considered the simplest possible executive summary or abstract summarizing the content of this book and the fundamental nature of the PythagorArium Project. As such the above can also be considered the executive summary of what Aristarchy is all about. A more comprehensive Mission Statement can be found at this link. 



The New World Order is a Conspiracy Reality that is not Jewish, but Satanic




The title and content of this chapter is an essential prerequisite to the following chapters of this book. When most people hear the expression "New World Order", they immediately think it is a Jewish conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy all right, and as a reality, not as a theory, but it is not Jewish. It is Satanic, and usually presented as Luciferian by most of the top intellectuals involved in this sad reality. However, saying it is Satanic and not Jewish, meaning not Judaic, does not mean that Jews have nothing to do with it. They certainly have a lot to do with it, and even often in a role of leadership, but as members of a mafia that includes also many Christians and Muslims. That mafia is what we call the JICSBER.


FOB vs. FOGOur cosmic environment is functioning under two major forces opposed to each other. For simplicity, we will say that there is the Force Of Good (FOG) and the Force Of Bad (FOB). The FOG is Divine and what most common people will usually call with the generic word "God". The FOB is Satanic and what most common people will usually call with the generic word "Satan". The FOG is the omnipotent force revered for its creation of the universe, while the FOB is the powerful but not omnipotent force that aspires to dethrone the FOG and be revered in its place. The FOG, as the omnipotent creator, also created, or rather willingly allowed the existence of the FOB as the force of bad. This is because he chose to create other souls, human or not, with freewill. For example, human souls have freewill and consequently they can choose the Good or the Bad in their own life. They often choose the Bad because it is usually more attractive and more immediately rewarding than the Good for their own selfish self, even when, as a consequence, that choice will create Bad for others. The readers who do not believe in such forces, the FOG and the FOB, and do not even want to ascertain the validity of their point of view about this, might as well stop reading this book as it will most probably be useless to improve themselves and, unfortunately, also the world around them.


Again, when we say that the NWO is not Jewish, we do not mean, of course, that Jews have nothing to do with it. In fact, Jews often have a major leading role in many aspects of the NWO, even if that role is well shared with Christians and Muslim, let alone complicit atheist associates. This notwithstanding, it is also clear that the Jews often have a clear role of leadership in the JICSBER coalition. And there are clear historical reasons for this high level of responsibility that we will explain. What is important to understand to start with however, is that all members of the coalition, including the Jews, are all useful idiots of the FOB represented by Satan. As such, the Jews very often have a role of leading useful idiots for Satan.


To start with, it must be said that, on its Judaic side, the JICSBER of the NWO that we call the SEGWO, is dominated by the falsely Judaic Khazars, as those that we can also call today more simply with the term 'Zionist'. Similarly, on its Christian side, the JICSBER of the NWO is dominated by the falsely Catholic Jesuits who have a Judaic origin through Ignacio Loyola who was their Jewish founder, as a community that was also infiltrated by the Khazars/Zionists. Likewise, on its Islamic side, the JICSBER of the NWO is dominated by the falsely Muslim Sunnis (as opposed to the pure Shiite Muslims) who have a deviated Judaic origin that was also infiltrated later on by the Khazars who today became the Zionists governing Israel. In addition, all three components of the JICSBER, at one point or another, have become Luciferian at their higher levels, in particular after the leading component of the JICSBER, the Judaic one, was infiltrated by the crypto-Jews of Sabbateanism and Frankeism. In other words, all 3 components of the JICSBER have a link to Judaism, but mostly to deviated satanic-infiltrated forms of Judaism (Zionists, Khazars, Jesuits, Sabbateans and Frankeans) that have little to do with the pure Judaism of the traditional Orthodox Jews who in fact fight these deviations, doing so even from within Israel itself where these deviations have their focal point represented mainly by the current power of those we call the Zionists today.


Sabbetanism and Frankeism... +

Sunni deviated Judaic origin... +

Jesuits Oath and Judaic origin... +


Let it be clear that the Judaic component of the JICSBER has its origin from much before it became satanic. Its origin stems from the very old culture of enslavement of the "Money Changers" (Jews) who dominated the economic world for more than two millennia, since at least the time of their captivity in Babylon in or before the 6th century BC. As such, the Jewish culture was always the main enemy of the opposing culture of freedom of the "Idea Exchangers" (Greeks) who dominated the cultural world, (alternatively in the foreground or in the background at different times) for the same two millennia. Then, the deviated Judaic satanic side of the JICSBER has eventually infiltrated the Christian side through the Jesuits, and also the Sunni side of Islam through Sabbeanism. The higher levels of all 3 components are now forming the JICSBER of the NWO, or rather of what we call the SEGWO, trying to enslave all the rest of us GOIM sheeple in three ways: economically, culturally and spiritually, all on a basis of satanic values.


The poor common Jews have to be pitied. They have been infiltrated by the Khazars from the 800s, by the Sabbetans and Frankists from the 1600s, and by the Zionists during the last century as those who reign sovereignly over the current World Jewry from their main base in the new country called Israel. All these infiltrators have not much to do with traditional Judaism. However, it must be said that the infiltrators have only exploited the natural talent of the traditional Jews who, from much before they were infiltrated by satanic forces, have always been overly active in economic enslavement as the infamous "Money Changers" of the history of the last two millennia. The real pure Jews would still be at least only plain "Money changers" today if it were not for these infiltrations. This does not mean they should be considered not guilty in relation to the rest of us and the NWO. Even only their constant historical role as "Money Changers" still means a constant attempt of enslavement of the rest of us on a basis of economic debt-money. But through the many infiltrations they have suffered, they have become associated to a much more comprehensive form of enslavement of the rest of us.

This comprehensive form of enslavement by the infiltrated Jews is now done from 3 points of view. First, they still want to enslave us from a purely economic point of view, as traditional "Money changers". Second, through their infiltrations, and for the purpose of domination over other races as the "Chosen People", many of them also participate in also wanting to enslave the rest of us from a cultural point of view, destroying all our best traditional Greco-Roman values, as the new Jewish-dominated Hollywood well demonstrated with its production of the last few decades. Third, many plain Jews also collaborate with their fellow Jews trying to enslave us from a spiritual point of view through their additional negative infiltration of Luciferianism. The latter group does not want only our economic enslavement through debt-money, and our cultural enslavement through the destruction of our best Greco-Roman values, but also want our souls, converting them to Lucifer.
The above should start to explain the important difference between what we will call the OWO (Old World Order) of enslavement and the NWO (New World Order) of enslavement that, in as much as it is Satanic, we call SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). Both have a clear dominant Jewish connection, in pure Judaic terms in the case of the OWO, or in deviated Judaic terms in the case of the NWO. The important new development at the moment is that there is a war between the two, in order to decide which one should prevail. The Satanic NWO quite obviously prevails at the moment, but the plain elder OWO is not dead at all, and wants to return to be the leader of the enslavement process of the world, as a role that it has had for at least a couple of millennia as "Money Changers" issuing and managing debt-money. The best way to understand that war going on is probably what goes on at the moment in the USA facing the crisis of the Corona Virus under the leadership of President Donald Trump. President Trump has clear links, even family links, to the World Jewry, but it is the leading Jews of the plain OWO who brought him to power, not the leading Jews of the Satanic NWO. Hillary Clinton would have been instead the best representative of the Satanic NWO if she had been elected President instead of Trump.   


The OWO, on both the Judaic and Christian sides of he JICSBER, was more prudent and patient than the current Satanic NWO in order to achieve world domination as the "Chosen People". The OWO did not want to exaggerate the world enslavement process in order not to have it rejected through revolts, and not risk to break the perfect toy of enslavement they have used for more than two millennia, which was the creation and management of debt-money, restricting itself to operate as plain traditional "Money Changers". Consequently, on the Judaic side, the OWO was, and still is, closer to pure Judaism linked mainly to the Torah. The same thing happens on the Christian side of the JICSBER of the OWO that was more purely Christian before the intervention of the Jesuits and the JICSBER infiltration of the Vatican. As for the NWO on the Jewish side, it is really Jewish only as the Khazars linked mainly to the Talmud who infiltrated traditional Judaism after their massive conversion to Judaism in the 800s when they gradually became afterwards those we call Zionists today. On the Christian side, the NWO is now fully dominated by the Judeo-Jesuits, as a deviation of Catholicism, in particular since the election of a Jesuit called Pope Francis. 


The original Judaism has its source in 12 families, or tribes. But the traditional Jews of today, as the leaders of the elder OWO, have to put up with a so-called 13th tribe that was created mainly through their infiltration by the Khazars in the 800s, and the Sabbetans in the 1600s, as those who are now called the Zionists and are part mainly of the Satanic NWO. The 12 original Judaic tribes have trouble with this13th tribe, the one of the Khazars (or Askhenazis). The two sides are at war. The first real modern bank in the world, created by the OWO, was the Banco di Santo Spirito, in Italy, in 1605, that was de facto a Vatican Bank. This was the beginning of the world power of the OWO that then tried to conquer the whole world, starting with the Americas and, later on, with Africa and the rest of the world, through the establishment of a growing network of central national banks creating debt-money under their full control. However, this earlier success of the OWO was soon infiltrated by the members of the NWO. The peak of the creation of this network of central banks through the infiltrated NWO members was the creation of the FED (Federal Reserve) in the USA in 1913. This is the major bank of the the NWO that Trump is attempting to integrate into the government to help the OWO regain power over the NWO. This would mean brining back the current power of the NWO under the control of the elder OWO that put Trump as President of the USA. Trump knows that President Putin of Russia wants the same kind of process to take place in Russia. The importance of this process, in order to have success, would require the equivalent of a world war that we could call WWIV.


 The Corona Virus is an integrated part and a major tool of this so-called WWIV. As we will see, it is not a "Pandemic", but a "Plandemic", as a deceitful evil "plan" for the launching of WWIV. The virus was unleashed by the NWO who is anxious to finally have it all, be it our money, our corrupted social and cultural wellbeing, and in particular our souls to be converted to Satan through a new world order that we call SEGWO. The Corona Infectious Virus (CIV), along with the World Economic Collapse (WEC) that will ensue, are two major false flags of the NWO to launch WWIV that shall decide who will dominate the world, the OWO or the NWO but either way with the most corrupted Jews aspiring to a role of leadership much more so than the corrupted Christians and the corrupted Muslims of the JICSBER.  


Kennedy denouncing enslavement planKennedy talked explicitly, 7 days before his assassination in 1963, about a plot to enslave every man, woman and child in his country, when he certainly meant to say to enslave humanity, and about his intention to expose the plot, and actually to dismantle the plot, at least in his country, before he left his high noble presidential office. What he was talking about was the Satanic NWO, or SEGWO, at the source of our enslavement through the creation of the fake debt-money that the JICSBER of the SEGWO had been given, in a final way in 1913. This was giving them the right to create debt-money at will, out of nothing, and then lend it to the government with interests as new public debt, all to be reimbursed, as real money this time, and reimbursed as both capital and interests, to the main banks of the JICSBER.


Kennedy had even started to dismantle the horrific system by creating some brand new Trustmoney of his own, issued by the Treasury as debt-free money instead of as debt-money by the FED, as the so-called Kennedy Greenbacks, of which some still circulate today as legal currency. He was assassinated for this main reason, as he would have deprived the new super "Money Changers" of the JICSBER of his time the greatest power that was ever granted, and in the most deceitful way, at Christmas of 1913, to private banksters that have fast extended their tentacles after that scam to the rest of the world through a network of other subservient national central banks in collaboration with their BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Switzerland. See the book of Edward Griffin: The Creature of Jekyll Island. But Kennedy, contrary to Trump, did not want to bring the NWO under the control of the elder OWO. He wanted to eliminate or dismantle the NWO and probably also bring to justice the worst Jewish members of the OWO. That intended complete destruction of the NWO deserved him his assassination. Trump is more prudent. He wants to dismantle the NWO, cleaning the "swamp" as he calls it, but bring it back under the Jewish control of the elder OWO. This may save him his life, but certainly not prevent the war between the NWO and the OWO that has been declared by the NWO by launching the Corona Virus and the ensuing World Economic Collapse in order to re-concentrate the essential of the world economy into the hands of its main banks and corporations.


The plot that Kennedy talked about still goes on today, more than 50 years later, and stronger than ever before because it is now fully under the control of the Satanic NWO. In the meantime, because of this scam, a country like the USA pays, stupidly and entirely uselessly, for this scam alone, about 50 billions per month only on the interests of that fake debt-money that the banksters of the NWO have created out of nothing with a plain instant keyboard entry on their computer, and expecting reimbursement with interests as real money. It would be much more intelligent to spend these billions per month on repairing decaying infrastructures or on other social programs.


Most other countries are relatively in the same ridiculous situation. Many other world leaders who tried to oppose this same scam were also assassinated for the same main reason, even if other official reasons were always provided by the official propaganda and the mass media that are owned by, and subservient to, the same updated JICSBER that killed Kennedy. Before Kennedy, USA president Lincoln had been assassinated in 1865 for the same main reason, because of his intention to create debt-free money that would not have to be reimbursed to any bankster as public debt-money. To name only the most famous more recent leaders assassinated for the same main reason, whatever other official additional reason the propaganda provided for their assassination, they include Gheddafi of Libya for the creation of his gold-backed coins, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq who was rightly trying to create his own gold-back and debt-free currency in order to try to get out of the enslavement of the fiat petro-dollar in the hands of JICSBER. The huge debt-money scam that is now entirely in the hands of banksters of the fake Khazarian Jews of the Satanic NWO has become an eminent part of a long-last millennial SEGWO Master Plan for enslaving most people and governments on Earth, for world domination purposes, by using the debt-money creation power of the omnipotent JICSBER. Most people think this is conspiracy theory, but it is rather conspiracy reality. Kennedy was certainly not/not talking about a conspiracy theory, but about a sad reality.


Unfortunately, people today do not believe that the CIV and the WEC are only two new false flags, as the latest and best tools ever developed so far by the current Satanic NWO, for the final realization of this conspiracy reality for full world domination. But it is so. We will see further down that the CIV and the WEC are only the latest and biggest false flags ever invented, meant to work together as the most sophisticated tools ever invented, for achieving the same enslavement plot that Kennedy was talking about and wanted to dismantle.


The problem is that people are culturally engineered by the JICSBER and its subservient mass media not to believe this conspiracy reality. Like Mark Twain rightly said, "It is easier to foul people than to convince them that they have been fouled". But, as another great master called Jesus also rightly said, "Only the Truth shall set you free". Of course, this was said by the real good Ellinas Jesus from Nazareth, not the false Jewish Jesus of the corrupted and fully Judeo-infiltrated Vatican institution. This latter institution, the Vatican, shamefully in the name of its falsified Jesus, committed the worst crimes, like in the periods of the Inquisition and of the Wars Of Religion. And it is still involved today to its neck in other horrible crimes of the Satanic NWO, like pedophilia and dirty money recycling in collaboration with the mafia and the biggest banksters of the JICSBER, let alone being involved in Catholic liturgies lauding Lucifer and, since the fraudulent election of Pope Francis, involved proactively in promoting the enslaving globalist Agenda 21/2030 of the Luciferian UN, instead of an agenda of spiritual and social liberation, doing so in discrete collaboration with the Evangelical Christian Zionists who have found nothing better to do than the creation of the CUFI (Christians United For Israel) to assist not Christianity, but all the objectives of the JICSBER hiding behind the SEGWO. Nevertheless, people today who do not see CIV and WEC as false flags of the Satanic NWO may be right to a point but, if so, they are, at most, half right. In other words, they are wrong, and we will see why further down in more details.


Corona Virus is not a Pandemic, but a "Plandemic" of the NWO for WWIV



Executive Summary

The Corona Infectious Virus (CIV) and the World Economy Collapse (WEC) are only the best two false flags that were recently conceived by the JICSBER (Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Satanic Backstage Enslaving Rulers), and integrated into the very old long-term Master Plan of the current SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). They will soon be followed by more false flags, including discriminative glitches of the Internet to limit our freedom of speech and of free exchange of information. The Internet will soon be limited to "approved" websites and mainly used for financial transactions with our banks. A following false flag will likely be a fake form of debt-jubilee or UBI (Universal Basic Income) that will be initially attractive to most people but will just make them more enslaved to their governments. All these false flags will finally establish the Banktatorship of a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government with a digital One-World-Currency in a Cashless Society as soon as possible. The first two magistral false flags (CIV and WEC) are equal to the launching of World War IV, or rather Biological WWIV, in order to finish what Financial WWIII of debt-money enslavement could not yet completely finalize on a worldwide basis. The authors of these two main false flags are only ambitious useful idiots that include Mr. Gates dedicated to obligatorily vaccinating the whole world with billions of additional profits for his already ultra-rich foundation. Other useful idiots include Mr. Tedros as the head of the WHO (World Health Organization), and as a Socialist-Marxist also intending to keep world populations under house arrest unless they submit to the ridiculously enslaving vaccination regulations of his unaccountable reign of scandals and abominations around the world, in clear connivance this time with Gates, with French president Macron and with BigPharma. They also include the "Learned Ignoramus" Dr. Anthony Fauci who predicted a coming global pandemic 6 years ago (when working for Obama, and now for Trump), and can think only in terms of global vaccinations to resolve the current American economic collapse. Finally, the useful idiots include corrupted and deviated elements of the secret services of mainly the USA and CHINA that are fully subservient to the JICSBER of the current SEGWO. They also include more dangerous useful idiots of the deep state, like Mr. George Soros financing the research laboratories in Winnipeg and Wuhan from where the CIV originated, and Larry Fink of the BlackRock intending to give more newly-created money to the incompetent failing banks and corporations, instead of to the people to be spent to re-launch the economy destroyed by the CIV. At the top of the pyramid of useful idiots, there is Pope Francis following the globalist UN Agenda 21/2030 instead of the traditional Christian one and, of course their chief as the secretary general of the UN, Mr. Antonio Guterres pursuing proactively the forthcoming Communist Technocracy of a One-World-Government. By the way, to be noted, from this point of view, the immense hoax of Global Warming and the terrible scam of the Corona Virus have the same common origin in the pyramid of useful idiots headed by the UN and the Vatican. What the hoax could not achieve completely will now be achieved by the scam. Both globalist Soros and globalist Francis are also mutually friendly acolytes who want to reduce world population, be it deceitfully through vaccines criminally engineered for this purpose if necessary, and Soros said explicitly that he wants to destroy the America that he hates. The two main surface actors used as useful idiots, Gates and Tedros, visited China with official decorum before the Pandemic and were pre-vaccinated by an existing still-secret-vaccine in anticipation of the Pandemic. China started the Pandemic in Wuhan to falsely save face, but with the secret medicine they already have, they quickly resolved the pandemic within their own frontiers soon after its proactive spreading to other countries. As a result, the economy of China is the only one that is already back on its feet, and this makes China de-facto the new superpower while the rest of the world is economically collapsing, in particular the main superpower, the USA, just as Soros said he wanted. The  main transitional objectives of Biological WWIV are two. First, establish a stronger temporary supremacy for China worldwide, until its test model of successful enslavement, well experimented through 5G and Social Credit, can be passed on for worldwide application, under the leadership of the Sassoon (the 'Rothschild' of China), in the pursued One-World-Government to be established in Jerusalem in due time. Second, as a prerequisite in the meantime, the combination of the two main false flags (CIV and WEC) is meant to bring the fall of the current strongest world currencies, like the Dollar and the Euro, in order to transfer more easily, worldwide, the biggest quantity possible of real-estate and business property in the history of humanity, moving it from the hands of the productive middle-class of Gentiles into the hands of the biggest banks and corporations of the already outrageously rich Zio-Plutocracy owning and managing the new global Banktatorship. For the JICSBER elites, the final result is intended to be the successful end of Their Long Saga To Pax Judaica. This will be our sad fate unless a critical quantity of people wakes up to the hoax and turns the scam into a boomerang with full accountability of its authors in front of courts of Justice worldwide. -- End of Executive Summary.



The Corona Virus is the NWO (New World Order) at its best. A pandemic that does not happen naturally, but is deceitfully planned for an evil purpose can be called a "Plandemic", that is, a pandemic fabricated for serving a "Plan". In this case, the evil plan is satanic or Luciferian. After having completed Financial WWIII, it is the plan to have now the Biological WWIV meant to popup the immense worldwide debt-money bubble created by Financial WWIII in a controlled way instead of a chaotic way, through an equally controlled collapse of the world economy, in order to reconsolidate world economy with the biggest transfer of wealth in world history into the hands of the rich elites of the JICSBER and, by the same token, have the apparent justification for more easily bring in a One-World-Currency in a new Cashless Society for even more additional future profits for the JICSBER elites. In other words, the Corona Virus is a false flag of magistral proportions.



Two False Flags: CIV (Corona Infectious Virus) and WEC (World Economy Collapse)


The Corona Infectious Virus (CIV), it is certainly not a false flag in as much as it is a very dangerous and tragic pandemic reality that makes a lot of people die around the world. But it is nevertheless a false flag in the sense of who created it, and for what purpose. In short, as we will see further down, it was created in a laboratory as a bioweapon for mainly economic purposes as a first hit. The purpose is, firstly, for the JICSBER to use it as the only way to dismantle methodically, that is, for their exclusive profit, the immense worldwide bubble of debt-money that was risking to popup chaotically at any moment with possible ruinous results for their interests. Bank Rescue PlanSecondly, it is used to collapse the world economy with a necessary complete reset of the world monetary system, but again for the exclusive benefit of the JICSBER. The controlled world monetary reset shall give the JICSBER the unique possible occasion and justification to create finally a long-planned One-World-Currency in a new Cashless Society managed by a complete Banktatorship for a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World Government. Thirdly, for the members of the JICSBER, the spreading of the virus means, in the near future, enormously bigger budgets for the governments it controls, for the corporations it controls in the fight and reshaping of the World Economic Collapse (WEC) and, of course, for the related additional taxation revenues falling into its hands along the process and paid, in the years to follow, by even the fully debt-enslaved next generations.


As for the World Economic Collapse (WEC) fake rescue plan that will be necessary to restart the economy, there exists the same type of relativity in establishing the existence of a second false flag. It is not/not a false flag if we consider that the world economy, as a sour reality, has really come to a complete shutdown with horrific consequences on all world business. This is a reality. But it is definitely a false flag in its planned purpose that is kept well hidden by the most important mass media that all belong to the same JICSBER that has conceived the magical power of the two twin false flags acting together.


The hidden purpose  of the WEC is to favor a new and quick consolidation and concentration of millions of small and medium businesses, from all those that will inevitably stop working, progressively integrating them into the hands of bigger and bigger corporations of the JICSBER, in connivance with their biggest bankster corporations of the new Banktatorship, first at national level, then at an international and at a world level. This process of consolidation of property and consequent wealth is more simply and deceitfully called globalization and gobbled as such blindly by the big majority of the world TV viewers who limit themselves to the propaganda of the mass media belonging to the JICSBER for their information. All these global corporations consolidating real property also belong to the already immensely rich JICSBER of the SEGWO and consequently can afford to easily buy all the failed businesses and property for a small fraction of their real value. They can also wait serenely for as long as needed before reselling them at high price, or integrating them into one of their bigger corporations, let alone acquire only the real estate in many cases and let many of them inactive if necessary, for eventually recycling the property to some other purposes, again with high profits. Is this not what is happening in the mini-test country of Greece with outstanding "success" already? This second powerful economic tool of globalization (WEC) is tied to the first one (CIV) like a conjoined twin child at birth, and the two together work like magic for the final objectives of the SEGWO for globalization and world domination. This is the Satanic NWO at its best. This is the order Trump wants to partly dismantle with the help, and for the benefit of, the OWO that brought him to power. This is WWIV now going on. 


However, the transition period necessary for these two new twin tools to achieve together their destructive objective is dangerous (destructive for the rest of us but constructive for the JICSBER). The real misery involved for so many people caught in the WEC could easily provoke various kinds of revolts, if not a global revolution. But by making them act together, the CIV gives the WEC the incredible benefit of a required strong prohibition of assembly and circulation for any kind or reason. People are forced, under various levels of an unseen Martial Law, to stay at home, in as much isolation as possible. This isolation prevents the easy formation of groups that could conspire together for local revolts, or for a more global revolution. New debt slavesNew penniless slaves subjugated by Martial Law who have not much else to lose after having lost nearly everything, could become dangerous, in particular if most of them, millions of them, belong to what used to be recently a comfortable and well educated middle class. This will certainly be the case after the combined effects of the CIV and the WEC.


At the beginning, in front of the extreme misery already being caused by the CIV and the WEC acting together, the prohibition on the right to assembly and circulate freely is sufficient and enough in order to avoid the formation of revolts. It would be too dangerous to also add immediately other types of prohibitions and restrictions, like against the right of information through Internet. But rest assured that a third false flag, in the form of a discriminative glitch of the Internet, will soon follow, in order to also prevent easy exchange of information between groups of people awakening to what is going on, except of course for the use of the Internet for financial transactions with the new Banktatorship in a fast forthcoming cashless society. The false pretext for the discriminative Internet glitch will never be presented as censorship by the subservient mass media of the JICSBER, even if it will be de facto censorship, but probably simply blamed, without proof or recourse provided, on the overload of the network because of the pandemic, and consequently because of the fact that an excessive amount of people are now working online from home using Internet connections. And unfortunately those watching only the controlled media of the JICSBER on TV, while eating popcorn in their comfortable armchairs, will probably blindly and stupidly believe it.


During the difficult transition period people will certainly be given apparently sweet forms of assistance in money or goods to reduce their sufferance. At one point, during or shortly after the crisis, this is likely to include the attractive offer of a Debt Jubilee, but as another additional false flag in its intention and end results. And we will see how, as a tool and justification to create and introduce a new One-World-Currency in a new Cashless Society. A bit later on, it could possibly include a falsely attractive UBI (Universal Basic Income), yet as another additional false flag in its intention and end results. And again we will see how, as a tool to fully control people who will have become entirely dependent on the state for survival, by the JICSBER giving or withdrawing the related UBI and other welfare benefits or pensions at will, including the possible use of NIR (Negative Interest Rates) on the bank accounts of some recipients, if not account closures for the most disobedient protestors, or major Bailins at will for the benefits of the banksters, along with the extermination of all privately managed CC (Crypto Currencies) as soon as possible. By the time the difficult transition period will be well over, the WEC will only be grateful to the CIV for having given it a chance to achieve its global objective of consolidation and growing globalization of the world economy without people realizing it, or at least not revolting against it. It will be too late and irreversible for people to become awaken and able to react without being swiftly squashed by the SEGWO system. Considering the above and the events of the last decades, keep in mind that, so far, every major catastrophe made by the globalist forces of SEGWO, like the CIV and WEC are today, and like 911 was 'yesterday', has only led to progressively more and more globalism. For the JICSBER, all of it is only growing gradual success even if for the rest of us it is a growing gradual enslavement. 


Internet Free Kill SwitchThe next steps, as mentioned above, apart for the forthcoming Internet Glitch, will certainly be, step by step, but in a quick sequence, first the introduction of a One-World-Currency, as supposedly because of the forthcoming crash of all other main currencies because of the WEC, then a new Cashless Society managed by a new Banktatorship, and finally a new dictatorial One-World Government with a One-World-Army as a result of a quick conversion of NATO to this new role, and possibly soon after a One-World-Religion with a strong new Satanic dogma. The final steps will certainly include the institution of the Social Credit system that China has already implemented and experienced so successfully before the CIV pandemic under the leadership of the Sassoon who are the "Zionist Rothschild of China".


In addition, we should not forget that the communist China surveillance state model was, and is, only a beta test, very successful so far, for the type of enslaving centralization that the globalist UN already wants through it current Agenda 21/2030 for the entire planet under SEGWO. With the additional help of the 5G WIFI being pushed for fast installation worldwide, and the related Internet-Of-Everything, the JICSBER of the SEGWO will be the absolute masters of the world under the command of a new UN that will probably be moved from NY to Jerusalem to form there the fast forthcoming One-World-Government in the so-called Greater Israel. The rest of us will be the ignorant and obedient slaves in the rest of the world.


Interestingly enough, it is reported by many window-witnesses already that the swift installation of 5G towers is going on discretely in many places of many countries, taking full advantage of the current strong Medical Martial Law restrictions that force people to stay at home and prevent them to go out to see and protest about what is going on. Many have also reported strange deep sound noises at the quietest hours of the night when everybody is supposed to be confined to their own homes, indicating something is going on that is not meant to be known to common people who are not part of the JICSBER. Many witnesses on the many flat roofs in Greece are also reporting occasions of many airplanes, during the most quite hours of the night, spraying what appear to be Chemtrails, which is inexplicable in days when most planes around the world have supposedly been grounded because of the Corona Virus. One wonders if this is not the main reason why there is such a strong prohibition to go out without special permission at the moment, in particular during the night, because of the Medical Martial Law, and why not even one important journalist asks questions about such strange events.      


BoomerangHowever, the above strategy of the JICSBER may become a boomerang. They may have a serious problem if their enslaving strategy turns against them through a combination of democratic awakening and/or revolts. In such case, for the rest of us, that boomerang could become a deliverance of complete liberation allowing us to finally fly consciously and freely with our own wings! Unfortunately so far, with their reaction to the measures for the Corona Virus, and the dramatic economic consequences involved, most people seem to have proved only that they are an ignorant mob awaiting and welcoming their enslavement, plainly waiting at home on their best sofas, while eating popcorn with fear instead of ketchup, and ingurgitating with pain the dramas reported on TV by journalists who unprofessionally limit their role to reporting the fearful events happening. Like Orwell said, people will soon learn to "love their slavery". This is happening also because journalists seem to be betraying their main role because all the most important ones, along with the employers paying their salaries, belong to the same JICSBER that created the crisis in the first place with the strong combination of the CIV and the WEC. These journalists can only obey their orders as strict "guidelines" provided by the propaganda of the JICSBER, otherwise loose their jobs. None seems to dare to ever ask any of the right questions to the politicians, or to the corporations and persons who are already known to have been involved in the development and the leak of the virus. When will we finally see at least one real journalist not telling us only about the death rate in a place like Bergamo in Italy, the worst per capita in the world at the moment, and going out instead to Wuhan in China, or to Winnipeg in Canada, to investigate the laboratories of bioweapons that were clearly involved in the development and leak of the Corona Virus, asking the right questions to the staff involved, and providing us with the proper information on the possible crimes involved, while also criticizing the awful nonchalance of our puppet politicians for not doing the same in a more official way at government level.


Of course the answer is that both main journalists and main politicians are all bought by the corrupting money of the JICSBER that can be issued in an unlimited way out of nothing, or fear that mafia's revenge if they step out of line of the official propaganda. Fighting this criminal nonchalance of both journalists and politicians is what this chapter is intended to help to fight, helping people to wakeup, and forcing more governing officials to act more responsibly before the end of the world as we know it, or rather as we have known it.




The above new tools of CIV and WEC are only the latest improvements to a millenary Master Plan of the SEGWO for achieving dictatorial world domination, as an objective pursued by all members of the JICSBER but, as seen in other chapters, under the clear leadership of the deviated part of World Jewry. However, there is still hope that the WEC may backfire. With the possible spreading of the NAPWO culture promoted by Aristarchy governance, as promoted by the PythagorArium Project animating the spirit of this book, the WEC might become a boomerang. More and more people are already waking up. Many leading intellectuals worldwide already believe that the WEC will become a boomerang, and they are prepared to try to proactively wake up more and more other people about what is really happening. If the boomerang effect takes place, as we strongly wish, it will become a beautiful comprehensive purification of our world, with the related complete dismantling of the evil, parasitical and criminal elites of the Satanic JICSBER of the SEGWO, bringing all of them to justice and to just punishment under the benediction of God that, in the environment of an Aristarchy and of the PythagorArium Project, we like to call APGOD. If this happens, it will be, for the rest of us, the happy transformation of the Long Saga to Pax Judaica into a new renaissance of Pax Ellinika with more people living in a context of ELL culture of Idea Exchangers instead of Money Changers.


Beware however, as the Money Changers have had so far a long success of exploitation of other races, and have demonstrated that opposing them is dangerous. Even Homer, some 3000 years ago was already calling them 'Troktes' ("Criminals") for this exact reason, but never opposed them frontally, even he could have done so easily, because the "Political Correctness" imposed mainly by the Jews of today still did not exist, and the only language that was worth this name 3000 years ago was the Greek language, and certainly not the primitive dialectal language of the Jews of that time. The great master of ELL culture called Jesus, as a non-Jew, was also crucified some 2000 years ago for only returning their table in the temple in 33AD, only disturbing their enslaving commerce, and hundreds of people still also suffer "character crucifixion" today for the same reason. Beware also that even using the Muslim component of the NWO as useful idiots is also dangerous. They have clearly demonstrated, around 691AD, to be able to wakeup and act in their own favor in such situations, when they were used by Jews as slaves to rebuild the second Jewish temple of Jerusalem. They woke up and reacted. In the end, rebuilt rebuilt the second temple al right, but as a Muslim temple still existing today to the great displeasure of the Jews who had tried to enslave them.       


With CIV and WEC, this is war! We are in an unnoticed World War between the Good (FOG) and the Bad (FOB), as WWIV. Yes, in fact, this is really WWIV, and WWV will follow. WWIII, the one that followed the more well known WWII, is probably the first world war that went on unnoticed by most people, and probably rightly so from a military point of view as a world war, as it was fought without war declaration, and without tanks or bombs used in any official war, only in incidental war clashes causing mainly financial destruction. That WWIII was fought mainly through digital financial means and the abuse of enslaving debt-money worldwide. It was nevertheless a real World War as unnoticed WWIII. Its main destructive end result was the immense gargantuan global debt bubble that we have at the moment worldwide. That financial WWIII was won by the new Banktatorship that enriched immensely the JICSBER of the SEGWO, the The 1%, in fact much less than 1% of the population, and impoverished to complete debt-money enslavement the rest of us, The 99%, in fact much more than 99% of the world population. This Is WarThe current biological WWIV that now started with the Corona Virus will go as a second unnoticed World War because it does not involve visible tanks and bombs but only an invisible micro-virus more powerful than all the bombs and tanks of all previous world wars. If we consider WWIII to have existed as described, in financial terms, WWIV shall be fought, and is being fought, by even more sophisticated and invisible means, in biological terms. Its means shall be mainly in terms of invisible bioweapons, like the Corona Virus, assisted by new digital technology like 5G WIFI, along with Nano Containers of bioweapons in Chemtrails, and the fast forthcoming implanted Body Microchips, let alone a possible deceitfully-good Debt Jubilee at some point in order to introduce first a One-World-Currency followed by a One-World-Government with a One-World-Religion and a One-World-Army, all in a Cashless Society, on the basis of the Master Plan of the SEGWO under the leadership of mainly the infiltrated Jews of the JICSBER.


 WWV will follow as a final spiritual ethereal World War between the Good (FOG) and the Bad (FOB), or between the forces of Light and Dark. And it shall involve an awakening to currently invisible forces and entities of the spiritual realm, making them finally more visible through a better opening of the Third Eye. This spiritual awakening is likely to take place, most probably, with the open intervention of some good and protective cosmic entities at the galaxy level, as Extra Terrestrials (ETs) that will finally reveal their necessary redemptive presence and help.


So far, WWI to WWIII were all won by the forces of Bad. It was only a super false flag, or at least a perfect illusion, that WWI and WWII were won by the forces of Good against the bad forces of Nazism and Fascism. The apparent victory of the Good (FOG) against these bad forces (FOB), with the symbol of the horrific Holocaust against the Jews included, but as a Holocaust of Jews that was all financed by their fellow Jewish banksters, only triggered the even more serious global Holocaust of Western Civilization, thus the victory of the Satanic Bad (FOB). These so-called bad forces have only apparently lost, and deceitfully won, the first two world wars, but have hidden themselves perfectly afterwards in various ways and places to prepare to win the forthcoming financial WWIII which, by now, they have also won. They have hidden themselves mainly in The City of London in England after WWI. They have hidden themselves even better, mainly in the USA after WWII, using the USA as a puppet super powerful colony and a corrupted useful idiot of the newly created country of Zionist Israel. As for WWIII, the purely digital financial world war that went unnoticed as a world war, while being managed by a new Banktatorship belonging to the forces of Bad (FOB), it was also already completely won by the forces of Bad (FOB) that have indebted the whole world with an incredible gargantuan bubble of debt-money, instead of Trustmoney, as debt-money entirely into the hands of the JICSBER of the SEGWO, as a bubble affecting both the world of persons and, in particular, the world of puppet governments that were used, and are still used today as useful idiots, to only increase the enslaving financial burden on all persons through ever increasing taxation.


Current biological WWIV is now being fought. The Corona Infectious Virus (CIV) and the World Economic Collapse (WEC) are only two new very sophisticated false flags, the best ever invented, that are intended by the forces of Bad (FOB) to work powerfully together to consolidate the whole economic world into the hands of The 1%, after the destruction of most of the small and medium size businesses of The 99%. This destruction of WWIV (biological and economic), with the additional benefit of eliminating a big worthless part of the population considered to be unproductive useless slaves by the JICSBER, will finally achieve what WWIII (financial) could not achieve completely for reaching the final aim of a new superpower, created as a dictatorial One-World-Government after the fall of the other apparently competing 'superpowers'. These forthcoming falls of unacceptable competing powers shall become the already collapsing EU, the already collapsing USA, and even the already collapsing China, all collapsing under the burden of the debt-money in the hands of the Satanic JICSBER of the SEGWO. All three of these competitive secondary 'superpowers' must in fact eventually collapse because the Master Plan cannot accept more than only one new superpower worldwide, without competition. In the end, this will mean the victory of not the Judaic component of the JICSBER, the victory of not the Islamic component of the JICSBER, the victory of not the Christian component of the JICSBER, but the final victory of only Satan who will have deceitfully used all the current  components of the JICSBER a useful idiots.


Chains LiberationThe above notwithstanding, maybe there is still hope for an overall better solution. This shall be the case if the biological WWIV becomes a boomerang for the SEGWO, ushering in instead a new era of liberating NAPWO, making the forces of Good (FOG) win WWIV and also lead us to a final winning of spiritual WWV. This could happen possibly with the help of a reborn Russia that knows better than any other nation the horrific plans of the JICSBER of the SEGWO, for having been already its worst test site for nearly 100 years at the time of the USSR. This WWIV (biological and economic) could then become a boomerang, in particular if more and more people around the world wakeup to what is really going on, as seems to be more and more the case at the moment. If so, WWV (spiritual) shall finally be won by the forces of Good (FOG).


Strangely enough, even little Greece is most likely to be able to help powerful Russia in a forthcoming renaissance of the forces of Good (FOG), as a new good world order, or as what we call a NAPWO (National Aristarchy Patriotic World Order), dismantling the current bad SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). These 2 countries have, to start with, the Christian Orthodoxy as a common base of culture. Traditional Greek Orthodoxy and traditional Russian Orthodoxy, at least from before their partial infiltration by some forces of the current Satanic NWO, are the two branch of Christianity that have stayed closer to the original good Ellinas Jesus preaching only love and redemption, as opposed to the falsified bad Judeo-Christian Jesus of the Vatican that they have shamefully involved to justify all sorts of crimes, past and present. I have lived in both Russia and Greece, while speaking both their languages, and I know well the profound admiration of the intellectual class of powerful Russia for the classical culture of little Greece of the time before it was so hardly harmed by the current JICSBER that invaded it during the last decades and now seems to be running it in the background. Consequently, the alliance of the best of Russia and the best of Greece to activate a new era of NAPWO would not be based on religious orthodoxy at all, but probably mainly on the unique beauty of the ancient culture of Greece, the ELL culture, the best culture of clear historical superiority so far in the history of humanity, at least in terms of what we can still call 'civilization' today in the western world. With the help of APGOD! Let it be!





But let's examine the issues more closely and gradually connect all the dots. 



...Connecting the dots...


CIC5, including the CIV and the WEC, is the most Perfect set of tool for the Globalist Agenda




The bioweapon of the Corona Virus, combined with Invasive migrations, Chemtrails and 5G WIFI, is the best tool and strategy ever invented to serve the objectives of the globalist agenda of the JICSBER Satanic elites of the SEGWO pursuing the objective of forming a dictatorial One-World-Government as soon as possible. If it is not its invention, the JICSBER could never have invented a better integrated tool to implement its globalist strategy for world domination. What they could never achieve completely with the first two military world wars as WWI and WWII, nor with a third world war as Financial WWIII, is being achieved with this simple invisible bioweapon and its full ensuing world economy reset that is equivalent to Biological WWIV.


Many scientists have affirmed already that with the help of containers in Nanotechnology the Corona Virus can survive when distributed by airplanes through Chemtrails until it reaches the ground, thus infect most easily thousands of persons through its spraying on the surface of planet Earth around the world. Through such Nano-technology, the virus could also be spread in a more directed way in certain areas like northern Italy or Iran. The virus can then be spread most easily at various degrees in different places to serve different purposes. Even if it were not the case, and such Nano-technology did not really exist or efficiently worked as containers to spread viruses, the chemtrails themselves served the purpose of preparing Biological WWIV, as chemtrails contain various heavy metals that are dangerous to human health and, apart from other types of damages, can contribute strongly in particular to reduce the virility of the male man. Such reduction of virility can be very useful to avoid revolts against the expected type of misery caused by a pandemic and its ensuing world monetary reset and unfair economic reconsolidation into the hands of the satanic elites of the JICSBER of the SEGWO.


On the other hand, whistleblowers have revealed that the diabolic American agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has also already invented bio-engineered insects that can deliver bioweapons by being released specifically to go out and infect millions of people in a particular environment. Apart from the persons unknowingly infected in general being able to travel on thousands of airplanes around the world, carrying the virus with them, the virus can attack more targeted areas through uncontrolled Invasive Migration movements like those affecting the countries most disliked by the NWO (New World Order) at the moment, namely places like northern Italy and Iran. The distribution of such bioweapons through chemtrails can certainly explain why we already have thousands of 'orphan' cases of persons with the virus when they have not travelled nor been in touch with anybody else infected in their environment. In the meantime, many other scientists have also affirmed that 5G reinforces the strength and effects of flue-like viruses of the Corona family. Not only did the outbreak start in Wuhan in China shortly after the full implementation of 5G in that city, as the first city in the world operating fully on 5G, but 5G is being pushed and installed swiftly in most other countries at the moment.   


The Corona Virus is probably very exaggerated as a pandemic but, exaggerated or not, it is certainly the best possible way for the JICSBER elites to arrive easily at an acceptance by world populations to be fully controlled, thus get them ready to accept, even beg for, a dictatorial One-World-Government in the near future to supposedly protect or save them. This is the real ultimate primary objective of the SEGWO. Getting accustomed to, or begging for a "medical martial law" is an excellent first step of social engineering for people getting used to, and accepting more easily, a following "military martial law" necessary for a pursued forthcoming authoritarian One-World-Government. At least in appearance, CIC5 could not serve more perfectly the Master Plan of the current SEGWO trying to enslave all the rest of us Gentiles through fear, dictatorial controls and debt-money under the leadership of World Jewry component of the JICSBER. At analysis, that Master Plan is already so sophisticated that it would be no surprise at all if one day we discovered the Corona Virus and the CIC5 strategy were their inventions. On the basis of the logic of pure common sense, CIC5 certainly appears clearly to be part of their plan from the beginning. "Cui Bono?" (Who benefits?). No other set of tools could ever have served better the global agenda of the SEGWO for world domination. For the strategists of the JICSBER, these combined tools could well be a new form of WWIV that is already being conducted by the SEGWO under the leadership of the World Jewry component of the JICSBER. The CIC5 is much more powerful than traditional wars with tanks and bombs and would cause much less destruction to valued real-estate property then a nuclear war, for the eventual benefits of the elites of the JICSBER reconsolidating the world economy into their hands after WWIV. The power of the Corona Virus associated with the power of 5G to control all aspects of our life, and distributed worldwide with the help of Chemtrails, certainly looks like it is more powerful and more efficient than any new other type of world war, as it serves just too perfectly, and fits just too neatly all the globalist objectives of the SEGWO dominated by the World Jewry component of the JICSBER for its worldwide hegemony.


In addition to the above factors, the expansion of the virus itself is further facilitated and strongly assisted by new invasions of countries that have practically lost entirely the control of their borders, like in the case of the EU and the USA, because of the new Satanic political correctness of the elites of the JICSBER. These wild and huge movements of uncontrolled immigration are also, admittedly and openly so, encouraged or pushed by mainly elements of the World Jewry, except of course in Israel. The combination of the four tools, CIC5 and wild uncontrolled migrations in borderless countries, is definitely, at reflection, the ultimate most powerful tool, more than any new world war, for achieving world domination. But other additional factors are also waiting in line to come and help this globalist agenda. This includes the push for a Cashless Society that is starting to be implemented in many countries, supposedly in order to avoid virus transmission through dirty paper money; it also includes the push for new compulsory Body Microchips and their capacity for global Digital Identification by being implanted into people supposedly to control more easily the spread of diseases through automatic pre-warning to government officials, let alone for the JICSBER elites to be able to decide who shall be allowed to live or should die; and of course in also includes a less obvious tool, but nevertheless an important one assisting all the others, the new "Internet Of Everything" to be implemented on the basis of 5G at the service of globalist authorities, be they national, international and worldwide authorities, for a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government. The sum of all these factors very much looks like our fast entering into a new era of Trans-humanism as the final globalist agenda objective to digitalize and control in a centralized way all persons and all aspects of life on planet Earth.    


The Corona Virus is undeniably the ideal main deceitful element of CIC5 to arrive at the One-World-Government that is so badly wanted, in particular by the World Jewry component of the JICSBER as, by itself, it requires a strong authoritarian type of control of all persons at world level. That control is already inevitably provided at national level by a kind of new "Medical Martial Law", all justified and easily accepted because of a worldwide pandemic. People get used to accept voluntarily all sorts of restrictions to their freedom in exchange for more security. In the same line of thinking, the new 5G WIFI and its ensuing most powerful "Internet-Of-Everything" is also another ideal tool to arrive at the full control of world population in all aspects of all citizens' life. Strangely enough, the two tools appear to be closely related. The city of Wuhan in China, from where the Corona Virus outbreak started, was the first test city in the world where 5G was fully implemented, and this full implementation took place just a few months before the outbreak. On October 15, 2019, thus only two weeks before the official first case of the virus outbreak on November 2, and most probably at a time when the virus had already started to be spread into some parts of the population, the city of Wuhan held the 7th CISM Military World Games as the first worldwide major event entirely controlled by 5G. In the meantime, many scientific publications of various countries, writing about the health effects of 5G, have affirmed already, much before the outbreak, that 5G causes flue-like symptoms. Many of these scientists have said that 5G facilitates and reinforces the effects and the spreading of flu-like diseases, thus health conditions like the ones of the Corona Virus. In addition, the combination of 5G and the Corona Virus as a strategy appears to be well linked to mainly the World Jewry component of the JICSBER globalist agenda and might be be kept in hiding in the background because all the main world media also belong to the same World Jewry.


In this regard, the overall background of previous events is also very meaningful as to the clear leadership of components of World Jewry in the current crisis. In 2014, the famous scientific magazine Nature, itself recipient of some Zionist money, revealed that with the help of France and the very Zionist WHO (World Health Organization) nomenclature of the very Zionist UN (United Nations) nomenclature, the city of Wuhan, China would create a new laboratory to make research on dangerous viruses, even modify existing ones, and possibly create new ones, supposedly for assisting world health research. In 2015, the first brevet for the creation of a brand new virus of the flue family was registered with the responsible British Institute, itself recipient of some Zionist money. At registration, that virus was described as much more lethal than the already existing viruses of the COVID family to which the current Corona Virus belongs as COVID-19. It just so happens that the British Institute issuing the brevet is also financed by he very Zionist WHO (World Health Organization) nomenclature of the very Zionist UN (United Nations) nomenclature, along with the very Zionist EU (European Union) nomenclature, and the very Zionist Gates Foundation. Then, chronologically, as mentioned above, two weeks before the outbreak, Wuhan held the 7th CISM Military World Games with hundreds of foreigners from dozens of countries, at a time when the virus had certainly already started to spread.


In March 2019, it was also revealed that the Canada National Microbiology Laboratory in the city of Winnipeg, was also recipient of some Zionist financing, and also had an exchange program of Chinese and Canadian researchers with a similar laboratory in Wuhan, and sent secretly to Wuhan in China, to precisely the above-mentioned laboratory created with the help of the very Zionist WHO (World Health Organization) nomenclature of the very Zionist UN (United Nations) nomenclature. But the more meaningful fact is that Winnipeg sent a secret package of lethal viruses to Wuhan, to supposedly assist the work of the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan in its research on lethal viruses. On October 19, 2019, just two weeks before the official outbreak, the very Zionist Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, in collaboration with the very Zionist World Economic Forum nomenclature, and the very Zionist Gates Institute held a meeting with 15 world leaders of public health to simulate an outbreak of exactly a virus of the Corona family. After the outbreak had started, the very Zionist World Economic Forum held its secret meeting in Davos, where the head if the very Zionist WHO (World Health Organization) was present. Days later the WHO announced that the Corona Virus was a serious threat and, little time after that, it announced that it should be classified officially as a pandemic, with the consequences of all the ridiculously exaggerated limitations to the personal liberty that the whole world is suffering today. And the 6 very Zionist world networks controlling all world mass-media followed suit perfectly to convince us to stay confined to our homes, and to just wait patiently and silently for the final collapse of world economy that is intended to be reconsolidated into the hand of the biggest of the very Zionist banks and corporations after the crisis.  


As we can easily see, all these events and activities are very closely related to the huge financial power of the Zionist World Jewry. There is no way this can only be a coincidence. In fact, very recently, scientists at the Israel's Galilee Research Institute have also affirmed that Israel, as the main center of Zionist World Jewry, is the first country in the world that has made extensive research on specifically Corona-like viruses, and for a few years already. Consequently Israel is also the first country that said explicitly already that it might be ready to produce a vaccine in the near future, even if, in the case of such entirely new viruses, it normally takes a few years to produce a vaccine. The Institute has even claimed explicitly that it has been engaged already for more than 4 years in research on the avian coronavirus specifically, with funding from two Israel's ministries: the ministry of Science and Technology, and the ministry of Agriculture. It addition, whistleblowers from Israel have affirmed that some Israeli scientists have collaborated with the USA for quite a few years already in extensive research on the production of biological weapons of the Corona-like family of viruses at Ft. Detrick Maryland. The fort has been closed, but before closure, there were over 1000 instances of viruses stolen in the USA, many involving the fort, as stolen viruses that are suspected of having in fact been moved to other centers, like the one in the above-mention lab in Winnipeg. Also, much before the outbreak in China, the Zionist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is fully and closely linked to the globalist agenda of the NWO (New World Order) held a simulation crisis in their own facilities about specifically the possible effects of a pandemic from a virus of the same category as the Corona Virus. As mentioned above, the Zionist John Hopkins Center in collaboration with the Zionist World Economic Forum also held similar simulation exercises just little time before the virus outbreak in China. If all of these events are pure coincidences, they are certainly remarkable ones, and they are all linked to Zionist organizations helping the globalist agenda that is entirely under the wider control of mainly World Jewry from within the JICSBER of the SEGWO. All of this seems to indicate clearly that World Jewry most probably has had a role of leadership in producing the Corona Virus for help in achieving its own Master Plan of world domination. For them, it is a tool that deceitfully serves perfectly its purposes of world domination. This is what we call Biological WWIV that is meant to complete the work of the previous Financial WWIII in a much better way than any kind of new traditional military world war.


In any case, the Corona Virus requires a new global supranational coordination of laws and measures worldwide, which is exactly what a One-World-Government badly needs and wants. It makes people, worldwide, accept more easily the main things that can help a forthcoming worldwide dictatorial governance, like easy forceful arrests even without a crime, forced quarantines and immunizations, related forced confinement into dictatorial state facilities, curfews, strong restrictions on travel and businesses, thousands of last minute cancelled airplane flights, unavailability of many types of cars or other products for lack of essential parts produced abroad, the shutdown of thousands of firms with related higher unemployment misery, the closing of the best hotels and restaurants, cues at government facilities for begging various public welfare services, cues at food supermarkets not allowing more than a few persons shopping at the same time, all sorts of new lawless orders received from all sorts of new lawless state officials for all sorts of lawless purposes coming from a more and more lawless centralized governance, along with all the other limitations of a necessary militarized police state for the type of worldwide governance needed by the SEGWO. In spite of all these limitations, the fear of the pandemic will make people request more centralized government to give them more security, even beg for it on their knees, and thus request inadvertently the formation of an authoritarian new One-World-Government as soon as possible. But this is not a reaction after the crisis. It was the Master Plan from the beginning, from much before the crisis. This is exactly what the Satanic JICSBER of the SEGWO, animated mainly by its World Jewry component, wanted from the beginning. It is a remarkable strategy as SEGWO did not have to ask for that kind of global control, they deceitfully made the people request it for them, making people believe the request was coming from them, and not from the JICSBER hiding in the background.


The Corona Virus also serves the globalist purpose of accepting entirely a Cashless Society, through entirely cashless commercial activities, thus full control of all our financial transactions and/or purchases to the very last penny. As a CIC5 strategy, it also serves the globalist purpose of the reduction of world population and the related UN Agenda 21/2030. Overall it also serves beautifully the forthcoming huge financial profits of the biggest companies of BigPharma and of all the other transnational corporations involved in facilitating all the above limitations. There is obviously huge money to be made from the strategy and its related debt-money, along with the additional forms of taxation to be added and to eventually fall back as new additional profits into the hand of institutions all controlled by mainly the World Jewry component of the JICSBER. First of all, the pandemic will cause thousands, even millions of firms worldwide to struggle financially or go bankrupt. This will be an exceptionally good opportunity for profit by the rich Robber Barons of the new Banktatorship of the JICSBER to have a chance to buy the struggling companies for only a very small fraction of their real value, and resell them at high price at the end of the crisis. And waiting for the end of the crisis, or even long after, does not bother them, as they are all extremely rich already. These profits after the crisis will be in addition to the immense financial gains during the crisis, through public funds issued by governments to fight the pandemic and the WEC (World Economic Collapse). These public funds, guaranteed by eventual taxation increases, will go not only to corporations of the rich JICSBER, like BigPharma, but to Wall Street and to all sorts of international organizations like the WHO, the UN and the EU, in particular to all the big banks of the already omnipotent Banktatorship that is meant to rule the financial world on behalf of World Jewry.

Typically in this regard, the President of the USA, Donald Trump, has sort of nationalized the American central bank, the FED, and placed it better under the direct control of the government in order to be able to have the money necessary to face the re-launching of the economy, and supposedly also help the simple people who have suffered the most during the pandemic and the ensuing economic collapse. But to whom did Trump give the full power to manage and distributed the new money that will be created for this purpose? To none less than Larry Fink of the BlackRock shadow bank which is the maximum financial power of World Jewry in the whole world at the moment. BlackRock is bigger in World Jewry financial power than the 3 biggest Zionist banks in the world, Goldman Sash, JP Morgan and Deutsch Bank and, through major shareholdings, controls all of them along with their dependent less important banks. BlackRock controls absolutely the financial show worldwide and, for them, the government is just something upsetting that gets on their way. They own a great part of Microsoft, of Apple, of Amazon, of Johnson and Johnson, of Facebook, of Alphabet, of Exon, of JP Morgan, of Wal-Mart, of Star bucks, pf Lockheed Martin, of Boeing, of General Dynamics, of Raytheon, of AT&T, of CNN, of Warner Brothers, of Walt Disney, of ABC, of Fox News, of CBS, of Viacom etc. etc. And the list in infinite. In other words, BlackRock represents the absolute maximum of World Jewry financial power in the world today. In front of this power, it is nearly impossible to assume that most of the new money to rescue the economy will end up in the hands of the 99%, instead of the already super rich 1% that is mostly Jewish.   


Interestingly enough, all these entities, as banks, corporations or supranational organizations, are all fully under the direct or indirect control of World Jewry. But even more than new big money for World Jewry, it is big control for World Jewry that is important, or for the SEGWO as a whole managed under the deceitful leadership of World Jewry. Power is even more important than money, as money they already have in practically an unlimited way. They will thus gain on both counts, big money and big control. What they main mainly at this point is power, in order to finally achieve their long-term of objective of world domination through a fast forthcoming One-World-Government with a One-World-Currency, let alone also a One-World-Army through a restructuring of NATO, and a One-World-Religion through the already advanced Judaization of the Vatican, and all in a Cashless Society. That Master Plan will also require the fall of other competing world powers, like the EU and the USA, let alone China and, from their point of view, also hopefully Russia. And with the already advanced balkanization of the middle east, and the acquisition of various pieces of territory in the area from all the destructed countries involved, all well planned for this purpose, that new power of world domination is intended to be established in Jerusalem, after the reconstruction of the Third Jewish Temple, with Jerusalem as the capital of a Greater Israel and of the whole world. This will have been the false and fast forthcoming Long Saga of the Pax Judaica that will be immensely facilitated by the current pandemic and the ensuing collapse of the world economy. Unless it becomes a boomerang and is turned into a true and good Pax Ellinica!. 


The Biological WWIV to achieve all these above major objectives reflects the same strategy the SEGWO has used, and still uses today, with all main wars, making huge money gains before the war (loaning to government to buy arms), during the war (to finance the war operations, but of both sides of the conflict), and after the war (financing reconstruction). They gain all the way, and all the time, whatever evil and damage they may be causing through their financing. The worst example of this evilness might be when the main banks of World Jewry financed Hitler while knowing he was causing the Holocaust of 6 millions of their own Jewish fellows. But the rich Jewish Satanic component of the JICSBER financed Hitler anyway because they knew this Holocaust would give them the only possible justification to create the state of Israel after WWII. And this is exactly what happened in 1948. From that state, and with their well planned tool of a Banktatorship that has today been nearly fully implemented, they now practically command the world by using superpowers like the USA as their puppets or useful idiots, through the corrupting lobbying of its politicians, let alone the corrupting financing of the main politicians of most other meaningful countries, along with the financing of the main mainstream media, and the ensuing favorable political correctness imposed by these corrupted media of fake news, in order to protect their "good" reputation, whatever they do, as evil as it may be. At the moment, their success is so complete that, with the laws they had enforced through corrupted politicians around the world, you are not even allowed to criticize them without possibly being arrested and go to jail, even if the criticism is based on cold facts. Voltaire said: To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. He was referring to the JICSBER of the SEGWO that existed already even at his time. Things have not changed since he lived in the 1700s. They are even worse today. They are still today the same ones we are not allowed to criticize, composed mainly of the high levels of the three main Abrahamic religions and of Zionist corporations, but under the clear background leadership of mainly members of World Jewry.             


As a result of the Corona Virus, control over people worldwide has already vastly increased. As a CIC5 strategy, we can now rest assured that whenever the pandemic panic shall end, all the tyrannical control measures imposed already will not only remain in place, but be increased, and even more easily increased, because people will have been accustomed to accepting them and considering them as the Communist New Normal that we have described earlier. What else could have helped more the communistic Master Plan under World Jewry leadership to finally achieve global hegemony through a dictatorial One-World-Government, with a One-World-Religion, a One-World-Currency and a One-World-Army? Not even an additional traditional military world war with tanks and bombs, not even the worst nuclear war that would have produced too much destruction, could have helped more this insidious Master Plan of the SEGWO animated mainly by World Jewry for complete dictatorial world domination. If CIC5 is not their plan, they will certainly not hesitate to soon make it their plan, and even quickly learn from it, in order to invent other even more terrible false flag events and other demonic strategies serving their globalist SEGWO objectives. If CIC5 is their strategy, as it clearly appears to be the case, they should congratulate themselves for its incredible success, while the rest of us, the Gentiles, should ensure that diabolic strategy is dismantled completely as soon as possible. And the way to dismantle it, perfectly democratically, is Aristarchy governance making us go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". 


Overall, the Corona Virus is an incredible success for the JICSBER elites of the SEGWO that created it and planned its easy distribution worldwide as a pandemic. For them it is first and foremost an exceptionally successful test of their power and of our obedience to the Luciferian Deep State God they work for. And they do not care for the consequences of sufferance and misery that may ensue. They are the same elites that brought down the Twin Towers of 911 in New York. This first major event of 2001 was their preliminary major test of our obedience and, for them, it was a complete success. It certainly brought us, to their exclusive advantage, all sorts of new restrictive measures in our personal and social life that we have all gradually accepted most obediently in the last two decades and last to this day. Now, with the Corona Virus, and the way people obey silently to all the new restrictions, they have confirmed our full obedience worldwide. Consequently they shall be able to proceed in the near future with even more draconian steps toward our full final enslavement under a fast forthcoming dictatorial One-World-Government with a new One-World-Currency in a Cashless Society.


In the meantime, judging from the incredibly submissive reaction of most people against the extraordinarily strong measures taken worldwide for the Corona Virus, a virus that is serious, but not much more serious than the regular winter flue, or in particular tuberculosis, the SEGWO that engineered it has had, so far, the vivid proof that people in general are an ignorant and docile mob welcoming their enslavement and, for the JICSBER, awaiting silently the useful slaughter of the weakest and oldest elements of world society, ready to accept even more drastic long term measures of control after the pandemic disappears in order to facilitate the advent of a new dictatorial One-World-Government. Again, from this point of view, the Corona Virus is an incredible success for the JICSBER elites of the SEGWO. Hopefully this will not be the case and, with the proper awakening to which this book intends to contribute, there will be a positive reaction transforming that fake success of the JICSBER into a failure and a boomerang. With proper awakening the reaction could come from the bottom, from the people, but we should also all pray APGOD for help from the top. With the latter's help, and with our concurrent awakening, the Corona Virus could be the origin of new era of more freedom and happiness through a new form of governance called Aristarchy that the PythagorArium Project is actively and strongly promoting.   


In the meantime, expect, from the JICSBER, their next major step to be a new and even worse false flag, most probably in terms of an apparent major breakdown of the Internet, or at least a major discriminative glitch of the Internet, in order to finally fully limit our freedom of speech, our freedom of opinion, our freedom of easy information, and our freedom of movement, but without preventing necessary communications with the banks of their new Banktatorship for  the financial commercial transactions of a new Cashless Society. At the same time, that Internet discriminative glitch shall be the justification for the fast creation of a brand new Internet-Of-Everything with the help of 5G under their full control and censorship, in particular again, for banking purposes in a new Cashless Society fully obedient to a new Banktatorship. The Corona Virus pandemic event is probably already seen by the JICSBER elites as their final successful stepping stone of their long saga pursuing a false Pax Judaica, unless we quickly and strongly react through the implementation of Aristarchy and, again, transform that false Pax into a new governance of real Pax based on the ELL culture. This transformation would be, for the good of the rest of us, the dismantling of the SEGWO and the advent of a new era of NAPWO pursued by the PythagorArium Project. But we have first to wakeup to what is really going on, to which wakeup call this essay hopes to provide a small contribution.


As a last point of particular interest, under the current stupid (and deceitfully unconstitutional in the case of most countries) monetary system that exists at the moment, all the enormous amounts of new money that will be necessary, from now on, to resolve the consequences of the Corona Virus and the ensuing collapse of the economy, for both governments and persons, will not be with money that governments have, but money they do not have, and that new money will have to be borrowed as new loans of public debt-money from their respective central banks, or from other commercial banks. This is what seems to be indicated by placing for example BlackRock in charge of the newly "nationalized" FED in the case of the USA. In other words, unless revolts are formed, the consequences of the Corona Virus and the ensuing economic collapse will be all solved with additional enslaving debt-money, as both public debt and private debt. All of that new debt-money will have to be reimbursed, and with interests. Of course, all the additional public debt to be reimbursed will gradually become reimbursed only through new forms of additional taxation added to the already excessive taxation levels we have at the moment around the world. And all this new debt-money, that lending banks will have created out of nothing, without these banks having any of it already as existing physical money locked in safe coffers, creating it through a simple digital entry in a computer, will return as profit of real money to banks that are entirely in the hands of mainly the World Jewry component of the JICSBER that fabricated, planned and launched the crisis in the first place. Along the way, in exchange for the fake money created out of nothing by these banks, and borrowed by the taxpayers who will not be able to reimburse it, the JICSBER will acquire either additional taxes or the real physical properties that were guaranteeing the faulty reimbursements.


If, for the JICSBER, this new debt-money creation is not a complete success, crowning the above success of more and more forms of control of populations worldwide, for the forthcoming One-World-Government they pursue, with the additional tools of an enslaving One-World-Currency in a Cashless Society, then I do not know what else the word success could mean. But if it is their success, for the rest of us, it certainly amounts to our complete final enslavement. Unless the strategy fails and becomes a boomerang!  





A Deceitfully Good Debt Jubilee Coming?


The whole strategy of the SEGWO very much looks like it will lead to a Debt Jubilee, and intentionally so, in order to introduce more easily a new global One-World-Currency in a fully Cashless Society. As a result of the Corona Virus, a country like Italy for example has already decided to suspend all mortgage payments until the end of the outbreak. This could be the first sign and test measure toward a coming Debt Jubilee. This kind of measures are likely to extend to many other countries. The global debt-money bubble of the entire world is so huge that when it will explode, most probably in a very near future, there is absolutely no way it can ever be solved through current measures like QE, bailouts or bailins. In fact, the only good way to serve the interests of the JICSBER in resolving the global debt-money bubble is definitely a Debt Jubilee that will allow to deceitfully and more easily bring in a new One-World-Currency in a new Cashless Society. The whole monetary system will have to be submitted to a full reset in order to start fresh with an entirely new system introduced as a One-World-Currency. It very much looks like this is part of the Master Plan.


To achieve this major objective, all the main fiat money currencies, like the Dollar and the Euro, along with the Renminbi and others, will have to be fully collapsed and become useless in purchasing power. But this will not be by accident. It is a necessary first step for the Master Plan. In order not to face a world revolution because of this monetary collapse that could ruin its political autarkic world power, the SEGWO strategists will have, as a temporary preliminary measure, to give new free money to all people for them to survive, as soon as they declare a Debt Jubilee. These two temporary measures will deceitfully look good to most people in difficulty, like the good-and-only possible solution to most people affected by the monetary collapse.


 This way, people will accept the complete reset of the world monetary system. What they will not realize however, before it is too late, is that this will be a new false flag. As a result of the Jubilee, they will all have become, worldwide, the new slaves of a dictatorial One-World-Government with a One-World-Currency in a completely new Cashless Society. This Cashless Society, along with the new 5G assisting the new Internet-Of-Everything will ensure absolute dictatorial control by the new Banktatorship of the JICSBER over all aspects of the life of all remaining persons on planet Earth, after the concurrent planned reduction of world population through the Corona Virus and the wild massive uncontrolled migration movements of an extended Kalergi Plan, having on the way achieved the total destruction of the principle of national sovereignty, and also finally completed the Passive Revolution of Cultural Marxism that had been wanted so badly by Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the Communist Party of Italy in 1921. This is what the SEGWO is, as the Long Saga To the False Pax Judaica, under the leadership of mainly the World Jewry to be eventually commanding the whole world in due time from their new world base in Jerusalem after the creation of the Greater Israel.


However, this is also what the NAPWO of an Aristarchy is meant to prevent, with a Return Of Philosophy and the modern Renaissance of the ELL Culture Of Real Historical Superiority.



How long will we stupidly keep being this stupid?



We are born into a brand new type of slavery that is not done with chains anymore, but maintained mainly with debt-money and fear, or with the full realm of DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation, and Despair) social engineering. Fortunately this is only because of the engineered sleeping stupidity we have been tricked into, and from which we have difficulty to wakeup because we now consider it as normal. Our engineered stupidity is our "New Normal". But we can dismantle this engineered stupidity and return to normality through a new type of governance called Aristarchy. This new type of Aristarchy governance, achievable through an educational process of liberating awareness, is what this book is all about.  




We are all enslaved, and we should not be


Because of all the above, “We the People” are all fully enslaved today without realizing it. The worst part is that we are enslaved with the conviction that we are totally free. For our JICSBER enslavers this is for them a complete success of deceit, and the acquisition of useful serfs.


Contrary to what historians tell us, slavery has not been abolished in the last century. Slavery has only sophisticated itself over the last two millennia, to the point of not being visible anymore to the current slaves. This new type of enslavement is not easily visible by us, the slaves, because we are not enslaved with rods and physical chains anymore, like enslavement has been done for centuries in the past. Today, we are enslaved with the financial chains of extreme debt and its related extreme taxation, let alone the legal chains of exaggerated legislation, not to mention the religious chains of fear and dogma that have existed all along and provided support for the use of the new types of additional chains by the new JICSBER elites.




The most flagrant indicator of our fake "New Normality" is probably that we have been forced, and stupidly keep living, into completely outdated structures of political and economic power. These old structures of power have been created, and are now outdated. They certainly have been fully outdated since at least the invention of the telephone, of the airplane and of the television, not to mention the invention of the Internet and of our current powerful worldwide instant telecommunications.


These outdated structures of power over us were created under the main influence of enslaving religions, but in particular, more recently, under the influence of enslaving states that have become our new gods. Like Trotsky well said, referring to our current situation, "The State is God". But, as we will see, this fake god is none less than... the Judeo-Christian Satan who is enslaving us under a fake illusion of democracy which is only a Judeo-Christian Oligarchy. The biggest religion today is probably Statism, or the belief in State, in particular a state run by SEGWO elites. Religion has become an instrument of enslaving collectivism. This new state god is also very much helped by the new "religion of celebrity" that is propagated by the ever growing number of horrible TV Reality programs and the Luciferian background scenarios of most important entertainment events like the Olympics of London, the Super Ball and the various shows of the most important singers living today.


This credulity and stupidity of ours is best represented by our maintenance of huge representative parliaments with hundreds of ignorant and costly parliamentarians who are not only totally unnecessary in our current world of modern communications but dangerous and most destructive for the maintenance of our liberty and happiness, using the rest of us as debt-slaves for their own profit and privileges. We will see in details how and why this is so, and why and how we can remove this part of our harsh reality from our "New Normal".


Our stupidity is at its outmost degree in the cases where we accept some of our outdated structures of power when their members have not even been submitted to any democratic electoral process, doing so while paying them highly undeserved salaries and cumulative benefits of all sorts to impose on us their will and their unelected authority. This  unelected, undeserved and unacceptable authority is in particular the case at the supranational level, like when people accept the despotic authority of unelected officials of the EU in European countries, or of the authority of the unelected officials of the UN in the countries of practically the whole world. Instead of resenting them, we even seem to admire these plush unelected officials on TV, on a daily basis, while they parade in the best palaces, hotels and restaurants, all at our own expense even if without our electoral consent. In addition, these same unelected officials have succeeded in making the fake political correctness of this reality so "normal", as our "New Normal", that if we dare criticize them, we risk being accused by them of hate speech with dire consequences for any of us that can go from character assassination or career termination, to imprisonment and various forms of hefty fines along the way. 


At the same time, even at an electoral national level, we stupidly select politicians presenting us only a promoted electoral program of intended actions that, for the most part will never be realized, while dozens of other items not mentioned in their program will be implemented without us having had a chance to know about them in advance. Should we not instead require they present us a strictly and fully binding electoral contract undersigned in front of a notary, with absolutely no surprise of new items, in terms of new laws or new taxes, during their forthcoming mandate?


To worsen this incredible engineered stupidity of our "New Normal", we allow our selected politicians, let alone the unelected ones at supranational level, to lie constantly about public affairs without consequences. Should we not make these governance lies about public affairs a most serious crime? This is certainly the case in an Aristarchy, as a PATOC. The seriousness of such crime is fully justified in light of the fact that such lies, contrary to most other types of crimes, affect negatively all citizens in the country instead of only one other person or a small group of other persons in the case of other common crimes like theft or murder.


Similarly, we allow mainstream media to be simple obedient and subservient mouthpieces of our lying politicians and consequently, in that role of political servitude, to also lie to us constantly, betraying completely their natural role of investigating world events and informing people accordingly on a basis of full truth. Truth about public governance in particular is so vitally important that even simply omitting, covering, or not investigating the lies of our governing officials, let alone proactively hiding these lies through bribe or blackmail, must be made a serious crime. Again, this is certainly the case in an Aristarchy, also as a PATOC. Otherwise these lies are contributing to keep all of us in a state of ignorance or falsity, and consequently in a state of related engineered stupidity constituting our fake "New Normal".


At the moment, in our fake democracies, not only do we not request to make these lies a crime, but we even allow our lying politicians to finance in great part the activities of their lying mouthpieces of the mainstream media. We allow our governing officials to finance the media to make sure these media will not expose the conspiracy of servitude with which they enslave the rest of us. If it were not for our engineered stupidity, we would, and should, condemn this grossly blatant conflict of interests as at least of form of criminal collusion in fraudulent information, and insist for the prosecution and punishment of the serious criminality involved on the part of colluding journalists and politicians.  All of this becomes impossible in an Aristarchy as it becomes serious PATOC criminality.





Our engineered stupidity is highly supported by four main enslaving factors in the background.


First, we allow our lying politicians to borrow money as debt, as public debt, and as debt created out of nothing by private banks, but nevertheless have to be reimbursed to them as real money charged with interests. That debt-money could easily, for the same amounts, have been created debt-free by our public treasury. The latter would not need to be reimbursed, not as capital and not as interests. We then put the little cherry on that sour cake of engineered stupidity by allowing the spending of that public debt-money by our lying politicians without full transparency when, with current accounting technologies, it would be most easy to do it with absolute full transparency for all of us, on the Internet, from the first to the last penny. What a stupidity not to require such an easy things!


Second, in the background of all other factors of maybe unconscious stupidity, the worst of our conscious stupidity has been to allow the destruction of private schools and the imposition of compulsory public schooling. This terrible mistake has brought us a centralized control of uniformity in an education entirely submissive to government propaganda, and consequently also the annihilation of free critical thinking. It has brought us in particular a massive indoctrination of all children for the full benefit of those we can justifiably call the global JICSBER (Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Chinese, Corporative, Luciferian Enslaving Mafia), the so-called elites now enslaving all of us worldwide, that is, enslaving "We The People". Of course, nothing would have prevented us to have public school infrastructures and premises provided to us, while maintaining in them competing private school educational centers with the most meritorious teachers of our choice, in each local school, for the blossoming of the best natural talents of each child on a basis of dedication and merit, with a joyful emulation spirit of a kind of Olympic nature that we can call SOS (Social Olympic Spirit). This would not either have prevented us to have in all these private schools a core of common knowledge considered essential for all children to face straightforwardly their eventual higher education and the working reality of their future years in the country. 


Third, we blindly, even joyfully, accepted the so-called revolution called Women Liberation that in practice enslaved women probably more than ever before in the history of humanity. We stupidly accepted this fake revolution as a liberation, but it was well planned by the JICSBER oligarchy to first and foremost force mothers to get an outside job, in addition to fathers, forcing both to have an outside job instead of only one of them, in order for these greedy elites to get a second taxpayer in the family. As seen in the above second factor, that same fake revolution also pushed all children to compulsory public school of uniformity and subservience from the most early age. In addition to doubling their taxpayers, both the father and the mother as taxpayers, the greedy JICSBER  elites also acquired full control of the children to better propagandize them at their service, as far away as possible from the influence of their genitors. By the same token, they also ensured the destruction of the concept of a good loving family unit, and of its traditional strong set of moral and patriotic values. This allowed the JICSBER elites to "divide and conquer", thus enslave more of us more easily on a global scale. And we stupidly bought this as a liberation process? Nothing would have prevented us to really free women, that is mothers, through a monthly basic income in their own names as family managers, or even doing so with the men, the fathers, as family managers staying home instead of seeking an outside job, at the choice of any given family with minor children.   


Fourth, the concept of huge urbanization at city level was planned in a similar way to accompany and assist the divide-and-conquer process at the family level. Instead of families living together, with extended members loving and helping each other, all members now live separately, each one alone, in each their own little apartment, most of the time at a distance that prevents easy monthly, or even annual, visits to each other. And we also bought this as a liberating modernization process? Both the fake liberation process at the immediate family unit level, and the fake modernization process at the city level, along with the big farming at the overall country side level, were part of a deceitful master plan of complete enslavement by making a growing amount of families pay as much taxes as possible, and loose their independence through disappearing mutual help. Most of these families, even with the double salary of the mother and the father, are now incapable to feed their children easily on a monthly basis, through excessive taxation and lack of food autonomy. But for the JICSBER elites, this has the advantage of a growing amount of dependence on state welfare on a yearly basis, thus state subservience. As said above, the state has become the new god, the State God, for whom the people are the new slaves. This way, more than a god, the state is a JICSBER master for our full enslavement. This was the JICSBER plan from the beginning. And our engineered stupidity is so complete that we do not even think of questioning it. To put it in Orwellian terms, we have learnt to "love our slavery". Those few that will question this slavery will only face the dictatorial force of the political correctness that will accuse them of hate-speech and probably also produce their character-assassination in their community, if not possibly much worse, in the new JICSBER state of full blind enslavement. Again here, we find, and from a Jewish author, Gilad Atzmon, in his book The Wandering Who?, that Political Correctness is a Malicious Jewish Plot of World Jewry to limit our freedom of speech and prevent us from being able to even criticize them without serious consequences. 


In light of these 4 main factors in the background, how much more stupid could we have been? How much longer can we keep on being engineered to be that stupid? At this point, the main question is how long will we keep on being blindly this stupid without establishing a better system of governance for ourselves? And, as we will see, better governance can easily exist, in the most democratic form of an Aristarchy. "We The People" are the huge majority. The JICSBER state is only a small minority that can be swiftly dismantled once the veil of ignorance has been lifted through better awareness of our current ugly situation. This is what this book hopes to contribute to do. 


Again, we can quite easily and democratically eliminate our engineered stupidity and related enslavement. The full awareness of our unnecessary and undeserved engineered stupidity is the first step to get rid of it and improve our situation. Without such awareness we will keep on being subservient to our current so-called JICSBER elites maintaining us in a new type of modern slavery without physical chains, but with the much more powerful virtual chains of DDDD (Dogma, Debt, Disinformation & Despair). It is late already, but we can still well wakeup to our unnecessary and undeserved state of new slavery and stupidity. We can acquire awareness and wisdom, and consequently dismantle our new modern slavery quite easily and, again, most democratically. In other words, as per the title of this book, we can easily go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards", finally making the best of our elected leaders our obedient public servants instead of our enslaving masters.


In order to achieve this objective however, it is not sufficient to wakeup. We must, each of us, also participate obligatorily to the democratic liberation process through compulsory voting on a regular basis, and as often as needed on an ad hoc basis, with the safest and easiest means modern technology can comfortably offer us at the moment if we so request it. We must also establish a new set of very serious crimes for all the devious activities and lies of our elected officials in relation to lack of truth and transparency.


All the above is what an Aristarchy intends to correct and is capable of doing. The way to start, after having legally formalized the PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime), as a brand new and most serious crime, punished most severely through PPPP, is to get rid of our system of completely outdated structures of power over us, at both national and supranational level and replace it with the liberating structure of an Aristarchy. This is what we will explore next. 





What we call democracy today is an oligarchy of hidden Communism.



Communism? Yes, Communism! But hidden Communism! The Communism of primitive enslavement that died in the Soviet Union and was reborn more to the west in a more sophisticated enslavement way with all sorts of deceptive new names! The source of this new type of Communist enslavement is well hidden from us under the fake name of... democracy, or rather of what we wrongly call democracy today. What we have in terms of governance in not at all any real democracy but, to say the least, an oligarchy, or maybe an ugly autarchic plutocracy. It is really what we should call by coining the new name of DebtOcracy, which is a false democracy based on enslavement through mainly the creation of deb-money out of nothing and the related exaggerated taxation to ensure all the fraudulently created debt returns safely to our JICSBER debtors, but as real money this time, and with interests.


Consequently, the source of our current enslavement is not what may first comes to the mind of most people. As unbelievable as it may be, its real source is… Communism. But again, it is an improved type of Communism well hidden behind the DebtOcracy that we deceitfully believe to be a democracy. Or it is real Communism, but an improved Communism well hidden behind the face of the fake governance that we still wrongly call democracy. Nevertheless, to be absolutely clear, it is Communism.


The best journalists of the mainstream media today know well this reality, but they will not dare to call it Communism for fear of being ridiculed and losing their credibility, and maybe also their jobs, because all their media networks are also owned by veiled Communists hiding in the background, the same Communists who created the fake debt-money in the first place, as those who absolutely do not want us to know the real nature of the improved Communist ideology animating them.



Communism only moved more to the west


Many ex-KGB defectors have confirmed that the Communist DebtOcracy enslaving us today is made invisible to us as our "New Normal", as what we falsely call... democracy. For us, it must only be our unquestioned "Just the way it is", blindly accepted by all of us as Politically Correct. Many writers have also explained that Communism did not die in the Soviet Union, and that it was only likely to rise in a better way in many places around the world, or has already arisen. In fact, it is rising actively already in many places under other appearances. The Book by Robert Service: Comrades: A World History of Communism (2007) may be useful to read in this respect. Nevertheless, Communism being reborn today more to the west, in the EU and the USA, is the worst cancer that ever attacked humanity, having caused more than 100 million deaths already.  


As for intellectual dissidents fully aware of this strategic move of an improved Communism more to the west, the famous Soviet KGB defector who died in 1992, Yuri Bezmenov, whom I got to know well, explained to me in the 70s and the 80s, both before and after I myself lived in the Soviet Union as a Canadian diplomat, how Communism would be made to fall smoothly in the Soviet Union but not made to die, only made to be improved, that is, worsened for the rest of us, mended of its wounds, and moved more to the west, starting with the EU and then to the USA. It would be made to work in a more efficient way under another less frightening name, even under the innocuous name of... democracy, but of course a new fake "democracy" hiding a DebtOcracy of more global grab.


Bezmenov had first escaped the USSR to Greece in the early 70s, at the height of the power of the Soviet Union, and then was granted asylum to Canada through a process in which I was partly instrumental. He was an ex-top-level Soviet KGB, expert on the various types of deception used by collectivist governments like the Soviet Union, to achieve a totalitarian regime of full population enslavement. As such, after defecting and leaving the Soviet Union, he gave a vast amount of lectures in western countries on this subject in the 1970s and 1980s, trying to explain to these western countries how to avoid the traps of totalitarian Collectivism. He loved the beauty and liberty of the western world as it existed at that time, some 45 years ago, and wanted the West to avoid the decadent destruction that was facing the Soviet Union. Because of this, Bezmenov even wrote a book called "Love Letter to America" which to him meant Canada as much as the USA. Most people were intrigued by his writings and lectures at the time, and by his predictions as to what could happened to us, but people did not take his lectures too seriously, as his predictions seemed to be exaggerated, and even of outright impossible application in the free western world. 

CommunismOnlyMovedWestBezmenov constantly talked about the "Fresh Start more to the West" of Communism after its predicted, even well planned, soft forthcoming fall in the Soviet Union. He nevertheless predicted that the Fabian Socialist world elites that had applied the communistic techniques of massive enslavement in the third world were now aiming at starting to apply them in a better way also to the western world which included America and Europe. In fact, they were already facing serious difficulties in the Soviet Union with their failing system of enslaving collectivism and, on the strength of their experience, and the lessons learnt in more than half a century of experimentation, they wanted to move west, for what he was calling a Communist experiment of "Fresh Start more to the West". Alternatively, already in the mid-70s, they were planning to use the West as a refuge in case their experiment would fail all together in a violent manner in the Soviet Union. These explicit predictions were nearly ignored in the 1980s, but they now look like incredibly accurate prophecies, that is, like our sad reality today at the beginning of the XXI century in the EU and the USA.


I first heard of Bezmenov while working on a diplomatic posting (1969/1972) at the Canadian Consulate General in Milan, Italy, with part of my functions being responsible to process the applications to Canada of refugees held in the refugee camps of Trieste in Italy, near the border of the ex-Yugoslavia where I was travelling on a regular monthly basis for selection purposes. The refugees from these camps were from all the countries of the Eastern Communist Block, including the ex-Soviet Union, but also included refugees from other places, like some opponents of the Military Regime of the Colonels in Greece at the time. Having good experience already with Soviet refugees of the like of Bezmenov, I was first consulted at distance for assisting the evaluation of his case that was pending in Athens. As he was interested in asylum in Canada, he was then brought to me in Trieste for 3 days, for an evaluation by me in one of the refugee camps there.


My extensive experience with the selection of refugees fleeing Communism, like Bezmenov was only to grow. But after Milan, I had a chance to expand my experience with all sorts of refugees, from both the left and the right of the political spectrum. I was first transferred to the Canadian Embassy in Athens (1972/1974). When I got there, the defection of Bezmenov and his request for political asylum to the west was still a fresh story, including with some colleagues of the American Embassy in Athens and of the Greek government who had been involved in his case, and with whom I was regularly associating in my diplomatic duties.


During my posting in Athens, I also went for months of temporary duty in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. I went there mainly to help process the refugees from Eastern Africa who were fleeing from the Ugandan military dictator Idi Amin who had decided to forcefully expel all non-black foreigners from Uganda, in particular all the persons of Asian origin. After my posting in Athens, where I met and married my Greek goddess wife in 1974, with which I still live today, I was transferred to Chile, with the mission to personally select and process the quota of 200 political prisoners that Canada had decided to accept from Pinochet's regime. All these prisoners were either Communists or from other political parties of the far left. I worked in Chile for two years (1974/1976), travelling to all the jails of Chile between Arica (extreme north) and Puntarenas (extreme south, near the Antarctic Pole that I also had a chance to visit in part).


By the time I was ready to leave Santiago of Chile, I had acquired a very extensive experience with political refugees of all kinds, from the left and from the right. On that basis, I made plans to meet Bezmenov in Toronto in late 1976, at an unofficial meeting arranged through a friend of the Greek Consulate who knew Bezmenov from the time of his first defection in Greece. I had always been fascinated by the case of Bezmenov as a political refugee, in particular by his theory of an eventual "Fresh Start more to the West" of a new type of Communism. He was a serious top-level intellectual. He had been a top KGB official, and he was giving regular lectures, ever since granted political asylum in Canada, on most interesting aspects of the Communist regime of the Soviet Union and its expected better future by moving more to the West. In the meantime, I had also acquired the experience of the regimes of the worst dictators of the planet at the time on the right side of the political spectrum, namely in Uganda and Chile. Consequently at that point I was most intrigued by dictatorships of the left side of the political spectrum, like the one of the Soviet Union. I wanted to compare and try to understand which one was worse, or not the worst. I felt Bezmenov was the best person to talk to about the questions I had in mind. In retrospective, this is probably because of him that I asked and readily accepted a posting at the Canadian Embassy in the Soviet Union some 4 years later, as a new diplomatic posting that took place between 1980 and 1982. 


At my first meeting of 1976 with now Canadian resident Bezmenov, we concentrated on the Soviet Union, as he had had no experience himself with regimes of the far right. Bezmenov explained to me at length that the collectivist experience of the Soviet Union was failing, but only because they had made terrible mistakes. He explained that the first major mistake was to have enslaved the useless low class instead of the useful productive middle class like they would intend to do in their eventual"Fresh Start more to the West" . In the USSR, they had abandoned the productive middle class and let it disintegrate, curing only the wellbeing of the high class with all sorts of privileges. They realized that they should instead have only given some kind of minimum welfare to keep the useless low class quiet, and rather enslaved the productive middle class with excessive taxation and legislation. That middle class has talent, and has a natural tendency to be and stay productive even for example under a form of enslavement through excessive taxation and legislation. Such most precious middle class would have continued to be productive in spite of its enslavement, thus continuing to be useful for the good of the economy of the country and for the maintenance of the privileges of the elites managing it. That productive middle class was what they would use for their eventual "Fresh Start more to the West"   


Bezmenov also explained another aspect of this major mistake. Instead of controlling the economy fully but indirectly, through a well-controlled and still productive middle class, they had tried to control all their economy centrally and directly, as a global public sector, all by government mostly incompetent officials, and all at top government level. This soon revealed itself to be an impossible task, especially in a huge country of the size of the Soviet Union. These mistakes had led to an impossible managerial situation that was simply catastrophic in its daily consequences. Consequently, as early as the mid-60s, the Soviets fully realized already this mistake, but they also realized that it was already too late for applying any possible kind of major correction without revolutionizing for a second time their entire country, with unpredictable consequences for the maintenance of their power and privileges within the huge Soviet Union. For them, again, it was better to let if fail as softly as possible and have instead a "Fresh Start more to the West"


In addition, Bezmenov mentioned another important mistake that the Soviets were already conscious of, that stemmed from the first two. The original choice of a total control of the economy at top public level had led to the insatiable appetite, and the extravagant ambitions, of an oversized military nomenclature that not only caused unsustainable internal budgets and external debt, while being open to huge corruption, but also caused the formation of a huge new welfare class in other sectors of the economy. The appetite of their military class in turn caused the absorption of the majority of the useful resources for the military sector. As a consequence, it caused the complete neglect of the infrastructures of all non-military sectors of the economy of the country.


As a result of these mistakes, the Soviet elites were already talking, in the mid-70s, discretely but already clearly to their senior officials like Bezmenov, about having to face an inevitable implosion of their collectivist experiment, and probably in only very few more years ahead of them. By the same token, and in light of their mistakes from which they had learnt a hard lesson, they were also already planning ahead, stealthily, for eventually having a second chance or, again, having what Bezmenov kept calling repetitiously a "Fresh Start more to the West", in a new geopolitical area with a well-established strong private economy at the middle-class level, without repeating the above-mentioned mistakes.


To achieve this objective, they would first ensure the Soviet Union would collapse smoothly, without any unpredictable revolution. They would then move their Communist ideology more to the West namely to Europe and the United States, that both had already a most productive middle class to be enslaved easily while keeping it productive, starting fresh, without the mistakes made in the Soviet Union, and without necessarily, God forbid, calling it Communism. In that line of thinking, Europe, to start with, would be their best and main Fresh Start place because it did not have only a most productive middle class to be enslaved, but had no huge military sector that could absorb most of its resources like it was the case in the USA and like it happened in the Soviet Union. If we look today at what Europe became under the EU, it is exactly the kind of Communist Fresh Start that Bezmenov was talking about: a strong middle class that was debased and enslaved to the outmost degree through excessive taxation and legislation, but kept alive, and no huge military budget of its own absorbing too many of the useful resources.


In other words, the Communism of the Soviet Union was made to fall smoothly as planned, but did not die at all. It only moved to have a Fresh Start more to the West in what became the European Union. And its next ambition was to do the same thing eventually in the United States as soon as possible after the EU would have been put under control by this new form of more sophisticated Communism. As for the United States, they knew it would required more time. But the top intellectuals of Communism are not in a hurry. They are long-term planners. The first important move of Communists to the West happened when Hitler threw most of them out of Germany in order not to have competition. They were those of the Communist Social Marxist School Of Frankfurt. Max Horkheimer of that same school well described them in 1937: "The [Communist] revolution won’t happen with guns, rather, It will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their education institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move toward universal egalitarianism". Of course he meant "egalitarianism at the bottom", as all slaves under the Communist JICSBER elites, like it happens in all Communist countries. This is exactly what these Marxists from Germany did. They moved mainly to the United States, first finding their home at Columbia University. Then they invaded Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Berkley. They also became deeply embedded in the education system from kindergarten on up, in the main political institutions, in Hollywood, and in particular in the mass media.


All the above history is relevant in talking about Aristarchy which is the exact opposite of what happened first in the EU and what is happening now in the USA, as the "Fresh Start More To The West" that Bezmenov was considering the future of Communism, and that is our present now. What is happening to us today in the west, in terms of communistic enslavement through extreme legislation and taxation, is exactly what was predicted to happen by important dissidents like Bezmenov. It is still however what most people now call, stupidly and innocuously, by the simplistic name of the NWO (New World Order) without really knowing what it means. That NWO, in an Aristarchy, is what we should call more appropriately the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) because it is already global and clearly enslaving the middle class through extreme legislation and taxation. But it is also Luciferian as, like we have seen above in our chapter about religion, God has disappeared from our personal life and, as Communist Trotsky well said, the new "God Is The State", while that state is more and more represented by all sorts of satanic symbols in all our mass media, our entertainment providers and our general commercial activities.


This bad Luciferian evolution or transformation corrupted and degraded the much more beautiful free world that flourished for a while in the 50s and the 60s. This degradation is exactly what an Aristarchy is meant to fight and correct through its opposing NAPWO (National Aristarchy Patriotic World Order), that is, through a Return Of Philosophy and consequently a return of virtue, merit, justice and beauty in our life, both our private and our public life. What we have now as "God Is The State" of course means  that "Institutional Religion", not personal faith at the bottom of one's heart, is now the best assistant and diabolic tool of the new JICSBER elites of the SEGWO collectivist state that is a new form of Communist enslaving power after it failed in the east and was move more to the West for a "Fresh Start" in the EU and the USA. Only an Aristarchy can ensure a return to our liberty and sanity in both our mind and in our society.



Communism is as old as the World Jewry that always animated it


Contrary to what most people think today, communistic enslavement through mainly the fake debt-money issued by the World Jewry component of the JICSBER, along with the resulting excessive taxation in its more modern form, has been our main enemy for many centuries already, and is likely to be so again for many more centuries to come. As we have seen in part already, Communism, in its various incarnations, is certainly still alive and kicking today. It has not died in the Soviet Union. It only moved more to the West and has a promising future through clearly crypto-communistic organizations fully infiltrated by mainly World Jewry, like the EU and the UN. It is only a good chameleon that changes its colors and its masks on the basis of its objectives in the current circumstances in order to better hide itself for more deceitfully dominate and manage the world according to its selfish interests in the background. 


CommunismCryptoOldEnemyIn fact Communism in its various versions has been our worst enemy for certainly at least the last 5 centuries. It was the most destructive ideological phenomenon in the history of humanity, from much before it was even called Communism. Communism was only its last modern incarnation name, and it is being changed again today, after its apparent fall in the USSR, under many other new names to better command again by further deceiving people. In its most modern form, since it started to be formally called Communism, and in the sole wars animated by Communist World Jewry, it killed more than 100 million people in the world, in the 20th century alone, in only two main countries, in the Soviet Union and in China. However, this is not counting those who died in Communism animating its foreign wars outside these two countries during that same 20th century alone, that is, only in the 1900s, including the two world wars, WWI and WWII that, notwithstanding Hitler, who was financed mainly by World Jewry, were fomented and won by the same Communist ideology hiding in the background. After these two first world wars, an unnoticed financial  WWIII was also won by the same Communistic nomenclature. That third world war went unnoticed to most people because its main tools were not bombs and tanks, but financial digital tools and debt-money. All of these wars from the recent past amount to many more millions of people dead, maimed or committing suicide out of dispair. And these same banksters of World Jewry who became awfully rich by fomenting and financing all the above wars, are now actively fomenting another world war, biological this time, as WWIV, probably meant to eventually have Iran as the main scapegoat, even if Iran has never started one single provocative war against any other country. Certainly, Iran has not proactively launched an aggressive war in modern history as it hasn't attacked any country in more than 250 years.


The worst part about Communism is that the above millions of victims are not counting the other previous millions that were killed in all the revolutions that happened since the 17th century, as revolutions that all had a communistic ideology fomented mainly by World Jewry behind them. Summing it all up together, Communism has already been responsible so far for at least 200 million dead. Counting all other wars that were less directly animated by the Communist World Jewry, but with its presence clearly identifiable in the background, be it only in terms of World Jewry financing these wars, according to many history researchers, all these wars have already made some 231 million people die in the 20th century alone. And here we are only talking about 231 million... dead and only the 20th century. What about the related other millions, probably much more than the dead, who were still alive after these wars, but with their life entirely ruined through horrible wounds, being maimed with missing limbs, loosing their land or their home, and having to flee from their natural habitat for becoming destitute refugees in distant countries. However, this is also mainly what has made the bankers of the World Jewry so extravagantly rich. If they have a god, it is certainly not one called Jesus who was preaching only love and forgiveness in spite of any kind of affront. 


According to a study of the Cornell University, and not counting the maimed people nor the refugees, the highlights of the above figure of 231 million dead caused by wars in the 20th century alone are the following:



The above is only the 20th century. The current 21st century in its first two decades alone does not look much better than the previous one, and this is what Aristarchy governance would also intend to change. For an Aristarchy, any war that is not purely and only defensive, against a direct attack from a foreign enemy, is totally and constitutionally illegal and impossible. In addition, the lobbying promoting them is also a highly criminal activity punishable most severely. 


In this overall context, as strange as this affirmation may mean to an uneducated person, Communism always clearly means the dominant presence of Communistic World Jewry and its bankers in the background. This is the case with all main wars and revolutions. Again, all of this warring or revolutionary activity is always directly and tightly linked to World Jewry through mainly proactive financing of usually both sides of these conflicts on the part of Jewish bankers. All the revolutions of our modern times, and all the main wars of that period, were all inspired by a Communist ideology, and all engineered and financed mainly by World Jewry and its national and international puppets in the background.


The Jews involved, for what they did in terms of high profits from wars, and from successive attempts of debt-money enslavement of both people and countries, let alone the reimbursement of additional debt-money after the wars they financed, have often been limited in their civic rights in many countries, or have been expelled from dozens of countries they lived in. In fact they have been banned or expelled from 109 countries so far. As well document by dozens of good historians, the history of the Jews has clearly rendered them famous as money lenders for wars, and as fomenters of related revolts of all sorts for mainly that purpose in most cases. Their indebting and related enslaving tactics through debt-money have however become clearer to the best intellectuals and historians of the last centuries. Jesus might be only the most famous example of  the past about the dangers of disturbing the interests of the money lenders of World Jewry. He overturned their lending tables in the temple in Jerusalem more than 2000 years ago. And he disturbed them because he was not a Jew, He was an ELL figure from Nazareth. As such, he wanted to reform the Jewish culture of enslaving money lenders. For this disturbance of the money lenders of the World Jewry of his time, he was crucified. For similar kinds of disturbance of World Jewry today, one can also easily get 'crucified' in a more modern way. Many have their careers ruined, or lose their jobs, often being subjected to complete character assassination, and many of them even to physical assassination. The worst part is that fear of being 'crucified' makes many thousands of enlightened people keep silent in front of this reality, including the best journalists. Of course, this is no surprise as their employers of the mainstream media mostly belong to the same World Jewry that is behind all important wars. Because of this, the truth about this reality practically never comes out and common street people are kept ignorant of it.


Worst still, World Jewry has made most countries over the last few decades to make laws that prohibit criticizing them, subject to all sorts of punishment, from heavy fines to imprisonment. Voltaire once wrote: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” . This is certainly the case of World Jewry at the moment in most western countries, but this is also growingly the case about Islam. Maybe this should be no surprise because, as very few people know, Islam has a clear Judaic origin related to historic World Jewry, at least in its Sunni branch, in the Saudi Arabia family in particular. Strangely enough, there is even similar evidence about the particular Islam of Turkey whereby the Ataturk caliphate would have been created by crypto-Jews. This is well documented in many books that are kept away from wide public view because most of them inevitably also demonstrate not only a common Judaic origin of Jewry and Islam, but also a link to their common branch of Satanism through Sabbatean-Frankism that appears to be closely associated to this day to the Rothschild family that are really the founding fathers of Israel. In this regard, reading the book of Ayyub Sabri Pasha "The Beginning and Spreading of Wahhabism" can be useful. Even more so maybe the book of D. Mustafa Duran "The Donmeh Jews". We will only hint here at this well hidden reality. For example, in the 1960's the "SAWT AL ARAB" Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the Yemen Broadcasting Station in SANA'A confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the SAUDI Family. King FAISAL AL-SAUD himself at that time could not deny his family's kindred with the Jews when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969 the following: "We, the Saudi Family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; Our country (ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world" .


The attempts to limit the enslaving operations of World Jewry through debt-money date back to Antiquity. They have been ousted out for this same reason by the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians and the Muslims, not to mention Spain, Portugal, Hungary, France and the Ottomans. They were expelled or banned from 109 countries or cities, practically everywhere they lived, in all periods of ancient and modern history, and always for the same basic reason of attempting to enslave both people and governments through their lending practices of usury and money created as debt, and their fomenting and financing related wars  and revolutions for the same purpose.

All wars and revolutions have a serious need for financing, and the Jews have an equally serious tendency to respond, lending money for profit, whatever horrific damage may be caused by these wars and revolutions. Most of their enrichment and profits in fact have come from financing wars. These wars have been the way they have become to be the owners of the main banks around the world. This is why someone has clearly, and probably justly, said that through their financing, "All Wars Are Jewish Wars", of whatever side of the political spectrum, and many times for the two opposite sides of the same wars, like it was infamously the case with Jewish banks financing Hitler responsible for the Jewish Holocaust during WWII. In this last case this Jewish financing was particularly horrific on the part of World Jewry banksters because they knew they were financing the Holocaust. But for them, this Holocaust was part of their plan. They wanted it to happen against their fellow Jews, because they knew that the Holocaust would become the only possible justification for the creation of Israel after WWII. In fact this is exactly what happened, and on the basis of that very justification, in 1948


The first more modern Communist revolution engineered by world Jewry, again using usury money lending, was the English Revolution of 1649. To please his Jewish lenders, Cromwell first committed regicide. He then used the money of his Jewish financiers from Holland who, as ousted Jews from England, had the objective of Cromwell arranging their return to England. This is exactly what happened 7 years later, in 1656.  The second main Communist revolution after that was the French Revolution that was also agitated and financed by Jewry from 1788 who had the main hidden objective of what came to be known as the so-called “Great Emancipation” of the Jews in France, with the cancellation in 1789 of all the civil disabilities that were afflicting the Jews of France because of their previous attempts to enslave people through usurious money lending. The third main Communist revolution was the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that also led to another initial regicide and that was again entirely financed by Jewish bankers, like the Kuhn and the Loeb families, destroying entirely on its way the Christian order opposed to the Jewish money lenders of the country. This was in the context of WWI (World War One) that was also entirely financed by world Jewry for Jews in Russia. As a result, in October 1918, out of 388 members of the first revolutionary Bolshevik government in Russia, 372 were Jews. Only 16 happened to be real Russians. However, this small minority of 16 non pure Jews (including one black) were all subservient crypto Jews animated by the same Communist ideology. Many of these Jews came from the Lower East Side of New York. The fifth major Communist intervention of world Jewry was the Civil War of Spain in 1936 that was mostly financed this time by the Bolsheviks of World Jewry.


But the worst was yet to come. WWII (World War Two) was also entirely financed by the Communists of World Jewry, with financing done on both sides of the axis, but including Hitler himself who is supposedly responsible for the Holocaust. As mentioned above, World Jewry financed Hitler specifically for the hidden objective of having the Holocaust, because that huge Holocaust would become the only way to have the necessary justification to create the state of Israel after WWII. And so it happened when Israel was created on the basis of that Holocaust in 1948. As an incredible fact in this case, Jewish money served to kill Jews in the Holocaust through the Jewish useful idiot called Hitler in order to serve the major Jewish objective of the creation of Israel. Most historians who well knew this harsh reality would never have published it after WWII for fear of reprisals. In fact they are no more able to publish it today as all the major publishing companies in the world all belong to the same World Jewry that did all the above money lending disasters, and in particular the financing of the Holocaust against their own co-Jews. Those few independent historians who succeed in publishing it, like Hervé Ryssen in his book “Israel's Billions: Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers”, are accused of Antisemitism, and consequently, on the basis of the laws against Antisemitism that the World Jewry lobby has made to be implemented, in danger of being seriously fined or jailed, let alone their independent little publishing house being destroyed one way or the other. 


The principal reason invoked to expel Jews from many countries was always the same, that is, lending usury money at abusive interest rates, but in particular in manipulating kings and governments through bribes to accept loans they did not really need, or that they were made to believe they needed for launching wars that could have been resolved in other peaceful ways. But for World Jewry, wars are the absolute best way to make an awful lot of financial profit through money lending. They lend money before the war in order to acquire war equipment. They then lend money during the war for the ongoing operations, also doing so on both sides of the operations. Then they finally lend some more money for financing the rebuilding and the repairs after the disastrous war they have financed. For World Jewry, who are the owners of all the main central banks in the world at the moment, a new war is the best possible new bonanza of profit and, bigger the destruction, bigger the bonanza. And this bonanza is always fully assured to be cashed through the necessary new excessive taxation of the peoples of the governments that have borrowed the money for their war activities. It does not matter if, most of the time, the borrowing was done uselessly because the wars could have been avoided and resolved through peaceful diplomatic means. For the money lenders of the World Jewry, their usurious lending is always an assured huge gain in a no-lose situation.


Most interestingly, these immensely rich banksters are practically all Jews, and communists, at least in their aspiration of world domination. In fact, their surface Communism is most of the time fake, but it is the way to hide their real nature as, under a communist mask, they can pretend to always work for the benefit of the people, even if they only always work only for their own profit, causing a huge enslavement of all the people concerned through debt-money creation and usurious lending.


But what they do at government level, they also do at a lower level, enslaving also common people through the debt-money we have allowed them to create privately and out-of-nothing. They ruin thousands, even millions over the world, of common peasants and tradesmen through a similar process. They do the same with middle-class house buyers who cannot reimburse their mortgage loans, acquiring real property in exchange of debt-money that was created out-of-nothing. They engage in smuggling and in debasing the coinage of money they do not yet control. They confiscate all sorts of wealth, again exchanging their fake usury debt-money, created out-of-nothing, with the real properties of those who borrowed the fake debt-money with interests and cannot afford to reimburse it. This is also huge bonanza at the private level.  

What about today? All main wars today are all dominated by the Zionist neocons Jews of America impregnated with the strong communist ideology of World Jewry. As such, these wars are all Jewish banker wars, that is, once again, the wars of the money lenders of the World Jewry. In the course of the last 30 years for example, all the countries that did not yet have a central bank controlled by the Jewish money lenders were destroyed, or are under serious attack. This includes Afghanistan that did not have such a Jew-controlled central bank. It now has it. Iraq did not either have such a Jew-controlled central bank. It now has it. Libya did not have such a Jew-controlled central bank. It now has it. Gheddafi who did not have such central bank controlled by the Jews, and even wanted to create its own new regional gold-back money not controlled by World Jewry, and not created as debt for the benefit of the Jewish money lenders, has been assassinated for that main reason. The other official surface reasons for destroying these countries, like oil or opium are false, or certainly very secondary, as only good propaganda to hide the real reason that is always the control of money issuance as debt through World Jewry. The few countries remaining today with no central bank controlled by World Jewry are also under very serious attack for again other fake reasons. This includes Syria, Iran, Yemen and Venezuela, let alone North Korea. 


In the meantime the supposedly free countries of today that are already entirely under the enslaving power of their national private central banks belonging to World Jewry are being further enslaved on a yearly basis, more and more every year, through additional loans of new debt-money through the main tools of World Jewry that are the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank. This has led the world to be stocked in the immense debt bubble that enslaves the whole world today and, as we have seen in other chapters, the bubble that World Jewry is trying to pop now is an engineered way to their profit through what we call Biological WWIV.  


Apart from the above non-American foreign presidents assassinated, like Gheddafi in Libya and Sadam Hussein in Irak, and the countries destroyed or attacked for resisting World Jewry money creation as debt, there are also 7 presidents of the United States were either assassinated or suffered assassination attempts for the same reason, even if the fake official reason is often presented as something else. These presidents include:

  1. President Andrew Jackson. They attempted his assassination, in 1835, but it failed. He had eliminated the central bank preceding the FED (Federal Reserve). Nevertheless, the FED will be recreated by world Jewry in its last reincarnation in 1913.

  2. President Zachary Taylor was poisoned with arsenic in 1850. He had decided to follow Jackson's decision about the Jewish central bank.  

  3. President James Buchanan. He also opposed a private central bank. He was poisoned with arsenic and survived (before or around 1860), although 38 other people at the same poisonous dinner died.

  4. President Lincoln. He was assassinated in 1865 because of his "Greenbacks" that were not based on debt to the Jewish Federal Reserve. Interestingly enough, both the Tsar of Russia and Bismarck of Germany had approved his initiative and they will soon have a similar fate.

  5. President James Garfield. He was assassinated in 1881. He was shot twice by his killer.

  6. President Harding. He was assassinated in 1923.

  7. President Kennedy. His Red Seal Bills that were a kind of re-issue of the Greenbacks of Lincoln were the main reason, even if there were also other secondary reasons. He was assassinated in 1963.

President Jefferson also considered himself an enemy of all banks controlled by the private interests of world Jewry. However, he did not really act against them and was not assassinated. President William McKinley is also suspected of having been assassinated for the same reason in 1901 but in his case there is no concrete evidence backing this possible fact.



Worse than financial enslavement, World Jewry is responsible for cultural enslavement


Apart from its more than 231 million dead, the dozens of countries destroyed, and the thousands of private people ruined financially or displaced as refugees, the communist revolutions and wars of World Jewry destroyed also all the best values of our western civilization, including the sense of nation, the sense of family, the freedom of speech and the free market liberty. This is part of a well orchestrated Master Plan of World Jewry in order to arrive more easily at full world domination of all the people involved. The destruction of these best cultural values was what the founder of the Communist party in Italy in 1921, Gramsci, called the Passive Revolution of "de-moral-ization" animated by the communistic Cultural Marxism. Consequently, the moral cultural destruction of World Jewry was even much worse than its physical destruction and its financial enslavement. In addition, the worldwide massive movements of wild uncontrolled immigration are also all pushed mainly by world Jewry, along with the push to destroy all national borders to create a world melting pot of peoples with no more strong traditional values of their own. All these other aspects of destruction at a moral level were necessary by World Jewry to ensure people would no more have the strong moral and cultural values they would need to resist their own destruction, let alone resist the SEGWO Master Plan of World Jewry for achieving global enslavement and form a dictatorial One-World government under its control. 


The most modern version of communism was probably born with the French Revolution in 1789. Most historians will not call it a communist revolution but it was, just like the Russian Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The most famous historians can only publish through the communist elites that dominate completely the world at the moment in the field of publishing and networks of mainstream media. These elites try constantly to hide the true destructive nature of communism with its over 231 million deaths, even more millions maimed and/or displaced as destitute refugees, and dozens of unnecessary destructive wars. To do so, they use all sorts of other names, like Socialism, Technocracy and Leftism. In fact, the worst pseudonym for Communism that they have so far invented to hide their foul play has been Cultural Marxism. However, as Ayn Rand well said: "There is no difference between Communism and Socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: Communism proposes to enslave men by force, Socialism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide". From this point of view of enslaving people by vote, the best name the Communists have invented so far in recent history to hide their enslavement plan is the word "Democracy", or rather, as we have exposed in details in other chapters, what we supposedly have now as a democracy but is only an oligarchic DebtOcracy.







By itself alone, the above content makes already a rather critical analysis of, in particular, the history of World Jewry, but mainly because of its infiltrations by the non-Jewish Khazars, and by the Satanic Sabbateans, and finally by the current Zionists at the head of world finances and information media, let alone at the head of the Jewish State of Israel. However, be it clear that this harsh criticism of World Jewry has to do with a well-shared responsibility with the other members of the JICSBER of the SEGWO, even if the World Jewry appears to have, more often that it should, a background role of clear leadership in this new kind of new  global Luciferian enslaving world order. This notwithstanding, it does not mean that everything is bad about all Jews, and certainly not about only Jews. The bad activism of Jews in finances, information and all sorts of conflictive and destructive historical events has not been theirs alone most of the time, but associated in great part to the complicit role of members of the two other Abrahamic religions and of their atheist coadjutors. Nevertheless, at cold analysis, it is inevitable to realize that the role of the Jews in the bad activities involved appears to be one of clear leadership, even if discretely kept in the background as much as possible most of the time. But facts are facts, and truth can only be based on facts. In front of facts, frankness is not only indispensable, but necessary, if we want the historical truth to be exposed. Consequently, in order to clarify our criticism about World Jewry in particular, it is worth making relevant observations and elucidations on the following four main subjects. 


Correctness And Frankness Regarding World Jewry In Particular


  1. Bad World Jewry behind all main wars, revolutions, media and debt-money enslavement does not mean that all Jews are bad.

  2. Christianity has become a kind of "World Jewry For The Gentiles" guilty of similar crimes and enslaving strategies. 

  3. Islam in turn, at least in its Sunni branch, is a Muslim deviation of World Jewry, and criminally competing with it for world hegemony.

  4. The Corona Virus serves, much better than a nuclear war the main globalist objectives of Abrahamic religions via World Jewry leadership.


Having considered all the above about the undeniable destructive nature of the current communistic SEGWO animated mainly by World Jewry, we are forced to clarify some of the issues. First of all, we must at least make a clear distinction between Jews and Zionists. You do not necessarily have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, even if probably at least 99% of the Zionists are Jews. Zionists can also be Jews and atheists at the same time, like the famous Mr. Soros claims himself to be. You can also be a Zionist by being only a Gentile (non-Jew) completely subservient to the bad brand of Jews that, as we have clearly demonstrated above, has caused the worst of damage and misery to so many peoples and nations as a dominant part of World Jewry in the wars and revolutions of the last centuries. The special brand of Jews that has caused all the damage through the wars and revolutions of the so-called communistic World Jewry are mostly those Jews whom we have come to call Zionists today. However, some proto-Zionists existed even much before the name Zionist started to be used. They are the Jews who are, in most cases, more tied to the expounding comments of the Gemara of the Talmud in the Bible rather than the more traditional Jews tied more to the original fundamental Bible itself, and consequently tied to the strong ideology of the Torah regarding the explicitly claimed supremacy of the Jews in front of all other nations and races, with the commanded responsibility of submitting the latter, all the Gentile races, as their subservient slaves. Interestingly enough, most Orthodox Jews, not only are not Zionists, but oppose strongly Zionism even from within Israel itself, which includes opposing all the flagrant injustices they claim the Zionism of Israel is doing against all non-Jews, be they Arabs, Muslim or not, Palestinians or Christian. In fact, this is probably the most important form of Antisemitism that Israel can claim to be suffering today, from within their own country, even if they try to hide it as much as possible, as it is Antisemitism coming from Jews themselves, and thus from even the most Orthodox Jews themselves. Consequently the communistic World Jewry that we have seen as having animated Communism and caused immense damage through all sorts of wars and revolutions, let alone debt financing and degrading media, certainly does not include most of the meaningful branch of the most Orthodox Jews.


World Jewry is a very small minority of people around the world, while Christianity and Islam are two much bigger majorities of the 3 world religions that claim to be Abrahamic. As for Christianity and its Catholic component in particular, it has been fully infiltrated by the Judaism of World Jewry, in particular since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962. Since that coup, the Jews, who had been considered enemies of the Christians for 2000 years, suddenly started to be considered brothers. Read the book of John Connelly "From Enemy To Brother". As for Islam, at least on its Sunnis side, it has a Judaic origin clearly admitted by most senior officials of that religion, through a connection that we call ZAJAC (Zio-Anglo-Jesuit-Arabic Connection). In other words, through these infiltrations and connections, World Jewry at the moment controls discretely and deceitfully in the background the vast majority of the Abrahamic religious world, even from within Islam and Christianity. As such Judaism, or World Jewry, directly or indirectly, now forms an absolute majority of religious world power, not to say, inevitably, a related world political power. This is the reason for its extreme power in lobbying and in pursuing what the Talmud commands them explicitly: to dominate the world, worldwide, as the Chosen People, and have all the other peoples and nations as their subservient servants.


By itself, World Jewry, as a world minority, could never achieve that objective. With the infiltration of the other two Abrahamic religions, the Judaism of World Jewry is now in a perfect position, for the first time in history, to finally achieve its objective of full world domination through a strongly pursued and fast forthcoming One-World-Government to be based eventually in Jerusalem after the creation of the Greater Israel. This is their Long Saga To Pax Judaica. If necessary, in order not to miss the opportunity of this unique historical moment, World Jewry will even complete the current fomentation of a biological WWIV for this exact purpose, like the false flag of the Corona Virus. They do so using the two other Abrahamic religions, in particular Islam, as useful idiots. In the case of the Muslims, they use them as useful idiots through a three-prong strategy, even if history should have demonstrated to them that it is particularly dangerous to use Muslims as useful idiots, in particular when considering that the Quran of the pure non-deviated Islam commands explicitly to Convert or kill all non-believers—especially the Jews. These useful idiots manipulated by World Jewry include of course their most powerful useful idiot and ally, the USA, that is now also under their full control through their corrupting financial power, let alone through a required formal oath of allegiance from all American politicians. This full control of the USA by World Jewry as useful idiots is certainly true in particular from a foreign policy point of view as, from this angle, the USA of the last few decades has already practically become an obedient colony of Israel. The same can be said of Christianity since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1962 that has transformed the Christian religion into what we should call Paulism, referring to the Jew who founded the Christian religion, now called Saint Paul, and not Saint Peter who had been chosen by Jesus, as recently claimed explicitly by the Judeo-Jesuit Pope Francis.


In short again, the responsibility of the bad deeds of communistic World Jewry that we have exposed are equally the responsibility of the other two Abrahamic religions. The SEGWO of Islam today, through its constant links with acts of terrorism, and the SEGWO of Judaism today through its current financial enslavement power through debt-money creation for the global Banktatorship it is trying to establish, and the SEGWO of Christianity well demonstrated in periods like the Inquisition and the Wars Of Religions, are all linked. It is what we can call the same JudiChrIslam SEGWO. This is what we also call The Long Saga To The False Pax Judaica. In turn, this is what the PythagorArium Project hopes to help transform into a True Pax ELLinica through a Return Of Philosophy in our life, both in our personal and in our civic life, to finally replace the present dominant and enslaving influence of what we can legitimately call Judeofascism, Islamofascism, and Christofascism, or more simply JudiChrIslam Fascism.


The above notwithstanding, JudiChrIslam itself requires en essential additional final clarification. The Fascism of Judeofascism and the Fascism of Islamofascism are both based clearly and directly on their respective sacred books, the Bible and the Quran, and on the commandments of the respective gods that have founded their respective religions: Yahweh and Allah. Again, this is well demonstrated by a simple serene reading of the respective sacred books of these two religions: the Bible and the Quran. A simple reading of these two sacred books by an unbiased person reveals and exposes explicitly and undeniably hundreds of calls by their respective warlord gods to commit all sorts of heinous crimes against other peoples, including massacres, wars, assassinations, genocides and holocausts.


To the contrary the Fascism of Christofascism is not based on the commandments of Jesus as supposedly the founder of their religion. It is based on a false extrapolation and deviation of what their founder was and said. The real Jesus only commanded and talked about love and forgiveness, and absolutely never commanded committing any kind of crime, nor making any kind of war. As mentioned above, this fake extrapolation of what Christianity should have become on the basis of the sole commandments of the real Jesus started early, with the Jew called Pavlos (better known now as Saint Paul) who is today considered the main founder of Christianity (Pope Francis even confirmed this explicitly in a recent interview in 2019) instead of Saint Peter who, like the real Jesus, was not a Jew, and should have become the only and real founder of Christianity according to this real Jesus. But who was the real Jesus?


As we have seen, Saint Paul was a pure Jew and, most importantly, a Jew who had never met Jesus, not even once, during his lifetime. But once the real Jew Saint Paul realized the importance of the philosophical movement that Jesus had started, he, Saint Paul, as a typical ambitious Jew of the Chosen People of the Bible pursuing world domination, jumped on this unique occasion to use that important new movement for founding not a new religion, but as a new crypto-Judaic religious institution. This, for him, meant an important new religious institution that could eventually acquire a lot of financial and political power, worldwide, let alone a lot of related money, through dogma, fear and debt-money enslavement of the masses of Gentiles adhering to the movement. On the other hand, the real Jesus was not a Jew, but an ELL ('Greek') figure from Nazareth. Nazareth at the time was the capital of the province of Galilea and the focal point of the Ellenic ('Greek') culture in the overall extended Palestine of his time. In other words, the Christofascism of Christianity, or what we have called "Paulism", does not come from the real Jesus, but only from the fake Christian Institution that has falsified Jesus' original message and wrongly associated him to the criminal history exposed in the Bible. That sacred book, the Bible, is, or should be, only the sacred book of Judeofascism. Be it clear that the real Jesus has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Bible, only with the Gospel of the recognized evangelists who lived with him. This association of Jesus with the Bible is a terrible mistake of the Judeo-Christian Church, as a deceitful strategy of World Jewry. If the real Jesus had anything to do with the Bible, it was only maybe in terms of Jesus having wanted to reform the Jews and their biblical criminal history, let alone their culture of enslavement as Money Changers, and of the type of cold criminality without regret that the Bible exposes so explicitly, so extensively, and so dramatically. Interestingly enough, that enslaving culture of the history World Jewry, fomenting wars and revolutions, and enslaving people through debt-money, has also been exposed clearly ever since after Jesus, over the last two millennia, and is still exposed to this day when decoding properly the political and financial background of the worst current world events.


The real Jesus failed in reforming the Jews and their culture of Judeofascism. He turned down their tables of Money Changers in the temple, and was crucified for having disturbed the power of Judeofascism. Things have not changed much today, as they are only more sophisticated. Today you are not even allowed to criticize Judeofascism, nor its deviation of Islamofascism, without risking prison or character assassination, when not worse, as just new forms of modern crucifixion. On the other hand, you can be as critical and offensive as you want against Christofascism because Christianity is meant to become full-fledge Paulism as soon as possible, or else loose all its world power in the forthcoming One-World-Religion of the fast forthcoming One-World-Government. In turn Judeofascism is also destined to a similar fate, but it will require a bit more time, at least for the assimilation and control of the Shiite site of Islam. 


While the fake Jesus of the Judeo-Christian institutional church should never be allowed any interference in the governance of an Aristarchy, the influence of the real Apollonian and Pythagorean Jesus (thus often called APGOD in our context) should always be welcome. Its culture of love and forgiveness can only help the governance of an Aristarchy that is based on mainly truth. As Jesus quite famously said: "And Only The Truth Shall Set You Free". But in addition to truth an Aristarchy is based also on merit, justice and beauty, let alone Enlightened Logos Liberty (ELL) and no-debt-money, as debt-free money that we call Trustmoney (which we fully explain in the relevant chapter). Such Aristarchy is ultimately achieved through a Return Of Philosophy based on a chosen set of cardinal virtues for our personal and our civic life, and consequently also on a corresponding proportionate reduction of the influence of dogmatic institutional religion in our personal and our civic life. This replacement of dogmatic institutional religion with an enlightening philosophy defining cardinal virtues for each level of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul is the ultimate objective point for an Aristarchy to be brought to full implementation.     





We Say "NO" to an Outdated World



Power of "NO"In the western world today, not only do we think we are free, but we think we live under the best form of democratic governance that can exist today, This however is entirely false. It is only an illusion. As mentioned above, the structure of governance used in our so-called democratic countries is one that was established before the invention of the telephone, before the airplane, before the television and before the Internet with its potentially perfect and instant communications around the whole world.


An Aristarchy says an absolute "NO" to a lot of outdated things that affect uselessly the wellbeing of our nations and of the people living in them. These "NO" involve mainly our structures of public governance, but also the private management of all sorts of organizations or entities having to do with public governance. These "NO" change completely the way we are governed, bringing more truth and justice in all aspects of our life and of our interpersonal relationships. Most violations of these "NO" are punished as a crime of the criminal code, not just as a minor offense punishable by a fine. The crime also involve a punishment mainly in terms of confiscation of private property as a priority, whenever possible. When not possible, it involves other means of serious punishment like hefty fines and imprisonment. In the most serious cases, it involves a combination of all these means of punishment. 


The new crime of obstructing truth is a good example of the new serious punishments established by an Aristarchy. One of the fundamental criteria of an Aristarchy is absolute Truth in all public affairs. The crime involved is called a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime).




NO Big Government


Governance With Only Small And Updated Institutions


No Big GovernmentSUMMARY >

Parliaments and Embassies are completely outdated since after the combined inventions of the telephone, the airplane, the television and the Internet. They are full of distant babblers enjoying most expensive useless privileges in positions of false prestige attributed for the most part through cronyism and nepotism. In turn, citizens travel much more than before, with more getting into trouble and requiring assistance while abroad. Migrants and refugees wanting admission to our country also require a better selection process, ideally while still abroad. So, if Parliaments and permanent Embassies must go, consulates must be reinforced. Temporary Ambassadors on special mission can be accommodated in consulates. Political parties must also adapt to a new limited practical role dedicated to defining a fully binding electoral contract with a limited number of items and an associated governor instead of pushing for any particular political ideology of the right or the left. Cities in turn must also learn to be more self-sufficient in resources, more responsive in terms of services and more efficient through a rule of law and order monitored through only a locally elected police force for a population as racially homogeneous as possible, with the least possible multiculturalism.



No Parliament and No Embassies

For an Aristarchy, a parliament is an outdated institution that was useful only before the inventions of the telephone, the television, the airplane, the Internet and the existence of instant worldwide telecommunications. Before these inventions, we certainly needed to elect representatives to go, far away and work completely isolated from most of us, sitting in a distant parliament to defend our interests in the capital city of the country. After all these inventions, and ever since, why do we still need these representatives? Parliamentarians representing us are no more needed. Not at all needed! They are completely outdated. Not only are they outdated and useless, but they are extremely expensive to maintain, with exorbitant salaries voted to themselves, and with all sorts of attached privileges that do not need to exist anymore. They can even cause all sorts of serious damage to our governance and to our best interests through easy corruption at distance that would not exist if these representatives did not themselves exist in the first place.


Just like Parliament is an outdated institution, embassies are also outdated since after the inventions of the telephone, the television, the airplane and the Internet. Since the above inventions, including perfect, instant and secure communications worldwide, there is absolutely no need anymore for huge, expensive and permanent embassies abroad. Temporary embassies may still be required temporarily in some difficult places and circumstances, and can be housed temporarily in permanent consulates, but no permanent embassies are needed anymore. Like parliamentarians, permanent ambassadors are also totally unnecessary and extremely expensive to maintain uselessly. At this point in modern times, the existing useless permanent ambassadors are posted only to still maintain useless positions of prestige in which to appoint and reward in a plushy way, not to say totally unjustly, and most of the time through cronyism or nepotism, those who have done favors to the equally useless and corrupted parliamentarians in most cases, at great and unnecessary expense to the taxpayers.


With the current effort of the elites to globalize the world, the situation is getting progressively worse. We now have multiple levels of embassies to maintain. This is typically the case of the European Union at the moment. Not only do we have to maintain useless national embassies abroad, but also embassies to supranational entities like the EU or other international entities like NATO, the UNESCO, the WHO and the UN. In turn, the EU in Brussels is not satisfied with dealing with our country through our own national embassy in Belgium, but also maintains its own embassies in each and all member countries, while each member country also maintains an embassy to the EU. This is plainly ludicrous and even ridiculous considering the outrageous costs involved and the level of perfection of the telecommunications that we have at the moment worldwide.


Reinforced Consulates Abroad

Citizens travel abroad more than ever before. Consequently, permanent consulates assisting national citizens in difficulty while abroad are still needed to exist on a permanent basis. Another modern reality requiring reinforced consulates abroad in order to face it properly is the massive movement of migrants and refugees around the globe. Many will apply for admission to our country. The only good way to select them for admission is while they are still abroad through our consulates abroad. Consequently the new massive movements of migrants around the globe also require that we have reinforced consulates abroad to attend this reality in the best possible way.


No Elections Without Contract

In an Aristarchy, these is no more any Electoral Program promoted by a traditional political party. There is only an Electoral Contract with a limited amount of items called a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). That contract is fully binding in 4 ways: 1) all of its items must be done; 2) all of it done with the indicated resources spent in a fully transparent budget open to all citizens online; 3) all of it done within the specified times; 4) all of it done with the specified team of ministers preselected by the elected Governor. Having such a new type of fully binding electoral contract, instead of a stupid and always un-respected electoral program, means full executive efficiency at minimal costs.


No Citizenship Without Voting

Only citizens can vote. An Aristarchy gives citizenship only to a child of a citizen genitor, or to an immigrant legally selected abroad and who has lived legally in the country for 5 years after his official admission without committing a crime. In an Aristarchy, not voting is a crime. After 3 instances of such crime, the citizen looses his citizenship. The person becomes stateless and can reacquire citizenship only through a formal commitment to vote again and the payment of a stiff fee for this process. The non-voter also looses all sorts of other related taxation privileges that apply only to citizens.


No Big Government

An Aristarchy does not have a Parliament with elected representatives. It has a brand new structure of governance called a TetractArium. Practically all modern democracies, in the most advanced democratic world at the moment, use a Trias Politica, in terms of State Powers, as defined by Montesquieu in "The Spirit Of The Laws" in 1748: a governance divided in 3 State Powers: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. An Aristarchy, at its core, is also a Trias Politica, but these 3 basic State Powers have been updated to the state of technology of our current world. Consequently, they also have new names: the GovernArium (similar to the Executive), and 2 brand new State Powers: the ProtectArium and the TinformArium. This new Trias Politica (the red "G", "P" and "T" on the diagram further down) manages the routine daily governance of the Aristarchy when there is only the current electoral contract to be followed faithfully, and no particular special problem to be solved. In situations of vacuum of power, or of special unpredicted problems, the LeaderArium (the green "L" on the diagram) comes into play and, as such, forms a Tetras Politica along with the GPT. This Tetras Politica constitutes the essence of the political power in an Aristarchy, as its 4 components of main governance power, thus its name as the TetractArium (as "Tetractys" basically means a core of 4 areas or components, in this case 4 Ariums of governance).


In turn, when the "L" is not involved, which is most of the time, the Aristarchy runs as a discrete Pentas Politica (thus 5 Ariums): the Trias Politica (the 3 basic Ariums) +  two mostly autonomous Ariums or agencies, the MonetArium (the brown "M" as the new military State Power) and the JudicArium (the brown "J" as the Judicial State Power). The "M" and the "J" basically operate independently from the Trias Politica, and undisturbed, although both the Trias Politica over them, and the SPELArium "S" under them, do scrutinize them (the "M" and "J") constantly, and can intervene in collaboration with the "L" if they (the "M" and "J") appear to deviate from their strict constitutional functions to impede the executing of the BEC of the GovernArium.


The real new and unique overall State Power however, in terms of fundamental governance, is the SPELArium "S" (or the Sovereign People, shown in blue in the rectangle at the bottom of the diagram). It is the official holder of the winning BEC of the last election. As such, the BEC became the SPEC when it was placed into its hands after the national election. The SPELArium also includes the PolArium (police force of the people) but its basic routine function, when there is no need for police interventions, is to ensure all the 5 components (GPTMJ) of the Pentas Politica that surround it respect the SPEC faithfully, along with the spirit and letter of the 19 reform of the Aristarchy. This overall structure of State Powers of an Aristarchy is called a TetractArium because of the 4 levels of dark blue dots included in the triangular structure inspired by the Pythagorean Tetractys. As elaborated within this page of 19 reforms, an Aristarchy is more a kind of "Protectorate" than a traditional type of western representative "Government". It is a protectorate mostly via the SPELArium, or rather, a protectorate of the people's will, as expressed in a BEC,  and through the full and perfect realization of that BEC by the three persons that have been elected specifically to realize it: the GovernAriant ("G"), the TinformAriant ("T"), and the ProtectAriant ("P"), as the 3 main figures of a so-called TetractArium replacing a traditional Parliament.


TetractAriumIn short, an Aristarchy has 3 brand new and separate State Powers improving the quality and efficiency of the 3 old State Powers defined by Montesquieu. These new Ariums of Powers are: the GovernArium, headed by the elected national GovernAriant, the TinformArium, headed by the selected national TinformAriant, and the ProtectArium, headed by the selected national ProtectAriant. The Head of the GovernArium, as the GovernAriant, is one of the only 3 persons who are elected through a general national election in an Aristarchy: the other two who are also elected are the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant. They form the elected GOS. The other Ariants are selected by the 77 Ariants of the Aristarchy


If these three new elected State Powers are different from the traditional three of Montesquieu (which were called: Executive, Legislative and Judicial), these three traditional State Powers of Montesquieu are nevertheless still present in an Aristarchy, and even more effective than before, albeit operating in a different mode, and within a different TetractArium structure of governance instead of a Parliament. The real Executive Power, which in the traditional setup of the three State Powers of Montesquieu is called simply the Executive, at the top of the pyramid, is now really the SPELArium, or  the Sovereign People Power, at the bottom of the pyramid, with the people using the tools of the GovernArium and the BEC for their specific main purposes. In other words, in an Aristarchy, the old democracy has gone "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards" with the real political power resting in the SPELArium albeit exercised and managed by the elected GovernArium.


The brand new SPELArium in turn is guided, or somehow educated by a brand new type of political party, a PPC (Political Party Contender), with more specific and more limited functions than the traditional political parties. When applying the 19 necessary Aristarchy reforms, and using best current technology, this SPELArium State Power. as the power of the sovereign people, is absolutely possible to be exercised, for the first time in the world history of nations that are bigger than the ancient City-States. With a SPELArium in the structure of State Powers, the Sovereign People finally have the de-facto Governing Power, as an easily controllable one, with government officials at the top of the pyramid becoming real obedient servants, as opposed to arrogant masters, or puppet masters of hidden powers in their background, internally or above their heads. The 7 Ariants at the national level (Nariants) work in a DomAriant. The 70 Ariants from the provincial level (ProAriants) work in one ProDomAriant in each of 10 provinces. The DomAriant is big enough to accommodate meetings of all 77 Ariants with appropriate guests at any given time.


In the middle of all the above Ariums, there is a power that is not/not a State Power having to do with the execution of the BEC, but rather a kind of special internal police having to do with full truth in all actions of governance. From this specific point of view, it watches all the new State Powers: it is called the OtatfogArium. Again, it is not concerned with the details of the BEC, but only concerned with the exclusive use of Truth in the execution of all its aspects. The OtatfogArium is the solid core foundation of all the Arium Structure of the TetractArium: no aspect of the BEC, or of any other OBECOF issue, can be executed through lies, but only through Truth, in a fully OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) way, through Truth that the sovereign people is made fully aware of, and has pre-approved. From this special point of view, the elected OtatfogAriant has absolute power to police for Truth and, as such, he can dismiss instantly any Ariant who is not OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant within the TetractArium.


There are other major novelties in an Aristarchy. The PolArium (Police force) does not come under, nor belongs to, the Executive Power of the GovernAriant, like it is the case in our false democracies, but belongs to the people and is located, as a commanding power, in the SPELArium. The GovernArium cannot use the police force aggressively or violently against the people, but the people can use it forcefully against all Ariants when their governance is not fully OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant. This way, the formation of a police state, by the executive power, against the people, is nearly impossible. On the other hand, the policing of the governance by the people, with the help of the SPELAriant, to request that the executive power be fully OTATFOG  (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant, is quite possible. The PolArium can also be used against criminals attacking other non-violent people or the governing Ariants. This is why the PolArium (Police force) is located in, and supervised by, the SPELArium (S). But the SPELAriant supervision is "national" only in terms of uniform and a national code of conduct, and intervention on behalf of people claiming inappropriate conduct of the police force; That PolArium is not "national" in terms of command; as the command is left to each city by a chief that responds to the desires of the local people.


The PolArium officers cannot be used to protect governance officials, as only the MilitArium can play that function. The MilitArium (Military Forces) is located within the ProtectArium (P) as its role is strictly limited to protecting interventions, from a foreign aggression or from an internal aggression, and never as an aggression on its part outside the national borders except when decided by a quiferendum for national security reasons. The JudicArium (J) comes under the authority of the TinformArium (T) that can, and must, publish all truth about all the decisions of the JudicArium. The MonetArium in turn (M), issuing the new debt-free money through its NAMA, belongs to the Tetras Politica as a whole (L+P+G+I), and the 4 Ariants concerned sit and take decisions within the independent OtatfogArium, under the surveillance and the voting power of the OtatfogAriant, with both the MonetAriant and the OtatfogAriant having a power of veto that can be exercised only after consultation with the LeaderAriant, or confirmed in final instance by the people, if and when necessary, through a quiferendum called by the OtatfogAriant.


An Aristarchy is clearly an authoritarian regime of governance, but the supreme authority of the country is the BEC, and the real ultimate power is the people. In fact, the BEC, once the GovernAriant has been put in power through it, becomes a SPEC (Sovereign People Electoral Contract). Some may be tempted to call an Aristarchy with a SPEC a form of dictatorship, and they are not wrong, as long as they mean that it is a dictatorship-in-reverse, with the real commanding power located with the sovereign people, at the bottom of the pyramid, and the executive power at the top being only an obedient servant on a basis of Truth (OTATFOG compliance) and of no enslaving debt-money. This is what the PythagorArium calls going "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". The greatest crime that exists in the functioning of an Aristarchy is not the so-called Hate-speech crime, typical of our current false democracies to ensure the dictatorship of the politically correct. Such current hate-speech crime is not a crime, and is perfectly admissible in an Aristarchy if and when it is the non-violent expression of a truth, or of a firm conviction explicitly affirmed as such. In an Aristarchy, the main crime against its functioning is rather the Lie-speech-crime. It is formally called a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime). Such crime, committed by an Ariant, is forcefully punished through immediate dismissal by the OtatfogAriant, and possibly through other additional PPPP punishment.   


The Election System of the TetractArium in an Aristarchy

The election process in an Aristarchy is made extremely cheap, fast and secure, better than ever before, by the application of the BECVABAD Principle, by the use of the new bio-anonymous voting card, and by the corresponding new voting machines distributed in all best public places, like commercial centers, banks, schools, hospitals, ministries and other convenient public places, including consulates abroad. People can vote at any of these places, at their full convenience within a given week, even at consulates abroad, but they must vote as a duty, not just as a right. The general national electoral process is completed with the election of a new GovernAriant, as the head of the new EthoCratic "executive power", or as the GovernArium, and the concurrent election of a new SPELAriant and a new OtatfogAriant. These 3 Ariants (GOS, of the new TetractArium structure of governance are) are the only 3 persons elected in an Aristarchy: no more representative parliamentarians). The political parties of an Aristarchy can be as many as people want, but they must have an official membership, and only the 10 with the biggest membership can participate with a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) in an general national election. This general election process is completed in five consecutive and cumulative steps. However, the general voting process is dual: it is first and foremost bio-anonymous electronic in nature, but also accompanied by a "paper ballot" process for double check. The immediate electronic result is taken as valid in principle, but not formally valid until a match is done with the paper ballots, and with only a possible variance of less than maximum 1%, under the strict control of all non-GOS Ariants of the HQ of the TetractArium structure, plus a representative of each of the 10 political parties that have participated in the general election (otherwise, a new election must take place).


> 01 < The preliminary "L" Step. The LeaderArium members (the ex Ariants of "GPISO" of the TetractArium structure of governance, who could be a few dozens at any given time), confirm for themselves an accountable LeaderAriant, before the rest of the election process. This could mean the simple and quick confirmation of the current one, or the selection of a new one. This confirmation is done through a secret majoritarian vote between themselves. The newly chosen accountable "L" then proposes immediately his 10 provincial representatives, as his ProLariants. These ProLariants however must each be also pre-approved by a secret majority vote of all the current LeaderArians before being confirmed.


> 02 < The preliminary "SO" step - If the 10 "G" (GovernAriant) candidates in a general election were formulated by the 10 political parties with the biggest membership, the 3 "O" (OtatfogAriant) candidates are formulated by the "LPI" Ariants of the new TetractArium structure, while the 3 "S" (SPELAriant) candidates are formulated by the "LMJ" Ariants of the new TetractArium structure. However, the candidates formulated, in both cases, must be external to their own ranks: either coming from another 'triangle', or coming as a prominent figure of the society completely outside of the TetractArium structure. In addition, before becoming officially 'candidates', these chosen persons must be approved by a secret majority vote of all the 78 existing active Ariants. Once chosen and approved, they become the official "SO" candidates in the forthcoming general election.     


> 03 < The preliminary "PIMJ" step: In the meantime, in parallel to the completion of step 2, each of the PIMJ Ariums (on the TetractArium) extract from their own ranks a list of three candidates that they consider could become their new Ariant (Leader) to their complete satisfaction after the election of the "G" (GovernAriant). However, these 12 candidates, after their pre-selection, have to be approved individually and confirmed as candidates, each of them, by a secret majority vote of the 55 current Ariants of the PIMJS Ariants: the ones of PIMJ, at national and provincial level (44), and the ones of the SPELArium (11), also at both levels, for a total of 55. If one is rejected, a new name has to be extracted from the relevant Arium and resubmitted to a new vote of the 55 Ariants concerned. After his election, the "G" (as the new GovernAriant) will decide, in Step 05 below, which one of the three he wants for each of the PIMJ Ariums during his mandate. The new GovernAriant cannot refuse all 3 candidates for any given Arium, but necessarily chooses one of the 3 on the list, as the one he prefers. Once chosen, these become the new Ariants of the PIMJ Ariums.


> 04 < The election of the "GOS" step: This 4th step is the most important one, and involves a general national election for choosing the incumbents of three positions. These are the heads of the 3 Ariums (triangles) centered on a direct vertical line under the LeaderArium: 1) a new "G" (GovernAriant), 2) a new "O" (OtatfogAriant), and 3) the new "S" (SPELAriant). These GOS are the only three persons elected in an Aristarchy that has no elected representatives in any kind of traditional chamber of parliament. The GovernAriant is elected as a kind of super-president, in charge of the Executive Power which is called GovernArium. Within the limits of his BEC, or rather his SPEC, he is an absolute authority that cannot be disturbed by representative parliamentarians. In this step, the GovernAriant is voted and elected from the choices of maximum 10 candidates with an approved BEC, as a BEC presented by the 10 PPC (Political Party Contenders) with the highest membership. He can only be elected at full majority, after two tours if necessary, or even 3 tours in special circumstances, separated by two weeks. In his BEC, the elected "G" president has, as an essential requirement, the names of his 10 provincial representatives, and he appoints them immediately and sovereignly as his ProGovernAriants after winning the election. The OtatfogAriant and the SPELAriant in turn are elected at majority among the 3 candidates chosen in the Step 03 above: the ones with the highest national votes become the Ariants in power at the first tour, except if his votes are less than 1% higher than the second one at the first tour, which would bring the highest two to the second tour.  


> 05 < The final G-PIMJ step: The very first meeting of the DomArium under the newly elected GovernAriant includes all 78 Ariants and achieves two objectives. The GovernAriant first looks at the list of the 3 candidates of each of the PIMJ Ariums, the ones selected in Step 03 above. He then chooses which one of the 3 he prefers and wants to appoint at the head of each of the PIMJ Ariums during his mandate. This choice is mandatory to the PIMJ Ariums concerned. Then the Ariants and ProAriants together, in this first assembly of the 78, select a DomAriant for the coordination of the work of the DomArium: each of the 7 new Ariants except "L" of the TetractArium has proposed a candidate from outside the TetractArium, made known at least 3 days in advance to all Ariants, usually as an important social personality, and the 78 Ariants select one of the 7 names through a secret majority vote. This completes the DomArium. The new TetractArium government is now ready to go for the accomplishment of its two, and only 2, exclusive duties: implement the BEC that now becomes officially a SPEC (Sovereign People Electoral Contract), and handle the TEMORUS events that were not predictable in the BEC before election.


-- This in fact completes the overall election of a new Government with 3 main Ariants:

the GovernAriant, the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant).

 -- See or print http://www.EthoPlasin.net/TetractArium.pdf for a graphic summary --


Aristarchy MinistriesTetractArium Governance

Once elected in the above manner, the GovernAriant can really only do 2 things: 1) implement his SPEC (Sovereign People Electoral Contract), and 2) handle the routine or emergency out-SPEC situations on the basis of a strict TEMORUS (Ten-EthoPrinciple Management Of Routine Unplanned Situations) approach. As for his SPEC, and in as much as he implements his SPEC faithfully, the GovernAriant can operate sovereignly without ever being disturbed uselessly by any kind of opposition within the DomArium or the OppositArium. He is however kept under close surveillance within the DomArium by the other components of the Pentas Politica (PIMJ) to make sure he does not deviate from the letter of his SPEC, but in particular by the OtatfogAriant for OTATFOG compliance. These other members of the TetractArium (PIMJSO) must assist to all cabinet meetings, even if strictly as observers. As for TEMORUS events, other members of the Pentas Politica (PIMJ) acquire a right of speech and opposition, in particular if and when they feel the Aristarchy Principles are not respected in resolving the new routine or emergency out-SPEC situations. In addition, for these TEMORUS events, the MonetAriant can be forced, by a majority vote of the DomArium, to use its NAMA to issue immediately the no-debt money necessary to resolve the situation. If a conflict arises between G and PIMJ members, then the SPELAriant is called to resolve it. If the parties do not agree with the SPELAriant’s decision, the latter brings the issue to the LeaderAriant for a quick and final decision by the LeaderArium. As all components of the TetractArium operate in the same DomArium, working closely all together, conflicts can usually be resolved most efficiently in a matter of hours. In any case, all meetings of the DomArium are held in full transparency, in front of filming cameras accessible to the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant, let alone the public in general except for few predetermined confidential issues known as such through a codename until they can be legally revealed. In this type of TetractArium, unless there are deviances from the SPEC and the TEMORUS approach, the Trias Politica (GIP) is sovereignly in charge of all aspects of governance: the G takes the lead. The P ensures no deviances, and the I informs the public of all and every single discussion and decision. In the meantime, the M can be called when necessary, or even forced, to issue the required additional financing for TEMORUS situations over and above the previsions of the SPEC. This is full and effective TetractArium Governance. The GovernAriant has only 10 ministers at his disposal, listed alphabetically in the table here below. He cannot take any executive decision without a TOR being present at the relevant meeting. Each minister has a basic umbrella structure of staff, under contract, within the GovernArium itself, that the GovernAriant can staff or change at will, but for full routine activity, each of these ministers must rely on the staff of other Ariums formed for specific purposes as per the following table:


Political Tetractys Behind the TetractArium, and Human Tetractys Behind Aristarchy

As seen above, the State Powers of Aristarchy Governance are based on a Tetractys of Governance called TetractArium. The latter reflects a Political Tetractys which itself is based on the Human Tetractys of Pythagorean origin. This fundamental Human Tetractys of Pythagoras is the foundation of EthoPlasìn Education (or what we call ELLducation), while the latter is the foundation of an Aristarchy. This new Political Tetractys reflects a real People's Power, or the SPELArium, like there has never been one in the whole political history of humanity. These two Tetractys, the Human Tetractys and the Political Tetractys, have a lot in common for the way they control the balance and harmony of the behavior of human beings: The Human Tetractys controls the human being as an individual Person, and the Political Tetractys controls the human being as a Citizen, in particular when the citizen becomes Politician. The Body part of the Human Tetractys has corresponding similarity with the ProtectArium and MonetArium of the Political Tetractys, controlling the most basic appetites and passions of the human being through the cardinal virtue of Temperance. The Soul part of the Human Tetractys has corresponding similarity with the TinformArium and the JudicArium of the Political Tetractys, having to assess the good and the bad of the human behavior on the basis of Truth Information, and through the cardinal virtue of Fortitude. The Spirit part of the Human Tetractys has corresponding similarity with the GovernArium of the Political Tetractys that has to serve the citizen with the best possible level of EthoCratic governance through the cardinal virtue of Prudence. Finally, the Wisdom part of the Human Tetractys, at the top of the pyramid, has corresponding similarity with the LeaderArium that ensures, through the cardinal virtue of Justice, that the new and real People's Power, or SPELArium, is kept within the boundaries of the best possible level of wisdom. At that level of the fundamental Tetractys, it is the same Philosophical Wisdom that guides both the Human Tetractys and the Political Tetractys, leading the human being, as a person in the first case, and as a citizen or politician in the second case. Thus the need for an accomplished Aristarchy to use only holistic EthoPlasìn education (or: ELLducation) in all schools of the country. Hopefully this is the kind of holistic education (or: ELLducation) that at least all the Ariants of the TetractArium will have received or, in any case, the kind of philosophical wisdom they will use to lead, within the parameters the 19 Aristarchy Reforms creating a meritocratic quality of Civitas Management and Wellness like there was probably never before in the history of humanity and democracy.


The intricacies of the new electoral system

The three national figures of the Trias Politica, the GovernAriant, the TinformAriant, and the ProtectAriant, must watch each other closely for OTATFOG and SPEC compliance, as courteous challengers, and two of them can always intervene together against the third one not respecting his constitutional or electoral mandate, by issuing a formal Protective Denunciation, if the presumably faulty national Ariant, after the denunciation, does not confirm correcting his actions according to either the current SPEC or his constitutional mandates within one week. In addition, the new OtatfogAriant can immediately dismiss the faulty Ariant when necessary, and even call a new election through the LeaderArium if the GovernAriant is at fault. Apart from typically journalists, any citizen who can document bad governance activity by any of the Ariants, without getting a proper explanation from the TinformArium as a first step, or a corrective action from the Ariant concerned, can also go, as a second step, to the SPELAriant for assistance and protection in requesting a possible investigation. As a last step of recourse, he can go to the OtatfogAriant. If the SPELAriant is convinced the suspicion of the citizen is right, he can then ask assistance from the OtatfogAriant if the latter has not already taken action. If there appears to be a coalition of Ariants for not taking corrective action, the OtatfogAriant, and even the SPELAriant if necessary, both have under the Constitution, the right to expose the problem with a Protective Denunciation on National TV, and then the right to at least call a quiferendum on the subject, or even a national election with the collaboration of the LeaderArium on that basis if at least one member of the LeaderArium decides to concur before the referendum. Again, in an Aristarchy, the people elect no parliamentarians, or no representatives, as they rule directly themselves, through the SPELArium (Sovereign Enlightened People Arium), through the SPEC, and through the 19 Aristarchy Reforms. There is no traditional representative Parliament. However, there are still two parliamentary chambers called the OppositArium (replacing the old opposition power, in the ex lower Commons chamber), and the ExpertArium (replacing the old legislative power in the ex higher Senate chamber). An Aristarchy is at least a MeDiPartic democracy, like it was in Ancient-Greece when they invented democracy as a real democracy, a TIDMOcracy when it is at its initial stages, and finally an Aristarchy when fully compliant to all 19 Aristarchy Reforms. It is not at all a modern type of representative democracy, that is, only a deceiving no-democracy most of the time, in the various deformations of plutocratic debtocracy, cleptocracy, or corporatocracy. Again, this no-representative system of Aristarchy is easily possible with the degree of advancement of current communications technology at the service of the 19 Aristarchy Reforms. An Aristarchy is also a federal system, with 10 provinces and 10 ProGovernAriants (Provincial GovernAriants) exercising power close to their people, but always with the ProGovernAriants coming from other provinces, similar to ambassadors, to ensure their no-local-tie independence, and their freedom of action for the strict local implementation of the SPEC. ProGovernAriants are like distant ambassadors of the GovernAriant. Voters vote only at the federal level, and only at full majority, using 2 eliminating election tours separated by 2 weeks (or even 3 tours if necessary) and elect only the 3 persons: the GovernAriant of the Trias Politica, the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant. National citizens, as voters, elect first and foremost a kind of 'powerfully obedient 'President', at full majority who, for this reason is called the GovernAriant. The GovernAriant is elected to govern efficiently on the basis of Ten EthoPrinciples to implement his majoritarian and fully binding SPEC(Sovereign People Electoral Contract) with his full team of pre-identified Ministers and ProGovernAriants, all well known in advance within his BEC. The GovernAriant, the TinformAriant, and the ProtectAriant form a triangle of critical scrutiny between each other for SPEC and OTATFOG compliance. The OppositArium is a curtsey of the GovernArium and opens its doors to all citizens, on an easy and swift booking basis, even citizens who are criminals and prisoners if they so wish, offering, to all of them, a full national TV broadcasting for their proposals or democratic protests on the basis of the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) principle. All lobbies, or any other group of pretended political influence, must always operate openly, and only through this OppositArium, on the basis of the same OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) and FOLIPET EthoPrinciples, and must never try to influence directly or privately any government official, nor any political party, under most severe PPPP personal penalties for those committing the infractions. On the basis of the full visibility offered nationwide to all, by the OppositArium, street protests with breaking violence, or activities disturbing uselessly good civic life, become totally prohibited and sanctioned by immediate arrest. Peaceful street demonstrations and protests are still allowed, but demonstrators and protestors can be arrested for the sole fact of insisting protesting with a covered face while having OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) and FOLIPET full protection. In an Aristarchy, a collaborating magistrate presence from the local JudicAriant office is always required in situ when requested by the PolArium (police), for overseeing a programmed street protest, with that magistrate having the power to take immediate punitive decisions against illegal protestors arrested and brought in front of him. In an Aristarchy, with the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) requirement and the full FOLIPET protection, one can only protest non violently, and with an open face, or get arrested. Protesting should be done mainly through sessions of the OppositArium, or through its dedicated TV channels: both give free and full national visibility to all protestors who ask for it, including with total Aristarchy Freedom of Opinion on the basis of the FOLIPET Principle. Open-face democratic protest, without violence or major civic disturbance, is still allowed but only with appropriate permission of both the ProtectAriant and the SPELAriant, even if, most of the time, such protest is unnecessary, or unsatisfactory to the applicants, because of the better visibility of the projecting power of the OppositArium sessions and TV stations offered freely to all, and with national exposure. Because, in an Aristarchy a government is always necessarily elected only with a majority of the national votes, and also on the basis of a BEC (Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Contract), and with the strict obligations of the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) and PIABFOTAC EthoPrinciples, once elected, that type of "faithful-public-servant-government" can, and should, be left alone, as much as possible, working serenely and efficiently for the completion of its SPEC as, on the basis of this SPEC, it cannot deviate from the will of the majority of the SPELArium, nor come up with surprises (of new legislation or taxation) not already voted for at majority in a SPEC. However, the little price to pay for this public order and efficiency, and for this forced-loyalty of the government to people's will, is, in an Aristarchy, that voting becomes a civic duty, and is no more just a right, on the basis of the BECVABAD Principle. That voting duty comes with a penalty as a fine when the duty is not fulfilled. However, with current technology, and the new EthoCratic BAV (Bio-Anonymous Voting) system, that new voting duty is also made most easy, very cheap and extremely fast, without any major inconvenience to the voter who can use a variety of places to vote at his full convenience (like banks, schools or hospitals, all required to host the new EthoCratic voting machines) within a given week. Between elections, if the election is due to a dismissal of the GovernAriant, the head of the LeaderArium is in charge of handling all current affairs. Otherwise, the LeaderArium is only a regular consulting body for the GovernAriant and the ProGovernAriants. The LeaderArium meets regularly at will in the premises of the DomArium or the ExpertArium, and includes all the previous living ex GovernAriants, ex TinformAriants, ex ProtectAriants, and ex-SPELAriants who accept to be part of it after retirement from their active mandates. The GovernArium includes the LegisArium that is an improvement of the Legislative Power of the old Trias Politica system, and that LegisArium also uses the facilities of the ExpertArium. The TinformArium can also use the facilities of the ExpertArium for its general assemblies. The JudicArium is similar to the Judicial Power in the old system, but well scrutinized critically by the TinformArium (let alone the ProtectArium, the SPELArium and the OtatfogArium, on the basis of the fundamental Aristarchy OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) Principle that is at the core of an Aristarchy, and at the core of the best possible Judicial Power. The same kind of reciprocal critical scrutiny exists between the ProtectArium and the MonetArium, let alone also from the  TinformArium. From this point of view, an Aristarchy is a Pentas Politica of mutual critical scrutiny instead of a Trias Politica, with 5 State Powers instead of 3, albeit with 2 of of the old ones integrated within two of the three main ones that still form, at the root of the political power, a new type of Trias Politica. That new type of fundamental Trias Politica, as described briefly below, is: the GovernArium, the TinformArium, and the ProtectArium. With the inclusion of two autonomous Ariums, the MonetArium and the JudicArium, it becomes a de-facto Pentas Politica. In case of a void of executive power, possibly pending an election because of a dismissed GovernAriant, or for any other reason, the LeaderArium comes into play, assuming temporary power at all the levels of the Pentas Politica.


The GovernArium

On the executive side, the side of the national GovernAriant, an Aristarchy in particular, is in some ways similar to a full Presidential system with a federal system of up to 10 provinces with their ProGovernAriants. The system of an Aristarchy elects only 3 persons, the so-called GOS of the TetractArium, and the GovernAriant is the central executive figure as the national GovernAriant and head of the GovernArium, with his team of ProGovernAriants chosen as such, in advance, along with his ministers, as the last step of the particular Arium Elections System of an Aristarchy. The national GovernAriant is elected on the basis of a notarized Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Program, or a BEC. That BEC becomes a SPEC after winning the election, as a contract from which he absolutely cannot deviate without a new election or a quiferendum. Any deviation, except winning a quiferendum, can only be included in a new electoral program requiring a brand new national election. Once elected, the national GovernAriant is fully bound in four cumulative ways on the basis of his SPEC: 1) he can only do what is in his winning electoral contract, 2) he must do all of what is in his electoral program, 3) he must implement his electoral program only with the sources of financing indicated within his electoral program, and 4) he must implement his electoral program only with the team indicated within his electoral program as his ministers and his ProGovernAriants. The GovernAriant supervises the exact realization of all consecutively numbered items of his original BEC (Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Contract), that is now a SPEC (Sovereign People Electoral Contract), in each province consistently by his ProGovernAriants. If a ProGovernAriant reveals himself to be incompetent or incapable, the GovernAriant can replace him immediately from a list of substitute candidates that was also included in his original electoral program, or otherwise call a new election. He can do the same with his ministers. New situations of emergencies not predicted nor planned for in the BEC (Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Contract) can be solved immediately by the national GovernAriant, as TEMORUS, even if, because of the emergency, his decisions contradict his electoral program, as long as a contradicting decision is accompanied by a call for a quick and easy BAVED quiferendum to confirm his actions within one month. If confirmed, he can go on with his mandate. If not confirmed, he must resign immediately and call a new election. The GovernArium includes the LegisArium, while the TinformArium n the OppositArium, and the JudicArium includes the ExpertArium. The GovernArium includes the LegisArium because the legislation that can be enacted is entirely and tightly tied to the Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Contract of the GovernAriant, as his SPEC, under the close scrutiny of the TinformArium and the SPELArium in particular, with no possible surprise or deviation, let alone the additional close scrutiny of the OtatfogAriant for lies, on the basis of the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) Principle. The OtatfogAriant even has the sovereign power to dismiss immediately the GovernAriant if the latter is caught in a lie about the execution of his SPEC. Finally, in an Aristarchy, the government looses the dominant control of 3 main sectors of activity that are given back to the people concerned through the new role of the SPELArium: the police force, the education, and private alternative justice.  


The TinformArium

In the meantime, the selected national TinformAriant heading the TinformArium is responsible for ensuring that all governance activities immediately become Truth Information known to the public, on the basis of the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) and PIABFOTAC EthoPrinciples. This means complete, and completely true, information, open to full public scrutiny (with very few, and very temporary, exceptions provided for within the Constitution itself). This includes all accounting transactions of all public money for whatever sum or purpose, as a PIABFOTAC requirement. Under the responsibility of the TinformAriant, all such transactions of public money must be easily and completely open for full scrutiny by all citizens, as easily as an individual person consulting his own personal bank account online (again with only very few, and very temporary, exceptions provided for within the Constitution itself, but nevertheless well traceable in time through an indicative code name, an exact amount, and an expiration date as short as possible). The new concept of Truth Information becomes a central one, and a major one, on the basis of the OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) EthoPrinciple, through the role of the TinformArium in an Aristarchy. This is so true, that there is even a most powerful OtatfogAriant elected specifically for watching full OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliance of all governance members, including the TinformArium itself. This Truth Information concept also applies very severely to all journalists writing about national governance activities and the activities of foreign entities receiving contributions of national public money. Journalists cannot anymore say lies, or be a mouthpiece for the government, and must only publish Truth Information, in particular if the information is bad for the image of the government. Journalists exposing bad governance activities kept hidden by the TinformAriant, or not confirmed by the national TinformAriant on request, are always fully protected from any prosecution, and for their employment security, by the national ProtectAriant. On the other hand, even Whistleblowers of bad activities, of officials or private companies, are also fully protected when requesting such protection from the TinformArium, in order to bring to light illegal or scandalous activities of their employers, or of any other entity, that have not been picked up by the government or by journalists. Such whistleblowers first expose their knowledge discretely to the TinformArium. Then, if the TinformAriant thinks the whistleblower is right, and the suspicion of illegality is causing enough damage to the general public ignoring it, the TinformArium invites the whistleblower to come out in the open with the information, copy of which is already in the hands of the TinformArium, under their full ProtectArium protection for employment security and against any kind of prosecution for the information provided. In other words, an Aristarchy never puts up without severe PPPP penalty with any lie or deception regarding public governance (regarding both all public money and all government information) or private activities affecting badly the public, and never ignores without penalty the illegal activities of companies that are being exposed by internal whistleblowers. In the case of the Government, all activity has to become public Truth Information. In the case of private companies, only illegal or damageable activities have to become public Truth Information whenever the TinformAriant becomes aware of it, with or without the help of whistleblowers. The central concept at the core of an Aristarchy is that it operates on a basis of Truth Information, in particular on the public side, but also on the side of private companies who are exposed for serious illegal or damageable activities. This is why there is an OtatfogAriant, and a very powerful one indeed, elected in all national elections. An Aristarchy, also never accepts any surprise after an election, on the part of the government, in terms of new legislation or new taxation that was not part of the BEC (Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Contract). Be it clear that the national TinformAriant, although part of the governing Trias Politica, is not, and certainly never must be, a mouthpiece for the national GovernAriant, but rather the opposite: he must describe the government at all its levels, and must report coldly and thoroughly all activities of governance, giving particular relevance to the bad ones, and all illegal private activities of corporations he becomes aware of. Then the OtatfogAriant makes a double check for full OTATFOG compliance at all times, even of the reporting of the TinformArium and journalists. The TinformAriant is not at the service of the government, but at the service of the SPELArium (Sovereign Enlightened People Arium), describing faithfully, and exposing if necessary, the government and bad activities of persons or corporations in front of the people. He will never however publish any private illegality made by any private citizen if that illegality is of no public relevance. All companies and corporations operating within an Aristarchy have also to sign a certification that they they will not only work for their legitimate profit but, first and foremost, always also for the wellness of the SPELArium, or otherwise lose their Company Charter that is always required within an Aristarchy, and reviewed for renewal on a regular basis. The OtatfogAriant in turn has the firm responsibility to watch that the TinformAriant complies with this vital role. Journalists who expose serious information not published by the TinformAriant, even if not bad information, as hidden information that is more than one month old and less than 3 months old, can benefit from an established list of fines to be paid to the journalist, paid personally by faulty TinformAriant or ProtectAriant, equivalent to a number of months of their gross salary. Hidden information for more than 3 months old requires similar fines plus the resignation of the TinformAriant. Over six months, the OtatfogAriant must also resign and an election called immediately. Over one year, the GovernAriant must also resign, pay a fine of one full year of his gross salary for each year the information was kept hidden, and call new elections, but without his candidature being acceptable for the new elections, nor the candidatures of his guilty TinformAriant and/or OtatfogAriant for any other future election in the country. The TinformArium watches all other Ariums, but most critically in particular the JudicArium, that is similar to the old Judicial Power within the old system, as real Justice can only be made on the basis of the principle of Truth Information that is at the core of an Aristarchy and the essence of an TinformArium. Finally, the TinformArium controls the good functioning of the OppositArium.


The OtatfogArium

The above TinformArium has to do with Truth Information, and consequently with OTATFOG compliance, but essentially in a reactive way, for ensuring that only Truth is produced, spread and used by all citizens of an Aristarchy, including eminently all Ariants of the governance. While the TinformArium has a proactive role for  OTATFOG compliance, the OtatfogArium has essentially a reactive role, and most specifically in relation to the activities of all the Ariants of the TetractArium. The OtatfogArium is a kind of powerful police force watching specifically all the government Ariants to ensure they are all, and always, fully OTATFOG compliant. The OtatfogAriant is very powerful, with the power to act immediately without trial against any faulty non-OTATFOG Ariant, except for an eventual recourse of the Ariant concerned to the LeaderArium, via concurrence of the SPELArium, in the case of a claimed mistake on the part of the dismissed Ariant. Nevertheless, even in case where such claim is confirmed by the LeaderArium, if the OtatfogAriant is still convinced his dismissal decision is justified, he can then have his decision confirmed (or rejected) by a quiferendum. From this point of view, as mentioned above, an Aristarchy, but the authority is the SPEC, and the power is the people through the SPELArium. Again, some call the Aristarchy a form of dictatorship, and they are not wrong, as long as they mean that it is a dictatorship-in-reverse, with the real commanding power located at the bottom of the pyramid, while the executive power at the top is only an obedient public servant power on the basis of both Truth Information and no enslaving debt-money. This is what the PythagorArium, as the overall developer of the Aristarchy System, calls going "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards". The greatest crime that exists in the functioning of an Aristarchy is not the so-called hate-speech crime, typical of our current false democracies using it to ensure the dictatorship of the politically correct. Such hate-speech crime is is not a crime, and perfectly admissible in an Aristarchy under the FOLIPET EthoPrinciple, if and when it is the non-violent expression of a truth, or of a firm conviction. In an Aristarchy the main crime against its functioning is not the hate-speech crime, but rather the lie-speech-crime which is called a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime).


Police of the PeopleThe ProtectArium

The third opposite figure of the Trias Politica, in front of the national GovernAriant and the national TinformAriant is the national ProtectAriant, heading the ProtectArium. The ProtectAriant cannot take any decision whatsoever regarding the content of the SPEC (Sovereign-People-Electoral-Contract) of the GovernAriant, except if he considers that the GovernAriant is contradicting, or doing the opposite of what was in his SPEC, or if the GovernAriant is hiding information not revealed by the TinformAriant and contradicting the GovernAriant fully binding electoral contract. In such case, if the OtatfogAriant has not already taken action, and after consulting and agreeing with the TinformAriant, the ProtectAriant issues a formal Protection Denunciation, and gives a formal public presentation of it on National TV, granted immediately by right on his request. If the GovernAriant does not confirm the return to his binding electoral contract (SPEC) within 1 week, the ProtectAriant and the TinformAriant must advise the OtatfogAriant accordingly. If he agrees, the OtatfogAriant must then remove the GovernAriant and, through the LeaderArium, call a new national election. The national ProtectAriant is also in charge of the unique  National Military Force (the MilitArium). As such, it has a clear mandate to protect the Constitution, with all its TetractArium institutions, along with the members of governance (while the general non-Arium people are protected by the unique Police Force, the PolArium, that is located in the SPELArium for national standards but, for operations, is strictly under the local command of each chief of police in each city). The ProtectArium also ensures that all national resources are protected as all nationally owned, or controlled by a national majoritarian interest, and that the national vegetal and animal kingdoms are protected against any possible kind of genetic modification for the profit of anyone within or without the country. As such, the ProtectAriant has a major role in the application of the NoCafoNoGanoNoRaco Principle. The MilitArium also has the responsibility to protect the Aristarchy against any foreign aggressor, and to assist the PolArium when necessary and requested by the SPELArium.


The SPELArium (with 3 new main roles)

The SPELArium is concerned only indirectly or incidentally with OTATFOG compliance, as one of its main roles is to be concerned specifically with the BEC or, better, what became the SPEC after elections. Its central role is one of  SPEC compliance to the will of the people who voted a BEC. It is concerned with the defense of the non-Arium people, the simple people who have no governance function, in terms of both the will of the people, as expressed in a SPEC, and the physical security of the people in general (while the physical protection of the Ariants comes under the responsibility of the MilitArium that comes under the responsibility of the ProtectArium). This is why the PolArium (Police force) is located under the authority of the SPELAriant, as it belongs to the people, not to the governance. As such, the SPELArium protects the people of the country against criminals but, first and foremost, also against the abuses of the figures of governance at the central and the provincial levels, in particular in relation to taxation. This is why the regular police force of each city, headed by a PolAriant in each city, comes under the national supervision of the SPELArium, but only in terms of its national PACOC (PolArium Code Of Conduct) that includes its uniform and the symbols of its tools of operation. From an operation point of view, the local PolAriant (chief of police) does not respond to the SPELArium, but only to the will of the local people it is protecting. In the context of the PAJ (Private Alternative Justice), the SPELArium also supervises the proper use of the PAPIC (PolArium Public Inquiry Confrontation) system. However, just like the police force (PolArium) belongs to the people, not to the government, education also belongs to the people and not to the government, except for the following of a national code of conduct of ELLducation promoted by the ethocratic government. The educational system of an Aristarchy is left, for its management, to the people sending their children to school, through the other EthoPrinciple called EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice). The same applies to the PAJ (Private Alternative Justice) of an Aristarchy: it is supervised by the JudicArium at national level, but only for the respect of a code of conduct and the prevention of abuses. In a nutshell, the apparently innocuous SPELArium, as a new State Power, plays a major role in taking away many aspect of the life of citizens of an Aristarchy away from the dominant control of the government, and placing them more directly into the hands of the persons concerned. This includes the management of 3 main sectors: the police force, the education and the private alternative justice.


The MonetArium

The TetractArium of State Powers of an Aristarchy has two autonomous Ariums that, together with the Trias Politica (PGI), form the Pentas Politica: the MonetArium and the JudicArium. An Aristarchy, through its MonetArium and its dependent NAMA, or NamArium, can only work with Debt-Free Public Money. On the basis of the GUDFOMAPAST Principle, an Aristarchy functions only, and absolutely exclusively, with national no-debt-money for public expense purposes, issued only by the NAMA (Treasury) of the country, not by any private bank, issued under the strict guidance of the Constitution as it applies to the new MonetArium State Power, and spent only under the constitutionality of a SPEC (Four-Way-Binding-Sovereign-People-Electoral-Contract). The EthoCratic national State has absolutely no borrowing power, in any form whatsoever, and for any amount whatsoever. The Aristarchy can only use PASTO taxation, strictly known in advance on the basis of a BEC (Four-Way-Binding Electoral-Contract), or alternatively issue fresh new money from the new national treasury (NAMA) of the new MonetArium State Power, also strictly on the basis of the Aristarchy Constitution and the constitutionality of a SPEC (Four-Way-Binding-Sovereign-People-Electoral-Contract). Debt-money can still exist however, as privately borrowed money from private commercial banks, but also only issued by private banks under the strict limits and guidance of the Constitution applied to private banks by the MonetArium, let alone a norm of legislation issued on the basis of a SPEC (Four-Way-Binding-Sovereign-People-Electoral-Contract). The MonetArium issues and controls all public money in the country, and also controls all uses of private money by banks and citizens. It also controls all the taxation system based on the PASTO. Consequently it also controls all the sales tax and property taxes for their proper collection. As pensions (or minimum social pension, or minimum social salary) are based on PASTO, along with VATPA, it controls also all pensions, and all social benefits issues within the Aristarchy. With the VATPA and PASTO system, people are highly motivated to pay the sales tax in particular, as it is the only way to accumulate contributions for receiving an eventual regular pension. In addition, as a complete novelty, the PASTO VATPA is paid equally by both parties, the buyer and the seller. As such it is a major incentive for both to pay it for accumulating regular pension contributions: No VATPA PASTO payments during a lifetime, No regular Pension at retirement age! Only an eventual minimal social pension! All the above can be better understood knowing that an Aristarchy does not have any income tax system, at all, and uses only debt-free money from its NAMA or from its OBECOF, and of course mainly the revenues of its PASTO system from sales and property taxes. 


The JudicArium

The TetractArium of State Powers of an Aristarchy has two autonomous Ariums that, along with the Trias Politica, form the Pentas Politica: the MonetArium and the JudicArium. An Aristarchy,  through its JudicArium, has to deal with a new Dual-Justice System. It has the normal Public Justice, functioning basically as it does today in most western democracies, but also a form of supplementary, alternative and quick Private Justice, offered as a choice, for free, at provincial level, via a PJM, for family and inter-personal conflicts not involving companies or foreign parties. This dual system is meant to resolve most small conflicts in record time, and for free except some nominal incidental costs. Users of the Private Justice however are never forced to use it. Both parties of a conflict have to agree to use it, but could always decide otherwise and use the longer and more expensive Public Justice. The Private Justice of course is fully consistent with the Public Justice, in terms of national legislation. Its smooth daily administration comes under the TinformArium, but under the final supervision of the Public Justice through the JudicArium. The smooth process of the private justice is handled and administered by the TinformArium, but with a superior recourse to the JudicArium when necessary. Finally, because of its juridical expertise, the JudicArium also supervises the functioning of the ExpertArium, and the choices of the experts brought in by the GovernArium for consultation or use in any kind of regulation or legislative process.   


New Political Parties

In an Aristarchy, political parties have a new and vital role very much related to the above new type of EthoPlasìn education (or: ELLducation). All political parties must defend the Aristarchy and its new culture, even if through a variety of different electoral programs. Doing otherwise would mean operating in an unconstitutional way, which would be not only illegal, but unconstitutional, in other words impossible. The main role of the new political parties is to guide and illuminate their membership into the elaboration of a Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Program, or a BEC, for a candidate ProGovernAriant of their choice, and propose that program and candidate at the next election. The BEC of the GovernAriant winning the election will become the SPEC of the country for the time of that electoral mandate, with its respect being under the supervision of the SPELArium. An EthoCratic Political Party cannot receive any public financing whatsoever. It can count only on the money of the registration fees of its members. However, the state will assist parties in the following way: it will give free office space for the 10 parties with the biggest memberships, within the premises of the OppositArium. In turn, only the parties with the 5 highest memberships will be allowed to participate into the next election. Registration fees are allowed only from physical persons who are nationals of the country. No non-person entity, and no non-national entity or person, is allowed to give any kind of financing to any political party. Ethocratic political parties live out of membership fees, and have to fight and compete to increase their membership. Membership is vitally important because participation of the SPELArium is important for the elaboration of a meaningful Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Program. Membership names are all published openly by the TinformArium, and one national person can only be member of one single political party at any given time. On the basis of the level of their memberships, the list of the 10 political parties accommodated free of charge within the OppositArium. will change in time when the ones with decreasing membership will have to move out, and find and pay their own accommodation outside the OppositArium., to make room for the 10 parties with the highest memberships. A candidate ProGovernAriant cannot be considered a candidate without having first formed a political party, and cannot present himself in an election without first his party having already acquired a membership that places it into the list of the 5 parties with the highest membership, let alone his party having already elaborated a BEC, or a Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Program to be notarized before an election campaign. Again, a GovernAriant is always and only elected at full majority with a Four-Way-Binding-Electoral-Program, and without the disturbance of a heavy and inefficient parliament of ignorantly and falsely prestigious representatives paid uselessly by the taxpayers, and consequently, no political coalition is ever possible anymore, not before an election, and in particular not after an election. Needless to say that a GovernAriant cannot change political party and program without pre-resigning and calling a new election.  


+ Graphics of a typical NECA




NO Public Debt


Financing Full Openness With Only Property Tax and Dual-Sales-Tax


No Public DebtSUMMARY >

An Aristarchy has no borrowing power and collects no income tax that was created to ensure reimbursement of public debt. It is financed through only a dual-sales tax on both sides of the transaction that also accumulates pension benefits. Additional money for new infrastructures, or repairs to old ones, or for unexpected national emergencies, can only be issued by Treasury, as debt-free money under a strict set of limits and norms of the constitution. Banks cannot create money or use fractional reserve. For loans, banks can only use up to 50% of accumulated savings or borrow money from treasury at 1% interest to lend it to borrowers at maximum 10% interest in competition with other banks.



An Aristarchy has no borrowing power and cannot have any public debt. All its revenues come from a special dual-form of sales tax, on both sides of the transaction and accumulating pension benefits. For all new infrastructures, or the maintenance of old ones, the national Treasury can issue fresh money that is entirely debt-free. 


The new Sales Tax is Dual (paid on both sides of the transaction) and part of it becomes a contribution for accumulating a pension, that is, a public pension. Other types of private pensions are left untouched as personal contracts. In fact, the dual sales tax becomes the only way to be accumulating a public pension. This is done through a new application on cellular phones linked to the Internet. The main part of the sales tax goes automatically to the Treasury and the smaller part goes to a personal pension fund of the persons involved for eventually getting a public pension at a minimum, or over a minimum, level established by the governance. These personal pension funds accumulated by the Treasury for each person involved cannot be touched or used in any other way by governance nor loaned or invested for profit. When a sales tax transaction is done between two persons, be it for goods or for services, the pension benefits are accumulated on both sides. When the transaction happens between a person and a store, or another corporative entity, the benefits on that corporate side go to accumulating pensions in a special fund for those citizens in the country who are handicapped and/or incapable of accumulating a proper minimum of public pension for whatever valid reason. A legally married person can decide that the benefits being accumulated will go half and half to the two spouses, or be divided differently between the spouses and all the other unemployed members of the family over age 21.


In turn, all banks can no more use fractional reserve. Not at all! For loans to their clients, banks must rely on only up to 50% of their accumulated savings, or else, borrow money from the Treasury at 1%, which borrowed money they can loan to borrowers at maximum 10% interest in competition with all other commercial banks. The latter cannot invest any of the accumulated savings of their clients, but they can invest borrowed money from Treasury at their own risk. If they make profits with their investments, they can either loan that money freely to new clients, or re-invest it as they wish, always at their own risk. In any case, the savings of private clients deposited in a bank are always guarantee while the money borrowed from Treasury or gained through investments is always without any guarantee from the Treasury.


Debt-money creation out-of-nothing, through their private banks, central or commercial, 99% of them being Jewish, is the mother of all scams. However, apart from the ideology of Communism and its predominant World Jewry management enslaving us, we are also being enslaved through a series of other major scams. This includes, naming only a few: 


We will see all these scams one by one. But it is important to start with the mother of all scams, that is, the way money is being created as debt-money by private banks instead of as an asset, as what we call Trustmoney, created by the treasury of each national country.


As Edward Griffin and Ron Paul well explain in their excellent books, all central banks, like the FED (American Federal Reserve), were created to bail out private banks and help governments impose a hidden tax through inflation, let alone justify the creation of the unnecessary additional income tax that did not exist before the creation of the FED, to guarantee to the private banks the reimbursement of unnecessary loans they make to governments as public debt. Incredibly enough, the FED-like central banks were established to privatize all profits for them, that is, for the World Jewry owning all this type of private central banks and, by the same token, established to socialize all losses for the rest of us through regular income tax and other types of additional special taxation. The scam works beautifully, but against us, by killing competition among banks, by making all banks pillaging institutes, and by hiding additional taxes through what they then call inflation. All central banks today, similar to the FED of the United States, can create money out-of-thin-air, out-of-nothing, by a simple entry on a computer screen, and then lend to the government that inexistent thin-air-money to be reimbursed with interests as real money through taxation. This money creation out-of-thin-air without being back by anything, created as pure as FIAT money, increases the money supply and inevitably leads to inflation that is just another form of hidden taxation. That’s because there are more units of money chasing the same amount of goods in the economy. So every unit of money is progressively worth less over time. Not only the bankers of World Jewry make incredible profits, out-of-thin-air, but the governments involved also steal from the value of each money unit to be reimbursed in the future because they make each unit of government public debt worth less in the future at the time of the due reimbursement. Therefore inflation is just another scam of another hidden tax.

EndTheFEDWhat the scam does at the level of governments, as public debt, it also does at the private level of persons borrowing money from commercial banks. That major scam of money creation as debt-money, out-of-thin-air, is very simple, but very unconstitutionally criminal. The private banks lend money that does not exist as physical money. They only lend digital money that is called “credit”, through a simple entry on a computer screen. They never take any kind of physical money from their vault and pass it on to the borrower. Then they even charge interests on it. If the borrowers do not reimburse the loan of fictitious digital money with the corresponding interests, then, again, the bank, in exchange for its thin-air-money, gets their real properties that do exist. This has sneakily brought a growing number of real valuable properties of the world into the hands of very few super rich private banking partners of the World Jewry.

In other words, the basic scam of lending fake money that never existed except on a computer screen is only the first step of this major scam. The second step is even a more serious. It consists of the following. At one point in time of their own choice, and for their own exclusive profit, the banks will start restricting credit and they will quickly start to accumulate real property in exchange for their loans of the fake money that did not exist. Banks loan money that exists only on a computer screen through factional reserve lending.  The principle amount is somehow created by that entry on the screen, but the interest the borrower will also have to reimburse has not even ever been created at all, not even in this false way. As such, the interest is absolutely and entirely fictitious amount, even more fictitious that the fictitious money amount placed on a computer screen for a loan.


Apart from a very small fraction of money created by governments, mainly in issuing physical coins, this is the way the greatest part of the money is created in the world today, out-of-nothing, for the exclusive benefit of the private banksters of the World Jewry. If the principle is somehow created (by a simple typing entry on the computer screen), the interest is never even created this way. Consequently there is no/no money in circulation that exists and can be used to reimburse that interest. This creates extreme stress on all borrowers of fake money, be they persons or governments, but extreme profits to the bankers who keep acquiring real property in exchange for fictitious money. This is the mother of all scams causing our global debt-money enslavement.


The next stage to this huge scam is the fast forthcoming cashless society so that the bankers can have full control on what people can spend or not spend, and consequently can do or cannot do. At that point the bankers will even be capable of wiping out your money, that is, your bank account, instantly if they do not like you for any reason, while using bail ins for themselves, using money from your bank account, to save themselves if they make investment mistakes. In the meantime, they will also start to institute the system of negative interest rates for you to pay 'rent' to be able to keep your money in one of 'their' bank accounts. After that, they will also ban barter, making it illegal because they cannot tax it. Crypto currencies that could still be good as long as cash stays in circulation will have the same terminal fate. The end objective of the master plan behind this mother of all scams is that the World Jewry owning all banks of the new Banktatorship will eventually simulate/create a fake crash/crisis that will be used to justify instituting full population control on all of us, and establishing a One-World-Government with a One-World-Currency under their full control to be based most probably in Jerusalem as the forthcoming fake Pax Judaica.  

Our money is created as fiat debt, out of nothing, instead of as an asset based on some sort of real physical value. Our corrupted governments have all given their private central banks (and the private commercial banks through fractional reserve), the right to issue new fiat money out of nothing. Not only is this totally stupid, but the worst part of our stupidity is that our governments then borrow that money from these banks, even with interests, for our governance. New money should only be created by the public treasury of each country, under strict constitutional norms and guidance.


Just think for a minute if our countries, each of them through its respective treasury, had created themselves the exact same amount of money they have borrowed in the last 50 years, but without borrowing it from any private central bank, and consequently without having to reimburse it to any bank, and certainly without having had to pay interests on it for 50 years. Not only the country doing it would be, today, without any kind of public debt to serve with incredible difficulty, but the enormous amount of interests paid for 50 years could also somehow have been the source of major improvements to all sorts of infrastructures and services to its citizens. The current fraudulent way to create new debt-money does not have to exist. In fact, it has not at all always existed, and many important countries have had periods of flourishing economy when they were creating their own money instead of borrowing it from a private central bank creating it out of nothing. Many good books well document this fact, in particular the 3 main books of world banking expert Ellen Brown.


In addition, at the moment, for most countries, the capital sum of public debt has already been paid back many times through interests, and the lenders never even lent any money they already had, only money they fraudulently created out of nothing. Consequently, the public debt of these countries should be eliminated immediately, and the fraudulent lending banks should be happy if this happens without them being prosecuted for massive fraud.


At the personal level, through the activity of the commercial banks, the same kind of fraud is also taking place, mutatis mutandis. When commercial banks lend you money, they do not take money out of a safe place and move it to you account. They just put a digital entry on a computer screen saying you own them the money. That is it! They have a small reserve of real money in their save, but the current fractional reserve system allows them to create money out of nothing, by just indicating a digital entry of debt to your name on a computer screen and have you sign for that fake "out-of-nothing" money. No amount of physical money kept in reserve is being moved from any safe to you or to any of your bank accounts.


Fractional reserve has not at all always existed and should not exist at all. It should be made completely illegal. Commercial banks should lend only money they have physically somewhere in a safe place, coming from their depositors or borrowed from the treasury of the government. They should not be allowed to lend money corresponding to any amount they do not have already. And what you borrow should always correspond to a portion of this money that the bank has in reserve. The system is extremely stupid for the borrower but, or course, extremely profitable for the JICSBER elites enslaving all of us with fake debt-money. At the moment, the borrower borrows money that does not exist, giving some collateral property as guarantee, but, when incapable of reimbursing that fake money, his real property is taken away from him in exchange for the fake "out-of-nothing" money he received. In other words, the bank then exchange money that did not ever existed and exchange it for something of value that does exist. This should be totally illegal and a system that must be eliminated in an Aristarchy,    


+ War funding is the main reason the government needs this hidden tax power.




NO Truth Restriction


Only Full Truth, Full Transparency And Full information


No Truth RestrictionSUMMARY >

In An Aristarchy, the right of Free Speech is absolute, even in terms of sincere hate-speech. The only one condition is that the speech not be an invented lie. The corresponding right of free access to all true information related to public affairs is also absolute. Neither media nor any platform of the Internet used by the public at large can limit these rights in any way and in any degree. They cannot limit these rights directly, from the bottom, by censoring a Truth or conviction that people may always express freely. They cannot limit these rights indirectly from the top, through any kind of "Rollerball-Syndrome" effect due to any deep-state puppet or master who may attempt to guide deceitfully, or misguide, or limit the absolute essential role of all media to only publish Truth, and to never hide any known Truth of public affairs.




An Aristarchy is primarily based on truth. Regarding public affairs and money it institutes a new serious crime called PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime). It is full transparency all online, including fines and any kinds of payments made to citizens. There is no more secrecy or confidentiality except very temporarily during police investigations. International consultations and negotiations are all fully open. Regarding private activity, as long as it is not a lie, and even if it is only a personal conviction expressed explicitly as such, it offers absolute freedom of opinion. Privacy that cannot be properly protected by a person becomes public domain for all to know freely. No Internet platform can censor or limit free search of full information without committing a serious crime.




In an Aristarchy, nothing but a lie can limit the absolute freedom of expression of speech or opinion. A Truth, or a conviction expressed as such, can always be expressed freely if it is expressed without accompanying physical violence. This absolute right cannot either be limited in any way or degree by any of the usual tools of the political correctness, like racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia or the new so-called 'Hate-speech'.  The opinions expressed in written media follow the same absolute rule. In turn, a lie about public affairs becomes a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) and is punished most severely as a serious crime.



In an Aristarchy, a cartel of few corporations, like the 6 corporations controlling 98% of world media at the moment, as the "Rollerball Syndrome (see the film), just cannot exist. RollerBallIn addition, the national mainstream media cannot receive any public money. They cannot either receive any private money except from citizens for becoming a partner of ownership. They cannot be sold to a foreigner, nor to a foreign corporation, and can only be owned by one or more citizens with only the national citizenship. One citizen can own or have partial ownership for only one media at any given time, competing with all the other media owners for Truth through only duly signed articles certifying Truth.


Foreign media can circulate freely but, if caught lying about national public affairs, they commit a serious PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime), and such crime can lead to prohibition from further distribution in the Aristarchy, either temporarily or forever in the future depending on the gravity of the lie.


No media, national or foreign, can use the so-called "Overton Window" to try to tell people only what they should be allowed to believe on the basis of any kind of political correctness, or to crackdown on patriots, conservatives, liberals or other groups that have the national interests in mind.

Media investigate and criticize before they inform and if they inform without having first investigated, they have to say so explicitly.


An Aristarchy forbids rich individuals or corporations to provide handouts or to finance directly any cause or group except via a single NBT (National Blind Trust) that includes a stable rotational government inspector and random journalists attending each decisional meeting on the distribution of the money available. The sums received and meeting deliberations are all made public.

In an Aristarchy, all mainstream media, printed or digital, are private, and can only survive through self-financing selling their competitive product. They cannot receive other public or private money without committing a crime, possibly lose their license and be sold to another private management after sequestration. For them, informing means always and only investigating, exposing and explaining truth, only truth and all truth. Publicity can help their financing but it must also be pre-investigated and published as truth on only non-editorial dedicated pages.


Torus Speech PowerFull Freedom of Speech With No Physical Violence

To be more explicit, a personal conviction that is not based on a lie is admitted as a "Truth" in order to ensure that the right of opinion is "Full and Absolute", like it can only be in an Aristarchy. This absolute right gives all citizens a power of public protest like never before in any western democracy. This is achieved in particular within the new OppositArium of the TetractArium of governance. The TetractArium also gives citizens a corresponding power of lobbying, live and free, but only openly, either during a live televised session of the OppositArium or through its fulltime dedicated LAPDAC (Lobbying And Protesting Dedicated Accommodating Channel) TV channels with full national exposure.


Free Lobbying Accessible to All, Free, at National level

The OppositArium of the TetractArium of governance is easily open to all, on a spontaneous or booking basis, depending on the circumstances, including to criminals and prisoners. That new institution of governance always offers full freedom of expression and lobbying, even if the information contained in the opinion can be offensive to some listeners, as long as the information is based on Truth, or even on only a firm conviction or a free personal interpretation of real facts or personal feelings.


Internet with Unlimited Freedom of Opinion

The same principle is extended in particular to the freedom of opinion on the Internet. If the opinion is based on truth, in particular factual truth, it is always acceptable, as harsh or offensive as it can be.


Hate Speech is Also Acceptable

Nobody in the OppositArium of the TetractArium, or even in any other place or form of expression, can ever be accused of what is currently called "hate speech" or racism, let alone anti-Semitism or Islamophobia. On that basis, there cannot be anything anymore that can be considered as hate speech or defamation when it is based on truth, objective or subjective truth. Being openly and explicitly "anti-something", on the basis of firm personal feeling and conviction, or facts one does not like, is perfectly admissible and not prosecutable in law.


Lies and Calumny are Prohibited

Only calumny based on lies, or opinion accompanied by physical violence, are prosecutable. Expressing freely some opinions based on truth, on the part of the citizens, is not only a question of freedom of expression, but also a question of essential and priceless utility for the current political leaders to understand exactly what is going on in the country, and consequently to take the proper decisions in managing the country. In turn, for the person expressing an unpleasant opinion, it becomes a safety valve, as negativity "kept in", to paraphrase words of Neale Donald Walsch, harms both the body and the soul, and it is important to get it out before it explodes into violence.


No Orwellianism

Proceeding without full freedom of speech would be admitting Orwell was right when he talked about "Thought Crime", "Newspeak", and the "Death of Free speech" that always accompanies forced thought control and political correctness.


Truth Must Always Win Over Political Correctness

For example, if someone is white and hates blacks, or is black and hates whites, he can express freely this hate as his open opinion, anywhere and in front of anybody, without any possible form of prosecution, as long as his opinion is peacefully expressed, without any physical violence, because this hate corresponds to truth as far as he is concerned. Conversely, if someone says all blacks are welfare parasites, or all Jews are financial exploiters, and all Muslims are terrorists, this cannot correspond to any truth, and consequently cannot be expressed freely as an opinion without being exposed to possible legal prosecution on the part of the offended persons, and only on the part of these persons, never proactively on the part of the state or a non-person organization.


Truth as a Safety Valve

As Orwell implied, and as history has well demonstrated over centuries, even when motives behind thought control are well intended, like discouraging racism and discrimination, the end result is inevitably always the same, and the opposite of what it intended to do: indoctrination, or the creation of dangerously boiling rebellious resistance, with political correctness becoming the most stealthy form of fear and hatred, let alone possibly violent intolerance. Propaganda MinistryThe supposedly tolerant "NewSpeaker" of the political correctness has become the real "NewHater" hiding dangerously in the background because, in a non-Aristarchy country, he has no FOLIPET power to let the steam out as a security valve in a more controllable way.


No Intolerance to Intolerance

Like Mark Steyn well said in his book After America, "The forces of “tolerance” are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval". With this understanding, and within the above boundaries, in an Aristarchy, critical thinking and full freedom of opinion based on Truth are not only never illegal, but always encouraged and defended. This is because, when founded on truth, and expressed without physical violence, they are not a privilege granted by the State, like the UN and its acolyte states tries to make us believe, but a fundamental human right considered granted to everyone by human nature (not to say God Creator) in an Aristarchy. This does not mean that its excesses not founded on truth cannot be appropriately identified and punished.


Opinion with Physical Violence is a Crime

Because of the new extensive FOLIPET power offered to all in an Aristarchy, for protesting purposes, in opposing government, or in lobbying openly in the OppositArium, with full national exposure, street protest with breaking violence, becomes a crime sanctioned by immediate arrest. In the meantime, except for what may happen in the OppositArium of the TetractArium, the executive power must be left alone accomplishing its fully four-way binding BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). People unhappy with the BEC being executed can only lobby and work for a new  BEC being elaborated and voted at majority at the next election.


Protesting with Covered Faces Is a Crime

Protesting with a covered face is considered a form of violence. Again, Because of the new extensive FOLIPET power offered to all in an Aristarchy, for protesting purposes, in opposing government, or in lobbying openly in the OppositArium, with full national exposure, street protest with covered faces, also becomes a crime sanctioned by immediate arrest.


No Human Implant Chip ID

An Aristarchy operates with the despotic power of Truth And Transparency, as its (TAT) very first reform. Thus nobody can be afraid of offering full details of their identity, even in situations of protest. Consequently, an Aristarchy is entirely anti-RFID, or rather NoHICHIP (No Human Implant CHIP), except the replacement of a RFID by secured bracelets in few well regulated circumstances for required public security.


Truth Cannot Promote Crimes

The only limitation to FOLIPET is that you cannot use it to promote crimes in public or in private, hoping they will be committed. Talking about a crime already committed in the past, or presumably committed already, even if some fact may seem to indicate it may not necessarily have been committed for sure, is totally acceptable, even as an opinion, or only as a firm conviction, but proactively promoting new crimes to be committed in the future is absolutely prohibited and inacceptable under FOLIPET. However, inciting strong protest, if necessary, in terms of public revolt against real crimes or serious injustices already committed, and with good elements of proof they were committed, and good evidence that the criminals are being unduly protected from justice, is acceptable as an opinion. Even promoting violent protest may be acceptable as long as all other democratic means have previously  been already exhausted to obtain justice, like the protestor having previously used the OppositArium for protesting at national level without any result. In such rare cases, the PolArium of the SPELArium of the TetractArium of an Aristarchy, if convinced the crimes have been committed and the criminals have not been punished, will act as it really is, that is as the police force that belongs to, and is managed by, the people, and not a tool of the executive government. As such, it will protect the protestors involved, not the alleged criminal officials of the governance.


Political CorrectnessSocial Networks or Corporations Cannot Censor

Companies like Apple and Amazon, or social networks like Facebook or Twitter, cannot themselves take initiatives to proactively censor people, for anything people want to see, say, hear or write. They can only go to the OppositArium of the TetractArium and protest only openly about it, not even in cases of what they may consider Hate Speech. This censoring role, if and when it may exist, can only come from Governance. These non-government entities too often become the modern book burners. They cannot decide with people want to watch, see or hear, not only through the internet, but also through any type of decoders, like the various digital terrestrial TV systems. All decoders can offer a set of channels, but also an open area where people can catch any TV channel they want from any country in the world. Private corporations and social networks cannot limit Truth and full freedom of speech or force unilaterally their own world view down the throats of humanity. Doing otherwise makes them commit a PATOC crime in an Aristarchy, let alone possibly a kind of super servants of evil. Humanity must learn to have access to full Truth, and then judge for itself what to believe, what to accept, and what deserves to be criticized.


Omitting Truth is a Lie

That lie of omitting the Truth about public affairs is also a PATOC crime in an Aristarchy. The media should never fabricate stories that omit core facts that they know and that would otherwise negate the intended messaging. Their one and only message should be the Truth, OTATFOG Truth. All media must become Truth-Media or loose their license.


Media Cannot Receive any Public Money

Media cannot receive any kind of government money, directly or indirectly, from any source, in particular strange secretive sources, like the CNN receiving money from the FBI. In the exceptional cases where this may happen, the receiving media must declare it explicitly in a completely obvious way right under their front page title and, because of this, cannot become promoters of any political leader in any election.


No Pushing Repeated Lies to Develop a Consensus

Media should not repeat lies for these lies to become a consensus. Mainstream media are too often mainly busy in reproducing the lies of the government, repeating them for making them a new consensus, and in the end make them a new "normality". This would constitute an unlawful contribution to the 4th stage of "Normalization" that may conduct just too easily to full dictatorial power, as explained by Russian dissident Bezmenov some years ago.


Media Must Compete For Truth

Media must compete with each other as to the best way to get Truth out to their clients or readers. No person or no corporation can own more than one single mainstream media at any given time, be it a newspaper, a magazine, a publishing house, a TV station, a film or entertainment company or any other type of mainstream media. No conglomerate of media can be formed: all must compete separately, in separate hands, and through not related ownership. Doing otherwise would mean an immediate withdrawal of an operating license, and related criminal charges, let alone possible immediate forceful foreclosure or ownership transfer to another owner as he highest bidder in an open public sale conducted by the state.


Boomerang TissueMedia Lies are a Top Level PATOC Crimes

Lies from media are punished more severely than lies from individual persons as, by definition, they affect the Truth for thousands of persons in the country... 


No Political Correctness to Subdue the Masses

A matrix of boomerangs of blindness and stupidity, called more simply the Politically Correct, has reduced most of us to being zombies and subservient slaves of the State. That political correctness could not exist as a global matrix before the arrival of the perfect and instant worldwide communications that were put in place over the last decades. Such global matrix is the ultimate tool that governments have been looking for, for thousands of years, to quell the masses and reduce them to submission and passivity. The SEGWO Power has this new matrix finally at its full disposal, after having infiltrated all the media and the related means of this matrix of political correctness. The new SEGWO Power has quickly found the best modern way to implement that global matrix, through a concentrated acquisition of all the powerful networks of the current mainstream mass media, and through the corruption of most of the subservient presstitute journalists that they now fully control through bribes and/or corrupting publicity money. Consequently, in fact, most mainstream media now have become simple mouthpieces of governments, and of the elites hiding behind these governments. As such, most journalists act in complete betrayal of their natural mission which should be to bring out truth, freely and openly, as awful as it may be, in particular regarding the bad activities of the politicians, governments and international organizations sitting over our shoulders. With the new TinformArium of the TetractArium of a Aristarchy, this matrix of political correctness is naturally and rapidly eliminated.


No Cartel of Media to Form a Unified Public Opinion

Concentration of media in cartels owned by the same persons is firmly prohibited in an Aristarchy. Morpheus, in the movie Matrix, says: “The Matrix is everywhere… It is the veil that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. This matrix acts like an infectious disease that is much more contagious than Ebola, as it is not only airborne, but spreads like an invisible WIFI around all of us, being even airborne-at-distance, electronically, around the globe, through all the mainstream mass media owned by a cartel of few companies with clear common interests.


Once that matrix has infected someone, it acts like a tyrannical psychological power of blindly accepted unified public opinion on the infected persons. Most news networks, like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS and others, are only lackeys of their JewZuit masters in the background manipulating pieces of this veil, as germ-cultivation centers of this plague. These networks are regularly paid, not to say bribed, by foreign governments and JewZuit corporations like Monsanto, to bring us sponsored content to make them look good and to maintain the matrix of unified public opinion regarding their monstrous activities. Most public schools, with their Common Core of public education in America, but also in a similar way in Europe, are other parts of this same blinding veil of the matrix. Of course, under the current SEGWO Power hat intends to implement a New World Order that seeks to enslave all of us, this Matrix of Boomerangs of Unified Public Opinion is an absolute prerequisite, as people can only be controlled fully when they follow the JewZuit unified public opinion of their deceivingly assumed Judeo-Christian Roots instead of their real Greco-Roman cultural roots as freethinking individuals.


Elimination of the Jewish Media Privilege

Media NetworkGilad Atzmon is a famous Jewish author who wrote "The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics". As a Jew, he is often very critical of the Jews, and he affirmed, in an interview with Bill Alford, that political correctness pushed by a cartel of media is a malicious plot of the Jews to implant, into the world public opinion, through media under their full control, ideas and politics that must become accepted without opposition, and that do not admit opposing opinions without consequences for their holders when these implants are occasionally contested. Certainly, the mass media of Hollywood and of the TV Networks forming world opinion are definitely controlled mainly by Jews, as per their own explicit admission.


The famous Jewish journalist Joel Stein, in 2008, wrote an article in the LA Times, saying: "I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them". Such privilege cannot exist in a Aristarchy, not only for the Jews, but for any cartel of any other religion or political party. It is eliminated through the new TinformArium of the TetractArium and the TAT reform about Truth And Transparency. The Jewish privilege is certainly also well confirmed in a famous book written by a Jewish writer, Neal Gabler: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood". Many other famous Jews, like Steven Spielberg, one of the directors of the so-called "New Hollywood", as a crypto-way to not say the Jew-Controlled Hollywood, or Woddy Allen (a Jew born with the name Allan Konigsberg), and many others, also keep boasting regularly and proudly about their control of Hollywood and the mass media, thus even about who can be proclaimed a valid contender to an Oscar or a Nobel Prize.


Nevertheless, as we will see, more than only Jewish, these implants of political correctness are probably JICSBER more than just plain Jewish, and they compose a matrix in which all of us live, rarely consciously, or unconsciously most of the time. As we will see, the Jesuit side of this JewZuit matrix is always well represented in all centers of power, like it was the case with the fully Jesuit-trained Joe Biden in the Obama Government, as the current incumbent Vice-President of the USA, who  never loses a good occasion, or maybe rather a bad occasion, to highly congratulate the Jews, in a rather Jewcy way, when they make their boasting comments about already running the whole world we live in. But Biden was a Jesuit trained figure working in Obama's environment awash with Zionists. As such he was a perfect JICSBER figure at the maximum level of world power and pushing stealthily, in that top position, for the start of WWIII as the only thing that might save the dollar and that power from full collapse. That SEGWO matrix is also certainly maintained in particular, practically from birth to death, by the mainstream media and television that we keep watching passively while eating or attending our daily routine chores. Instead of logically arguing issues with our own selves, or with family members and friends, we just keep watching passively, and absorbing silently, the crappy culture and disinformation that become our politically correct. The beautiful freethinking ELL minds of our Greek roots have been downgraded, by our dominant and deceiving Judeo-Christian environment, to being simple syphoning funnels for accepting passively, blindly and silently, smoothly seated in our long chairs, what the SEGWO Power hidden behind the mainstream media want to impose on us as politically correct.


No Media as Mouthpiece of Governance

All media are closely followed by the TinformArium of the TetractArium, to ensure that the mainstream media never become a mouthpiece of the government. Rather the opposite, as they must be constantly investigating and criticizing the government as their primary role, albeit always on a basis of Truth. The media that seem to be mostly reporting what the government says, when reporting on government activity or statistics, without obviously, most of the time,  investigating or questioning these activities and information from the government, can be submitted to severe fines and disciplinary measures, even to loosing their operational license as a media. In turn, government can never refuse access to questions from journalists wanting to verify the accuracy of government information or statistics.


All media must be FOLIPET compliant

In a Aristarchy, there is a principle of governance called FOLIPET (Full Opinion Liberty If Peaceably Expressed Truth), with "Truth" intended also as a firm personal conviction, and "Peacefully" intended as no physical violence. Nothing can limit the expression of speech in any media if and when expressed without physical violence, not even any of the usual tools of the political correctness, like racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia or the so-called 'Hate-speech'. Opinions expressed verbally or in written media follow the same rule. No person or no corporation can own more than one single mainstream media at any given time. All articles must be signed. All commentators must be identifiable. Lying or omitting the Truth is always a crime called TOC (Truth Obstruction Crime).



"Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage"

Winston Churchill


+ Create a brand new Internet. completely free of use, and completely free for the expression of opinions of any kind as long as it is not a lie...

+ Full Transparency

+ Kennedy speech against secrecy and censorship:

     -- abbreviated: https://youtu.be/xhZk8ronces

    --  full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs

Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves Control the Narrative





NO Money Overpower


All Business Primarily Concerned With Country's Good


No Money OverpowerSUMMARY >

In an Aristarchy, the commanding power does not belong primarily to "Big Money", or to "Big Business", but to a "No Big Government". The big money and business is welcome for private investments, but without any power over an independent governance. even Rich handouts to private entities must be approved and are seriously controlled. Big corporations cannot dictate anything to governance. Foreign corporations must integrate a national inspector appointed by governance. There is no deep state activity acting in secret without committing a serious crime. Lobbying can only exist publicly on a TV channel dedicated to this purpose. Nobody or no business is exempted from the property and dual-sales-tax. No foreign NGO can operate legally within the country.




First and foremost, in an Aristarchy, no Big-Money is permitted to be used for influencing public affairs. By "public affairs", we mean not only government and political activity, but also all the information propagated by any kind of private person, organization or media having to do with government and political activity. Any kind of lobbying not done publicly on the special TV channel dedicated to lobbying become a serious crime. All money given directly or indirectly to politicians or government officials, openly or secretly, in cash or in any other form, including gifts or paid vacations, becomes a serious crime. The only exception if in terms of the transparent exchange of mutual gifts during official bilateral visits at the executive level between two different countries. No political party can receive any kind of private money above membership fees to be paid normally on a yearly basis and at the maximum rate half an annual NASCU (Nursemaid Average Salary Currency Unit). No political party can receive any kind of money from the government without committing a serious crime. 


The bad influence of big-money by lobbies in countries like the USA, the UK, and most of the European countries is absolutely scandalous and equivalent to official legal bribery. This bad and corrupting influence is even worse at the level of the biggest international organizations, like the EU, the UN, the WHO etc. For example, the huge lobby at the EU in Brussels...  +++


No aid in money to a foreign country can take place if not at two conditions. The aid as been approved by a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract), and the receiving countries accepts to spend that money only fully transparently to the last penny, indicating where each penny was given or used after being received.


In an Aristarchy, no foreign NGO can operate freely in the country for any reason except those very few that are called in formally in the context of a bilateral agreement, and only if they accept to be kept under close surveillance and have a completely transparent administration both in terms of policies and in terms of accounting of all their sources of money and their expenses.


An Aristarchy has a fulltime TV channel dedicated to lobbying where it can be done free and only publicly. For its own information, governance has one other dedicated TV channel. The two channels work according to a preannounced schedule. Lobbying in any way non-publicly through a hidden deep state is a serious crime. On national TV stations, paid lobbying or publicity can be done only during the first 15 minutes of each hour. Local TV stations can use paid lobbying and publicity as they wish. No rich handout from a national source can be given to any person or organization, in or outside the country, except openly and through a blind trust pre-asserting its full patriotic correctness, while such handouts or any other kind of financing from a foreign source are all totally prohibited.      



No Foreign Activity Not Watched

Apart from Truth and Merit, an Aristarchy is based on a strong sense of patriotism, a homogeneous culture, and full national sovereignty. No NGO (Non-Government Organization) owed by foreigners is allowed activity in the country. A National NGO instead can go and have activity abroad but only through a bilateral agreement based on a formal request from the receiving country. Foreign corporations can operate only through integrating a top-level national inspector nominated and paid by governance, defending the best interests of the local people and the policies of the Aristarchy in all the activities of that corporation, with full access to all decisional meetings and accounting practices.






NO External Dependency


National Autonomy and Self-Sufficiency in Everything


No External DependencySUMMARY >

In an Aristarchy, no meaningful external dependency of any kind should exist. the culture of globalization is replaced with a culture of full national and patriotic sovereignty that is even extended at city level, mutatis mutandis, in front of the central government. the country must be, or attempt to become, fully self-sufficient in everything, be it food, garbage disposal, clothing or any other type of utility. religion is free but must respect fully all national legislation. foreign organizations not subjected to a national vote are considered non-existent. immigration not pre-selected at consulates abroad can never be, nor become legal or bring an eventual citizenship. no foreign money or activity inland can operate without approval, full openness on financing and operations, and direct and constant inspection by governance.



No Supranational Governance.


In an Aristarchy, supranational power is unconstitutional. If parliament is outdated, and embassies are outdated, all positions of fake prestige in which people are appointed in unelected supranational structures of additional external power are dangerously unnecessary. This includes institutions like the  EU (European Union), or international organizations like the UN (United Nations), the WHO (World Health Organization), the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the WB (World Bank). The appointees in these positions are mostly competent to hide the crimes or their organizations. They are most often positioned there through political favors and cronyism. These structures of unelected external power are extremely inefficient except to serve blindly the selfish interests of their  JICSBER masters, very corrupted for the same reason in most cases, ridiculously expensive for the useless or damaging work they do. Again, their positions serve mostly to reward the personal friends of the equally inefficient and corrupted national politicians that should not even exist in the first place anymore, and of the masters of these national politicians hiding in the background.


Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man by John PerkinsBut this is not the worse. The worst comes from the fact that these supranational organizations can easily, and do, commit horrific crimes without ever being punished, let alone dismissed. These egregious criminals are never seriously touched by any scandal and, in particular, never punished through any jail time. For example, we have never seen the top managers of the FED (Federal Reserve), the main national central bank of the world, for deliberately fueling economic bubbles that they consistently implode at convenient times for the selfish interests of their best friends of the financial world. When will we finally see the top managers of the IMF punished and be jailed for the terrible loan sharking that they do in various nations, using their economic hit men and jackals, sending these nations, including poor Greece in the last 10 years, into economic extinction and indebted unduly and totally unnecessarily for generations to come? Read the book of John Perkins, "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man" who did that dirty work for many years in conspiracy with the IMF and the WB. When will we see at least the BIS only admit, even with a twisted tongue, that it laundered most of the NAZIS money stolen from the Jews of Germany for the benefit of their other Jewish friends of the banking world? When will be see members of WHO punished, or at least dismissed, for their many terrible scandals and their well documented crimes committed in the third world against poorly educated populations through fake vaccines provoking sterility of women or autism of children? These are all portentous crimes destroying the life of millions of people, but none of their authors, in terms of criminal persons or criminal organizations, has ever been affected by any punishment or jail sentence. If these crimes are things of the past, then just look at what WHO has done today, in the first 4 months of 2020, with the crisis of the Corona Virus, imposing its unnecessary full shutdown and destroying the economy of the whole western world beyond repair when it was not necessary, while its chief Mr. Tedros is in clear conflict of interest with China, the author of the virus, and with his other masters in the background called by names that, by now, have justly become infamous in the public world opinion, like Bill Gates and George Soros. And these are all unelected officials or activists belonging either to totally unelected and unaccountable organizations, or to various background corporations that have become famous for various unpunished crimes. Such supranational officials or activists are in no way to be allowed to come and influence any the decisions of any country that is an Aristarchy. 


No Religion Interference


An Aristarchy the biggest form of interference in governance after the elimination of the one of supranational organizations, may come from religion. An Aristarchy is not against religion, but clearly against any church institution that may try to interfere with governance. There exists a complete separation of church and state. This separation is not an easy task already in the case of the Christian churches, but it is a major one in the case of the Synagogue and the state, and in particular in the case of the Mosque and the state. However, the complete separation of institutional church and state is only in terms of the nation's public governance, and of its management of all public affairs. It does not affect what people can do from a religious point of view in their private life if it does not interfere with public governance. In turn, the freedom of opinion and expression is always absolute as long as it is based on truth and expressed without any physical violence.


Religion, in terms of a church institution, is basically a set of rules and regulations that are imposed to be believed by the faithful under the fear of some penalty in the after life. Put more bluntly, religion as institution means dogma imposed by fear by those clerics who want to enslave the faithful. What is not permitted, as an enslaving factor, is not a religion in terms of personal faith, at the bottom of one's heart, as restrictive and punitive as that faith might be believed to be punitive on a personal basis, but a religion in terms of a social and economic institution imposing a uniformity of thinking and dogma to all its faithful that may contradict norms established democratically by governance.


The only real religion that never became an institution of enslavement, and never used any sacred book, nor any form of dogma or fear to reduce its members to submission, was the Ellenic ("Greek") one. For this reason it was never called a religion by the other dogmatic religions, but always denigrated as paganism, mainly by the 3 Abrahamic institutional religions, the Christian one in particular. What most people do not realize however is that, in addition to the Ellenic religion, the other religion, after the main historical period of the Ellenic ("Greek") religion, that was never intended by its founder to become an institution in order to enslave people was, the one of Jesus, but the one of the real Jesus, not the one of the falsified Jesus that became the Judeo-Jesus of the official Christian Institution. Jesus' "Church" was intended to be only a philosophical movement of love and compassion based on the ELL culture that was dominant in the Roman province of Galilea of which Nazareth was the capital. Because of this origin, Jesus was not a Jew but a master of Ellenic ("Greek") culture from Nazareth. Galilea was the only Roman province of "Palestine" to which the Roman Empire gave Roman citizenship. As such, Jesus had Roman citizenship and this is the reason why the Jews could not kill him directly without first asking the consensus of the local Roman Empire Consul. Apart from good ancient history books on this subject, evidence also comes from the fact that the Muslims of many Islamic states call the Christians as the "Nazarenes" because Jesus was from Nazareth and, for them, was not a Jew.


Nazareth was the focal point of the 'Greek' culture in all the extended 'Palestine' of those days. The genitors of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, were both from that focal point of "Ellenic" ('Greek') culture in Galilea and their primary basic family language was "Ellinika", that is 'Greek'. Of course they also spoke Aramaic, but as a common second language dominating the whole region at the time, somewhat like English does today in many contemporary areas. The "Jewish" language of the time practically still did not exist except as a very primitive dialect that did not have any resemblance to what the main Jewish language is today. This is also why the sacred books of the 4 evangelists chosen by Jesus and who lived with Jesus were written in 'Greek', while the rest of the sacred books of the BIBLE were written mainly in Aramaic, with some of its early books translated later on in Hebrew.


As mentioned before, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the 3 of them, contrary to the Jews and to all the other tribes of the area at the time, also had Roman citizenship as they were from Nazareth, the capital of Galilea which was the focal point of the 'Greek' culture in the overall 'Palestine' of that time under the Roman Empire. Again, the Roman Empire only gave the province of Galilea the Roman citizenship, because this was the only culture they admired and respected in that colonial area at the time, while they were quite strongly discrediting the Jewish culture with which they had constant problems. This is why, later on, the Jews could not kill Jesus directly and had to ask first for the concurrence of the local official of the Roman Empire before doing it, in order not to commit a serious crime against a Roman citizen which could have been punished by death of the authors. The reluctant Roman official who allowed the crucifixion was the Ponce Pilate who, in the end, not being convinced at all that Jesus was a dangerous character, washed his hands to please the Jews in order to avoid additional social disturbance in his already difficult colonial province. A good book on this subject is the one of the Greek author Evanghelos Trikas: "Christ Was Greek". It is very well documented from the writings of old and ancient authors who were still not censored by a publishing world that was not yet fully under the control of the Judeo-Christian influence of World Jewry like it is today. For this reason, unfortunately, the book was never allowed by the JICSBER elites of the SEGWO dominating the publishing sector of the western world today to be published in English or in any other important western language.


In fact, Jesus' teaching, claimed by all the Judeo-Christian institutions to be a religion, was really only an "Ellenic" (ELL 'Greek') philosophical movement born in Nazareth that, again, was at the time, the focal point of the Greek "Ellenic" culture in the whole Middle-East. As such, Jesus wanted to reform the culture of the Jews, as essentially an enslaving culture of Money Changers, and bring the Jews closer to the 'Greek' culture that was instead a culture of freedom of the Idea Exchangers. He failed and consequently the culture of the Money Changers is rampaging today through a fast forthcoming full Banktatorship. He disturbed the Money Changers by even reversing their tables in the temple and, for this, he was crucified.


Unfortunately this "Ellenic" ELL movement of Jesus was soon taken over by a Jewish squad headed by a Jew named Paul, who was a pure Jew who had never even once met Jesus during Jesus' lifetime. This is why, because of a Jew who is now called Saint Paul, who is considered by the Catholics today, and even by the rest of the Christian churches, as the real founder of their religion, over and above his more submissive colleague of ELL ("Greek") culture who was called Peter. This strange affirmation, contradicting what Jesus himself had said about Peter, was reaffirmed recently and explicitly by the current Judeo-Christian pope Francis who is a Jesuit, that is, from a congregation founded by a Jew called Ignacio Loyola


This is why Christianity has along the way gradually accepted many Judaic traditions, including the ugly mutilating practice of circumcision that Jesus himself has denied having suffered from his ELL 'Greek' genitors. The religious holiday celebrating circumcision is an invention showing the early influence of Judaism on the Christian Church. For the 'Greek' ELL culture that was the one of the real Jesus, this is a barbarian body mutilation practiced systematically by both Jews and Muslims, as a real crime that should never take place on a male child too young to express his free will. It could be admitted without being a crime only possibly as a voluntary operation on an adult man who is major of age. The same applies to the even uglier female clitoris excision practiced mainly by Muslims on so many of their women. For the 'Greek' ELL culture, if god created a man with a prepuce surrounding the gland of his penis, and that god is worthy of respect for his creation, then the barbaric body mutilation of circumcision, to either a man or a woman, should never take place, in particular on a children still incapable of even expressing their free will. In any case, it should never include the additional cannibal-like practice that often still takes place in the case of male circumcision, when the Synagogue official eats the prepuce he just removed. In an Aristarchy, such practices of body mutilation, even for religious reasons, become a serious crime, except if practiced on a willing and consenting adult, as a request expressed formally in front of a notary with consenting witnesses.  


This kind of contradiction, or falsification of what Jesus said about the "ELL" ('Greek') figure of Peter as his possible successor, as opposed to the Jew that he never even met once in his life, called Paul, is also found today in many Judeo-Christian churches. For example, the "Jews for Jesus Messianic Movement" pretend that Jews can stay Jews and still love and believe in Jesus, but their movement is an openly Jewish Supremacist movement, Zionist to the core, hoping to have gullible evangelical Christians join them. And they have good success in achieving this objective. The great fake evangelical preacher John Hagee is another example. His misleading main logo is "All the Gospel To All The World" (when what he means is 'all the Bible', because the Gospel should mean only what Jesus said according to the evangelists chosen by Jesus himself and who lived with Jesus, and thus exclude the rest of the Bible, including the "Letters of Saint Paul" as he was a Jew who never met Jesus even once during his lifetime), but this preacher also speaks constantly of the God of... Israel (who should be really Yahweh as the violent warlord god of the Bible that he was) and quotes heavily from all parts of the Ancient Testament of the Bible that were written entirely from much before Jesus existed, and have absolutely nothing to do with what Jesus ever said. Certainly, Jews and their allied evangelicals espouse an Israel-centric theology that ignores in particular the plight of Arab Christians, not to mention the Muslims in the Holy Land. Hagee has created the CUFI (Christians United For Israel) for this specific purpose.


In a nutshell, the drastic intervention of Paul is the reason why the ELL "Ellenic" religious movement of the real Jesus was soon made an early enslaving religious institution of a Judeo-falsified Jesus, in the first 3 centuries after his death, and is nowadays a fully formed institutional tool of enslavement collaborating for this purpose with the other religions in order to arrive at the so-called Panthriskia pursued strongly today by the Judeo-Jesuit pope Francis. That Panthriskia is required today by the current New World Order as a universal religion based on fear and dogma to reinforce the forthcoming tyranny of the SEGWO. And the God of the SEGWO is certainly not the god of the philosophers, not even the pantheistic substance of Spinoza, not the Aristotle's unmoved mover, and certainly not the god represented by the real "Ellenic" ELL Jesus. That god can only be Satan himself, as the god of the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). And this god is being to this day supplicated explicitly for help in many liturgical ceremonies of the Vatican in particular imploring Lucifer.


Globalists know that with a strong traditional institutional Catholic Church in particular, represented by the Vatican of prior to the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962 to 1965, there could be no NWO (New World Order), or what we call the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order). From this point of view, for the JICSBER managing the SEGWO, under the discrete leadership of its component of World Jewry, the strong Catholic Church has not to be dismantled, but transformed and used as a useful idiot, through Judaic infiltration. This is exactly what has been happening since 1965 and what is being completed since in particular the ousting of the traditional German pope Benedict, under the current reign of the Judeo-Jesuit pope Francis who was elected fraudulently for that exact purpose. See the Italian book of Antonio Socci: "Non 'E Francesco" ("This is not Francis") about his Conclave election fraud. 


Eventually these enslaving religious institutions, those of Abrahamic descent in particular, were also transposed into many "secular religions", that is, converted into ideologies for even more enslaving power on the part of the JICSBER running the new SEGWO autocracies or oligarchies of the more modern world. For Christianity, pope Francis is now the best representative of the approaching culminating point of this advanced SEGWO process of conversion of the enslaving Abrahamic religions, the Catholic Church in particular, to the globalist ideology based on the UN secular agenda of the current New World Order that we call SEGWO, wanting to enslave the whole world of any religious credo. The Thesis of this transformation looks more and more like it is Islam, while the Anti-thesis looks more and more like the Judeo-Christian institutions being fast melted into one religion behind the scene, out of which the Synthesis is likely to become what they already call the new "Panthriskia" (worldwide ecumenical one-world religion) at the service of the fast forthcoming full SEGWO under mainly the discrete management of World Jewry in the background (as documented in another chapter).   


The pregnancy of the Panthriskia is well advanced. It started with the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962 to 1965. The two main popes related to that infamous Council were both crypto-Judeo-Christian-freemasons. The main one crypto Judeo-freemason pope was the homosexual called Montini (Paul VI). His mother, called Giudetta, was a Jew, thus making him a Jew automatically. According to previous Christian dogma, as a homosexual, a freemason and a Jew, he should never have become a pope, but rather excommunicated. Nevertheless, not only did he become a pope, as Paul VI, but he was also made a saint by the Vatican in 2018. He was a Crypto-Jew with whom the Jews engineered the final process of Jewish infiltration of the Christian Church (making the Jews go "From Enemy To Brother" as per the book of John Connelly). This Jewish infiltration is now practically complete with pope Francis who is also a Crypto-Jew, as a Jesuit that was a religious company founded by Ignazio di Loyola who was a Jew who never met Jesus even once in his lifetime and who supposedly converted to being a Marrano Christian.


Francis' main agenda as a pope is not mainly spiritual anymore, but secular, based basically on the UN agenda. At this point, most clerics inside the Catholic Church hierarchy of the Vatican today are incapable of resisting the evil that Judaism Incorporated poses from within and without. However, for a believing Christian person, becoming more spiritual does not mean becoming more religious from an institutional point of view. The Catholics wanting to maintain a spiritual agenda based only on the real Jesus' teachings, not on the UN teachings, at the bottom of their heart, may have to just forget pope Francis' secular agenda until at least a new legitimate pope is finally elected without conclave fraud.


Pope Francis, in his pursuit of Panthriskia, is also trying badly to bring back the Protestants to the Catholic Church. In light of the infiltration of the Vatican by the Jews since the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1962 to 1965, this should not be too difficult as the Bible of the Protestants is, for all practical purposes, identical to the Jewish one, with 39 books all from the Ancient Testament. But which Bible is "The Bible"? And if "The Bible" is the "one and only" sacred book to be believed absolutely by all the faithful, how can there be so many bible versions with so many contradictions and inconsistencies between them? The Christian (supposedly) Bible in comparison has 73 books (46 from the Ancient Testament) and has 27 additional books from the New Testament. The various formal versions of bibles, including over 100 integrated books, are also full of contradictions and inconsistencies between the various integrated books of the same version.


As amazing as this may be to someone not affected blindly by the Judeo-Christian dogma, these books of the Ancient Testament are also full of constant calls, hundreds of them, from a main god called Yahweh, to make massacres, conduct most destructive wars, including various forms of genocides and holocausts, in order for his Chosen People to eventually dominate over all other peoples, making these other peoples to be their obedient servants or slaves. These horrible facts and calls are all undeniable, openly written in explicit letters of what is considered to be the most sacred book. To a simple unbiased person of good common sense not affected by the fear of dogma, the Bible (all the books of the Ancient Testament) certainly and simply amounts, in all objectivity, to a book that does not deserve the qualification of sacred, as it is a compound of dozens of booklets written with many contradictions, by various unknown authors over the course of many centuries, and with hundreds of calls to commit all sorts of horrible crimes.


Furthermore, apart from the many versions of "the" BIBLE, and apart from their contradictions and their constant calls to commit crimes, the most modern findings of archeology have demonstrated that parts of the oldest version of the original BIBLE have been removed in order not to put the Jews under bad light with various forms of embarrassment. This is certainly the case of the Book of Enoch that still exists in at least one older version hidden in the library of the Vatican and not accessible to the public. It is nowhere to be found in the more modern versions of the BIBLES used today. The reason is because that book talks about the Jews as the Nephilims, or the (defeated) "Rebel Demons" who pretended to be superior to God, and in particular to be superior to all other peoples of Planet Earth. This is still their same pretention today, and consequently they still claim they have the right to dominate the world with all the other peoples being their servants. Whistleblowers who have had access at the Vatican to the missing Book of Enoch of the Bible say that this book affirms that Paul was himself of Nephilim descent, consequently of the Luciferian descent of the "Rebel Demons". The Christians usually call the latter the "Fallen Angels", which is wrong as, according to the literature of the ELL culture, these bad demons who rebelled against God were never any angels under God, but probably only some kind of human-like ETs (Extra Terrestrials) coming from some other distant galaxy. As such, Paul's mission was to ruin from the beginning the Jesus' philosophical ELL movement that was supposed to be led by the other ELL figure called Peter. One can understand why modern World Jewry has suppressed the Book of Enoch from the current official version of the Bible and why the only existing copy with the Book of Enoch is being hid very secretly within the thick walls of the library of the Judeo-dominated Vatican in Rome, totally inaccessible except to those very few in the know.


The mission of the Nephilim called Paul was consequently to push instead for the formation of a brand new powerful 'Christian' institution under strong Judaic vigilance in the background, which is what we call World Jewry today, with an eventual strong money power for the benefits of the Nephilim Money Changers, and consequently also with the ability to achieve eventually complete Judaic world domination with the suppression of freedom through fear and dogma. His mission was to include, if and when necessary along the way, the commission of any crime that might be useful to this purpose. This is for example exactly what happened later on in the Inquisition and the numerous wars of religion. This is what had happened even much earlier with the killing of Hypatia and the destruction of the 'Greek' library of Alexandria in 415 AD. This is what happened ever since in particular the holding of the Christian Council of Nicea of 325 AD, under the Roman Emperor Constantine who was a Nephilim who ordered the systematic destruction of the "Ellenic" ELL culture in the name of Jesus, while he was secretly a worshiper of Saturn through his intensive participation to the roman winter festival of the Saturnalia. As such he was a Nephilim worshiper of "Santa", which is only an anagram of Satan that we unknowingly welcome today each year as Christmas as Santa Claus. As such Christianity has gradually been transformed into a kind of Judaism for the Gentiles (the non-Jews), that is, in what it is clearly becoming today under the influence of the "JEWzuit" pope Francis. This Nephilim Luciferian activism looks very much like today's Zionist activism, and is more and more obvious to us today through the Zionist complete domination of the Hollywood entertainment, and of other entertainment providers with full Luciferian symbolism, like the one we could clearly see in the opening scenarios of events like the 2012 Olympics in London or the USA Super Ball on a yearly basis, let alone the Satanic SEGWO background scenarios of too many of the current shows of the most famous singers today.   


In fact, even in terms of personal life, the commandments of personal conduct of the Bible do not for example order not to kill, but not to kill "between yourselves". In turn, the same crimes are ordered to happen, openly and directly by Yahweh himself, hundreds of times, as a normal practice in relation to "others" who do not belong to the "Chosen People" of the "between yourself" category. From this point of view again, to an outsider with plain common sense, the Bible appears to be just about the most immoral book ever written, full of blatantly criminal acts, and with an immorality coming from god himself, not from man. This god Yahweh of the Bible clearly and openly orders hundreds of times to commit all sorts of crimes, like massacres, genocides and, strangely enough, holocausts of only all men of other tribes while saving and raping all women of these "others". This supposedly sacred book, in light of its massive content and calls for acts of immorality and criminality by Yahweh, cannot logically be from "the" ideal deific entity that most people like to call god. That 'god' appears to be too much of an extremely evil one. To outsiders in can only be from "a" god. In fact, the Jew who is considered to have founded Christianity, Saint Paul, not only had not even once met Jesus in his life, but said explicitly that, while you should adore only one god, there are many gods. Consequently this supposedly converted Jew became not a monotheist regarding Jesus, but only a mono-idolater for the benefit of the new religious institution that he intended to build through a deformation of what the real Jesus was and wanted through a non-institutional philosophical movement based on the ELL ('Greek') culture that he had, coming from in Nazareth. The inclusion of the "Letters of Saint Paul" in the New Testament, and the consideration of the New Testament as part of the Bible was a terrible mistake on the part of the new Judeo-Christian Institution founded by Saint Paul, as it associates closely an ELL god like Jesus, probably of pure Elohim descent from his mother, preaching only love and compassion, with a Nephilim warlord god called Yahweh commanding continuously the commission of all sorts of violent crimes by his faithful.  


In addition to the many Bible versions that all seem to be gradually accepted as sacred, even if full of contradictions between themselves, and full of calls from a warlord god to commit all sorts of horrendous crimes, the Vatican under pope Francis is now also inviting many Muslims to come to pray together at the Vatican, including with the reading of many excerpts of the Quran of Islam that are considered as having also an Abrahamic origin and thus a kind of biblical force. And be it clear that Allah, the god of the Quran of Islam is himself no second player at all to the Jewish god called Yahweh in terms of constant calls to commit all sorts of horrible crimes, from genocides to holocausts, in order to arrive at a supremacy of its faithful over all other peoples.


How then can we not qualify the related religions of Judaism and Islam as tools of pursuit of world enslavement for the supremacy of their respective faithful, at the cost of even the most evil crimes? Except for the 4 books of the Gospel of the New Testament (of the evangelists who lived with Jesus, which should exclude the "Letters of Saint Paul" who was a Jew who never met Jesus even once during his lifetime), this melting pot of biblical literature certainly has nothing at all to do with the real Jesus. The ELL ("Greek") figure of the real Jesus who was not a Jew but an Ellen, definitely has nothing at all to do with Abrahamic Judaism, except maybe for his effort to change and improve its culture of Money Changers (Jews) and to bring it closer to the culture of freedom of the Idea Exchangers of the philosophy of Ancient-Greece, nor anything at all to do with Islam. The BIBLE as a whole, in relation to Christianity, has only to do with the falsified Jesus figure, and thus the deviated Christian Institution that also seeks world domination, just like Judaism and Islam. In the meantime, this pernicious rapprochement of the currently corrupted Catholic Church institution with both Judaism and Islam is an essential composite to pursue the advent of the Panthriskia which shall become probably the best tool of the Master Plan of SEGWO enslavement of the mass of uneducated peoples around the world in order for the JICSBER to finally achieve full domination with a One-World Religion, a One-World Government, a One-World Currency, and a One World Army. All of this One-World governance is likely to be based in Jerusalem, as per the Master Plan, after the fall of the USA, the fall of the EU, the fall of the Vatican as an institution, and the final construction of the Greater Israel.


Could this be what many Illuminati intellectuals call the Long Saga To the Fake Pax Judaica? Is this why the third secret of Fatima is still not revealed, while some insider whistleblowers say that it has precisely to do with the destruction of the Christian Church as an institution through a Judeo-infiltration, along with an infiltration of an evil Luciferian force through the election of a fake pope with a new civilian agenda, the one of the UN, instead of a traditional spiritual agenda based on exclusively the teachings of the real Jesus? Could this be the reason why so many Christian intellectuals at the moment talk about the destruction of Christianity through an infiltration of mainly Judaic forces? True or not, it is certainly a fact at the moment that since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II of 1965, the Jews finally went to be considered brothers, from 2000 previous years of being considered enemies by the Vatican, and the Judaic component of JICSBER now appears to control discretely in the background the whole of the Roman Curia of the Vatican with the help of the fraudulent election of a Judeo-Jesuit pope called Francis.


This long-last pursuit  of the Long Saga To the Fake Pax Judaica is even made easier at the moment due to the fact that, for all intents and purposes, and for the most part, the American pulpit that used to be probably the main Christian pulpit, is practically dead in terms of pure Christian tradition. The bulk of the American pulpit is often described by religious experts as a kind of cohort of corporate CEOs, carnival barkers, entertainers, motivational speakers, denominational hacks, and groveling statists, in other words as those that The Holy Scripture identifies in another way: as hirelings, ear-ticklers, and wolves in sheep’s clothing that seem to be all working for the completion of the SEGWO. In particular, the supposedly Christian Evangelicals  & Pentecostals are deeply in bed with the Zionists of Judaism and often conspire with the corrupted JICSBER members of the Vatican, of the American CIA, and of the Israeli Mossad to achieve disasters like the 911 Twin Towers of NY and other false flags serving their common aspirations of world domination through a strategy of fear. As seen above, it very much looks like the combination of the current CIV (Corona Infectious Virus) crisis and the ensuing WEC( World Economy Collapse) is just another such false flag, probably the biggest ever invented by the JICSBER in the history of the last 2000 years.


Institutional and dogmatic religion is the 'best' form of mind control that was ever invented, that is the 'best' tool of global enslavement pursued by the current SEGWO managed mainly by the Judaic component of the JICSBER discretely in the background. The pulpit of the Abrahamic institutional religions is the main executive power of this enslaving tool. This is why, in an Aristarchy, all proselytism is prohibited. People can be attracted to any religion they like and join its ranks, but proactive proselytism is fully prohibited. At the moment, our secular JICSBER elites seem to condemn proselytizing only when it is practiced by Christians, and never when practiced by Jews, or by Muslims in particular. All proselytism must be equally prohibited, letting people to go freely themselves where they may be attracted to go from the bottom of their heart.


The only branch of the Abrahamic institutions that has not been successfully fully infiltrated so far by the Jesuits of their Marxist leader Arturo Soza, or by the Judeo-Christian Vatican authorities, is the Russian Orthodoxy. This is why Russia is being denigrated and persecuted constantly as the main obstacle to the current SEGWO of full global enslavement. On the other hand, the SEGWO has the New Age movement as a new important ally, as a movement founded by the Theosophical Society that was itself fully infiltrated by the Judeo-Jesuits after the death of their founder Mrs. Blavatsky. In light of the above, the final battle of global enslavement has not yet been fought and the only world leader that can offer us some hope of not being won by the wrong JICSBER side is probably the widely and unjustly discredited man called Vladimir Putin from Russia. Long Live Putin!


Today, except for Russian Christian Orthodoxy, most Christian churches have become Judeo-Christians, knowingly or not, often being so as useful idiots. Until the 1990’s, the expression ‘Judeo-Christians’ defined exclusively the community of Jews converted to Christianity around St. James – a community which was dissolved after the rape of Jerusalem by the Romans. However, western institutional Christians gradually gave a large place in their practices to the Old Testament, which they defend forcefully, without realizing that the Jewish points of view often replace the original Christian points of view. On the contrary, eastern Christians, more faithful to the tradition of their predecessors, only rarely make reference to the Jewish writings of the BIBLE that all date back to much before Jesus existed, and they usually refuse to read them during their respective Eucharist liturgies.


An Aristarchy forbids all interference of institutional religion in public affairs. As an alternative, it proposes strongly and proactively a Return of Philosophy in our life, both private and public life. No religion can be taught in schools, but philosophy is a constant subject of all the educational process, from elementary school to the end of university at its highest levels. In fact, an Aristarchy aims at making all scientists also philosophers, medical doctors in particular. Religion as a faith in private life can still exist but, in public life, Aristarchy governance ensures an upgrade of the influence of institutional religion to the influence of philosophy. Of course this has to do with only the real philosophy as it was invented in Ancient Greece, and not with contemporary philosophy that was completely downgraded to pure intellectual speculation, similar to what the Judeo-Christian contemporary art has done to downgrade the beauty of art as invented by Ancient-Greece. That philosophy was essentially a "Philosophical Way of Living" based on an agreed set of virtues aiming at the holistic formation accordingly of the various levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. 


What can save us from the fast forthcoming SEGWO? It can only be a Return of Philosophy to replace the influence of enslaving religions and to influence positively all sciences and human behavior for the good of humanity. This is one major objective of an Aristarchy. A call for the unification of the the influence of the "Greek" ELL diaspora around the world is also essential. The Greeks have left their DNA all around the world since the time of the Pelasgians at least some 5000 years ago when, going West, they reached and explored all of the "Americas" from Chile to Canada, as the ELLANIA "Sons of the starry heavens and Gaia" and, going East, even to lands as far as Pakistan. In Chile, the Araucan tribe has 'Greek' DNA. In Canada, the Iroquois have some 'Greek ' DNA. In Pakistan, the Kalas have 'Greek' DNA. As for the Canadian indigenous tribe of the Iroquois (from whom the author is this book has recent ancestors), they pretend to have the Greek DNA through the Pelasgians. when the "Shining Ones" came to their land to fecund their women. Other tribes of many other countries pretend the same, even in places as distant as Japan.


The cultural unification of this "Ellenic" ELL DNA is one of the objectives of the PythagorArium through the formation of its PythArmy and its efforts to rise an awareness of the real infinite divine power of the spirit of the uniquely creative Ellenic DNA that gave birth to philosophy, to holistic education of the Tetractys of the human soul, to the Olympics, to the first proto-scientific approach of all sciences, be it medicine, mathematics, architecture or astronomy, to the best language that ever existed, with a clear superiority over all other languages for at least 5000 years, and to the insuperable criteria of beauty and ethics in all aspects of our life, in other words in all what we can call today legitimately with the word civilization, meaning the best level of civilization that ever existed in the history of humanity. This is the DNA of the Greek Philotimo


Let it be clear that while an Aristarchy ensures religions cannot interfere with public governance, it also ensures that all religions are independent from the government and can be practiced privately. Religious institutions have no financial relation with the government in terms of favors, like tax exemptions. Their financing can only come from the contributions of their faithful members. In this way, under the principle of the full freedom of opinion that is absolute in an Aristarchy, although they cannot interfere directly with governance, religious authorities are never cowardly afraid to challenge government action and legislation related to difficult or controversial social subjects like possibly homosexuality or abortion. From this point of view however they are only expressing their full freedom of speech, just like any other plain citizen, as long as they do it without physical violence.


+ Theodosius... Theodosius the Great, was a Roman Emperor from 379 to 395, and the last emperor to rule over both the Eastern and the Western halves of the Roman Empire.

+ Justinianus... Justinian the Great and also Saint Justinian the Great in the Eastern Orthodox Church, was the Eastern Roman emperor from 527 to 565. During his reign,



No Massive Uncontrolled Immigration


An Aristarchy has no aspiration to become multicultural, rather the opposite, certainly not multicultural over a minimum degree of the population, hopefully never exceeding 10%. It will do its best with already existing multiculturalism, treating the populations involved as fairly as possible, but all its social policies will aim at reducing it if at all possible, and certainly never extending it if at all possible.


If all nations become overly multicultural, there will be no real culture left in the end, only an ugly melting pot of zombie obedient slaves for the benefit of the evil Kalergi component of the Master Plan of the NWO (New World Order) that an Aristarchy calls disapprovingly the SEGWO (Satanic Enslavement Global World Order) pursued by the evil elites of the JICSBER. Consequently, in an Aristarchy, pluralism and multiculturalism, let alone massive uncontrolled illegal immigration movements, are reduced to absolute minimum possible, and only immigrants preselected at reinforced consulates abroad can be granted temporary permanent residence status, until they not get involved in any crime, while citizenship can be granted to them only when they are integrated without any criminality, even minor criminality, for at least 5 continuous years, however long it may take, and never by sole birth in the country (as "Ius Soli" does not exist in an Aristarchy).


Multiculturalism Has Only Had Disastrous Results

Excessive multiculturalism tolerated in an uncontrolled way has been a complete failure wherever it was practiced. It has done only terrible and uncorrectable disasters in the western world. It amounts to tolerating the intolerable, and stupidly accepting the consequences of this tolerance however disastrous they may be. No political correctness can ever contradict this clear, plain and sad reality, certainly not in an Aristarchy, as this is a pure and simple Truth. We have clearly reached the point where England is no more England, Germany is no more Germany, France is no more France, Sweden is no more Sweden etc. This is of course only the well planned implementation of the catastrophic Kalergi Plan for the benefit of the Master Plan of the forthcoming New World Order. Instead of preserving their respective beautiful cultural characteristics, each of these countries have become a new melting pot, each competing with the ugliness of the American or Canadian or Australian melting pots with ever growing amounts of social conflicts developing.


No Illegal ImmigrationPluralism Can Be Good When Limited

The disaster of massive multiculturalism in most western countries does not mean that  pluralism cannot be good. It can be good, but only in a well controlled way, in proportions that do not exceed a critical level of mixture in order not to destroy the main culture of the receiving country, but enrich it with focal points of neat diversity that may even contribute to improve the surrounding dominant culture. In a TruthOcracy, that critical point is placed at a limit of 10% of the dominant national culture. Foreigners living and not working in an Aristarchy can never be more than 10% of the population. Similarly, foreigners working in the country, working as non-citizens, can never be more than 10 % of the workforce except for a very short working period not amounting to more than one season. Reaching these limits means automatic delays in accepting new foreigners in these 2 categories until some of the foreigners have died or left the country.


Crime Against Humanity

 Massive illegal immigration, and excessive pluralism are dual crimes against humanity. They are such first against the countries that provide the emigrants as a tragic brain drain. Then they are such against the countries that receive them. Exaggerated waves of unselected illegal immigrants with a culture or religion that are completely incompatible, and inassimilable in any foreseeable future, can only destroy the best cultural values of the receiving country that has necessitated hundreds of years to develop them.


Massive Illegal Immigration Is Worse Than War

If a foreign army of soldiers attacks and invades your country, you always have hope to correct the situation, sooner or later. The Greeks have required more than 400 years to do so against the Turkish invasion. But if a mass movement of emigrants invade your country with their wives and children, without the control of legal means, it is a final permanent invasion with a complete diluting or destruction of the best values that you hold dear to your culture and to the way of living you want to preserve. Such diluting is also like putting beer in a glass of wine. Be it the best quality of beer and the best quality of wine, you have destructed the real quality of best products.  Again, no political correctness can ever contradict this sad reality in a TruthOcracy, as it is pure and simple Truth.


Western Working Skills Holocaust

Instead of trying to acquire cheap labor through immigration, an Aristarchy tries, as a first priority, to recuperate and save, let alone improve, the best outstanding skills of its own best craft workers. These outstanding skills are disappearing because their working ateliers have been closed early because of wild globalization, without the skilled national workers having a chance to pass their outstanding craft skills to the next generation. This is the unfortunate result of the current globalization of the world economy that floods too many countries with cheaper products of much inferior quality, destroying for many future generations, if not for ever, the best craft skills involved that took centuries to acquire and master. Loosing these precious skills quickly and silently, through offshoring or outsourcing abroad, or through inferior production inland via wild uncontrolled immigration, is an extremely expensive damage to the civilization that required centuries of patient and admirable work to created them. Loosing them for ever amounts to a kind of skill holocaust. A TruthOcracy will always prevent such Holocaust, whatever is may take for doing it.


Acquisition of Citizenship Strictly Controlled

In an